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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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as how designers are be deflated if you are in the final episode all hail the algorithm. the it. to stop the epidemic becoming a pandemic in the world must act quickly the message from the w.h.o. as the corona virus continues to spread outside of china. alone barbara starr you're watching out as they are live from london also coming up hosni mubarak who ruled egypt until being toppled in the 2011 revolution has died at the age of 91 a major defense deal agreed but differences remain over trade the u.s. president wraps up his 1st visit to india and 19 people are killed as government
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air strikes reportedly targets schools in northwest syria one group says civilians must be given safe passage. thank you for joining us the world health organization has warned of the coronavirus epidemic is escalating rapidly and action must be taken quickly to prevent it from becoming a pandemic this says the global reach of the virus continues to expand croatia austria and switzerland have reported their 1st cases and there's been an increase in the number of infections in south korea iran france and italy. this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic i mean it's actually what china demonstrates is where this goes is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigor and approach
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to to to this disease. therefore more people have died from the virus initially taking the best toll there to 11 let's go to the home of general joulwan joins us from 1st of all mohamed what more can you tell us about the death. well barbara we've heard that 3 of the people you mentioned who died were all over the age of 80 that one was 831 was 84 another was 91 of the 2 of the people who died were in the town of don't you know that here in the lumber the region of course is also the center of the corona virus outbreak in northern italy it's the area the town rather or where the 1st locally transmitted case of corona virus was detected that's a 38 year old man who works with you know
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a lever he's the 1st person to been known to have caught the virus here in italy the deaths that you mentioned the people who have died again everybody who has passed away here in italy from the corona virus has been either aged or infirm i don't believe there's been anybody under the age of 65 was passed away many of those who have died have been in their eighty's we are waiting to hear a little bit more about those specific cases and we expect to know more in the coming hours barbara meanwhile the european health ministers met in rome to discuss the crisis and how to try and handle it do we know what's come out of that meeting . well the italian health minister refer to a speranza he told assembled press after the meeting that those in attendance had agreed to keep the borders open he went on to say that closing borders would be a disproportionate and ineffective measure at this time those european health
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ministers and also officials with the world health organization meeting in rome trying to ensure that the containment measures being taken here in italy would be effective now one of the more interesting aspects of covering this from here the past couple of days is that every few hours it seems there is a spike in numbers as far as new confirmed. virus cases of course we need to mention that this is not a surprise that italian health officials and government officials the past couple of days have reiterated that it is expected that more cases will be discovered in the coming days and that's because there are more proactive health measures that are being taken now to try to test more people and to try to diagnose more coronavirus cases so that treatment can begin so it's not a surprise that the numbers have been rising but it is still something that's causing a lot of alarm here in milan where we are and also where we were today we spent several hours outside of that red zone in lumbered just about 8 or 9
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kilometers away from the town of good onya which we were just speaking about and we spoke to residents in that area and they told us that they were really wondering more and more if the containment measures being taken by the government here were as effective as they were being told so there's a real sense of worry that's increasing people are trying to remain calm but the fact that every few hours you have the numbers jumping now it's confirmed at least 320 people in italy are confirmed with coronavirus and it is spread to 7 different regions across the country that's something that's causing a lot more worry as the hours wear on throughout today. june the latest from milan in northern italy mohammed thank you a hotel in spain's canary islands is on lockdown after a visiting talian doctor tested positive for the corona virus hundreds of guests at the hotel in tenerife being told to stay in their rooms as medical tests are carried out the doctor is reportedly from the lumbered intervention larry telling
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authorities as we've been hearing are battling the outbreak this is the 3rd case identified in spain after a german tourist in legal matter which is another canary island and a british man in majorca both tested positive. well as the number of cases continues to rise in iraq and the so does concern over the government's handling of the outbreak the country's deputy health minister the man leading the fight against the ill it illness has been diagnosed with the virus and self because somebody to love him but if a man can run on coronary for them i just wanted to tell you that i carries a coronavirus as well yesterday i had a fever and late last night the results of my preliminary test was positive since last night i've isolated myself a while ago i was informed that my test has been confirmed and it's positive my general condition is not bad i assure you that with the efforts of the health ministry officials and with the people support in the next few weeks we will defeat
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the virus to rest assured of that. well the deputy health minister made that announcement just the day after making a public statement on the response to the virus i said big has more now from tehran . yesterday he gave a press conference standing next to the government spokesperson denying that 50 people had died he had even said that even if it was half that number he would hand in his resignation but he was seen wiping stretch from his forehead people are questioning whether his condition is ok back yesterday because he was showing symptoms now we're in a situation where he's been in contact with the government spokesperson that room is full of journalists and politicians the government spokesperson has contact with the cabinet including the president president hassan rouhani so we're potentially in a situation where the government of iran the senior members of the government have come in contact with somebody with the coronavirus and could very well be infected by it at the same time president rouhani spoke this morning he seemed to downplay
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the spread of the virus he said it wasn't as bad as the spread of the flu virus the country has faced in the past to ask people not to panic and to follow the advice of the health ministry well the deputy minister of the health ministry has been infected at the same time president hasn't spoken again he said that it's part of an enemy plot to create panic and shut down the country and they won't be shutting down the country and he said that life would turn to turn back to normal by saturday unless there is an exceptional case now i'm not sure whether you consider the coronavirus to be an exceptional case but not many people seem to believe that life will turn back to normal u.s. president donald trump has asked congress to approve a 2 and a half $1000000000.00 to combat the spread of the virus it comes as the country's health secretary warned that the u.s. does not have enough medical supplies for an outbreak. it's going to work out fine
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i hope so well working very hard we're spending a tremendous amount of money also on we just says for $2.00 and a half $1000000000.00 on getting everything ready just in case something should happen and also helping other nations that really aren't equipped to do it while our white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us live now from washington d.c. for more on this ok really just up prepared are u.s. authorities. well as the u.s. president tries to quell fears that this virus is getting harder and harder to contain at the u.s. borders per border officials certainly there are rising fears in the united states that this administration has not done enough to adequately halt the spread of the virus not just outside of u.s. borders but within it. you reported the fact that there is already an emergency funding request that has been put in place by the trumpet ministration to the u.s. congress some 2500000000 dollars for not only vaccine development but as well as treatment and protective gear but top democratic officials in the u.s.
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congress as well as members of the president's own republican party are questioning this amount saying that it may not be enough and further saying that this is wholly insufficient even incompetent in terms of the numbers on the dollar figure now there is a question too as the united states is reporting that the number of infected people inside the united states has now climbed to 53 that includes $36.00 passengers that were evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship and in fact that evacuation also a source of controversy in the united states given the fact that the trumpet ministration allowed both infected passengers as well as those display no symptoms to fly back on the same plane so under a lot of criticism right now and questioning the response even as the administration the trumpet ministration says that they have the situation under control many americans feeling very skeptical of that claim can't really help it
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with the latest from washington d.c. thank you. cause they were barack of the egyptian president ousted from power during the arab spring uprisings has died at the age of 91 he was in a cairo hospital where he had recently undergone surgery or aboard a manly looks back on the lighter gyptian. life and legacy. host in the back maintained a firm grip on power in egypt for 3 decades until finally in 2011 the people had in the millions took to the streets hundreds of killed but after 18 days this number used to how much was president mohamed hosni mubarak has decided to waive the office of the president of the republic.
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now to react to this they heard the news that brought the man with an iron fist down. the military council took the reins of power but it was from the bullet train the bark of a bridge and risen to power. a former air force chief in 1973 he led an air campaign the regain the sinai peninsula from israel it has been a humiliating loss in 1967 war. president anwar sadat made him vice president. mubarak was just meters away from sadat when he was shot dead in 1980. 8 days later. became president almost immediately he implemented emergency laws giving the state sweeping powers of arrest and basic freedoms that would remain in place for his
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entire presidency there were a number of assassination attempts like this one during a visit to ethiopia. in the mid 1990 s. nearly 60 people were killed in luxor. mubarak cracked down rounding up thousands of suspects from the inside many egyptians considers its rule oppressive although he won 4 elections there were allegations of fraud but he continued to impress mattie in the global political arena as he made international diplomacy a cornerstone of his rule. to secure a steady flow of oil supplies into world markets and burger deals between the palestinians and the israelis the americans enlisted support of 2 major allies saudi arabia and egypt the saudi kingdom use its financial power and egypt under mubarak use its political leverage to influence arab league decisions the
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strategy paid off and he received crucial u.s. military aid with billions of dollars. but unflinching western support from the barak soon faded or the arab spring began mubarak was arrested and charged with corruption and abuse of power in 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison the failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters after a retrial mubarak was acquitted in 2017. but his legacy has ensured with the current regime led by another military figure up to fight healthy see using similar hard line tactics to crackdown on dissent in order to stay in power. so the count here on al-jazeera will take you inside the ghost towns left behind by the 1000000 syrians fleeing
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a government bombardment. plus political wrangling and back door negotiations the race to form malaysia's next government heats up. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we take a look at weather conditions across europe we've got a massive frontal system and a deep low center just up over denmark at the moment about to give you some really stormy conditions there is also pushing snow across southern parts of scandinavia particular across southern parts of sweden and that'll extend on into the baltic states over the next 24 hours a bit of snow over the alpine region 2 bit of a gap for the u.k. another weather system behind me but that one's expected to dive down across parts of france was a move the forecast on to thursday really windy around the bay of biscay region
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some really heavy rain across central parts of france extending to snow across the alpine region the central are safe and then that area so quite extensive across a good part of germany extending down towards the alps another front across eastern parts of europe but should see things clearing out with highs of 10 degrees into northern and central parts of africa we've lost the wind coming off the mediterranean for benghazi so with the wind more from the south it's a high of 22 degrees with quite fine elsewhere looking very fine wanted to showers around eritrea but looking at fine conditions the most part we've largely lost the showers affecting parts away. stuff ruka so in abidjan for instance in the ivory coast it should be fine by of 20 done. over 70 years after one tribes and that journey from palestine to the nile delta 0 world meets the largest concentration of $948.00 refugees in egypt. the
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socially isolated community with a few rights fighting to survive and keep their palestinian heritage alive in a world where their cause is increasingly marginalized egypt's fatherland on al-jazeera. the e.u. . welcome back time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the world health organization has warned the coronavirus epidemic is escalating rapidly and actions must be taken quickly to prevent a pandemic this follows the confirmation of a number of new cases in europe and the middle east at least 4 more people have
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died from the virus initially taking the death toll there to 11 italy has the highest number of cases in europe with 322 infections conform. in other news former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 at a hospital in cairo he spent 3 decades in office before being ousted by an uprising in 2011. it's going to india now we're at least 13 people have been killed during 3 days of riots in delhi the protests over the country's controversial new citizenship law were the most violent to seen in months then a stranger say the law discriminates against muslims and these unconstitutional more than 180 people have been injured in the violence. while the protests were taking place as u.s. president donald trump wrapped up his 1st trip to india while the 36 hour visit had plenty of pageantry this was actual progress was made on the 2 countries trade
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differences elizabeth purana reports now from the capital new delhi. donald trump's 1st visit to india's capital coincided with the worst violent protests against the government's citizenship law since it was passed in december before he arrived white house staff said the president would raise concerns with prime minister middle of the mahdi about the critics condemned as anti muslim. but didn't seem too concerned when he spoke to reporters as the prime minister was incredible on what he taught me he wants people to have religious freedom and very strongly and he said that in india india they have. they have worked very hard they have great and open religious freedom and if you look tom said he didn't discuss the latest in 3 months of protests happening just 15 kilometers away in the suburbs of the capital he was asking to emphasise the sate of $3000000000.00 worth of military equipment and dia even though the deal was expected we expanded our
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defense cooperation with agreements for india to purchase more than $3000000000.00 of advanced american military equipment the saide of u.s. military helicopters was the one big take away from the trip arch. we discussed every aspect of our partnership including defense security energy strategic partnership technology cooperation growing defense and security cooperation bartle part of our strategic partnership and. oh but there was no progress on the biggest sticking point between 2 of the world's largest economies a comprehensive trade deal we've had a massive massive deficit but a large deficit $30000000000.00 with india it's now down to $24000000000.00 because of what we've been doing but still that's too high we should have a $24000000000.00 deficit both leaders said they were hopeful of reaching
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a deal soon. the us president returns home boasting about selling billions of dollars worth of military hardware to secure american jobs 9 months before his bid for reelection while india's prime minister received nothing but praise from trump when he's facing criticism at home and abroad for his hindu nationalist government citizenship you know and mistreatment of indian muslims elisabeth prata al jazeera . $1000.00 people have been killed in northwest syria in russian backed government there are strikes and artillery firing fire it's being reported the 10 schools were targeted in the city of idlib the syrian observatory for human rights says 8 children are among those killed the international committee of the red cross is calling for the safe passage of civilians to escape the attacks it has sent out a reminder that hospitals markets and schools are protected by law. well at least
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$1000000.00 people are on the move in syria's aid labor province stranded on the border area with turkey and fearing that syrian get in syria syrian government bombardments that displaced have nowhere left to run or to hide reports now from. on turkey's border with syria. this is an unusually eerie quiet in what was once a street bustling with activity people have left. is one of many ghost villages and towns in and rule aleppo. syrian government troops have stepped up their military offensive. shelling residential areas as the advance. of also pay was among thousands forced out of must. but the villagers he stayed in also.
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feeling hopeless and angry here we turn to must almost saying he'd rather die where he was born while i can i'm going to show you how i used to walk the alleyways every day met my neighbors and have tea together now i do the daily walk alone everyone has gone. as fighting continues as the humanitarian situation deteriorates and civilians carry on their journey hoping for shelter and war. a journey that turned into a tragedy for one man his wife his daughter and granddaughter. my brother most of i was desperate for a tent a tailor provided niland fabric but because my brother had no experience the tent he built didn't hear went to lation they all suffocated to that in their sleep. blames the international community for the death of his brother's family he says his failure to act in syria was
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a betrayal and i was. he was with his parents the night they died but had to go to another village to bring back for niche they had left behind . and never forget that night my father called me to help him install a stone i remember my niece came to me because of the called. and i watch is still under shock he will carry with him the memory of his parents and his brother who was killed in a war a few years earlier. like the millions of other syrians grappling with loss and despair. for the hundreds of thousands of displaced syria's the exodus we continue for as long as the government of funds does not come and for now turkey and russia have failed to agree on a ceasefire and if there is no ceasefire those stranded all the border fear they may be the next target. who took his border with syria while the
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syrian government's push to recapture the last of rebel held areas has created the largest displacement of people since the start of the war the united nations is warning of an impending bloodbath as the fighting is closer to camps for the internally displaced the un human rights council has been meeting to discuss the issue in geneva our diplomatic editor james bays is there. russia's foreign minister has been speaking at a high level meeting of the human rights council here in geneva he defended his country's military operations in the ad lib in support of the assad government saying they were fighting extremism and terrorism there is though great concern among the humanitarian community i spoke to one of the un's top humanitarian officials covering syria mark cuts well this is been a mass exodus of people in fact it's the biggest single displacement of civilians
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we've seen throughout this entire 9 year war and it's just continuing day after day we're seeing more people on the move and you know we've seen entire towns and villages emptied out as the airstrikes and shelling have continued in these areas put this into context for us because the world has been hearing about the misery in syria for 9 years and it has been appalling for 9 years but where does this rank among the things that you've seen well i've been working in war zones around the world for the last 30 years in places like iraq in somalia in south sudan i was in bosnia throughout the war there i was in myanmar during the reading of crisis when the ring fled there were 700000 that fled this is now more than 900000 that have fled just in the last 2 months alone last year there were 400000 more that fled in this area so it's all on a massive scale and the problem is that it's not over many of the un's humanitarian
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agencies are based here in geneva and there's growing dismay at the political side of the u.n. in particular the u.n. security council where there seems to be no way to stop the on going violence because of course at the security council russia has a veto and it shown many times it's prepared to use it. turkey's president has confirmed the deaths of 2 turkish soldiers in luke. wretch of type out of the one sent sent in troops in january to support libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli government forces are battling fighters loyal to the warlord holy for half tide who've been trying to capture the capital for the past 10 months . and violence has broken out on the greek island of lesbo also over the building of a new migrant center around $500.00 protesters attempted to block the unloading of machinery hitting riot police with sticks which prompted the officers to fight back
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the demonstrators use the garbage trucks to block police from accessing the compound and souffle or is on the ground a new site will replace the overcrowded morea camp which was built for less than 3000 people but now houses more than 19000 asylum seekers. malaysia's prime minister is reportedly trying to form a new government 24 hours after he resigned my theme mohammed quit the ruling party on monday following a long running feud with his rival but as he scrambles to regain power some opposing groups are calling for fresh elections lawrence louis has the latest now from the capitol hill and i'm poor. mahathir mohamad in his capacity as the interim prime minister of malaysia met with party leaders across the political divide on tuesday reports say he is planning to propose a unity government one that would see politicians from rival parties working
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together to form the next government but that idea has now been rejected by the main opposition party known as a male i'm no was dominant in malaysian politics for more than 60 years until it was voted out in a general election 2 years ago now i'm know together with several other opposition parties held a press conference and they said if mahathir cannot even lead a coalition of 4 parties what's more a coalition consisting of 12 parties they're calling for parliament to be dissolved and for fresh elections to be held now another possible scenario that could play out however is a new coalition could be formed now political horse trading in negotiations are happening behind closed doors and it's still too early to tell which parties would have the right numbers to form a majority in parliament but in the outcome of all this is opposition party politicians coming back into power through this manner rather than through the ballot box and civil society organizations and voters may just reject such
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a government and political upheaval will continue in malaysia. you can find out much more about that story and everything else that we have been covering on our website there it is al jazeera dot com. and now a reminder of the top stories on our jazeera the world health organization has warned that the coronavirus epidemic is escalating rapidly and action must be taken quickly to prevent it from becoming a pandemic this says the global reach of the virus continues to expand croatia austria and switzerland have reported their 1st cases and there's been an increase in the number of infections in south korea iran and france meanwhile 4 more people have died from the virus in italy taking the death toll there to 11 italy has the highest number of cases in europe with 322 infections confirmed this is
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a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic it's actually we're trying to demonstrate is where this goes is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigor. and approach to this disease iran's deputy health minister has been diagnosed with the virus after being seen coughing and sweating during a news conference on monday iraj he was leading iran's fight against the illness it has recorded the most deaths outside of china at 16 the u.s. is accused tehran of covering up details about the outbreak. former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 in cairo according to state t.v. he was in hospital after undergoing surgery but barack spent 3 decades in office
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before being ousted by an uprising in 2011 egypt has the player 3 days of national mourning. at least 13 people have been killed during 3 days of riots in new delhi the protests over india's controversial new citizenship law were the most violent seen in months that was strange to say the law discriminates against muslims and these uncalled for to tional the violence coincided with u.s. president donald trump's 1st trip to india. and 1000 people have been killed in northwest syria in russian backed the government the air strikes and artillery fire it's being reported 10 schools were targeted in the city of it. those are the top stories stay with us the stream is coming up next and i'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching.
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and you're in the stream today we're talking about the kalashnikov assault rifle or a k 47 just what makes it the world's most popular gun well discuss its history and legacy and we want to hear your questions and comments about it share your thoughts via twitter or and our live chat. i'm dr charmaine nelson professor of art history at mcgill university in montreal and you are in the street. russia is commemorating 100 years since the birth of things soviet weapon inventor kalashnikov for the russian ministry of education it is an opportunity to teach school aged children about kalashnikov who was hailed an ass.


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