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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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hundreds more cases in south korea as the corona virus spreads to new countries worrying the world health organization. we are concerned about the number of cases which most community do you know you can mean. just traveling street to jail or contact with the comfort of the case. this is al jazeera also coming up bitter enemies unites inside see don in an effort to end the civil war that's killed an estimated 400000 people plus.
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unwilling rally against violence in mexico after a 7 year old girl is great of martyred. the spread of corona virus to a host of new countries is concerning the world health organization the w.h.o. chief asserts all countries to invest urgently in preparedness the number of those who contracted the virus is more than doubled in south korea chile 129 new cases have been reported taking the nationwide also to 433 with 2 fatalities the government says urgently send in medical help to the city of daegu health authorities in iran have reported another death bringing the death toll to 5 with nearly 30 cases of infection there largely centered around the muslim holy city of
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in fact a traveler's form of bran has been reported in canada lebanon and the u.a.e. a 2nd death from the virus has been reported in italy has spread in its northern region of long with 30 confirmed cases there but we start our coverage in south korea bribe reports now from daegu which has been declared a special cares own. the streets of daegu are eerily quiet fear of the disease means most people here are heeding warnings not to venture out those who do are careful about where they go and whom they meet. all more math as long as we're a mask and wash our hands properly we can get through this i think i hate wearing a mask but now i have to wear it all the time it's hard to go out and i avoid cafes business in this normally bustling city of 2 and a half 1000000 has been brought to
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a virtual standstill 100 tonight as the hope tonight i open my shop today just in case there might be some customers but there's been none so i'll soon close up and go home nearly half of the infections are linked to a church in this building which is locked up and deserted church members have been told to quarantine themselves while medical teams are quickly testing them for the corona virus in daegu in the neighboring county of chung though more testing centers have been set up and hospital wards designated to treat the flurry of new cases who can did you know you want to morrow and i'm worried it's like the whole city is in lockdown and people are afraid of coming here a large number of the new cases have been at a hospital in chango that could be linked to the outbreak here in daegu the infection has spread rapidly among patients and staff prompting the authorities to lock it down. the government says the situation is still manageable and that while new cases are being detected across south korea they seem to be people with links
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to this part of the country rather than from new clusters and. further investigation is needed many of the cases confirmed today are links back to the clusters a hopeful sign for south korea as it races to contain the spread but not much comfort for the people in daegu wondering how bad this outbreak will get robbed mcbride al jazeera daegu south korea well sausage a bar is sent to her and she explains what people might have people believe might have caused the outbreak any ron. the holy city of calm is about 130 kilometers south of tehran with a population of just over a 1000000 people but the issue is that there's a lot of pilgrims that pass through that city and according to the health official here here the outbreak apparently began when there was a chinese worker that came from china that worked in the city of calm and that is
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how they believe this virus has spread now we also understand that it has been reported in this in the capital tehran and a number of other cities and we've also heard that a district mayor in east saharan has also tested positive for the virus and he's been hospitalized as a friday as a result of that city council has been has called in a recess for one week and we are also hearing reports that the hodges pilgrimage organization it's a government organization has also canceled all trips of pilgrims traveling to iraq and iranian officials have also decided to close all the 5 land borders with iraq as well for now the officials are saying they're trying to decide whether or not to restrict or ban their visit to the holy shrine in all men and nearby for the time being officials are saying they're exercising caution urging people to be careful about where they travel to and we've also spoken to some residents of call me who
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say that their town is pretty much shut down many people have decided to stay indoors and officials have also ordered the closure of schools and universities for this today saturday and sunday so we're waiting to find out what the health ministry officials will say after a series of high ranking official meetings that are taking place as we speak. been reporting there are a growing number of people getting sick inside of china this is a virus tracker from johns hopkins university in the u.k. u.s. a gives us a good picture of the spray it's all fair break or no almost $78000.00 cases around the globe. well the world health organization has warned african health systems in the quit to deal with a potential outbreak of ministers have met in ethiopia to discuss developments with partner support we have gone from having only 2 countries with laboratory testing for covert 19 a few weeks ago to now 26 countries that have been confirmed in the afro region
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that have the capacities to test for this and we were building on an already established influenza laboratory network we anticipating that by the end of february all 47 member states of the africa region will have this capacity. the world health organization says it has identified 13 priority countries in africa because of their direct links to china has stepped up prevention measures even as it maintains daily flights to china ahmed fahour reports now from at a suburb. there's a constant state of alert at addis ababa international airport and it peaks when a flight of arrives from china after the 1st screening the pass and just pass through a so-called 360 degree x. ray machine which detects body temperature passengers are also asked to fill the health status forms and disclose where they have been during the past 14 days at
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the time of landing we would check their temperature you thing the 3rd term most common and again we have mass time or scana commuting in their own interest and finally we check again we see vitor most commonly when they look in their bags and in between again we have a positive thing which is again strict nowadays the border international airport in addis ababa is one of the busiest travel hubs in africa it's also the continent's main gateway to china while many countries have a distributed air services to china after the corner virus outbreak ethiopian airlines continues to operate 35 flights a week to 5 chinese destinations the airline has ignored please both form if you open the public and some african countries to suspend its flights to china we base our decision based on the what the heads of shall still us the. cysts
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ok minister has a few places it's ok now when they say that it's no more health issues so it becomes a business decision and a business decision is that for us it is a long term the operation and we have 40 percent market share for travel between africa and china even though no case of infection has. been detected in ethiopia until now novel coronavirus medically known as co viewed 19 is a major concern here 18 suspected cases were tested and found negative 11 of them were sent to south africa while 7 were tested within ethiopia in a new laboratory specially equipped with a purpose with the help of the world health organization an emergency center has been set up were dozens of doctors and medical trainees are to work every day of the week collecting data studying ways to confront the virus and this is perhaps one of the most vital services set up by the national institute of public health these hotlines manned 24 hour 7 they receive alerts and information related to
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suspects is cases of coronavirus they also provide information and advice for people in need doctors say they receive at least 5 infections rumors of a less every day one of the tasks of these men is to make sure no unwanted panic spreads among the population 101 are dizzy or. so sudan's president salva kiir has formed a new coalition government for the opposition leader riette who's been sworn in again as vice president the former rivals will lead the government in an attempt to end years of conflict that has killed around 400000 people they're expected to guide the country to elections within the next 3 years. victims of reasons attacks by an armed group in the eastern democratic republic of congo have told all to say rather assailants to scars themselves in military
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uniform and kill indiscriminately a 1000 people have been killed since october reports the 8 month old we've been there has been in this hospital in beni since december her mother was killed while running away from armed men with a baby on her back with you know was shot in the leg. our grandmother says 7 relatives who he'd in her house were killed on the same day. they were wearing congolese military uniform in a boat somewhere speaking in ugandan dialect they were carrying guns unless it is the. attackers shot him in the head doctors remove the bullet and one of his eyes. is a victim of the latest rebel attack at least 13 people were killed in his village this week he was brought to the hospital with deep machete cats on his head and
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neck. this is his village of how a day after the hour bush. was still traumatized to talk to us so his friend it's. not. meant to carry what. village on the hooch in the forests. and started whacking them with machetes. pretended he was dead. dozens of people are recovering from serious injuries nearly everyone we talk to blame the democratic forces armed groups or a.t.f. who just formed in western uganda in the 1990 s. to fight for the creation of an islamic state it's rebellion was crushed by ugandan government forces the fighters that cross the border into neighboring democratic republic of congo led every. for nearly 20 yes you have some recruits that come from other countries without mentioning which countries there are these recruitment
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network that bring them we are trying to work with different groups different countries different capitals to stop such recruitment but also you have to remember that not only they have these recruits coming from outside they do great deal of kidnapping. the congolese army is conducting an offensive against the a.d.f. using 22000 soldiers but the group is still able to launch attacks and kill people in their homes nearly a 1000 civilians have died since the operation began in october many including those from this village that has been attacked multiple times have fled from their homes this is a highway a trading sent up of one of the busiest just a few months ago government and have now been deployed here and many people are still afraid to come back. back at the hospital in beni doctors tell us those recovering are lucky to be alive many others brought in with bullet wounds and machete cats did not make it catherine saw. any of the democratic republic
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of congo. still to come on al-jazeera. as the race for the democratic presidential nomination shifts to nevada we look at how candidates are trying to appeal to minority both since the elections in togo where the current president wants to extend his family's 5 decade long grip on power. hello there's more snow to come for japan western slopes of honshu in the lower ground further north and it's this system bringing it but despite the fact is bringing snow is coming from the environment is nothing like as cold as it should be harbin should be about minus 6 to minus 10 beijing prussic so in fact she
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virtual wall of china the korean peninsula and japan are warm they should be by about a month's so spring is going to count early knows more rain gathering this is monday coming out of central china running up towards the northeast hong kong's 22 is in the fine sunshine again you should be better 18 this time the year the so plenty of showers right indonesia the rainy season continues been some big damp was recently she may know in java but it looks out the next day or so they won't be as big as they were this is catching borneo and sort of way see a profound often sudden tug as well the breeze continues in same direction that means that the eastern faces of the high ground in the philippines will also be covered fairly frequently as well fans to really and we're seeing more in the way feel a few showers up in what is still fairly static in northern india maybe the northeast too and that is for lanka seat was on the storms continue with air quality in new delhi is still not very good.
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cook. gives you a deal dead and did you get the peace prize too soon. is this going to hurt or help donald trump's reelection chances and in theory for one thing you could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and not have any consequence this is not a muslim issue this is a human colony issue join me man of the house and as i put it up from questions to my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. my. this is al-jazeera our minds are over headlines this hour the number of coronavirus
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cases in south korea has more than doubles taking its nationwide total to $433.00 the government says restricting movements in marches cities that saw in daegu. the world health organization is concerned about a surge in corona virus cases with no clear link to china iran has reported another death bringing its toll to 5 and we a question has been sworn in aside sudan's vice president as he forms a new coalition with former rival president salva kiir to try to end hears of conflicts ahead of elections within the next 3 years. or the election underway in togo is expected to extend the president's family's decades long grip on power after 15 years as leader for nursing is likely to secure a 4th term the opposition hasn't been able to form a united front on the sink they took office in 2005 after being installed by the
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army he took over from his father the singh bay area damer who seized power in 1967 last may and you know was an active limiting presidents to 25 year terms but it didn't apply retrospective the allowing the same bait to stand 2 more times this allows him to potentially remain in office until 2030 that poverty has remained persistence jury in the rule of the innocent by a family the world bank says that around half of the population live on under $1.90 per day and they've been sporadic protests for change especially in 2017 when around 20 people were killed and added risk is in the capital low may he explains why the still of a lot of division among the opposition. the opposition is still divided victory among them failed after several attempts especially by opposition parliamentarians to field a single candidate to confront president correa it's interesting in this election
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they all feel that everybody went his own way and the fear of their supporters is that the boat that is supposed to go to an individual who could effectively tackle president you know the way the election is now will now have to be divided among 6 other people 6 candidates are running for different political parties and the ruling party is capitalizing on and hoping to trench probably entrench the current president and his political party in power for the next 5 years and probably beyond because there has been a recent amendment of the term limited law in the constitution that allowed president calling your civic rights one of the 5 year term and then probably run again after 5 years. the launch of a new opposition party in cannes extern has been the spawns after police arrested around a 100 supporters they included. who's led efforts to create the democratic party he
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was detained as police dispersed announce a government protest in the largest city on latte and in the capital there silt on on the scenes a national says what it calls the cowardly campaign of intimidation against critics so badly the government fears freedom of expression a palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli forces in occupied east jerusalem an israeli police spokesman says the man had attempted to stab an officer but this is say the man was shot after he refused to allow officers to search an area has been closed that extra security brought him. the 1st part of the agreements between the afghan taliban and the u.s. which could ultimately lead to peace has gone into effect it's a week long reduction in violence and with a 1000 afghans dying every month the polls offers a glimmer of hope but says joan 100 reports from washington d.c.
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there are questions about whether it will hold. in kabul where bullets bombs and sirens often punctuate the soundtrack of daily life there is now an unaccustomed silence at midnight on saturday the taliban the united states in the afghan government of on shroff going to begin a pause in hostilities if it lasts 7 days the parties plan to sign a peace deal in doha on february 29th that aims to end america's longest war we have to give peace a chance that the the best if not only way forward in afghanistan is through a political agreement and that means taking some risks that means enabling our diplomats it's not a ceasefire it's a test of trust. that you would be for security and defense forces will remain in a defensive position during the week of reduction of violence is us afghan forces will continue operations against ice or when al qaeda which are not part of the agreement. none of the parties involved in the talks has publicly defined what
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constitutes a violation in the pause in hostilities is it one attack or is it 10 so it's possible that if anything happens each side has an opportunity to call it off i think that they the taliban leadership is genuinely committed to implementing this truce they very careful not to call it of course of the seesaw ever to be a good idea out there except that song by the us will happen even eventual cease fire holds that would open the door to 3000000 afghan refugees in pakistan to return to their homeland but some refugees ask too where the if we leave here we have no way to go back to i was born here about 32 years ago if we go where will we live we have nowhere to go if a peace agreement follows with the taliban still refusing to recognize the afghan government many in the us doha and afghanistan are asking what next john hendren
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al-jazeera washington. the race for the democratic presidential nomination has shifted to nevada caucuses will be held in the states in the coming hours and is the 1st racially diverse and urbanized region to take part in the process or brownouts reports from las vegas. students at eldorado high school in east las vegas are getting a lesson in political power in my knee so i'll just immunity organizer jasmine via gomez asks the diverse group of teenagers to stand if you are 0 one mean can you please said that on every you i after going to make it down every you are latino can you please sit down at the end there's only one boy left standing yeah let it be the by the it gomez reminds them of the long struggle by women and people of color to win the right to vote so many people were not eligible to
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participate in our boarding process that it's an apt lesson in nevada the most diverse of the early voting states its demographic makeup now for tells what the us will look like in the future so if you project forward and you look at the share of african-american latino asian pacific islanders and you project out to you know mid 21st century the profile actually matches very closely tens of thousands of nevada residents have already cast ballots in early voting to get out in vote get out no matter how long the wait the lines or just do it i'm here just to vote the trauma this diverse electorate is the key to victory in the caucuses all of the democratic candidates are working hard to harvest votes from the vet as diverse communities some are doing better than others. pete booted judge and amy close which are have
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so far attracted little in. interest among voters of color elizabeth warren is done somewhat better future president now states of america by courting the large asian american voting bloc with a campaign event in las vegas's chinatown we choose compassion over cruelty bernie sanders has made major inroads among latinos helped by a small army of enthusiastic volunteers. sanders is leading in the polls my prediction is like weber's doing a better job on making sure that they and latinos are engaged that's what's going to win their well back in eldorado high students are handing in completed voter registration forms an act of civil engagement and perhaps a commitment that may last a lifetime robert oulds al-jazeera las vegas. the rape and murder of
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a 7 year old girl in mexico has increased i preach and finance against women nationwide john heilemann reports from one of the latest protests demanding government action for better protection. and chanting no. women have taken over this toll booth on the outskirts of mexico city to protest against years of femicide the man they want to end this so much violence i don't know any woman who has itself it here on the outskirts be difficult nor is where they come to write about is. more than 10 women a killed every day across the country and it's getting worse in 2090 the number was double but 4 years previously. but this month the she came to a head with to her. ingrid ischemia was stopped inflate 7 year old fatima to get was kidnapped outside his school then raped and strangled. after
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ingrid's murder this is what president lopez obrador had to say. i don't want the theme of this press conference to just be about homicides it's very clear that issue has been really manipulated by the media those who don't like us take advantage of any circumstance to generate campaigns of defamation. to play michigan social decay caused by new liberalism it outraise many step what it is to be a can't even describe it we're talking about a national emergency of femicide and we have 2 cases that really blew everything up and then the president says no don't get distracted this isn't important so what is important well his priorities as president women's rights advocate same paper protocols exist to deal with violence against women but in practice they're often ignored by authorities who can themselves be abusive when there's we're not there the so many things have been sexually assaulted by police and you have to face up
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to it alone that's because the people that show support and solidarity reef you are in mexico city not here. but in the last year women have been coming together more and more to demand change there's a relatively small number of women here but protests like this one have been increasing across the country off the years in which authorities are pretty don't know very much to prevent femicide and abuses against women now the pressure is on . now on the 9th of march national strike for women has been proved the movement is only growing john home and. to pick. the united nations is warning the numbers of animal migratory species are in decline because of climate change and hunting lisbeth purana has more from the indian state of gujarat where experts are trying to find solutions. we're in the last sort of a bird sanctuary one of the biggest wetland sanctuaries in the country india is the
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primary went to ground for many birds from eurasia north of the himalayas and north africa which travel south to escape the harsh winter climates millions of these birds come here at this time of year including rosie pelicans herons flamingos and white storks but many of these birds are listed as endangered all vulnerable and the united nations says the biggest threats to migratory species which are endangered come from hunting poaching and what they call the ultimate threat multiplier climate change 87 percent of the world's wetlands have been lost over the past 300 years 35 percent in the past 30 if we lose habitats we lose species so if we maintain habitats the birds benefit people benefit so looking of the ecosystem services off these different arbiter it's we can protect better protect existing habitat we can restore habitats that have been lost 7 migratory species
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have been added to the endangered list including the asian elephant and the jag you are the convention of parties has agreed on a number of policies including combating the illegal killing and trade of migratory birds mitigating the impact of roads and railways and addressing the unsustainable juice of aquatic wall to meet. my. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the number of corona virus cases in south korea has more than doubled taking its nationwide total to $433.00 the government is restricting with manson largest cities like seoul and daigle the world health organization is concerned about a surge in corona virus cases with no clear link to china iran has reported another death bringing it's total to 5 and a 2nd person has died in italy from the infection there are no 30 confirmed cases
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there 10 towns have been locked down and fisons have been asked to stay home. although the total number of cases outside china remains relatively small we are concerned about the number of cases with more clearly than your logical link so just travel history to jail or contact with the government case we're especially concerned about the increasing cases in the islamic republic of iran where there are now 18 places and for those in just the past 2 days me a question has been sworn in as saying sedans vice president says he forms a new coalition government with former rival president salva kiir they're trying to end years of conflict ahead of elections within 3 years. the presidential election are underway in togo is expected to extend the president's family's decades long
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grip on power after 15 years as leader for an acim bay is likely to secure a 4th term the opposition hasn't been able to form a united front a palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli forces in occupied east jerusalem and israeli police spokesman says the man had attempted to stab an officer witnesses say the man was shot after he refused to allow officers to search him and flash flooding in indonesia has swept at least 8 high school students to their deaths police and soldiers are searching for 2 others who are missing around 250 students were hiking near a river when it burst its banks following heavy rain as you're up to date to stay with us here on al-jazeera up front is up next. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the trump parts of america are getting trump here there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so
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blatantly wrong the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. is own complicit in war crimes or even genocide against the rohingya muslims of myanmar on up from one of her closest allies. i made the house also on the show there was a lot of optimism when emanuel the crown came to power in france in 2017 but all 40 through his term the french president is facing some of the worst protests and strikes in his country's history so how much is he to blame especially for excessive use of force by the french police that's our debate but 1st in january the international court of justice ordered me out to quote take all measures within its power to prevent genocide.


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