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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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africa women make science from the lab to the thielert are now to syria. this is al jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes several countries shut their borders with iran in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus after 8 people died in the islamic republic. also a 2nd earthquake hits near the turkey iran border just hours after a quake in the same region it killed 9 people. and israel's military fires rockets into gaza and syria it was sponsor 2 strikes it blames on the palestinian armed group islamic jihad. also the results of togo's presidential election are about to
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be announced power has been in the same family for more than half a century. welcome to the news are iran is being isolated by its neighbors because of growing fears over the coronavirus outbreak for new infections have been recorded in the capital tehran 7 in the holy city of qom to learn province and one each. province and town a car bomb in a bid to stop the spread neighboring pakistan has closed its border with iran on sunday as have armenia and turkey in the northwest ankara has also halted all incoming flights afghanistan has suspended all road an air travel to its neighbor 3 afghans. currently being tested for the virus after entering from iran and iraq is
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counting arrivals over fears that hundreds of thousands of iranian visit visitors visiting holy sites could bring the virus across the border door such a bari is a correspondent term ron with more how the authorities are responding the number is of course significant because they are worried that the containment process is really something that they need to address as quickly as possible the outbreak started in the holy city of which is about 220 kilometers south of the capital tehran officials believe that a chinese worker construction worker was the source of the outbreak in that city you know they have since closed schools and universities not only home but in about 2 thirds of the cities across the country in the capital and all the major events have been canceled including the government foreign ministry briefing that was to be held on monday and we also understand the terror on university dormitories have
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been evacuated as well the health minister has also said that the masks and disinfectant will no longer be sold in pharmacies because the government will be hanged handing them out in a public metro stations as well as buses across the cities now if a person has died of the coronavirus in italy over the virus of prompted venice to cancel its carnival the number of cases is now 138 the majority of them in the northern lombardi region where the italian prime minister announced a quarantine on several towns affecting 50000 people for instance who has more. more drastic measures in italy as doctors struggle to contain the spread of the corona virus the mayor of milan has ordered schools to close for at least a week sporting events in the. regions have been cancelled so have the final days of the world famous tennis carnival disappointment to thousands of revelers the day
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was it is useless to stop a carnival because there are hospitals and bars and supermarkets and restaurants and trains and planes and ferries which are all open spaces and so how do you solve this problem stopping a carnival it's all ridiculous that it is more contagious and a virus. at this point has been unnecessary and you think and the lock down in northern italy has gone from urging everyone to stay indoors to a fully fledged quarantine prime minister decepticons has banned people from entering and leaving the regions where the virus is most prevalent and the army is being deployed to ensure the quarantine is observed. a list of we on the health authorities have not been able to locate patient 0 because we haven't identified this is difficult to make any predictions about how the virus will spread so the only volley to be taken was to close off these territories this is going to support for the korean chain has led to a rush to buy supplies and with the sudden increase in new cases many italians are
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worried. that we're all afraid but we're crossing our fingers o.b.l. right if someone doesn't feel well they should react early because people can be cured if they come to hospital in a desperate situation it's much more difficult to cure them with more than 130 confirmed cases of the coronavirus italy is the worst hit country in europe every day life for many here looks like it will remain at a standstill until the outbreak can be contained catherine stansell al jazeera. sabina is a journalist based in told us about the atmosphere in the city. no events will carnival anymore in venice but of course that does not leave. that that does not completely resolve the problems because obviously buses continue and that the boats in venice a full of people all the time what i did notice today there were many many more
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people wearing protective masks then i had seen yesterday people are not reacting badly to this a situation they consider is serious and there is and there is panic and there is also paranoia at the moment they feel that. that the measures needed to be taken it's not people are completely complaining all the time so yes they are patrolling those towns particularly the ones that have been quarantined to ensure that people do not leave or come back and they do face up to $250.00 in net fines and jail sentences if they break those measures in the regions where the quarantine which are not under quarantine people can sort of carry out their normal lives but it remains to be seen books going to happen at places like railway stations at the airport in venice or checks are being carried out to passengers that are coming in
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just to ensure that they show no symptoms but this is not happening at the railway station here in venice it remains to be seen what is going to happen there well from its early in europe over to south korea and asia because it's on high alert and the president has called for unprecedented powerful measures to control the outbreak but what brought us more. the worst affected areas in southeast korea the city of daegu and neighboring chunk the county remain at a virtual standstill to mice clusters of infections account for the majority of cases reported so far one. them at this hospital quickly spread infecting more than 100 patients and staff wards are being prepared to treat the increase of new coronavirus patients raising the alert to the highest level came at an emergency meeting chaired by president moon j.n. this weekend the number of new cases has risen alarmingly by the hundreds and he
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stressed that the next few days will be critical in stemming the outbreak to get more and are going the situation has become completely different since the outbreak of medicine fiction extra resources will be directed into trying to stop the spread of the corona virus he urged everyone to avoid massive events well you know you want to do we have vividly witnessed how dangerous it is to have a mass meeting in an enclosed indoor place in terms of the spread of contagious disease everyone to restrain themselves from group of interactivity is not on the indoor places but also outdoor places. sunday across south korea church leaders were asked not to hold services yeah. it's sad that we can't hold a church service but we are following government policy and we don't want any further spread of the disease in the affected areas most people have heeded warnings to stay indoors as they wait to see if the emergency measures work the
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south korean government is hoping its latest measures will help limit the clusters of infection to this part of the country knowing the price of failure could mean the kind of travel restrictions imposed on china with the damage that would cause to its economy rob mcbride al-jazeera chando county south korea. or south korea has also filed a complaint with israel after a plane full of its citizens was refused entry 12 israeli passengers were to get off the korean airlines flight when it arrived in tel aviv but 130 others were turned back israel has banned south korean and japanese visitors the move follows the discovery of current a virus months to a group of south korean tourists who visited israel last week japan has confirmed a 3rd death from the cruise ship that was quarantined for 2 weeks the man that was a japanese national in his eighty's the country's health minister has also apologized after another passenger tested positive for corona virus after she was
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allowed to go home $23.00 passengers were eventually allowed to disembark without being tested for the virus around 80 percent of the $770.00 infection cases in japan were on the ship chinese president xi jinping says the situation in the country remains serious and complex leaders are debating whether to cancel next month and you will parliament session to concentrate on fighting the virus adrian brown has more. the national people's congress is china's biggest political event of the year drawing almost $3000.00 delegates from across china. one of the few occasions when all of china's leadership is on show but the government's own advice is for people to avoid large public gatherings that means this year's n.p.c. is almost certain to be postponed possibly delaying a key announcement on economic growth targets china's president xi jinping says
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that getting the economy moving again while containing the spread of the virus remains his priority he has to tell the chinese people something you can choose total blackness or you can choose a sort of veneer of transparency what we don't know as with all governments is what's happening behind closed doors over sorts of things and more importantly for transparency what we don't know is that what's coming out in the media is something we can necessarily trust ryan manual is an expert in china's public health system he says the government's initial response to the outbreak in early january was correct it reacted very quickly it found out what the virus was test for the virus and in that period 2 weeks afterwards it reacted appalling. this past week chinese diplomats have been on the offensive defending the expulsion of 3 foreign reporters and brushing aside international skepticism over the constant changes to china's
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testing criteria for the virus but that criticism has been very selective says one analyst they show at us and saying that us making the virus worse and is discriminatory against china but when nowadays russia made. our decision to close the border for all the chinese nationals to say a word it's not just the national people's congress that's now in doubt so too is a key economic conference known as the bar economic forum also held each year in march if the national people's congress is cancelled then analysts say there's one thing guaranteed to be missing from the agenda when it does eventually convene a call to hold china's leaders to account for this crisis adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong home of many it is a lecture in virology at lancaster university in england where he explains what options are available to help beat the virus. there are really only 3 ways by which
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we have prevented such infections in the past 1st is that people have a genetic the sisters against these infections 2nd is that we have a very good vaccine that can be applied to control this infection or the toad is that people change the behavior so changing behavior is the only option at this moment because the 1st 2 options are not available yet in this lodging face off the outbreak so any leaking has in changing behavior is the major reason that the widest would surprise from one country to another struck in some one percent when other person by changing behavior specifically i mean is that in this current situation the main factor that can either help to prevent the infection or facilitate further suppress is the person who is infected or who who who is well known it will so the person who are well neighbor or in fact it or likely having contact with them they all are having to moderate responsibility to maintain a high level of personal hygiene and also to keep in contact with the public health
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authorities that any suspected cases are reported in a timely manner so when the time of the matter pours are they are we will have a possibility to intervene a bit the trust mission pattern of this infection for one person to another person and i can explain in a few. simple of a how we really are kept can protect from the sort of spread of this infection personal hygiene is at the top most p.r.t. so everyone should be avare that they have to sneeze into bed and elbowed a white contact and discarded the public gathering and quite you know get into places where there are possibility for the trust mission that is a priority however that there are national responsibilities and then the international responsibilities national responsibilities have been that really became especially in this situation of end people who are of fear china has given a lot of information early time point but many countries still been really poor and been really putting those efforts and to controlling it in. place and that is
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really now the major reason that the white house is in cursing and around really american into the countries that it hasn't been before and then there are international responsibility international responsibility by that i mean that you actually had other health control authorities they being proactive in the beginning but really they came up with all of the probably you know of the sport in a really slow manner and still there are a lot of question on to what really is the public health doing and public health emergency for example is really putting in place for the countries especially visiting a quarter means that they would be at the same level to cut in teen and to screen and to put all those control 1000000 in place. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including rejecting the far right voters in germany 2nd largest city make their feelings known at the polls plus we have now won the battle for. the 1st in the west more on how bernie sanders is advanced in the race to
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become the democratic presidential nominee. and in sport the man whose dream of playing in the n.h.l. finally came true but the age of 42. at least 9 people including 3 children have been killed in an earthquake in turkey the magnitude 5.7 quake's epicenter was just across the border in iran where more than 70 people were injured reports from heartache in turkey. the moment the 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattled villages in the turkish province of bonn people in the area close to the border with iran rushed outside into the streets what followed was panic pandemonium and desperate cries for help they're counting on in the world do you happen to be in 2 seconds we run away in the
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building collapsed in countless buried under the rubble if the f.a.a. could happen at night we wouldn't have survived this ship on the rescue teams scramble to reach survivors under the rubble turkey's government assessing the damage in srinagar that. there are no more people under the rubble but it will be taking extra precautions for the upcoming hours. turns being set up to house the homeless but it's still winter here keeping of the cold is essential fearful of aftershocks many are planning to spend the night in the open was crossed by fault lines turkey and iran are some of the most seismically active countries in the world last month more than 40 people were killed and hundreds injured when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern turkish provinces. and.
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a 9 years ago one of the most devastating disasters in eastern turkey is recent history a 7 point one magnitude earthquake killed more than 500 people and ever since the turkish government has stepped up efforts to alleviate the destructive impacts of the biggest natural threats in the region. how tight the israeli military has launched airstrikes into guards and on the army says it's in response to palestinian armed group islamic jihad firing 21 rockets into southern israel 13 of them were intercepted. and the israeli military has also carried out her strikes against islamic jihad targets in damascus syrian state media says it's reporting that the country's ed offenses of intercepted what they call hostile targets over the city islamic jihad does not it's been hit. and the group says it carried out the rocket attacks on israel after the army opened fire or
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a group of palestinians killing one person 4 others were shot and injured while trying to recover the body before it was taken away by an israeli bulldozer let's get more on this with harry for set our correspondent in west jerusalem harry i mean israel says it's been carrying out those strikes both in garza and syria just let's have some more chat really about why. well certainly the strikes inside gaza are relatively standard for this kind of escalation the kind of which we've seen many times in the last couple of years certainly a lot of rocket fire such as this is typically met with an israeli round of airstrikes inside gaza the israeli military saying dozens of targets belonging to palestinian islamic jihad have been hit also saying that they struck what they said was a rocket team in preparation potentially for a launch of the palace in health ministry inside gaza saying that
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a group of 4 people were injured by a drone strike and that among the injured were among the group were a man and his wife less typical though is the strikes that these roman tree is also rarely admitting to having carried out inside syria it did however in november at a time when it assassinated a a rocket team commander inside gaza as well as trying to carry out a strike against a senior islamic jihad figure in damascus it said at that point there would be further strikes against islamic jihad leadership in in the syrian capital if rocket fire continued so the immediate thought for many was is was this a sign that they were doing just that in response to this latest round of rocket fire so far the israeli military is just saying that it struck a site which it's calling a hub for islamic jihad activity south of the syrian capital one used for weapons research and so far as you said in your intro islamic jihad is saying it has not
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been hit that it is accounted for both its most senior figures ziad not the leader it was the major had and his deputy both and that they were not struck by israel in the small hours this morning current sort of this latest escalation seems to be inspired by that incident at the gars offense on sunday morning looking at the video does make really for pleasant viewing so just sort of talk us through exactly what happened. no it's a video which has caused real outrage both in gaza in the west bank and house to be said among some israelis as well what took place was according to the israeli military an attempt by 2 islamic jihad fighters to place an improvised explosive device along the border fence they were fired on by the israeli military one of them killed one of them injured and then this bulldozer charged in at the same time
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as other palestinians were trying to recover the bodies and scooped up the body of the dead man and there were these very distressing images of sort of hanging off the scoop of the bulldozer this caused a good deal of outrage and palaces i mean you had a saying about what prompted it's round of rocket fire it's also caused people inside israel special on the left of israeli politics to call for an inquiry and for action from the chief legal officer inside the israeli army it is though in accordance with what the israeli defense minister naftali bennett has been calling for saying that fighters bodies should be taken to be used as bargaining chips to recover israeli bodies in the future from own we'll leave it there that's very much how the force that there in west jerusalem. iran has seen its lows turn to the parliamentary election in nearly 40 years just under 43 percent of the eligible
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voters cast their ballots on friday conservative candidate signs that to win the majority taking all 30 parliamentary seats in the capital now to her hands voters options were limited with more than 7000 potential candidates disqualified. iran's interior minister says other circumstances were to blame for the low turnout. that shadow. we held these elections when there were several incidents in the country you had bad weather there was this coronavirus disease there was the plane crash also the events of january and november in such a situation the turnout right seems perfectly acceptable for us as the bag is in tehran he says the result has put the reformist president hassan rouhani in a very difficult position. well this is very embarrassing for the establishment voter turnout is around 42 percent in the last election it was 61 percent hare in teheran where i am 25 percent in the last election it was around 50 percent now
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this is one of the most conservative parliaments this country has ever seen but it takes place when the turnout is the lowest since establishment of the islamic revolution now we just to give you an idea of how low the turnout was in the last elections here is that there were 30 seats up for grabs all of them were won by reformists moderates candidates every single one got over 1000000 votes this time around all 30 seats were taken by conservatives and only one of them the former mayor got over 1000000 votes now we knew this election will be controversial because the guardian council the body that vets candidates disqualified over 5000 candidates including $81.00 current sitting m.p.'s but despite the supreme leader coming out and president have 100 come back encouraging people to vote they just didn't come out and vote and it's a very very low turnout it's very embarrassing the supreme leader spoke this morning and he blamed western propaganda that tried to deter people from voting but
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this also puts president hassan rouhani in a very difficult position he presides over a conservative palm and a politically opposed to him to have been politically critical of him and the 2015 nuclear deal and many people see him as a sitting president because the presidential elections are next year and he just doesn't have a majority out of the 290 seats around over 200 to one by conservatives and he's reformist moderate allies only have around 20 seats now let's not forget the position of the economy here inflation has been very high unemployment is high and also the economy is suffering under sanctions so it does put him in a very difficult position and also there's a lack of trust and confidence in the. government and the political establishment because of the low voter turnout so it is so despite the sea of support that we saw after the assassination of general carson for the mind the hundreds of thousands of people that came out into the streets that just didn't transfer into people coming
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out and taking to the polls. well truth of piracy is an executive vice president of the quincy institute a think tank in washington d.c. via skype from reston in virginia good to have you with us on the program it seems that president rouhani really has his back up against a wall if he's a reformer and he's now faced with a parliament of conservatives one might think it's just easier to resign and tell the hardliners to get on with it. well 1st of all he's not a reformers he's a he's a centrist but you're quite correct he had his back against the wall and he has already had his back against the wall for the last 2 and a half years ever since donald trump walked out of the nuclear deal and started really imposing sanctions on iran part of the reason why the conservatives won this time around of course is because they were in a position to eliminate. reformist and others from even being able to run so people
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don't have much of a choice but it's also because of the fact that the conservatives have managed to shift the blame of the bad economic situation following troops withdraw from the new could be of people not just be angry at trump and the united states for breaching to the un but blaming it on the reformist blaming it on rouhani for having essentially trusted the united states in the 1st place by striking a nuclear deal and now they are consolidating power and this is not in any way shape or form disconnected from the policies of the united states and the question is how in any way shape or form is that actually making things better for the united states as we will now see iraq move in a more conservative a more of the most likely a more aggressive that action of course will you know we talk about low voter turnout i mean there is a nearly hearth of voter turnout of voter turnout that you might say do support reform do support the position of president rouhani the steps towards
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normalizing international relations between iran and the rest of the world i mean they have you might say no voice at the moment so how are people in iran going to you might say work with or along saeed's the parliament that they've now been given . it's going to be extremely difficult and i think one of the biggest victims are what trump did by breaching the nuclear deal and we imposing sanctions is not just that he really hurt the moderates and those elements inside of iran who wanted to have better relations with the west wanted to work out some of these difficulties and differences but it's the very idea of engaging with the west diplomatically that has been her and been victimized by this because now you have even folks that are not conservative never been not hostile towards the west being very disillusioned about any likelihood of engagement in diplomacy with the west leading to something better for you by mindful of this very bitter experience that
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they've now had with the j.c. in the nuclear what we have seen in recent weeks after the downing of that ukrainian. was that the public do raise their voice when they believe the government in tehran has done something wrong and they want change they want transparency they want to count ability but they don't get it. absolutely i mean the iranian people have a long history of standing up for their rights and protesting unfortunately not always getting what the deserve but nevertheless they've not usually been sitting silently and downing of the airliner was a very prime example of it happening only days after this last nation of money but what it also shows is that so much of the population have lost faith in the centrist and the reformist ability to be able to bring about change because at the end of the rouhani more or less put all of his eggs in the g.'s if you weigh in the
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new kitty up and essentially argue that by striking that the opening up to the west things will get better and that has proven to be false because of trump walking out of the us so there's a lot of this illusion then with rouhani and the centrists and the reformers as to whether they can make any change and that is a big reason as to why people simply stayed home they didn't see any options on the ballot that they thought could bring about the type of change that they want and that they believe they deserve through the parsing always good to get your insight thanks very much for joining us. still had him there a kingdom divided things got a little sword in the sixty's prime minister has put opinion in the capital and in sport we meet a 12 year old girl who isn't letting her disability stop her from following her dream of becoming the fastest skia in the world.
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for the. hello arizona is not a wet place phoenix is not a work place for this cloud brought february's average rainfall in about one day and that was on saturday by the time we get to the end of sunday and into monday the rain is gone long way east was it'll drop about the same which is typically around about 25 millimeters maybe more so in every state on its way east was with the heaviest stuff further south this doesn't like cold wintry weather the rights to think that it is and there is some light snow around rather into northern plains states with temperatures around about the freezing mark at their highest by day on the coast of california sunny 18 in san francisco be warm inland of course there's still rain snow coming into the western side of canada b.c. is seeing yet wall that hispaniola and for puerto rico this massive cloud will be telling it will bring a cooling effect temporarily would also bring significant rain showers probably thunderstorms to be honest which tail off back into the caribbean toward disappear
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altogether there around you'll get some of the eastern side of jamaica in south america the seas always been particularly heavy recently in peru and in bolivia and this is a result there was some flash flooding there would likely be some more of that hard to say exactly where the rains although slowly moving north so is less likely in peru. is big news in libya but staging call and buy credits here comes with its own particular risks our club couldn't take part in the $26.00 rally because we were fighting a war it's icy so al-jazeera world travels to the libyan desert to see how sport on for we can be a unifying force you know war children country video a rally for hold on al-jazeera.
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migrants in uniform volunteering their labor to appease locals and combat the anti migrant sentiment. people in power travels to the north of italy where a bold experiment is underway. with an unconventional approach to integration. italy's migrant boot camp on a. wall or. bookmark you want you know is there a news hour with me said the reminder of our top stories iran is being isolated by its neighbors after 8 people have died of the coronavirus afghanistan turkey i mean
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and pakistan have all closed their border crossings the israeli military has launched air strikes on gaza around the syrian capital damascus or the palestinian armed group islamic jihad fired $21.00 rockets into southern israel the group said it launched the attack after israeli soldiers fired on a group of palestinians killing one of its members. and just 42 percent of voters went to the polls in iran's parliamentary elections on friday the lowest turnout since the islamic revolution nearly 40 years ago some observers say it's a sign of dissatisfaction with the country's rulers. germany's center left social democrats to keep power in humber going after an election which dealt a severe blow to chancellor angela merkel's conservatives her christian democratic party which is in the middle of the leadership battle looks set for its worst ever result in any german region voters also rejected the far right alternative germany
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party dominic cain is in hamburg all of the results. a moment of celebration for the social democrats and to many perhaps vindication successive defeats in other states elections have left them leaving a big stick with the socialists not have been abusers with this closeness and solidarity we really have an election campaign behind us that no one would have expected of us at the beginning of the year. was the biggest winners of the night with the green sioux more than doubled their vote to finish a strong 2nd place was wonderful crazy a quarter of though to hand back well for the green that is fantastic we should definitely be in the coalition because it's a stable result for us there's little doubt that climate change is at the top of many voters' minds the greens and s.p.d. have been in coalition with each other here for the past 5 years and yet during the campaign their environmental policy differences have been pretty clear by contrast angle america's conservative party the christian democrats have suffered their
2:36 am
worst ever result in hamburg she'd better. today was bad weather politically for us i am as honest as you are that this is a bad result we can't be happy with this so far this is really quite a watershed moment for us select a sick one lead candidate the result was also bitter commands far right here 50 barely had any seats in the previous parliament now it's on course to have even fewer this is the only important state election taking place in germany this year that's why it was so important for the social democrats to win and win big and show the rest of the country they can still do so. it's why their most senior politician was here to see for himself finance minister all of shards clearly hopes that where his home city leads his country might follow he and his colleagues now have just under 18 months to plan how in next year's general election dominic cain al-jazeera hamburg bernie sanders has boosted his position as the frontrunner in the race to
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become the us democratic presidential nominee a big win in the nevada caucus means he's a step closer to running against donald trump in november the father was the 1st contest with a racially diverse electorate indicating how minorities across the country might vote rob reynolds has more from las vegas we have now won though that a quarter of a resounding victory for bernie sanders as he sealed his position as front runner and moved a step closer to winning the democratic nomination we have just put to go. a multi-generational multi ridge racial coalition which is going up not only win in nevada it's going to sweep this country. the vermont senator set up a strong and sophisticated organization in nevada winning strong support from white and latino voters with his calls for universal health care student debt forgiveness
2:38 am
and a green new deal to defeat global warming the victory came through the efforts of a small army of enthusiastic mostly young volunteers. many of them gathered in downtown las vegas to celebrate as the results came in by sanders was so confident of victory here in nevada that he skipped this r.t. and spent the day instead holding rallies in texas now that's one of the big delegate rich state that holds its primary on super tuesday march 3rd sander's now as a boost of momentum going into super tuesday joe biden came in 2nd in nevada and is hoping to do better in south carolina next week losing centrist candidates like pete would a judge warned sanders is too left wings to defeat president donald trump in november senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that
2:39 am
leaves out most democrats not to mention most americans earlier nevada democratic voters gathered in schools libraries and casinos to stand for their candidates at 0 a vista high school outside las vegas caucus goers argue sometimes passionately to win over other voters. but in the end the night and nevada belong to bernie sanders robert oulds al jazeera las vegas. well correspondent john hendren is standing by for us in washington d.c. really how does the sun does that tree now affect the way the race will be run in and how the candidates will have to perform in the upcoming democratic caucus votes well so hello democrats awoke to a new reality they have a clear front runner and by a more decisive margin than they had many of them expected 1st of all he essentially tied in iowa with pete to judge who got
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a couple more delegates than he did he won decisively in new hampshire and then he won big in nevada according to n.b.c. projections those votes are still being tallied but it looks like he could win 47 percent of the vote to joe biden's 19 percent biden coming in 2nd that is a decisive margin so decisive that sanders didn't even stay around to wait for them to tally the votes he went on to texas and he's got 2 big contests coming up there's super tuesday on march 3rd that is when more than a dozen states vote and sanders is hoping to come out of that with a decisive margin ahead of the other candidates but we are far from any inevitability in this case there are 1191 delegates that are needed for the democrat to win for any democrat to win he got 31 so what he's got is very good momentum but he is nowhere near walking away with this and there's one big obstacle between him and winning right now and that is the state of south carolina very joe
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biden has been polling ahead of everybody he's been campaigning heavily in that state it's got a large african-american population and he has been polling well but bernie sanders has narrowed the gap according to one poll to 5 points from about 20 this is a little of what sanders recently had to say in texas. we won the popular vote and i was all or i was we won the new hampshire primary it was we won the nevada caucus was the or was i don't tell anybody because these folks get very very i should tell you did nervous we're going to win here in texas the all and in november we're going to defeat troth here you know
2:42 am
all told it seems that no counted out his dropping out of this contest say fall so how split is the democratic caucus in your opinion when it comes to the issues in the stance of the various candidates because they've still got to pitch that positions as you say to many states across super tuesday on south carolina. one of the big problems is that the democrats have really divided the field because it's such a broad field you've got bernie sanders who is really the left most candidate and then you've got a large group of moderates who are dividing the vote among themselves you got people to judge joe biden amy club which are if you just add up their votes it comes close to the kind of votes that bernie sanders is getting the closest candidate to him in terms of ideology is elizabeth warren both he and warren advocated a medicare for all program that's essentially a state government health care program that would replace private health insurance
2:43 am
the other candidates are not willing to go that far but donald trump is really apparently very happy about this on sunday morning he congratulated bernie sanders which is unusual because you often criticize sanders as a socialist he's pointed out that sanders honeymooned in russia but this is provided a kind of distraction from president trump he's been criticized for it there's a new report among intelligence authorities here in the u.s. that russian agents are meddling now in the 2020 election but one of the findings of that that was briefed to congress just a week ago is that they are meddling in the democratic primary in favor of sanders hoping to sow chaos and end up with 2 extreme candidates but the ideological spectrum there is really between the moderates and the left most candidates like sanders who calls himself a democratic socialist and in the end that is really what president trump seems to
2:44 am
want to run against in the moderates are arguing that he cannot win with the positions that he's held but so far he's still the front runners i am indeed and he's given all of you as food for thought and the next few days thanks very much. now the results of tiger's presidential election currently being announced in the capital lemay the main challenger to incumbent for the sim there is that there's been voter fraud sites now authorities have banned hundreds of local observers from monitoring the election but a few international officials were missing they are seeking a 4th term in office let's bring in our correspondent and address who's live for us in togas capital. one had thought it was a foregone conclusion. that the reaction on the streets. might be so in the next few hours that if the result is what we think it will be.
2:45 am
absolutely so basically what's happening right now in the building behind me in the room behind me is where the results are being correlated region by region in fact have started with the results from the lot 'd while the incumbent president is poorly and pulling ahead whether wide margins and early on we spoke to the leading a petition candidate mr i by your may quote joe told us who accused the officials of rigging the boat up saying that he's going to challenge that result and in fact he also produced an issued a video proclaiming inside the winner of this election even before the election results have been announced by the. national election independent national election commission meanwhile trouble is i waited patiently for this result initially we were told that the results will be announced tomorrow but this evening we got
2:46 am
information that these results are being created and they were and i was this evening just hours after the appearance of that video by the opposition leader mr kojo we shall wait for those results to be announced and come back to you as we get the number they dressed in they take a capital thank you. police in kazakhstan have arrested dozens of opposition supporters in the latest crackdown on anti-government demonstrations. protesters rallied on saturday in the capital noor sort of plan on the largest city almaty that followed similar protests on friday which led to the perspire moment of the launch of a new opposition party anger at the all former tarion leadership corruption and arbitrary detentions and restrictions on government critics has intensified. traffic and it were a major topic of conversation in the suit is the whereabouts of the prime minister
2:47 am
tom the body found to return court to be charged with the murder of his a strange wife the 80 year old says he went to south africa for a doctor's appointment that was showed you all too well in advance for me the miller has more from the capital the sort of. prime minister tom to barney of voided being charged with the murder of his 2nd wife to palermo when he failed to show up in court on friday 2 weeks ago his 3rd wife my c.e.o. was charged with ordering the shooting of a pita sister as well as the attempted murder of another woman wounded in the attack in 2017 the prime minister's no showing cotton the scandal surrounding the murder is a hot topic in the capital my serial the behind the giant's theater group of forms that a taxi rank bringing to life the controversy within lawsuit is politically as i don't know i you really seem to me as a prime minister you expect me to go to court from the crowd and overwhelmingly yes this is a chance for people captivated by the intrigue to have their say one spectator
2:48 am
shouts that no one is above the rule and that a bonding is wanted by the police another blames the prime minister for dividing the country and demands he goes to court this man accuses to bonnie of being the thief moments of humor in the crisis here much like the political leadership in the suit to people's opinion here is divided despite his denials some think the prime minister is on the run he says in south africa for a medical check up by the way his disappearance from court seen by many has been convenient. as they conclude their performance the actors sing mimicking the prime minister and his wife from a video she posted on social media last year where they appeared in bathrobes singing a well known song about seeking power. was met with shock and criticism and field speculation that the 80 year old tub on his 3rd wife is influencing politics.
2:49 am
with a bonnie's from the prime minister retains some support on my side i want to give him a chance to lead this country. and drop those met attaches. to bonnie's under pressure from within his own party to resign he says he'll retire in july for now the intrigue about his whereabouts and his evasion of justice goes on for me tamala al-jazeera cyrilla suit to. the emir of qatar has this to jordan for the 1st time since the blockade was imposed on the gulf country almost 3 years ago shake the mean ben-hur middle tani held talks with jordan's king abdullah focusing on bilateral trade and regional security meeting signals a further improvement in relations since jordan don't grated ties in 2017. well still ahead here on al-jazeera tyson fearing sits on the heavyweight throne we'll hear from gypsy king after he beat tonight a wild in las vegas week. frank
2:50 am
assessments the one good thing about these bushfires usage really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school board lawyers on 'd a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning for you walk of the new conscious and aware youth of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian cult or inside story on al-jazeera there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed that's just not the way we all click i agree to the terms and conditions that's just most of us never even give it a 2nd thought and actually that's designed as well ali riggs explores how designers
2:51 am
are manipulating our behavior in the final episode all hail the algorithm on the jersey of. why the move the all over. book about time to support his pizza. thank you very much british heavyweight tyson theory has bounced back from addiction and mental health problems to claim the w.b.c. title against american fighter the on say wilder and wilder divisions other champion anthony joshua maybe he's a logical next opponent it could be wilder who gets another shots paul reste reports. tyson fury the self-styled gypsy
2:52 am
king showed he knew how to make an entrance in las vegas. unlike his 1st fight with the odds a while that this time the brit would be out to prove he could finish things as well against a man who had never been beaten and had won 41 of his 43 fights by knockout while his one blemish on his record was that draw with fury but this would prove worse was the american feeling canvas on his back for the 1st time in a decade of fights and it didn't get better for the man renowned as the hardest puncher in the game still was while the bleeding from the air and sluggish unable to unleash his deadly right as fury floored him again in the face of. the american looked a shadow of the man who has helped put genuine excitement back into the heavyweight division is call that throwing in the towel in the 7th to make the gypsy king
2:53 am
boxing's ruling how it was while the unhappy but gracious saying he wanted to be knocked out not pulled out days like this happened on the best man wanted night but one moment much more cold. in the towel and you know already what it wants to be a really good show heart of a champion for him without clean right time dropped him when he got back up above them into round 7 he is a warrior he will be back he will be a champion again was. was. fury was on song and the ring and afterwards he claimed wilders w.b.c. belt the division's 3 other titles are now in his sights as well but maybe not before he meets wild again. the time that it was a whole race al-jazeera. boxing journalist carafa davies was in las vegas he says
2:54 am
while the chance to retake anthony joshua's 3 titles is attractive to fieri they instill a rematch goals in while this contract has i flat sick and warrior soul will be deeply job which generates the 1st time as he says be 1st time he's been jobless rate since in this way if he chooses to have a 3rd flights i think that will happen. but i think if business sense takes over i think the promoters will get together because if tyson fury does add up fights against the joe sure this year for all 4 of the heavyweight belts i think we'll find that it will become the biggest and richest heavyweight fight certainly in british boxing history but could be the entire history of the heavy weights of fish. 4 top flight football matches in italy have been postponed on sunday over fears of the spread of corona virus several terms in the region of lombardy have
2:55 am
gone into lockdown following a spike in cases but is a match a general did go ahead chito immobile a god he's 27th goal of the season for the romans despite generous best efforts to finish 32 to la to go just a point behind it is you that i. back home in the capital city rivals roma managed to get a game in as well for defeats in a row ending with a 4 no win over. the carolina panthers got a surprise whenever the toronto maple leaves thanks to a debut n.h.l. appearance from a 42 year old man who usually drives the ice resurfacing truck it happened after both carolina's regular goalie suffered injuries in toronto so the venue's emergency backup left the seeds in the crowd and maybe's big league debut david is stopping 2 crucial gold band shots in a 63 win this coming 15 years after a kidney transplant ended any hopes of a career carolina now but him good bye as he goes back to polishing the ice for
2:56 am
toronto's minor league team. a 12 year old girl isn't letting her disability stop her from pursuing her dreams on the ski slopes of pakistan as paul banda were reports. as well as different speech in period she used to sell boiled eggs to tourists at the ski resort a melon job or to make money for her family that's where she developed a love of skiing but with her parents unable to afford skis her brother carved wooden boards for her to learn on. what she would. call an early hardly anything to make a living but i'm still supporting her and bring her here every day to ski but i'm worried about how she will achieve her dreams. despite all those difficulties as wright has become one of the best students in a ski school. as well as a very bright girl and she picks things up very quickly i teach my other students visibly but i teach her through demonstration and she's so talented that she want
2:57 am
to gold medal in recent competition melhem joppa and the swat valley is the only ski resort open to the public in pakistan and facilities such as the chairlift have just been rebuilt after they were destroyed by years of fighting between the army and the pakistan taliban as peace returns to the area an increasing number of events are being planned and with her friends help as a says she's looking forward to further success. there but i'm as happy. she says she enjoys skiing she loves it and has a passion for it she wants to participate in international tournaments and be the fastest skier in the world. at 12 years old as for his dreams of reaching the olympics her coach says with time and proper resources she can beat anyone pull vanda with al-jazeera that's what we'll leave it for now more sports news coming up again later we'll see you then. thanks peter and back with more after the break.
2:58 am
march on al-jazeera after the oscar nomination witness brings a new film this time from africa for international women's day. a crucial day in the race to challenge donald trump where live across key u.s. states for super tuesday a discussion series brings people together to talk about exploring topics and finding common solutions as benjamin netanyahu prepares to go on trial for corruption israel heads into its 3rd election in less than a year. the listening post dissects the world's media how they operate and the way
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they cover stories mauch on al-jazeera. migrants in uniform volunteering their labor to appease locals and combat the anti migrant sentiment. people in power travels to the north of italy where a bold experiment is underway. with an unconventional approach to integration. italy's migrant boot camp on it. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so wrong that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera on as human rights campaigners in libya
3:00 am
investigating since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. several countries shut their borders with iran in the effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus after 8 people died in the islamic republic. when you want your arms as their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up a 2nd earthquake hits near the turkey iran border just hours after another quake in same region killed 9 people. also israel's military fires rockets into garzon in syria in response to strikes it blames on the palestinian armed group islamic jihad . and the results of togo's presidential elections are about to be announced.


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