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tv   Australia Fires - Animal Emergency  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2020 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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is justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades alyea i didn't talk to him or telling lies and investigation into the dark history of argentina why didn't they kill me in the end rewind interrogating a torture on al-jazeera. for more than 6 months astray via the. millions of head to his have been school shut down through the floods destroyed and dozens of lives lost. but beyond the human tragedy is the wildlife catastrophe of staggering propulsion the corpses littering the ground nothing could have prepared me for scale is. it just coffee described more than
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a 1000000000 animals have been killed the fun space seems teetering on the brink without brings about it at all it's on the edge this could be the next patients to go it's things to destroy the. one you want it's to investigate it's a stroll you wild life in the agency. off the southern coast of australia is a natural wonder. kangaroo island is famous for its beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife. but now it's unrecognizable where we saw all of us here can do a while until it's pretty clear straight away that it was bad this is evan quarter me he's come to the island with one mission. to save as many animals as he can.
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today he's heading to an area where until recently koalas thrived. by heading out towards the flinders chase national park which was one of the 1st areas to be hit by fire on the island and so. extremely confronting the amount of deaths i mean . for every every why one we bring in we're seeing hundreds that the died in the fires. now we're seeing dozens and dozens as well that have you know died of dehydration or starvation since. as we drive further and a grisly scene. gets me every single time there's. koalas but mostly wallabies probably about. 550 of them just old but you can see as they have escaped the forest that none of them made it there was just no way to run this whole place was
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just. it's excessively traumatic but. evans with a team from humane society international including disaster response specialist kelly donovan. and she's already spotted something. sitting there for her but for a kind of just looking into the world and. it looks like it's going to be a fairly easy pick up and that's the thing with the west they are the easy way out of. the fact that she can just walk up to that that would never happen in the wild to say these are wild animals. so here we go. the 1st joy of the day. kangaroo island is the only place in astray with a koala population is free of disease while they're endangered on the mainland.
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here in numbers have soared even prompting cools for a color but now 80 percent of the habitat is gone and this is the water station that we set up. so we're going to check the cameras on that there are so close up in the trees around here so we can just move cautiously in quietly we'll check it out and see if anything is the station overnight. they don't have anything to eat out here but if we're going to least get them some something to drink then they might be able to last a few more days and that gives us a chance to come out with hopefully pick them up and so it's a. little higher than. being blown around serious and show you that we're going up there so these ones begin to be. even though they seem ok you condition for now we just know that looking around through these forests there's nothing for them to a 4 kilometers there's no way that they're going to be able to survive in the long
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term. there's a quality. right at the base of the tree so he's at this tree and all went up and. saw things being coming down and i think about one. that being used and that's that is reading right out it that's really warming that's our 1st evidence we have these chemical saudia so that's good we know that they're doing the job. so for some more we move on through the charge forest so. you can see here. just come across the bodies of the dead mother and its young joey they've died together and they sometimes find. eucalypts a sorry bowl of toil in terms of the oil that they have in them so we would have just it would have just been like an explosion $31.00 and. just would have been
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devastating. in the distance kelly spots a koala moving along the ground. so he just sat so. we're going to try things move pretty quick found. songs are stable and one of. us just. kelly wants to rush the school while the 2 of bits for help. spend a very small percentage of time on the ground so the fact that we find the whole ground there approachable shows that there is an issue happening it's probably dehydration and lack of interest and. on the way back to the calm she spots another one.
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all. just. to close one spot so. at. least. it's. a little but. this is supposed to be a peak tourism season on kangaroo. but instead of sightseeing is flying new this soldiers in 580. 5 was spotted by lightning have raged through the dense bush land seems. even causing fire tornadoes alcoholic oh god oh my. god now you're going over and you can't get out of. the car some locals try to protect their properties. but dozens of
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homes were lost and 2 people died. almost half of kangaroo island has been braised. about 2100 square kilometers and this is what's left of them just chase national park the scorched landscape have been home to a diverse range of native wildlife many of which found nowhere else. to cope with the number of seek and injured on a movie volunteers have set up a clinic at the kangaroo island wildlife sanctuary kelly and evan bringing in their best just. a little walk among the volunteers is dr peter hutchison just give a little bit of. he's been caring for animals for more than 30 years by all so we don't need to check for parents were quite. in so it was probably a little bit
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a hot dry did a little bit on the y. but he's in pretty good shape i can hardly if we can just give him a bit of contradiction. give him a cane hopefully he'll be running around the nikon i will go for this one this is rare where normally finding lots of buttons on the fate that we need to treat we need to give and pain relief antibiotics. cases like this one on an operating table nearby. as much as the eye look quite bad hussein a lot of these come in lot and they've healed quite nicely and. a lot of the time. in one to 2 weeks they're almost healed. so this is the micro chip of this is how we identify them and this is we're just going to put it in here and otherwise you end up with the wrong one getting the
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wrong track meant. you're going to clot and have a hard call to head. well this is the one i was see. that means there's a $160.00 s. is also ss and then say ok how about i would imagine more than $300.00 you look at the edges just slightly saying just in australia bad. all eyes are on. the phone on. just before he says that's looking good. so i'm he's got a little been on the thought this one a guy and that's not something we need to treat at this stage and looking good. with fame. like yes ma'am so vitally so we're checking for joey she did have a job because the tape is quiet in la. so unfortunately with the fall and the
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stress and the hard drive she's dropped the jawi i'm fortunate that survival mechanism with them. that if there's any stress in their law. they will just go to jail with so sad. unfortunately it's a bargain making reason for them. has volunteered to help in full bushfire emergencies over the last 5. years while the next one isn't like that but he says he hasn't seen anything quite like this challenge or right. now compared for the other schools that will require that this is a lot harder because the severity of the injuries seem to be much worse than what i'm saying in the past. and this certainly
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a lot more dead while bar families. dealing with the births number of dead animals is taking a heavy toll on frontline both in t.v. . it means an ecologist usually spends more time writing about threats and wildlife than working in the field. it's been a bit surprising to me and i feel i'm pretty resilient person but the mental impact has been. the things i've been saying out here have been giving me not me is just the past is that they've died that's particularly haunting the stench of death. nothing could have prepared me for i knew there would been animals here but scale is. it just can't be described by where i'm at on the wildlife lava it's just the air that's the reason i do what i do it breaks my heart
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to see the agony that is going on out here. in spain it's been an extremely stressful wait. while the plight of this trail has koalas and kangaroos has been attracting the world's attention conservationists are rushing to rescue other lesson known animals which are at risk of extinction. the wildlife lost has come into way the 1st of the animals that died in the fire and the 2nd is playing out right now as those that survived battle it out over whatever cities where. it's also become a hunting ground with a cover provided by trees and foliage now gone leaving little protection from predators. ally. i'm meeting with wildlife ecologist pat hutchens he's hoping one of the world's most vulnerable species the kangaroo island down not. you know about 200 meters
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away probably from an australian is probably breast animal that was going over the . pats been studying the small mouth lacma soupy oh for more than 5 g.'s so the kangaroo and it's part of the doesn't your own family which has got a whole lot of different species within it has money in targa wasn't was was related to those guys on the tasmanian devil and western qualls and hunger all in there the only night you've caught of or night of kind of response if you know. that that lives within this within this habitat. they were thought to be less than $500.00 of them before the fire is but nearly all of the habitat has been destroyed by a flood. it's on recognisable like if you were here a month ago before the far as you would be pushing through big vegetation these
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banks you know why are you here so you know we would've been kind of pushing through like this and getting scratched and yeah and so it's a lot follow a little i don't know pathways sort of here so it's totally under the nose with the island. but i mean it's we are lucky to have some of these little tiny little patches of aden i guess you'd say right now the only done you know about living in that little patch so i actually really could be the last dots that would have been gone. there is good news we have done out here at last not so you can see here on c.n.n. if you look there on that rock. sit on a. little shell of the it was amazing to think that just a few hours ago there was a kangaroo right there just makes you work or at all yeah that's right you know it's time time critical now that's for sure no action is too small in pat's speed to save this local species every day he tosses meal worms
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into the area for donna to eat it's not unrealistic to think that we're you know monitoring the extinction of an animal that's. documented in real time yeah something on never thought i would be doing in my career that's for sure and yeah we discuss where bloody hard to make it not really. it's not going to be easy the final years may have passed but the kangaroo island is still under threat . has got a very large feral cat population right now everything's coming into this very small patches of habitat and it's like a you know kind of like a war zone really like everyone's fighting for survival and the feral cats you know a hollywood volved predator is an astrologer in my circles trying animals have an evolved ever with a predator quite like it so if you have a small animal like a don are coming up against something like a cat. you know it's it's
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a disaster waiting to happen. patz has set up $26.00 cat traps around this critical fight including something a little high tech us or to see it now we've got this one of the felix growing traps which is a new technology that we're traveling so i will look and see how it's gone. felix uses a special array of cameras and motion sensors to accurately detect when a feral cat is walking const. and when it does. it will fire out some toxin on to the back on quarter of the cat in the cat being a cat will instinctively ground itself so even if it was just water on the cat's back the cat has to clean itself inside the cat ingests a toxic dies of poison and then will go off and on many ecologists like cats believe it's one of the more humane ways to cull feral cats so to some
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a look here on this us been seeing what's happened i've been on. here with. so that's lost. and hasn't been hit with a topic that cat has been hit so we have you know taken another cat so that's it's actually the best easily could have had for a lot of people will be wondering why someone who's pregnant or blah blah blah blah conformation over 3 point killing i will. tell us why so well carol pap yeah official i mean look way way no through extensive research in australia the feral cats you know one of the case running processes through our native species cats are introduced to australia they've been here for a couple of centuries like about 200 years that's that's a great that's a great pets amazing animals in their normal environment but here in australia
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where i don't belong you know they're all cats of west thing for a native animals and we know it's those native species to help them as much as we can and remove the predation pressure while we can. how much damage can one. thankful. here one cut in one could take out the whole population that we've that we turn you know about the rank of course. thank you no but ana yeah exactly i mean you know what you know initially the you know the fire has been a big catalyst but the cat. following up is it's potentially the thing to finish off the species so you can bond these 2 big threatening processes. could could take it out for sure all of like roughly 10 when the stakes are these high cat traps and going to be enough to save these critically endangered mammals so patches mapping out a fence to keep feral cat sounds where you get to i managed to get a pretty striking one from that he brought through and that's the critical
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vegetation that we've got that out still surviving in there because if we waited those guys probably wouldn't be here so we've just got to get the get the species through the next couple of weeks until we get the fence off and then we'll be able to sleep sleep a little bit easier. back across the island at the clinic the vets have their hands full. this is where he want i thought is pay to raise checking on the koalas evan and kelly brought in the day before to have a look and you got all kinds of this little one here a little bit as we can say you know eyes to look in on. can lead does cause quite well we're trying to use this as a tree in the past so a grip in the back legs on the bison vent and that's what qualities do and i want to always hold on to something she doesn't want to be with asset
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a monument. but it does look like she's been a thin and drinkin. not too concerned at least point what it all for all of them a little they will go down so that will be if she's got any white and continues to eights and drink over the next 48 hours and then we would be put in there in the relay span. with some other fame ause and then hopefully in a couple of weeks tom will start looking for areas around kangaroo island we can then release them out into the wall. so we will have a check on them mile that you picked up yesterday i. t v 106 just opened up this one where you. thought you might be up to trade. and i know you. and we all know bennett. guyon odds are looking good it's really good if they've caught on the tree that
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means they're feeling this is my new car this is where i want to live so has it just think of a home here in a single year yet they're my back and we want them to actually have a little bit of thought. if i don't have some foster and you know i accept it really read it slowly especially being a wild animal we'd be concerned about the scale. so these are the real critical patches you know that we need to protect meanwhile patch has a new ally in his quest to save the kangaroo dannatt professional feral cat trapper mari schofield. had 3 hearing from the camera traps mari's with the astray and wildlife conservancy a group dedicated to protecting native animals from introduced species very small
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town in long beach of all of these little will be in. all our own. is running along the other side of the fence a big catch anthony trial trying to work out how to get through. it's great news proof that the species has survived another night. but there's also been a more ominous discovery found another cat we haven't seen him before looks like a female cat and got lots of images of her actually walking past camera. and she is calling a sock see she's her left foot is what. it's really important when you find cat sitting here that we identify how many there are and he's a spit of money and so you can actually not home arranging here or our mari to
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really kind of hiding in. on her movements to try to try to hunt and then we want to get trapped in failure stopping to get me. yeah i've got a way to go before we can get this fenced so. every night it's critical for the little guys right now. pressure of my pressure over the. primary gets to work for a couple different models who. they called cattle. that's what we call the stall a trap. because it's a like a vault so they get locked in the. night the cats but i hate them killing the dugouts. mari's trying hodge not to fixate on his latest obsession finding socks he jumped on the bed now it looks like good that you cats and all the cattle before him they get another one all that's not him and he's still out there that somebody bad now with
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a look over right away yeah yeah because you know i haven't got him yet or haven't got it. but within just a few days sucks he's been cold. with the help of the traps and fences patch hopes that the kangaroo island donna it's not only some fond of the finest season's devastation but will try. meanwhile evans' time on kangaroo island has come to an end for now. in spain one of the best and most devastating experiences of my life i. can't wait to get back here and see how this place bounces back. we still don't know how devastating the long term consequences of these spies will be not just here on camera while i'm in a stroller is a home but his pain amazing resilience in the community everyone just helping each
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other out and that's what we need. chinese authorities the putting those they say can be a crime and cheney but others show trials or genuine confessions. can i when the students to go. 0. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used which by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes our audience vote for a new parliament after many moderate and reformist candidates were blocked from running. millions told to stay at home in a south korean city with errors of the corona virus outbreak they're getting out of control as it is prime minister had to south africa hours before he was due to be charged in the murder of his 2nd wife. thailand dissolves an opposition party led by a billionaire who challenge the military backed government.


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