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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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while a 7th death has now been confirmed in italy hollywood producer harvey weinstein has been convicted of sexual assault and rape in new york but he was acquitted on the more serious charge of predatory sexual assault is caseload the birth of the global hash tag need to movement. u.s. president donald trump will hold official talks with indian prime minister narendra modi as part of his 1st state visit more than 100000 people packed the stadium on monday to welcome him elsewhere 5 people have been killed and dozens injured in new delhi during violence between groups supporting and opposing india's new citizenship law hundreds of muslim activists have been protesting against it. as the headlines it's the stream now.
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where every. now mass stage from india has pulled out all the stops to give the visiting u.s. president the type of stay here event that he revels in but this charm's all stage appearance with indian prime minister narendra modi suggest a meeting of minds or perhaps. i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream send your thoughts for today show through twitter i need change. donald trump is making his 1st visit to india as u.s. president but statecraft is not as important as showcase perhaps hours after arriving in the city of armada bad on monday you know great
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a new cricket stadium joining the ranger modi in front of 100000 people here's a taste of what both leaders set. out of. and that is the. good that. religion. america loves. america respects. and america oweis be very loyal. to the indian people. but the visit has divided opinion on social media a platform that both leaders are expert at navigating hashtags or trying to visit range from their mast a trump trump india visit to india reject trump visit even before trump there was criticism that poor is a lot about what being hidden by war was on the route to the stadium but others in
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the region say that trump is the 1st us president to deliver such a huge speech in front of so many indian people or member of our like community however says the trip is little more than a public relations exercise and opposition politicians have so wait a. good move. for america i'm going to impose by well i'll go over here what i mean is that you sort of the only look what i want on the recent succumbing to demolish it all years. for more on china's visit we are joined from out of a person i'm she's out is there as india correspondent right here in the studio we have to get out of those white house correspondent as sutton and do me is a columnist at wall street journal and everybody's really good to have you elizabeth let's start off you then i'm out of by those instant reactions to what it was like to see present trump enter a stadium was so many indians in there cheering for him.
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or femi it was really quite something not just to see i think there were at least a 110000 people in that stadium that is how many people can fit but we have heard even you know large numbers 100 up 212-5000 perhaps the biggest crowd to greet president trump outside of the united states but as much of a spectacle as the crowd was for me it was really something to see the look on president trump's face the sheer happiness on his face before he addressed that crowd because you know this is a president as you mentioned who does love these big stadium events and you know he certainly got that we were here we've been here for the last few days before his arrival and even before he got to the stadium fed me he would have he would have
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been met by billboards every few meters certainly in the city center with has with his face on so it's really i mean there was an actual red carpet at the airport and in every way. and india has really laid out the red carpet for president trump. yeah this is definitely i think one of the in your intro there you talked about this being a public relations exercise that's exactly what it is because we're pretty much expecting there's not going to be a trade deal that's going to be signed this is something that donald trump had hinted that we certainly saw a deal with regard to sort of closing or inking a deal on a $3000000000.00 in defense but in terms of something broader it's not really materializing right so what this comes down to is a lot of pomp and pageantry and crowd size is very important but this is these are
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crowds that this president has never seen in the united states i mean possibly 3 to 4 times larger so this is a very expensive colorful pre election campaign effort for u.s. president donald trump who's trying to win reelection look the one thing that india is really good at delivering is lots of people. and india has delivered a lot of people yes i don't think. we can say the sort of visit sort of it's only about symbolism not about substance and the reason is the in many ways foreign policy symbolism doesn't matter the fact is that this is the president of the united states he does not like to travel a lot he has traveled hof way across the world and he's gotten out of his car and gone straight to the stadium where he stood hand in hand with the indian prime minister that is sending
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a foreign policy message and the messages i think 1st and foremost to china it shows the importance of india and how the importance of india has risen in u.s. foreign policy every u.s. president since bill clinton has been to india there's a reason for that right is because india's own weight is being felt more due to the larger point that look we can have sort of you can you can go and do want to go into these visits and get more out of them or get less out of them but i don't think it's i don't think that this is confined to the pageantry because the pageantry itself is sending a signal. but i think yeah go ahead. well i was just going to say that i think we'll have to wait and see what comes out of those bilateral bilateral meetings tomorrow but there are so many questions being asked certainly by those who aren't blatant government supporters why did he travel so far for a 36 hour visit when none of the you know really big sticking points in this
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relationship trade is the biggest one when they're not expected to make any progress on that they're not expected to make any progress on the visas for indians who travel to the united states for their big differences that they have on the pharmaceutical industry so really people are. wondering if there is going to determine if you are going ok and then i saw your follow so let me quickly jump in look especially you have 3 traditional pillars of the u.s. in your relationship you've got trade economics you've got the strategic and defense ties and then you've got values and democracy there's no question that 2 out of those 3 legs have been weakened in recent years we're not getting the trade deal even though overall create volumes of reason we're not getting a trade deal in that these trade disputes and it's also true that on the democratic values side there's been diminishing however you've got to be fair and
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a college that on the defense side the relationship is actually deep and you're going to see this deal signed for $2600000000.00 with a force for 4 u.s. helicopters you have seen india sign a series of these so-called foundational agreements which deepen cooperation between the militaries so what you're seeing really is a relationship in the obama era was kind of more balanced it had these 3 legs in the trump era it's become much more about defense and strategic cooperation however the differences are today cooperation has deepened kaminey if i may let me just say what industries this is not a quote from president trump when he was talking about the arm still that is going to happen but india says it's happening and it's having us. as we continue to build our defense cooperation the united states looks forward to providing india was some of the best and most feared military equipment on the planet we make the grade is weapons ever made airplanes missiles rockets ships
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we make the best and we're dealing now with india but this it glutes a very air defense systems and armed and unarmed aerial vehicles. he says the case is just going to say something exactly that's what i'm kind of pulling my hair out about right now i mean come on let's not just take everything that spoon fed to us i mean the bottom line is the white house was suggesting trump was suggesting a very big deal is coming it's not happening on this trip yes there is and it's certainly the counterweight to china is important me just finish my point but let's remember donald trump isn't the only one who flew a very long way for a very big rally back in september we had the reverse we had howdy modi we had the river modi in houston why is that important because there are 4000000 of the diaspora here in the united states 80 percent of them did not vote for donald trump last election this time around they like some of the hardline immigration policies
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highly educated they feel that this is a president who is speaking for the small business owners and that is very important to a president who has just come out of an impeachment battle needs every vote he can get in pivotal states and i think we to ignore that is is really a mistake i guess let me just go via a huge. audience thank you for chipping in hand one to proxy as trump attention it's all a political stunt by trying to win the indian vote how is that even possible when votes by going to modify. or answers we don't know i call are we skeptical 1st of all my. most indian orders most indian americans they're overwhelmingly democratic it is one of the most demos democratically leaning groups in the united states the democratic party number 2 many of them the vast majority in fact live in very solidly blue states they live in places like california new jersey new york now
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it's possible that trump thinks he can make these inroads i'm not ruling that out on the trade deal there was never a big deal on the on the cards from says big because he called everything big absolutely absolutely it was a very modest deal that they were trying to hammer out the pantry they got close enough but they were not able to get to even this sort of very kind of you know they were not able to cross the finishing line even with this mine i think it's really it's met his opponent it's sort of a mirror of him a tough negotiator he's even said he's a very tough negotiator and you know you have all sort of i mean without getting into the weeds on trade policy you basically have both of these countries in many ways moving away from the air of globalization you have both these countries that are raising tariffs and so it's harder and harder for the them to get to any kind of you know trade to get to a trade deal but i do want to stress the significance of the visit still holds elizabeth i'm just looking at the end of modi social media and also present trump social media in this they are very alike because they know twitter so this is what
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i mean so maybe share it and you can tell that there is genuine genuine. what should i say kemp i mean shit between the 2 there's handholding this bear. complet all the greatest now you are the greatest. and trump was all that he said his team relishing the clouds and what it means for trying to bring india how i want to do you think those 2. well you know this very alike in that populist leaders they are more right when leaders them masters of using technology and i think if i can just go back to the point earlier about you know indian americans about whether trump can get some of them to change their mind from the way that they usually vote which is you know 70 percent i think of it in americans in the last election voted for hillary clinton well this time around they don't
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have henery clinton there are a lot of indian americans that do like prime minister modi and indian americans and even indians in fact who like loyalty like trump and. again they don't have clinton is and so this time i think modi does trump rather just see an opportunity and he is going for it there. i think it this is sort of going on a different tangent but i think another thing that we need to bring up is the fact that how controversial modi is we've talked about you know they're both great negotiators they're very popular but they also are magnets for criticism i mean we we have to bring up some of the criticism that modi has received over kashmir the cutting off the internet i think it's month for now donald trump has received similar criticisms for some of these same hardline policies and so it's kind of ironic that in the midst of all of this that we're talking about donald trump
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wanted to go there he was to in these votes but it could blow back as well i mean i think that it probably won't the united states because most americans are that well informed about these policies but he does gravitate to these hard line leaders whether it's modi whether it's rush of air to one whether it's vladimir putin whether it's chinese president xi he calls them all his friends so i'm not i'm just wondering about the way that the 2 leaders approach terrorism and that seems to align them very much so so let me just play another clip from the stadium speech and he will present trump says about terrorism and see if that we'd be aligns with how upon mr moti thinks about a terrorist let's have a look the united states and india are also firmly united in our our glad resolve to defend our citizens from the threat of radical islamic terrorism in the.
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both of our judges have been hurt by the painted german terrorism that terrorism brings. you know you take it in terrorism well you know there's a sort of there's the political aspect to this and then there's the policy aspect the policy aspect there's nothing new india and the u.s. have been cooperating in terms of fighting terrorism for a long time at least since $911.00. and you know the u.s. intelligence sharing has been quite deep they will share concerns about similar groups and so on what is different is the political rhetoric this kind of language the sort of more strident more apt top language is something that obviously appeals to president trump's base in the united states it also appeals to prime minister more these base in india and so what you're seeing is a kind of shared language in when you approach this issue rather than sharply divergent policy because policy that has been pretty much the same no matter who
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has been president for several years now. and that if i can just add on that you know president trump speech was all about knowing his audience i mean praising all things indian from spiritual leaders and mahatma gandhi and the bollywood film industry and cricket stars you know of no matter how badly he he but should words and names but the biggest cheer that he got he got many cheers but the biggest one was when he talked about you know fighting what he called terrorism and working with pakistan and fighting terrorism so he really knows his audience here and he's he's appealing to them that's absolutely strategic like it's not fighting terrorism it's fighting radical islamic terrorism that is the word that phrase in its exact form is exactly what many donald trump supporters under the obama administration felt angry that wasn't being used they pushed him to say it he said it down in
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houston for the howdy modi rally where the 2 were last together and he said it again that is 100 percent deliberate on the part of the white house the speech or. writers knew what they were going to get they wanted that applause line they got it they got the chair and that's 100 percent likely to be played in ads moving forward because it plays to the base and they hope will translate into votes with both their bases guy from similar says on twitter as he's watching all 3 of you seem to be a grind meeting of egos will be interesting to see who strokes whose ego best and gets the most out of it for their respective countries well so far it's been a love fest i mean if you saw. you know he not only did he draw but he he name checked milan yvonne because he said that like this is like a family visit this swedens a relationship like a family relationship and he was really quite you know quite quite quite quite normal not believable did you find that genuine. i think it's part of the charm
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offensive as is the hunger in 25000 people i don't ever find any to global leaders saying nice things about each other believable because it's their job to do it to do it well yes yes they did whoa. the little i think i think i think these 2 leaders are really fond of each other the only question i have in all this though is you know you mentioned elizabeth the butchering of the names i mean you know you can you go to all this effort to have the pageantry and people the dancers and the colorful costumes and then you put your some really important names how does that kind of undo is that sort of like damage when you're trying to get just the exact opposite that's the one thing i'm how did that play you know what for people who like it's the same as in the united states for those who like trump they like trump regardless of what he says and it is the same thing here so they you know he he has good speech writers that really did their research i mean he was listing the best
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bollywood films of all time the greatest cricket stars the biggest spiritual leaders and i think those who like him appreciate. that he made the effort let me share this with you because in the early hours of the morning donald trump's president donald trump's team what editing a beautiful mash up that we serve because it shows that they like it is important and they don't leave either. the soul of the spirit of the people. who seek to astounding progress a miracle of democracy extraordinary diversity and above all a strong and noble people. this is pretty moving this is. yeah you know what it's moving but what it makes me think of is as they
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were editing that video what is happening in the capital new delhi as they editing that video is exactly what the indian government didn't want to happen on the u.s. president's visit the worst violence since the protests against the citizenship people began more than 2 months ago. people dead including a police officer i don't think they have been they had been any deaths in these protests and faso it's it's going to be a very different mood i think and day when the 2 leaders sit down tomorrow can you tell us a little bit about tomorrow's agenda because i'm looking at so well today for you and i'm looking at what's happening a signing at 10 am local time ending up 10 pm local time so that's a full daves well what should we be looking out for what should we be looking behind the scenes or reading in between the lines elizabeth. well you know what femi people are really wondering if there is going to be anything behind the
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curtains because so far there has been no indication and we are expecting. the pomp the u.s. president is meeting the indian president and then he's holding these bilateral meetings with prime minister modi and and different business leaders again he president trump announced you know the big. $3000000000.00 defense do today so we're not sure what else will be said. at the press conference and he is making even though he went to mahatma gandhi's home and i am the bad today it is because iraq is where mahatma gandhi is from he's going to another memorial for mahatma gandhi in the capital new delhi but i'll i'll be interested to see if any of that program tomorrow will be curtailed because of the real violence i mean there are parts of new delhi the northeast that are literally burning right now that i'm fired because of rioting. and. i'm looking at the bigger
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picture from this. what would you say i take away should. it because. the u.s. india strategic relationship remains on track driven mostly by china that's the piece that i wrote in the wall street journal on friday the 2nd takeaway is that this is a big domestic political victory for prime minister modi at a time when india has come under withering criticism both for its policies in kashmir and for the citizenship law to actually get a u.s. president to come and stand side you know stand with him is a huge coup i'm a little bit skeptical on how much donald trump gets out of this domestically but you know people we can agree to disagree on that. i think elizabeth really had an important point that we have to take into account that is the split screen reality as she talks about you know we're seeing what these 2 leaders want us to see our interest very quickly i experience this how do you modi we happen to be there
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filming some counter protesters and the organizers that were supportive of neurons or modi they tried to seize our cameras it became a physical scuffle that's what we're protected by the 1st amendment and for press freedoms here you know it's a little tougher in india and so i think we have to remember that that you know there was an attempt to get elizabeth mention this put up a wall to kind of hide the nasty messy parts that they didn't want the cameras to see so we have to really ask questions constantly about this visit because right now you know again we're seeing what they want us to see and you have to lift up an air of. the i was going to say that you know i read. solomon's article on the wall street journal on how trump and modi and similar are similar and how they differ and i completely agree with him on the fact that as kimberly was saying they're protected by the 1st amendment in the in the united states but the
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institutions here and india whether it's the judiciary or the media have been weakened so in march and that in the more d. and the big j.p. over the last 6 years lisa thank you so much i doubt you'll be going back to page ice show that you're starting on your new day of work for us we're looking forward to seeing you on al-jazeera dot com on al-jazeera as well you are portraying. president trump's visit to india continues for the next 12 hours also came to me thank you for joining us thank you as well for you to be active we really appreciate you and if you've been on live us on you cheap appreciate your feedback and i will see you again online at a.j. stream hyphen.
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caulking people understanding what they're going. to see into we believe everyone has a story worth. the world health organization says it's concerned over coronavirus in italy and iran as the infection spread through the middle east. stocks plungers panic spreads to the markets now the symptom of a worldwide contagion. hello i'm sam is a band this is out live from the hall so coming up. the ceremonies underway for donald trump's visit to india contradict the nationwide protests over a controversial citizenship law so far claimed 5 lives.
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weinstein is a vicious serial sexual predator. hollywood movie producer.


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