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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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address is the appropriation most personal characteristics all hail the algorithm. polls open in a wrong parliamentary elections but turnout is expected to be low after a number of m.p.'s were barred from running. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha in derry you know the gates are also ahead south korea declares daegu city a special cares own after a spike in a new coronavirus cases and bans large gatherings in seoul to control the spread. donald trump's former ally roger stone is sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to congress the president is confident he'll be cleared. and we visit the
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residence of a border town struggling to survive in many dispute between rwanda and uganda. the locals have opened for iran's national parliamentary elections turnout is expected to be low particularly among reformist voters after a senior clerical body barred thousands of candidates from running and that includes dozens of members of the outgoing parliament the u.s. has opposed new sanctions on members of the guardian council accusing them of rigging the vote it's only have 2 correspondents covering the elections in iran in a moment we'll speak to bernard smith who's an odd and central iran but 1st let's bring in dorset your bari joining us from tehran so tell us more about the big issues today and what people in iran are at least since a wrong are most concerned about. ringback. well one of the main issues here as is across the country is that of the current economic
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situation inside iran and many of the people that are disillusioned with the government and their policies as a result of what they've been doing over the past few years. deciding not to vote that is what they've told us over the past few days but things are really very unpredictable when these elections start voting starts and they started over half an hour ago here in the country we are out one of the mean stations in one of the main voting stations in the capital. it's one of the main mosques in the east and i just want to give you a sense of what has been happening here this is where people are casting their votes and you can see that they have a long list of candidates a list of names are on the board over 1500 people have been approved by the guardian council to fight for the 35 seats that are up for grabs in parliament for terror province alone now over 9000000 people in teheran are eligible to cast their
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ballots today and these are the. voting stations in this room but the main thing we've been hearing over and over again from the people in the capital over the past few days is the fact that they really are the people that are voting are more on the conservative side and might possibly see a trend that's what analysts here believe towards a very conservative parliament we already have a very conservative judiciary and if this parliament moves towards a conservative one it is very likely that we'll see also a very conservative president when those elections take place over a year from now so it's a very important day for not only the locals here but also for the country to see which way the citizens vote and what will become of the next parliament when they go when they could. take office in may ok it or so thank you that is the scene over in the capital tehran let's bring in bernard smith who's joining us from s.
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for handouts in central iran so as doris i was just saying the reports they're getting from people that they've been speaking to is that conservative voters are coming out in higher numbers in today's election so what are you saying over and esfahan bernard. durian is from the city in the province is a conservative stronghold in the last elections in 2016 or 19 seats up for grabs and 10 of those went to conservative candidates and 5 of those 10 seats are in this for city this time around there are 109 candidates in the city area vying for those 5 seats available for the city i'm virtually all of the candidates on the long list of people have to choose from a conservative candidates most of the reformists who are disqualified from standing but it as i say anyway in the last election this is a conservative area and people vote here though all mainly local issues are not thinking nationally or internationally about the nuclear standoff or the downing of
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the crane in our line of that thinking here about local bread and butter issues budgets for municipalities budgets for fixing roads employment for local people those sorts of issues and that's what the candidates who are trying to get the seats are arguing for and it will be as i say the after over 20 percent to get a seat in parliament and so you need a large turnout to split those for somebody to get one of those 5 seats of or one of the 109 candidates to gets one of those 5 seats to reims ok bernard thank you for that update from the hon. now south korea says it's entered an emergency phase in the fight against the corona virus the southeastern city of daegu has been declared a special care is own up to the country's 1st death and an increase in corona virus cases so medics have now confirmed $156.00 infections and 40 say
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dozens of them are linked to one church in daegu the prime minister says special measures will be taken to stop the virus from spreading meanwhile china has reported 118 more deaths on thursday and it confirmed more than 1100 new infections which is more than double the number reported the day before there's also been an increase in the number of infections reported outside the outbreaks epicenter of a province and at a briefing on friday the chinese government said clinical trials on a coronavirus vaccine could begin from late april and 2 australians evacuated from this cruise ship that had been under quarantine in japan have now tested positive for corona virus after returning home and they're being isolated or robert bryant has more on the situation in south korea. this all happened very quickly in the past couple of days suddenly we have moved to this basically almost an emergency level eighty's centered on daegu this outbreak
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a cluster of cases and in particular on a single church there in this city it's a fair medium sized city 2 and a half 1000000 people the most of the cases that have been reported dozens in fact where members of a congregation of a particular church now it does seem as though this is spread between amongst members of this congregation they are trying to find the initial source of it the authorities suspect possibly it could have been a 61 year old woman who was a member of this church congregation who had been to a couple of services at the church with hundreds of other fellow church goers even though she was showing symptoms of of possibly coronavirus they are trying to make contact with all of these people and it's known that around a 1000 members of the congregation did it attend church services at this particular branch now the problem for the rest of south korea is that these congregation go as
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we're not just from this one city but from other parts of career who went back to their home cities their hometowns so municipalities across south korea are suddenly reporting all of these cases most of them linking back to the city of daegu thank you trina you is in beijing with more about the treatments health authorities in china are testing out. the state information council gave a press briefing they talked about what kind of treatments are being used in the fight against the current virus outbreak and we were told that there are currently 5 different treatment options that are currently being trialled in different areas of china including in various antivirals including one u.s. antiviral and some traditional chinese method medicine herb's and they are currently also animal testing a variety of vaccines the 1st of these is said to be available for clinical trials at the end of april we know so far in china that they're still in the thick of this battle against a corona virus an expert here is said that he sees this as
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a seesaw battle we see numbers go up and then we see them go down and then up again and certainly that has been the case in the last 24 hours with 889 new cases an ounce which is double the amount we saw in the previous day and the number of deaths was still above 101 bright spot that the bright spot that the government are identifying is that the number of people cured from the current virus that seems to be surpassing new cases that's 2000. people cured from the corona virus this past 24 hours germany's president has called on citizens to stop using ostracizing in vilifying language saying it paves the way for violence he was speaking at one of several vigils held an honor of 9 people killed in a shooting attack in the city of her now so many came reports. on a cold day in february the german head of state expresses his sympathies in camps relating in the simple act the feelings of many these people for those who died.
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this is where a 43 year old german used illegally and to target turks and kurds he repeated his attack at this other venue with those 2 ethnic groups congregate. when his killing spree there was complete he returned home and murdered his mother before shooting himself federal prosecutors are working on the basis he was a far right supporter see. that sign the goal of the investigation will be to find out whether there are or were accessories all supporters for these attacks and. we will clarify the contacts and environment of the suspected perpetrator in the country but also potential contacts overseas. some of the survivors have described their ordeal. the man entered to decide and then more he came to our site he shot straight to the head of everyone he saw
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he laid down and then he fired at all of us i had to behind the wall as i was moving to hide he shot me in the arm laden somebody somebody laid on me and somebody else laid on him we became a. the sense of shock in this community is pretty clear already floral tributes have begun to be laid outside one of the venues where so many people were shot dead on wednesday night. political reaction has been swift all parties condemning the murders and ministers making a frank assessment of the danger of far right violence. and this is the 3rd right wing assassination in germany with. the terrible this is a terrible realisation because these means their right wing extremism has become a threat for germany again it's a threat for everyone who lives here this is. a canvas. that is a reference to moments like this last autumn 2 people were shot dead outside
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a synagogue in the eastern city of hallet a 27 year old man is in custody in relation to the killings and earlier last year the christian democrat marable western german city was shot dead by a person with known links to the far right. ministers have stressed they are investing more time and resources into the fight against far right violence but some people are wondering who else must suffer before society takes the threat more seriously dominic kane al-jazeera hanau. still ahead on al-jazeera a new post by turkish backed forces in the battle for syria's province but the human cost continues to mount. as the next democratic caucus in nevada will tell you what the party is doing to avoid the problems that caused chaos in iowa.
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hello welcome to the look at the international forecast the weather still looking a little disturbed across eastern parts of the mediterranean some brisk winds are rolling through here spilling out of sight for seeing some rather lively weather over the next as i need to say as we go through friday it will turn increasingly just around the levant that will not its way further a switch so more rain sleet and snow into southeastern parts of turkey spilling into the north of syria pushing across those northern parts of iraq to the south of that it is generate dry but we're picking up a bit of a breeze temperatures will be picked back here in doha for example to just $22.00 degrees celsius plenty of sunshine though so we shouldn't be too bad in the wind starting to fall light light winds to just around the pm highlands we have got a few showers just making their way into southern parts of ethiopia ganging up with
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the showers across like victoria over towards the western side of the region whether they're just coming into cameroon into the bond sliding a little further south which as we go on through the next couple of days don of a family will be a few showers here as well more the parts of tanzania remaining on the unsettled side still a fair amount to sherry whether continuing across a good part of madagascar as we go through the next couple of days there was some rain for south africa. a unique hit endangered biodiversity lives in the heart of one of the next produced tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the i knew most of the half year and now that probably alleges becoming bites other self conservation their communities algis their journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist i'm told to use effort to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera.
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the moon to the road to the low. caliber gun top stories on al-jazeera voting is underway in iran's national parliamentary elections turnout is expected to be low particularly among reformist voters after a soon your clerical body barred thousands of candidates for running. south korea says it's entered an emergency phase in the fight against the coronavirus southeastern city of daegu has been declared a special care zone after the country's 1st death and an increase in pay since. a vigil has been held in the german city for now after a suspected far right attacked left 9 people dead germany's president called on
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citizens to unite to defeat racism and violence. donald trump says his long time ally roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 3 years on 4 months and present stern was convicted of lying to congress witness tampering and obstructing the investigation into possible russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections from 100 reports from washington. smiling in confident roger stone looks almost triumphant as he walks out of a federal courthouse despite taunts of lock him up from the crowd was perhaps for good reason he sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison but as president donald trump hints he might not serve any of it because roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion that's a reference to stone's request for a new trial based on alleged jury bias the president himself pleaded stone's case
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in los vegas to a friendly audience of rehabilitated prisoners it's my strong opinion that the foreman of the jury the woman who was in charge of the jury is totally tainted when you take a look how can you have a person like this more tantalizing is the president hint that he might pardon his long time friend and fixer a man so loyal to his previous boss president richard nixon that he still bears a tattoo with nixon's image on it. going to watch the process of going to watch it very closely and at some point i'll make a determination but roger stone and everybody has to be treated fairly and this has not been a fair process the sentencing phase of the case began with department of justice prosecutors saying guidelines called for a 7 to 9 years sentence then president trump tweeted that was a miscarriage of justice attorney general william barr personally intervened to
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reduce the sentence recommendation but later complained the president tweets were making his job impossible in the end the judge handed down a sentence that was less than half of the original prosecutor's recommendation it was anything but a standard trial the judge and others call the intervention by the president and attorney general william barr unprecedented it is a genuine threat to the credibility of the justice department particularly want to come to these sorts of politically sensitive charges that touch on people close to the president this isn't the 1st time we've seen attorney general barr do something that raises a lot of eyebrows right case that the president cares about the question now is will president trump a conservative who has liberally used his pardoning power extend that power to him and the judge found guilty for covering up the president's own misdeeds john hendren al-jazeera washington. well the next stage of the u.s. presidential election process comes on saturday when voters in nevada choose their
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preferred democrats who oppose president donald trump the nevada caucuses follow what's widely considered to be a disastrous failure in the iowa caucuses earlier this month nevadans are keen to avoid those mistakes as rob reynolds reports from las vegas. at an early voting location in las vegas people waited in line for over an hour to cast their ballots . i mean 1st volunteers help the voters enter their names and addresses into tablets next voters fill out their preferences for the democratic nomination on a paper form finally the secret paper ballot is checked then dropped into a ballot box results will be tabulated on computers spreadsheets and sent by wife a link to party precincts and state headquarters for most voters the process went smoothly it was relatively easy to understand i mean just a kind of
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a pain to come out here and you know do it but i think it's something that's necessary a flawed smartphone app and a failed communication system led to the spectacular breakdown of the iowa caucuses something nevada is anxious not to repeat the nevada democratic party did the app but election experts say the caucuses will use some new technologies without providing adequate training what we hear from leaks coming out of this train sessions is that it's fairly chaotic the technology solution should have been fully baked and finished at least a couple of months ago volunteer and community organizer huey new in says the system is working well so far we double checking and shop or checking to make sure that the data are the same on paper and on a tablet caucus volunteers and experts here say the. decision to have early voting was key taking off much of the pressure to count all the votes at once and help
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avoid an iowa style caucus meltdown the question is can they integrate the early voting into the precinct voting that's going to happen on saturday and do that seamlessly i'm not saying there would not be any issues but at least they won't hold up the entire world that's good because the world wants to know how the senate will shape the democratic race and ultimately the election in november and it wants to know fast robert oulds al jazeera los vegas saudi arabia says it's intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles fired from yemen's capital sanaa towards the kingdom saudi arabia is blaming iranian backed rebels and says the missiles were targeting cities and civilians. turkey says to a foot soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in airstrikes near syria's province the turkish military has been shelling syrian government positions in the northwestern city of soka assad in essence forces re took that city to weeks ago
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has bought a reports from. opposition syrian national army fighters moved under cover of heavy artillery shelling by turkish troops the advantage was neda the town was a rebel stronghold until 2 weeks ago when along with the city. it fell into the hands of syrian government troops the u.n. says the offensive by the syrian army has resulted in the largest displacement of civilians since the start of the conflict 9 years ago we remain very alarmed about the safety and protection of over $3000000.00 civilians in italy and its surrounding areas in the northwestern part of syria as reports of airstrikes and shelling continue to take a heavy toll on the civilian population in retaliation for the death of 2 of its soldiers in an attack blamed on the syrian army the turkish defense ministry said
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dozens of syrian soldiers were killed and minutes of vehicles destroyed turkish officials warned of an imminent military offensive if syrian troops don't put out of the demilitarized zone and in. turkey is a sovereign and independent state it takes its own decisions will make necessary decisions and soldiers will act accordingly we will establish the ceasefire even if we have to use force with the fighting showing no signs of abating thousands of internally displaced continue to converge in it live city hall in charge of the house in order. that i hope the turkish backed operations will alleviate all sufferings because that's the only way we can return to our homes and our villages . the international community keep talking about peace but we know we will only go back to our villages if the turks launch an offensive. turkey has expanded its military presence in live following the death of 13 of its soldiers in italy
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earlier this month of fischel is here insist that troops were deployed to establish peace and provide humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people who fled government military campaign it's too early to determine at this stage whether the offensive by the turkish backed rebels in a native and spots of a major campaign to take territory lost over the last few months or just a limited operation since turkey and russia have not agreed on how to implement a cease fire and push the syrian army behind the demilitarized zone fighting is likely to continue i should know about al-jazeera. and south sudan president salva kiir and his rival react which are announced the deal to form a coalition government after 2 previous failed attempts here said any outstanding issues will be finalized in the coming days to side sign the deal and 20 to end the conflict which is engulf the nation since independence 9 years ago you know all the
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united nations has accused the government and opposition forces of war crimes including deliberately starving their citizens or diplomatic editor james ray's has more from geneva. the latest report by the commission on human rights in south sudan makes 6 stream really grim reading it says that the violence has continued as have sexual attacks gang rapes mutilation the report also says that there are persistent cases of starvation being used as a weapon this crime of starvation which involves destroying essential elements for the survival of the civilian population has been used by both sides in the conflict as a way of getting people to be to displace as well as a way of intimidating the civilian population and it is a deliberate tactic it can involve blocking humanitarian assistance but also the destruction of crops and livestock and even seeds and waterholes the timing of this
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latest report is very worrying for the international community because the armies that are carrying out these abuses are led by 2 men who are supposed to together provide the leadership to a new unity government privately key figures will tell you that these 2 men probably should be in the hague on trial instead the international community is once again putting their trust in them to try and save south sudan the leaders of uganda and rwanda are due to meet in the coming hours for a new round of talks aimed at easing cross border tensions a trade blockade imposed by rwanda continues to have a major impact on people in both countries economists in uganda say the country has lost $75000000.00 in revenue since the crossing was shut a year ago haven't so i reports from the ugandan border town of kids who no. one
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and i do know the day this road heading to uganda is buddha with wanda would be battling queues of trucks and thousands of people crossing the border for business school and other reasons. but this are not ordinary times when they impose a trade blockade traders likely now call franco a suffering because of it has run his shop at the border town of a tuna for 30 years and say there cannot make situation is a what he's seen is in the thick of my business has been badly affected i cannot make ends meet i used to make a profit of about $1000.00 a month lucky if i make even hopeful but with no viable business many have moved away all this shops had been rented out but traders have had to close up because there's no business though still here are residents of this border town they tell us life has become incredibly difficult. and i tells us her husband both
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go to he was killed last year by random security forces as he tried to smuggle tobacco to the neighboring country using an illegal route several traders who have attempted to use smuggling routes also say to have been killed or harassed. that morning he was very happy as usual he left for rwanda with his bicycle and goods i was called in the evening that my husband is dead and he was shot in rwanda . the situation across the border is equally dire rundowns have been restricted from traveling to uganda for their own safety both countries have accused each other of harboring dissidents using spies and arresting innocent civilians several meetings between the 2 sides have failed to deescalate the situation. feel free to go to. the do their ariston.
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you deceived us. ugandan government officials see talks to his old the dispute ugly while and the buddha will soon be open some economists say the country has already made huge losses and i am told this has been died because he was desperate to do anything to and money for his family now they've lost their sole provider and he doesn't know what to do next cathy zoi al-jazeera the tuna at the uganda rwanda buda police in the suits who say the prime minister of thomas to a will be charged with the murder of his strange to wife after the announcement of bonnie told a local radio station he will resign at the end of july but said old age was the reason the polo to ban it was shot near her home and 27 seen by his current wife my c.e.o. is also facing charges relating to the killing. arlen's prime minister has resigned
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but will stay on as caretaker leader until his successor is chosen a vote by representatives to name the replacement on thursday was inconclusive none of the 3 largest parties won enough seats in elections earlier this month to secure an outright majority. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera iran's supreme leader has cost his vote at the start of iran's national parliamentary elections turnout is expected to be low particularly among reformist voters after a senior clerical body barred thousands of candidates from running that includes dozens of members of the outgoing parliament south korea says it's entered an emergency phase in the fight against the coronavirus southeastern city of daegu has been declared a special care zone after the country's 1st death and an increase in cases. a vigil
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has been held in the german city of one hour after a suspected far right attack left 9 people dead germany's president called on citizens to unite and defeat racism and violence are thora to say they are treating wednesday's shootings at 2 shisha bars as terrorism. u.s. president donald trump says his longtime ally roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison so who was convicted of lying to congress and obstructing an investigation into possible russian interference in the 2016 presidential election trump has accused the jury foreman of tainting the case. this is a woman who was in person totally now i don't know if this is a fact but she had a horrible social media get the things she said on the account were unbelievable she didn't reveal that when she was chosen and she's i guess from what i hear
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a very strong woman a very dominant person so she can get people to do whatever she wants saudi arabia says it's intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles fired from yemen's capital sana'a towards the kingdom saudi arabia is blaming iranian backed rebels and says the missiles were targeting cities and civilians so sudan's president salva kiir and his rival rick which are have announced the deal to form a coalition government after a true previous attempts failed she has said any outstanding issues will be finalized in the coming days that your side signed the deal and $28000.00 to end the conflict which has engulfed the nation since independence 9 years ago those are the headlines on women make science is coming up next. motorist is big news in libya but staging car and bike presence here comes with its own particular risks our club couldn't take part in the 26 probably because we were fighting a more concise answer i'll just 0 troubles to the libyans just to see how sport
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unfair we can be a unifying force you know or chill country libya or run the football on al-jazeera.


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