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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2020 12:00am-12:43am +03

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of this project. move. her to. 0. hello i'm charlie and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up iran's neighbors shot the buddhas with the islamic republic after a surge in corona virus cases meanwhile it's a leak quarantines 50000 people and councils the venice carnival in a rush to stop the spread. 9 people died more than a 1000 buildings collapsed after an earthquake hit south eastern turkey and conservatives claim victory in iran's parliamentary election by voter turnout has been the lowest since the 1979 revolution. i don't people simply don't hold with
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you your school the gypsy king is prone to give you a champion twice and few rigs storm still going to war to win the w.b.c. don't think it's really. china's president says his country faces the biggest public health emergency in its history is it battles to contain the deadly coronavirus xi jinping told high ranking officials that measures taken to counter the virus were effective but despite that nearly $650.00 additional cases in the past 24 hours has taken the total to just under $77000.00 more than $2400.00 people have died iran is now another major hotspot with 48 cases and 8 deaths the highest toll outside of china several neighboring countries have close the borders but it's
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a city that has the largest outbreak outside of asia in a matter of days confirmed cases jumped from 3 to $13083.00 people have died and a cluster of cases is confounding scientists as has no link to china meanwhile south korea's president says the next few days will be critical for an outbreak the . struck more than 600 people 6 have died in the country is now in its highest possible and that robert pride reports. the worst affected areas in southeast korea the city of daegu and neighboring chango county remain at a virtual standstill to mask clusters of infections account for the majority of cases reported so far one of them at this hospital quickly spread infecting more than 100 patients and staff wards are being prepared to treat the increase of new coronavirus patients raising the alert to the highest level came at an emergency meeting chaired by president moon j. in this weekend the number of new cases has risen alarmingly by the hundreds and he
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stressed that the next few days will be critical in stemming the outbreak. to get more you don't have the situation has become completely different since the outbreak of mess and fiction extra resources will be directed into trying to stop the spread of the corona virus the urged everyone to avoid massive events well you know you're going to be pigeon we've vividly witnessed how dangerous it is to have a mess meeting in an enclosed indoor place in terms of the spread of contagious disease everyone to restrain themselves from group of interactivity is not only an indoor places but also outdoor places on sunday across south korea church leaders were asked not to hold services yeah head there or get them other than going to it's sad that we can't hold a church service but we are following government policy and we don't want any further spread of the disease in the affected areas most people have heeded warnings to stay indoors as they wait to see if the emergency measures work the
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south korean government is hoping its latest measures will help limit the clusters of infection to this part of the country knowing the price of failure could mean the kind of travel restrictions imposed on china with the damage that would cause to its economy rob mcbride al jazeera chando county south korea. well the corona virus has spread rapidly in iran over the past few days 4 new infections have been recorded in the capital tehran 7 in the holy city of qom to england province and one each in markazi province and tonic a bone in a bid to stop the cluster spreading pakistan closes notoriously poorest border with iran on sunday as have armenia and turkey in the northwest ankara has also halted incoming flights afghanistan has suspended all road and add travel to its neighbor 3 afghans are currently being tested for the virus off to entering from iran and iraq is also scanning arrivals if is that hundreds of thousands of iranians
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visiting holy sites could bring the virus across the border well dosage abar is in the capital tehran with more on how iranian authorities are responding. the number is of course significant because they are worried that the containment process is really something that they need to address as quickly as possible the outbreak started in the holy city of home which is about 220 kilometers south of the capital tehran officials believe that a chinese worker construction worker was the source of the outbreak in that city you know they have since closed schools and universities not only home but in about 2 thirds of the cities across the country in the capital and all the major events have been canceled including the government's foreign ministry briefing that was to be held on monday and we also understand the terror on university dormitories have been evacuated as well the health minister has also said that the masks and
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disinfectants will no longer be sold in pharmacies because the government will be hanged handing them out in public a metro stations as well as buses across the cities austria has stopped old train traffic to and from italy over krone virus fares earlier denied entry to a train from venice off to to travis was suspected of being infected meanwhile italy's prime minister has announced a quarantine on several northern towns affecting 50000 people the last 2 days of the venice carnival have also been cancelled catherine stansell has more. more drastic measures in italy as doctors struggle to contain the spread of the corona virus the mayor of milan has ordered schools to close for at least a week sporting events in the guardian financial regions have been cancelled so have the final days of the world famous tennis carnival disappointment to thousands of revelers the goal after a while it is useless to stop a con of all because there are hospitals and bars and supermarkets and restaurants
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and trains and planes and ferries which are all open spaces and so how do you solve this problem stopping a carnival it's all ridiculous that it is more contagious and the virus. at this point has been necessary we think and the lock down in northern italy has gone from urging everyone to stay indoors to a fully fledged quarantine prime minister decepticons has banned people from entering and leaving the regions where the virus is most prevalent and the army is being deployed to ensure the quarantine is observed. a list of we on the health authorities have not been able to locate patient 0 because we haven't taught them to fight they say it's difficult to make any predictions about how the virus will spread so the only volleyed measure to be taken was to close off these type of trees this is going to save or create the corn chain has led to a rush to buy supplies and with the sudden increase in new cases many italians are worried. man hey we're all afraid but we're crossing our fingers o.b.l.
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right if someone doesn't feel well they should react early because people can be cured if they come to hospital in a desperate situation it's much more difficult to cure them with more than 130 confirmed cases of the coronavirus italy is the worst hit country in europe every day life for many here looks like it will remain at a standstill until the outbreak can be contained catherine stansell al-jazeera. well joining us now via skype from the italian capital rome is dr gloria tell yani she's the director of the clinic of infectious and tropical diseases at the supply and the university of rome thank you for joining us to tell jani so a number of those infected in italy seem to have no direct links to the origin of the virus they haven't been in contact with other infected people or anyone that recently returned from china so what does that mean for the transmission of the virus well exactly there are 2 possibilities for transmission by a person who is not overly infected or over to the diseased the 1st
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one is that anyone can be infected without becoming immediately ill and during the intermission period usually we are able to transmit the rare infection we have been infected by therefore there are some persons who are not aware of be infected with and will efficiently transmit exaction. some of those persons will never develop and over disease and they will continue to transmit infection until the infection has been totally eradicated by the infected person these 2 conditions are responsible for the transmission by unaware and apparently and infected people and now we're seeing more and larger numbers of person to person transmission in multiple
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countries is this evolving into a pandemic. well this is difficult to say up to date this condition has not been observed because the large majority of cases where. in china properly and there were a few cases around the world it means that the viruses prayer but the diffusion was not as large as could be expected and apparently we don't know our many person have been infected we don't really know how many passengers where ill which is another biological condition because probably what we know now is that it almost 2.32.8 persons who are ill will die but we really don't know how many what's the person page of people who
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have been infected and develop the disease so we don't know really how many person set being infected without being sick we do know that 23000 people have recovered and i think it's important we don't forget that but what does that tell you about the disease. as something we perfectly know from the model of any other infectious and more a more closely any other viral infection because the majority of persons usually in the majority of infectious diseases infectious viral disease is the recovered from the exaction in devil up a protective antibodies and that's this simple biological condition applies also to the corona virus so there are many persons who. are able to clear the growlers and recover tell the taliban isn't he so much for
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speaking to us the welcome. the israeli military has launched as strikes in gaza bounce off to the palestinian armed group islamic jihad launched 21 rockets into southern israel 13 were intercepted by is ready defense systems islamic jihad said it launched the attack after the israeli army fired on a group of palestinians killing one of them. in that incident earlier on sunday the military says the victim was trying to plus an explosive near the separation fence an israeli bulldozer then went into gaza to lift the man's corpse during a furious reaction from palestinians 4 people were shot and injured when they tried to recover the body plenty more still to come on the al-jazeera news hour including bunny biden and beauty judge come out on top as nevada's democrats back then nobody's for president. support for the far right plummets in homburg state
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elections as exit polls project the social democrats and greens will hold on to power. and in sports italian matches a canceled you should read a virus that is the title chase is not to get the go ahead peta will have. iran has seen its lowest turnout in a parliamentary election for more than 40 years just under 43 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots on friday conservative candidates a set to win a majority taking 30 parliamentary seats in the capital tehran voters options were limited with more than $7000.00 potential candidates disqualified is the worst since the country's islamic revolution in 1979 iran's interior minister says other circumstances including the coronavirus which to blame for the low turnout. the mother shadow. we held these elections when there was several incidents in the
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country we had bad weather there was this coronavirus disease there was the plane crash also the events of january and november in such a situation the turnout right seems perfectly acceptable for us well ask the bank has more from tehran on how the election result has put reformist president has been rouhani in a difficult situation. well this is very embarrassing for the establishment have voter turnout is around 42 percent in the last elections it was 61 percent hare in iran where i am it's 25 percent in the last elections it was around 50 percent now this is one of the most conservative parliaments this country has ever seen but it takes place when the turnout is the lowest since establishment of the islamic revolution now we need just to give you an idea of how low the turnout was in the last elections here in the wrong there were 30 seats up for grabs all of them were won by reformist moderates candidates every single one got over 1000000 votes this
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time around all 30 seats were taken by conservatives and only one of them the former mayor got over $1000000.00 votes now we knew this election would be controversial because the guardian council the body that vets candidates disqualified over $5000.00 candidates including $81.00 current sitting m.p.'s but despite the supreme leader coming out and president hassan rouhani coming back to encouraging people to vote they just didn't come out and vote and it's a very very low turnout it's very embarrassing the supreme leader spoke this morning and he said blame western propaganda that tried to deter people from voting but this also puts president hassan rouhani in a very difficult position he presides now over a conservative parliament that politically opposed to him that had been politically critical of him and the 2015 nuclear deal and many people see him as a sitting duck president because the presidential elections are next year and he just doesn't have a majority out of the $293.00 it's around over $200.00
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a one by conservatives and he's reformist moderate allies only have around 20 seats now let's not forget the position of the economy here inflation has been very high unemployment is high and also the economy is suffering under sanctions so it does put him in a very difficult position and also there's a lack of trust and confidence in the govern. and the political establishment because of the voter turnout so so despite the sea of support that we saw after the assassination of general glosson so the minute the hundreds of thousands of people that came out into the streets that just didn't transfer into people coming out and taking to the polls when they got more deserving is an iranian american journalist and consultant editor for the online news website the independent she joins me now from washington d.c. thank you for coming on the program 42 percent turnout is this voter apathy or a silent protest. well we can say both part of the
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electorate is basically. losing hope in the a saddler sman in any of the 2 sides the moderates or the hardliners being able to make a tangible change the economy is in a very bad shape and there are certain middle and working classes of the population and just really he is feeling the heat of the economy there is also part of the population that actively boycotted the elections pacifically the urban middle class and also some other major cities including teheran the voter turnout was very low in toronto only it was around 25 percent which is pretty low for the political capital of the country as your reporter is also saying the number of votes for the top candidates also showing that there's our public aim into this election after 2 major crises the november protests anti-government protests across the country which was cracked down brutally by security forces hundreds of protesters were
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killed that was one crisis and also the downing of the civilian plane the ukrainian plane. after the assassination of us and so in money these are the 2 major issues political issues and that of course more important than anything the fact that they disqualified the hardliners disqualified many reformist and moderate candidates from running in the race and basically left that as an open field for hardliners which we saw are trying to consolidate power and took an almost absolute majority of the seeds of the parliament so those who have chosen not to vote no they feel like they have no political stake in their country is we looking at a disadvantage to generation could we see immigration of the younger generation. well we could we also have to remember it's not just a generational thing the country the society is very polarized there are bases of
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the hard core parts of the regime where the hard line parts of the establishment that are young and old it's not only a generational divide it's more of a political line but then at the same time we also have to remember that parliamentary election especially in smaller cities or rural areas tend to also be very local that's why we still see this 40 percent of participation a lot of people don't vote based on national politics they vote based on their local issues and they vote for individuals and not the party so it's a diverse set of issues across the country but as far as the urban middle class go especially in toronto the political elite the ones that had some hole in the form of a 4 moderate pursuing mara policies in the government it seems like a sense of hopelessness is very strong among those and we have to see what the results of the next year's presidential elections are also going to be because that will determine altima direction of the country as well and one of the accusations
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was that the moderates had forward a coherent plan for the economy what is the conservatives plan economy. well the moderates were able to turn around economic problems for internal issues of mismanagement and corruption but also in the shadow of u.s. seeing shows we have to remember president trump pulled out of the nuclear deal almost 2 years ago and he imposed really harsh economic sanctions on the on the economy that regardless of moderate or hardliners whoever runs iran is not going to be able to turn around this. economic failure under the shadow of sanctions there's only so much oil that iranians can sell their main commodity at an export and. only so much that can be done in the form of economic prosperity so that's one of the issues one of the main areas that basically that domestic economy is in tangled with foreign policy if the form of
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a green man or engagement. like the nuclear deal is not revive if blome seeders and we start with the u.s. and with the west there is not much hope that the economy he turn around and it might add best just be able to be stabilized and that's also one when lack of hope that's being reinforced for the younger generation more to me thank you so much for your insights but he saw it as a cementing his position as the front runner to take the democratic nomination for president later this year the left wing candidate won the nevada caucuses by a large margin it was the 1st contest with a racially diverse electorate and all eyes now turn to south carolina's primary in less than a week rob runnels reports from las vegas we have now won. a resounding victory for bernie sanders as he shield his position as front runner and moved a step closer to winning the democratic nomination you just want to go. a multi-generational
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multi ridge racial coalition which is going up not only win in nevada it's going to sweep this country free the vermont senator set up a strong and sophisticated organization in nevada winning strong support from white and latino voters with his calls for universal health care student debt forgiveness and a green new deal to defeat global warming the victory came through the efforts of a small army of enthusiastic mostly young volunteers. many of them gathered in downtown las vegas to celebrate as the results came in by sanders was so confident of victory here in nevada that he skipped this r.t. and spent the day instead holding rallies in texas now that's one of the big delegate rich states that holds its primary on super tuesday march 3rd sanders
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now has a boost of momentum going into super tuesday joe biden came in 2nd in nevada and is hoping to do better in south carolina next week losing centrist candidates like pete would a judge warned sanders is to lift wings to defeat president donald trump in november senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most democrats not to mention most americans earlier nevada democratic voters gathered in schools libraries and casinos to stand for their candidates at 0 vista high school outside las vegas caucus goers argue sometimes passionately to win over other voters. but in the end the night and nevada belong to bernie sanders robert oulds al jazeera las vegas well
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let's cross to john hendren who's in washington for us tonight john what does this need for the rest of the democratic candidates. hi charlie well democrats woke up on sunday morning to a world in which bernie sanders was their clear leader and for many of them that's cause a lot of banks to there's a lot of concern among moderate democrats that if their left most candidate in that is sanders and is up winning this that the center could go to donald trump so there's a there's a lot of concern a lot of 2nd guessing within the party but moderates are splitting their votes among people to judge joe biden and amy club which are among others really the only candidate that says is far left as senders as is elizabeth warren and he won so decisively in nevada we don't have the final tally but it looks like he want about 45 percent of the boat in the vote and that is about double the 2nd candidate joe biden so there's there's
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a lot of concern that he may simply be unstoppable if he comes out of super tuesday march 3rd where more than 14 or 14 states and democrats abroad are voting the concern is that it will be impossible to stop him at that point that his momentum will be simply too much you heard rob reynolds there talking about how sanders wasn't even in nevada as those votes are being tallied he was already on to the next super tuesday state that is texas this is what he had to say. we won the new hampshire primary. will. anybody because these folks get very very nervous. we're going to win here access f.b.i.
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to. true. plea or. before those super tuesday states vote there is one potential obstacle to bernie sanders and that is the state of south carolina with a large african-american population and early polls were showing joe biden with a significant lead there well that has long been talked about as a fire wall for joe biden but if he defeated find his expectations and ends up coming in 2nd or even 3rd there of bernie sanders wins that could be biden's last stand and sanders could go on simply to be unstoppable at that point was a fight scene from but it is how is all of this going down at the white house well in 2 words loving it. congress was briefed about
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a week or so ago that the russians were seeking to intervene in the 2020 alexion that they were doing so working on behalf of donald trump and bernie sanders this is according to the director of national intelligence who briefed members of congress on the intelligence committees well this morning on sunday morning here in the american talk shows we had robert o'bryant the national security director for the for the earth visor for the president who affirmed that in fact that was the case in terms of russian agencies backing bernie sanders but he denied any knowledge or having any briefings that they were doing so on behalf of president trump which is contrary to all the intelligence that we've heard publicly here in the united states but the happiest person after nevada right here in washington d.c. might now be donald trump this is a little of what he had to say this morning. no i think it was a great way for her to. see how we're. going to.
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take care of right i don't care what i write again ok because they're. not going to be seeing. a lot of bad things going. going to be going to. be what happened but i congratulate. this is going to be serious this is the way we want to. if you're a democrat and don't trump is saying good things about you watch out trump would like it appears would like nothing better than to run against bernie sanders that would make this a battle of the extremes the conservative candidate on the one hand and then the most liberal candidate on the other it could end up being a stark battle of the extremes charlie. thank you very much john hendren live for us in washington d.c. . still ahead on al-jazeera where is thomas people in the sotto wonder whether
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prime minister is up to his skep court on charges and why having legs of steel wool getting near the rails of one indian train station. and subordinate a 12 year old girl who isn't letting had disability stop her following her dream of becoming the world's fastest beer. it's about to rain again heavily over the flooded lands of the british isles it's all part of the same system is now dipping a bit further into central and eastern europe it's still fairly warm as a temp dipping he supposedly rain rather than snow will be snow on the hard ground in the old britain it will be snow on the eastern edge through ukraine into western russia otherwise it's going to be wind and rain which does dip down to france and then recovers once more so most of southern europe indeed most of sentry of his to
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enjoy more sunshine than anything else and that's true right up in sweden stockroom that plus 5 degrees i remind you it's late february this is what you should be seeing in sweden finland even sometimes denmark a bit of snow and there will be a little bit and 2 degrees on tuesday but for most it's rain that includes really most of the alps very tops will see some snow here and the changing weather type in this part of europe switzerland in northern italy cloudy and there be some rain if you look east there still there we have the remnants of what was circulated in the eastern med and for monday that mill still means a cold wind in eastern libya tanser egypt bring you few showers with it you'll notice quite a long way into egypt as well on the western side of north africa you've got the offshore breeze that brought that rather orange weather to the canaries that's easy . march on al-jazeera after their oscar nomination witness brings
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a new film this time from africa to international women's day. a crucial day in the race to challenge donald trump where live across keep us states for super tuesday a discussion series brings people together to talk about exploring topics and finding common solutions as benjamin netanyahu prepares to go on trial for corruption israel heads into its 3rd election in less than a year. the listening post dissects the world's media how they operate and the way they cover stories mauch on al-jazeera. informed opinions the economy is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now and in-depth analysis of the day's headlines the protest movement is only getting stronger the more people who kill the more resilient the resistant they will become the inside story on al-jazeera.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera china's president says the corona virus outbreak is the bigger bit public health a budget in its history meanwhile south korea is on its highest possible level of help for the 6 people died. several countries have sailed with his with iran in a bid to stop the virus recorded the highest number of deaths outside of china an outbreak has grown in the west and 3 have now died in. the israeli military has no one strikes in gaza after the palestinian armed group islamic jihad fired 21 rockets into southern israel. the attack after the israeli group fired on
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a group of palestinians killing one of them. let's get more on that story from harry foresaid who joins us live from west to east some hairy for us and all the latest developments. well as you saying the this began earlier on sunday evening with 21 rockets or projectiles fired from the gaza strip towards israel the israeli military says that the iron dome anti-missile system intercepted 13 of them no casualties or injuries reported from any of those projectiles but in response there has been israeli air force activity over gaza with strikes on what the israeli military is saying are palestinian islamic jihad bases and training camps inside gaza there was also a strike on a group of palestinians in northern gaza that the israeli military says was an islamic jihad rocket group preparing to fire another rocket and the israeli
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military says there was a hit a palestinian health ministry officials are saying that there were 4 injuries 2 of those injured were among the group were a man and his wife and so we're in the beginning stages potentially of another of the periodic escalations we have between the israeli military and palestinian factions inside gaza. this is the heaviest damage from gaza since november why do you think we're seeing this escalation now. well the immediate proximate cause i think is what happened earlier this morning early on sunday morning on the fence the israel military says that those a group of these 2 palestinian islamic jihad fighters who were trying to lay an explosive device an i.e.d. along the border fence and they were fired upon one of those 2 man was killed but
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really it's what happened just after that that really seems to have sparked a lot of outrage inside gaza and had led to calls for retaliation revenge from the armed groups that there was an israeli bulldozer military bulldozer supported by a tank that charge towards a group who are trying to recover the bodies and it scooped up and took away the dead palestinian man in extremely graphic images that we shared widely with the body hanging off the scoop of the bulldozer as it went away it follows repeated comments from the israeli defense minister naftali bennett saying that any palestinian fighters who are killed by israel that israel should remove and retain the body to use as a bargaining chip in the future and that seems to be the policy was undertaken here and it has elicited a very strong response and for now we're seeing this rocket barrage and we're
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hearing reports that both the u.n. and egypt are doing what they can to try and mediate situation and return things to come thank you have a force of their life a restoration. at least one person has been killed and several others injured after a rocky security forces opened fire on protesters in baghdad that's according to the reuters news agency earlier on sunday more than a 1000 students marched to the center of the capital they rallied against corruption and demanded that iraq's new prime minister designate mohamed tawfik a law we step down at least 500 people have been killed by russian security forces since protests began in october at least 9 people including 3 children have been killed in turkey after an earthquake the magnitude $5.00 quake's epicenter was just across the border in iran and more than 70 people were injured reports from have in turkey. the moment the 5.7 magnitude earthquake
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rattled villages in the turkish province of bonn people in the area close to the border with iran rushed outside into the streets what followed was panic pandemonium and desperate cries for help they were counting on in the world do you happen to be in 2 seconds we ran away in the building collapsed my sheets in council buried under the rubble if the earthquake could happen at night we wouldn't have survived the. rescue teams scramble to reach survivors under the rubble turkey's government assessing the damage. shown i got that. there were no more people under the rubble we will be taking extra precautions for the upcoming year i was sure the security. true you can resign under the beaches. turns being set up to house the homeless but it's still winter here keeping of the
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cold is essential fearful of aftershocks many are planning to spend the night in the open was crossed by fault lines turkey and iran are some of the most seismically active countries in the world last month more than 40 people were killed and hundreds injured when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern turkish provinces. and. a 9 years ago one of the most devastating disasters in eastern turkey is recent history a 7 point one magnitude earthquake killed more than 500 people and ever since the turkish government has stepped up efforts alleviate the destructive impacts of the biggest natural threats in the region how about al-jazeera how tight a disaster zone has been declared in a town in central bolivia after more than 90 families were forced to flee their homes because of flooding the wave swept away more than 20 houses and to keep off
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the heavy rainfall cause a river to break its banks the area's governor says at least 22 people have been injured helicopters have been assisting with rescue efforts but some people have refused to leave as they try to salvage their belongings bolivia's annual rainy season runs until next month the emir of qatar is holding talks with king abdullah of jordan it's the amir's 1st official visit to a month since the saudi led blockade was imposed on cutter 3 years ago at the time jordan downgraded its ties with doha but diplomatic relations since been restored to mother shares in the jordanian capital and says the ms visit is all about building economic and security ties. this is the 1st visits by the i mean of qatar to jordan since the 2017 blockade that was imposed by saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain jordan didn't blockade qatar however it did participate somewhat in the early stages of that's crisis by recalling its ambassador from
12:40 am
qatar those relations have improved with full diplomatic representation being restored over the past few months rather than sending a resounding ism buster to qatar and reciprocating but what's making this visit so significant isn't just that it is both the regional files that are going to be discussed as well as bilateral relations with regard to regional issues at the top of that is the palestinian issue in the struggle for freedom there both jordan and qatar opposed the deal of the century as it's been billed that the trump peace plan they say it's a unilateral plan that does away with the rights of palestinians the right of return the right for them to have their own state and therefore they are looking of ways to maybe come up with an alternative solution to this decades long conflict jordan obviously very concerned because of the amount of palestinian refugees here on also its historic role in palestine with regards to the bilateral relations there are going to be focusing on economic and business ties between the 2
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countries as well as security and military cooperation with regard to the economy the virginian economy had slowed down over the past couple of years which resulted in several protests taking place on the streets and qatar has already invested more than $500000000.00 in 2018 into the economy here in jordan it's offered more than 10000 jordanians jobs in qatar and is looking to boost that as well something that has been received very well by the government here as well as the people in terms of security well there are discussions that the jordanian police and civil defense will be assisting with their expertise and man power to help secure the 2022 world cup as well as other. experience sharing programs that will be signed between the true leaders here in amman. the tiny south african mountain nation of mr 2 is currently gripped by an unprecedented political scandal prime minister thomas de baron a failed to show up in court on friday when he was jew to be charged with murdering his wife to bonnie says he had an urgent medical appointment in neighboring south
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africa and hasn't yet reappeared for me the miller has more from the capitol. prime minister tom to body of voided being charged with the murder of his 2nd wife . when he failed to show up in court on friday 2 weeks ago his 3rd wife my c.-r. was charged with ordering the shooting of a pre disses as well as the attempted murder of another woman wounded in the attack in 2017 the prime minister's no showing cotton the scandal surrounding the murder is a hot topic in the capital must cyril the body giant's theatre group of forms that a taxi rank bring to life the controversy within lawsuits is politically it is not only. are you really seem to me as a prime minister you expect me to go to court from the crowd an overwhelmingly yes this is a chance for people captivated by the intrigue to have their say once.


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