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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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all. the all the. 22 turkish troops killed in an asteroid a syrian rebels battle to hold on to a strategic town they took from the government are desperate civilians have nowhere to turn but squalid camps. are and tell you this is our jazeera live from london also coming up. this is not a time for. him for taking action countries around the world battle to stop growing a virus spreading further with iran taking drastic measures as more of its senior officials are infected. u.s.
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stocks are on track for their worst week since the global financial crisis because of the outbreak. to begin with breaking news from syria where 22 turkish soldiers are reported to have been killed in prominence the governor of turkey's had time province says they were killed in an airstrike why are the syrian or russian forces it's thought to be the biggest single day loss for the country's forces a number of others were wounded and taken to hospitals near the border turkey's president. has held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. this incident comes against the backdrop of a battle for control of the strategic syrian town of saraki but in a province earlier a stream of turkish military reinforcements were seen moving towards the front line to help syrian rebels keep hold of the town which they captured overnight sara keep
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is a major loss for the syrian government and its drive to recapture the last remaining rebel strongholds. joins us live from the thai on the turkey syria border does the very latest on the the turkish troops have been killed. yes lauren now the the governor of her time brings the number of turkish soldiers killed today in strikes he blames on the syrian government to 22 and dozens of soldiers injured they're now being treated in a local hospital in right holly on the border with syria dozens of turkish citizens have converged on the area saying that they were willing to donate blood but you can feel a sense of anger among many people about about this number of casualties
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to today in italy province of this explains the national security meeting there was chaired by president. a while ago that meeting we do understand has come to an end the turkish foreign minister will joshi all all spoke with the nato secretary general i think it was updating him on the latest development the turkish government has been saying over the last few days and issuing warnings to the syrian government that any attack targeting target soldiers operating in the military are both in it will be met by force and this is something which is definitely going to further escalate tension in it is definitely going to reshape relationship between turkey and russia is a huge sense of anger here in turkey about about the russian growing influence in syria it will also shape the relationship between turkey and the
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syrian government in the coming days and nationals also news about refugees from syria coming out of president obama's meeting as more about that. well this is a turkish government of fishel telling voters that from now on was the this is the europe should not expect turkey to police the border and that if there is any new wave of exodus of syrian refugees to europe and the coast guard of the police will stand down and this is something that gives you an idea about how the turkish government feels completely abandoned or let's say betrayed by the international community president and senior officials have been saying over the last few days that they have been expecting the international community need to in particular the e.u. to share some of the responsibilities when it come to it when it comes to what
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turkey is doing it live and from a turkish perspective the reason why they're sending troops into italy is because they say they saw a pattern with the syrian government and the russians are targeting civilians to push them from their areas and also to drive them into the border with turkey that would leave the with only one option which is to cross into turkey turkey has now about $4000000.00 syrian refugees inside turkey and if they fear if the fighting continues an extra $4000000.00 syrians will cross into turkey and this explains the frustration of the turkish government think that we've been we've been taking care of the refugees the international community the e.u. has been giving us promises after promises of those promises turned into empty words what is definitely going to happen in the coming days i think will we see turkey take in an aggressive road and asking the e.u.
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and nato in particular to take a very strong stance when it comes to what is happening in particular now in lives because turkey feels like it's fighting this light on its own. when he considers what he's doing a lot to try to put an end to the humanitarian situation described by the u.n. as the worst since the start of the conflict in syria in 2011. thank you very much indeed for that live update there well as we mentioned this air strike has come against the backdrop of the battle for the town of sarky here's why it's important whoever controls the m. 4 and 5 highways gains critical military and economic advantages the m 5 in particular links aleppo with damascus in the south the growing red areas are controlled by the government the shrinking green are rebel territory the yellow areas in the north and west of controlled by the kurds as there is militant fighters sent to this update earlier from the outskirts of sarky. and for one of.
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the year we are exactly on the m 4 highway connecting aleppo we look back here this highway leads to the meeting going to the international them 5 highway connecting aleppo and damascus so i could see these the point where both the highways connect but then the circle of the. stargate to our right was captured this morning by the armed opposition having seized control of the city the armed opposition is now in total control of both the strategic highways however airstrikes are still carried out by both the russian and syrian regime as fighter jets targeting the city on its outskirts. of the family of a false as you have just seen it was an air strike on the city the armed opposition who is now in control of sark of city and both the highways say they killed a large number of the regime forces inside the city we can also see that plume of
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smoke as a result of the airstrike aerial bombardment has not stopped on the contrary has intensified as i said earlier both the highways are now cut off by the armed opposition but it is a big win and the massive advance for the opposition to seize control of seraglio along with a number of its neighboring villages. the united nations has repeatedly warned that the humanitarian crisis unfolding in libya is the worst they seen since the war began 9 years ago there harding has more the united nations says nearly a 1000000 syrians have been forced from their homes since december some are even living in caves they're trapped near the closed border with turkey and according to the u.n. more than half of the displaced are children some infants are reported to have frozen to death or suffocated in tents with their parents as they all tried to keep warm this is the worst wave of displacement we've seen during the syrian conflict now with the harsh winter conditions in a clip we see people trapped isolated and running out of ways to cope. in recent
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days russian backed syrian government airstrikes have increased hospitals blood banks and schools have all been destroyed those trying to flee across the border with turkey face a concrete wall topped with barbed wire i let out a good move to do that but the people are taking refuge in the turkish wall but why is the wall here is it to prevent farmers from entering their women and children their elderly people why don't they allow children in the main can stay here and fight but the children the women let them in. many people like these are desperate to escape the fighting and if a safe passage is not created they'll remain trapped. rapid spread of the new coronavirus is taking a heavy toll on the global economy in the united states the dow jones index fell almost 1200 points its worst one day point drop ever wall street stocks are on
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track to record their worst weekly losses since the global financial crisis of 2008 european and asian shares fell on thursday too with travel stocks bearing the brunt of the virus have led to trade routes being caught and global supply chains being disrupted facebook has also announced its canceling its annual conference for developers. well ahead of the world health organization says the epidemic has reached a decisive point he's urging countries to redouble their efforts to contain the spread of the disease china the epicenter of the outbreak has postponed the reopening of all schools and universities until further notice south korea has confirmed another 505 cases meaning it's overtaken china a new daily infection numbers welcome 700 and now infected there and 13 people have died in italy europe's biggest virus hotspot the death toll has increased to 17 with more than 650 cases one of iran's. vice president has joined the deputy health
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minister and being diagnosed with a virus iran has the highest fatality rate outside of china with the death toll rising to $28.00 and saudi arabia is halting visas for the film pilgrimage and restricting tourist travel from affected countries there now been more than $82000.00 infections across $45.00 countries in every continent except antarctica no country should assume it wouldn't get cases that could be a fire told me stick and quite literally this virus does not respect borders it does not distinguish between races or it in the cities. it has not a good foot a country's g.d.p. or level of development. the point is not only to prevent
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cases arriving on your shores the point is what you do when you have cases where outbreak in iran has prompted the authorities to cancel friday prayers in several cities including the capital as said bay in tehran has more on the new restrictions announced. well the president has and ronny signed off on a number of decisions today made by the catcher coronavirus committee now schools will remain closed for a further 3 days from saturday universities will be closed for another week now many of these of were to be closed for a week public events such as concerts and film showings a still canceled but most significantly friday prayers a cast of the 23 cities now let me explain how significant that is even in the early 1980 s. when they were assessing nations political assassinations taking place in last friday prayers were never canceled even at the height of the iran iraq war and saddam hussein was attacking the rangers cities those friday prayers were never
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canceled so this shows as seriously iran is taking that break of this virus and how hard they're trying to bring it under control but despite that today we heard that the vice president for women's and families family affairs to move the car in was diagnosed with a chroma virus that makes full politicians members of parliament and that's including the departure health minister also we heard that the former ambassador to the back to can by the question is sure he is 81 years old he was diagnosed with. contract in the virus yesterday now it's been we've heard that he has actually died he's 81 years old but iran is still finding itself continually isolated many countries have suspended their flights between iran and themselves but iran is trying to bring the matter under control but iran is also suffering economically under u.s. sanctions and they want to get this under control so the economy doesn't suffer any further a woman in japan has tested positive for corona virus for a 2nd time the health ministry says the 40 year old woman contracted the virus
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again after she was discharged from hospital and this month on it's a 1st in japan cases of 2nd positive tests have been reported in china japan's prime minister has asked all schools nationwide to close until late march to help control the spread of infection large gatherings and sports events are also halted for 2 weeks. elsewhere in asian nations continuing to restrict travel and increase containment measures a sarah clarke reports now from hong kong so it is a sanitized and so government employees a sterilising public transport is a south korean government steps up efforts to stop the spread of the current. joint military exercises with the united states have been postponed after american soldiers stationed at a base today tested positive the containment efforts of covert 19 and the safety of walk in u.s. service members were prioritized in making this decision the largest daily increase
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in the number of infections has been and a city in the southeast where church at the center of the outbreak is low tide as the virus spreads the government has postponed some annual school exams and is asking people to avoid large crowds around 40 countries and they're restricting travelers from south korea if they are if the government feels very sorry that our citizens have gone through the inconvenience in the process of entering foreign countries due to the country's sudden entry restriction measures the epicenter of the outbreak remains under lockdown while cities in the rest of china a slowly returning to work china reported the last death toll in a month on thursday the number of infections rose slightly. the 1st case happened in china but that doesn't mean the source is in china the foreign prediction of when this will be contained says and it may or june we think it will
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be the end of april. but some countries are not taking any risks a struggle has gone one step further than the world health organization declaring the coronavirus a global pandemic and electing an emergency response plan we believe that the risk of a global pandemic is very much upon us and as a result as a government we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such pain to me schools here in hong kong have been closed since january and were mine shut until at least the 20 the guy from japan to us announced it will shut all schools until much china may be optimistic it can contain the outbreak by boat with a modest spreading faster outside many countries and i'm not taking any risks sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. this is down to 0 still to come why there are small signs of hope as people would tend to homes and businesses destroyed during this week's violence in new delhi. and climate campaign is
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celebrate after u.k. court blocks heathrow airport 6 pension plans. for. how the weather is not looking too bad across much of australia over the next couple days largely try we have still got want to see showers around the east coast here so i say to this is the weather system the trough that's making its way in to that part of queensland and then of course up towards the north up towards the top and just around northern territory pushing across into where west must register allocable still seeing some very heavy bursts of rain for the flooding rains sunny possibility here as we go on through friday and all the sas day the remains of tropical cycle esther down to the southeast is cool 19 cells just to melbourne 900
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celsius the hope out warming. up a little as we go on into saturday you see coastal showers just up the east coast there was cape york peninsula but starting particularly wet up towards that northwestern coast is certainly something to watch out for him meanwhile we've got some increasingly wet weather spinning out of central areas of china just not its way have its warts the korean peninsula towards japan as we go on through the next day for friday japan is not faring say badly 95 and dry temperatures in tokyo 11 degrees celsius a comes out west of weather that will make its way through kia scherr and grassley into southern parts of homes she. chinese authorities the putting those dice a bit committed a crime. they show trials which a new one confession. or when a student gets to go. on how does iraq. join the listening posts as we
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tend the cameras on the media the state misleads the public the state media reflects the same thing as clock challenge column focused on how very report on the stories that matter the most. and one of the top stories here now jazeera a turkish official says 22 of the country's soldiers have been killed by an airstrike in syria's problems as president at a one held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation a senior official said turkey will no longer stop syrian refugees from reaching europe. the rapid spread of coronavirus is taking
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a toll on the global economy the dow jones index fell almost $1200.00 points its worst one day point drop ever. world health organization says the outbreak has reached a decisive point they have now been more than 82000 infections across 45 countries in every continent except antarctica. the number of people killed in the violence that rocked new delhi this week has risen to 33 after several critically injured patients died in hospital india seen months of protests over a new citizenship law which excludes muslims turnabout he reports from new delhi. after the 2nd day of calm people who escaped the violence are starting to return to their battered neighborhoods in northeast delhi in showing bag they've come back to widespread destruction and loss. and it was very stressful living here during the last few days we were all extremely scared so scared that we moved all our women to
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a safer place only the mains. people were killed and injured here homes and businesses were burned. mohammed's fruit and vegetable shop provided a livelihood for his family for 30 years he was burnt during the riots and he's not ensured he's part of the muslim community that suffered the worst of the violence but he's not vengeful. we have to live peacefully together whatever has happened we have to treat it as a one off we have to figure. we can't just blame the hunters or muslims both groups where there are. 3 shops down is his neighbor ganesh who's a hindu his fruit and veg shop was also burned but even after losing his livelihood he still believes in coexistence. then there is peace speaking once again stop business we have to do it to survive to earn our living there is no other way to earn a living. it's a seed of hope that hindus and muslims can return to the peaceful coexistence they
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enjoyed for years a senior police commissioner visited schanberg thursday to reassure locals the peace has been restored but is the presence of large numbers of security forces that people find more reassuring not words alone this is a very public confidence building measure designed to show people that the security forces have control of the streets and is now safe but many people are asking the question where were they when they needed the most. delhi police have been heavily criticised over its handling of the violence which has been described as at best negligent and worse complicit families are slowly returning to this battleground feeling more apprehensive than safe. it seems to be peace and calm but we lost everything after our home was set on fire we only managed to salvage this cooking gas cylinder. but others like this hindu family have decided to leave the district altogether. the riot situation ascared us
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a lot that's why we're going back to our village where it's safer. the streets will be cleared the debris removed and homes rebuilt but these communities cannot fully heal until those responsible face justice tony berkeley al-jazeera shan bag north east delhi. malaysia's parliament will vote on a new prime minister next week after the country's leaders suddenly resigned martin mohammad who's now interim prime minister says a snap election could be called if monday's vote and and i'm pos malaysia has been in political turmoil since 94 year old man and his party quit the coalition earlier this week. israel has approved nearly 1800 new settler homes in the occupied west bank just 4 days before the country's latest election it's the 2nd major settlement statement by the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu netanyahu in recent days is right wing likud party and the defense minister's far
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right you mean a coalition of vying for the support of woman 600000 settlers in monday's election . even though south sudan's warring sides have partially formed a transitional government a crucial part of the deal still hasn't been completed the armed forces were due to be unified and even where they have been troops are abandoning the camps there is have a morgan has this report from. a call to line up for military exercises is something these soldiers are used to but for the past 2 months the south sudanese troops have been training alongside other armed groups some of whom they once fought on the battlefield during south sudan's civil war that we're here we've got the. unified there's no different in all of there's no eye or there's no. additional. well. some of these fighters gathered here are parts of the government forces others come from the main
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armed opposition called the sudan people's liberation movement and opposition and a few from the armed group known as south sudan's opposition alliance this is one of the 16 such camps around the country where the fighters are trying to form a unified national army it was set up after $2800.00 peace deal to end the 5 year long conflict that's killed nearly 400000 people and displaced a 3rd of the country's 12000000 population and the deal states that 41500 out of the 83000 forces from the working sites are to be trained before the formation of a transitional government that's government was partially formed last weekend when 5 vice presidents were sworn in this training camp in the west of south sudan holds about 1500 soldiers from the 3 different sides but they're not in equal numbers even though they're supposed to be the opposition says transporting soldiers from their areas to the camps is difficult and that's just one of the many issues affecting the training and reunification of the forces. so just the complex many
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basic needs making life inside hard. there is no medicine and we sleep in the open where it's cold and the needs for female soldiers a not met there is no water sometimes and there is no place to sleep and we train in our slippers and sometimes barefoot which is hard and we don't have uniforms. the joint monitoring and evaluation commission the body tossed with monitoring the implementation of the deal as you quoted that since the training sites were established hundreds of soldiers have abandoned them due to poor conditions. is another big challenge the current government made a pledge of $100000000.00 which we felt would be sufficient to do this initial training on fortunately not all of those resources up come from the government we've received about $60000000.00 of which of the $100000000.00 so we continue to encourage the government to make available those remaining funds so that we can really see an improvement in those conditions within those training centers. a well
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trained and disciplined army is crucial for south sudan's transitional period and to avoid a return to war soldiers here say they want to be part of a united army but how soon that's happens depends on those leaving them and the country he will morgan all just the. british government is threatening to walk away from trade talks with the european union as early as june if it sees no hope of a compromise the u.k. has been setting out its red lines and says it won't commit to following rules and a post breaks a trade deal comes 2 days off to e.u. ministers approved their own approach britain left the bloc in january and has until the end of the year to secure a trade deal. climate campaigners are celebrating after a u.k. court grounded plans for a 3rd runway at europe's busiest airport expanding london heathrow was deemed to breach britain's climate change commitments me was at court in london. described this is the most important environmental decision in
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a generation and so it was no surprise they were cheering there seems no way back for the expansion of london's main airports for the foreseeable future but the judge said that the government had been given a notice to pale so it doesn't rot they are so where we go from here i don't think as a way back faith wrote my message to the government is rather than tinkering or tweaking with plans for a 3rd runway abounds in these plans because it's quite clear there are serious consequences of a new runway on climate change on air quality or noise pollution on the road a real network but also the quality of life of people live in the city. the expansion would have been vost destroying entire villages rerouting rivers as well as london's orbital motorway but it wasn't that the last days for the governments and the airports it was the court's ruling that the governments have broken the law the crucial part of the ruling was of the government was found to be in breach of its international climate change obligations that not only means that heathrow now
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won't happen it also calls into question all sorts of other big infrastructure projects in boris johnson's post-breakfast in britain. and that's the much bigger issue raised by this ruling how do governments and industry balance their demands for continuous economic growth with their obligations to slow down climate change the politicians and leaders have got to say we really are serious about being a global trading nation in great britain because we're going through the whole process of the moment and we're seeing how capacity potentially moving elsewhere because we're for what we do about that we grow it globally the spotlight is on the u.k. we have the climate summit in glasgow we have all of all vegas flying in here discuss climate change so really the prime minister now needs to show leadership he needs to show that he's taking time and change seriously he needs to really rethink all
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of these high carbon infrastructure projects the next target in the sights of the environmentalists will be the government's plans for a $100000000000.00 rail line from london to the north which is also loathed by communities in its path they will be cheering this ruling as well lawrence leigh al-jazeera london. on one of the top stories around 0 turkish forces have suffered their biggest one day loss in syria with $22.00 soldiers killed in prominence the governor of techies had thai province says they were killed in an airstrike by either syrian or russian forces a number of others were wounded and taken to hospitals near the border as president at a one held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation a senior official said turkey would no longer stop syrian refugees reaching europe to he's sent thousands of troops and columns of military hardware into syria to
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hold back the government's offensive on rebel held areas the governor of the number of turkish soldiers killed today in strikes it blames on the syrian government to 22 dozens of soldiers injured they're now being treated in a local hospital in right holly on the border with syria dozens of turkish citizens have all the area saying that they were willing to donate blood but you can feel a sense of anger barely people out about this number of casualties the rapid spread of a new coronavirus is taking a heavy toll on the global economy in the united states the dow jones index fell almost 1200 points its worst one day point drop ever or street stocks are on track to record their worst weekly losses since the global financial crisis of 2008
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european and asian shares fell on thursday too with travel stocks bearing the brunt fizz over the virus and led to trade routes being cut. the head of the world health organization says the epidemic has reached a decisive point of now being more than 82000 infections across 45 countries in every continent except antarctica. the number of people killed in the violence in new delhi this week has risen to 33 after several critically injured patients died in hospital india has seen months of protests over a new citizenship law which excludes muslims. who stay with us one i want east is next with china's t.v. confessions thanks very much watching season africa in 2011 al-jazeera reported from tanzania on the sinister trade in the body parts of albion knows this is where the food and arms feed of the forty's right and show all the
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spot rewind revisits a survivor. mutilated to service the rituals of witchcraft. rewind spell of the albion on al-jazeera. when chinese old persons clamp down on what they see as want to believe like you. they are only make up they pressure the queue to get into the woods or lawyers who come. to. the right and state media. often before conviction on this episode of one i want to reinvestigate china's public confession of a real or just bashar.


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