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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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iran reports 4 more deaths from the corona virus that brings the total to 19 dead france records its 1st death. logan p.t.w. watching on to 0 live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up india's prime minister appeals for calm and troops patrol the capital after at least 22 people are killed in violence. turkey says it will push back syrian government forces in northern syria as the number of displaced people reaches nearly 1000000. and egypt holds 3 days of mourning for leader if forced out in
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a popular uprising in 2011. the world health organization is warning the coronavirus a break is moving quickly and action must be taken to prevent it from turning into a pandemic that's where it becomes widespread around the world the number of those killed is rising in iran at least 19 people there have died as more than 130 people infected including the country's deputy health minister in south korea this almost 1200 cases the biggest number of infections outside mainland china the catholic church has canceled all masses in the country in the effort to avoid a further spread and a japan tries to limit the spread of the virus there the prime minister shinzo abi has called for all sporting and cultural events to be delayed by 2 weeks or cancelled
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a lot more on that later here on this program rob mcbride is standing by for us in seoul with the latest developments from south korea 1st let's go to tehran and our correspondent there. what else do we know it seems to be getting something of a foothold there. well the latest information we have is from a news conference given by the health ministry spokesman mr news john poor in which he confirmed that the number of overall cases has gone up by 44 in the last 24 hours so it was $95.00 yesterday it stands at the total number of cases of $139.00 that's the official number being told to us by the iranian government the death toll has also gone up from 15 to 19 still 'd far shy of what the member of parliament in a coma in recent days has said was closer to 50 and more people continue to pass away that was according to a member of parliament from whom but of course the the official figures that we
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know from the iranian government still stand at 19 now something that the health ministry spokesman also said is that they are expecting the number of cases to rise now the government was accused of not taking this seriously enough not reacting seriously enough in the early days of this corona virus outbreak but since then in the last 3 days about 3 days ago president hassan rouhani formed what he is calling the headquarters to combat corona and that headquarters is in tehran it is. a group of leaders brought together to try and centralize resources and the response the health minister the minister the roads and transport minister as well as a representative of the armed forces and other senior members of the government comprised this body and today in his cabinet meeting president hassan rouhani in his weekly cabinet meeting said that any decisions that happen on how to deal with this corona virus outbreak will be taken by and announced by this unit that may be the place
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where he got the information yesterday he made a speech on tuesday yesterday saying that by saturday he expected things in iran to begin normalizing now that's a very very confident statement however his health ministry spokesman today confirming that they are expecting the number of cases to go up zain thanks very much. broad joins us live from seoul in south korea so rob is there a sense where you are as far as the authorities are concerned that they're in for the long haul flights here. i think looking at the latest figures there is an increasing sense of alarm of nearly a spike of nearly 300 new cases in one day alone and it comes of course as the government here repeats its message that the next few days will be critical in whether south korea is able to contain this outbreak down in the southeast of the country or not and when you look at these figures in the way we have spikes like
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the like we have on this day wednesday then increasingly people will be thinking this is just not going in the right direction in fact is going very much in a wrong direction and you do feel that sense of nervousness on the streets in places like seoul people will be avoiding any crowds the cinemas are quiet restaurants are are quiet we have people been told by the companies to work from home schools are suspended and of course down in the epicenter in daegu city itself we have a number of businesses of factories there closing as some of the workers are discovered to be sick and people just don't have confidence in the workplaces in some factories that is going to be clear of the virus and we've also had fairly unprecedented an ounce and by the catholic church in south korea that for the time being at least it is taking for the 1st time in its 236 year history the decision
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to cancel all services and all masses but then we are it seems living through pretty unprecedented times rob thank you very much. ok let's get more on another of our top stories this half hour the indian prime minister narendra modi calling for calm after 3 days of violence killed at least 22 people really 200 have been injured as hindu crowds wielding targeted muslims on the streets of delhi in some of the worst rioting for decades buildings were set on fire and mosques were run sacked there's been a new wave of protests over the past few days against that controversial law that denies citizenship to muslim immigrants let's bring in my colleague elizabeth around him who is live for us in new delhi so elizabeth just take us through what the prime minister's been saying. so after 4 days of the most violent scenes as you mentioned the capitals in the capital in the indian capital promised in that in the more he finally said
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something about this he tweeted asking people to remain calm and to be peaceful and to maintain harmony but both he and the b j p are coming under so much criticism because as you mentioned at least $22.00 people have died and $200.00 have been injured in the most violent scenes. of protests in the last 3 months now the delhi high. on the situation there is a curfew in place in the worst affected area and the delhi high court has beat hearing . complaints against the person who started it all a b j p leader on sunday who. people who support the citizenship law to attack those who were protesting peacefully against it and the high court actually said that they are not going to let a repeat allow
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a repeat of $984.00 when there were massive riots in new delhi following the assassination of the need and there are gandhi by his seat body got that led to the killing of thousands of seats the party which is in control in new delhi they are also laying the blame for the violence on the b j p because of its leaders rhetoric over the past few months of the citizenship nor the main opposition congress party is calling for the interior minister to resign and yet when we've heard from b j p leaders they refusing to condemn their colleagues and what they've been saying so this is a situation that we obviously watching very closely the streets are calm finale especially the one area that some to food no one's allowed to come out the party that's in power the common man. in delhi they're actually asking for the army to be deployed across the northeast and for curfew to be enforced across all the violence had to areas but as far as those demonstrates a suit protesting against this legislation the concerned is does it china for them
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with the preexisting broader b.g.p. agenda and what mr moody wants to do. yes peter well you know for the last 2 and a half months since the citizenship nor was passed there have been protests and for many people these are the biggest protests against prime minister mori and his hindu nationalist. party since it came to power and you know one of the main reasons for that is because so many people took to the streets across the country not just muslims the north is seen as being discriminatory against muslims because that fast track citizenship to minority youth from 3 neighboring countries but excludes muslims and it's not just muslims who have been out on the streets around the country but if you look at the b j p's policies and what's happened around the country the sort of like rise of
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hindu nationalism the attacks on muslims and the policies especially of the last year since the b j p was reelected with an even bigger mandate whether it was the abrogation of article $370.00 revoking the only muslim majority states autonomy that was mia or you know the supreme court ruling that a temple had to be built at the site of a demolished mosque this is a government that seen as having very anti muslim policies and for many people the citizenship law was really the final straw that has led to such big protests around the country elizabeth thanks very much. the turkish president heard one says ankara plans to push back syrian forces in italy province turkey has a number of military observation posts there and some have been surrounded during in advance by the syrian government forces now erdogan has also called on damascus
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and its ally moscow to stop their attacks and that civilians leave the border safely. we are doing and will continue to do all that we can to address the humanitarian catastrophe taking place in italy we demand the regime pulls back to where we agreed in sochi unfortunately russia is not concerned with this humanitarian issue the assad regime is killing his own people we will push their forces back from the border and make sure the refugees can go home. meanwhile the u.n. says nearly 950000 people have been displaced since the government began its offensive in december and it says more than half of the people living in places like this are children it's the biggest displacement of people in such a short time in the nearly 9 year long conflict it's been described as a horrifying new level of crisis many people that come to the northwest region after fleeing other areas anyway there been widespread reports of babies and small children dying because of exposure. this is what they're trying to get away
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from at least 26 civilians including school children killed and more than 100 injured in the last day alone russian and syrian air strikes and shelling have hit a number of towns and villages across italy and the remaining rebel held areas in hama and aleppo now on the ground government forces have taken a cluster of locations in the south west of the province let's go live now to hashem our correspondent in turkey on the border with syria so when mr erdogan says we're going to push back syrian forces what does he mean by that do we think. i think one of the biggest challenges facing president as a player is to secure this deal with the russians about access to the airspace in north western. syria particularly over the province of italy for him to be able to move forward and ensure the safety of the turkish troops positioned in 12 military
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outposts something which of the russians don't seem to be willing to give us is to the turkish government and a while ago the syrian army has said that its push to take over areas in egypt will continue it has taken over 5 villages in the southern parts of the it live province and they seem to be willing to move forward all the way towards the city of it lived so i guess the backdrop of this escalation of a determined government to take over live russians who don't seem to be willing to give access to the turkish government to the turkish fighter jets to fly over it live it is going to be from a military perspective which stream it difficult for turkey to ensure the safety of all of its troops operating on the ground and i think if there's all get that access the only options available option of available for them in the near future is to send more troops into it live and go forward but the concern about casualties would further increase and i think this is the biggest challenge facing took if
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they will they want to give diplomacy a chance and this is exactly what's happening as we speak delegations from russia and turkey negotiation negotiating ways to implement a cease fire and defuse tension with the succeed we have to wait and see action thank you. still to come here on al-jazeera rivals at it again we'll have the latest twists from a laziest political upheaval. we're also bringing a report on why some faces back in the libyan warlord early for have toppled by being accused of sharing an ideology with ice all. hello welcome to have a look at the international forecast is still seeing some cloud of rain just around that more than a inch of japan we are going to see some sloppy dry weather coming through as we go
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on through the next couple days they say we have low pressure will continue to drift out into the open waters but dragon in that northerly wind struggling to get up into double figures across japan similar valleys all the temperatures there for seoul so wet weather some wintry weather across northern parts of china is more in the way of rain across those central areas and that rain becoming even more expansive as we go on through friday pushing across the yellow sea edging its way towards the korean peninsula ahead of that should have a largely dry couple of days there for japan but what's the weather started to push into q.c. basin pieces of wetter weather making the way away from the far north east of india through bangladesh and that will cross good part of south asia then might just catch one or 2 showers into carola but further north as you can see it is essentially looking fine and dry and sunny 20 celsius there in new delhi a horde around 25 degrees some rain and some sleet and snow a possibility there to the far north of pakistan. this band of tatars making its
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way further race was and staying very windy. this 70 is after one tribes epic journey from palestine to the nile delta 0 world meets the largest concentration of 914 refugees in egypt. the socially isolated community with your rights fighting to survive and keep their palestinian heritage alive in a world where there was his increasingly marginalized egypt's father laila and on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from the mind of main headlining stories the iranian authorities have confirmed 4 more deaths from the coronavirus a total of 19 people have died the highest number outside china more than 130 people have been affected including the country's deputy health minister meanwhile in italy the 12th person there has died more than 280 people in all so far are infected. the indian prime minister narendra modi has called for calm after 3 days of violence and killed at least 20 people nearly 200 others were injured after hindu spoke with muslims that followed more protests against a contentious citizenship law. and the turkish president ratchet type urged on says ankara will push back moscow backed syrian forces in italy province and make it safe for civilians the united nations estimates nearly 950000 people have been
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displaced there since the beginning of december. a military funeral is being held it's beginning in cairo for egypt's former leader hosni mubarak he passed away on tuesday he was $91.00 the government's announced 3 days of national mourning after his death mubarak was in power for 3 decades until he was forced out during the arab spring revolution of 2011 let's just show you some of his live pictures coming to us there from cairo his coffin will be airlifted or has been airlifted to understand from the mosque where the funeral will be held to the burial grounds that's according to egyptian state television egypt burying his former president after that military funeral in the capital cairo the top military officials there we're being told as well to attend a funeral that's taking place in eastern suburb of cairo it's not clear yet where the president. will be there as well we'll stay with these live pictures and let's
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bring in. our correspondent following the story out of tunis for us this may be worth remembering jamal that when he was acquitted back in 2017 a lot of egyptians they were just surprised they were genuinely shocked. well i mean they were shocked that maybe the or that's that scene which it's happened that essentially somebody who had ruled the country for 30 years that was not just accused of corruption and other issues but was actually facing trial for the killing of protesters during those 18 days in 2011 was found innocent of any sort of run during the thought that maybe at least there was going to be some sort of some balance of punishment for the misery that so many believe he caused for millions of egyptians but when you look at the pictures of the funeral today and you see for example the head of the coptic church the head of heart or
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senior figures from the gyptian states that will be participating not necessarily the heads but significant people nonetheless it is a reflection of the fact that the mubarak regime actually was never really toppled he may have been forced out as an individual but the military continues to stay in power in many respects actually stronger than ever before the people around it being billionaire businessman that thrived throughout his tenure or the security apparatus chiefs from the police services and other institutions they are still very much in power and they are coming together today to mourn him and also to participate in this funeral is a reminder to the millions of egyptians that took part in the 2011 uprising that
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wasn't really successful as egypt process is the fact that he's gone and egyptians come to terms with is there a generational divide here because perhaps perhaps an older generation he was an ally of the united states he was a defender of egypt against groups but to a younger a much much younger generation he was a relic he was an author us there are terry and figure and that would be the nicest thing they could have said about. for sure i mean that generational divide was evident from the early days of the to hear protests through the difference the only free and fair elections that took place in egypt in the 20072012 period and obviously they will see it's whereby the much older generation for example during those elections voted for the counter-revolutionary candidates be it's a much a few who was the last prime minister appointed by mubarak during those last days of the revolution or even those who took to the streets in support of other fatah
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sisi afterwards they were there was that generational divide and it was evidence and manifested throughout that they are people who. came to see on the heels of the last war with israel and therefore viewed him in the prism of a military general and through the nationalist kind of media that the propaganda that was controlled by the states portrayed him through but the younger generation was born into an ever impoverished egypt one with high levels of unemployment one with a police force and the security services that's allowed for almost 0 expression or . free speech and therefore if you want mubarak as the symbol of an oath or a tarion states which provided for them little if any future whatsoever and that's why they exploded in 2011 and took to the streets the month. he was removed jamal
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thank you very much. malaysia's interim prime minister mahathir mohamad says he'll return as leader if he has enough support in parliament 2 days ago he resigned suddenly and his party quit the governing coalition says he wants to form a new unity government which he says wouldn't be aligned with any specific policy but is form a coalition partner to him says 3 parts use of nominated him as prime minister and while supporters have been protesting outside the palace the king is holding talks let's go live now to florence louis in gone florence if he tries to do it how will he try to do it and can he pull it off. on the 1st me what you have now is a tussle between 2 men you've been dominant in the late morning thinking of very many years young vying for the top job in politics and now anwar ibrahim has said you know he's got the support of his coalition but they're now down to 3 parties
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instead of 10 and then and the big time about 11 politicians from his party will either be sacked or resign so which means he's down by about 3 dozen politicians so it's not clear whether or not the support that the majority in on him to actually be nominated as the next prime minister and others take a look at what mahathir has said so he's saying that he's got enough support him on the bench he won't stay on as the prime minister well his position is a bit shaky but it was 24 hours ago when he proposed in the reports emerged about he was proposing to lead a unity government that the main opposition party known as m no this is a party that had planned over the weekend to to form an alliance that was going to take over all of them and they've come up to say that they're not going to support a unity government so if mahathir is going to propose a unity government and himself as prime minister he may not have the support of so it's also not clear whether or not he has the numbers to do that. how is it going
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down with the electorate florence i mean does this mean that nobody's really running the country. well you have mahathir who's the interim prime minister but the cabinet is dissolved following his resignation so essentially there isn't a functioning government it's all dependent on the civil servants civil society organizations and there have been protests by youth groups as volunteers students against what's happening a lot of political turmoil that's not a political uncertainty that this country but the main grouse in the main fear of civil society organizations and activists if is if a coalition is to be formed and if this is a way that opposition politicians think they can return to government having been voted out in the last election 2 years ago then there will be for more political upheaval in the age. thank you. several neighborhoods in indonesia's
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capital jakarta are under water today after a month's worth of rain fell in less than 24 hours there were similar scenes less than 2 months ago flooding killed 60 people there flooding has become a big problem for jakarta so last year the president mr wood on build plans to relocate the capital to borneo. since the libyan warlord began his offensive to take the capital tripoli he's courting the west by saying he's trying to rid the country of so-called terrorists but elements within us forces have been accused of sharing an ideology similar to al qaeda stratford reports from tripoli he must. have also been accused of war crimes. these are pointers loyal to walter khalifa haftar battling un backed government forces in eastern libya. i have to says the world should support him because he's a secular force the west contrast to fight terrorism. with many of the most powerful militias fighting for half the are considered by western governments to be
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a threat to the future stability of libya and the security of their own countries because of the ideology they embrace. the big contradiction is in what have to tries to promote about himself and the evidence which is clear that his forces are comprised of so if you had these their ideology scares many people we have seen them storming mosques and forcing others to follow their version of islam they are in an open war against the moderates in libya. these are monthly fighters saying that huffed is god's chosen one the muckle is follow what some analysts describe as an ultra conservative 6 with a jihadist ideology based in saudi arabia this is a saudi based shaikh telling mudhoney fighters loyal to have to that their fight against the un backed government in tripoli is a religious one. the government in tripoli in western libya says it wants to
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dissolve all militias fighting on its behalf and integrate them into a national army have to has far more solid peace fighting with him by thousands than the western government so what he says and what's actually happening on the ground is quite different the backbone of his libyan troops the strongest force armament highly salafist to follow an obscure saudi sheik and and have what some claim is a quietist philosophy although this is an anomaly to you for all the analysts because what kind of quiet is silent this shoots at people every day this is general haftar with one of his top commanders mahmoud a war fully. and this is a lawfully killing prisoners in benghazi he is wanted by the international criminal court to face war crimes after reportedly detaining a wolf for leave for a few days after release him and promoted him to lieutenant colonel in the near 6
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years since wall of khalifa haftar launched his military operation to try and seize power here in libya rights groups such as amnesty international have accused both sides of committing war crimes after describes himself as being a secular leader fighting terrorism a leader of the west can trust but for the un backed government here in tripoli military analysts and many people across this country that simply isn't true. but i'll just hero tripoli. before we go let's bring you some more live pictures from the funeral of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak he died yesterday at the age of 91 he's getting a military slash and states funeral you can see there his coffin being carried as parts of horse drawn parade became a national hero of course following the following year after 1972 with the force of the egyptian air force and
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a massive blow to israeli forces in sinai join the yom kippur war and i guess it would be fair to say that the debates about what his legacy really was will carry on for the months and years to come will get you across all the developments on that story throughout the day. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera these are the top stories so far the authorities in iran have confirmed 4 more deaths from the corona virus a total of 19 people have died the highest number outside china more than $130.00 people have been infected including the country's deputy health minister zain bus ravis in the capital tehran with more now on the government's efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus the government was accused of not taking this seriously enough not reacting seriously enough in the early days of this corona virus
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outbreak but since then in the last 3 days about 3 days ago president hassan rouhani formed what he is calling the headquarters to combat corona and that headquarters is in tehran it is. a group of leaders brought together to try to try and centralize resources and the response meanwhile in italy the 12th person there has died more than $280.00 in all now infected in south korea over 1100 people are infected with the coronavirus the catholic church there has canceled all masses in the country and an effort to avoid a further spread in other news the indian prime minister narendra modi has called for calm after 3 days of violence and killed at least 20 people nearly $200.00 others were injured after hindus forthwith muslims it's followed more protests against a contentious citizenship law the circus president. says angrily pushed back moscow
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backed syrian forces and the province and make it safe for civilians the u.n. estimates nearly 950000 people have been displaced the since the beginning of december. lazio's interim prime minister mahathir mohamad says he'll return as leader if he has enough support in parliament 2 days ago he resigned suddenly and his party quit the governing coalition form a coalition partner on what abraham says 3 parties of nominated him as prime minister egypt's president has just arrived at the military funeral for the former leader hosni mubarak he died on tuesday at the age of $91.00 the government's announced 3 days of national mourning following the announcement of his death up next with inside story i will see you very soon for the moment about.
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malaysia's power struggle to have its something resignation was thrown the country into uncertainty but what's motivated this just 2 years after a surprise comeback what does it tell us about politics in malaysia this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan prime minister mahathir mohamad has long been seen as a master of the lazy in politics his shock resignation on monday has triggered speculation over what he may be planning he's been resisting pressure to set a deadline to hand over power to his name successor abraham they put aside their decades long rivalry and 28 team and the.


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