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tv   Time To Love A Backstage Tale  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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the man. and how he'd seen in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the syrian government has launched a counter offensive to recapture the town of sokoban it live province. it was taken by turkish backed rebels overnight steve turkish soldiers were killed by a strikes jewing that fights. has more from the heart a new series border the rebels are inside they have managed to further expand their presence in the area we have taken over many other villages on the outskirts of the strategic city of sirte arc and we have also made gains in. the southern parts of italy we don't know of this stage whether this is a war dated military push a large scale military operation by the opposition to reverse the gains made by the syrian government over the last few months but the capture of stark abuse
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definitely a major cryo for the opposition who has suffered serious backs in the past of this is could be a chance to build more momentum for them to be able to move forward and so the 2nd target. for which is button or mounts southern. countries are stepping up measures to stop the corona virus from spreading so to arabia has suspended visas for the pilgrimage restricted tourist travel from countries affected by the virus and the u.s. and south korea at this point joint military exercises so korea's confirms another 505 cases in its overtaken china daily infection numbers. iran's health ministry says the death toll from the corona virus infections has increased to $26.00 at least $245.00 cases have been care firms this includes the
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heads of the parliamentary national security commission same the strategy is in teheran and has the details of the government's efforts to limit the spread. you know as far as public events cinemas concerts sports stadiums any sort of public event that would gather in large crowds those remain canceled and prohibited for at least one more week and there are restrictions that played on several holy religious shrines all across the country now looking forward to tomorrow friday friday prayers or an important part of the week here in iran now friday prayers have been canceled at mosques in cities in affected areas in places where there have been a large number of cases of coronavirus detected but at that runs main mosque here in the capital friday prayers will go forward they are taking precautions the government has said that the facility will be disinfected that it will be kept clean and it is proof it is providing guidance for people who wish to attend friday
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prayers and not to bring children not to bring the elderly and anyone with respiratory illness anyone with anything like heart disease or a heart condition should remain at home and should remain away from this public event the indian government sounds replace the judge who was here in cases related to violence in delhi it criticized the central and state governments as well as local police at least 33 people were killed in fighting to hindus and muslims over the past 4 days the u.k. has warned it could walk away from it negotiating a trade deal with the european union if no progress is made in 4 months the pair is set to begin trade talks on monday in brussels and left in january but remains tied to the gross rules and tilt to send the 31st. she has is parliament's has approved a new coalition governments a vote of confidence brings the months long political crisis to an end prime minister and the clock has reached
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a deal with the and not the party the largest in parliaments and there this week. amnesty international says at least $210.00 people have died across the americas june with a protest against inequality and corruption last year a report by the rights group said haiti had the most casualties followed by venezuela bolivia and chile and says violence and militarized tactics were used to stop people from protesting venezuela their response was considered particularly severe. well those are the headlines here on al-jazeera the state where this witness is up next. to. the on.
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it as an ideal being. what end i want it about as owl i don't even know why but i do know where you are a little hollow in that you don't matter there's little that just i'm lookin at me but if i were to chill with what are those girls who doesn't want to garnaut is always there in a thing or. they know me or their body but they don't at all nor tepic that the. show. that we're.
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in. now with the other people the man who could come only to the moon and. even the. most employers. don't. want to. go tell you even. if you don't live there. deep deep deep deep deep deep deep. where we know. that when. there is nothing. nothing nothing nothing the never never never never never never not.
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all loving when the other way. there was ok my whole grandmother for. me nothing guess only like you just mentioned. in medical don't call. me for a bit then his physical 100 s. can will i look at this 1st it's next weekend but. governor huckabee and. i think in the words of the well we were. right there when. is there any. you like.
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oh. yeah out. yeah.
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ok ok ok. so what did that mean anyway it was. it was a family it was a look at it yes you know me. see if this is. what i thought of this interview. that this is the one i said i was only going to be able to say i was this and there's already. your youngest i am going to be out but i could then you're much more i mean more as an adult i was a little. i guess with you know what i see the man being i saw him away. but afraid. that my. if someone is that if. they're going to kill me. i may see them when i had my money.
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and went to see where they were going to examine big debut to work within the empties we were those who know that but as i think you know. michael bendis was. going to get a new one i mean i don't you know i mean you know how many. yet though we. got to see them on the up out of but i mean it about a they think i mean i want to know him but i'm not going to check on him but i'm not. i couldn't i don't write that. on the the other hand this. is a reasonable beginning of the windows isn't the d.n.a. by someone you know. and i'm annoying but i could do this if i said. i mean you know i'll be able to. say could conceivably.
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going to want to see the guy you can or me. i. want to have those are going on the zone as i delete those so when i said oh man i was saying you know song and yet they are no good i mean look at the thing in the essay in a class ok cody. are you one not. the one you have thought over. that i'm promoting. i don't. know what our. your superiors of them which i came to mind immediately after this invest your neck in life when you think you know you. made a lasting winner your look for nick i love what he does a little. better of us now. we don't need some pretty easy. imo i see no no i see that that's not me i see no no it isn't i was you know one or
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last. years i was in a scene cinema go down the ok set that is the melody. i'm top of the w. good though. like we see in that unisys you know something i can buy my data but if you don't then somebody must lenient that way and guess you don't employ. let you get back mostly company what i mean and there's a young lady had. that if you don't have anything to him i just said. yeah i think it's odd that he would have gone but indulge me in big fat black dog. crap big. it was gay i hate most cars. i had that. big all the oh oh oh.
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oh oh oh i ran for. that pot. right i was. going to just. assume til so you're up to this so you. look. so deal. and you. told. lies and i was on song and it was an awesome 1st song like guys who killed.
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the 1st time ever and the one in 910 my god they're going to be done i know i'm going to give it to you all they see is the i knew he and i can fight. but it comes out on bond on a lot of money. and. i love the. little . one so the little girl. please. show. how you met a moment and then begin to go. away i knew but i saw bob. yes you know i mean then yes. and then. when i'm quite a man that i am pretty damn we're going to go where that last one emma.
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you took the embalming off i should be in a moment. but i left him in last. night when you were left looking. as a good. thing. for a lot that in them i mean as you know you put a lot. less in the. movie. with a. little known. louis.
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the. the the. the the. the me. got big i got go. get that when i was a friend i got. to set up on wheel at a play which had being set on a sauce is the icing on it and then the we added fill with the can down the was swallowing but i get all thumping i guess and it would go to court over the course when i would need to look at a staggering thout nobody that ok. bob the 5 6 day it was. but in those soulless go us who. love will light up as i was
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awake you all got it done so let's go see how it gets this all want to like get out of it is it. or name with. the. big eat. the. meat. even. if you and i say. let the 7. the old the the
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end the the end the. 2 sort of pieces in the know this you know. there was a was a series. of places on a miracle as he saw a fellow feeling them or snares touching them and feeling i was in them. and muskingum of us. in the most i'm not x. now you know where they are and when i got us we were in there in that into our home or no new york because all their dinner not one of them this year. then on the do you. look in the c.s.c.
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is that it's you know. because i'm more. than 6 months in that one that. was when there was only around implementing this employee was you know what i hope you don't mind if you don't have you look at. the last thing and i think if you say no we're not all i but anyway this is going to be my little battle that at the moment we're going to be a lot of people want to do something you really believe you're going to be you know you can be disgruntled come up. here very. clearly your neighbors are coming here
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to tell us what's a. lot of. money and much of the month. you're working families you know look i want you all to see is a little beyond just a little oh so just in the sound was a look at 17 months. that they were done with. yes i came up with them. on these. i don't want to have but i will say in markets only when the solo these you know one of them flamed up on a rally that remember when i was in one i mean. to me when i see i've been doing on new cars you know we don't get it back on which we're going and you get the name churning and then the yaquis be that you've got that the will go into a good old boy being. made a year somebody's got. a headache the
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pinch hit. and it will get. can a fluid to from one to phone enter into new iraq on to next when. confront innocent person the end of one on a plan to never contact all the more often than not going to the curtain went up from the men to pull out. a commitment to. the national. wealth and income which. purposely only. see your home yet in the park and also you want to get people get very i love to sort of know what i was being getting a little to get was if you will be invited feel you who are. bad as they seem to
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say they can only have you seen the only way out that of us ever being we have a lot of swearing and we are learning more for a sure what it was really isn't going to talk to. you you. gotta t. them and they got on that i specially when they are sound well familiar all. they can or don't know and that is seldom what is meant. to get us got started to me go and serve the answer to their so that when they get it been they got to t. doesn't that mean a good post see that as a warning about the ways he lived that were they were not received i mean underlying that do not perceive that would be i was up when i said go get that what the more you me and the better of you know where you are like here or there i love you is an organ. is no no its no nor its you know where i am cloud as it black black black black woman at the. cycle good luck.
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google going to. go look. little is a little slow both of you thought in. this town the bullet missed me because almost no more people than me basic this again you have basic yeah i know but i don't see people that i like to do a play by the way i see who the decent decent is the 2nd year old chum are no no and i mean. their mother and when done internally call it here and ask them when they make one make you know in a well the money ass but not. you i meant so much as i mean if you now and then get on the deal how you're. going to . hear it if i see actually say last week oh yeah that's where the
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girly girl right away again right no nor your. it's all going to be your bunch not in front of. our. after wave you were in our country our income their house how we can market or bully pulpit truth here now some of you should see this. guy that he knows who the boss john. world lives on. the back. of. no one will be about. but i thought i would hear my butt out
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oh yeah. but here. here. we have a. moment of. the old. me the. hour i. get that the day i get is a prelude to when. the weeping and all the jiggle i know don't care if. you go along with the total. yellow sea. now the bandage will not help.
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if i'm on the. list you know what i was but i can come a calling it. now on top let me know i'm not dumb young doesn't love. now you would i want to. meet a man or make you work you know. in my phone or every. one of your nearly 100. men on your marriage romance room if. you think i'm going to. need to see the kids did this thing goes into i was saying look at joe basically anything and ok no i said. being a guy. in a bomb i think i think almost. 0. 0000
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. 00 have yeah yeah yeah all the all the way. my was. yeah yeah yeah me. if. you want to see it oh. that's really. the. best was. the father francis. little. oh no no for the color. of us. cannot say that we want to get or going to have. a look at it with. some level of
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life you know i mean. i know. you look at it a bit. a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects how his child beautiful how glorious we are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera front as a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to africa women make science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on friday round the globe and so here it out as
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a right we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday that. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know there are all this is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. or you started as a modest. korea soldier who never imagined he might one day become president of egypt. he had an ambitious wife. and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for the unlawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak the family episode $10.00. 0. 0.
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and how he an endo how with the top stories are now dizzy the syrian government has launched a counter offensive to recapture the town of surat in the province it was captured by turkish backed rebels overnight 5 turkish soldiers have been killed since yesterday. has more from hearty near syria's border the rebels are inside we have a balance of further expand their presence in the area we have taken over many other villages of the outskirts of the strategic city of stark and we have also made gains in. the southern parts of italy we don't know of this stage whether this is a war dated military push a large scale military operation by the opposition to reverse the gains made by the syrian government over the last year but countries are stepping up measures to stop
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the corona virus from spreading saudi arabia has suspended visas for the pilgrimage and restricted to travel from countries affected by the virus and the u.s. and south korea to sponsor joint military exercises south korea's confirms and over 505 cases mini has overtaken china in new delhi infection numbers iran's health ministry says the death toll from the corona virus infections as increased to 26 at least $245.00 cases have been confirmed this includes the heads of the parliamentary national security commission. the indian government has replaced a judge she was hearing cases related to violence in delhi he criticized both the central and state governments as well as the local police at least 33 people were killed in fighting between hindus and muslims over the past 4 days. and the u.k. has warned it could walk away from and the go see it in
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a trade deal with european union if the progress is made in 4 months the paris set to begin trade talks on monday in brussels person left view in january remains ties to the box rules until december 31st. and on the since a national says at least $210.00 people died across the americas during a wave of protests against the cold sea and corruption last year i reports one of the rights groups said haiti had the most casualties followed by fenice livia and shelley that's you up today it's now it's back to parts of witness. there was a. sense yes he's
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a little bit slow but. the image of the 3 of them. although they have set the record and that's a meal. that a lot of 40 people have learned over the way here. to. eat. the difference by no eat or no god. it's always going to be here for me till the end while better. although. i don't. get it out of the past i know i grew up on what i teach and both are going to back each one of many people. does that back at least i'm either that or do you want to get on there's
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nothing getting i'm going to want to always be on bended knee i'm saying internet you're going to handle i should say some of them but all the while all the little guys. know our. being in a room for late. not always or late will see will one day play so real morons who. simply. don't believe me when they know me by the way that he thinks i'm going to marry her doesn't doesn't matter what i remember since then i've been they already think i would be muslim i made a 2nd is how we don't know and say. yes then we must go in and this and it is so now that almost i don't care but i'm the one for what i did actually and i don't all play my life but if you're me or yank press a man on my back was editing them away ah ah ah 7 ha i love
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and really love. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh no goal am not a little he. was the awful oh he. was. just beautiful oh. my god. that i was i know i'm
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a friend of mine or something but both of people that i just know that some of these guys we're not 99 and i'm going to mine you know but if you meet the man and you let it go isn't it only on the cell phone going to the moon when people are at it you know i'm going to make it one of them up liane. let alone. the. car. for that particular is what i think. i get on my
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hand. if. you put me on my butt i mean at a minority but i thought. well what do you live alone. you know may you have a summit and drive us out of your living in the little door usually full and i doubt. you do me really. he don't this. globe am i really i mean living in norman in a hole but it becomes like killing what. you could no more on the net don't want as a candidate though i thought a mile or thinning out i was what it was i'm still not able you cannot put us in one way knowing what it's all for in his thing with us a c.n.n.
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. reporter can rule. i love a case celebrity when i don't even matter i only can normally rule. out a. he went on there was a little better way and i was carrying more yeah there is story that gave went a lot of it went to horrible. get me i'm going to sit around what a lot of men said going to see that already there was a girl with the. window seat but it is. me you know when you don't know nino's going incomplete or a name a bad thing i mean the point where you know i said i'm mad at. him but i'm not in the best way to be with those whom you know something had died give us that and by going to also find a lot of them and i mean tony i'm not going to say on s. they were planning or putting a fair fight i know they have a lot of us all go you only fill your life we'll say are all saying no
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a didn't mean your benefic though said dorothy nor do you really not pick up with a woman if they have to and. also had a fairly me on my your order while you're so under then what i was or wasn't. about by because it only means it could be as easy or could be answered government gave me another year that he would to a man of $41.00 of the male way to meet the standard an arche in. the local it ok but she not legal battle. when i had a fellow media they had made against it but it came out well. they put it in my mind. that he will send me from you yet in your body not in marriage decided i will email game i will supply you work in that theme or not say yes and no men don't say by the 2nd you see them by the phone we have to your. mythical muffler typical the
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fine and they even had i mean i want to see a good thing about it only has to carry the mean one woman doll the lamb and that is that then it gets out of the land they were going to look at it but up was a really valuable legal cover and then they get formally number nobody from the. yes i am. going to note that i mean you know me i'm going to be known. in the program from illinois that i am and that is indeed i'm not that is there and i didn't know. and the say you don't know you. and he will know no one of them or you're going to know you have the monopoly of the will want to you know they will but i see no one. coming that he would but again nobody else i know you know the whole say why else he'd see only one thing you could knowing oh come on a little better kiddo who got up a lot of balls in new york because i was late for new you want to show. you that means every game growing that it can be gay you know let's allow i can add i don't mean only these days that always
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a payout i was one of the lesser get more joy annoying me sa rugby league but a moment all. good money going to look at that as we look at that one but a lot are. better and the but when i rob. is going to get a saturday and those is bittersweet because i'm a main the who want to make it out of me as absent the game and they'll go to one side of me asked bill a bill has indeed. been on it then we'll i'm on board so you must in the eck in may well add one in 5 of them got to be. the c.e.o. and it's the i want to. go to mass but if you don't get this but are you a jeff welcome b.l. landing no down the place i didn't know here but i like intel guff i can see fidel syndrome will see i'm a well i mean supervisor not for a while but i mean. they go as they always do so they were going in. on leave. and on not. very man
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oh man i know you're. not gonna. let me. leave and then the. at the moment we believe they may get now to get more young ladies and i knew that it had to move on young people going into music and music and just was it was just because no let's listen i want it to be a singer. gun because at this point you're going to give the guy you know i did he need. to. change who i believe. that. because i feel like this hotel is located a little bit of a. low heart on
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a low going to be easy. i mean it's only one more main the. high road obviously i don't i don't find a way. that he was. doughty. or you. would have one. but they didn't find it. a little. over.
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came back lol. don't. know about. it woody. but i mean if. you get the name of the saint but up in the leaning back in. the can you put the gun on my noggin soon nor do you know deftly holmes who it took in you consider moving the ear to the make it easy to be. done with be. the one it up in to send
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it and it feels. it wonderful. to get in the middle but i. knew he could run it no not another. in excess of what the. but it doesn't it doesn't. get us there.
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when i also. did. not. think. what i think.
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if. you. see your. boss here and i say you know mom when ben so you laugh. says about. their bones we don't laugh. but otoh seem to see them when i'm bored out there i'm not been thinking. i'm going to see you. see all that said that.
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one muscle power to see and. see that way. but it. is something that some which i. am. about. to say but we have a mama. on one side and then we. go . without saying but i mean. they want to know more. about what i mean. and their media.
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media is about our death but how and why did they go larry they let go of the new man anyway. so he. or. she is going to look you know. a little fun for the one who will see this refers. to him you can assume or. research. i'm going to. the yeah she said you want to see. you know when it comes. to an airline move to keep.
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pushing i'm. michelle sick in the front end. of your ass in a. crowded bus. are they. going to go that are going to go regular. dentist on the game or they me if. i miss but i'm connecting with the. people. she left. handed.
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her. the letter. and. sold it on to her little an ornament only bought a book as a whole lot of it would go out if there was
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a list oh oh i don't get it then load the peninsula a little i'm going to need a little luck not all of it but the blood or give me a look though you know we're going to have more than the real shock. more focused on some of those who can't. go home and let us have one of those. who do.
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you know give it to give her more. me not me not me not yet more later down my you know someone. to. take the. garbage for them or no. give me no. indeed i mean the former give me the book. that i have come a long long coming down after a night higher or lower. that you going to but you can't wait for the. cia even in that family my family.
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hey maybe it was just me and jan know they hand me any hardly anything i mean to keep i have to be giving them an album which are going to see on the scene for us going to be something not gonna come to them i love no not to leave the am i mean i want you to have a blast you. know. like. ok. you're going. to look at me that little being able to see in the song exceed the game it goes on or no god. no going to become a singer and get on. the riad i'm going to be at. that sort of school and those embers i don't know these badly let down by me i don't know going to hold close but
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i mean i guess i don't it was a bit of a. blessing. beyond my being sung without a compass on the concourse and leaned it to be in the community where i knew there was show me home put her in a case played out of the case. and work a bit but i lie but a couple get by that i hide it while i'm. reporting if that's the only up roach see it but. i was like a. kid must have been poking in this mobile god because you know me also to look at nobody's going to.
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i. spit a full modified car at 600 horsepower i feel the happiest. women tearing up a truck in the west bank. challenge stereotypes. living life in the. target.
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system i'm just in. from fossil fuels to a renewable as societies developed. requiring innovative solutions to me. as a global power develop into the basement company power is uniquely positioned to deliver against. we provide business growth promote so show you. anomic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for a future generation breastpin pioneering future energy.
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hello and welcome back we'll start by looking at weather conditions in south america we've had some very heavy showers being reported in the columbia in recent days last 24 hours mudslide killing 5 people on top of the most lives we've had in parts of peru and chile now we've got main featured moment on the weather map as this frontal system that into the south atlantic with a trough trading showers all way back up into the amazon region so very heavy rain here extending into rio de janeiro so it could be a wet one in rio dry for the south and what is there is looking at highs of $29.00 it should be fine across into santiago in chile is $31.00 heading through into friday that weather system just begins to weaken a little bit but still as it moves slightly further towards the north and east it will generate more showers for the shot anyway around the eastern coast there frontal laser looking at some downpours through the course of the day for central america the main feature really is this heavy rain which is coming into the coast
3:59 pm
of honduras and that rain is very very slow moving on this plenty of energy that it could generate more rainfall total so i think flooding is a high risk over the next 48 hours just along that coast meanwhile across the audience of the caribbean we've got want to 2 showers for more eastern parts of cuba and kingston jamaica a chance of a shower highs of $27.00. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scar. scar some rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about. the only witnesses who can help bring about justice. 0 tolerance human rights campaigners and maybe investigating since the 2000. unspeakable crime on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello there i'm having a hit in endo hall with the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. hours after syrian rebels celebrated a significant win in it led government forces launch a cancer offensive to push them out traps between the fighting and turkey's calls border test.


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