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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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the father the son and the jihad part one on al-jazeera. a major escalation in the conflict in syria turkey hits back after it says 33 of its soldiers were killed in rebel held. parts of rahman your geologist their lives my headquarters here in doha are also coming up turkey steps up the pressure saying it will allow refugees fleeing in the fighting in syria seek shelter in europe. also the coronavirus takes its economic toll on the world as the normally bustling milan center of tally and fashion comes to a standstill. and you can continually. play the. migrant
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stories of survival job to the big screen at this year's berlin film festival. welcome to the program turkey says it's attacking all those syrian government targets after it reported 33 of its soldiers have been killed in fighting in the province syrian forces trying to take control of the last rebel held territory nato has called an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis after its chief condemned what he calls indiscriminate asterix by syria and russia and the u.n. secretary general is urging an immediate cease fire. condemn the continued indiscriminate airstrikes by the syrian regime under the shah in providence. i call on them to stop there are fences to respect international law and to back you and efforts for
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a peaceful solution to this dangerous situation must be deescalated how urgent and immediate return to the 2018 cease fire russia says it's sending warships solid with cruise missiles towards the syrian coast and blames turkey for the killing of its soldiers in the previous day. appears to be trying to put pressure on the european union by allowing some refugees to into europe hundreds of migrants are heading to turkey's border with greece well let's get more on this from. the turkey syria border and of course the huge number of turkish deaths which reverberated across not just the social but also the political divide and everybody seems to be you might say on the same page when it comes to condemnation of the russians. indeed. shock and calls for revenge among many senior
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government officials just a while ago the presidential spokesperson ibrahim colon. lashed out at the syrian government saying that turkish military has retaliated in the strongest possible way from midnight yesterday all the way until early morning today and we don't know whether the retaliation will be confined to those attacks will be limited in size and scope or we might see further attacks by the syrian military by the turkish military in the upcoming days i have to say so this is a crucial moment for the turkish military political establishment the images of the turkish soldiers evacuated from live were broadcast on. t.v. channels in the country creating the president his sense of being betrayed being left alone and anger and this explains why people want to see some sense of expose
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also why the turkish government. excuse me has been very critical of the international community now the defense minister. who was here earlier in the morning who visited the injured in a local hospital and his said that the military has destroyed many syrian government position in different parts of syria. at least we were talking about helicopters that were destroyed anti aircraft battery anti defense systems that were destroyed in different parts of syria. and of course the turks have completely dismissed the russian position. that the turkish soldiers were in the wrong place. well indeed the reject to that statement by the russian these are government they
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would check to similar statements coming from officials about if turkey decides to go on a last game of the operation it will pay the price now turkey says that he has soldiers deployed in the province to expand and beef up the military outpost the 12 minute the outpost that would establish part of an agreement between russia turkey and iran and that the russians were notified about the cauldron ates over all the troops deployed in those areas and that's when they came under attack yesterday in the southern. they spoke with the russians and when they sent a rescue team to evacuated the the dead the injured they came once again and from a turkish perspective the russians not only failed to rein in syrian army which has stepped up its attacks against. the turkish military they accuse and they blame the
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russian government for deliberately targeting their own troops that i think this is something which is going to further strain relations between the 2 countries as we speak so hail meeting is still underway between turkish and russian officials in. the aim is to try to defuse tension and implement a cease fire that meeting has been going on for almost now 3 days with no major breakthrough because of the huge differences between the 2 countries now turkey says that we need 3 conditions to be met as soon as possible. syrian minister to pull out from the behind the demilitarized zone a cease fire and civilians to be allowed back into their own homes so russia has some issues about those ports and says that the reason why it is interfering or backing the syrian government is because they're in the presence of terrorist groups a term that the russians used to refer to at the head of the senate which is one of
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the most powerful rebel groups operating and it is and the less the 2 parties overcome those differences we are most likely going to see a prolonged wider regional confrontation in a the province will continue to monitor events and we have these next crucial brother on the turkey syria border thank you fred where is the russia correspondent for the christian science monitor he says turkey's next move will be crucial in determining the future of its relations with russia turkey is is trapped between east and west they have not got what they wanted with european union or any of the historic things that tricky wanted. and they are turning to russia using it as a counterbalance it's not just the s. were 100 missiles it's it's the south stream pipeline which was just recently inaugurated in an earlier one which is a huge investment and now both countries are committed to it it will be so their
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industry pipeline that feeds russian natural gas to europe so they have a lot of mutual dependencies and they're growing but yet at the same time they they have these fundamental differences that could iraq war that any time so what erdogan decides on any given morning is is really critical. a boat carrying refugees including children has arrived on the greek island of last fall's they appear to have come from turkey the greek islands are the main entry point to undocumented migrants into the e.u. and already hold more than 42000 refugees places in athens he says greece's titan sea and land borders with turkey as refugees head for the border. nato does have a precedent in this process of supporting for refugee boats and do and helping in a humanitarian operation the european nightmare the floodgates being opened greek and european officials are still mulling over whether this is simply
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a threat or whether it's in earnest although there are preliminary reports from greek reporters in turkey to greek media that the turkish coast guard has been stood down and the ports are tighter and that the boats are tied up but for now the greek government reaction is that all borders with turkey have been placed on maximum alert that means a 160 kilometer land border which has constant patrols and it means a roughly 1000 kilometer naval maritime border where greece has assets of about 40 coast guard vessels operating around the clock and if we need should arise there are other forces that could be rallied there as well military assets special forces units and so on. now the world's largest economies are being hit hard as the coronavirus rock stock markets asian shares plummeted on friday and equities in japan and china dropped more than 3.5 percent all 3 major u.s.
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indices are on track for the steepest weekly decline since the 2008 global financial crisis the dow opens in less than 30 minutes not thursday it dropped 4.4 percent its largest one day point drop in history in europe london's footsie $100.00 index continued to fall on friday opening 3.2 percent down for the index has lost more than $150000000000.00 in the past 4 days well mohamed june is a milan with more on the outbreak and the impact it's having on its knees economic hub. normally bustling now virtually at a standstill the corona virus outbreak in northern italy slumbered the region means even the site historic cathedral is closed to visitors and many here aren't happy. i hope next week they manage to solve the problem because the restaurants are empty the cafes are empty the trams and trains are empty i don't know how long we can
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cope with. since the 1st coronavirus case was detected in italy the stock exchange has plunged 8 percent making many worry about how exactly the fragile economy will cope it's not just tourists who are missing from this famous square it's also residents many of whom now find themselves working from home. like model monty and academic coordinator at a university in milan who's trying to keep things calm for her family so they can all adapt to the situation because certain is there. i received messages from all over they were from my students and over to where the concert that they are concerned about me about my situation by the university my family motto wants to make sure her son and daughter take the necessary precautions by the sound of it her advice has already made an impact. but i always bring my sunny days in gel with me like yesterday when i was having ice cream with my girlfriends and i made them
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all washed their hands. at night milan looks and feels even emptier tables with no want to sit around them waiting staff with no one to serve before we have much cause to mumble it's now everyone's tradeoff even in this change of the make sure. the sky is dark but so is the mood yes the tram still run even though it seems more and more uncertain where things are heading. milan. one person has tested positive for credit virus and nigeria the 1st case to be diagnosed in sub-saharan africa by jerry's health minister says the patient is an italian citizen who arrives from milan after going to istanbul the minister says prevention measures will focus on the country's major ports we have started working to identify all the contacts of the patient. since the nigeria and
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even those who were with him on the aircraft. we have been in touch with the craft authority. to find out who you see meets with where. well still ahead on al jazeera caught in the conflict the reality of lots of people in libya's capital. scientists detect the 2nd largest blast in space since that time we speak to an astrophysicist called. hello there some rain still and calls you into central areas of china or fake out a picture on the satellite there is some rain as well with this same system work its way gradually across into western areas of japan heavy at times although most of it actually really is to the east but this rain again fairly heavy into central
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china it is warm to the south of there in fact we've got days for hanoi and hong kong 28 celsius on sunday and by standard they should have palls through shanghai with a high there of 13 and a similar 13 across into soul and indonesia we've had some flooding rains here as well of course this week particular monday that really led to system widespread flooding into western as a java there is more rain in the forecast that is fairly typical for this time of year but over the next couple days some very heavy rains developing as well in some more western and southern areas of sumatra also borneo as we go through sunday some heavy rains there further towards the south and then india is to the north maybe since on a storms in new delhi as we go through with the 1st part of the weekend to the north of the whole slightly some rain snow to the mountains and also we could just see one to rain showers really across into karratha fairly widely scattered not particularly heavy tending to the way by sunday but by then we could you see one or 2 shots further through the interior and still some showers in new delhi.
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welcome back you're watching officer of me sell robin a reminder of our top story turkey's military says is attacking syrian army positions after it reported 33 of its soldiers have been killed in fighting in aleppo province thanks are also paying to be trying to put pressure on the european union by saying it'll allow some syrian refugees to get to europe. nato has held an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis the secretary-general for solidarity with turkey and call on syria and its allies russia to stop their offensives. stock markets are down over fears from the crowd a virus outbreak in europe london's footsie $100.00 index continue to fall on friday opening 3.2 percent down and then asia trans nikkei felt 3.6 percent by the end of friday morning session. heavy shelling in libya's capital has foals flights to be suspended at the tikka the only functioning at ports in tripoli is the latest round of fighting after talks at the un failed to reach an agreement
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trial stratford how small from tripoli. there's some a little safe his back was peppered with shrapnel when a rocket fired by forces loyal to walt hurley for half the exploded by his home. for set off and i was standing on the street thank god my neighbor called me over to where i moved forward 5 steps in the rocket landed just a few meters away as sam's pregnant wife suffered minor injuries and his son serious head wounds in the attack we go to his neighborhood and find evidence of what people who live his say happens day and night hours earlier another barrel of rockets that hit residents say that at least 7 rockets hit this neighborhood smalling they saying that nobody was injured in those attacks but behind this house is mighty good poll which has been consistently charted by half this forces over recent months now people here in tripoli are increasingly angry they're blaming the
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u.n. for not doing enough to holt's huffed as offensive on the capital almost a week of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva during which neither of libya's warring sides met face to face failed to reach agreement on a ceasefire. the u.n. backed government which is receiving military support from turkey says general hafta must withdraw his forces from areas they control on the outskirts of tripoli . after who is being supported by countries including the u.a.e. egypt and russia says turkish military personnel and pro turkey syrian fighters supporting the un backed government must leave libya 1st. meanwhile anger and distrust towards the u.n. is growing protesters at this demonstration hold pictures of u.n. special representative to libya the son salami how much did they pay you to be silent and supporter of terrorism they read both sides accuse of being biased
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against them. the player. they hit us with egyptian and strikes salamis sees what's happening and the violations i live near the airport there are rockets landing on civilian areas all the time the situation is terrible with so many countries involved in this conflict the un seems powerless to stop the fighting that has escalated since the geneva ceasefire talks failed both sides have boycotted u.n. sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution back in the hospital has pictures of his injured 4 year old son on his mobile phone he says doctors are afraid to remove the shrapnel lodged inside up to rahman skull because if they do he may never walk again. tripoli. oh yes actually it's like my pompei is testifying before the house foreign affairs committee they're holding a hearing on iran and iraq and the use of war powers by the white house has been
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listening in to what might pompei or has been saying what has he been saying all. well this is a pretty feisty hearing my computer has given the house foreign affairs committee 2 hours of his time they're not very pleased about that they said there's a lot of things that they want to talk to him about coronaviruses been mentioned as well as you would expect because of what is happening in the incidents and what has happened in syria overnight that also has been raised that made the point that the issued a lawful subpoena for my computer to come to the committee they wanted to talk to my few months ago about ukraine remember all of that and he at that point refused to attend so there is tension between both sides might prompt sticking very much to the topics that he's here to talk about the committee has been called to order to discuss iran iraq and the authorization of military force by the president of the united states might pumping or delivered his opening statement and that he insisted
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that in a matter iran remains one of the biggest threats to peace not just in the middle east but across the world. raney and those impacted by the regime are thankful that the united states is finally holding their oppressors accountable the trumpet ministration will either appease nor tolerate the enormous national security threat that iran poses to the united states our friends and our allies. pressure campaign is aimed at reducing these threats and convince iran to change its behavior. there has also been the point made several times might pompeo talks about how the united states has a strategy but one congressman said look at every step that the president has taken there has been no strategy including withdrawing troops out of syria attacking general cilla money what happens after that by not not putting in place something
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after the iran nuclear deal at the united states with 3 out of the says that allies are very much with the united states and their policy of maximum pressure but of course at the moment only the united states has withdrawn from the deal other allies including the europeans have warned iran and that they can continue to do what they're doing but they haven't pulled out of the deal yet the sea around is still in compliance and that position very much shared by russia and china might pump they're making the point that come october there could be a problem because of course under the terms of the iran nuclear deal it is possible that iran might be able to start buying ballistic missiles and he believes that russia and china are ready setting themselves up to said missile systems to iran so he's saying that they're working in the united nations to stop the one interesting point though those missiles are the same muscles that were used for the attack on the u.s. base in iraq you remember at the time donald trump said that there hadn't been
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anyone injured and then he said yeah a few people have been injured and they had headaches what we know is that more than 110 american service personnel have reported traumatic brain injuries one congressman said well you know take this opportunity on behalf of the administration mr pompei or to apologize to those service people who were injured it was a lot more than headaches but at that point he said he's not going to apologize to the president i'm paraphrasing. here this is going to continue to be feisty for the next hour or so that might prompt is in front of the committee. for the moment alan thank you of course we'll continue continue to monitor events there with the from capitol hill well the uls special representative for libya has just spoken at the u.n. in geneva it follows heavy shelling in the capital tripoli our diplomatic editor james bays is following events for us from geneva of the many stakeholders there james all trying to find a way forward for a lasting peace in tripoli and some have already been speaking
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well many stakeholders but according to the u.n. representative gusen salama although they all say the same thing publicly behind the scenes they're pulling in different directions and that is one of the problems he's had sorry days of talks here at the u.n. in geneva the 1st round of the so-called political track trying to get all the sides together the problem he's faced is that many of the key players have boycotted those talks and have not attended those talks he says they really do need to come back to the table because the situation for ordinary libyans is getting worse by the day he's talked about the violence we've seen in the last 24 hours as significant breach of the already very shaky truce and he's also concerned about the situation not just in libya but the situation in syria because in both wars you
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have turkey and russia on opposing sides i do believe that there are play a lot of now very active in both to me and libya and i do believe that there is a mutual. sort of interaction between the complex that is. not favorable for peace in either one. i've spoken to senior u.n. officials who are working on both libya and syria and they say that now although there are very very different conflicts they have to look at this as they believe potentially russia and turkey are looking at it as a 2 front war james of course we'll follow vents with you through the day from geneva thank you. so this year's berlin film festival are turning the spotlight on the harsh journeys taken by migrants around
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the world dominic kane has been talking to the directors of 2 films which deal with the disappointments many face when they reach their destinations. lucy and her 2 sons are mexican migrants newly arrived in the u.s. with dreams of better things dreams that are very quickly dashed in squalid conditions she must prevent max and his younger brother live from dispair. and kyra you know you are there must be a. separate and. so while she works in part time jobs to earn some money they live out imaginary adventures within the apparent safety of their 4 warns the actress who plays lucy says she hopes that the message of this film can reach the widest possible audience. the more important thing to all is in mexico maybe. it's not going to be there i took it maybe it's for at teenager or
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adult and have. generation 4 kids i have this reaction of the kids they understand these small the the cinema last lobos allows us to explore the dislocating the human effect of migration it's a theme that's also explored in the film i dream of singapore which shows the viewer a very different aspect of what it means to be a migrant because this is a migrants journey in reverse when 1st we meet federals he's in singapore struggling to earn enough to survive and far from his family back home in bangladesh through his eyes we see what modern materialism eats out to many migrants poverty desperation and in federal assistance the loss of his working visa when his health deteriorates which means he must return home the film's director says he hopes the audience will realise what migration can mean for so many people
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i hope humanize them either way to see them this human someone with a family and loved ones hopes and dreams like. that to see them as a statistic many migrants hope their journeys will take them to a better life in these 2 films we are offered a contrary view one where the destination is not a promised land dominic kane al-jazeera. that the burning film festival. several prominent activists have been arrested in hong kong for their role and government protests publisher jimmy lay the head of the daily newspaper in hong kong was among those detained for taking part in an illegal rally in august 2 opposition legislators were also arrested the city has seen months of often violent demonstrations against beijing's influence. scientists studying a distinct galaxy her from the biggest explosion seen in the universe since the big bang the blast emerged from a super massive black hole about 240000000 years ago it was so powerful it ripped
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through the plasma surrounding the black hole the hole measures 15 times the size of our own milky way and was detected by the w.a. space telescope in perth melanie johnson hall it is director of the telescope she says the findings are unprecedented in astrophysics. the best is just to come up with is that if you assure him that this was happening 240 years it'd be like having 20000000 years or 20000000. maybe it's not bombs go off every 2nd or. so it's in comprehensibly largely out of energy and i think that's an exciting thing to. hold that. this was a no q why is it so even to get one. of the others to take you. one point well i mean you still watch so this is
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a huge area that's been excluded. all of light poles. want you all just over who have been so robin remind of our top stories turkey's military says it's attacking syrian army positions after a reported 33 of us soldiers had been killed in fighting in it live province banks are also appears to be trying to put pressure on the european union by saying it'll allow sub syrian refugees to add to curate. they tow is held an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis the secretary general voiced solidarity with turkey and called on syria and its allies russia to stop their offensive. allies condemn the continued indiscriminate airstrikes by the syrian regime under the shah in providence i call on them to stop their offer
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incentives to respect international law and to you and i 1st for a peaceful solution. this dangerous situation must be deescalated i would urge an immediate return to the $28.00 cease fire. stock markets are down over fears from the corona virus outbreak in europe london's c $100.00 index continued to fall on friday hoping 3.2 percent down and in asia of nikkei closed down 3.6 percent. one person has tested positive for quote a virus in nigeria the 1st case to be diagnosed in sub-saharan africa nigeria is health minister says the patient is an italian citizen who arrived from milan after going through istanbul the minister says prevention measures will focus on the country's major airports. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is testifying to a house foreign affairs committee on iran the use of war powers he's tried to
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justify the administration's decision to kill top iranian general kassim silly money as a deterrent against aggression pompei also told the panel that aggressive u.s. sanctions are meant to change the behavior of iran's leaders. and in hong kong several prominent activists including publishers have been arrested for the role of government protests the head of a daily newspaper was among those detained for taking part in an illegal rally in august 2 opposition legislators were also arrested the city has seen months of often violent demonstrations against beijing's. stories are on our website amanpour dot com it's updated to through the day. is up next in half an hour do stay with us the street is coming up now. on counting the cost to run a virus could the economic impact be on a par with the financial crisis as the factory the world is crippled by the virus cambodia faces up to the prospect of job losses. begins its talks to avoid debt
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default. on al-jazeera. going on for me ok and you're in the stream today as the united nations sound the alarm for civilians in syria we ask is the world indifferent to. join the conversation tweet us your thoughts or leave a comment at our live chat and you too can be in the story of. the united nations warns that the world is facing the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century as the forces of syrian president bashar al assad close in on the last opposition stronghold in the that announcement by the u.n. comes as opposition forces backed by the turkish military regained the key town of surat.


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