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tv   Time To Love A Backstage Tale  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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hello again i'm martin dennis in doha and these are the top stories here at out it's an era of 31 member taliban delegations arrived in cata to sign a preliminary peace deal with the u.s. that could put an end to almost 2 decades of war secretaries say my pompei is due to come to doha later on saturday wasn't jordan has more from washington. certainly the future of u.s. military troops in afghanistan is part of this deal there's a question about how many will be allowed to stay in afghanistan under the terms of the steel certainly the us president donald trump campaigned back in 2016 on bringing all u.s.
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forces home from the wars in iraq and in afghanistan and while he might be inclined to move that number to 0 in afghanistan the pentagon has said it wants to see a cut of about a 3rd from about 12013002 about 8500 and that's because of the pentagon's view the afghan military isn't strong enough to protect the country from external threats or to maintain the peace within its borders and so the u.s. has an interest in staying in afghanistan before he left to go to for saturday's signing ceremony the secretary of state mike pompei o told reporters earlier this week that the u.s. also has a certain counterterrorism a concern in afghanistan and so there is still going to be some sort of u.s. military presence that may not sit well with the taliban but that's certainly one of the issues on the table the other issue getting back some 5000 taliban
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fighters out of the custody of the afghan military certainly the taliban wants its people back there are those in the afghan government who say no this could create a new internal security threat but that is something that is also being considered as part of this agreement to new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the u.s. states of california and in oregon now both of these patients have no travel history nor any contact with existing cases public health officials are considering these cases as likely to be community transmitted this means the origin of the infection is unknown and the world health organization has raised its risk assessment of the outbreak to the highest level possible. china's manufacturing has plunged to an all time low because of the virus confirming fears about its impact on the country's economy health officials have reported $427.00 new cases and that brings
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china's total to more than 79000 katrina you has more from beijing we've just had this 1st figure in february the 1st economic indicator released the purchasing managers index p.m.i. which measures manufacturing activity here in china now that figure has come and at 35.7 points and that's down from 50 in january and even lower than analyst expectations of about 40 and to give you some perspective that's the lowest point since records began keeping p.m.i. records since 2005 and even lower than figure during the global financial crisis of 2008 in 2009 a u.s. appeals court has ruled that the trumpet administration can no longer make asylum seekers ways in mexico well their claims are being dealt with nearly 60000 people have been sent back to wait for hearings since the remaining mexico policy was put
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into effect in january last year the government can appeal to the supreme court. the u.n. secretary general antonio good turkish is calling for an immediate truce in syria after dozens of turkish soldiers were killed by a syrian government airstrike meanwhile turkey and russia's presidents have spoken by phone to try to find ways to ease tensions in the northwest of syria. so for a lot of water out of the french film awards after roman polanski one. prize for best director is wanted in the united states for the statutory rape of a 13 year old in the 1977 e didn't attend because of those protests. witnesses next. in. the world the way.
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it has an ideal that being. what in our little bottles our oil but i don't even know why but i wouldn't wear for somebody who are a little hollow in that if i don't matter there's little that jazz i'm not in any part of it actual what it was or knows and doesn't want others i'm not gonna watch . all of that not being up. at a critical moment or there was
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a pretty darn it i'll note that the. show aired that way. if you. know the. people i'm going to. because the money to her. young son brought home some clothes a gun no i don't know if you. want to go. go to events. in delhi to look at. these deep deep deep deep. but we look. at it when you. see. the numbers. the number of
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them none of them believe that you're never going to get. all the loving little. dog ok my whole grandma before. me nothing and i guess only like a son. they netted but only caught. me further than his physical had moved her desk and will i will confess for. next weekend but . governor huckabee and. i think in the words of the well we were. right there when. is there any. time.
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you like. to. thank you. oh.
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yeah out. oh ok. what did that mean anyway it was. it was a family it was big they didn't look at it that see me going to. see it this is. what i thought of this interview. this is why i said what people might be able to say i was this and there's already. how these units your you're almost i am going to be out but i couldn't hear much more i mean more as an. i guess with you know what i see the man being i saw in a while. but afraid. that my. if someone is that if. me did or that i could only.
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see them when i had my money. and went to see where they were going to come on being or gave me to work within the empties we were those who know that but it's not that you know i. bet is that. you think when. you thought i'm going to get a new one i mean i don't get i mean you know how many. yet though we. got a demanding up out of but i mean it about a pay they think i mean i want to know em but i'm not going to to go again but i'm not. i thought it was right that. the other hand this. is a reasonable beginning of the windows isn't it the n.a.c. by someone you know. and i'm annoying but i could do this if i said yeah.
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i mean you know i'll be able to. say could conceivably. going to want to see the guy you can or me. i. don't know what i was ever going on the zone as an elite i was so when i said oh man who was it a saying you know song and yet they are no good i mean look at the thing in the essay in the class ok cody. are you one i've. been the one you have thought over. that i'm prone to. i don't. know what i was. your superiors of them would change their mind for this invest your neck in life when you think you. may last and when are your to look for nick i love what he does a little. better of us now. it was all made some pretty easy. imo
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i see now we're no less think that that's not me i see no no it isn't i see no one or last. years i was in a scene seen ima go down because i don't have a set that is the melody. i'm top of the w. good though. like the scene that you're mrs seed you know something i can buy them about it but if you don't then somebody must lenient that way and guess you don't employ. let you get back mostly company then what i mean and there's a young lady had. that if you don't have anything they might just about. what the young think is old but he would have brought me a big fat black dog. for that big. it was ok i hate all i'll say that.
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i had that. dollar oh oh oh. oh oh oh i ran for. that pot. right i was. going to just like. a saloon till so we'll do this so you. so you look. so deal. and you. told.
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you. guys when i was on song that it was another verse on the guy who killed his. the 1st time ever and the one in $91.00 oh my god they're going to be. no i'm going to tell you all this is the onion he and i can fight. but it comes out on bond on a lot of money. and. and there are there was nothing about the film because of all he was in the way of life which was from the man side of him no family to one so the little girl of. 20. something. well. she. moment. but also. then yes.
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and then. that we're going to. be in a moment. of the. last don't know when you're left but i. read. that and then when i mean that's when you put a lot. of you. with a. little
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a. little. sad. sad. sad. but a child being you see. no souls do i see if you can ban them we out is still with the gun on them was swallowing but i get the whole thing i'm guessing that would go to court over the course when i would need to look at
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a staggering thout nobody that. bought a coke 6 it was. but in those soreness go us. at the level we were all night and i was like i was awake you all got it done so let's go see how it gets this all want to get out of it is it. not. for name would. end up having. to eat. nothing. not allowed. to eat right. and just.
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like the. neighborhood was that. the. 2 sort of pieces you don't know if you know. there was a was a size 0 and the place is on the micheletti saw a fellow that seemed to miss nest questions asked and feel i was all in. it in muskingum of a loss. and it in the most and not as now as you were when i got to see what you did in that it drug. you're. not.
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in the on the do you. look in the c.s.c. is that it's you know. it's all more. than one thing that one. is implementing this employee was you know what i hope you don't mind if you don't mind if you look at. the last thing and i think if you say no not at all i don't have anything i don't mean i don't know what at the moment want. people want to do something you really think you would do with the money you.
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come up with really really. looking for somebody here to tell us what's employed. in. march of the month. you're important enough look i want you all this is a little beyond. oh so just in the sound was a look at. it but i thought that they were done with. yes i can. feel. my baby and. i don't want to have a thing in markets only when the solo these you know one of them framed up on a rally that remember when i was there when i mean. to me we have been through a little new course you know we. were going and you could be and i'm joining you
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and then the yankees. be that he got that door will bedo into a little boy being somebody you got that going maybe you used somebody got. that invent the pm sat it out but for them nothing you can remember. can often lead to from one defining to. montanus one. buntin as a person the end of one. of the more often than not get it in the curtain went to someone to pull out. a commitment to. make that. well. come up. purposely only. so you don't hear him on the phone kind of also you want to get
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people to very high level to sort of you know what is being you know you're able to get close if you will remember the feeling of who are. they have these days in the same way that i mean if you see the i don't know why you ever thought of us ever being we have a lot of swearing that we are not in our more or if you're one of the is going to talk to. you would you. go to see them on the phone that are spending their. welfare money or will. it's lean they can order now on that sentiment or is mentally they get us just article me go and search. for him they give the band the kind of he doesn't mean a good post see that as a whatever whereas he lived there when i was it i mean underlying though do not perceive that with the as a present book at that point the more you me and the better off and where you are here or there i like you is one of. the no so no its you know i am cloud as
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it black black black black woman i think the. last one looked suckle a good long look. political go look it up. will go look at all the legal cheap. little local local theater util in. this town the bullshit. almost no more people will question. this again you have basic you have no no no no. people are going to have to do a police bio and see to live a decent decent get to the sick kid your old chum are no no and i mean. there murther and when done internally call it here and ask them when they make one make you know in a without the money as part of nutters. you i meant so much as i mean if you know maybe i want to do how you are. actually
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going to be. here even if i see actually some lad who will go younger some way to kill this right away again right. no no your guys it's all going to be your punch you know in front of. our. after wave you were in our country our governor our south america could go a bully pulpit truth you know some of you should see this. guy that he knows who the boss junkie of. the world and it's your. hero. oh. no.
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but i thought i would hear my. mother. but him but. yet. we have a goal the moment of. the. semi the. day it is a prelude to when we'll see the weeping and no particular. case
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and i will. consider how you go along with the total. loss. even though. you know all the local time locally. they're on top let me know not done most there's a lot of now you wouldn't want to. made a minor milwaukee cough up. in my phone oh every. one of your nearly 100. men on your marathon bathroom if. you think i'm going to. miss a seat the kids did this thing goes into i was saying look at joe basically anything and ok no i said. being
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a guy that was in a bomb i think i think almost. 0. 00000 have. to have yeah yeah yeah oh yeah for the welfare. my. yeah. yeah yeah if you if. you want to see it oh. yeah. the. can people. this was. the father francis. oh no no fool took out. the most.
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innocent they didn't want to get on the woodlands. i look at it with. some level of life you know i mean 'd. i know. you look at it the big. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera follows human rights campaigners in libya investigating right since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on
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al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the syrian army seems determined to defeat the rebels and continue its advance towards the city of it live that's a red line for turkey with detailed coverage of the national policy and soft while elephant is yet to be fully implemented 14 years after it was introduced from around the world will this fight will be completely transformed over the next 6 years this will be the northern terminus for phase one of the project. he started as a modest man. carry a soldier who'd never imagined he might one day become president of egypt. he had an ambitious wife and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for the wrong lawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak the family episode one.
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hello again i'm martin dennis in doha with the top stories here at al-jazeera a 31 member taliban delegations arrived in classes a sign a preliminary peace deal with the u.s. that could put an end to almost 2 decades of war the secretary of state is to to come to doha later on saturday to new cases of corona virus have been confirmed in the u.s. states of california and oregon neither patient has a travel history nor contact with existing cases public health officials are considering them to be likely community transmitted cases which means the origin of the infections are no. china's manufacturing has plunged to an all time low because
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of the corona virus outbreak confirming fears about its impact on the country's economy health officials have reported $427.00 new cases bringing china's total to more than just and 80000 katrina you has more from beijing we've just had this 1st figure in february the 1st economic indicator released the purchasing managers index p.m.i. which measures manufacturing activity here in china now that figure has come and at 35.7 points and that's down from 50 in january and even lower than analysts expectations of about 40 and to give you some perspective that's the lowest point since records began keeping p.m.i. records since 2005 and even lower than the figure during the global financial crisis of 2008 in 2009. a u.s. appeals court has ruled that the trump of ministration can no longer make asylum
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seekers way to mexico while their claims are being dealt with nearly 60000 people have been sent back to wait for hearings since the remaining mexico policy was put into effect in january last year the government can appeal to the supreme court which has consistently sided with the president on masses of immigration and border security. several actresses of water out of the french film awards after rehman polanski while the says are price prize for best director he is wanted in the united states for the statutory rape of a 13 year old in 1977 all right let's go back now to witness. dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young 3 men have disappeared following her arrest these disabuse other victims of
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a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in 2014 . before the invasion of 2014 crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president hunted near putin were unhappy with this. russian is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the tradition russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. whether
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. it's in syria is that the get go. and thank you and now the emir of the. day there felt that they had failed. and i reported that i had he thought. he got a bad. one off god. it is going to be here for me the way he ended up or better since. the. team kept. on going to see
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him both one of the hacking one of many posts. does that back at least i know others who will see your article does nothing to him or to want to always be mean and sometimes in the. internet you're going to. see some of them but all the way along the battle lines. are. for late. not always. will see will one day place or will not endure. to put me to believe me when they know me by the way that they seem to remember that isn't my mother and i remember her since then i've been they already think i would be nice and i made a 2nd is how i don't know and say. yes to me. and it is so know that almost i don't care but i'm the one for what i did actually and i don't play in my
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life but if you're me though yeah that's the amount on my back was it in them always ah ah 7 ah ah 7. really. oh oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. for your goal i am not a little easy. for you to follow you can.
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just go to school it will. be. like that i want to go someplace i don't know what i'm afraid of me or something of the thought of people that i just know that some of the gap we're not 99 plan i'm going to mine you know but if you don't mind and you let it go isn't it time we on the field something good when i didn't like it when i did it you know and the comic it wouldn't come up with. let alone. little. of. the. the. the. whole thing.
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were that good to call it but then i think even though. i'm gay that's on my head i think i'm loathe. you know me. me or my but i me at mondo he but i thought. what do you let him know no he'll may kill you over someone drive us out of your living in the little door usually for the night time. you're doing very. he don't do that globe am i really i mean living in norman in a hole but it could go so killing me what. you could call more on the male more basic and i had no idea what
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a model or thin. i was what it was i do so not at all you can nor put us in one way one woman is an interesting little c.n.n. . reporter all. i love a case i love but i won't i don't even mean i only can normally all. by. me or you went on to have a reason or a better way and i was very more you and a story that gave went a lot of it went to horrible. of the above is going to have been in the mail but a lot of men said that it was oh i see that already there was a girl with a. window seat but it's. maybe you know when you know no i mean your own is going and going to put our name on it but i think i mean the point where you are and i said mad at. him but i mean that if any of us here if you when those whom you know something about giving us that are by going to ask if i don't
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love them and i mean tony i'm not going to say on s. they were planning or getting a fair fight i know they have a lot of us all go you only your list we'll say are all saying no a didn't mean your benefic though said dorothy nor devi nor picked up the ladder a little you have to have done we. also had a fairly me on my yacht or wonder you're so under the moment i was or wasn't. there that it probably is it only means it could be as easy or could be and so government gave me another year there were 2 men of pretty what about me a way to meet the sea on the nikkei in. tokyo but she not legal battle. when i had a sale of a. media they put a sloth and make any effort but again l.o.l. oh look at the 2nd. part of the mountain. that he said to me from yet here i did not in that i decide i will email game i will suppose you were. going to
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be more nazi in some mental saying by the 2nd you see some of the only avenue your . mythical man for a typical home the phone and they even had i mean when i see him getting arrested i mean yes i mean one of the main dull element that is that the new kicked out of the land they were going to look at it but up was a really valuable legal break up and then they get formally number no word from the united yes i am. going to know that any know me i'm going to be known. in that program from indian land that i am and that is indeed i am looked at is better than i do you know. and the say you don't know you are running on one of them or you're going to show you how they will be at them when you know they will but i see $11.00 little missile coming that he would but a king means i know you know because he up with mostly why else he see only one of the the kid knowing oh come on a little better kiddo who got up a little to go soon you know because i was so funny you want to show. that means
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that what a game that it can't be gay you know less allow i get out i don't mean any of these days that always a payout i was one of the lesser to more joy knowing me sat leaders at the moment all. good money going to look at their ass to look at that one but a lot of. better another but when i rob. is going to get a saturday and those as better sleep as i'm home in the home or don't make it out of me has evidently been made they'll go to one side of me asked bill a bill has indeed. been on it then we'll i'm on board so you must in the uk in may well add one in 5 of them going to go allowing those legal if the i want to. go to mass but if you don't get this. but he ate just like um yelled like anything known around the place i didn't know here but i live in bel gasbags he said the same well so you know me well i mean zimbabwe not for a while but i mean. they go back they always said they were going in.
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on. the mummy not a very. nice man i. mean you. look. at them with babies they made again now they're getting more young babies and i knew that it had to move on young people going into music and music and just was it was just because no look that's not enough to let me sing and live gun but he said this when you're going to give a galley that i did in the. loop. de loop a let me live close to me. that. i
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thought i was supposed to like this hotel and think it a little bit of a. goer downloading the. song was all me in the. world i'll be oh i don't like wait. a little over. doughty. or you. would have more. money they didn't cut it. a little. over.
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came back lol. don't. go back on me your little buddy. but i mean if. you get the name of the state put up in the median in the. me you put the gun on my noggin soon nor do you know deftly holmes who will be put in the consider moving to the
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order that he make it easy to be. done with p.r. they have to sell no one is up in the same day and it feels. really. good. to get in the middle but i. knew he couldn't go on that no not enough. to exceed what. but it doesn't it doesn't. benefit.
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so you. did. not.
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think. it. was. our. senior year i was. last here and i said mom when ben saw your last. says about. their bombs we don't laugh last year. that's. when old don't seem to see them when i'm bored out there i'm open thinking
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. i'm going to see you. see only it said that a. muscle power to see it all see and i. see it that way. but it. is something that some which he. 9 7 didn't. know what i mean about. that to say but we had a mama. and then we. go . without saying but i mean. they want to know more.
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about what i mean. and. media. media is about our debt but i'll go larry as i let go of. it anyhow but oh so you. are going to me. to get a good. look you know. a little fun some of the. research learnin alone. i think. i'm going to see. the ok yeah. you want to see.
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you know when it comes. to an airline move to keep. it a on the phone and. go . down the road that are going to go regularly. again by the way me if. i miss out on connecting. people. to me she'd like.
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to manage. her. billboard. come on. board in the middle of
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an ornament only bought a couple of dozen or so what would go out if there was a list oh oh i don't get a little but the point is it was a little i'm going to look. at the blood or give me a look though you know we're going to have more than the real shock. to. the whole focus on the most muslim. woman doesn't have one of those. ringback who do.
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you know give it to you for him or sack. me not me not me not yet more later down my you know someone. to. take the. garbage for them or no. give me no. indeed me not the former give me the book. that i have come from my. banner for my night higher or lower.
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thank you for going to but you can't wait. to see any even in that family my family . a baby was just me i'm janno they hand anyhow everything i'm in to keep my trusty giving him an album which are going to cost you only see if you're going to be something back i'm going to am i love no not to move am i going to. have to ask you. you know. like. ok. sheeple you're going. to look at me that little being it was going to see in the soul exceed the gate it goes up or no god.
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not going to become. me out i'm going to be at. that sort of school and those embers i don't know these badly let down by me i don't know going to hold close but i mean i guess i don't it was a bit of a. blessing. beyond my being sung without a compass on the concourse that leaned. me in the community but i knew there was some me home wasn't getting a case quite out of the case. but then work a bit but i like but a couple of it by that i hired a good while and said no you have a report. yes we'll be up roach see if. i was like and. good luck simple going in this mobile good because you know me also to look at when i was going to a meeting. when
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i enter the speed of a modified car 600 force power i feel the happiest. women tearing up a truck in the west bank. challenge stereotypes. living
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life in the like for the killings of. the sisters on obviously. how the weather is not looking out across a good part of the middle east but from all the memories around the events and while the wet and windy and at times wintry cloud rain sleet snow piling out of the mountains northern parts of syria know the merriest all of iraq will see some of that wintry mix as we go through saturday and on into sunday stice just by pushing down into lebanon jordan maybe into israel what is she why when she fly was pushing in here the what's the weather the more wintry weather that will push over well in parts on. the region war in iraq over towards iran elsewhere is not bad the winds switched around to a southerly direction here in concert temperatures pick up getting up to around 27
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celsius on sunday they have dry weather and plenty of sunshine for sunshine cheer on the southern end of the red sea over the ethiopian highlands around the horn of africa we have got the usual showers just around the rift valley still around like victoria so you want to see showers coming in heavy showers there to into southern parts of the towns and then more them areas of mozambique seeing some of the cloud and rain that wet weather stretching right across the region then so we are going to see more clouds more rain more weather there into northern parts of madagascar and showers to south africa. the u.s. president's proposed plan for the middle east is less territory to be on it's time than any other peace plan since 1988 the producers of corporate wars as they have created because of this one video was by us of united states the waters right now
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how much time and the palestinian prime minister told challenges era. the taliban and the u.s. are expected to sign a deal in qatar in the coming hours and ending the war in afghanistan. i'm kevin l. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up authorities in the usa 2 more coronavirus cases have been detected with no no knowledge of. syrian forces continue shelling adlib province as they face a deadline to hold their offensive and pull away from turkish outposts. and joe biden's presidential campaign hangs in the balance is voters prepared to go to the polls in south carolina to pick a democrat.


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