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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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on al-jazeera. to. al-jazeera. that i have i had seen in doha with the al-jazeera news are coming up in the next 60 minutes we're especially concerned about that around few degrees even cases in the islamic republic of iran italy and republic of korea. the world health organization sounds the alarm on the growing number or coronavirus cases globally china has been spoiling its biggest political event of the year as it struggles to contain the outbreak. your nation is doing so well
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we are very very proud of india donald trump says it's india to confirm a $3000000000.00 weapons deal and risk his chief reelection chances with indian american voters. and political upheaval in malaysia prime minister mahathir mohamad and his allies resigning from the coalition government plus the city's prime minister goes to court over the murder of his former wife. and his paula braun james that leaves the way as the l.a. lakers edge out their wives of the boston celtics on the same call to work kobe bryant's memorial will be held later on monday. the world health organization says its worries about the. growing number of corona
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virus cases outside of china in iran the health ministry says 12 people have no died so though an m.p. in the city of cotton says the figure could be as high as 50 where we have because spreading across the middle east kuwait iraq bahrain and afghanistan have all confirmed cases in china the national people's congress will be perspire ones because of fears about the outbreak it will be one of the 1st times in modern chinese history that the session of parliament has been delayed in europe a 5th person has died say in italy's north there are almost 200 cases that the highest concentration of asia and in south korea and factions have surpassed $800.00 and authorities have raised the infectious diseases warning to the highest level at least 7 people have died there so far we're especially concerned about there are pretty increasing cases in the islamic republic of iran italy and
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republic of korea and good the number of cases in those countries are julie has increased significantly in the us to those 3 days so far. there has only been one case in sweden it's likely you will see more and i know that you are preparing for that the e.c. this is the savior will be revising its risk assessment and more cases should be expected in the european union well a.j. and brian is standing by for us in hong kong but 1st let's go to teheran and said big asset some initial confusion over the death toll in iran but i mean either way those figures are rising aren't they. absolutely those figures are rising but there's been an extraordinary exchange in. a war of words between a member of parliament ahmed a meter by the he's
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a member of parliament for the city of qom the epicenter of this virus here in iran and the health ministry now he said he puts the number of dead from the virus at 50 now he acknowledges not within maybe from the krona virus but he says that the government's performance on the issue has been 0 he says that nurses don't have the correct uniforms and off scared of treating patients he says that the government isn't really concerned and the virus has been present in iran for 3 weeks but their nance meant was delayed by the government he also said that he knows of 2 children that have been infected by the virus and has called upon the health ministry to impose a curfew on the city of course now the deputy health minister has denied the figure of 50 and said that even if it was half that number he would submit his resignation now about the responded to that and he said he sent the names of those that have died from the virus to the health ministry and he expects a resignation now the health minister has come out in response to all of this and
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he said that the government is dealing with the situation. we need to be honest we need to be transparent in the face of those people who are trying to distort the situation regarding other regions i'd like to say we are dealing with the cases and the symptoms and we have all the capabilities to spot this virus if we have a case of a suspected we will move them to a better place to be hospitalized we have the full capabilities to deter or to treat and we will see everything in a clear way. now pakistan have said that they are concerned by the outbreak of virus and have closed their borders now that's in addition to many that's in addition to many flights that have been canceled between iran and many other countries so turkey could wait iraq and afghanistan of canceled flights to land borders of gene iran and iraq have been closed but here in the wrong we've seen more people wearing masks the people wearing gloves disinfectant in public places there's fewer people out on the streets here some gyms have been closed some
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cafes are closed universities schools and museums remained closed and public gatherings have been canceled now there isn't a state of panic here but people are concerned people are scared and people are definitely questioning the official government account. big life for as france thank you well as we mentioned china is selling its biggest political event of the year the national people's congress because of the coronavirus the gathering of thousands of communist party officials usually takes place at the beginning of march katrina you reports from beijing. across china the corona virus outbreak has closed shops restaurants and now beijing's great hall of people. every much the venue puts the country's most important political event the national people's congress but china's top lawmakers
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have voted to delay the parliamentary gathering and educates 3000 delegates to stay home to fight the epidemic protecting the capital from a major outbreak has also become a priority beijing reported to shop increasing taxes over the can't bring the total to about $400.00 many are still too afraid to return to work. company has less their 100 employees and now we only have iraq people working in the office. i thought the subway to work was going to be packed but there actually weren't many people also announced the banning of trade in illegal wildlife the virus is thought to have originated in a 100 wildlife and seafood market. of new coronavirus cases and to tell it is has been concentrated. 24 of china's 31 provinces reported no new cases in the past 24 hours 6 have lowered emergency response levels president xi jinping has
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described the epidemic as a crisis and a major test and he's encouraging manufacturers and other industries to restart operations were possible. industries are which are the national economy and peoples in a lot of the hinges and prices accelerating operation resumption are working at a full swing to increase production it's the 1st time china's national people's congress has been delayed in decades so far no new date has been set but analysts say when the missing is rescheduled that will be the biggest indicator that china has finally won its so-called war against the corona virus outbreak. al-jazeera aging. well let's get more now from a dream brian in hong kong adrian the persist for months of the national people's congress is usually significance in their think conflicts and messages about the would say what does this suggest about the authorities control of the situation.
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well that's right earlier on monday the authorities and who had announced that people who weren't residents of the province of who by shown showing no sort of outward symptoms of the virus could apply to leave then just a few hours later another government department in the provincial government said actually that's wrong that order that instruction has now been rescinded so it was more confusion coming of course after what was a week of confusion last week when china change once more the way that it has its testing method for people who have the virus so what we're seeing in china at the moment i think is gradually gradually the sort of infection rate and the death rate is is falling people are still dying but they're not dying in the same numbers they were say this time a month ago we also know that the recovery rate now stands at about well almost 25000 that's about a 3rd of the people have been infected so
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a 3rd of those infected have been recovering that's good news the bad news came from the world health organization in beijing on monday they held a joint news conference with officials from china's national health commission and they had the shocking news that some 3000 medical workers have so far been infected with the virus one of the reasons for the high infection rate poor protection and also the fact that these doctors and nurses are the team didn't any doctor will tell you that if you're very very tired you're much more prone much more vulnerable to infection and also on monday is katrina pointed out in her report china made the almost historic decision to cancel the nath national people's congress this is you know the biggest political event of the here in china i can't recall an occasion or my years of covering china when the n.p.c. has been cancelled it's very important because you know what happens at this conference is keenly anticipated by economists all around the world because of
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course they want to know what. china's economic targets are for the year ahead particularly now as china's economy is slowing and of course as a result of this virus it's going to be slowing even more and if china's economy slows down the whole world's economy slows so today we've seen in a sense the economic and political impact of this virus ok it's inbred their life as in hong kong thank you well let's get more on this now from i know tangan he's a china affairs analyst and joins us now live from beijing good to have you with us on the news are at let's start with the canceling of the n.p.c. would you say this is a purely practical measure or is certain is there a political element to this as well no i think anyone who's looking at this and sounding some sort of alarmist tone is wrong i'm here in beijing they're leading by example no basketball games will not resume until april 1st this would have taken place in early march
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around march 3rd 4th and what they're doing is just simply acknowledging that the logistics of bringing thousands and thousands of people from all 'd over china literally every corner of china into beijing and then having them stay and then take them back is too daunting when you're in the midst of a health crisis right now the focus is simply on dealing with what is in front of them and that is this virus well in terms of how the authorities are coping with this do you think that we heard there from adrian brian there are conflicting messages about the locked in on rouhani who were told at the beginning of the day that people would be allowed in and out now we're told actually that was a mistake the lockdown remains in place over health workers who are exhausted in contracts in the virus does this suggest that the authorities aren't saying control and they're losing control of this or would you say everything is progress in
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flight. well nothing is progressing fine while people are being sick and dying but under the circumstances given a very highly infectious disease and the numbers that you were quoting earlier the fact that the vast majority of provinces have reported a downtick no new infections it seems that china has come up with a way of solving this it was very aggressive they told people they basically quarantine 100000000 people they cut off different cities and towns they slowed the economy down they delayed going back to work i think they've had it pretty much in control i've actually being here in beijing you know adrian is in hong kong that it's very calm sort of collected very cautious and surprisingly people are very kind the communities have come together people offer me facemask
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and these are very precious things and it's something that you know unless you're here you don't really know how to how to assess it which would you suggest that this way of sorting things out i mean yes the chinese something on practically everything at set but the virus has spread senate has spreads now it's a europe for nice in large numbers of people contracts in the virus that any wrong on china deadlocked and things very very quickly but it still managed to spread despite chinese efforts. yes it did i mean there was a slight delay in the beginning due to and i think the chinese government has acknowledged that there were a lot of municipal and provincial of officials who wanted to avoid bad news they did not assess it correctly there was some delay i don't know that that was dispositively what caused it because if you start looking at the difference in
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times if this is a 14 day incubation period these people caught it you know 2 weeks ago and that was well after this quarantine started so i don't know that it's necessarily going to be productive by pointing fingers the issue is what kind of response are these countries going to do and i think you'll see that china is very supportive of them which was not the case for a lot of countries in terms of when china was going through this. thanks very much for joining us that live from beijing. also still heads on the news siren quitting extending adenosine togo's president wins another term in office maclean's electoral frauds and why the future of the biggest broadcaster in the philippines is at stake plus will have to support one of the least popular players in golf simon says his critics with a victory in mexico on reaction from world golf championships coming up.
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donald trump has begun his 2 day trip to india prime minister narendra modi greeted the u.s. president on his planned 3 hour visits to ahmedabad stats in 2 states which has ties to the thirds of all indian americans they could be important for trump's reelection chances in the fender the failure to secure a trade agreements a concern about strong pass confirms a 3000000000 dollar deal to sell more weapons to india tomorrow our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3000000000.00 in the absolute finest state of the art military helicopters and other equipage to the indian armed forces.
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i believe that the united states should be india's premier defense partner and that's the way it's working out together we will defend our sovereignty security at protect a free and open indo-pacific region for our children and for many many generations to come. whether the south per annum is in ahmedabad and explains what trumps physics will hold. today is all about you know the big ringback welcome to the u.s. president who the prime minister and certainly his supporters are very fond of he has now left the president will be going to the taj mahal and before spending the night in new delhi and then tomorrow is when president trump and his 12 member delegation including people like the common secretary the national security adviser hold bilateral talks on things like security like defend trade relations have been strained under president trump 2018 so what
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a. rounds of retaliatory retaliatory tariffs they also don't agree on things have big differences on visas issued to indian workers in america on the pharmaceutical industry so we will wait and see if they make any progress on that that it's not expected so. very much is about these 2 need is the spectacle of trump coming to india their clothes on they do have things in common especially in their style of leadership that is 9 months before the presidential election and the u.s. coming to when the. indian americans can trace their origins to. those political upheaval in malaysia after the king accepted the resignation of the prime minister mahathir mohamad political party house quits the coalition government well this falls top spot is some members of the ruling coalition exclude from a new administration the prime minister's chosen successor. brahimi sloan's louis
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is in kuala lumpur she says it's unclear what my next move will be. the statement from the prime minister's office confirming that mahathir had indeed tended allows letter of resignation to the king well there was no reason given for the resignation but we've since heard the finance minister coming out and saying that mahathir attended his resignation because he did not want. him to not want the party to have to work with i'm know is the party that was in power in malaysia for decades it had ruled malaysia since the country gained independence from british in 1957 and it was only ousted in the last general election in 2018 its leader was its former leader was the former prime minister of this country not your brother who's been accused or who's been charged and is on trial for corruption he's been accused of stealing billions of dollars from state investment funds according to the constitution the person who will become prime minister and his
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country is someone who commands the confidence of parliament now if all things had remained the same then this person could well have been on what he brought him but because my heart is party has left the ruling coalition and because some members of on was party have also either resigned or been sacked from the party on what it's doubtful that anwar will have the numbers to actually back him to be the next prime minister of this country so it's very unclear what's going to happen next we don't know who will be in charge of this country next who or who is going to form part or which parties are going to be part of the ruling coalition but many civil rights groups have already said that if this governing coalition includes i'm no the party that was ousted in the last election then this is clearly wrong it is contrary to democratic principles and it's not what people in malaysia had voted for back in 2018. the israeli military has carried out air strikes in syria killing at least 2 members of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad has it also bombed the gaza
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strip wounding at least 4 people the army says the strikes were in response to the group firing rockets into southern israel and we understand more rockets have been far today let's get more from ari force that she joins us live from west jerusalem just bring us up to date on what's happening and how we got see this point. well what's happening right now is just the last 10 minutes or so there have been further sirens announcing the rocket fire from gaza towards the israeli towns near the gaza strip that is be investigated we understand by the israeli military and follows a round of strikes from the israeli military after some 14 rockets were fired by islamic jihad earlier in the day 12 of those these are military says were intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile system and this is a 2nd day of such events because on sunday evening there were some 30 rockets fired
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and there were strikes following those both inside gaza and as you said towards islamic jihad targets inside syria as well this entire round of escalation triggered by what happened just after dawn on sunday when the israeli army says passing islamic jihad fighters were trying to plant an improvised explosive device along the fence they were fired upon one of them killed and then an israeli bulldozer and tank came on to the scene to take the body of the dead man away the defense minister of israel has said that will be the policy going forward that not just hamas fighters but all fighters if killed by israel their bodies will be taken and used as bargaining chips the very distressing video of this caused a lot of outrage and promises of retaliation by islamic jihad and now we've seen the the escalatory ladder been going up in the hours since and hairy of course this all comes as another election is looming it is feel at just how does all this
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playing domestically. well yes the election is jew on march the 2nd that's a week today and the prevailing wisdom is usually that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tries to avoid getting dragged into a major escalation because of the dangers they're in in the days ahead of a vote and that there have been escalations ahead of elections and he has stepped back from going too far in terms of an israeli military response but the rhetoric coming from both him and some of his ministers in the last few hours has been pretty strong he said that war is a last resort but there may be no escape from it he's talking to hamas that they have been targeting islamic jihad installations in these airstrikes and so separating out hamas which controls the gaza strip from islamic jihad in terms of the military action but addressing hamas is saying if you don't shoot them will
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shoot you i'm talking about a war not looking for a war but we have prepared something you can't even imagine so that is that is the threat coming from measurement and you know but obviously going further than that does risk getting him brought it in an unpredictable conflict just a few days ahead of elections and indeed there are political tensions all these political consequences inside gaza as well the last time there was a round of escalation like this with israel exclusively targeting islamic jihad and islamic jihad firing rockets that was in november though lots of calls on hamas to join in and those part of the opposition and difficulty for hamas given its policy to to sit this one out so little sort of hands on hamas is response in the coming hours and days to ok very far said that thanks very much gary foster reporting live from west to receive them. the prime minister overseas who has been in court 3 days afterwards almost to bonnie failed to appear its face allegations of murdering his
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strange wife people the author of army was shot dead just before his inauguration in 2017 so the army's new wife has already been charged with murder the case has been referred to the constitutional court to determine whether the prime minister can be prosecuted let's get more from for me the miller she joins us live from the the c.z. capital maseru has the prime minister managed to evade a murder charge. it certainly appears that way at least using the law to try and avoid having those charges read out and so formally laid against him so far the defense team of the prime minister has questioned whether or not is sitting prime minister can actually be charged and prosecuted so now that question's been taken to the high court which will act as the constitutional court to determine whether or not the prime minister will indeed
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be charged and rounded these developments in a lawsuit or they've been a lot of questions around the division of power and the independence of the judiciary from the executive and what is concerning for many here is that the high court judge or the chief justice rather is known to have a close relationship with prime minister bonnie so this certainly is concern around just how long it will take for that case to be heard because the chief justice will set that date and so will the prime minister face these charges while still in office and while i under the protection of potentially immunity or if this will be prolonged to a later date ok for me as a miller live for us there in the city thank you. had to go as president for the same day has won a 4th time in office according to preliminary results he thinks 70 percent of the vote far ahead of his main rival and they only tojo the opposition alleges fraud to
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place during the election and the interest is following the story for us from only . with a massive win of 72 percent of the vote as declared by the independent national electoral commission president is set to extend his 15 year rule on the state of the west african nation and effectively solidifying the group the family had on power in this country for more than half a century now with this result will be no need for a 2nd round of voting or an off between the top 2 candidates the results will now have to be forwarded to the constitutional court for it to ratify within the next 6 days however that one opposition figure who had already declared himself elected president is saying that he is not agreeing to the results as announced by the independent national electoral commission we knew he proceeded to change the to change the result is some way. of the former head of state over the new people who write their name on
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a pool so we know and the media know and my we. do have the power we don't boot we do it problem so as we. do what is paid quote these people. to leave and to give that power now a lot of people will be watching closely to see the reaction of people on the streets and what will be the response of the security forces. time for the weather now here's rob your take yes see straight yes finally this thing became a cycler now we've been we've been watching this satellite picture and this cluster of thunderstorms for about 3 days now it's not named as a strike until it gets just stronger for the baby grew up and just made landfall as it became a name cycling cold esta has now moved inland now this is a particularly highly populated part of australia of course but they contain some
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people so this is worthy of note is still got a lot of rain still to produce now given it's over a very dry part of the world may be quite surprised at that because generally speaking these things need to feed warm air warm moist air all the time once they give a land that often comes off the feed in this case not so quite likely for the next 3 or 4 days it will warm the slowly through this part of australia until it finally makes exit sometime over some well like 80 mile beach in 4 or 5 days time most of these places ago a population of want 2000 for thought you'd be interested in hearing on the biggest scale in australia we're less concerned about the amount of flooding like to be in new south wales or even in queensland has been the case recently but there's a bit of good news for those in western australia particularly around person but it pretty poor some of her right may not see some rain the some of these thunderstorms coming in could be quite substantial and therefore welcome. thanks rob.
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both more still to come here on al-jazeera including how to let go of the power. you've all been about change. the time billionaire taking on the military junta find out why he's lost his party and what he's planning next. and for police in haiti exchanged gunfire with soldiers during a protest in the capital costs in sports the veteran forward that's not lighting up the n.b.a. once again for all the basketball action for you place it in the show. step into the unknown with central america's 1st ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminates on stage each performer transformed with the raise of
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a curtain. witness time to love a backstage who. on a. migrants in uniform volunteering their labor to appease locals and combat the anti migrant sentiment. people in power travels to the north of italy where a bold experiment is underway. with an unconventional approach to integration. italy's migrant boot camp on a. move. to the on the whole.
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this is al jazeera a reminder of the headlines this hour the world health organization says it's alarmed by the global spike in coronavirus cases in iran 12 people have died from the virus as cases spread across the middle east iraq afghanistan and coates of all reported infections people in italy a 5th person has died from the virus china is doing its biggest political event told me here at the national people's congress because of the current virus gathering of thousands of communist party officials who usually takes place at the beginning of march and donald trump pass confirms a $3000000000.00 weapons deal with india we'll go ahead and start over his team a day trip he made the announcement in gujarat state just ties to nearly a 3rd of all indian americans. neverland's has broken eyes in parts of delhi
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between supporters and opponents of india's new citizenship law around $200.00 women staged a sit in process against the legislation by a metro station in the area on sunday. after activists threatened to take action unless police removed the group well 20 berkeley isn't jaffer abides in delhi so any just bring us up to speed what's been happening where you are. well we've seen some of the most violent clashes and delhi over the sea yeah since december and it shows the volatile situation here can erupt at any time as you mention some of the extremist elements in the hindu community have threatened to remove these muslim women from their protest that's been going on now for a few weeks unless the police did and today they kind of escalated the violence from what we've seen in the aftermath we've seen burning cars burning buildings you
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seen piles of bricks that obviously were put there with the intent to stop throwing the the muslim community and also we've been hearing very very much troeh hindu songs and chants coming from the hindu community at the end of this road here i'm about 300 meters away from where it all happened that's now been sort of a no go zone police have been poked a penal statute one at one for which prevented groupings of more than 4 people but there is a very sizeable police protest here on the streets sorry police enforcement on the streets so i have to say it's very very tense here and people are very concerned about what's going to happen of course where the stalemate these are the scenes that prime minister modi didn't want donald trump to see so he won't see them in the shadows on the t.v. tonight have been quite violent and show us how tense the situation is and we are still without a conclusion to this but both sides of the community so you are showing their anger
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and frustration in a violent way and we give references there to any the timing on this is all very unfortunate coming as it does when the brick carpet has been rolled out for donald trump and presents quite a different picture and to the outside world from the. a mass rally that we saw up in the north of the country. going over the wall this is the picture those dominated life in india for the last 2 and a half months these are scenes that they've been witnessing on a daily basis i think in india and it shows that there's a very serious situation that has to be resolved in no time words from president trump is going to help that along in fact it seemed almost like an endorsement that's how a lot of people here see that but there is concern about where do we go from here the police as a say on the streets but they can't control everywhere all the time and the such a depth of feeling that i heard from the hindu community that they obviously feel that they are having they're not being answered with calls for calm here they want
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to take action in their own hands one of their m.p.'s who was defeated in the local elections recently said that unless the police took action they would then it seems they have started that process. ok tony burke there live for us in just provides thank you now hearing into whether wiki leaks founder julian assange will be extradited to the u.s. has begun in london as ours was indicted in the u.s. last year on 18 counts including computer hacking and fire late in the espionage act but the charges relate to the then leak of hundreds of thousands of secret military documents and diplomatic cables 10 years ago effects survey says he could face up to 175 years in jail as call life now it seems london where lawrence lee is for when that trial lawrence what's been happening at the court today.
4:37 pm
well look it's it's the 1st day only of months and months of dates and so there's been nothing particularly newsworthy it's just the prosecution in the hearing war who threw. their main claims but it doesn't also the very serious nature of the question that's being asked of the judge in the extradition hearing clearly from the american side in a song she's is guilty of not bad journalism but bad character and treason and espionage and as the lawyer said this morning in his allegation putting people's lives at risk they they say journalism can involve breaking the law the alternative view of course from all the soldiers supporters who are in very good voice. is that in the digital age it's very very important that people are able to get hold of even classified documents and put them into the public domain particularly if they're very much in the public interest which is frankly always
4:38 pm
what what what wiki leaks did and so it is a very serious questions being asked is journalism a criminal activity. or is it not and that's the determination really the judge has to make ok lawrence leigh following that trial in london and i thank you and libya's prime minister says the commander of the offensive to capture the capital is a war criminal addressing the human rights council of the united nations in geneva . highlighted the worsening humanitarian crisis showed members photos of libyan children killed in the 5 to 10 month military campaign to overthrow his government . until this very day we have not seen a peep tearing stance by the international community before you we express our regret at the continuing flagrant violation of human rights which led to the
4:39 pm
killing of thousands and displacement of hundreds of thousands your excellences ladies and gentleman many have lost their lives men women children the elderly families have been displaced children have been orphaned because of their aggression perpetrated by the war criminal have gotten. from us because their james base is in geneva. 2 different things are going on at the same time right now at the u.n. here in geneva and the way they both into intersect is libya one is the human rights council that exists solely year round but it has a high level session which is underway now serves addressed by antonio good terrace the secretary general by the high commissioner for human rights michel bash away and among those who also addressed it was the libyan prime minister so he used that forum with foreign ministers and other leaders around the table to make his case
4:40 pm
about what he said will war crimes being carried out from benghazi by general hafta and his forces elsewhere though in the u.n. here in geneva talks on libya continue and that's the reason i think that he's making this into jackson in the human rights council right now what we've had for some time nearly a week now is the 2nd round of military talks they were near collapse a few days ago after general haftar decided to fire rockets at tripoli they have though continued we believe sporadically over the weekend very limited updates coming from the u.n. mission on xm and in fact they haven't updated reporters on what's going on since friday but i think that's because there's neither been a breakthrough or a breakdown. elsewhere in geneva the latest round of talks between military representatives from the warring sides in libya has concluded under the guidance so
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if the un they've prepared a draft sees far agreements and more presented their respective leaderships talks are set to receive next month. in haiti at least one person has been killed in a gun fight scene soldiers and police protesting against. all those who are injured in the capital port au prince as the heart and reports. this was meant to be the 1st of several days of carnivals and celebration. but it turned into a gun battle off duty police officers were protesting over low pay and the firing of $5.00 officers who tried to form a union. close by locals prepared to celebrate the lead up to the christian fasting period of lent for some supported the protests i know what. we don't want callable 2nd we support the police protests who are demanding their union the lack of security in this country is the fault of the president he uses
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the all me to destroy the police as people crowded into a square in front of the presidential palace gunshots and tear gas it's not clear who fired 1st the police or the military a stage built by the army and guarded by soldiers was set on fire it was the most violent fighting in haiti since protesting began at the end of last year the police say the government should not be funding carnivals while their pay conditions benefits and jobs are being cut. we will send a clear message to this government because we are tired of the situation. the president has made many promises and is already agreed his supporters but not with us we don't need negotiations we will continue demonstrating until we have created a union president quo of an illinois has been ruling. i decree since january with gang violence and high levels of crime and corruption international organizations
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are struggling to deliver aid haiti is the poorest country in the americas and shortages of food and essential goods are common so is political unrest the police are not the only ones who are angry. acting prime minister john michel leptin says the government can't immediately raise officers pay but he has offered housing and insurance incentives something that's not likely to placate the protesters and many fear violent scenes like this may not be the last we're hearty al-jazeera. a flood disaster zone has been declared in a time in central bolivia heavy rain caused the river to break its banks and homes were washed away some of the families made homeless were injured as they try to salvage the blown manes some bolivians are refusing to leave the annual rainy season isn't due to end until next month. the future of the biggest 4th concert in the philippines is being decided by sensors in the capital manila protesters
4:44 pm
condemn the government's attempts to shut down a b s c b n as a severe attack on media freedom president reagan to terrorists a has repeatedly pledged to shut down the t.v. network which has criticized his policies the networks broadcast and license expires next month and previous efforts to renew it have failed to be lho has the latest from manila. since president will be going to turn to assume the presidency back in 2016 he's been on the attack against the country's largest broadcaster a.b.s. c.b.s. and now on monday the company was given a chance for the 1st time to present its arguments in a legislative forum as is broadcast license hangs in the balance now outside the senate building in the capital manila protesters gathered for demonstration supporting $11000.00 workers a.b.s.e b.n. as well as a call for the preservation of press freedom in the country but deterred this
4:45 pm
former aide now senator christopher of one goal lashed out at c.b.s. it is unfair well i may but. i wish it were going to. go further than presidential. it says so in that and actions that we were sorry if we offended the press and that it was not the intention of the network. we felt that we were just abiding by the laws and regulations yes the snap in reading that have its own political agenda a senator goal is the issue isn't personal but the agency that regulates broadcast licenses testified under oath at the senate that a.b.s. c.b.l. did not violate any law unless congress moves to approve the new application for a broadcast license by the company however its fate remains in limbo. the future forwards whose thailand's newest political party is candidate sans young supporters
4:46 pm
looked to challenge and change the government's run by probably the army general who gained power in the 24th. but that all changed last week when it was shut down by the courts scott high those sat down with the former leader to find out what he expects going forward. less than a year after thailand's newest opposition party had a surprise showing the elections winning the 3rd most seats in parliament the constitutional court friday dissolved the future forward party saying it had taken an illegal donation from its billionaire leader the party denied this saying it was a lone leader ton of torah. and 15 other party executives are banned from politics for 10 years 65 members of parliament who won their seats with future forward will have to join another party or form their own we spoke with one of torn about the ruling and the future so future fall. as a and duty cease to exist is dead normal. how about the soul
4:47 pm
continues the journey continue its future forward will now become a social movement he says but it will continue at all costs no one wants to go to toe right but somebody has to do it if somebody has to do it and if that means we have to confront it with the junta you know. you have to do it otherwise you can bring you cannot bring about change and that the challenge will be how to convince as to basement. as a whole you know the truth is just part of this is to be human how to communicate to them how to convince them that it's time to let go of the power of. the fall and he brought change you know some people that continue to oppression of those who speak out against the centers of power something that future for was trying to do inside the parliament will lead to further discontent and that's something that
4:48 pm
could fall into on rest there be a build up accumulation of grievances economy economies mismanage societies deeply disenchanted political authoritarianism is more rampant and therefore a kind of a showdown people want to take back. a country they want to have their own future. palin has a history of showdowns like that after this ruling there are more than $6000000.00 voters who wanted future forward to lead that charge inside the system but now they might be looking for ways to get it done outside on the streets it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. so come on al-jazeera will have the sports reporter far warning shots there why those supports this time it's always thinks on the box and coming up for you and just some moments.
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the all the over. it's time for the sport here summer thank you very much i always thought with basketball in the bron james led the l.a. lakers to a hard fought win over the boston celtics this is one of the biggest rivalries in the n.b.a. and it was a really close match the brand was in great form with 29 points including crucial jump shot to give the lakers the lead with 30 seconds left they hang on to win by 2 points at the staples center for a memorial service is being held up for lakers legend kobe bryant who was killed in a helicopter crash last month coming to antonia puts on his best to space is
4:51 pm
returning to the n.b.a. nov 35 yr old that was without a team for over a year before joining portland on sunday he scored 32 points his 1st 30 points a game since 2017 efforts helping the trailblazers that beat the detroit pistons 107204. new zealand have recorded their 130 victory in test cricket and they did it with a crushing 10 wickets went over the world's best team india. so the start with 5 a 2nd innings wickets after dismissing india 491 they needed just 9 runs to when know which they got to lead the 2 game series the side the stars on saturday and christ church every time you take the field you try to do you balance and do your job for the tape enjoy it. and enough focus on nash if to to to question. we have to accept that they outplayed us this game in the board much better we'll
4:52 pm
definitely be much more positive there's no doubt about it you know especially in the 1st innings we really try and put their bonus under pressure and you know try and make them do something different rather than them making us do something different. australia's women have claimed their 1st win at the women's team 20 world cup but it wasn't up by any means easy having been 10 for 3 years eventually chased down sri lanka's total $122.00 it's just 3 balls to spare. the women's tennis tour is in qatar this week and defending champion least merton's opened up but with an easy win the belgian number 16 seed breeze through her 1st round match with a straight sets victory against china as young one in round 2 merton's will now face either russia's anastasia but the chink over his stance yulia saver who play each other on monday. and to the border continues to show great form last month that she became the 1st arab woman to reach the quarter finals of
4:53 pm
a grand slam at the australian open she's a wildcard this week in qatar in which the 2nd one tends to win over the czech qualifier catalina. or tennis is one sports were major events so women and men play for the same prize money but that quality has been hard fought as far as my reports from the qatar open. the profile of female sports stars has arguably never been higher but it's still tennis players he said across above all others forbes business magazine says world's top 10 highest paid female athletes are all tennis players and many of them have stopped often don't have for the cats are over them i think it's a strong field for women's right now and there are so many great and inspiring women's not only in tennis but i think we did a great job just to you know get the same prize money instruments they have and just developing our game to the queen of tennis it's a far cry from the 1970 s.
4:54 pm
when a group of 9 female players led by billie jean king started their own tennis tour called the virginia slims circuit it was an effort to fight back against the end of quote. dominance of the men's game the circuit eventually evolved into the women's tennis association that still runs the game today. events such as the 21900 football world cup in france prove there's a huge market for elite women sports and potential rivals for tennis. the t 20 cricket world cup being played in australia now has live coverage in more than 200 countries was in 2015 women's tennis world number one ashley barty took a year off from the sport to play top level cricket the australian says the rise in popularity of other women in sport should be viewed as a threat to tennis it's growing it's amazing the development of women's sport over the last probably 2 years it's been
4:55 pm
a massive growth in all women's sport i think for me personally tennis has led the way it's been incredible and exciting new generation of players will help keep tennis ahead of the chasing pack of sports 21 year old american safina can and has just become the youngest australian open champion in more than a decade yeah super exciting of course women's tennis is very exciting and people love watching it i think it's everyone brings a different aspect to the game i feel like a lot of youngsters are coming up which is really good you know rising stars more than 40 years since the women's tour began these are the players benefiting from its history and working hard to guarantee its future far as small algis their adult . one of the most controversial players in golf patrick rita has won the role golf championship in mexico the american has had a tough a few months after being accused of cheating at another tournament back in december photocells i have criticised him has been heckled by fans but that didn't affect
4:56 pm
him on sunday he produced a stunning finish it to be to bias an additional one shot read now has a twins on tour including the masters and 2 world golf championships and he now moves to world number 8. you know it's come back in my 2nd world of jamshedpur specially with how i had to finish you know basically 15 on words and you know last always ugly but it was what i needed just to get the job done and you know down the day just put yourself in these positions on sunday is just unbelievable it's a great feeling and you know i can't wait to go home and i celebrate with the little ones and my wife and you know bring your trophy by live koos and have kept themselves in the hunt for a champions league spot next season they beat it to a nail in the league on sunday to go level on points with 4th place at bruges a much and bloodbath was said to be an idiom i'm really getting the goals for why are the top 4 teams in the table progress to europe's premier club competition.
4:57 pm
at a commodity that are back in the champions league spots in spain where the top 4 also a fussy baby valery all on sunday to go 3rd themselves leagues at scoring his 1st lee goal for almost 5 months helping them 231 win. and how but this for when them alex tells his stunning strike ascending imported to the top of portugal's top division the brazilians goal coming in the 87th minute to seal a one deal when over puerto montt. and also support for me and to which they will have more for you later on but now it's back to how long thank you so much somewhat about wraps up this new sub and to stay with this 1000 be back with you on the other side of this very short break.
4:58 pm
the latest news as it breaks the syrian army seems determined to defeat the rebels and continues advance to was the city of idlib that's a red line for turkey with detailed coverage the national policy defense of wild elephants is yet to be fully implemented 14 years after it was introduced from around the world well this fight will be completely transformed over the next 6 years this will be the northern terminus for phase one of the project. talk to al jazeera let me talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing them they all the endemic corruption the current we listen so if you really put on as an enemy a little more than that's really beggars we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges their own joint a listening post as we turn the cameras on the media india has more than 424 hour
4:59 pm
television news channel morning talkers and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the states misleads the public to still be here reflects specific. want to challenge their editorial showing take a dark believe they have anything to apologize for their listening post. on al-jazeera it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for patchy otic reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's karim he was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as you try to defuse it i was aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or
5:00 pm
a leg is a sacrifice we have to mike to serve this country. we're especially concerned about their amputee increasing cases republic of iran it's really only by because of korea. the world health organization sounds the alarm about the growing number of coronavirus cases globally than it has spoken since biggest political event off of year as it struggles to contain the outbreak. and how my hit c.n.n. this is al-jazeera.


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