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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. the . the i. a surgeon coronavirus cases outside china the world health organization warns the window of opportunity to contain it is narrowing. hello and welcome to our 0 life from doha and it's also coming out democratic front runner bernie sanders warns flood of opinion to stay out of november's presidential election as accusations of russian meddling resurface. a 7 day tree switch in the u.s. and the taliban goes into effect in afghanistan the 1st step towards reaching
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a long lasting deal. peace and punishment in one city we look at the contrasting sides of life in libya's capital. now the world health organization head is warning about new clusters of corona virus infections with no clear link to china is reported its 1st death along with 16 cases of infection south korea is the worst of it a country outside china with almost $350.00 cases in the w.h.o. is worried about a wrong where they've been for deaths and 18 reported cases of infection including an official in the capital tehran. although the window of opportunity is not only to contain the outbreak we still have a chance to contain it but while doing that we have to prepare at the same time for
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any eventuality because this outbreak could go any direction it could even be messy. but what i'm saying is it's in our hands now if we do well within the not only window of opportunity we can reverse any or we can have very good any. serious crisis. all right we got 3 correspondents across this story we will go to a very brown in hole call and rob but pride in self air so that's good also jabari she is in the iranian capital tehran so we're hearing 4 deaths including a quite a senior official in tehran. yes the 4 deaths have been reported so over the past 48 hours 2 of them from the holy city of all mich is about 130 kilometers south of the capital tehran the other 2 have been in rash which is just another province nearby the capital but the
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official that we've heard about there been reports unconfirmed that the a mayor of this 13 in eastern terror on has been confirmed to have this virus but the officials here have denied it they say that this mayor was hospitalized on friday due to some lung issues that he's had so officials are denying the reports that this mayor of one of the districts in the capital has been diagnosed with the corona virus what we've been hearing from health officials that there are 18 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in people in the country there are 24 suspected cases that are being looked at at the moment we also know that health officials have received a number of kits from the world health organization to try and control the spread of this disease of course the rain ians have a lot of contact with china there's a lot of trade that goes on between the 2 countries and many many of the iranian businessmen that we know do travel back and forth between iran and china and of
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course the time in iran before the iranian new year begins in mid march so there's a lot of trade that goes on before the start of the new year health officials argue to hold a presser in the coming hours to explain the current situation in the city of rome apparently is where this disease was 1st reported on wednesday we have heard from sources there saying that the schools and universities have been close and there are reports that authorities are looking at restricting visitors to the holy shrines of that city to try and limit people's movements to try and control the spread of this disease or idle so thank you for that let's today get the city in south korea where our correspondent brian is and rob quite a dramatic rise in the number of cases being reported in the vicinity. that's right these numbers have continued to balloon quite alarmingly just last
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tuesday we were talking about the plus cases having been detected in preceding weeks in the whole of south korea since then we're now saturday and we are talking about cases in the hundreds and still counting the many of those cases of course now on the city. county which means this city that's where the new cases are being reported some of the new cases are still linked to this church here in daegu where we've seen a number of the infections it seems being spread through congregations that have taken place at that church there are members of that congregation going to other parts of south korea and they're being detected some of the large number of the you cases that have been reported. have actually taken place at a hospital in chong though it seems that there is a link between the outbreak. that is still being investigated but it seems that
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the infections spread to that hospital moving very rapidly through patients often to authorities about lockdown that hospital here in daegu hospitals like this one have been designated to deal just with cases of coronavirus it has wards and rooms inside which are specialized in treating infectious diseases and we have testing centers like this well where people come along they get tested to see whether or not they have the virus but the still the focus of the moment is on the large congregation that belong to this church here in de goshen 9000 or so traceable that these people to make sure they get tested and in the meantime those people being told to self quarantine right government. in south korea. well now we can go live to hong kong our correspondent there is adrian brown and adrian said we've had quite
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a significant number of cases reported in prisons in china. and there's also been a dramatic reduction in the number of new infections report is a rather mixed picture coming from the chinese mainland. yes this time yesterday we were discussing the fact that there had been an outbreak of this virus in several prisons in china the government has now confirmed more than 500 infections that largest cluster martine is in wu hand in a women's jail 230 cases of infection there the other large cluster is in chandon province so that province is hundreds of kilometers away from who gay and then on in eastern china in the province of judging is where the balance of the infections are so more than $500.00 in total but i think there's every sign that that infection rate is actually going to rise because officials now are only just beginning to assess the outbreak of this virus and of course they want to establish
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whether there's a link between these outbreaks in these promises outside who day and also with the outbreak in who bay itself to try and establish a link and also a sort of transmission power for the virus in beijing it's been confirmed that $36.00 people have been infected with the virus in a hospital now it was in beijing on friday the president xi jinping chaired a meeting of the communist party politburo that involved $25.00 people taking part in that meeting and during those talks president xi jinping conceded that china had not yet turned the corner in its fight to contain the virus he also said the situation was very grave indeed so chinese leaders now sounding a real note of caution in contrast to those upbeat messages we were hearing earlier in the in the week from the likes of china's foreign minister president xi jinping has also been stressing his concern about balancing the need to contain the virus
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while at the same time getting the economy moving again he's worried that the the great engine of chinese economic growth is not moving he wants to get people back to work but of course a lot of health experts are warning that if you do that you run the risk of secondary infections. adrian brown live in hong kong thank you very much well it's been almost 4 weeks now since the province of who bay which of course is the epicenter of this virus outbreak went into lockdown our correspondent katrina you has been speaking to residents living in the main city who had. one month after behind sealed off its borders its roads are empty and construction sites are abandoned the city's millions of residents have been ordered to stay indoors among them mark leo and his son craft your hands your feet your hands you know feet with schools across china closed until further notice eason is taking classes
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online through a video call mark told us his family was doing its best to adapt to life under lockdown and how they've been coping with the restrictions and in order i think the lockdown is necessary friends of people i know and some of my colleagues have been affected and some tied to a few days after they found out the cause of virus so i'm really worried for my family can do is to stay at home residents had been permitted to leave their residential compounds once every 7 days but this week loudspeakers placed on street corners notified households of a change. from now on nobody can go out the previous the lawns were going out every 7 days has been canceled lining up to collect food at local pick up points is now for many the only outing for the day special teams have been deployed to deliver supplies there are among
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the few still to me to drive around the city. is one of them here every day i am in contact with those who live in my community i need to know how many people are living one household and check the temperature twice a day see she says food distribution in behind has improved since the beginning of the lockdown and most people seem to support the new measures. by sealing off the community we can isolate the unhealthy people from healthy people our strategy now is early detection and early isolation a makeshift hospital nick. named the ruhani living room has become home to thousands infected by the virus. and those who don't come voluntarily appalled by force mark leo knows the coronavirus crisis will eventually pass but worries about the stigma $100.00 residents made. to be in the virus originated. but people didn't create it i hope they don't keep
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a bias against us they shouldn't blame everything on people so fast 7 year old ethan isn't too worried his wish for now is being allowed again to play outside between al jazeera beijing. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is wont russia to stay out of the november u.s. election it was responding to reports that the kremlin's meddling to boost his campaign as well as president trumps sarah higher reports accusations of russian meddling in the us presidential election in 2016 have resurfaced this time for the upcoming 2020 election last week senior u.s. intelligence officials briefed congress the latest security threats to the us government and warns of russian interference to try to boost president donald trump's campaign we've already won the state trump has always denied kremlin
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interference and continued to do so in friday's last pitstop rally in western the us. i see it is forney's these the do nothing. they said that they that watch to be sure that trump gets elected here we go. here we go again did you see here. are people bored i was told that was happening and i was told a week ago they said you know they're trying to start a rumor. it's just information that's the only thing they're good at very short. pants it seems russia isn't only targeting trump on friday the washington post paper reported russian efforts to help but he saunders with his presidential campaign to the democratic front runner later confirmed through ports is that he had been briefed on this and denounced any efforts to sabotage american democracy it was like clear what role they're going to play we were told it was should they be other countries are going to get involved in this campaign. and look here is the
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message to russia stay out of american elections and what they are doing by the way the ugly thing that they are doing. and i've seen some of the you know the tweets and stuff is they try to divide us up one it remains unclear if and how russia is attempting to manipulate the u.s. presidential race moscow has denied the allegations. almost paranoid announcements which to our regret will multiply as we get closer to the u.s. election naturally they have nothing to do with the truth. these developments come just ahead of a crucial democratic caucus votes in the u.s. states of nevada oh i think all alike officials regardless of party should be concerned about this because this is a threat to our democracy and who we are as americans intelligence officials warn russia could be wanting to throw the integrity of the 2020 lection in doubt and the strengths chances of winning a 2nd term such
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a height at al jazeera. come here it out there are casualties of conflict victims tell al-jazeera how they were deceived by their attack in democratic republic of congo. the flooding scenes but the worry is on tape for people in some parts of the u.k. . hello again or welcome back to international weather forecast well we're still going to be dealing with those very gusty winds here across much of the northern part of europe over the next few days the next round of storms are pushy and right now across the u.k. and with that we are going to having more rain here across the u.k. on saturday as well as into sunday but really take a look at these winds that we are watching right now across parts of scotland as well as into southern scandinavia that will continue pushing into the baltics as
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well and with it we are going to be seeing some rain over the next few days now down here toward the south across much of the benelux region heavy rain is expected here on sunday but. for denmark we have not seen any snow all winter long and that's going to continue take a look through a forecast as we go towards copenhagen we could be seeing some very gusty winds possibly flight delays here on saturday winds start to calm down as we go towards sunday as well as into monday but the rain will continue over the next 3 days here for the northern part of africa clouds across much of the libya as well as into egypt over the next few days particularly on the coast and we could be even seeing some rain here as we go towards sunday mostly towards parts of northern egypt for cairo you could be seeing some rain as well but mostly over here towards alexandria across the area as well as some gusty winds so far kyra rainy day as well as 17. progress. or
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a serious mistake. fishel intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our love . but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or was. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of they are accessing vast amounts of our personal data for data land on al-jazeera. take out of the top stories here it out of the world health organization is concerned about a surgeon coronavirus cases that have no clear link to china iran has reported 4
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deaths and 18 infections there are reports that in every knee a man has tested positive for the virus a number of cases in south korea has searched again to almost 350 israelis reported its 1st day and 16 infections. democratic presidential contender bernie sanders is want russia to stay out of the 2020 u.s. election he was responding to reports the kremlin was meddling to boost his campaign as well as that of president trump. so the 1st part of the agreement between the afghan taliban and the u.s. which could ultimately lead to peace has gone into effect john hendren ripple. in kabul where bullets bombs and sirens often punctuate the soundtrack of daily life there is now an unaccustomed silence at midnight on saturday the taliban the united states and the afghan government of begin
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a pause in hostilities if it lasts 7 days the parties plan to sign a peace deal in doha on february 29th that aims to end america's longest war we have to give peace a chance that the best if not only way forward in afghanistan is through a political agreement and that means taking some risks that means enabling our diplomats it's not a ceasefire it's a test of trust. our security and defense forces will remain in a defensive position during the week of reduction of violence afghan forces will continue operations against isis when al qaeda which are not part of the agreement . none of the parties involved in the talks has publicly defined what constitutes a violation in the pause in hostilities is it one attack or is it 10 so it's possible that if anything happens each side has an opportunity to call it off i think that they the taliban leadership is genuinely committed to implementing this
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truce they very careful not to call it of call of the cease fire which will be a good idea out there except that song by the us will happen even eventual cease fire holds and that would open the door to 3000000 afghan refugees in pakistan to return to their homeland but some refugees ask too where the if we leave here we have no way to go back to i was born here about 32 years ago if we go where will we live we have nowhere to go if a peace agreement follows with the taliban still refusing to recognize the afghan government many in the u.s. doha and afghanistan are asking what next john hendren al-jazeera washington. talks between both policy is to libya's conflict to continue in geneva next week it's been 10 months since the war will tell if i have to sit in the fence if against the un recognized government to take the capital tripoli al-jazeera has now
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driven from the capital to the southern areas across the front line he sent us this report. this is the neighborhood of algiers in central tripoli it's known for its high end shops and cafes the streets are calm but talk to people here and you are reminded that libya is a war this i'm at the thing i can't say today feeling nervous i'm afraid unless there's a lot of people are right and only then do i feel comfortable enough to walk on the streets. and walk and the fact of the people is completely different depending on where in tripoli you are it is calm for the people here but the problem is for the people near the front lines but we are all affected by the war is psychological because you constantly know your country's at war. when you drive south from things start to change the traffic begins to thin there's less people on the streets. and there's evidence of shells landing in civilian neighborhoods this cafe is around
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a kilometer from the front line a few people still come to drink coffee here but the atmosphere is tense a bill hussein lives close by his feet in the bombing is random we live on our nerves any moment a bomb a rocket can hit it's especially bad at night we are too afraid to sleep we have to be ready to run immediately people now even though the types of bombs by their sounds and this is supposed to be a ceasefire we continue to drive south past this on man check point to a neighborhood where they say for the fighters their own no signs of life. there is no evidence of a ceasefire here it took us 20 minutes to drive here from the peaceful streets of. where life on the surface at least seemed normal. but here in the neighborhood of someone who dean virtually every building has been either damage or completely
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destroyed it's getting late in the day here now and commanders on the ground telling us that they are nervous because this is the time where the majority of the shelling starts this area was populated by thousands of people and they have left they have fled the fighting it shows you just how much of a contrast there is between this neighborhood and the neighborhood. that we were in earlier this is a war of attrition it seems and despite the cease fire the fighting goes on and al-jazeera sudden tripoli. the president salva care has dissolved cabinet in preparation for a new unity government the opposition leader. being appointed first 'd vice president the 2 former rivals will lead the new government starting on saturday in an effort to end years of conflict which has left more than 400 people dead.
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victims of recent attacks in the eastern part of democratic republic of congo have told al-jazeera various ailments discuss themselves in military uniform and then kill indiscriminately almost a 1000 people have been killed since october as catherine sawyer reports. the 8 month old we've been there has been in this hospital in beni since december her mother was killed while running away from armed men with a baby on her back shot in the leg. grandmother says 7 relatives who heat in her house were killed on the same day. wearing military uniform. speaking in ugandan dialect they were carrying guns and. the. attackers shot him in the head doctors removed the bullet and one of his eyes.
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is a victim of the latest rebel attack at least 13 people were killed in his village this week he was brought to the hospital with deep machete caps on his head and neck. this is his village of. a day after the hour bush. traumatized to talk to us so his friend. the. village. dozens of people are recovering from serious injuries nearly everyone we talked to blame the allied democratic forces armed groups or a.t.f. who just formed in western uganda in the 1990 s. to fight for the creation of an islamic state it's rebellion was crushed by ugandan
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government forces the fighters that cross the border into neighboring democratic republic of congo where they've remained for nearly 20 yes you have some recruits that come from other countries without mentioning which countries there are these recruitment network that bring them we are trying to work with different groups different countries different capitals to stop such recruitment but also you have to remember that not only they have these recruits coming from outside they do great deal of kidnapping. the congolese army is conducting an offensive against the a.d.f. using 22000 soldiers but the group is still able to launch attacks and kill people in their homes nearly a 1000 civilians have died since the operation began in october many including those from this village that has been attacked multiple times have fled from their homes this is a highway a trading sent up of one of the busiest just a few months ago government that have now been deployed here but many people are
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still afraid to come back. back at the hospital in beni doctors tell us those recovering are lucky to be alive many others brought in with bullet wounds and machete cats did not make it catherine sorry our jazeera beni at the democratic republic of congo. of last friday's killed at least 8 high school students who were on a field trip just south of indonesia's capital jakarta they were among more than $250.00 students who were hiking near a river and then were caught in the torrent at least 2 others i'm missing police and military personnel are searching for victims. after 2 big storms in recent weeks the u.k. government is under pressure to do more to protect vulnerable areas from flooding more warnings of heavy rain have been issued for some parts of the country which is still trying to clear the damage reports. they've avoided the
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worst for now but people living in iron bridge a historic town of the english middling still worried earlier this week following storm dennis the river severn came over the wall here only these temporary barriers stopped the town being flooded in some areas residents had to evacuate their homes in others they were able to limit the damage we had sandbags regular contact if you need anything for you. if you want to move ready to move aside so i don't think there's anything else you worried about the future flooding or whether it will get worse one day it will get worse records are there to be broken up. and the scientists. and i'll go with them. and like paul more and more people in britain are getting used to the idea that the climate crisis means the prospect of heavier flooding increased warming means there's more energy retained within the atmosphere that's going to lead to more
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moisture within the atmosphere as more energy and more moisture in the atmosphere. and an implication of that is there's going to be more intense rainfall there was major flooding at the end of last year when prime minister boris johnson made a point of visiting some affected areas this time around he's been criticized for staying away his government is promising to spend billions of dollars on flood defenses and flood victims are being offered immediate grants of several $100.00 but some local authorities want more help the support that's been given here is been pretty slim really we've had a great deal of help from the environment agency working with the council but we really do need to think now about getting some resources into find longer term solutions for places like i'm bridge and as i've said we're going to need probably 30 to 40000000 pounds of commitment from the government so we'll be seeking ministers to come down have a look and also to think with us about how we can protect this environment because we can't do it alone once the rivers return to its normal levels serious questions
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are still to be answered like what to do with the 10s of thousands of new homes which according to a new report have been built over the last 10 years in areas of britain that are greatest risk of flooding. the prospect of storms that are both heavier and more regular is forcing the country to think hard about how it copes in future and how it will pay for the solutions the al-jazeera in shropshire. right have reza taken out of the top stories here and out to sarah the world health organization is concerned about a surge in corona virus cases with no clear link to china iran has reported 4 deaths and 18 infections there are reports and the iranian mayor has tested positive for the virus italy has reported its 1st death with 16 others infected
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the number of cases in south korea have surged to almost 350 almost half of them linked to a religious group in the southern city of daegu. although the window of opportunity is not only to contain the outbreak we still have a chance to contain it but while doing that we have to prepare at the same time for any eventuality because this outbreak could go any direction it could even be messy. but what i'm saying is it's in our hands now if we do well within the not only window of opportunity we can reverse any or we can have very good any. serious crisis. democratic presidential contender bernie sanders as world russia to stay out of the 2020 u.s. election he was responding to reports that the kremlin's meddling to base his
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campaign as well as that of president trump. president's. cabinet in preparation for a new unity government to react much has been appointed 1st vice president the 2 former rivals will now lead a new government from saturday in an effort to end the years of conflict which of claimed the lives of more than $400000.00 people in a flash flood has killed at least 8 students who were on a field trip just south of into the capital. they were among more than 250 students a river who were caught in the torrent you're up to date now coming out story. strenuous on fire season has killed the 1000000000 and a. nice to get.
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0. 9 people killed in germany and the latest racially motivated attack interior minister is adding a fight against what he calls the poison of extremism so how will the government tackle this growing problem this is inside story. however and welcome to the program i'm mr germany's leaders are promising a strong response to these latest racially motivated attacks a gunman killed 9 people the 2 shisha cafe is on wednesday night in the city of hama and he chose places that are popular with turkish and kurdish communities the 43 year old suspect who was later found dead with his mother had posted documents with racist and far right views online.


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