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tv   Egypts Fadel Island  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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did you was by yes united states the waters right now how much time and the palestinian prime minister talks down jazeera. or. hello in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. and afghan taliban have signed the preliminary deal that could eventually end america's longest running war it's the result of 18 months of talks but there's still a long way to go before peace returns to afghanistan the deal was signed at a ceremony and catherine's capital doha where many of the talks leading up to the agreement took place. u.s. president donald trump spoke about the deal about an hour ago and sank to everyone involved in that the scotians be meeting personally with taliban leaders in the not too distant future. and we'll be very much hoping that
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they will be doing what they say they're going to be doing they will be killing terrorists they will be killing some very bad people that will keep that fight going we've. had tremendous success in afghanistan and the killing of terrorists but it's time after 'd all these years to go and to bring our people back home gabriel alexander is in washington explains that president trump's plans for withdrawing troops from afghanistan. trump did confirm what we believed all along that that he in the near future will be lowering the amount of u.s. troops in afghanistan to about 8 to 8500 he gave 2 different numbers and spoke so we think it's between 88008500 in that range right now the u.s. has about 12000 troops in afghanistan and then he went on to say that while he
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hopes that this moves forward successfully and he expects that it will he said that if in his words bad things happen we will go back to afghanistan if we need to this was really the president kind of the sense i got from him is that and he put it in his own words that this was a very historic and important 1st step but also gave himself and gave the united states quite frankly and out if you will to go back to afghanistan or pull back from this should it be necessary turkey's president says russia should stay out of its fight with syria. attended the 1st funerals of the 34th or 5th soldiers killed in airstrikes on ad libbed province on thursday earlier and the gun told members of the governing a k party that he has spoken with russia's vladimir putin yes those interleave
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turkish forces alone to fight syria targets. we killed more than 2000 syrian soldiers and destroyed more than $300.00 armored vehicles we will prove to the syrian regime and those backing them that we are capable of this only yesterday we destroyed 7 chemical depos we did not want the siskel ation it was the syrian regime the forced us into it and that's why the syrian regime must pay the price greece's prime minister has held an emergency meeting to discuss the wave of migrants coming from turkey this comes after the president at the. announced that would no longer stop migrants from entering europe greek border guards and police used tear gas and stun grenades to keep the refugees out athens says it has blocked thousands of illegal migrants at its border crossings it's also strengthening its controls off the east a.g.n. islands the u.s. has recorded its 1st death in the corona virus outbreak as the number of cases
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continues to climb in iran's state media is also reporting a jump in infections 295 in just 24 hours 42 people have died in iran that's the highest death toll outside of china and south korea has reported at least 800 new cases of the virus the highest the daily increase since so 1st confirmed the patient in. ethiopia has rejected a draft agreement introduced by the u.s. concerning the grand ethiopian renascence stand on the river nile ethiopia boycotted talks in washington and says it is this a pointed by u.s. efforts to resolve the dispute egypt has already signed washington's agreement which covers the building and operation of that that that's. the.
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record look at the beautiful look but now that i'm sure and look i've been about. at the worst when you construct a proven. father the island while not strictly an island this remote farming town in egypt's novel delta is virtually surrounded by water. some 5000 people live here the majority of them children. father died in those where they live yet few here would really call it their home. their story begins in 1948 in the palestinian town of bit just 7 today part of southern israel and known
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as bush. the bedouins who lived there were forcibly displaced from their homes in what palestinians call in not the catastrophe the founding of the state of israel. the majority of error population sought refuge towards jordan to the east but a small number thought to be around a few 100 people from the tribe travelled west crossing the sinai desert before reaching the 1st time lands of the nile delta. thanks. thanks.
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the story of the now moody tribes epic journey to fogl island has been passed from generation to generation many who arrived in 1948 fully expected to return within a few months today their descendants remain here where memories of palestine still burn strong. so that helped some of them and they would be in likelihood one philistine. thought on the jane. as evolutional fulfill her job. so that. they had little faciale. mentality that house has welcome and that the jet. american big dumb a lot. of us must have other fellows i mean for us to know more so for we tell you to. look cool. on or off for sahara.
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the name of the town stems from mohamed fadel a local landowner from whom the moonies acquired a generous parcel of land over 7 decades ago. the town grew rapidly to host the biggest concentration of 1948 palestinian refugees in egypt yet it remains a largely forgotten isolated community today's inhabitants the descendants of the now moody's of but mainly make a living working the land. here .
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tom and the shia. in this were a lot of them as that are you afraid to tell them we are left and full of steam and must leave you must. look for the will of the to be happy he came and that message share. keeping its palestinian traditions and customs alive is very important to the tribe . these range from traditions around food and drink and dress codes and rules surrounding marriage. until recently there were strict rules on who they could marry but now this has
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been relaxed it's an example of how this palestinian community is integrating with its egyptian neighbors. learned about what they're good i would meet with my couples you know by that don't do that you don't . know what. it always $100.00 they had and you know there could be at a high level. of the mother i would rather. you know so my hug. and my dad. left and right. and then to go it must mean we've been mostly in an ethno when i haven't been at the must mean or not out if i do homework out of 5 you know when you know it will be nice would know in this neighborhood in minnesota where i know i'm going about to go. model feet under and bob
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mobile. or they see you guys they said sure i mean it'll cut off what you want to teach. much a lot. of a. shudder me. before them of a. little while you. when your son had most of the hot dog for you and the guinness in our favor showing your father nodded community. and that i mean. he was time out. as a mechanic and you know sort of. give it up when you know i didn't. much care not when i go and. there are
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a lot of oil has to. go with snow in. the country i'm going to go down that line that day i demand a day or deep to come and. because i'm a new one plowed through. how would you be able harness and then. we will harness looked out of him in the bigness and. from that minimum love and he might just an orphan. like other palestinians in egypt the people of fatherless island have experienced mixed fortunes in the 70 years since the group arrived in the knowledge at times
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their conditions improved and at other times they deteriorated. in the 1950 s. and sixty's under president gamal abdel nasser the palestinians in egypt were treated on a par with egyptians having access to health care education and job opportunities they were also issued with ration cards and allowed to own property.
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the. the the deaths in 970 of hop the last surge and the arrival of president sadat changed to egyptian policy towards palestinian refugees in egypt the camp david accords of 1978 saw a u.s. brokered settlement between egypt and israel there are still great difficulties it early. and many. larger issues. to be. committed to the baby with the signing of the camp david accords a separate incident affected the status of palestinians in egypt. yousif and
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sabbatai a writer and egypt's cultural minister was shot dead on a visit to cyprus. palestinians opposed to closer egypt israel ties were blamed for the attack and anti palestinian sentiments in egypt was openly expressed. for the people the father the island's a new more restrictive era was about to begin. joint africa's largest trade and investment bit in wanda gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and baez and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together. to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibit which will include a creative africa exchange by the african export import bank and the premium partner speak of 2020 transforming africa. as
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a weapon of war leaves the very deep scars. scars so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk to. the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera fall as human rights campaign is in libya investigating rape since the 2000. unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. wanted spitta for modified current $600.00 for its power i feel the happiest. women tearing up the truck in the west bank. challenge stereotypes. living life in the fact that it's like putting the brakes on. the systems on our business.
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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. and afghan taliban have signed a preliminary deal that could eventually end america's longest running war it's the result of 18 months of talks with the still a long way to go before peace returns to afghanistan the deal was signed at a ceremony inkatha house capital doha where many of the talks leading up to the agreement took place u.s. president on top a spoken about the deal and thanked everyone involved in the discussions. be meeting personally with taliban leaders in the not too distant future. and we'll be very much hoping that they will be doing what they say they're going to be doing
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they will be killing terrorists they will be killing some very bad people that will keep that fight going we've. had tremendous success in afghanistan and the killing of terrorists but it's time. after 'd all these years to go in to bring our people back home. while the us taliban agreement has for cautious relief in afghanistan many people are pleased that a deal has been reached but there is concern that foreign troops withdrawing might allow the taliban to regain power. you know the news turkey's president says russia should stay out of its fight with syria ratchet type aired on attended the 1st funerals of the 34 turkish soldiers killed in air strikes on libya province on thursday. the u.s. says recorded its 1st tests from the coronavirus as the number of cases outside of china continues to grow in iran's state media is reporting
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a jump of infections 295 in the past day south korea has reported at least 800 new cases of the virus bringing the country's total number of infections to more than 3000 the number of cases in italy meanwhile has jumped to over 1000 and france has now banned the gatherings of more than $5000.00 in an effort to curb the spread of the virus cancelling the paris half hour than shy jeweled for some of. those other top stories that stay with us al-jazeera world returns next that taking us to egypt's island on the nile river and that will have the al-jazeera news hour for you in under half an hour thanks for watching. sagal islands a town in egypt's nile delta is the biggest concentration of 1948 palestinian
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refugees in egypt it's a 3 hour drive from cairo and isolated community descended from a single bedouin family. over the decades their fortunes have ebbed and flowed but they deteriorated after the can david accords of 1978 which saw an american brokered settlements between egypt and israel. as palestinians living in egypt their ambiguous legal status has gone on to affect their full life. it doesn't modeling minimize it away or even in my work all the but i love the fall of the me i'm shocked i'm from us well i can handle my own in future out of my being in full steam the wife is in the game of golf or was more credibility for the steamy in a moment from us without him from us with
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a wall of must have been tell you michael divine my mommy is in mostly forgotten she saw it by liam's also hot and not from the sea the north of the year my sample saw the wheel of the most such but why in few months the balance sheet a little part of it was a very devoted about my fusion a car was a little rough and thought i'd only tell us to. the gulf war of 1000 men to further restrictions on palestinians in. iraq invaded kuwait and in response to the invasion egypt sent $35000.00 soldiers to support an international coalition which would ultimately force an iraqi retreats. past the leadership of the palestinian liberation organization appear to side with iraq a backlash against palestinians in egypt follow many chose to lie low some even
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hiding their true origin. palestinian privileges previously granted more withdrawn. from iraq are rather than a problem of journey. but they must be borne car always having. when you're young. yes. i know when i said i know my years in the news with. business with them i look at all the what are you . any better i'm not them i look a lot of the littlest thing over time in your brain when looking from us.
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for. you eat. saying oh. yes. her. the children of fadil island born in egypt of palestinian heritage are treated differently from other children in egypt pupils are liable for school fees and face a level of bureaucracy so complex that many children slip through the educational net a few like these children are taught by local volunteer teachers. a
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when i said i'm a. minute end of a house. when. the most of all when i'm with you you know when you're going to have a bad bad bad i'm. on the ballot. and i'm on line number one of the time and so on the door open window of problems getting knowledge of armor and i work on the. government of elizabeth going to lob a set of forms out of them set up and as i noted on one of the elemental or that. there is another factor holding back those living in fog an island palestinians in egypt fall outside the support network of the united nations relief and works
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agency for palestinian refugees this means they have limited opportunities in health education and employment. law places a 10 percent quota restriction on foreign workers and palestinians find themselves in that category with such a low limits jobs tend to go to better qualified foreigners leaving behind the palestinian jobseekers island.
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a treatise on our little mission if i live. so little more you have to have a good fish are going to shoot over the table table but. next up the. palestinians hoping to travel beyond egypt's borders face their own unique set of complications. most simply cannot afford to travel those that can find themselves facing more bureaucracy where people seeking travel and residency documents are categorized by letter. moodys whose families arrived in egypt in 1948 are in category b. giving them flexible residency permits to travel is still difficult.
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only one markets and. how large been photographing them in. government on what i believe members. of the public from a social be enough to mind i'm going to. see do not feel an include who's going to be a much. kinder and was a maybe not. and i'm going to become the child i'm sure they have to. look. they have to have. i'm sure not. going to be about them and. that i feel good. for young footballers of the present and future island but it's past belongs firmly to those who more than 7 decades ago
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made the long trek from palestine to egypt. having spent a lifetime and father the island he has always had just one. thing that i don't. think you need me to. get me to help you know. for. sure the luck to him or me. in the film i'll give you the 1st. no question that could. be for your head plenty of good luck to settle. sort of more than i do but some of them are still going to get on no one thing after. they left for years yet on full steam in the palace and the only man in the command
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to set can feel what i did in the field that i felt about that. but. then i look at all of them although i don't find the. going to have. to lean. on one of the you know what i've been through. and what i was it had been i would. want to come on top of from the screen when i would. there must go through a scene as you know. they need to to invent deano you need to.
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have a look at. molten 11 when those dead of luis. hunting and bury 7. 100 men beatty has a mole dude from mosul how he had to end up in a loud. baby i mean isn't as a how to german no need of a d. . man 100. al jazeera well trots remarkable refugee journey from the treacherous cough of sudanese sing out emmanuel john. escapes child soldiers in the sixty's
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people music is still playing this way becomes much harder this is where i came down to the london to sign off from sierra leone creating cravin is the one thing that i know that god has gifted period the hard road from home music and fashion on al-jazeera. hello that rain into southern sections australia and also across the north us start with that because on the south side you can see quite a lot of spinning on a cycle a sure this is done and it is actually the remnants of what was tropical cyclone
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esther is still has not gone away is producing some very heavy amounts of rain another couple of 100 millimeters of rain like you have the next couple of days and also looks to be working its way further inland but actually still maintaining a lot of that moisture and some of the power meanwhile through sunday with the line of rain showers working away across the great bight now ahead of this rain it's a warm day melbourne 32 degrees celsius but once that rain pushes and the cooler comes on and we have got a drop of just 18 but as you can see elsewhere not a bad day but apart from northern sections of western australia this rain very heavy at times and the penalty for calls truckee could actually had very close to alice springs sunday because some cloud there as we had 3 monday a warm damp earth 29 degrees celsius one or 2 shows as you can see here into well northern sections of the south australia going to rain showers across areas of china in particular. it's a line of heavy rain which begins to or continues really to pour south on sunday but on monday another system developing through the interior that will work its way
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further east with care and dry across the korean peninsula and nobody in seoul with a hive. march on al-jazeera. up to their own skin nomination witness brings a new film this time from africa for international women's day a crucial day in the race to challenge donald trump when live across key u.s. states for a super tuesday studio b. unscripted brings a fresh approach to discussing contentious issues and finding common solution as benjamin netanyahu prepares to go on trial for corruption israel heads into its 3rd election in less than a yeah the listening post 6 the world's media how they operate and the way they cover stories march on al-jazeera. chinese authorities the putting those that you cited committed
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a crime changing but others show trials or genuine confession. one i want to investigate. on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the land. so no matter how many sikhs al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. as a weapon of war leaves the very deep the scars. scars so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera fall as human rights campaigners in libya investigation since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable
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crime on al-jazeera. to . al-jazeera. i am. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. and the taliban signed a historic deal that could eventually lead to permanent peace in afghanistan turkey's president says russia must stay out of the fight in syria after airstrikes killed a dog.


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