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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2020 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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witness documentaries that open your eyes and out as they are. hosni mubarak who ruled egypt until being toppled in the 2011 revolution has died aged 91. or barak spent years behind bars after the uprising but was a venture they acquitted of most of the charges against him in the full analysis and reaction around the region. and how i had seen and this is al jazeera my from doha also coming up iran's deputy health minister seen here wiping his brow during a coronavirus press conference on monday says he is not in fact it's also military
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deals and commitments towards a trade agreement says u.s. president donald trump wraps up his visit to india. and get in the war wounded in south sudan back on their feet finding a rehabilitation center is a barrier for many. hosni mubarak the egyptian president aristide from power during the arab spring uprisings has died at the age of 91 he passed away in a car or hospital where he'd recently undergone surgery the current president of the fatah sisi is among those often tributes to mubarak this overthrow catapulted egypt since a years old cael slower birdman they look back now on the late show with his life and legacy. maintained a firm grip on power in egypt for 3 decades until finally in
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2011 the people had in the millions took to the streets hundreds were killed but after 18 days this used to how much president mohamed hosni mubarak. has the cited wave the office of the president of the public. crowds reacted as they heard the news that the man with an iron fist down. the military council took the reins of power but it was from the bullet train the bark had originally risen to power. a former chief in 1973 he led an air campaign the regain the sinai peninsula from israel it has been a humiliating loss in the 967 war president anwar sadat's made him vice president. mubarak was just meters away from sadat when
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he was shot dead in 1990. 8 days later. became president almost immediately he implemented emergency laws giving the state sweeping powers of arrest and cousin basic freedoms that would remain in place for his entire presidency there were a number of assassination attempts like this one during a visit to ethiopia. in the mid 1990 s. nearly 60 people were killed in luxor. mubarak cracked down rounding up thousands of suspects from the inside many egyptians considered its rule oppressive although he won 4 elections there were allegations of fraud but he continued to impress many in the global political arena as he made international diplomacy a cornerstone of his rule. to secure
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a steady flow of oil supplies into world markets and brokered deals between the palestinians and the israelis the americans enlisted support of 2 major allies saudi arabia and egypt the saudi kingdom use its financial power and egypt under mubarak use its political leverage to influence arab league decisions the strategy paid off and he received crucial u.s. military aid with billions of dollars. but unflinching western support from a barak soon faded for the arab spring began mubarak was arrested and charged with corruption and abuse of power in 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison the failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters after a retrial mubarak was acquitted in 2017 but his legacy has
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endured with the current regime led by another military figure. using similar hardline tactics to crackdown on dissent in order to stay in power. well jim joins us live from the capital tunis jamal you convert the protests that brought about the ends of that sorry decade long rule was your last impression from that period. an expression of. disappointments by egyptians who had felt they deserved better instead under the rule of hosni mubarak not only got poorer and poorer but also got a lot more safe it was translated when the troll was january the 25th the day that the mubarak regime and government had dedicated to celebrate the police they chose that day to actually oppose and express their anger and rejection to what
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they saw as 3 decades of or thought syrian an autocratic rule that's probably looking at how to evaluate mubarak's legacy the best and probably most eye towards a valuation is looking at those 18 days looking at you know why a cross-section of society from all the different political and religious backgrounds from all the different economic backgrounds from all different ages and genders that took part in the streets the gathered in tahrir square in alexandria and suez mahal and so forth that is probably the best assessment of the mubarak regime because in it you will find people who are either young and felt that they had no future in an egypt that was ruled with such authoritarianism or that had very little economic prosperity you found older people who were struggling to put needs to provide for their families you have those from all those different
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sections who essentially realized that the only way to maybe make their life a bit better was to force out the president's. life there from this thank you. but we're getting more reaction now from regional leaders palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has praised mubarak's commitments to the palestinian cause and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu held beliefs egyptian leader for his pursuit of course peace and security there is. on behalf of the people of israel i wish to express deep sorrow over the death of president hosni mubarak he was a personal friend of mine a leader to lead his people to peace and security to peace with israel i met him many times and i was impressed with his commitment and we will continue to walk this joint path i wish to send condolences to president el-sisi the mubarak family
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and all the egyptian people as well as being that small and bashar he sounds as era senior political analyst and author of the book the invisible arab the promise of and peril of the arab revolutions he joins us live from paris kids have you with us again marwan we heard them from benjamin netanyahu expressing his deep sorrow do you feel that deep sorrow will be shared by the people of egypt. who certainly this would be the most damning thing that egyptians and the rest of the arab world would hear is a compliment. a serious compliment from the racist as the arabs and the palestinian and the leading american presidential candidate called him saying nice things about mubarak what the sin think i should go for a president a bus who's been a hostage of the peace process and whose only refuge has been egypt so all in all of the failed peace process and the situation we are in today is partially
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partially the responsibility of hosni mubarak because customer bar was the leader of the most important arab country and the partner or with israel and the palestinians in this peace process and basically was israel's side it was america's main client in the region especially on the peace process issues but mubarak has allowed israel after. egypt signed the peace agreement with israel it allowed izard to basically destroy much of lebanon in $1802.00 it basically just allowed it to repress the palestinian intifada in 1987 and it just basically went on afterwards to legitimize one annex ation one settlement after another by israel so for all practical matter egypt small barak was an accomplice of israel in its annexation and destruction of much of the palestinian livelihood.
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and in terms of the legacy that he leaves for the people of egypt itself what do you think the key markers that we should be drawing attention see on this day he was after all the president for over 30 years what legacy has he left behind for the people of egypt and i. look there was no doubt about the fact that he was an autocrat that rigged every single election since 1980 and basically ruled the country with some corrupt elite and the military but he was and he did call the decisions within the country basically the army interested him with the leadership of egypt and hence we have this authoritarian leader that could be compared and should be compared with other
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leaders within the area like say for example syria's assad or iraq saddam or libya's khadafi in comparison to them he was far less meaning he was far less depressive and far over at the state or in the sense of dictating every single aspect of life in the country egyptians were to some degree able to lead their own social if you kitchen or cultural affairs intertainment affairs and what have you i don't like in countries like syria or libya so there is a certain margin of liberalism within the society within the market economy but in terms of ruling the country this was an autocrat that left 0. margin for other parties to be able to rule or compete fairly in the country i came to charlotte 0 senior political analyst joining us from paris thank you. but still
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to come here on al-jazeera including turkey's president confirms the deaths of turkish soldiers in libya and what's next for malaysia after the resignation of the prime minister bring it up thanks to that's. how i we've got some quotes where they're now starting to push its way into japan to see this area clabber just moved across the region little clutch of storms here tamer this area of low pressure which will continue to move across holland show you out into the open waters as we go through wednesday there we go with that brightest guy some fresher weather having said that with around 1112 celsius the tokyo over the next couple of days want to wintry flowers on the western side of pat as a result of that for
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a dry across the korean peninsula wintry flurries there into northern parts of china but for the south as a good deal sunshine 23 celsius there in hong kong that's right weather stretches across a good part of india china not too bad into the philippines not too bad into thailand as well but for possible asia got some very heavy showers coming through borneo sings heavy showers long spells of rain we have seen some flooding into indonesia recently and it's very much a similar picture as we go on through the next couple of days may well this is a rather unsettled weather to moving across the northeast of in the s. and lively showers just around west bengal and wetter weather now in the process of making its way across bangladesh for most it is fine and dry temperatures in the north picking up to 28 degrees. in 2009 victim of the brutal arjen time the denon regime confronted his interrogator. torture is now on no no not at all that or trivial i was in target
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has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier though i do touch you were telling lies and investigation into the dark history of argentina why didn't they kill me in the end rewind interrogating a torture on al-jazeera. the in the. the on the. basis al-jazeera reminds of the headlines this hour former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 in cairo spent 3 decades in office before being i said by an uprising in 2011 current president of the fatah sisi is among those over
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in tributes to mubarak palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has praised the lace egyptian leaders commitments to palestinian calls and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed mubarak for his pursuit of court peace and security. now iran's deputy health minister has tested positive for corona virus a day after holding a press conference announcing a surge in cases there in russia ricci was standing next to iran's government spokesman and occasionally seen coughing and sweating profusely he denies a claim that the health ministry was downplaying the death toll iran has reported 15 fatalities and nearly $100.00 and factions. because somebody to love him but if a man came along or a father i just wanted to tell you that i carries a coronavirus as well yesterday i had
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a fever and late last night the results of my preliminary test was positive since last night i've isolated myself a while ago i was informed that my test has been confirmed and it's positive my general condition is not bad i assure you that with the efforts of the health ministry officials and with the people support in the next few weeks we will defeat the virus to rest assured of that. meanwhile many countries bordering iran a company town on visitors from their circus airlines flight from iran has been dying viruses because of a suspected corona virus carrier on boards the flight from to han's istanbul lenses in turkey's capital ankara states so his health minister says 130000 passengers and crew will be quarantined for 2 weeks. though amman and the united arab emirates have suspended some transport channels with iran is a key health official as we mentioned has tested positive for the virus for more on this let's bring in said big he's a seron for us as the pretty astonishing developments it does have to be said.
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reacting to this news that one of their own government ministers this contract at this deadly virus. absolutely astonishing now he gave this press conference yesterday standing next to the government spokes person and even yesterday some were questioning whether he was feeling ok and it seems he has been infected by the crown of ours now many iranians are taking to social media and questioning whether the government spokesperson. who is standing next to him has been infected by the corner virus and remember that rumors full of full of politicians and members of the press the government spokesperson has contact with the president of this country has contact with the cabinet so potentially we could have the iranian government all in contact with the corner of virus and possibly infected by it and right now the figure of infected the official figure is 95 the death toll is 15 and people are questioning the
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official government account but it is absolutely astonishing that the deputy health minister who has denied that even half of 1525 people had died he said if even 25 people have died he would hand in his resignation that was in response to the parliamentarian from city of the epicenter of the spread of the crown of us here in iran who had come out and said that 50 people have died and the government was effectively covering up the extent of the spread of the virus now that parliamentarian again us come out today and he said he said that people are being buried in cemeteries in palm and that the government is still in denial and he's challenging the government he said he sent names of the dead to the government and also said that the doctors are writing down the cause of death is respiratory problems where in fact everyone knows that these people that are dying are coming
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out of the quarantine ward for coronavirus now many are wearing masks and gloves there's fewer people out on the streets and universities remain closed some cafes and gyms have closed public gatherings and such as. concerts film screenings football matches have been cancelled but iranian people are looking to the government for guidance and right now one of the ministers has been affected by the coronavirus and this comes on the same day as president rouhani seemed to downplay the spread of the virus he said it was a bad. flu virus that has had the country's dealt with in the past and that people should not panic and they should take the advice of the health ministry you know that's really bizarre because dipsy minister from the health ministry has been infected so the ringing people are question the official account they want to know how many people have been affected have this virus has spread and what the actual number of dead is because many people i've spoken to seem to believe that it's way
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higher than 50 ok their life is and thank you. those cases around the world increased there are fears about the global implications over the corona virus outbreak analysts will be watching u.s. markets as they're opening a set to open in just less than an hour's time after share prices in asia and to europe tick for white house correspondent kimberly holcomb joins me now from washington d c once again kimberly all eyes on the states yeah and the americans increasingly nervous as you pointed out the stock market and the concerns that happened on monday certainly didn't help and now that u.s. president donald trump finding himself in the position of trying to contain those fears as they continue to rise the u.s. president monday tweeted that things were very much under control but at the same time the white house submitted a funding request to the u.s. congress for $2500000000.00 in order to try and fight the virus one that democrats
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have called holy insufficient in terms of the funding requested even incompetent now the u.s. president speaking as he wrapped up his trip from india is still working to downplay those fears. if it's going to work out fine hope so well working very hard we're spending a tremendous amount of money also on we just says for $2.00 and a half $1000000000.00 on getting everything ready just in case something should happen and also helping other nations that really aren't equipped to do it now in terms of that funding request the money to be used for vaccine development protective equipment even treatment but again many americans not feeling confident in the strategy of the united states government right now they not only point to the very troubling signs of the evacuation of some infected americans brought back to the united states put on the same plane over the weekend with those who were healthy separated only by flimsy plastic sheeting but also many americans not
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feeling entirely comfortable about having those that are infected and being evacuated brought to the united states in their home states and cities so again a lot of trouble and fear about what the nervousness the misunderstanding surrounding the virus the government trying to contain it but so far not doing a very effective job in terms of quelling the nervousness of ordinary americans can really hold at that last in d.c. thank you for that update. turkey's president has confirmed the deaths of 2 turkish soldiers in libya which of type are to incense and troops in january to support libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli government forces are battling faces loyal to war logically for have to you've been trying to capture the capital for the past 10 months with up to one has is in tripoli he says people there are waiting to see if turkey retaliates for the soldiers deaths. the
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president. as he was addressing his speech to the opposition he is justifying their existence the military individuals and also the advance of weapons with the government of national accord so the fact that the president of egypt table and is mentioning that they have lost soldiers in libya that could be some kind of justification to any counter offensive turkey seems to be playing a major rule the turkish military existence on the ground to the government forces has achieved a substantial change on the ground repealing the offensive by have to the forces that started on april the 4th last year but again it seems that these. violations by have those forces according to the government of national court are derailing the peace process in geneva the state owned oil company in
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libya says fighting in the past month alone of course that more than 2000000000 dollars forces loyal to warlord who for have to have located libya's main source of income since mid january that includes major oil fields and export terminals after is also continuing his 10 month offensive aimed at capturing the capital tripoli from the un recognized government. sees far as started in gaza between the palestinian armed group islamic jihad and israeli forces the u.n. and egyptian seas far follows 2 days of cross border attacks the israeli air force says it spawns into the firing of at least 80 rockets from gaza on monday and 6 people including 2 islamic jihad fighters were killed by israeli strikes in syria on sunday night actually wounded another 4 people. malaysia's prime minister is reported to be trying to form
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a new coalition government 24 hours after mahathir mohamad resigns to add to the political turmoil his party quit the ruling coalition over a long running feud with rival flora's louis has all the latest from capitol kuala lumpur mahathir mohamad in his capacity as the interim prime minister of malaysia met with party leaders across the political divide on tuesday reports say he is planning to propose a unity government one that would see politicians from rival parties working together to form the next government but that idea has now been rejected by the main opposition party known as a mill i'm no was dominant in malaysian politics for more than 60 years until it was voted out in a general election 2 years ago now i'm no together with several other opposition parties held a press conference and they said if mahathir cannot even lead a coalition of 4 parties what's more a coalition consisting of 12 parties they're calling for parliament to be dissolved
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and for fresh elections to be held now another possible scenario that could play out however is a new coalition could be formed now political horse trading and negotiations are happening behind closed doors and it's still too early to tell which parties would have the right numbers to form a majority in parliament but if the outcome of all this is opposition party politicians coming back into power through this manner rather than through the ballot box then civil society organizations and voters may just reject such a government and political upheaval will continue in malaysia. and so in sudan years of war have left thousands with disabilities for the population of 12000000 only 3 orthopedic rehabilitation centers are open they're the only opportunities to restart life son to earn a living for many of the war wounded and morgan reports from the capital juba. when
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joseph a-kon was shot in a battle in south sudan's civil war 5 years ago he thought he would recover after surgery but his wound was so serious his leg was amputated that made it difficult for him to find a job and for a while he thought his life was over. i was a soldier and in one of the battles in the ben tree i got shot when i lost my leg i couldn't eat i stressed out a lot i couldn't be a soldier no one wanted to hire me for a job. south sudan seceded from sudan in 2011 after 21 years of civil war the longest on the african continent with 2 years after independence civil war broke out their 2 decades of fighting has left many people suffering from war injuries both civilians and soldiers it's also left hundreds of thousands this abled conflict has left many of those struggling to get the health care they need especially in areas outside the capital and some see their marginalized and sometimes excluded from employment in 2017 groups like human rights watch estimates
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that south sudan has about 1200000 people with disabilities that's largely the result of not just the recent conflict but decades of violence this center in the capital juba covers more than half the country when it comes to providing care for the disabled and those receiving attention getting prosthetics or any other kind of services provides them an opportunity to restart their life again. susan day is 40 years old and has the threat from pole you since she was a child let his hat. even die trying to walk still i need somebody to assist me and people will get out if in their family but after i get the new device able to get in my books if it can mathematically us school requirement and if it did i work with my own without any support. the center produces prosthetic limbs and other aid including wheelchairs doctors here see while there is less fighting
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in south sudan as a result of a peace deal signed in 2018 many patients continue to come for help but the biggest problem this i think group of. gun shops and we have like and they want to buy us their buy and now we have a. diabetic patient there so i talk now there are a distinct raising staff here see if conditions improve in the country they expect the number of patients in need of for habitation to rise that this moment the 7 took up a city is fully occupied with their presence and we have some arm and as you go down what's working list but once the access is improved their order going to some is improved they probably transport something to them that are. not coming up keep coming then we hand up the only time this. joseph says he's yet to find a job but he says now that he can walk again he doesn't feel stigmatized and left out and that's giving him hope that some day he can work again and financially be
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able to stand on his feet he will morgan al-jazeera juba. we can find more on this story on the rest of the day's news on our web site be addressed as after these al-jazeera don't go. this is out. 0 and these are the headlines former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 in cairo he spent 3 decades in office before being i said by an uprising in 2011 current president of sisi is among those offering tributes to mubarak palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has praised the lazy gyptian leaders commitment to the palestinian cause while the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed mubarak for his pursuits of quote peace and security. coverage the 2011 process that process and ends to mubarak's 3 decade long will. for looking at
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how to evaluate mubarak's legacy the best and probably most eye towards evaluation is looking out of those 18 days looking at the wide cross-section of society from all the different political and religious backgrounds from all the different economic backgrounds from all different ages and genders that took part in the streets the other than to hear square in alexandria and suez mahal and so forth that is probably the best assessment of the mubarak regime because in it you will find people who are either younger and felt that they had no future in an egypt about was ruled with such authoritarianism or that had very little economic prosperity iran's deputy health minister has tested positive for corona virus a day after holding a press conference and i was in a surge in cases iraq charity chief was standing next to iran's government spokesman in the case coughing and sweating he denies
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a claim that the health ministry was downplaying the death toll iran has reported 15 fatalities and nearly $100.00 coronavirus infections yes president donald trump says he's optimistic a comprehensive trade deal with india will be breached ransley baps up this 3 day visit he held talks with indian prime minister narendra modi in new delhi. turkey's president has confirmed the deaths of 2 turkish soldiers in libya rich of time a purge of one sent troops in january to support libya's internationally recognized governments in tripoli you've been fighting forces loyal to the warlords highly for . well those are the headlines here on al-jazeera to stay with us the stream is up next.
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a mass stage from india has pulled out all the stops to give the visiting u.s. president the type of stadium event that he revels in but does travels all stage
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appearance with indian prime minister narendra modi suggest a meeting of minds or perhaps it's i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream send your thoughts for today show through twitter. donald trump is making his 1st visit to india as u.s. president but statecraft is not as important as showcase perhaps hours after arriving in the city of armada bad on monday you know great a new cricket stadium joining the ranger modi in front of 100000 people here's a taste of what both leaders set. eyes. on and that is the. good that.


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