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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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warnings there was yet to come in the global corona virus outbreak south korea reports another $169.00 cases bringing the total number of infections to $1100.00. this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places we've got to tackle super fast. and this is alive so coming up a lot at stake as the u.s. democratic presidential candidates clash in the heated debate just days before
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a critical primary in south carolina. egypt announces 3 days of national mourning possibly more barak who ruled the country for 3 decades dies at the age of $91.00. police in new delhi are accused of aiding attackers target muslims protesting against a controversial citizenship more. the world health organization is warning the coronavirus epidemic is escalating rapidly and action must be taken quickly to prevent it from becoming a pandemic chinese authorities working in the epicenter of the outbreak have released updated figures rates of infection still remains in decline and cured patients have begun returning home. this is
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a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we've got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic i mean it's actually what china demonstrates is where this goes is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigor and approach to to to this disease far within the past hour south korea's health ministry announced $169.00 more infections mostly in and around. that brings the total number of people with the illness to $1146.00 european health ministers have held emergency talks in italy where the virus has spread south from quarter dollar to tuscany and sicily there are also confirmed cases in croatia austria france switzerland and germany with links to the italian outbreak the number of cases continues to rise in iran as does concern over the government's
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handling of the after demick that south of the deputy health minister the man leading the fight against the illness seen here on the left confirmed he's been diagnosed with the virus americans have also been told to brace themselves for health officials are calling the inevitable spread of the virus throughout the united states rob mcbride joins us now live from seoul rob is there a feeling there as they cross the 1000 mark this may be getting rapidly out of control. well it is another big rise in the numbers but they do tend to fluctuate one day you'll see more than the day before cetera but yes it is another big rise and we've also had now the 12th death here in south korea and amongst the deaths of the we've had the 1st death of a known korean national this is identified as a man from mongolia who'd actually come to seoul 'd for surgery a lot of people visitors come to south korea for elective surgery he contract in
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the corona virus in hospital and subsequently died we've also had reported this wednesday the 1st infection among u.s. forces he's been identified as a 23 year old service been serving on a base just outside the city of daegu that obviously concerns with the military here about this infection spreading rapidly on military bases and so they are taking various preventative measures including their self quarantine quarantining hundreds of service personnel who is still the focus of attention that's where the country's prime minister is now installed to personally lead efforts to try to deal with this outbreak it's the that having him there to make decisions on the ground will speed up the efforts to try to control this and keep it in the southeast of the country and this by that we're hearing that the emergency services health
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services in diago are completely exhausted what's the situation like. that is correct that is one of their 1st priorities in fact the prime minister has this wednesday held his 1st meeting with health officials and one of their priorities is getting more personnel down there to staff up the testing centers the special wards treating infectious diseases a number of people have a volunteer but as you say the people who are working there are working literally around the clock so they have appealed for more volunteers they're also taking other measures in support of this national effort to try to contain it contain this disease such as the supply of face masks in seoul and other cities are rapidly running out of things like face masks so the government has reached an agreement with the makers of those masks to limit the numbers that are exported so companies
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that make face masks cannot export more than 10 percent so make far more face masks available here in korea the concern is of course that as we continue to have more cases all of these essential supplies are basically going to run out raman thanks so much. fears of a coronavirus pandemic pushed global stock markets down for a 2nd straight day japan's nikkei index worst hit sliding more than one percent there are growing concerns the epidemic could cancel the terry paralympics earlier u.s. markets fell sharply wall street's 3 major indices tumbling 3 percent. as we mentioned earlier the virus has spread to several regions across italy with 11 deaths and more than $300.00 confirmed cases so now most of them are concentrated in a cluster of communities in the north which are on the quarantine jhoom reports now
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from just outside the so-called red zone in the lombardy region. for a while it seemed like the ambulances were the only vehicles passing through on their way to lumbard these red zone and all the areas towns under quarantine. just a few kilometers from the center of italy's coronavirus outbreak the security personnel often outnumbered the cars on the road at this checkpoint no one could get in or out without permission and. i've been stopping a lot of people and this makes me feel anxious because even if the center of the virus isn't right here it's not that far away. bruno's friend luigi also lives in sort of esko in a part of the town that hadn't yet been locked down but will be on the national mall and it will kill me throw me the problem is not just a few meat is in the red zone not in the red zone the issue concerns the whole of lumby not living in the red zone is not that much of an advantage i can move but
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the danger is everywhere. it was just a short while later that the threat level was indeed reassessed and the boundaries and large the sense of alarm here is only growing we've seen many ambulances go in and out of the quarantine area these past few hours and in the last 30 minutes we've had to move about a kilometer down the road after authorities decided to expand the red zone in rome an emergency meeting was held to deal with the crisis as italy's health minister and several of his european counterparts came together in an effort to find solutions. and is no change for travel conditions of a telling travelling from italy going abroad this is the 1st commitment made by countries bordering with italy they want to share the idea that blocking borders would be a mistake a disproportionate and wrong maisha. but in and around the exclusion zone residents concern themselves with other borders these newly created ones inside northern
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italy as streets that would usually be full sat nearly empty and a growing number of people worried about the effectiveness of their government's current containment measures. in the town of joe let's go in northern italy. u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have held a fiery debate in south carolina 4 days before the primary was also the final debate before super tuesday next week let's go down to gallagher who is live for us from charleston south carolina watching the debate and the is bernie taking the hammering many expected him to get. when he said fiery you were absolutely right and bernie really did get hammered in this 2 hour debate especially in the 1st 30 minutes almost every other candidate on the stage turned on bernie to criticize him about how he's going to pay for health care his record on gun violence and all sorts of different things this was
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a real test for the senator from vermont i think this will either make his supporters feel more confident that he can tackle someone like president trump if he wins the party's nomination but he did seem flustered at times but it's understandable that he was being piled on by rebels because at the moment he's the front runner and came out of nevada with a fairly decisive victory so it was the night as was expected that bernie sanders wouldn't get attacked by all the other candidates on the stage in particular elizabeth warren was pretty relentless as sucking up lots of the air time in this 2 hour debate because there is a lot at stake here particularly for someone like former vice president joe biden who historically has had a great deal of support in this state particularly among african-american voters which make up 60 percent of all democratic voters here he's been slipping in the polls to bernie sanders and tom styer so for him there is a great deal of state they'll have to wait and see now when this state's primary gets underway on saturday and this was billed as
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a do or die and moment for joe biden is he doing. well he held his own tonight i have to say he didn't speak as much as some of the other candidates but when he did speak it was it was one of his better performances so i think for his supporters in this state that might be it might be encouraging because this is all about money right now sanders has a lot more money than biden for instance but biden doesn't just have to win here in south carolina he has to win big just to show everyone that he can do that resurgence that he's been talking about that he can win the black vote which is of course vital for any future president and any future nominee for the democratic party so there is a lot at stake for the former vice president i think he does have to win big here on saturday in the primary and all we can do is wait and see as certainly joe biden isn't going to give up but at this point in time it's all about money to campaigns and of course just a few days after this primary here in south carolina you've got super tuesday and
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which 14 states all those at once representing about 38 percent of all the delegates possible for the party's nominee so we are approaching that time where we we may get some clarity i think a lot of democratic voters want to see that happen and happen soon. and the gallic of that thanks for. still ahead and i'll just era well the chanting of protesters drowned out one of latin america's biggest music festivals. welcome back it's time to take a look at weather conditions across the americas in north america we've got this weather system rain heavy in places snow on its northern edge pushing up across the midwest through into parts of canada so heavy snowfall is going to develop
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certainly wednesday through into thursday elsewhere pretty chilly there minneapolis highs of minus 4 and across western areas looking fine los angeles 28 degrees we pick up on that snow during the course of thursday and that's going to become pretty heavy across those eastern areas but the a front itself moving away so dry weather all on the eastern seaboard but a high of just 6 degrees for both new york and washington find there miami highs of $21.00 degrees that front sort of links back down towards the caribbean and will have an impact on the weather here across mexico he'll just tighten the winds up a little bit producing a lot of heavy rain around the gulf of come pecci so parts of mexico looking pretty wet and that wet weather will extend through into the yucatan peninsula so cancun looks pretty wet june both wednesday and indeed thursday the later on thursday should brighten up about states and very heavy rain likely for honduras heading into south america we've got frontal system is looking pretty active some heavy rain here and should be showery in rio de janeiro.
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a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering inoperative african science and technology projects which beautiful. boris are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera fun is a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to africa women make science from the lab to the thiel are now to sarah. the you.
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all come back here watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have held a fiery debate in south carolina the days ahead of the state primary joe biden is still leading in the polls there bernie sanders and billionaire tom styer chipped away it is the. number of coronavirus cases has surged more than 1000 in south korea most of the new infections were reported in that and around the southeastern city of de good fats the center of the outbreak the latest cases in through one u.s. soldier the 1st american service member to contract virus. the world health organization is warning the coronavirus epidemic is rapidly escalate says action must be taken quickly to prevent it from becoming a pandemic follows the confirmation of a new number of cases in europe and the middle east. one of the unexpected side effects of the corona virus outbreak in china has been
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a dramatic drop in carbon emissions when the hay is more in that hong kong. hong kong harbor is usually one of the busiest in the world with hundreds of ferries cruising container ships passing through every day but as the corona virus outbreak has worsened the economy has slowed and the waters have become quiet the situation is a lot worse in mainland china where according to one a statement lock downs and business closures may have already cost almost 200000000000 dollars this year but as the economic price of this outbreak goes up the demagogue to the environment is going down a study showed that a drop in coal and oil use in china have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by at least 25 percent and levels of general air pollutants are also significantly down. in the cases such as coal fired power stations and still production. being big reductions 15 to 40 percent in each of those indicators and we think something like
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$100000000.00 tons of c o 2 hasn't been emitted compared to last year there were less emissions elsewhere too much of the global supply chain has been broken by the disruptions in china factories in countries like cambodia and vietnam can't get enough raw materials from china so a slowing down or suspending operations in the international air transport association expects global demand for air travel to fall by almost 5 percent this year in asia that number could be higher less demand means fewer planes in the air and a decrease in emissions we've seen this sort of thing before like during the 2008 global financial crisis but after that economic slowdown china looked to make up for lost time by introducing a massive stimulus plan designed to get the economy moving again meaning any environmental gains was soon lost china's government has already promised tax cuts and other assistance to help companies balance back from the economic impact of the
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op break president xi jinping wants a quick recovery but that could be risky i think the leaders in beijing are very eager to restart. economy we have already seen some of factories open but the concern is if the workers started to come back to the companies and offices are there could be a potential 2nd wave of the spread of the virus workers will also be wanting to start earning again after many companies suspended wages because of the downturn as china's economic engine starts turning over again scientists will be watching with interest what happens to the environment as a result wayne hay al jazeera hong kong in india the number of people killed in unrest in new delhi has risen to 13 more than 150 others have been injured in 3 days of violence over the country's new citizenship law many see that as discriminatory against muslims nationalists hindu protesters in the northeast of the capital denied provoking the muslim community their attorney bertie reports
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from new delhi. the suburbs of jeffery bad and in northeast delhi have become battlegrounds in the fight against india's citizens amendment law for the 1st successive day security forces fought with protesters both for and against the law. this man says he was shot in the foot by police shotgun pellets why when nobody but i was standing with my mother and sisters protesting peacefully when police and people with the mob started firing repeatedly they fired tear gas one person was shot in the chest and another one in the hand. another wounded youth who sped away on a motorbike it's incidents like these which have drawn thousands of young muslims to join the protest they are angry at the lack of control by the government and are suspicious of the police we i discussed the police from police because police supporting damn police supporting hindus not muslims being very fire the police
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also 5 on them was only with them on muslims only not into the police not supporting and muslims. police are being criticised for not intervening and stopping the violence against muslims often simply standing by and watching. videos on social media seem to show police helping hindu nationalists collect rocks and other images of officers apparently beating muslims. one policeman says so you want your freedom and then beats him. other images show mosque being vandalized a muslim property being damaged hindus also complain that their temples are being damaged and their property destroyed by muslims images on social media are always difficult to verify who what where or when but in this situation is adding to the belief of muslims here that these attacks are both co-ordinated and with the compliance of the police. on choose day thousands of armed police including special
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forces and rapid reaction units were on patrol in a show of strength but muslims here don't feel protected they feel threatened especially for the youth. the number of those killed and injured in clashes is rising and india's leaders seem to have no solution the state has created a situation of violence and allow diplomatic. it is easy. to allow your own people to die like that takes a certain time of it. this area has become ground 0 in this divisive fight now in its 3rd month and many fear the turmoil is going to get worse before it gets better tony berkeley al-jazeera just for bad northeastern. the protests were taking place as u.s. president dog wrapped up his 1st trip to india while the 36 hour visit had plenty of pageantry little progress was made on the 2 countries trade differences trump praised the 3 $1000000000.00 military dealy signed with prime minister in the
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interim only the leaders did not reach or why the trade deal. i want reciprocal has to be reciprocal and the money you're talking about is major but the united states has to be treated fairly and india understands the relationship is outstanding but indiana says that we've had a tremendous deficit for many many years with india with with everybody you know with frankly so many different cultures we've had a massive massive deficit. egypt is marking the death of its former leader hosni mubarak who died in a cairo hospital on tuesday aged 91 a military funeral is planned for wednesday followed by 3 days of mourning for barak ruled egypt for 3 decades before he was forced from power during the 2011 arab spring uprising. looks back at his life and legacy.
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maintained a firm grip on power in egypt for 3 decades until finally in 2011 the people had in their millions took to the streets hundreds of killed but after 18 days this one how much was president mohamed hosni mubarak has decided to waive the office of the president of the republic. now to react to this they had the news that brought the man with an iron fist down . the military council took the reins of power but it was from the bullet train the mubarak had originally risen to power. a former air force chief in 1973 he led an air campaign the regain the sinai peninsula from israel it has been a humiliating loss in the 1967 war president anwar sadat's made him by
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surprise it didn't. mubarak was just metres away from sadat when he was shot dead in 1980. 8 days later. became president overseas immediately implemented emergency laws giving the state sweeping powers of arrest and basic freedoms that would remain in place for his entire presidency there were a number of assassination attempts like this one during a visit to ethiopia. in the mid 1990 s. nearly 60 people were killed in luxor. mubarak cracked down rounding up thousands of suspects from the inside many egyptians considered this rule oppressive although he won 4 elections there were allegations of fraud but he continued to impress mattie in the global political arena as he made international
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diplomacy a cornerstone of his rule. to secure a steady flow of oil supplies into world markets and brokered deals between the palestinians and the israelis the americans enlisted support of 2 major allies saudi arabia and egypt the saudi kingdom use its financial power and egypt under mubarak use its political leverage to influence arab league decisions the strategy paid off and he received crucial u.s. military aid billions of dollars. but unflinching western support from a bark soon faded or the arab spring began mubarak was arrested and charged with corruption and abuse of power in 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison the failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters after
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a retrial mubarak was acquitted in 2017. but his legacy hasn't you with the current regime led by another military figure up to 50 using similar hard line tactics to crackdown on dissent in order to stay in power. the need to agency bloomberg is reporting saudi arabia and its allies are resisting u.s. calls to open their airspace the cutter which currently relies on a rainy and skies according to bloomberg riyadh and its supporters want further concessions from head of the 2022 world cup tournament qatar has been under a saudi level ok for nearly 3 years police in germany have tightened security at some public events of the 60 people were injured when a man drove into crowds at a carnival 20 of those wounded in vokes markson on monday were children the youngest age just 2 and 29 year old local man has been arrested on suspicion of
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attempted murder he also faces charges of grevious bodily harm so far as motive remains unclear 3 people have now been confirmed dead after a mudslide in southeastern peru on monday it happened in the region of santa teresa the area seen a lot of toronto rain which is expected to continue over the coming days flooding as destroyed a number of buildings and forced many to flee their homes. the opening of a major music festival in chile been hit by violence the latest show of anger over economic inequality protests have been raging for 4 months our latin america. being at the limit is chile's version of monte carlo a seaside city famous for hosting the spanish speaking world's most prestigious song festival for the past 60 years. but this week the so-called garden city is on recognizable the latest epicenter of months of unrest. while pop star ricky
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martin opened the being at the marta festival outside protesters chanted yes we can . as good then sprang back the car dealership others burned vehicles and destroyed property. president. who is under fierce pressure from his conservative constituency to crack down on 4 months of ongoing unrest this was the last straw. the dividing line is between those who believe in democracy and want to live in peace and those who practice violence and want to destroy our democracy this park for peace democracy and against violence to translate into concrete are. among his proposals is legislation to strengthen security forces and intelligence services as well as to fast track a bill to allow the army to secure key infrastructure such as the water system and electricity grid. but these will do little to quell the main causes of the social
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unrest which have also brought out hundreds of peaceful protesters here in the nya . nya 68 percent of the population lives below the poverty line with no water or sanitation this city has more important needs in this festival. meanwhile the know the modest iconic otello higgins is closing says management until authorities can guarantee the safety of guests and staff living other mad festival is widely being seen as a litmus test to see how authorities will deal with a new wave of unrest which is widely expected to start in march that's when students return to class and congress reconvenes the government has already announced that the arrival of more modern weapons to deal with crowd control including new fortified water can be a girl's and possibly paying bombs and acoustic grades the president is commending the police for what he calls their hard work making no mention of the scores of
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human rights abuses committed by security forces and documented by the un and other human rights organizations as things stand now if you expect these violations nor the mob violence to end any time in the near future you see in human. al jazeera. let's recap the headlines here on al-jazeera now the number of coronavirus cases has surged to more than 1000 in south korea most of the new infections were reported in and around the southeastern city of. that's the center of the outbreak the latest cases include one u.s. soldier who's the 1st american service members to contract the virus. writers and soul he says efforts to fight the virus being focused on. the country's prime
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minister is now based down down there to lead the efforts to try to bring this outbreak under control it's thought that his presence there will speed up decision making he can take decisions on the spot he's held his 1st meeting with health health officials where they've been discussing their priorities one of those priorities is getting more medical personnel in place they've revealed that many people have medical professionals have volunteered to go to the testing centers to the special wards that and hospitals that have been set up but there is still a need for more medical staff to come forward for the health organization is warning the coronavirus epidemic is rapidly escalating and action must be taken quickly to prevent it from becoming a pandemic it follows the confirmation of a number of new cases in europe and the middle east. u.s.
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democratic presidential hopefuls have held a fiery debate in south carolina days ahead of the state primary joe biden is still leading in the polls there bernie sanders and billionaire tom styer have chipped away. in india the number of people killed in an arrest in new delhi has risen to 13 more than 150 others have been injured in 3 days of violence. violence was happening is u.s. president donald trump wrapped up his 1st trip to the country egypt's announced 3 days of mourning after its long time former president hosni mubarak died at the age of $91.00 barak ruled the country for 30 years. women make science. talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they are the endemic corruption and we listen so if you put place china as an enemy or
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as and that's really then your we meet with global news makers the stories that matter just 0. when i was working in oxford which tends in my career was really a pinnacle moment my mother was very proud. but you know. what do you think you can do in 1020 years how is it going to help anybody to improve the lives of the people that live in our village. it's a wonderful. time for me.


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