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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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so they become self-sufficient such a business is looking for work independently but for some it's not you know. from italy to iran the rapid spread of corona virus infections across continents is causing a mom but the world health organization says it can be contained. and kristen salumi live in new york where news that the corona virus is spreading is causing stocks to plummet i have the latest. i'm compelled this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the israeli military pounds islamic jihad sites as rockets are fired from gaza. in love
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with india donald trump announces a $3000000000.00 weapons deal as he aims to boost his reelection chances with indian american voters since. the surge was prime minister is back home to face charges relation to the murder of his former wife. the world health organization is sending a team to iran has made a spike of coronavirus cases there in iran the health ministry says 12 people have died but helpful thora things have dismissed claims from an m.p. who says the figure is actually closer to 50 meanwhile cases are spreading across the middle east with kuwait omagh there are kind of going to stand all reporting cases of infected travelers coming from iran in europe 3 more people have died in islam is north bringing the total there to 7 there are almost $200.00 cases there the highest concentration outside of asia while
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a spike in cases in south korea has put the nationwide total there at over 800 south korea's polman has cancelled monday's meeting a work is disinfected the building of the world health organization says the global rise in cases is concerning. the sudden increase of cases in italy the islamic republic of iran and the republic of korea are deeply concerning we must focus on containment while doing everything we can to prepare for a potential pandemic there is no one for size fits all approach every country must make its own risk assessment for its own context and this spectacle here that is of course china's national people's congress one of the largest world's political gatherings has been perspire this year is the 1st
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time the meeting has been delayed in decades on a moment we'll have reports from the affected regions but 1st katrina year begins our coverage from china across china the coronavirus outbreak has closed shops restaurants and now beijing's great hall of the people. every much the venue ports the country's most important political event the national people's congress but china's top lawmakers have voted to delay the parliamentary gathering urging its 3000 delegates to stay home to fight the epidemic protecting the capital from a major outbreak has also become a priority beijing reported to shop increasing taxes over the weekend bringing the total to about 400 many are still too afraid to return to work. as best their 100 employees. we already have iraq people working in the office. i thought the subway to work was going to be packed but there actually weren't many
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people also announced the banning of trade in illegal wildlife the virus is thought to have originated in a 100 wildlife and seafood market. new coronavirus cases and to tell it is have been concentrated. 24 of china's 31 provinces reported no new cases in the past 24 hours 6 have lowered emergency response levels president xi jinping has described the epidemic as a crisis and a major test and he's encouraging manufacturers and other industries to restart operations were possible why is he good industries a witch of the national economy and people's livelihood hinges and prices accelerating operation resumption or working out a force when to increase production it's the 1st time china's national people's congress has been delayed decades so far and no new date has been set but analysts say when the missing is rescheduled that will be the biggest indicator that china
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has finally won its so-called war against the corona virus outbreak. al-jazeera. as we heard earlier the number of deaths in iran has increased the health ministry there has pledged to be transparent with the situation. we need to be honest we need to be transparent in the face of those people who are trying to distort the situation regarding other regions i'd like to say we are dealing with the cases and the symptoms and we have all the capabilities to spot this virus if we have a case that is suspected we will move them to a better place to be hospitalized we have the full capabilities to deter or to treat and we will see everything in a clear way as it biogas in toronto and says as the number of cases rises there's disagreement over how bad the situation actually is. there's been an extraordinary exchange in. a war of words between a member of parliament and by the he's
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a member of parliament for the city of qom the epicenter of this virus here in iran and the health ministry now he said he puts the number of dead from the virus at 50 now he acknowledges not within maybe from the krona virus but he says that the government's performance on the issue has been 0 he says that nurses don't have the correct uniforms and are scared of treating patients he says that the government isn't really concerned and the virus has been present in iran for 3 weeks but their names meant was delayed by the government he also said that he knows of 2 children that have been infected by the virus and has called upon the health ministry to impose a curfew on the city of the deputy health minister and as has denied that figure of 50 and said that even if it was half that number he would submit his resignation now about the responded to that and he said he sent the names of those that have died from the virus to the health ministry and he expects a resignation now the health minister has come out in response to all of this and
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he said that the government is dealing with the situation that ours is taking an increasingly heavy toll on the global economy stock markets in asia europe and the us fell on monday along with urgent cases and deaths across the globe christensen is live for us in new york chris and we spoke to you in the last hour how are the markets doing. well there are still down substantially after the opening bell the dow jones industrial average plunged more than $900.00 points since then it's recovered a bit but all of the major indices are lower the dow and s. and p. looks like nearly 3 percent off of trading high as the nasdaq in particular really taking a whack new cases reported in south korea and italy have been renewing fears about the economic impact of the coronavirus we are seeing airline stocks in particular taking a hard hit tech stocks oil is down as there's concern that the demand will continue to decline as the disease continues to spread and manufacturing slows this is all
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because of course china is a manufacturing hub for the global supply chain so many businesses so many sectors of the economy are affected by this and the united states actually hit a new high in its stock markets last week but this concern about global impact has always been in the background and then with the new cases over the weekend we saw the united states falling on markets in asia and europe which have also. declined as a result of the news of this spreading in italy where the new cases were reported there's been a quarantine in towns that are not far from milan which is the economic hub italy's markets closed down more than 4 and a half percent european markets were generally down and now here in the united states that fear is spreading as well one place we're seeing prices rise is gold gold prices considered a safe haven when stock markets are in troubled waters those prices are on their
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way out but we're expecting by the end of the day it's going to be it's going to be a rough day for investors cam is the look of things here i think that kristen salumi live from new york. israel has carried on more airstrikes on the gaza strip the targeting islamic jihad targets there of a night based 4 people were wounded on sunday israel says it's responding to rockets launched from inside the territory the military also carried out strikes on the armed group in syria on sunday night killing 2 members in damascus but harry force that joins me now live from west jerusalem with more harry these tit for tat strikes how serious an escalation is this well it's a certainly a serious one it's one which really hasn't stopped since the early stages of this
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afternoon when islamic jihad decided to retaliate in his own words to what had happened overnight in damascus with an israeli airstrike which killed 2 of its feiss near damascus and since then there is been an almost constant volley of rocket fire being responded to by israeli airstrikes inside gaza among them we've seen israel strike what it said was a launching station for such rocket fire there are reports even just in the last couple of minutes that sirens have been sounding again this latest round of escalation began though on sunday morning early sunday morning when the israeli army said that it detected a person islamic jihad fight is trying to plant an i.e.d. an improvised explosive device close to the border fence in gaza they fired on those 2 fighters one of them was killed and then those this scene with an israeli bulldozer that under the new policy instituted by the israeli defense minister.
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came to recover the body and take it away he says natale bennett the is the policy to try and ensure that israel has bargaining chips to try and get back the bodies of israeli soldiers but in doing so there was a thorough confrontation with palestinians on the other side 4 palestinians were wounded and there was this pretty gruesome video of this body hanging off the scoop of a bulldozer that caused a lot of outrage it caused a call for retaliation a promise of retaliation by islamic jihad and that we have mounted the escalation ladder in the hours since and harry was should we read into the timing of this given that there is of course yet another election the thing. that's right the 3rd election in less than a year and before the previous 2 elections there were military escalations around
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gaza at those times as well and the general lore has been a political or an israel has been to believe that benjamin netanyahu feels it's too risky to launch an all out broad scale military action in gaza in the days or even weeks before an election because of all the attendant risks and unknown's about such a military action however the kind of language that's been coming from the who this time around has been quite stark and despite the fact that the israeli military like it did in november as very much been separating hamas and islamic jihad hamas which controls the gaza strip saying that it's targeting islamics out islamic jihad has been the one that's been firing the rockets netanyahu self addressing hamas in a radio interview said if you don't shoot them we'll shoot you he said i'm talking about a war i'm not looking for a war but we have prepared something you can't even imagine now this could just be
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rhetoric of course politically he is under some pressure given the impact of these rocket strike fire launches even if they don't cause death and injury they do very much cause a real seizure of everyday life around the gaza strip in southern israel so he has to appear strong the question is whether the escalation continues whether hamas the size to sit this one out as it did in the event or whether hamas itself starts firing rockets as well of course hamas and israel have been trying for many months now to come to some kind of longer term accommodation and there is a call from the u.n. envoy saying that he his negotiators and the egyptians are doing all they can to try to maintain peace once again there is certainly interest on the israeli side in the homicide for this to die down again but the longer it goes on of course the more risks that something could go wrong in the escalation continues thank you for
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that update that's hairy for sit there live from west jerusalem. dozens of people have been injured in central germany after a car rammed through a kind of old parade in the town of them and they say the driver has been restless it's unclear whether the incident was an accident. still ahead on al-jazeera political turmoil in malaysia i want next up to the world's oldest prime minister resigns plus. why police in haiti exchanged gunfire with soldiers during a protest in the capital. how has it been plenty of snow in the last few days for all the slopes of northern honcho and hawker and i and that's because the wind has been
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a cold one across the sea now it is dying dying and if anything it will be coming in the direction with the rain now there will be but it's now on the northern edge of that in some parts of the korean peninsula sols at 9 degrees or so clearly won't be here but the blue is significant right now as it goes through south korea heads towards home should you have a wet day and light in store for you of course most of all she was a wet snow high ground in the middle of honshu it's left behind a trail of cloud in the middle bit a light rain in the middle of china back through harnessing a drop in temperature to about 21 would still quite warm drops further to 15 should be to be honest in february the beijing's to warmer than normal dropping science was to me and of course the rainy seasons right into an easy but the right main focus of the heavy showers is nice and borneo so the way see less so in java is to the potential for flash floods and these of course she's not unusual but java's less at risk than of late the same is true further north in southern thailand where
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we see a good collection of showers recently the next 2 days should see you largely dry same is probably true of kale and maybe even singapore but not in public. accounting the cost a tale of $2.00 nations australia is unrelenting charging to cope a germany's plan to get out of coal out energy plus the unseen police we find out what the shipping industry is doing to end soaring emissions. counting the cost on al-jazeera. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al-jazeera. the and the. the world.
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you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization says it said that a team to iran offer a spike of cases their brands health ministry says 12 people have died from the virus kuwait bahrain oman and afghanistan all reported cases of infected travelers coming from iran. china is delaying its biggest political event of the year the national people's congress because of the coronavirus the gathering of thousands of communist party officials usually takes place at the beginning of march. the u.n. is calling for calm in gaza that soft israel carried out airstrikes targeting the islamic jihad the military says its response to a barrage of rocket attacks fired from gaza. let's get more now on our top story the corona virus outbreak david heymann as
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a professor of infectious diseases at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine he's also a former assistant director general for health security at the world health organization really good to have you on the program david thank you for your time the w.h.o. as chief has just said and i quote using the word pandemic does not fit the facts what do you think. well i would totally agree with that what we're seeing is a series of outbreaks in china if you have the center in places around the epicenter throughout china and also in countries outside of china including iran in several countries in the middle east so we're seeing a series of outbreaks and what we don't really understand yet is what transmissibility of this virus is will this easily transfer from human to human in a community or is it limited to close contact as we believe it present so you think we still can't really understand transmissibility i mean just looking at the situation in italy it still doesn't know how the corona virus got there it doesn't
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know the flu patients or was and yet all of a sudden we're seeing hundreds of cases there i mean what can we read into that well these look like several different chains of transmission from some index case or index cases who came in some initial cases it came into italy and caused this outbreak but italy is trying to stop the outbreak as are other countries and that's where w.h.o. recommends we know it's transmitted by social contact face to face the cough or sneeze and we also know that it's it's transmitted by health workers and that's very important that health workers take all precautions they can in case they would be coming into contact with the patient i saw a little bit about iran if we can it says the death toll is just 12 and yes it's in fiction numbers are very no i believe less than 60 do you trust the official numbers we're getting from iran. well i don't make judgments on official figures or
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official figures and i have no way of saying whether they're right or wrong what i will say is that i was in iran at the time of the bam earthquake and i saw a rapid and effective response to the health needs of the people who were in that in that earthquake situation so i know that he ryan has the capability of mobilizing many many different groups when they need to and hopefully that's what's occurring at present. we're seeing many countries sort of stop flights to and from iran pakistan has tried to close its official border crossing with iran but given how poorest iran's border is with pakistan how difficult or otherwise do you think it will be for iran to contain the outbreak that seen there who even the border posts which are known and which are closed it's very difficult to stop the disease at the border because people can come across being well and in the incubation
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period and then becoming sick after they arrive so borders can really stop infections what they can do openly is slow down what's coming in or out of the country that's what china attempted to do to stop international flights and by so doing hopefully they delayed any international people who would have been traveling and gave countries a possibility of better preparation. now turning to europe italy has 6 aside some 3000 beds for new possible patients of course at a virus at a military facility i mean obviously they're expecting a huge spike do you think this outbreak in europe is going to test the open borders policy that it obviously prides itself on. well you know what's the best policy for countries is to each prepare as best they can and one of the most important things to do is to make sure that their. surveillance or influenza like disease surveillance is intact so that if they do have persons that look like they
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have influenza they can be examined to make sure they don't have the virus if they do have the virus it must be rapidly isolated and it's really difficult to have borders stop infections from spreading throughout any region of the world and so i think that's where europe is not recommended at present to close borders really good to get your analysis think that that separate fessor of infectious diseases david heyman thank you. maybe it's prime minister has condemned his rival as a war criminal if i is the author out of interest the un's a human rights council in geneva he showed members photos of civilians were killed during war lawfully for those campaign of atrocity internationally recognized government. the libyan prime minister's comments in geneva came as the latest round of talks between the warring sides concluded a puzzle for a cease fire was discussed in the last few hours the 2 broke based problem meant to push the ports will not have thought suspended its participation in the talks week
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the internationally recognized government pulled out after an attack on a port in tripoli. donald trump has begun his 2 day trip to india prime minister narendra modi greeted the u.s. president on his planned 3 hour visit to him at event that's a state which has ties to nearly a 3rd of all indian americans and they could be important for trump's reelection chances in november the failure to secure a trade agreement is a concern but trump has confirmed a $3000000000.00 deal to sell more weapons to india. that tomorrow our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3000000000.00 in the absolute finest state of the art military helicopters and other equipage to the indian armed forces . i believe that the united states should be in these premiere defense partner and that's the way it's working out together we will defend our
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sovereignty security at protect a free and open indo-pacific region for our children and for many many generations to come elizabeth for on them is and how met a bounce and explains what trumps visit will hold. today is all about you know the big ringback welcome to the u.s. president who the prime minister and certainly his supporters are very fond of he has now left the president will be going to the taj mahal and before spending the night in new delhi and then tomorrow is when president trump and his 12 member delegation including people like the common secretary the national security adviser hold bilateral talks on things like security like defense trade relations have been strained under president trump 2018 saw a seemingly rounds of retaliatory retaliatory tariffs they also don't agree on things they have big differences on these is issued to indian workers in america on
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the pharmaceutical industry so we will wait and see if they make any progress on that that's not expected so so far this trip very much is about these 2 leaders the spectacle of trump coming to india their clothes on they do have things in common especially in this style of leadership that is 9 months before the presidential election in the u.s. coming to good when the. indian americans can trace their origins to. violence has broken out of parts of delhi between supporters and opponents of india's new citizenship law 2 people have been killed around 200 women staged decision protest against the legislation by a metro station in the area on sunday the fighting broke out after activists threatened to take action unless police removed the group. there is political turmoil in malaysia after the king accepted the resignation of the prime minister
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and him mohammed's political party has quit the coalition government bedfellows talks by some members of the ruling coalition to exclude the prime minister's chosen successor and rival him from a new administration front so he has more from the capital kuala lumpur with this confusion over what happens next. the same is when the prime minister's office confirming that mahathir had indeed tended allows letter of resignation to the king well there was no reason given for the resignation but we've since heard the finance minister coming out and saying that mahathir attended his resignation because he did not want. him to not want the party to have to work with i'm not i'm you know is the party that was in power in malaysia for decades it had ruled malaysia since the country gained independence from british in 1957 and it was only ousted in the last general election in 2018 its leader was its former leader was the former prime minister of this country not your brazile who's been accused or
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who's been charged and is on trial for corruption he's been accused of stealing billions of dollars from state investment funds according to the constitution the person who will become prime minister and his country is someone who commands the confidence of parliament noun if all things had remained the same then this person could well have been on what he brought him but because mahathir is party has left the ruling coalition and because some members of on was party have also either resigned all been sacked from the party on what it's doubtful that anwar will have the numbers to actually back him to be the next prime minister of this country so it's very unclear what's going to happen next we don't know who will be in charge of this country next who or who is going to form part or which parties are going to be part of the ruling coalition but many civil rights groups have already said that if his governing coalition includes arm know the party that was ousted in the last election then this is clearly wrong it is contrary to democratic principles and it's not what people in malaysia had voted for back in 2018. and hazy at least one
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person has been killed in a gun battle between soldiers and police protesting against pay others were injured in the capital port au prince they are hoarding has. this was meant to be the 1st of several days of carnivals and celebration. but it turned into a gun battle off duty police officers were protesting over low pay and the firing of $5.00 officers who tried to form a union. close by locals prepared to celebrate the lead up to the christian fasting period of lent for some supported the protest i know about that but of course we don't one callable 2nd we support the police protests who are demanding their union the lack of security in this country is the fault of the president he uses the all me to destroy the police as people crowded into a square in front of the presidential palace gunshots and tear gas it's not clear
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who fired 1st the police or the military a stage built by the army and guarded by soldiers was set on fire it was the most violent fighting in haiti since protesting began at the end of last year the police say the government should not be funding carnivals while their pay conditions benefits and jobs are being cut. we will send a clear message to this government because we are tired of the situation. the president has made many promises and so vertically to his supporters but not with us we don't need negotiations we will continue demonstrating until we have created a union president quo of an illinois has been ruling by decree since january with gang violence and high levels of crime and corruption international organizations are struggling to deliver aid haiti is the poorest country in the americas and shortages of food and essential goods are common so as political unrest. the police
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are not the only ones who are angry. acting prime minister john michel leptin says the government can't immediately raise officers pay but he has offered housing and insurance incentives something that's not likely to placate the protesters and many fear violent scenes like this may not be the last we're harding al-jazeera. there's al-jazeera and these the top stories the world health organization says it's sending a team to iran after an increase of cases there iran's health ministry says 12 people have died from the virus kuwait bahrain oman and afghanistan have all reported cases of infected travelers coming from iran comes amid a spike in south korea and it's really something that's concerns the world health organization the sudden increase of cases in italy the
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islamic republic of iran and the republic of korea are deeply concerned me we must focus on containment while doing everything we can to prepare for a potential pandemic there is no one fire size fits all approach every country must make its own risk assessment for its own context china is delaying its biggest political event of the year the national people's congress because of crowd virus the gathering of thousands of communist party officials usually takes place at the beginning of march the un is calling for calm in gaza that's after israel carried out air strikes targeting the islamic jihad group the military says it's in response to a barrage of rocket attacks fired from gaza. dozens of people have been injured in central germany after a car rammed through
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a carnival parade in the town of folks mawson police say the driver has been arrested libya's prime minister has condemned his rival as a war criminal players or saraj address the u.n. human rights council in geneva he showed members photos of civilians killed during war highly for half those campaign to overthrow the internationally recognized government donald trump has confirmed the 3000000000 dollar weapons deal with india will go ahead he made the announcement at the start of a 2 day trip to india. there is political turmoil in malaysia off the king accepted the resignation of the prime minister martin mohamad his political party has also quit the coalition government. as the headlines of news continues here on al jazeera off the counting the costs.
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and i want to clock this is counted the cost of al-jazeera your week you look at the world of business and this week. 2 nations taking different approaches to carbon emissions despite unprecedented bushfires australia pushes ahead with a controversial coal project we're on the ground with the community that stands to benefit from the country's biggest money. germany plans to eliminate coal powered stations the government's accused of breaking its promises to replace coal with more environmentally friendly sources of electricity. and shipping the unseen polluter.


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