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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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old. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out as they are news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes strict new measures are being rolled out globally as the number of new cases of coronavirus abbas's those inside china so how will the u.s. respond president trump is about to outline how america will tackle the crisis and uneasy calm more deaths in delhi following violent protests of a controversial new citizenship law. reports of multiple deaths in the us city of milwaukee as the police respond to a shooting at a brewery. and thousands of people turned out to welcome the return of opposition.
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welcomes the program strict new measures to stop the spread of corona virus are ramping up around the world as the number of new cases outside china so posses those inside where the highest death toll outside china has been in iran where 19 people have died iraq has 5 cases it's closed schools and banned public gatherings as well as flights from several countries in europe france has recalled its 2nd death well it's only has confirmed it's 12 and a man who returned to brazil after visiting italy has become latin america's 1st case well globally more than 81000 cases of corona virus have been recorded in 44 countries and territories u.s. president donald trump is due to hold a press conference within the next 30 minutes or so and will be crossing of
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a live once that gets underway well shortly we'll cross to latin america at its embassy and human in santiago on the new infections there but 1st let's head to the white house where our correspondent kimberly halkett is standing by with the latest kimberly we are awaiting this press conference by president trump and u.s. health officials what are you expecting him to say and why they're speaking now kimberly. well there is a growing sense of alarm i wouldn't say panic just you have of the setting in with the american public so this is definitely an effort by this white house to try and calm some of those fears in terms of what the president might say that is also open to speculation many had been suggesting that it was time for the president to appoint a so-called czar to oversee the coronation of resources much like we saw with we're off obama's administration over the fight against ebola now the white house has tapped down those suggestions saying they won't be a point to get it when the president is very happy with the task force that he put
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in place many weeks ago so there's also some speculation that perhaps this could be an announcement about new and expanded travel restrictions that is also something that is being watched very carefully the white house again going to put it that task force many weeks ago did put in place mandatory quarantine for some who had traveled from china who had been showing signs of the infection of corona virus so the question now becomes now that this has spread to other nations will there be further travel restrictions kimberly in the white house we know is seeking an extra $2500000000.00 in contingency funding for the virus i mean how prepared is it ministration public health to deal with any kind of major outbreak in the u.s. . well according to many of the public health officials they say that they are concerned and are making the preparations but the dollar figure in order for them to do that seems to be under some scrutiny particularly by opposition democrats now
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the white house on monday night put through sort of an emergency funding request to the u.s. congress quite surprisingly not only did democrats criticize the funding the 2500000000 as you suggest but also members of the president's own republican party in fact one top democrat said the name out used to be $8500000000.00 the truth is it's probably somewhere in the midst of that according to many that we have spoken to but the reality is that many believe that this is ministration has not adequately requested it's a very fiscally conservative minded administration at times and this is one area where many are suggesting that is not the time to be showing fiscal restraint so a lot of criticism about the administration it's so-called prepared to so far we expect there will be quite a few tough questions as the president makes a very rare appearance in the white house briefing room in the next hour all right to commit how good that the white house can believe thank you for that let's go live now to our latin america and it's a messy and human cheese and something i'm going to see are so what more can you
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tell us than about this 1st case on the continent. well hello there for i can say that the 61 year old man who has now been released from hospital in the city of south while we know he is at home he is doing well according to brazil's health minister and while he has been the 1st case to be confirmed in latin america's largest country he certainly will not be the last that i can assure you of at least 20 other people are now suspected of having or of carrying the virus 12 of them had come from italy the other 8 to it has not been confirmed where they were but if the minister of health says that regardless he expects the numbers to spread to jump and quite quickly another interesting fact is that the the stock exchange the stock exchange of brazil which is the largest on the continent plunged by 7 percent as
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a result of those nudes now the government says it's also wants to track just how the virus will react to be to our hot and humid climate like that of brazil's remember here in this hemisphere it is summer right now it is very very hot weather that will affect the virus and make it spread more quickly or or slow it down is something that officials both in brazil the region and at the world health organization are interested to find out you know on the scene of this all comes at a bad time in brazil with the carnival holiday well underway. absolutely carnival remember brings out hundreds of thousands actually millions of people out onto the streets of every single town and city in brazil not just rio de janeiro which is home to the most famous carnival and what does this mean it means that people are crammed together they're partying they're reveling they're drinking too much everybody's kissing strangers and doing other things as well just the sort
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of thing that spreads viruses of any kind particularly a virus that is as contagious as this one so that certainly has authorities very very concerned and it also means that it's a time of year when brazilians are traveling by the millions for one part of the of the this a lot of continental sized country to the other and that could potentially increase the speed of contagion top of that you have latin american so and people actually from all over the world go into brazil to take part in carnival and then leave again back to their home countries so that could help to spread this virus to other parts of the region far more quickly than what authorities had originally anticipated all right listen human there in santiago to see it thank you for that let's bring in dr neeraj shah he's chair of the infectious disease committee of the association of state and territorial health officials this is a group representing public health agencies in all u.s. states and joins us live from washington d.c. . so we're still waiting for this press conference with president trump and u.s.
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health officials from the c.d.c. but how serious is the administration taking this corona virus outbreak do you think i mean there are 50 plus cases we hear in the u.s. but there's of course a rapidly spreading global outbreak. our view is that the united states' center for disease control has been working very aggressively and quickly ever since word of this virus 1st emerged coming out of china now over 2 months ago what we're hoping to hear from the president this evening is a mention or a discussion of the vital role that state and local health departments across the united states play in managing this outbreak as it continues although this is a national situation indeed an international one the response to the outbreak really has played out at the local level by state health departments all across the country for that reason we're really hoping to discuss how those state health departments can continue to be supported and of course this is also about reassuring the american public isn't it but what is the risk to the u.s.
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public at the moment what's your assessment very quickly right now of the risk of the united states public remains low however as we all know that situation is changing very very rapidly we are urging everyone who's watching to make sure that they are checking reputable news sources on a daily basis whether that's their state health departments website or the united states centers for disease control for the latest information because this is a fast moving dynamic situation what we are doing at the state level is making sure that we are continuing our preparedness efforts all 50 states have been working intensely for many weeks now to make sure that even though we don't hope the situation gets worse no one wishes that if it does we are big we are we are hoping to be as prepared as possible to contend with that we know the white house is asking for 2 and a half $1000000000.00 from congress to help fight the virus in terms of contingency funding but yesterday we saw u.s. health officials saying look there isn't enough medical equipment and infrastructure in place to deal with a major outbreak in the u.s.
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that's pretty warming though isn't it. what we know is that more resources are going to be needed we appreciate that the white house says initiated discussions around additional funding we view their proposal as the floor our view is that this initial gambit is a down payment but that as this activation continues to stretch on as it might at the state and local level for many weeks to months we know that additional funding may be required and we're grateful that the administration ministration has initiated those discussions now we need to make sure that the states receive the funding that they need to make sure that some of the items that you mentioned supplies resources are readily available when this activation continues dr shah we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your time sir now meanwhile qatar has a lot of the evacuation of qatari and to 80 citizens from iran due to the spread of infections there it's off to iranian president hassan rouhani said the country had no plans to quarantine and the city's all districts in response to the outbreak
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more than $130.00 people have the virus in iran including the deputy health minister are going to return now to those drastic measures announced in iraq to stop the spread of the virus 0 simona fulton is in baghdad she says it's unclear how the containment measures will be enforced. the ministry of health issued a new decree earlier this evening announcing far reaching measures in what appears to be an effort to get at her terrible spread of the virus here in iraq so far there have been 5. cases of the coronavirus including in the southern cities of measure of and in the northern city of kirkuk perhaps in the most surprising what measures to help ministry has asked that it would be for building any public gatherings closing down her face c.n.n. was and that clips prevented the virus from spreading now it's uncertain what exactly will fall under these public gatherings of degree specifically mentioned
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tastes in the most and clubs did not appear example mentioning restaurants original means to be seen whether those will also be closed and whether and how these measures will actually be enforced but as i say neighboring iran has announced domestic travel restrictions at least 19 people have died than $130.00 are infected including the deputy health minister same bus route he has more from the capital tehran. during a weekly cabinet meeting iranian president hassan rouhani struck an optimistic tone saying that the reports about containing the coronavirus in iran are promising a taskforce set up earlier this week by the president including senior members of the government and armed forces he said are making gains in controlling the spread of the disease something that has become a major public health crisis here in the country he also addressed public concerns about whether or not the information coming from officials could actually be
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trusted this after a member of parliament representing the city of home where the 1st case was detected said the number of cases and deaths from this virus are far higher than official figures reported by the government here's what the president had to say about that and i don't mean. i emphasize that we don't manipulate the figures we not the increase no decrease them nor do we exaggerate or downplay him i've told the health ministry to announce the figures they have this is a plot we see today in foreign propaganda recently a high ranking u.s. official made a comment about coronavirus in iran themselves are dealing with the flu 16000 died because of that the cea but they don't talk about it and now they are turning their attention to corona virus in iran earlier this week president hassan rouhani also said that the situation in the country could begin to normalize as early as saturday just a matter of days now but during a briefing by the spokesman for the country's health ministry he said that
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government officials are expecting the number of coronavirus cases in iran to go up in coming days. well the 2 most affected regions in italy is north currently under lockdown where some 50000 people live there are increasingly worried but i try to stay positive mama john june reports from milan. in less than a week life in the small town of cars that lingo has completely changed the corona virus outbreak in northern italy slumbered the region is what did it forcing checkpoints to go up and keeping residents from getting out. since we're barred from accessing areas under quarantine as we speak to volunteer medic marco on skype . he worries about what will happen next but also tries to stay calm ready. i don't live alone so every time i go back home i think about it because maybe i've been in contact with someone that has it but i'm without symptoms and we're constantly checked. marco says he doesn't want to diminish the gravity of the
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crisis but he also likes looking on the bright side and tells us there are surprising benefits to living under lockdown. it's beautiful because you see kids playing in the streets the way it was many years ago during the days of our parents and grandparents it was much more like heartedness. just up the road from cousin is the town of put on you're considered the center of the outbreak because the 1st locally transmitted coronavirus case was detected there in the. audio protea runs a residential facility for patients with mental and physical disabilities. he tells us staff at the center are doing all they can to keep the situation calm and to ensure the compound remains free of the virus. the residents understand this is a special situation and they've adapted to it without getting too anxious even our patients who for along the autism spectrum and usually have the most difficult time
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accepting changes to the routines they have accepted that this is an unusual situation. here in the regional capital an hour's drive away the anxiety is also evident as public spaces remain far quieter than usual for days italian government officials have been urging citizens not to panic the people under quarantine we've been speaking to are heeding that advice as coronavirus cases in the country continue to rise they find themselves growing more concerned but they say they're doing their utmost to remain calm. in a long. flight so some news just coming in now saudi arabia has suspended issuing of any new visas for religious travel the kingdom also is banning the entry of travelers from countries which are named as coronavirus hotspots i must tell you that again some news just coming into us here at al-jazeera the saudi arabia has suspended issuing of any new visas for religious travel the kingdom is also banning the entry of travelers from countries which are named as coronavirus. more to come on the news hour including the man who wants to win the white house but was late to
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join the race we'll look at the challenges facing michael bloomberg. turkey says it will push back syrian government forces in northern syria as the number of displaced people reaches nearly a 1000000. and in sports one of tennis highest profile players has decided to call time on her career and they will be here with that story a little later. now the mayor of the u.s. city of milwaukee says multiple people have been killed in a mass shooting the attack took place at the headquarters of the multiple cause brewing company local media say the shooter is now dead but it's unclear how many people have been killed let's get more now from shihab rattansi he joins us live from washington d.c. she had but so what more can you tell us about this incident. well that much we're having for a police briefing in about 45 minutes time but as far as the police and the official line is concerned this is. a critical incident an active scene
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but not an active threat from a still sweeping the area to make sure that there is no longer a threat if it should be said that nearby areas where there had been lock downs of local factories and schools and offices that seems to be over but this is a sprawling complex as you said the most and most them could headquarters the brewery and corporate offices widely known locally as the miller coors brewery 600 people work there and it is a very large complex we've seen a lot of presence of the bomb squad there. this is where things get a little bit more hazy than we have to be reputable local sources telling us from their police sources that multiple fatalities as you said the number we keep hearing is between 7 and 8 apps including the government it is according to these sources a government and in fact an employee and former employee who had been fired left the complex and then returned and began shooting that's where that's not
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a lot been confirmed by the police but we have multiple local sources saying that is what happened in this case we have an official briefing the hopefully the next hour. in washington d.c. shahab thank you india's prime minister narendra modi has called for calm after 4 days of violence in new delhi at least 25 people have lost their lives and more than 200 injured in hospitals and there's now anger over the decision to transfer the capital's 3rd highest ranking judge after he criticized both the central and state governments as well as the local police force anybody reports from delhi. of the year after the street battle subsided wednesday was a day hindus and muslims mourn the loss of loved ones after some of the worst violence delhi has suffered in decades this is the funeral of mohammad for can a father of 2 who was killed when the violence began a few days ago he was on the way to shops to buy food for his kids at
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a bus stop i received a call saying that my brother has been shot i couldn't believe it i was with him an hour earlier i rushed to the hospital but i found that he was already dead he doesn't know who was responsible. that they're both sides of the community hindus and muslims have suffered outside the morgue of the state run hospital relatives await the completion of post-mortem examination is on victims so they can take the bodies for cremation or burial. this man says his nephew died from a bullet to the neck he says it was fired by a muslim. but when he was pressed he says he never witnessed the killing was the violence stopped after a group of muslim women were persuaded to abandon their city in protest at a block to busy road and angered hindu nationalists and the government sent in paramilitary forces and rapid reaction units to reopen the suburbs.
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the death toll is rising and hundreds of injured people are being treated in 3 local hospitals many of the dead are said to have died from bullet wounds it's not clear who was responsible. there was a physical cost to these of the scarred remains of muslim owned businesses in cardwell nagar in northeast delhi some people have lost everything the major violence may have stopped at least for now but it's been so damaging the question is how long will it take communities both muslim and hindu to heal and how can they ever fully restore trust one year. lawyers have started the legal process with those who were responsible for inciting the violence to face justice the protests against the new citizenship law which started in december were joined by people from all religions and minorities across india there is a concern now that hindu nationalists may try and turn this into a religious issue i am seriously concerned about this is the players from this
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movement is going to be given religious sheep which is in fact not after 3 days of silence prime minister narendra modi sent out a tweet calling for calm and for peace and harmony to be restored the streets are quieter but the death toll is expected to rise and the repercussions of what happened here are likely to affect not just the capital but also the whole of india tony berkeley out 0 delhi. well as you mentioned delhi police have been criticised for their role in the handling of the violence critics say that's because the force is not accountable to the state government the central government controls the police force in delhi the local government has no power nor an order the political divide in delhi is also adding to the tension at the moment modi's party the big j.p. controls the national government the a.p.o. common man party runs the local government in delhi and the 2 have clashed in the past over control of delhi police javedanfar is
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a political analyst based in the capital he says speeches by sun b j p politicians instigated the violence. the signs were there since for ages and from a 3 speeches there was a build up in there and up to the elections and then thereafter some very end from a tree anti muslim speeches given by none other than members some members of the ruling party chant the party and precious little was done to come up this had the had the union government acted in time this could have been prevented the union government for reasons best known to intent to themselves chose to look the other way why parts of delhi were burning and people were and to to come in we were going hammer and tongs at each other it's only after the courts intervened on the 3rd day did did that they did this the union government to act and send the national security adviser and send the requests that number of paramilitary to try and take
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control of the situation had this been done earlier had those who were making and film made 3 speeches held accountable perhaps this day would not have come to pass . thousands of people have gathered in cameroon for the return of the opposition leader maurice has been mostly out of the country since his release from jail last year his return comes at a time when one human rights group accuse the president of ordering the killing of more than 20 people including children nicholas hawke reports the. tens of thousands chant goodbye president called bia come to is coming and here he is. cameron's opposition leader maurice come to his back after spending time in the us in france he was sent to prison when he claimed victory during the last presidential elections he's an outspoken critic of president paul where the age of 87 has been in power since 1982. he's done everything in his power to massacre us
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so he can stay in power but we will not give in his time to bring and then to hatred violence and war and to turn a page for peace with a 1000000 displaced in more than 3000 killed since 2016 human rights groups blame both armed separatist and security forces for the violence and displacement of people in the english speaking regions of cameroon human rights watch believes the rapid intervention battalion backed by ethnic philology militias are behind the latest attack the elite force trained and managed by former israeli navy commandos shot 13 children then burned their homes with their parents and children inside the government 1st called it collateral damage then denied being involved. the killings went to deliberate and were aimed at punishing the population spectate off harboring and collaborating with the separatists c. maybe cameroon closest ally the relationship is changing because of this violence on sunday cameroonian political refugee in france stopped president. to ask him about the situation in the country
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the french president admitted to putting pressure on president. we are seeing that the situation is deteriorating and i will call him so that the intolerable situation seizes. the situation. the governing party has just won the majority of the seats in local elections boycotted by the opposition the government says it's working for unity and peace but there is mounting opposition both from abroad and in the country defying 36 year long rule over cameroon nicholas hawke al-jazeera. in the united states senator bernie sanders may be leading the democratic race but former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is going off to her with billions of dollars and an unconventional campaign strategy is trying to chip away. question some of the reports. amid a crowded field of democrats mike bloomberg is positioning himself as the electable
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moderate in for oil to party front runner bernie sanders i don't think there's any chance of the senator beating president trump you don't start out by saying i've got 160000000 people i'm going to take away the insurance plan that they love the former mayor of new york got into the race late skipping early voting states he instead poured millions of dollars into an ad campaign focused on super tuesday and most delegates are up for grabs mike would get it done a power play fitting a man who made billions in finance and communications mike bloomberg doesn't seem to be the traditional. knocking on the doors meeting people campaign or if you look at his his 3 campaigns for mayor in new york city he followed very much the same strategy that he's following now spending tons and tons of money on a good afternoon i'm a volunteer for the mike bloomberg for president campaign how are you today sir in
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just a few short months mike bloomberg opened 150 campaign offices all around the country like this one hired $2400.00 south 1st and spent more than $400000000.00 that's more than all of his democratic rivals combined and more than president trump spent get elected in 2016. but bloomberg faces stiff opposition from the party's activist base including those in minority communities who are subject to his administration's aggressive and according to a judge unconstitutional policing tactics for which bloomberg has since apologized bloomberg says responses or the lack thereof to some of the critical questions that come his way still sort of reek of a billionaire. if we can call it that sort of shifting policies to from republican to independent to now and democrat. makes a few people suspicious i'm
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a volunteer with the mike bloomberg campaign how are you bloomberg supporters argue he's a unifier is really that moderate who will look at the issues that look at what is best for everybody the majority i really love her gender on climate change the environment on gun control i think these are things that need to happen now but when it comes to their nominee democrats now seem more divided than ever kristen salumi al jazeera new york that's also to come here al jazeera and he quit just days ago but now malaysia's prime minister faces a fight to return to power. after years of violence many in south sudan history may be repeating itself. and in sports pakistan and pull off a surprise winner of the women's $220.00 cricket world cup.
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welcome back home have a look at weather conditions across the americas the main feature in north america is the snow across ontario into quebec and eventually pushing into newfoundland and so that's really quite heavy the front itself associated with the rain across the eastern seaboard is moving away so fine conditions rusty's speaking for many areas moving on through into friday snow begins to clear away little bit of rain across some more eastern areas and fine across the west except for the pacific northwest where we have got some rain and indeed snow at higher elevations into central parts of america we've got these strong winds extending further towards assize during the course of thursday so ran to the gulf a certain should get better but as we move further into wards guatemala and honduras and it's looking very wet and search for coastal parts of honduras and caribbean side that would like to see trench will rain at times as a move the forecast through to friday not a great deal of change that rain really a static so large amount is going to build up for many of the honors the caribbean
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weather conditions are looking pretty good because we had tended to south america we have seen in recent days some very heavy rain affecting southern parts of peru some really severe flooding has been occurring in placing say mudslides of course some fatalities still some heavy showers in the forecast past looking at highs of 12. frank assessments the one being about these bushfires is it really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 schools even know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. the one tribe.
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the largest concentration of 19 food chain refugees in egypt. the socially isolated community with new rights fighting to survive and keep them honest and heritage alive you know world when there was missing recently marginalized egypt's motherland on al-jazeera. to. welcome back and to come out of the top stories here on the al-jazeera countries in the middle east are bringing strict new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus saudi arabia has temporarily halting visas for the poor and bridge
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known as the m for people coming in from affected countries but health officials in the u.s. have said it's a matter of when not if the corona virus spreads in the country president donald trump is due to hold a press conference on the virus outbreak shortly and of course we'll be bringing you that live when it happens from the briefing room in washington d.c. . india's prime minister narendra modi has called for calm after 4 days of violence in new delhi at least 25 people have lost their lives and more than 200 have been injured. now turkey's president russia typo on says his forces are preparing to engage russian backstory and forces an adlib province the killing of 2 turkish soldiers in a mass drag on wednesday could further inflame the conflict had threatened to step up attacks if any more of his troops were harmed balance reports. syrian troops on the move it live province is the holdout the one place president bashar al assad is
2:34 am
yet to claim that village by village it's coming within reach. of. our current on towards more villages of months are we are we are still in action stores are a spite of the turkish support to our enemies using foreign arms and ammunition these russian backed syrian government soldiers are fighting turkish backed rebels now turkey is facing a challenge with its observation posts in the province around it and president richard type over one has ordered his troops to push back. russia does not want to accept humanitarian sensitivity the time that we gave to those who besieged or observation posts is ending we are preparing plans to liberate our observation posts from the surrounding forces by the end of february 1 way or another. he also warns that turkey will attack government forces anywhere in syria if another
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turkish soldiers injured 16 have been killed in syria this month his speech came as a russian delegation arrived in turkey to discuss the crisis and it lived with their president vladimir putin has ruled out a summit with the turkish german and french leaders the fight for control of the province has forced nearly a 1000000 people from their homes since early december the u.n. says more than half of the people now living in places like this a children. we left our area about 20 days ago we left under airstrikes with only the clothes on our backs we were left out in the open and spent some time under trees we went towards the city of al-bab but we didn't find any place to live and no one who would let us stay on their land. in the 9 years since the war began many people have fled frontlines for the relative safety of it lib now the front line has come to them. they're increasingly squeezed against the border with turkey the syrian forces inch food shelling residential areas one has intervened worried
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about another potential refugee crisis. we're not going to take even a little step back in the ad lib we will push the syrian regime forces out of the areas that we've designated and let people return back to their houses but for now that's not an option at least $26.00 people including schoolchildren were killed and more than $100.00 injured this week the white helmets risky group says 8 schools and kindergartens were deliberately targeted with cluster bomb syrian forces have captured dozens of towns and villages and any pushback by turkey may leave residents in the crossfire shallot ballasts. talks to salvage the $10.00 to $15.00 iran nuclear agreement have made little progress at a meeting in austrian capital vienna delegates from the european union china and russia sat down with iranian officials the 1st meeting since an official dispute process was launched of a violations by iran all right let's just take you now live to washington d.c.
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where u.s. president donald trump and officials from the national centers for disease control are giving a press conference on the coronavirus that's missing that my deepest condolences to the victims and families in milwaukee wisconsin earlier today wicked murderer opened fire at a mall soon cory's brewing company plants taking the lives of 5 people number of people who were wounded some badly wounded or heartbreak for them and their loved ones we send our condolences will be with them. it's a terrible thing. show our hearts go out to the people of wisconsin. and to the families thank you very much. i have just received another briefing from a great group of talented people. on the. virus that is
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going around to various parts of the world we have through some very good early decisions decisions that were actually ridiculed at the beginning we closed up our borders to flights coming in from certain areas. areas that were hit by the coronavirus and hit pretty hard and we did it very early had a lot of people thought we shouldn't have done it that early and we did it it turned out to be a very good thing and the number one priority from our standpoint is the health and safety of the american people and that's the way i viewed it when i made that decision because of all we've done the risk to the american people remains very low we have the greatest experts in the war really in the world right here the people that are called upon by other countries when things like this happen we were ready to adapt and we're ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads if it
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spreads. as most of you know the. the level that we've had in our country is very low and those people are getting better or we think that in almost all cases they're the better of getting we have a total of 15 we took in some from japan you heard about that because they're american citizens and they're inquire into. and they're getting better too but we felt we had an obligation to do that it could have been as many as 42 and we found that we were it was just an obligation we felt that we had we could have left them and that would have been a very bad very bad i think the american people and their recovering of the 15 people. original 15 as i call them. 8 of them have returned to their homes to stay in their homes until fully recovered one is in the hospital
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and 5 have fully recovered and one is we think in pretty good shape and that. in-between hospital and going home so we have a total of but we have a total of 15 people and they're in a process of recovering with some already having fully recovered. we started out by. looking at certain things that we've been working with the hill very very carefully very strongly and i think we have very good bipartisan spirit for money we were asking for 2 and a half 1000000000 and we think that's a lot but the democrats and i guess are senator schumer wants us to have much more than that and normally in life i say we'll take it we'll take it. if they want to give more we'll do more we're going to spend whatever is appropriate
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hopefully we're not going to have to spend so much because we really think we've done a great job in keeping it down to a minimum. and again. we've had tremendous success tremendous success beyond what people would have thought now at the same time you do have some outbreaks and some countries italy and various countries are having some difficulty china you know where it started i spoke with president xi we had a great talk he's working very hard i have to say he's working very very hard and if you can count on the reports coming out of china that spread has gone down quite a bit the infection seems to have gone down over the last 2 days as opposed to getting larger it's actually gotten smaller in one instance where we think we can be it's somewhat reliable it seems to have gotten quite a bit smaller. with respect to the money that's being negotiated they can do
2:42 am
whatever they want i mean they can will do that too and have we're requesting $2.00 and a half some republicans would like us to get 4 and some democrats would like us to get 8 to half and we'll be satisfied whatever whatever it is we're bringing in a specialist very highly regarded specialist tomorrow who works actually at the state department very very. tremendously talented in doing this i want you to understand something that shocked me when i saw that. i spoke with dr fouchier on this and i was really amazed and i think most people are amazed to hear that the flu in our country kills from 25000 people to 69000 people a year that was shocking to me and so far if you look at what we have with the 15 people and they're recovering one is one is pretty sick but.
2:43 am
hopefully will recover but the others are in great shape but think of that 25000 to 69. 1000 over the last 10 years we've lost 360000 these are people that have died from the flu from what we call the flu hey did you get a flu shot and and dumb thing now what we've done is we've stopped 9 u.s. citizens from coming into america from china that was done very early on we're screening people and we have been at a very high level of screening people coming into the country affected areas we have in quarantine those infected and those at risk we have a lot of great quadrantid facilities the rapidly developing vaccine and they can speak to you the professionals can speak to you about that the vaccine is coming along well and in speaking to the doctors we think this is something that we can
2:44 am
develop fairly rapidly a vaccine for the future and coordinate with the support of our partners we have great relationships with all of the country is that we're talking about some fairly large number of countries some would say one person. and many countries have no problem whatsoever and we'll see what happens but we're very very ready for this for anything whether it's going to be a breakout of larger proportions or whether or not where you know we're at that very low level and we want to keep it that way so we're at the low level as they get better we take them off the list so that we're going to be pretty soon at only 5 people and we could be at just one or 2 people over the next short period of time so we've had very good luck the. johns hopkins i guess it is highly respected great place they did a story a
2:45 am
a study comprehensive the country's best and worst prepared for an epidemic and the united states is now it were rated number one rated number one for being prepared this is a list of different countries i don't want to get in. specially if you think you did. this a list of the different countries united states is rated number one. most prepared united kingdom netherlands or stray you counted it thailand sweden denmark south korea finland these this is a list of of the best rated countries in the world by johns hopkins. we're doing something else that's important to make that has been met terrific in many ways but he's also very good on health care and we really followed him very closely a lot of states do when mike was governor mike pence of indiana. they've established
2:46 am
great health care they have a great system their system that a lot of a lot of the other states have really looked to and change this system they want to base it on the indiana system is very good and i think and he's he's. really very expert at the field and what i've done is i'm going. it to be announcing exactly right now that i'm going to be putting our vice president mike pence in charge and mike will be working with the professionals and doctors and everybody else that's work in the team is is brilliant i spent a lot of time with the team over the last couple of weeks but they're totally brilliant and we're doing really well and mike is going to be in georgia and mike will report back to me but he's got a certain talent for this and i'm going to as mike pence to say if you were to please thank you. thank you mr president. president terms made clear from the 1st days of this administration we have no higher priority than the safety security health and well being of the american
2:47 am
people and from the 1st word of outbreak of the coronavirus the president took unprecedented steps. to protect the american people from the spread of this disease we've counted those briefly but the establishment of travel restrictions. aggressive quarantine efforts and of americans there returning declarations of public health emergency in establishing the white house corona task force are all reflective of the urgency that the president has brought to a whole of government approach. as a former governor from the state where the 1st mers case emerged in 2014. i know full well. the importance of presidential leadership the importance of administration leadership and the vital role of partnerships of state and local governments and health authorities in
2:48 am
responding to the potential threat of dangerous infectious diseases and i look forward. mr president to serving in this role and bringing together all the members of the corona task force that you've established h.h.s. c.d.c. d.h.s.s. the department of transportation and state this team has been a your direction mr president meeting every day since it was established my role will be to continue to bring that team together to bring to the president the of the best options for action to see to the safety and well being and health the american people will also be continuing to reach out to governors state and local officials in fact in recent days the white house met with over 40 state county and city health officials from over 30 states and territories to discuss how to respond
2:49 am
to this to the potential threat of the coronavirus we'll be working with them in renewed ways to make sure they have the resources to be able to respond. spondon as the president said we'll be adding additional personnel here at the white house to support our efforts on the president's behalf we'll also be working with members of congress to ensure that the resources are available for this whole of government response and we'll be working very closely with secretary as our and his team that have done an outstanding job communicating to the public to ensure the american people have the best information on ways to protect themselves and their families and also that the public has the most timely information on the potential threat to the american people mr president. as as we've been brief while the threat to the american public remains low of a spread of the corona virus you have directed this team to take all steps
2:50 am
necessary to continue to ensure the health and well being of the american people and the people of this country can be confident that under your leadership we will continue to bring the full resources of the federal government in coordination with our state and local partners and to see to the health and well being and to the effective response to the crime of virus here in the united states of america with that. the president asked me to recognize the secretary of health and human services alex a czar and also the deputy director of c.d.c. dr anne schuchat for the mavs so very. well thank you mr vice president thank you mr president for gathering your public health experts here today and for your strong leadership in keeping america safe and i just want to say i could not be more delighted that you've asked the vice president my old friend and colleague to lead this whole of government approach with us under the emerges
2:51 am
for it function number 8 as of today we have 15 cases of coded 19 the. have been detected in the united states with only one new case detected in the last 2 weeks we also have 3 cases among americans repatriated from move on and 42 cases among americans repatriated who had been stuck on the diamond princess in japan. the president's early and decisive actions including travel restrictions have succeeded in buying us incredibly valuable time this is helped us contain the spread of the virus handle the cases that we have and prepare for the possibility that we will need to mitigate broader spread of infections within the united states the president's actions taken with the strong support of his scientific advisers have proven to be appropriate wise and well calibrated to the situation we're grateful for the hard work that health care workers 1st responders communities state and
2:52 am
local leaders have put into the response so far because of this hard work and the president's leadership the immediate risk to the american public has been and continues to be low our containment strategy has been working at the same time what every one of our experts and leaders have been saying for more than a month now remains true the degree of risk has the potential to change quickly and we can expect to see more cases in the united states that is why we've been reminding the american public and our state local and private sector partners that they should be aware of what a broader response would look like the c.d.c. has recommended that the american public and especially state and local governments businesses and other organizations should refresh themselves on how they would respond in the event that the situation worse were encouraging americans to learn what future steps might be necessary to keep themselves and their communities safe
2:53 am
knowing these potential steps now can help keep the risk to you and your community low americans can find useful information at c.d.c. dot gov slash coded c.o.v. id 19 and we're working closely with government and private sector partners to educate them about preparedness finally we've begun working with congress to secure the funding that we need there are 5 major priorities in the white. request to congress that the white house made on monday these priorities are 1st expanding our surveillance network 2nd support for state and local governments work 3rd and 4th development of therapeutics and vaccines and 5th manufacturing and purchase of personal protective equipment like gallons and mass as chairman of the president's coronavirus task force i'm committed to providing regular updates from our coordinated interagency process we've had our top public health leaders like those
2:54 am
joining me here today speaking to the media many times per day to inform the american public the trump administration is going to continue to be aggressively transparent keeping the american people and the media apprised of the situation and what everyone can do with that i'm going to hand things over to dr ann shoket dr shook it is the senior career official at the centers for disease control and prevention the principal deputy director with an over 30 year career at the c.d.c. in public health and as a member of the united states public health service commission corps so dr shook it up for no video. thanks so much mr secretary. as you know this is been a difficult and challenging time and our hearts go out to the individuals who have been directly affected by the virus and to all those who've been working tirelessly in responding to it. our aggressive containment strategy here in the united states has been working and is responsible for the low levels of cases that we have so
2:55 am
far however we do expect more cases and this is a good time to prepare. we as you heard it's the perfect time for businesses healthcare as systems universities and schools to look at their pandemic preparedness plans dust them off and make sure that they're ready and we have lots more information at the c.d.c.'s website and in partnership on how to do that but it's also a really good time for the american public to prepare and for you to know what this means for you the corona virus that we're talking about is a respiratory virus it's spread in a similar way to the common cold or to influenza it's spread through coughs and sneezes and so those every day sensible measures that we tell people to do every year with the flu are important here covering your cough. staying home when you're
2:56 am
sick and washing your hands tough tried and true not very exciting measures but really important ways that you can prevent the spread of respiratory viruses so this is the trajectory of what we're looking at over the weeks and months ahead is very uncertain but many of the steps that we have taken over the past 15 years to prepare for a pandemic influenza and our experience going through the 2009 each one n one pandemic of influenza remind us of the kinds of steps that our health care system our businesses our communities and schools may need to take we're in this together all of government the public and the private sector and the c.d.c. wants to make sure you have the best information available every day thank you.
2:57 am
i just want to give you a very quick update on the. my name is dr tony on the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases at an age just a very quick update on the countermeasure development in the form of vaccines and therapeutics i had told this audience at a recent press briefing that we have a number of vaccine candidates and one prototype one to give us a feel for the time frame of the vaccine and what its impact might be now and in subsequent years is that i told you we would have a vaccine that we would be putting into trials see if it's safe and if it induces a response that you would predict would be protective in about 3 months i think it's going to be a little bit less than that it's probably going to be closer to 2 months that would then take about 3 months to determine if it's safe and him in a genic which gives us 6 months then you graduate from
2:58 am
a trial which is phase one of $45.00 people to a trial that involves hundreds if not low thousands of people to determine efficacy at the earliest and efficacy trial would take an additional 6 to 8 months so although this is the fastest we have ever gone from a sequence of a virus to a trial it still would not be any applicable to the epidemic. unless we really wait about a year to a year and a half now that means 2 things one the answer to containing is public health measures we can't rely on a vaccine over the next several months to a year however if this virus which we have every reason to believe it is quite conceivable that it will happen we'll go beyond just a season and come back and recycle next year if that's the case we hope to have a vaccine and then finally and briefly therapeutics there are
2:59 am
a number of antiviral drugs that are being tested a few days ago we initiated a randomized control trial of a drug called rim disappear which has antiviral activity in vitro and in animal model the good news about that is that it's a trial that's randomized to either placebo or standard of care and drug and standard of care which means that we will know reasonably soon whether it works and if it does we will then have an effective therapy to distribute thank you. thank you. thank you very much mr president but for you to have just come from i don't know your hands as busy did you come to india. i mean you got tricked out for a long trip for all the right it's something you haven't paid for thank you pick up and ready good in behind you and for you and judge every keep america safe i think you have the president. illegal from here at the usa today he's going to get
3:00 am
a nation that does the not so much effect oh you're very famous in the other then there will be a very interesting oh my god what is a few tend to give about the ability to begin to fact if you want to talk about you know that and i just i just got back moments like so long flight he's a great gentleman a great leader it's an incredible country and we were treated very very well and we really enjoyed it a lot of tremendous progress was made in terms of relationship our relationship with india is extraordinary right now and we're going to be doing a lot of business with and so you're watching the live pictures there from the white house briefing room president has given a press briefing on the response to the corona virus outbreak he talked about the u.s. has already closed borders to flights coming in from corona virus hotspots and 7 number one priority for him and his administration is the health and safety of all americans he said the wrist americans from the virus currently.


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