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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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this simply no space. to newark. to. prime minister marks or mohamed and his allies announce their resigning in a shocking political people. i'm richelle carey this is out there live from doha also coming up as president donald trump arrives at india his 1st state visit to that country. china says it will allow some people to leave the town of will harm the center of the growing a virus outbreak but fears of a global pandemic remain. israel's military fires rockets into gaza and syria in response to strikes and blames on the palestinian armed group islamic jihad.
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we begin with breaking news out of malaysia where the prime minister monitor mohamed has offered his resignation to the king and his political party has quit the ruling alliance doubt this decision shocks malaysia and it comes in the midst of plans by a high chair supporters to team up with opposition parties to force the transition of power to his name successor anwar abraham let's go live to florence louis and kuala lumpur so i'm florence what have you been able to learn is this as i said news has come out. well we learnt that mahathir mohamad submitted his letter of resignation to the king of malaysia as about 1 pm local time this afternoon now it's not yet known whether the king has accepted the resignation but according to constitutional experts because the king's role is largely a ceremonial role he will have to then what happens next is also
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a little bit unclear the king has to appoint someone who commands the majority or confidence of parliament so then it becomes a numbers game but we also have the information now that mahathir is the party has left the ruling coalition and the rumors are that this party is going to team up with other parties to form and not the coalition so they could still come on the majority in parliament and they could still very much be in power now and so that's the state of politics in malaysia at the moment but the background information of this as well is that you know these this is something that. political watchers in malaysia have been speculating about that there is a plan to prevent on y. brought him from becoming the next prime minister now there was an agreement between mahathir party and the other parties in the then ruling coalition that that would be a handover of power within 2 years of the last general election that mahathir would
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hand over power to anwar ibrahim now that's supposed to happen sometime in the next few months but mahathir has delayed that saying that he's not going to be ready to hand over power until after the until after an important asian pacific meeting in november in kuala lumpur and now we have this now and the special a sions that he is doing this so that anwar doesn't become the next prime minister because if he has enough numbers to form a ruling coalition to be part of the ruling coalition then on was party anonyma supporters will want to have a chance to form the next government now but who are mahathir is coalition partners with the rumah to be the former ruling party i'm not now this is the party that was defeated in the last general election it's then the leader not your brother that was accused of siphoning billions of dollars from the state investment fund and is currently on trial for corruption now and this party could be coming back into power but that is all just speculation however lending support to this speculation
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is the fact that members of this party as well as members of my hafez party held a meeting a lot just yesterday on sunday held a meeting and there were talks that there were rumors that these the the meeting is to well really to form the next 2 to form a coalition so they have enough numbers to make sure they have enough numbers to be the majority in parliament richelle florence louis gather more on this breaking news that the prime minister of malaysia has submitted his resignation will gather more thank you florence. donald trump has arrived in india on his 1st state visit to the country the us president landed in gujarat state to meet the prime minister narendra modi his trip is designed not only to boost ties and trade but also his re-election chances by winning 4 and a half 1000000 indian american voters elizabeth rodham joins us now from. elizabeth this is a really short visit what do we know about what's has to happen. however
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shells of president trump touchdown and. an hour ago he was welcomed by promiscuity in the movie at the airport and people lined up on the road that he is traveling on to welcome him many many people he is now he is beginning his visit at mahatma gandhi's us from hamburg on the of course one of the founders of india president trump is the 1st u.s. president to come to go out this way a prime minister in that interim or he is from is where nearly a 3rd of all indian americans of farming it is also where mahatma gandhi was from so at the moment president and trump are at the ashram and from there they will head to the side of the by potato the newly built. by potato stadium where something like 100000 people have been waiting all morning
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to welcome the president so it is a short trip he's only in the for 4 hours he's only in india for 36 hours but garage and dia has very much rolled out the red carpet not the in the past few days you know president trump was saying up to 10000000 people were going to come to greet him we don't know where he got that number from it's not 10000000 people here but certainly they have rolled out the red carpet for his visit michelle all right so considering it is such a short visit and it's very difficult to get anything of substance actually done during that time what is this meeting really about in your point is well taken that there are millions of indian americans but you know for them some of them is actually a controversial figure of course. yeah
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again there 36 hours and today is the big welcome tomorrow is when. has he's come with something like a 12 person delegation including commerce secretary will be ross the national security adviser robert o'brian so after today's big welcome to mars when they sit down for those few bilateral meetings to discuss things like defend security india would want to talk about the. deal that the u.s. government is expected to sign with the taliban because of course what happens with the afghan with a gun and. impacts india because of its proximity to india and also because of the pakistan india is also expected to buy 2 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of defense helicopters from america but very interesting richelle so the u.s. and india have huge differences on trade and the u.s. trade representative robert lott how high is a cancelled his planned trip before trump's visit because it looks like it's very
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unlikely that they are able to make any grounds you know overcome their trade differences president trump has said that india treats the u.s. very badly when it comes to trade and yet he likes prime minister in the day and to morty a lot and that is why he's come to india to good prime minister that in the morning is home and again he is coming here 9 months before the u.s. election just a few months something like 6 months after the president went to houston with 50000 and do it americans who do like modi welcomed him welcome trump and modi essentially pledged his support for trump's reelection. ok scuse me pardon me elizabeth rodham wife for us and goes right on donald trump's visit to india liz thank you to turn to our top story now out of malaysia where the prime minister mahathir mohamad has resigned or while she is the author of regime
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resilience in malaysia she joins us on skype from kuala lumpur so bridget your reaction to this announcement. well it's considerable needs a lot of drama in malaysia today and the last weekend as well we've seen now the resignation of my dear but he's supposed to meet the king tonight so there's a chance he might come back so what really what do you think is at play here why is this happening well i think that they say it was too much tension inside the existing coalition that had government agents since may 2018 there was challenges over reform the particularly over with setting a detention date for an rebore him and the coalition basically collapsed and so we now see a situation where things have been very fluid in the last 2 days particularly last night and then today and we're seeing a either a new coalition forming a new will or a new election what are the real issues between anwar ibrahim and and.
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musharraf mohammed prince well they're actually 21 has to do with issues and perceptions of race relations. and the other has to do with issues of patronage i think these things are very much at the core. there have been differences over reform as well as the good add that to the mix but generally had a lot of these issues have been percolating but a lot has to do it was also a personality these 2 men have a history a long history here put on where you were him in jail and they came together in al i think we think a situation where to my theory malaysia seems unwilling to let more take power again so they do it so far who is going to benefit from this or if it is a kiss and tell right now. well nobody's benefiting right now i think that this is this political and economic. insecurity is really hurting the country because
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people are all transfixed watching this so i think until it unfolds we're not going to be able to make a clear assessment of how malaysia is going to move forward all right everyone is highly fluid ok and we'll be calling on you again bridget welsh the author of a regime resilience in malaysia thank you very much and it's welcome 4 provinces in china have lowered their our mergence a response level to corona virus 150 more deaths or imported on sunday but new infections dropped emergency level remains high and who by province the epicenter of the outbreak but quarantine restrictions have been eased out the citizens can now move around 200 city in special circumstances there are nearly 50000 confirmed cases across the chinese mainland and south korea remains on high alert after announcing 161 new cases 7 people have died so far around 7000 troops are being quarantined after infections were confirmed within the military and if you moments
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robin private join us live from seoul 1st though let's get more on the situation in china from that adrian brown who is in hong kong so what is the latest on the mainland. well we've been getting some interesting reports from north korea which according to state controlled t.v. there around $380.00 foreigners are now quarantined in the north korean capital pyongyang that includes foreign diplomats and also north korean state media says they are watching monitoring around 4000 people in a northwest province that borders china now the border between china and north korea is very porous in that region you know in places it's marked by just a river so it's easy for people to go backwards and forwards on the chinese side there are tens of thousands of ethnic koreans who live there they share the same culture the same language as people in north korea so the north koreans who of course don't have the same sort of health care systems that china does or south
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korea does is really leaving nothing to chance so they have decided that one way of trying to contain the virus remember it hasn't affected north korea so far there be no confirmed infections in north korea is to quarantine a number of foreigners now as for china on the mainland the authorities and who hands as you point out have said that nonresidents of who province can now leave if they're not showing symptoms and if they can get to public transport because of course the the transport system has essentially ground to a halt it's very difficult to get taxis of course trains are non-e. but if they are able to get transport they can apply for permission to leave who go probably so that's one positive bit of those also across the border in guangdong from hong kong the authorities there are lowering their emergency level from grade one to grade 2 now on provinces very important it is where so much of china's i.t. sector is concentrated and of course the economy getting the economy moving again
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is very much on the mind of president xi jinping he chaired a meeting of the politburo standing committee on sunday night and admitted. there had been shortcomings in the way the government had responded to this crisis that is very rare for a chinese leader to concede that the party had been failing the people and of course he said that the emergency this public emergency has posed the greatest threat to the communist party since 949 when the communist party came to power now president xi jinping says we have to contain the need to to to sort of contain as far as what of the same time trying to get the economy moving again and it seems to be that what's happening in. and in guangdong province may well be a reflection of that ok adrian brown and from hong kong adrian thank you let's go to is solved now robin wright is standing by live so rob tell us more about this quarantine and some of the military.
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that's right there has been various measures being taken across south korea especially since the alert level here was raised to the highest yesterday sunday by a president. and a number of soldiers who come into contact with people who are known to be infected they have now been put into quarantine 350 service personnel fall into that category with the south korean military a further 7000 military though are in a kind of voluntary self quarantine confinement military bases these are people who have been to the most the worst affected areas where there's most infections we have seeing these clusters down in the southeast of the country down the city of daegu and in chung go the neighboring county there so these are some of the measures that are being taken there again we have seen this monday another sharp
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rise up to 75063 cases now and in announcing these new cases the health ministry has already come under some pretty tough scrutiny from the media here just about are they really in control of the situation about their strategy especially the policy of containment it's the ideal way of trying to stop the spread of an outbreak like this you go and investigate every case that you come across to see how that person was infected to follow back the link of infection and also to see whether that person has been in contact with anybody else to get those people tested but all of this requires huge amounts of resources especially when you get the numbers increasing exponentially and the ministry of health here seems to be accepting that while it is on top of it it believes that within the next 4 weeks it can stabilize the situation it has admitted possibly things that continue to worsen that it might have to adopt a policy of mitigation rather than containment basically you just accept that this
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thing is spreading through the community. as a whole and you try to put in place all of these different measures closing schools asking people to stay indoors just waiting for the numbers to subside and basically dealing with the damage whether people have a continuing confidence in the health services here or not i think generally they do but the it's both bearing in mind that just in the last hour or so the stock market here the kaspi the south korea's stock market has just closed down and they got a 4 percent on the day ok romnick private the crap out there from sol rob thank you . so at on al-jazeera a capital under sea. salt on tripoli is bad for business.
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it's back to rain again heavily over the flooded lands of the british isles it's all part of the same system is now dipping a bit further into central and eastern europe it's still fairly warm air so temperatures on dipping he's mostly rain rather than snow would be snow on the hard ground in the old britain it will be snow on the eastern edge through ukraine into western russia otherwise it's going to be wind and rain which does dip down to france and then recovers once more so most of southern europe indeed most of sentry of his to enjoy more sunshine than anything else and that's true right up in sweden stockholm that plus 5 degrees i remind you it's late february this is what you should be seeing in sweden and finland even sometimes denmark a bit of snow and there will be a little bit and 2 degrees on tuesday but for most it's rain that includes really most of the alps very tops will see some snow here and the changing weather type in this part of europe switzerland in northern italy cloudy and there be some rain a few lucky day. still there we have the remnants of what was circulating the
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eastern med and from under that mill still means a cold when eastern libya transfer egypt bring you a few showers with it you'll notice quite a long way into egypt as well on the western side of north africa you've got the offshore breeze that brought that rather orange weather to the canaries that's easy . to. progress. or a serious mistake. fission intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our lives. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or worse. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of they are accessing vast amounts of our personal data for data land on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out of syria let's recap the top stories right now malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has offered his resignation to the king and his political party has quit the ruling coalition now but her supporters had been in negotiations with opposition parties to try to basically block the transition of power to his name successor anwar ibrahim so there's clearly a lot of the air will keep you posted as president donald trump has arrived in india for talks with prime minister the interim o.t. this president is in a mad about in the council walk because right state and with his wife along the and this is his 1st state visit to india 4 provinces and china have lowered their of
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urgency response level to coronavirus as the number of new infections has stropped the big province is not among them though quarantine restrictions have been eased to allow citizens to move around in special circumstances. israeli military has carried out air strikes in syria killing at least 2 members of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad and also bombed the gaza strip wounding at least 4 people the army says the strikes were in response to the group firing rockets into southern israel or fossett as it was true is something he says it's unusual for israel to admit targeting syria. well certainly the strikes inside gaza are relatively standard for this kind of escalation the kind of which we've seen many times in the last couple of years certainly of rocket fire such as this is typically met with an israeli round of airstrikes inside gaza the israeli military saying dozens of targets belonging to palestinian islamic jihad have been hit also
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saying that they struck what they said was a rocket team in preparation potentially for a launch of the palace in health ministry inside gaza saying that a group of 4 people were injured by a drone strike and that among the injured were among the group were a man and his wife less typical is the strikes that these women choose also rarely admitting to having carried out inside syria it did however in the vendor at a time when it assassinated a rocket team commander inside gaza as well as trying to carry out a strike against a senior islamic jihad figure in damascus it said at that point there would be further strikes against islamic jihad leadership in in the syrian capital if rocket fire continued so the immediate thought for many was is this a sign that they were doing just that in response to this latest round of rocket fire so far the israeli military is just saying that it struck
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a site which it's calling a hub for islamic jihad activity south of the syrian capital one used for weapons research the mayor of qatar has visited jordan in a sign up and proving relations them to shake to mean then how many al funny in the capital amman i mean is the 1st sense the imposition of a satellite blockade 3 years ago been going downgrade in relations with qatar. but 10 month battle to capture the capital libya is bad for business shops in tripoli sent city center are struggling because. a street to street fighting in the suburbs just after it has a story. this is the entrance to the old city in tripoli people have been coming to shop in the market here from all over north africa for centuries. but business now he's not good. it's virtually impossible for customers to travel across the front lines of fighting in the suburbs to get to tripoli the capital reveals an
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increasingly under siege since warlord khalifa haftar his military offensive against the un backed government started last april its winning season in libya this is supposed to be one of the busiest times of the year for. the jeweler makes the conoco saw. a traditional necklace and a must have for libyan brides on their wedding day. he says sales have halted in recent years and the fenwick lost a cent to look after the revolution around 20122013 we had lots of customers since the war started and people want to hold on to whatever pennies they have to be prepared for the worst food to be shopping with a daughter who is getting married soon. that the actually there are lucian we hope that the government would be more engaged in helping the young generation find jobs
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even in the private sector helping them settle but that hasn't happened this current crisis is making things worse. after the revolution that overthrew mama gadhafi in 2011 there were hopes that libya could use money from its vast oil resources to try and stimulate in diversify its economy but here is a political instability and conflicts have made that i personally impossible to achieve. this forces trying to surround the city and county of the capital. his loyalists of closed all facilities in areas they control depriving the u.n. bank governments of around $50000000.00 a day. their aggression against us means we've had to stop our $21000.00 development initiative which focus on investment and the private sector this had an effect not just in tripoli but the whole country that we cannot diversify away from oil and help the private sector until this aggression against
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us stops. despite efforts to agree a ceasefire there's little sign of a meaningful solution to end libya's crisis. says none of the hopes he had for a prosperous future after the revolution 1000000 years ago but from true. stop at al-jazeera tripoli. up to the police officers in haiti have exchanged gunfire with members of the armed forces in the capital port au prince the confrontation started during a demonstration demanding better wages for law enforcement officers it's not clear who started shooting 1st at least 3 of the protesting police benevolent and taken to the hospital. cleanup efforts are underway in central bolivia after towns were flooded heavy rain caused a river to burst its banks and into even homes and ensuring people live years and will rainy season runs until next month. the future of the biggest broadcaster in the philippines is being decided by
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a senate committee in the capital manila or testers condemning the government's attempt to shut down a.b.s. c b n as a severe attack on media freedom president margaret go to territory has repeatedly pledged to shut down the t.v. network which has criticised his policies the networks broadcasting license expires next month than previous efforts to renew it have failed. the trial of former french presidential candidate france often on a set to began in paris as accused of paying his wife more than a 1000000 euros in public funds for a fake job a scandal which came to be known as penelope gate emerged during the 2017 election campaign and destroyed political career a toss about lower reports from paris. only 2017 and fossil fuel was riding high the strongest contender in france's presidential race he was the candidate for france's conservative policy the republicans after winning its primary with a landslide a former prime minister he was politically experienced well connected and confident
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he would win rice i do not want to change my beliefs or my goals according to people swing or the i like mint of the planets. things seem to be going feel this way until the scandal broke a french newspaper alleged that feel had misused taxpayers' money when he was an m.p. to pay his wife penelope as a parliamentary system for years for no work the couple was placed under formal investigation feel denied the accusations and said he was affixed to him of the political smear campaign on season 36 years of political life. 36 years without any judy show problems today i am the target of a ruthless one sided attack 7 days a week 24 hours a day for all the facts is this fair. france has a history of corruption and nepotism in politics some so feel as
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a symbol of post and public pressure mounted on him to step down he refused and forged ahead with his campaign but the damage was done feel fail to make it past the 1st round of the presidential election losing out to the far right smearing the pen and emanuel might call who went on to win 3 years off to the so-called free grope scoundrel broke for also for your his wife go on patrol in paris if found guilty of misusing public forums feel could face up to 10 years in prison his wife could face up to 4 ideas for complicity the high profile case prompted president mccall to post an anti corruption law targeted to cleaning up politics a few months after he was elected feels kept a low profile in recent years in a t.v. interview in october he ruled out a return to politics for one of france's best known politicians it's been a spectacular fall from grace natasha buchla al-jazeera paris.
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and richelle carey let's take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera english as prime minister mahathir mohamad has offered his resignation to the king and his political party has quit the ruling alliance the decision comes in and plans by monitor supporters to team up with the opposition parties to stop the name successor anwar ibrahim and taking power currently has the latest details from kuala lumpur. now it's not yet known whether the king has accepted the resignation but according to constitutional experts because the king's role is launching a ceremonial role he will have to then what happens next is also a little bit unclear on the king has to appoint someone who commands the majority confidence of parliament so that it becomes a number again but we also have the information now that mahathir is a party has left the ruling coalition and the rumors are that he this party is
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going to team up with other parties to form and not a coalition. here is president on a trump has arrived in india for talks with prime minister in the interim ot the us president is in atlanta bought in the capital of gujarat state with his wife melania it's their 1st state visit to india trump strip is designed not only to boost ties and trade but also his reelection chances by wooing 4 and a half 1000000 indian american voters. the number of deaths from virus in iran has risen to 12 and kuwait and bahrain have reported their 1st cases of the infection 150 more deaths have been reported in china and south korea remains on high alert as it struggles to contain clusters of outbreaks another $161.00 infections have been confirmed and $7000.00 troops are being quarantined after cases were reported within the military. the israeli military has carried out air
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strikes in syria killing at least 2 members of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad it also bombed the gaza strip wounding at least 4 people the army says the strikes were in response to the group firing rockets into southern israel. after the police officers in haiti have exchanged gunfire with members of the armed forces in the capital port au prince a confrontation started during a demonstration demanding better wages for low when foresman officers law enforcement officers pardon me it's not clear who started the shooting 1st place 3 of the protesting policemen that were wounded and taken to the hospital are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come for another bold and for you at the top of the hour inside stories next. al-jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they all the endemic corruption. we listen so if you replace china's editor with us and that's really then yours we
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meet with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter just 0. to don's rival leaders finally settling their differences it's all they can request agree to share power and form a new unity government after years of civil war there after 3 failed peace agreements will this one last this is inside story. and over and welcome to the program i missed a piece is finally head that's the promise from south sudan's president salva kiir after signing the latest power sharing agreement with his rival but after 2 similar agreements collapsed many are asking if they really got it right this time around react russia has once again been sworn in as by.


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