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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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industry is a challenge but in an environment driven by trends where lispunds be may close may become the ultimate fashion statement. this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle superfast the w.h.o. calls on countries for urgent action to prevent a coronavirus pandemic. iran's deputy health minister who's leading the fight against corona virus there confirms he's infected day after he was seen wiping his brow in public. i'm compelled this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up posner mubarak egypt's former will learn who was toppled in the 2011 revolution has died aged 91.
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i want reciprocal. to be reciprocal donald trump fails to reach a comprehensive trade agreement with india about the us president calls it a productive visit deals of defense and telecom. ahead of the world health organization mission to china says the coronavirus is becoming a rapidly escalating epidemic in several places cases in china where the virus began have been on a downward trend rates of new infections are falling in several provinces but it has spread on to other countries and that is what has the world health organization concerned. this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic i mean it's actually what china demonstrates is where this goes is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigor and approach
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to to to this disease it's only has the highest number of cases in europe more than $280.00 people are known to be infected there are several towns in the country's north of being sealed off to contain the spread and iran has the most deaths outside of china at 15 president house on rouhani says the situation is under control and is blaming the enemies of iran for spreading fear in society meanwhile a high profile government figure leading the fight against the corona virus has caught the disease heard she was seen wiping sweat from his brow at a press conference on monday because somebody to love him but if a man came along or a knife or that i just wanted to tell you that i carries a coronavirus as well yesterday i had a fever and late last night the results of my preliminary test was positive since last night i've isolated myself a while ago i was informed that my test has been confirmed and it's positive my general condition is not bad i assure you that with the efforts of the health
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ministry officials and with the people support in the next few weeks we will defeat the virus to rest assured of that i said biogas in tehran he says there's disagreement over how bad the situation really is. yesterday he gave a press conference standing next to the government spokesperson denying that 50 people had died he had even said that even if it was half that number he would hand in his resignation but he was seen wiping stretch from his forehead people are questioning whether his condition is ok back yesterday because he was showing symptoms now we're in a situation where he's been in contact with the government spokesperson that room is full of journalists and politicians the government spokesperson has contact with the cabinet including the president president hassan rouhani so we're potentially in a situation where the government of iran the senior members of the government have come in contact with somebody with the coronavirus and could very well be infected by it at the same time president rouhani spoke this morning he seemed to downplay
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the spread of the virus he said it wasn't as bad as the spread of the flu virus the country has faced in the past he says to ask people not to panic and to follow the advice of the health ministry well the deputy minister of the health ministry has been infected at the same time president hasn't spoken again he said that it's part of an enemy plot to create panic and shut down the country and they won't be shutting down the country and he said that life would turn to turn back to normal of bisect today unless there is an exceptional case now i'm not sure whether he considers the coronavirus to be an exceptional case but not many people seem to believe that life will turn back to normal the u.s. has accused iran of covering up and summation about the coronavirus the u.s. secretary of state has called on countries to tell the truth about the growing outbreak white house correspondent kimberly helka joins me now live from washington d.c. so what else to pompei i have to say kelly. yeah well the u.s.
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secretary of state was speaking at the state department and what he said was essentially that he felt that these nations had not been telling the truth china and iran namely that this suppression of info allegedly has potentially made this global outbreak even worse and as a result he is calling now on all nations to share information and work with international authorities that china permitted its own foreign journalists and medical personnel to speak and investigate freely chinese officials and other nations would have been far better prepared to address the challenge similarly the united states is deeply concerned by information indicating the iranian regime may have suppressed vital details about the outbreak in that country as of yesterday afternoon around was 2nd only to china and coronavirus deaths. all nations including iran should tell the truth about the coronavirus and cooperate with
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international aid organizations in the midst of all of this the u.s. administration's response here in the united states being criticized by top democrats on capitol hill as the u.s. president has sought to contain rising fears in the united states about the spread potentially here in the u.s. of the of the coronavirus there has been an effort to secure funding with congress some 2500000000 dollars used for vaccine development treatment as well as protective equipment but democrats saying that this amount is wholly insufficient even calling the administration's response incompetent things that can be held up there live from washington d.c. . well mom don't do misner virus a good onya region he says many residents fare containment measures on not working . there's been another spike in the number of confirmed cases we're now being told
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at least 280 confirmed cases of corona virus in 7 different regions across italy now this doesn't really come as a surprise because officials have been saying the past 24 to 48 hours that we should expect to hear about more cases because there are now more proactive measures being taken by health officials here in italy to test more people and to try and diagnose coronavirus patients all that being said there are also 7 people having been reported killed because of the virus so there are 7 deaths as well throughout the country now we are in an area in northern italy the lumber the region where about 10 kilometers from the center of the virus of the corona virus a town called code donyell and what you see behind me this is a checkpoint that's been put up so that no cars can go into or get out of that quarantined area what's called a red zone unless they have specific government permission to do so throughout the day we've seen numerous ambulances go in and out of the quarantine area one of the
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reasons why the sense of alarm is really growing the past several hours throughout the day i will say that the residents that we've spoken with they say that they are trying to remain calm but they are worried that perhaps the containment measures that have been taken by italian government officials may not be working as well as they would like them to work. hosni mubarak the egyptian president ousted from college during the arab spring uprisings has done it aged 91 if asked away in a cairo hospital where he had recently undergone surgery the current president somehow felt the r.c.c. is among those offering tributes to nevada or that a man looks back on the late egyptian role as life and legacy. both in the back maintain to some crippled power in egypt for 3 decades until finally in 2011 the people who had enough millions to the streets. hundreds of killed but after 18 days this one how much president mohamed hosni
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mubarak has the sighted to wave the office of their president of the public. the crowds reacted as they heard the news that brought the man with an iron fist down. the military council took the reins of power but it was from the bullet train the mubarak had originally risen to power. a former chief in 1973 he led an air campaign the regain the sinai peninsula from israel it has been a humiliating loss in the 1967 war president anwar sadat's made him vice president. mubarak was just meters away from sadat when he was shot dead in 1990. 8 days later.
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became president almost immediately he implemented emergency laws giving the state sweeping powers of arrest and cousin basic freedoms that would remain in place for his entire presidency there were a number of assassination attempts like this one during a visit to ethiopia. in the mid 1990 s. nearly 60 people were killed in luxor. mubarak cracked down on rounding up thousands of suspects from the inside many egyptians considered this rule oppressive although he won 4 elections there were allegations of fraud but he continued to impress many in the global political arena as he made international diplomacy a cornerstone of his rule. to secure a steady flow of oil supplies into world markets and burger deals between the palestinians and the israelis the americans enlisted support of 2 major allies
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saudi arabia and egypt the saudi kingdom use its financial power and egypt under mubarak use its political leverage to influence arab league decisions the strategy paid off and he received crucial u.s. military aid billions of dollars. but unflinching western support from the bark soon faded for the arab spring began. rested and charged with corruption and abuse of power in 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison the failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters after a retrial mubarak was acquitted in 2017. but his legacy has in july with the current regime led by another military figure up to sisi using similar hardline tactics to crackdown on dissent in order to stay in power.
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several leaders have reacted to mubarak's stand the country's current president topple fatah o.c.c. praised mubarak's role during the 1973 conflict with israel which he called a war that restore dignity and pride to the arab nation palestinian president mahmoud abbas praised mubarak's support for the palestinian cause the palestinian people and shaving their freedom and independence and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed mubarak as a great leader a correspondent of all a shell has covered egypt extensively he tells us why the late former president was significant for the region. the hour well in the context of whilst it is so divided it is actually united in many respects in the way that it is ruled it is ruled by a group of authours tamia in an autocratic rulers that ultimately have similar interests in maintaining the status quo and that's why for example there is that
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support for that came for the coup in egypt from different regional countries who may not necessarily agree ideologically or politically with certain trends within the egyptian regime but know that they want to maintain it so you will get that supports of benjamin netanyahu obviously and the israeli governments were extremely grateful and then that's a true the policies of hosni mubarak not least in being able to establish that stranglehold over gaza and imposing the blockade which was essentially starving more than one and a half 1000000 palestinians there mahmoud abbas found legitimacy in the government of hosni mubarak in being able to meet a statesman at the time where his party in occupied palestine had lost their luxury legitimacy at least in actions back then some of the gulf waters in the united arab emirates and saudi arabia saw interesting mubarak a man who was able to contain what they perceive as their existential threat which
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is political islam so there is a lot of different. cross sections between these different regimes and rulers who will no doubt have some sort of debts or at least feel that they. have lost in frosty mubarak an ally. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. president's visit to india coincides with the worst riots in the capital in decades . once thriving areas have become ghost towns the syrian government presses on with a major offensive. however still got some rather unsettled weather making its way across the middle east this latest band of cloud this latest area of low pressure that's going to continue
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driving its way further research was out of iraq still a few showers here east inside of iraq for where to stay. over the mountains as it pushes across iran and eventually making its way into afghanistan northern parts of afghanistan seeing a fair bit of snow then for the north to administer this pakistan say that when she makes as well just as that western side of the himalayas we are going to see dry weather coming back in behind 22 celsius here in the. same it'll be quite a keen one it will feel noticeably fresher but it will be fine dry and sunny little if that doesn't sound to watch out for fog is sunny across a good parts of northern africa the showers that we have just around the sinai peninsula there in the process of pulling out of the way process guys coming back in a few shows just around the highlands right into the heart of africa just around the gulf of guinea some large possibility there just around uganda pushing into southern parts of kenya northern areas of mozambique still seeing some rather wet
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization has warned the coronavirus is a rapidly escalating epidemic and it must be tackled quickly warning comes after an increase in cases and south korea is silly and a number of middle eastern countries. around the deputy health minister she has been diagnosed with a corona virus iran has the most deaths outside of china 5061 others have been infected. former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 in cairo he spent 3 decades in office before being ousted by an uprising in 2011. well for more on that story mohamed el masry joins me on said he's a professor at the doha institute for graduate studies who specializes in politics
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good to talk to you from the discussions we've had so far it seems mubarak's legacy will really depend on who it is you're talking to and what lens with what lens they view his role what's your take you have heard a lot of this discussion over the last few hours about how his legacy is it's complicated how it's a mixed legacy and so on and so forth i actually i'm of the view that it's not terribly complicated i think when the books are written when the history books are written in the political science literature is complete on hosni mubarak whenever that is it's going to be very clear that he was an autocratic ruler he was highly repressive he imprisoned opponents he banned political parties he used the emergency law for 30 consecutive years it's a long laundry list really of human rights violations and violations against democratic principles so i don't think it's a mixed legacy i think that in many ways his legacy lives on in the form of this super authoritarianism of the c.c. the current egyptian president. essentially inherited the mubarak deep state
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and the police apparatus out of the security apparatus you know obviously the involvement of the military in politics and in business and economics and a long list of other things so in many ways mubarak's rule. continues to live on and that's part of his legacy tell me what are egyptians saying. well it does kind of depend on who you're asking and we have to remember a couple of things 1st of all there are egyptians to be fair and honest about this there are difference who like mubarak who are fans of mubarak not everybody was on board with the 2011 uprising that ousted him the overwhelming majority of egyptians dislike mubarak were angered by him but there was a pocket of egyptians that supported him so if you ask those people they're probably very sad today they're probably you know in a deep state of mourning i think the overwhelming majority of egyptians however.
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are of the mind that you know i mean they're probably being respectful on the day one when he when he just passed away but they're not they're not missing the days of mubarak out all and to the extent that they are missing the days of mubarak it's only because the current period. of the object for the period is actually worse is actually more repressive more authoritarian we have to leave it there for time thank you that's mohamed el masry there professor at the doha institute for graduate studies thank you. u.s. president wrapped up his 2 day visit to india saying he's optimistic a comprehensive trade deal can be reached before leaving new delhi he signed a $3000000000.00 deal for u.s. weapons but he criticized india for its tariffs on the u.s. and its goods i want reciprocal has to be reciprocal. and the money you're talking about is made here but the united states has to be treated fairly. and india and this is the relationship is standing good india and this is
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we've had a tremendous deficit for many many years with india with with everybody you know with frankly so many different cultures we've had a massive massive deficit elizabeth branom has more now from the indian capital new delhi. we heard from president just. wrapped up his 1st visit to india. in another couple of hours and we heard from him and he actually did something that prime minister modi has never done which is take questions from journalists and while he emphasized the president and prime minister modi of really keen to emphasize this defense deal this india is buying $3000000000.00 with tree equipment america's. about that day i guess they see that. you know tangible thing that they got out of this trip we did have president trump for
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the 1st time about what's actually happening in india and what's been happening in india the biggest story here for the last 2 months with the ongoing protests against the citizenship and white house official said before president trump traveled that he would raise concerns with the president and when asked. about that and he had to be asked about that today because there have been violent scenes in delhi for the last few days like we haven't seen in the last 2 months and he was asked about that and he replied by heaping praise on prime minister modi yet again saying that you know promise to modi is committed to religious freedom and that there is religious freedom in india and that he has full faith in him. president obama's visit coincided with the worst riots in the capital in decades 13 people including a police officer died over the last 3 days they were killed during protests over
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the controversial citizenship the demonstrators say it discriminates against muslims tony but me is in. new delhi explains why there's concern that police officers are not doing enough to protect the people. there's a mixture of apprehension and anger apprehension about what's going to happen and anger about the attacks on the community we saw some of the worst violence in the capital since those protests about the amendment laura began in december and with the latest tally the death toll now is up to 7 with 160 people injured and in hospital so it was quite a day of violence and it shook many people because they never expected it to have been centered around a group of muslim women who staged a sit in just up the road behind me and their cars this blockage of a road and that's angered the hindu community and when we were here on monday we heard very very racist comments and nationalist music being played by the hindu
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side and there's lots of images appearing on social media which seem to show that the predominately hindu police office at least some of them are supporting some of those extreme demonstrations over the other side it's difficult to verify that but it adds to the narrative here of people believing there's a collusion between those hindu extremists and the police and they're not getting the protection they deserve well his prime minister is reported to be trying to form a new coalition government 24 hours after a month to mohamed resigned to add to the political turmoil his party quit the ruling coalition or a long running feud has his rival far as though he has the latest from the capital kuala lumpur. mahathir mohamad in his capacity as the interim prime minister of malaysia met with party leaders across the political divide on tuesday reports say he is planning to propose a unity government one that would see politicians from rival parties working together to form the next government but that idea has now been rejected by the
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main opposition party known as a mill i'm no was dominant in malaysian politics for more than 60 years until it was voted out in a general election 2 years ago now i'm no together with several other opposition parties held a press conference and they said if mahathir cannot even lead a coalition of 4 parties what's more a coalition consisting of 12 parties they're calling for parliament to be dissolved and for fresh elections to be held now another possible scenario that could play out however is a new coalition could be formed now political horse trading and negotiations are happening behind closed doors and it's still too early to tell which parties would have the right numbers to form a majority in parliament but if the outcome of all this is opposition party politicians coming back into power through this manner rather than through the ballot box then civil society organizations and voters may just reject such
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a government and political upheaval will continue in malaysia syrian and russian air strikes have killed at least 10 people sheltering in schools across a good province but what helmets rescue groups say at least 8 schools were targeted with cluster bombs on tuesday there are fears the death toll may be higher as search and rescue operations continue the u.n. is warning of a bloodbath as fighting in the northwest moves closer to makeshift camps for internally displaced families at least 1000000 people are on the move in syria's it will province stranded on the border area with turkey and fearing syrian government bombardments the displaced have nowhere left to run or to hide. reports. on turkey's border with syria. this is an unusually eerie quiet in what was once a street bustling with activity people have left. is one of many ghost villages and towns in and rural aleppo.
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syrian government troops have stepped up their military offensive. shelling residential areas as the advance. of also pay was among thousands forced out of must. by the villagers he stayed in also. feeling hopeless and angry here we turn to must almost saying he'd rather die where he was born. show me out how i used to walk the alleyways every day met my neighbors and have tea together now i do the daily walk alone everyone has gone. as fighting continues as the humanitarian situation deteriorates and civilians carry on their journey hoping for shelter and war. a journey that turned into a tragedy for one man his wife his daughter and granddaughter. my
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brother mustafa was desperate for a tent a tailor provided my limb fabric but because my brother had no experience the tent he built didn't hear went to lucia they all suffocated to that in their sleep. blames the international community for the death of his brother's family he says his failure to act in syria was a betrayal. but i wot is will stop us son he was with his parents the night they died but had to go to another village to bring back for they had left behind. and never forget that night my father called me to help him install a stone i remember my niece came to me because of the called me. and i was still under shock he will carry with him the memory of his parents and his brother who was killed in a war
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a few years earlier. like the millions of other syrians grappling with loss and despair. for the hundreds of thousands of displaced syria's the exodus wiccan to new for as long as the government funds does not come and for now turkey and russia have failed to agree on a ceasefire and if there's no ceasefire those stranded on the border fear they may be the next targets. on turkish border with syria turkey's president has confirmed the deaths of 2 turkish soldiers in libya or egypt or one sent in troops in january to support libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli government forces are battling fighters loyal to warlord holly for half staff who have been trying to capture the capital for the past 10 months a un and egyptian brokered cease fire is holding in gaza between the palestinian armed group islamic jihad and israel the ceasefire follows 2 days of cross border violence the israeli air force says at least 80 rockets were fired from gaza on
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monday israel carried out attacks using aircraft and tanks. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the world health organization has warned the coronavirus is a rapidly escalating epidemic and it must be tackled quickly the warning comes after an increase in cases in south korea italy and a number of middle eastern countries this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic i mean it's actually what china demonstrates is where this goes is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigor and approach to to to this disease iran's deputy health minister. has been
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diagnosed with coronavirus iran has the most deaths outside of china 1561 others have been infected there iran's president hassan rouhani says the situation is under control and he's warning that the crisis is being politicized. as actual one of the plots and conspiracies that our enemies are pursuing is to spread the excessive fear in society to shut down the country no we must continue to do our work and be active we all have to be careful to former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 in cairo he spent 3 decades in office before being ousted in 2011 current president to absolve fatah of sisi led tributes calling him a national hero. u.s. president donald trump wrapped up his 2 day visit to india he failed to agree a comprehensive trade deal but he did manage to sign a $3000000000.00 agreement to sell u.s. weapons president trump visit coincided with the worst riots in the capital in
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decades 13 people including a police officer died over the last 3 days they were killed during protests over the controversial citizenship law demonstrators say it discriminates against muslims. syrian russian air strikes have killed at least 10 people sheltering in schools across it province the white helmets rescue group says at least 8 schools were targeted with cluster bombs on tuesday there are fears the death toll may be higher as search and rescue operations continue the un's warning of a bloodbath as fighting in the northwest moves closer to makeshift camps for internally displaced families. those are the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera off the inside story.
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malaysia's power struggle of a habits something the resignation has thrown the country into uncertainty but what's motivated this just 2 years after a surprise comeback of what is a tell us about politics in malaysia this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finighan and prime minister mahathir mohamad has long been seen as a monster of malaysian politics his shock resignation on monday has triggered speculation over what he may be planning he's been resisting pressure to set a deadline to and over power to his name successor abraham they put aside the decades long rivalry and 28 team and.


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