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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha and coming up in the next 60 minutes a push to end 18 years of war the u.s. and afghan taliban are set to sign a historic deal we speak exclusively to the taliban. a major escalation in syria turkey hits back after 36 a foot soldiers are killed by government forces in rebel held. this is a reality check. on the planet. get ready the world health organization
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warns the global risk of coronavirus is now very high around 50 countries already affected. stocks in the u.s. continue to slide coronavirus takes its toll on global markets. hello after a week of what was labeled a reduction of violence in afghanistan the u.s. and afghan taliban are expected to sign a provisional peace deal that could put an end to america's longest running war president donald trump is sending his top diplomatic qatar for the historic signing and says the afghan people should embrace the chance for a new future but there's a long way to go the deal is seen as a possible 1st phase for the taliban to hold talks with the. government in kabul to
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decide the future course of the country so let's take a look at how we got to this point the talks began in september 28th with the appointment of the u.s. special envoy. himself an immigrant from afghanistan so american diplomats military representatives and the taliban held more than a dozen rounds of negotiations in doha with the talks briefly called off by president trump in september the u.s. team wanted the taliban support in its counterterrorism efforts while the taliban demanded a full withdrawal of foreign forces from afghanistan and the us said it would only sign an agreement if the taliban called a ceasefire and scheduled to go directly with the afghan government's osama bin jeff aid spoke exclusively to the taliban spokesman so he'll shaheen who is hopeful this will be the start of bringing stability to the country. it is significant for our people for our country in the whole region. because for 4 of one people
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they will have their independence they will. see their creation ending and also for the original that when stability and peace return to outline is that there will be a phase of. commercial activities and development and we have built a shrine of our premised on so that's really really important and significant for us it has and of reduction of violence the plan is to expand it but they're the attacks have not stopped taliban have attacked convoys off the afghan government there have been skirmishes isabelle what makes you think that peace in the venison is going to come about by this agreement and of course it was a reduction in war lintz as we call it to provide a secure in in water went before the signing after agreement and that we did
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and and the other thing is that there was some kind of war you we have not attacked any convoy in the year 2 trees in the 2 trees held by the coverlid ministration did the some of those convoys were attacked when they came out from their places and into to our trees so that was a kind up or why nation and our. people on the ground they stopped it you don't accept cobbles government as the legitimate government you call it a line that ministration how are you going to be talking to them because that is the biggest sticking point that the taliban would not agree to talk to the afghan government how have you come to terms with that as a god meant we did not regret equalise it. because we think it. protractor of 4 and that is
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a lot of the occupation which has been installed in impose on the people of our part is come back to as a party to the complex it is that he and we accept that they are a party to the conflict and in that sense we were. doing neither into our new bush ation we will talk to them besides our that i want cites so this is the 1st phase where the taliban and the americans have agreed to some terms about the gradual withdrawal of u.s. forces as deliberate action violence what are the terms of that agreement and what happens next yeah after the. after of the signing of the agreement of course we are well a kind of had the confidence building measure and during that $5000.00 prisoners of war they slim cumulative up run is done in $1000.00 prisoners of the kabul administration will be released and when we finished our complected complete this
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phase then we enter an other phase which is negotiation during that phase we will have discussion among all of our sides and they will discuss the future islamic good mentor the ford similar delegates in other. words that they may bring to the table the allegations from the afghan side is that everyone does not accept ground realities this fear is that when the sun will go dark if the taliban is allowed to rule of going to run on civil liberties on girls' education and basic rights on democracy what will you say to assure the afghan people that this is good for afghans it won't reverse them and take them back 10 years from before. it is not really a reality when they see these are those people who are we call it spoilers. the piece. we have 70 percent of the treaty of our plants that you see there is
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peace and there is a. commercial activities there is schools so if you go out there. and and when the security is more in in those areas and there are control rather than in the main cities provincial cities that govern the capital kabul so about women's rights a woman one that harbored their right to education and their right to work we both accept and give them as per the islamic rules that only that they observe that age are really that so there is no problem with that about freedom of speech i think it is part of the islamic rules and there should be constructive criticism of. the society of the. shells and if that is
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not how we can make a report in the society that is i think part and parcel of they slimmy course well pakistan's foreign minister will be at the signing off the deal between the u.s. and the taliban scheduled in cats are on saturday some hold gracey also sat down with al-jazeera and insists that a political settlement is the only way to end the conflict. but pakistan has played the role of a facilitator pakistan as you would nor has suffered a lot because of the situation in the region would be a huge prize in human terms and in economic terms and we have already been advocating that there is nobody dissolution to deal of harm conflict what you need is the. political settlement yet glad that the world has finally can words to that point of view and now the talks. then took off there were 10
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rounds of difficult box but finally seems that we are nearing an agreement and hopefully it will be signed. so donald trump has said that he will send his secretary of state my pompei o 2 dollar ha tomorrow to witness the signing of a taliban peace agreement that's aimed at bringing u.s. troops home from afghanistan let's not bring in rosen jordan joining us from washington what more are you learning about the contents of that agreement resident . well in very broad strokes daryn the idea is for all u.s. forces to leave afghanistan which of course something that donald trump the u.s. president wants however the pentagon has said that it would be willing to cut the number of u.s. forces from about 12213000 down to about 8500 it says in that way the u.s. would still be able to assist the afghan military as it carries out it both its internal and external security requirements the other part that seems to be in play
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is the idea that those of members of the taliban who were of picked up on the battlefield and who are being held by afghan forces would be released that number could be anywhere from several 100 to about $5000.00 or so but it's expected that there's going to be some pushback from the central government in kabul about that release the important thing is that this means that hostilities between the u.s. and the taliban would be considered over and the more difficult work the more important work of the taliban and then negotiating with members of the afghan government for some sort of countrywide peace deal with didn't start in about 10 to 15 day. like you're saying you know this deal can be signed or this expected deal but then the hard part really begins so is the feeling that this agreement will bring in long term peace to afghanistan. well i think what is
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really important to note is that for so many years almost 2 decades here in the united states the taliban was essentially not considered a legitimate political entity certainly the u.s. did not have any engagement with afghanistan when the taliban was in power in the late 1990 s. but because of the years of negotiation with the taliban leadership to try to get to this moment the u.s. in effect has legitimized the taliban as a political entity and so for those in the afghan political sphere who might say that they should not be negotiating with people that they consider terrorists it would be very easy now for washington to go back and say look we sat down and we negotiate it we did the hard work we signed a piece of paper we shook hands you need to make this work you need to find
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a way to secure your country politically and militarily for the good of your people if the united states can do it you can do it and certainly that is leverage that this current administration has now gained over the civilian political leadership in kabul now whether or not that makes it easy for pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state and zalmay khalilzad who is the special representative for afghanistan and pakistan to actually keep the negotiation process on track well that's something we have to see but they certainly do have more leverage now that the signing is about to take place. for now thank you for that update from washington. now the head of the united nations is calling for an immediate truce in syria and labeled the killing of dozens of turkish troops one of the most alarming moments in the 9 year war and in a new round of shelling late on friday a turk a soldier was killed and 2 others wounded well this comes
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a day after 33 turkish troops were killed in air raids by russian backed syrian forces the presidents of turkey and russia have since spoken by phone in an effort to defuse tensions and are looking at holding an urgent meeting to discuss new measures to normalize the situation and following the attack on turkish troops ankara warns it would no longer stop syrian refugees from entering europe it's prompted greece on bulgaria to step up security on their borders the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is at risk of getting out of control in recent days i've warned repeated lee about the risk of a cd is escalation of your steely thiis in northwest syria i fear that with the events of the past 24 hours we have reached that point these one of the most alarming moments across of your nation is the syrian conflict without urgent action
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the risk of even greater escalation grows by the oh how someone sent us this report from the turkey syria border. turkish soldiers being evacuated from syria after being attacked by sea and government forces images like these have created shock and. awe and growing calls for revenge. turkish military hit syrian army positions in retaliation for the death of dozens of its soldiers in southern. turkey blames the syrian government for the airstrike that targeted a military outpost officials here also accuse rochelle failing to deter syrian government forces who have recently stepped up their attacks against the soldiers. these attacks happened despite the location of troops being coordinated you know at once with russian officials on the ground unfortunately the attack continued after
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we weren't following the 1st strike. feeling abandoned by its e.u. are lies turkey warned it won't prevent refugees from crossing into europe european countries alarmed this might turn into a mass exodus of refugees fleeing the conflict in syria turkey has been calling on the e.u. to share the burden of the refugee crisis and on nato to deploy pair to it besides on the border with syria but nato doesn't seem to be willing to provide military support offering for the time being the sympathy by call on them to stop their offensive to respect international law and to back you in efforts for a peaceful solution to this dangerous situation must be deescalated urge an immediate return to the 28 cease fire. as tension mounts
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turkish and russian officials held talks in unkind to defuse tension turkey wants the syrian army to pull our behind the demilitarized zone stop its offensive and the loss of millions to return home. russia is a key ally of president bashar assad who jacked turkey's expanded presence in syria and insists the often saved by his troops is legitimate and will continue and if russia and turkey fail to overcome their differences they might and bogged down in a wider and prolonged original confrontation in syria but i'll just see about jill vegas one turkish border with syria. went to more head on the al-jazeera news hour including we report from mexico the latest country to confirm its 1st coronavirus face. the worst shelling in weeks putting libya's peace process under further
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pressure we'll have the latest on the ground in tripoli. and peter will be here with the sport to see how novak djokovic has battled back from a scare in the dubai semifinals. the world health organization has raised the risk assessments of the coronavirus to what's highest level across the world but officials stopped short of calling the outbreak a pandemic saying they believe containment efforts could still work on those alexy o'brien reports the 1st sickness been confirmed in subsaharan africa. in the biggest city of africa's most populous country the 1st case of corona virus is one of the news and italian men flew into lagos nigeria from the mom earlier this week we have started working to identify all the contacts of the haitian.
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and even. with. nigeria's large population and high rates of poverty make it vulnerable to outbreaks like this when the world health organization declared the virus a global health emergency last month it was because of concern it could hit countries with weak health systems on friday the upgraded the risk of the virus is global for it to very high and i think this is a reality check for every government on the planet wake up get ready this is maybe on its way and you need to be ready to your citizens you have a duty to the world to be ready. he pointed to the increase in cases and affected countries some struggling to contain the virus. the 1st cases have been announced in de marcus tonia way of the netherlands and makes
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a go all linked to the outbreak in italy it's reported hundreds of cases and is the a.p. center of the virus outside asia it's famous squares a fine empty of the new show and trains are being disinfected in a bid to slow the viruses spread. the city still seems to be a little asleep in a negative way i don't see many people around and i'm sorry to see that people have been so long on it. in switzerland geneva international moshe shows being cancelled after the government banned all events involving more than a 1000 people and in iran instead of crowds of worshippers they will workers in hazmat suits in this holy shrine and friday prayers but canceled across much of iran where the virus has killed dozens of people and infected hundreds more china though with the virus began recorded the lowest number of new cases in more than a month more than 36000 people have already been discharged from hospital after
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recovering from the disease. like the recent success in controlling the epidemic is hard earned the situation is still grim and complex and with an increase of people going back to work in school we are facing the risk of the epidemic rebounding we cannot afford to take chances that warning is now being echoed worldwide alexia brian al jazeera. media consultants in lagos nigeria and he says the government is trying to stop a repeat of the panic caused by the outbreak. so far the latest a government has a facility dechen take about 100 people so now the national who's come down with a virus is the only one in the facility meaning to have about 99 i mean beds on occupied for the 28 that have been quarantined they have just been watched closely to see if they'll come down with the virus so far i think the medical
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professionals at the center for disease control in nigeria they say they are ready and the minister for the has also been speaking to people but i gave the something that has happened in lagos and publish all the state states and cities and it has to do with the panic which the government has went against if you go to shops and especially medical shops around legace in nigeria hardly would you be able to find hand sanitizer to buy and what they've got out of shop and of course the face mask is also discuss the demand. in so many of the places you go to in nigeria like the electricity company where i present to consult for big company has tried to such a sponsor to also give up news must the coronaviruses continue to hurt stock markets around the globe london's footsies holidays and markets ending friday down more
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than 3 percent in new york the dow jones has seen its worst run for more than a decade crystal saloon hasn't noticed. today's losses weren't as bad as yesterday's losses but they weren't good it was not a good day for investors stocks showing their 7th day of declines the worst week since the financial crisis of 2008 the worst month on record since 2009 the dow jones industrial average closed down some 13 percent from its high point let's just over a week ago. standard and poor's $500.00 down 12 percent investors continue to worry about the spread of the coronavirus and the impact that's going to have on corporate profits on trade and the economy writ large companies like amazon have announced that they're putting non-essential travel on hold so the concerns are really widespread across all sectors of the economy the wall street journal
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reporting that 95 percent s. and p. stocks are down more than 10 percent so this is a really bad week for the markets mexico says it's confirmed its 1st cases of coronavirus into men who had recently traveled to italy it's the 2nd country in latin america to register the virus has the latest from mexico city. mexico's deputy health minister has said that the person that was diagnosed with that confirmed case of corona virus is currently in isolation along with members of his family at the national institute of respiratory disease here in mexico city now the deputy health minister also said that this individual is being held for epidemic logical reasons not for medical reasons saying that his symptoms are mild not severe warning people not to panic or urging people rather not to panic here not to cause a sort of sensationalism around this 1st confirmed case now there are 3 other suspicious
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cases not confirmed cases one in the state of sinaloa and 2 others here in central mexico in the case of that confirmed case of the virus that individual appears to have contracted the virus while on a visit to italy within the 3rd week of february but the government is saying that they were they as of today they were going to hold daily press conferences to update the population on the progress and on the management of this now global outbreak the u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has been testifying before congress the 1st time since the killing of iran's most powerful general many democrats on the house foreign affairs committee were angry that he appeared for only 2 hours to discuss developments in iran and iraq alan fisher has more from capitol hill. my compere hasn't made any recent appearances on capitol hill and refused to give evidence ahead of donald trump's impeachment appoint not missed by the committee
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chairman and there are dozens of other issues we'd like to ask you about including the lawful subpoena that this committee issued in september that you've ignored so we expect to see you here again the secretary of state was there to talk around iraq and the authorization on the use of military force he rejected the idea he'd not been accessible since the u.s. drone strike which killed any general kassam cilla manny he claimed congress had been briefed more than 70 times and said the military action in january had made america much safer removing him from the battlefield was a d.s. call tory measure his death reduced the risk to our personnel overseas of my diplomats and our military and made clear that we're willing and able to impose cost on our adversaries if they threaten or attack us but there was anger on the democratic side one congressman asking if there was a clear foreign policy that was being followed the list of actions that are legally
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and strategically questionable continue to pile up in this administration and yet the administration refuses to provide clear and analyst answers these include pulling out of the j c p a way no strategy abandoning the kurds no strategy then of strategic benefit of assassinating solomon no strategy compere was asked about the american response to the coronavirus he said the us was doing all it can to make people safe and even suggested it had offered to help iran with its response might be spent 2 hours in front of the committee and then left to speak to a conservative conference all the way across the city there are many here say they'd like to see him back again soon they have many more questions and they're expecting clearer answers alan fischer algis here on capitol hill. still ahead on al jazeera. controversial dam project takes shape on the nile as talks with egypt stumbled yet again. and come up completely or we're going to.
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migrant stories of survival and jump to the big screen at this year's berlin film festival. and argentina may have given the world some of the best footballers but it's all makers are struggling not stories coming up with peter and sports. hello welcome to look at the international forecast it's not looking too bad now across a good part of north america had a class that in place to that eastern side of canada some pieces of sharon little bits of lake effect snow that just around the lakes into the northeastern corner but for many it's got its b a k a little of the dull side into the northeast that should be largely dry to strike across much of north america central as of canada we have got this wintry mix
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making its way across the sea pushing through easing further east which over the next russia showers around the mountain states into the pacific northwest and it'll sink its way further south which as we go on through sunday so there will be some wintry weather snow flurries sent over the rockies central parts of kind of they're moving through scott she won a say over 3 manitoba heading towards the east over the next couple days want to see showers around the deep south but for many of the said it's fine and dry today is no great shakes but 6 celsius in new york. for the time if you come down into the camera been falsified and dry weather hit say because this line of cloud which just makes its way down towards the yucatan peninsula has been facing some very heavy showers into honduras across the great arad hillis it will continue to make its way further south which in these woods and high.
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as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so wrong that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera fall as human rights campaigners in libya investigating right since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on al-jazeera there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through a twitter feed that's designed the way we all click i agree to the terms and conditions that sounds to most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually that's designed as well ali re-explore is how designers are manipulating our behavior in the final episode all hail the algorithm on a jersey of. food.
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the hours. now we're going to top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. and afghan taliban are expected to sign a provisional peace deal that could put an end to the nearly 2 decades war president donald trump is sending the secretary of state my pump aoe to doha with the agreement expected to be signed on saturday the u.n. secretary general on sunday the terrace is calling for an immediate truce in syria after dozens of turkish soldiers were killed in a syrian government strike meanwhile turkey on russia's presidents have spoken to try to find ways of easing tensions in syria's northwest the world health
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organization has raised its risk assessments of corona virus to wit highest level across the world the outbreak has now spread to more than 50 countries as nigeria mexico and new zealand report their 1st cases. more now on one of our top stories the escalating tension between turkey and russia over syria and the broader impact that may have in europe on the middle east so turkey is seeking broader support for its operation in northwestern syria and is stepping up the pressure on the e.u. by allowing refugees to travel on words to europe that's prompted garia to step up security on their side of the border to try to stop anyone coming through turkey made an agreement with the e.u. in 2016 at the height of the refugee crisis under that deal ankara was to resettle syrian refugees and stop them crossing the eastern mediterranean route from turkey to greece turkey hosts around 4000000 refugees and says it can't cope with any more
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people fleeing the latest violence in libya. well the nearby greek island just 15 kilometers off the coast of turkey is a reading struggling with the effects of overwhelming migration locals there have been fighting back against camps on the island while the government demands european supports. many times the turkish government has threatened to open its borders and release refugees into europe in large numbers once again this was the scene on the shores of the greek island of lesbos already a nightmarish place for the 10s of thousands of men women and children who crossed over from turkey and are now trapped here in itself doing a riving isn't any different from what happens on any other day but the implication was that the turkish authorities didn't try to stop it the greek government is asking for increased european support. for your daughter your but needs to help not just with personnel and equipment you need to help protect mali time borders that
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are great and european i have asked frontex to reinforce the coast guard with personnel boats and technical names greece already operates about 40 coastal patrol vessels and boats along its 1000 kilometer long maritime border with turkey and it's adding 19 new boats over the next couple of years but it's going to need help now if turkey makes good on its threats to send refugees into europe on mass. the route was being cleared for refugees much further north on the land border with turkey there were reports of people being bussed from istanbul to the border town of a didn't a haven for people traffickers and unlike in recent months the turkish military did absolutely nothing to stop people then making their way on foot towards the wide everest river the border with greece is the stumbled again you're coming from istanbul our aim is to get to germany there are syrians with us algerians palestinians there are people from every country this want to take
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a 100 times you know they can. arrived here at the turkish greece border police are on near the site and they're not letting migrants in we've got lots of problems here we want to work in europe to open the borders because of these problems the immediate response from the greek side was to tear gas the several 100 people who had gathered right on the border with the prime minister warning loudly that greece was closed to this new wave athens also sent more special forces to the land border to try to prevent people coming across the general supposition is that turkey is threatening to manipulate the refugee flows as a direct threat to the european union to reengage in the situation in syria and the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed people in it live if the e.u. turns a blind eye greece could end up as a buffer zone for asylum seekers jobs are open. lesbos filmmakers of the series berlin film festival arts running the spotlights on the hearts journeys taken by
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migrants around the world so mccain has been talking to the directors of 2 films would still be disappointments many face when they reach their destiny. and her 2 sons are mexican migrants newly arrived in the u.s. with dreams of better things dreams that are very quickly dashed in squalid conditions she must prevent max and his younger brother lael from dispair. and. you know. or they might ask you. what it. is so while she works in part time jobs to earn some money they live out imaginary adventures within the apparent safety of their 4 walls the actress who plays lucy says she hopes that the message of this film can reach the widest possible audience. the more important thing too is in mexico maybe this it's not going to be there i took it maybe it's for at
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teenager or adult and have. generation 4 kids i have this reaction of the kids they understand this movie in the cinema last lobos allows us to explore the dislocating human effect of migration it's a theme that's also explored in the film i dream of singapore which shows the viewer a very different aspect of what it means to be a migrant because this is a migrants journey in reverse when 1st we meet federals he's in singapore struggling to earn enough to survive and far from his family back home in bangladesh through his eyes we see what modern materialism eats out to many migrants poverty desperation and in pharaoh's is close to the loss of his working visa when his health deteriorates which means he must return home the film's director says he hopes the audience will realise what migration can mean for so many people i hope humanize them i don't want to see them yes human and
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someone with a family and loved ones hopes and dreams like. that to see them as a statistic many migrants hope their journeys will take them to a better life in these 2 films we are offered a contrary view one where the destination is not a promised land dominic kane an al-jazeera. the burn in film festival. in libya the worst selling in weeks is threatening to derail peace talks and rocket fire has forced flights to be suspended the only functioning airport in tripoli trial stratford has been following developments on the ground is some a little safe his back was peppered with shrapnel when a rocket fired by forces loyal to warlord holly for half the exploded by his home. for i was standing on the street thank god my neighbor called me over to and i
2:38 am
moved forward 5 steps in the rocket landed just a few meters away as a pregnant wife suffered minor injuries and his son serious head wounds in the attack we go to his neighborhood and find evidence of what people who live his say happens day and night hours earlier another barrel of rockets that hit residents say that at least 7 rockets hit this neighborhood smalling they're saying that nobody was injured in those attacks but behind this house is mighty good port which has been consistently charted by half this forces over recent months now people here in tripoli are increasingly angry they're blaming the u.n. for not doing enough to halt huffed as offensive on the capital almost a week of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva during which neither of libya's warring sides met face to face failed to reach agreement on a ceasefire. the u.n. backed government which is receiving military support from turkey says general
2:39 am
haftar must withdraw his forces from areas they control on the outskirts of tripoli . haftar who is being supported by countries including the u.a.e. egypt and russia says turkish military personnel and pro turkey syrian fighters supporting the un backed government must leave libya 1st. meanwhile anger and distrust towards the u.n. is growing protesters at this demonstration hold pictures of u.n. special representative to libya the sun salami how much did they pay you to be silent and supporter of terrorism they read both sides accused of being biased against them play out of the play and. they hit us with egyptian and strikes salami sees what's happening and the violations i live near the airport there are rockets landing on civilian areas all the time the situation is terrible with so many countries involved in this conflict the un seems powerless to stop the
2:40 am
fighting that has escalated since the geneva ceasefire talks failed both sides have boycotted u.n. sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution back in the hospital has pictures of his injured 4 year old son on his mobile phone he says doctors are afraid to remove the shrapnel lodged inside up the ramadan skull because if they do he may never walk again chance trafford al-jazeera tripoli well the u.n. envoy to libya says there's almost been a breakdown in the truce between the warring sides but he is optimistic the says fire can be reached our diplomatic editor james bays has more from. there were 3 days of talks the so-called political track on libya but they made no progress and that's because there was a boycott by key figures on both sides because of an intensification of fighting in
2:41 am
recent hours a breach of the shaky true spy the forces of general haftar i would like to say. that the country in the past 24 hours has witnessed a very serious violation of the truce in fact it could have been the almost the breakdown of that truce was many areas being hit by shelling clearly right now you have 2 wars and turkey and russia in both wars are on opposite sides are you worried that the deterioration of the situation in libya could affect your process it's an absolutely irrelevant questions i do believe that there are players who are now very active in boston area and libya and i do believe that there is a mutual. sort of interaction between the 2 conflicts
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that is not favorable for peace in either one i've spoken to senior u.n. officials working on both syria and libya the 2 conflicts are very different they're a very different problems in both countries but they say they now sometimes have to look at it the same way they believe the russians and turks are sometimes looking at it as a 2 front war in togo police and demonstrators have kloster in protest against the outcome of last week's election president fire grassing bay won with 72 percent of the votes his opponents called for the protests claiming election fraud. was at the protest in the capital. one of the young men out of several that have been arrested at the sent joseph college in loamy the police accused them of throwing stones at them when the police fired tear gas the part of the small group of demonstrators
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who were trying to organize to walk through the streets of normie to protest what they called fraud in the february 22nd presidential election here in earlier the police fired tear gas at the students on the responded by throwing back the canisters back at the police as well as stones when they run into this school dissent joseph's college here in rome and the police moved in with buttons and tear gas and. working from room to room trying to take the students all the protesters. throwing stones at them all who they accuse of breaking the law here because they want to march to protest what they call the furloughed irregularities of the presidential election so several students are actually in this building and the police are trying to take them out. in turkey has announced it will not attend this week's latest round of u.s. brokered talks on the disputed knol down project with don how does there as well
2:44 am
has been to western ethiopia to see how. this scene of destitution is a few miles away from ethiopia granted any. local people here still live in peace with no warning what or electricity or decent hopes. they say patiently wait for the benefits of the doubt. what patience is there to muster these workers need to finish the must pass a week. daytime she also works progress. the project is made up of 3 parts civil works which are now 87 percent complete the steel works which are going a bit slow with 17 percent completed and the electro mechanical work said 35 percent in all those 3 components showed that the dam is 71.2 percent complete
2:45 am
we're planning to start filling the reservoir next june and will be able to start producing electricity a year later once finished these giant tubes will channel but if all waters down through turbines $9.10 which are still to be placed here the powerful jets rotate the turbines and the hydro power engines leaked to them pass form to electricity each turbine will produce 370 megawatts when all of the 30 turbines are completed that dam will be able to produce a little less than 6000 megawatt enough to satisfy ethiopia's needs to export electricity to regions as far away as southern africa and west of joy as you can see behind me that to me the section hasn't yet been finished its one acquires 2000000 cubic meters of concrete slabs to raise it to the final height that's also where the 13 will be inserted 2 of them will become operational early next year and that's when the 1st hydro power production begins ethiopia says this is crucial for
2:46 am
its economic development. so downed a passage country believes it has nothing to fear despite warnings by some of its sr experts but egypt that it was historic destination feels threatened since the dawn of time it had the lion's share of the blue nile waters but that there's a country described by your order to us as the gift of the night believes the dam may deprive its population of its most vital resource is especially if your peer insists on healing the $74000000000.00 cubic metres a walk in the is egypt has suggested it should take no less than 7 years as the talks in washington d.c. stumble at each round time is of the essence to both nations meanwhile the historic dam continues to take its final shape for the legendary river this is a mighty handle that will control every drop of it for the 1st time in history
2:47 am
a river that flew freely in the wild for millions of years is from now on forced to squeeze its way through these narrow i and frames of brick and mortar. is future and perhaps the 2 of the millions of people in its path is not set in stone for ages to come mohammed but our desire at the grander nice ass down western ethiopia policing coast to recover have raided president carlos alvarado his home as part of an investigation into the misuse of citizens' personal data all this stems from accusations that he and other top level officials illegally accessed data under the guise of a special task force it's the 1st time the home of the sitting president has been searched. a major train station in paris has been evacuated after protesters started a fire to disrupt the concerts by calling singer demonstrators burn scooters on cars as they block firefighters from putting out the blaze they accuse singer. of
2:48 am
being too close to the democratic republic of congo's later as the group cancelled concerts in the past due to anti-government protests and tell us about learn has been following developments outside the station she says plumes of smoke could be seen across central paris. where the get out the little train station is one of the main stations in central paris and of the ground level you can really get a sense of the damage you can see these many to points have been overturned and if you come over here a whole row moved to bikes completely burnt out just caucuses on the floor we've seen a smashed bus stops also in bits completely burnt out and what happened was it was about 6 o'clock in the evening local time here in paris when protesters say all these vehicles around the train station and the plumes of smoke there rose into the a were very impressive you could see them all over paris we were some 2 kilometers
2:49 am
away and even we could see them we could smell the smoke in the end it reminds me very much of the night the note for time cathedral. a moment where people are looking up to the sky and really wondering what had happened in central paris well before a point is you can see over there just some of the many that came to the scene they managed to put out those blazes pretty quickly but it must mean very frightening for the many people using the train station on a friday evening a very busy time of the evening the train station was evacuated but it has now been reopened. several actresses have walked out of the french film awards after roman polanski won the caesar award for best director he's wanted in the u.s. for the statutory rape of a 13 year old in 1977 who did not attend the event because a protest against him taking place outside the 87 year old latest film an officer and a spy is nominated for 12. of the all or awards entire board stepped down this month
2:50 am
in part because the backlash over polanski's nominations. still ahead on al-jazeera sports news in china as a limping poster boy has his career ended by an 8 year doping stories coming up in a moment.
2:51 am
probably on let's get an update on the sports news with peter. thank you very much china's most famous athlete the 3 time olympic swimming champion son yang has been
2:52 am
handed the maximum 8 year ban for breaking anti doping rules the decision was made by the court of arbitration for sport kaz son was found guilty of refusing to cooperate with sample collectors during a home visit back in 2018 a confrontation resulted in one of his blood vials being smashed with a hammer swimming's governing body feeney initially only warned him but the world anti-doping agency asked kaz to impose a ban which has now been confirmed it was not for the athlete to decide alone that an anti-doping test shall be invalidated and the sample containers destroyed as a consequence when young committed an anti-doping rule violation by tampering with the doping control soon has given he's reaction to china's official news agency verse is unfair i firmly believe in my innocence i will definitely appeal to let
2:53 am
more people know the truth the chinese swimming association says it deeply regrets the ruling and fully supports on. well no more no that jacket which is through to the tennis championships final to seeing of them on feeds on friday it was the frenchman who looked more likely to qualify for saturday's final at 1st or for you taking the 1st set 62 before pushing the serve all the way in the 2nd but eventually surrendering at 76 the then up to the n.t. and blew the 3rd seed away 617 last since it's us is waiting for him in the final. and in doha the women's world number one has been knocked out of the cut open ashley barty suffered a 3 set the feeder bands appeared to convert over who had lost their previous 4 matches to the australian. argentina has given the world some of its biggest football stars likely in a messy and the amount of downer but it's bowl manufacturing sector is in crisis with imports leaving hundreds of people out of work so that's
2:54 am
a bow reports from belval in the province of cordoba. food to bulls have helped arjun tines laugh and cry throughout the years but in this factory in bellville in central province of quarter the law they have played a much bigger role. and they took a man to has been producing them since he was 11 years old it was his 1st job and it's been his passion since then juggling i was raised in a factory and my 1st payment was a pair of jeans that was my salary i'm talking years ago and now i see they are importing balls and they blow up on their own because it's not the quality we have we want to make the best boss hand me that can make it to the leave i am till the 930 s. the bulls were closed with a leather feel to player's head but 3 friends from bellville invented the super ball with an invisible seem that is currently used today this it is considered
2:55 am
argentina as a ball capital and what makes this balls unique is that they're handmade something that generates hundreds of jobs every. but the dire economic situation in the country and imports from china and pakistan are having a strong impact in factories like this one that are struggling to remain in the. little league out of a fully nice family has owned this factory for years he says in the past for production has dropped dramatically the previous administration of. allowed imported walls to take over the market. when the g 20 happened with all the presidents from around the world. president's made in china we have all these factories here that need to so. he says in these past 2 years he has been forced to reduce his staff more than half of those i had 100 years and now i have 15 working and like all small companies if we had a decree that we could fire everyone we should have done so we were working to
2:56 am
remain open to those around 15 small companies in the area and they have a big impact in the community as they hire local sewers who create the bull's body . that he learned how to sew bulls from his mother he has 5 children and says he can make a little extra cash every month. i started sewing balls when i was around 5 years old to help my mother this is the only job i have for now i don't have anything else aside from government help it's difficult these days to care for my children everything is expensive with inflation argentina needs around $4000000.00 a year factories like this one say they could survive by producing only 20 percent of what is needed there only waiting for the government to look their way. argentina. now a great bit of play in the n.b.a. is the los angeles lakers hamad the golden state warriors and they did it without
2:57 am
le bron james he said with a grueling injury anthony davis managed just fine though he scored 23 points and also contributed to the spectacular misses the set up cancun's mean can see davis somehow manages to pass the ball before crashing into those cold side seats the lakers went on to win by 30 and the brawny clearly enjoying himself as they talk in the way it's to do the lakers as the warriors remain but. we'll just leave you know with what rather lucky goal showed on the european tour years callum's at the oman open shanking the ball straight into some rocks but it bounced straight over them again and again nestling nicely at the side of the fairway. perhaps you meant. that's where we'll leave it for now most sports news coming up again later we'll see you then and so watching the news hour i'll just throw back in just a moment with more news event.
2:58 am
this really is going to the polls for the 3rd time in less than a year after both mean parties failed to form a governing coalition i mean prime minister netanyahu facing the start of his corruption trial. so he can israel resolve its political crisis at the 3rd attempt at the latest on al jazeera. chinese authorities are putting those thanks cited committed a crime. but they show trial. more genuine confessions. than i want any students to get. 0. the u.s.
2:59 am
president's proposed plan for the middle east this is less territory to be honest time than any other peace plan since 1988 the problems of corporate wars others there have failed because of this one video was by us all the united states thought israel how much time and the palestinian prime minister told challenges era. the diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera step into the unknown with central america's 1st ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminated on stage each performer transformed with the rays of a curtain. witness tying to love a backstage take. on
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a jersey and. the afghan taliban tells al jazeera it will uphold women's rights hours before it's set to sign a preliminary peace deal with the u.s. . a woman one or. 2 u.k. ship and their right to work reports accept. a support of the islamic groups but only that they observe that you're. watching al-jazeera live from headquarters and. also heads a 2nd person with no travel history or can.


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