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tv   Up Front 2020 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2020 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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the $91000000000.00 that the country of. turkey's defense minister says that a cease fire is holding a round province in northern syria the agreement brokered by turkey and russia ended in strikes for the 1st time in months but there have been reports of some fighting in southern parts of the province tween syrian government forces and rebels at least $46.00 people remain missing in southeastern brazil days of the heavy rainfall caused several landslides more than 30 people in the died when buildings were engulfed along the coast of south state earlier this week the region received a month's rainfall in a single day. is the headline so will be here with the news for you in $25.00 but it's off the up front next. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting in trouble here and there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are celebrating
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brown the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies and their effect on the world. this week on upfront we're tackling 2 big political dramas in the us the battle between bernie sanders and joe biden to be the democratic nominee for president and take on donald trump while in malaysia a new prime minister taking office in a backroom deal and controversially pushing aside mahathir mohamad in the process. of. super tuesday the biggest day in the u.s. electoral calendar so far resulted in a big win for former vice president joe biden and the establishment wing of the democratic party that he represents biden carried 10 out of the 14 states in play while independent senator bernie sanders who was the front runner going into super tuesday is on track to win the other 4 including the state with the most democratic
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delegates california so with the contest for the democratic nomination now essentially a 2 horse race which of these 2 men has the best chance of defeating donald trump in november to debate this i'm joined from new york by linda saw saw national surrogate for the bernie sanders campaign and author of a new memoir we are not here to be bystanders and here in the studio by linda lee a democratic delegate kind of a member of joe biden's policy and outreach team thank you both for joining me in the arena thank you so much linda let me start with you just a week ago or even i could say just a few days ago bernie sanders was going to be the runaway winner on super tuesday he was the front runner in the race for the democratic nomination and yet on tuesday joe biden won the vote he won the most delegates won the most states how disappointed were you on tuesday as you saw those results coming in. i wouldn't say there was necessarily disappointed because i started to see the writing on the wall watching over the weekend the coordinated you know kind of drop out of people to
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judge and amy close with char and then coalescing around by it in a think it was easy for anyone who was following this race to see what was going on so going into super tuesday particularly after the big win for biden in south carolina i knew that it was going to be an uphill battle i was pretty confident in crushing it in california which is exactly what happened i was hoping that we would win also texas but because of us coming very close to winning we are also going to be sharing a lot of the delegates of the state of texas so yeah you know i wouldn't say disappointed i would say that i was kind of i kind of saw the writing on the wall as we went into super tuesday. it was obviously a great night for joe biden in terms of a quote unquote comeback from where he had been pretty disastrous start to the campaign coming forth in iowa for the new hampshire and yet even after the successful super tuesday is still pretty neck and neck in terms of number of delegates 60 percent of delegates are still to play for this is no when they're
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done but i don't think we have we haven't seen this sort of comeback in a very long time is truly incredible and i think the american people are speaking and they're saying we don't want a candidate who's staff and supporters are rife with toxic individuals and i know there are so many supporters out there who are good decent people who just want a better life but we can't have a candidate who isn't making an effort to build a broad coalition that brings many different ethnicities and communities together you don't believe linda that the former vice president i did study who will probably end up having the support of barack obama has all of these other candidates coalescing behind him you don't believe he's the safe choice against donald trump and a. i don't absolutely not i think he has a horrible record he took us into a despicable war in iraq and voted for the we war in iraq he didn't just vote for the crime bill he championed the crime bill which is why we have inflated incarceration of black and brown people across the country he's been working for the last 4 decades to cut social security medicare and medicaid i don't want to
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just defeat donald trump i'm tired of the status quo i'm tired of maintaining what we have i want health care matthew that's what i want joe biden right now hasn't told me what his message what is he fighting for what are his top policy issues other that's bring in donald trump let's bring in linda make the point is it can the law like joe biden who is so similar in many ways to hillary clinton is that the right way to go given we kind of tried this approach in 26 in the democratic party tried this approach in 2016 with a kind of quote unquote moderate centrist who has the support of the party has the support of african-american voters in the primaries and then look what happened to hillary clinton speaking as a young person whom you see in his claims to be as base i was turned off by hillary clinton twice 16 joe biden doesn't turn me off introduced i'm inspired by him i'm speired by his goodness and i voted for bernie sanders in 2016 in april primary in pennsylvania because of his focus on campaign finance reform but over the years i realized that i was kind to see that he's not who he claimed to be because let me
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bring in linda linda linda made the point about young people so let me just ask you a question the bernie sanders campaign was is was has been focused laser like on turning out young people this was the big argument vote for bernie sanders he will energize people who don't vote he will energize people for minorities will energize young people on super tuesday earlier this week that didn't happen in fact in a lot of the states youth turnout was lower in 2020 than it was in 2016 surely that's a really worrying sign for your campaign yes maddy you're right do we need more young people to get off social media and go to the polls absolutely but to deny the type of communities that. senator sanders and his team having i mean we have seen unprecedented turnout from latino voters who have given sanders a commanding lead and wins in places like california and nevada to see the inspiring satellite caucuses in iowa of muslims and former refugees who are getting up to vote for senator sanders and can more be done always can more be done but
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let's be clear maggie we have no super pacs we have 0 billionaires that have given money to our campaign we have had major pacs going against the you know democratic majority for israel was running ads against us in all these states we have anti bernie ads all over we have mayor bloomberg putting up ads against us i mean i'm not saying there's a conspiracy here but for young people who are not politically engaged it seems that to the. least a bernie sanders or elizabeth warren putting out a vicious proposals where is your candidate has put out the list ambitious proposals of all the major candidates on health care for example he didn't go even as far as people. who left the race he hasn't really talked much about policy or how he's going to change america he's just said you know vote for me so we can get normality back so we know about to a pretrial but that's not enough for a lot of people well i would probably moderate that a little bit and say he is putting out ambitious propose for example his ideas on climate change he's a very very aggressive on gun violence gun minds is for me and it's existential threat and i know so many voters in america feel the same way joe biden is someone
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who you know helped pass the assault weapons ban which has been shown to reduce deaths by gun violence bernie sanders voted against that multiple times in addition he also voted to prevent gun manufacturers from being held accountable i don't want a candidate or a president who's being supported in the past by the n.r.a. it's just unconscionable that americans walking down the street today cannot be cannot in just to just agree you don't feel that way in 2060. my vote for bernie was not as i mentioned wasn't a vote for bernie was a vote against the establishment and the 27th at that point well you know with the established i don't consider myself going to be established i'm the granddaughter of a liberal bias for what you personally you know because the job of the candidate you support to be establishment there is no establishment i think this is almost like a myth you know if there were truly an establishment bernie sanders wouldn't have been able to get as far as he did ok but you just said you were against the bill in 2069 you say there is a clinton again it's like. there is no establishment lindy says. i mean there is
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absolutely this stablish myth that's the that's the thing the kind of conversation an honest conversation that we're going to have to have during this primary election that as we get to the convention and then trying to coalesce our party or unite our party to try to defeat donald trump we cannot deny the realities we cannot deny that there are still 2nd ballot superdelegates there are still party officials who are able to you know coordinate endorsements and put money into pacs and endorse certain candidates and have influence on the party so to say there's not an establishment is is i think not something that's going to help us bring the party together we have to realize that the reason why bernie sanders has gotten this far as he's guy in is also to listen to his voter base his vote a base does believe there's an establishment they believe that they are destroying the political system in this country to say african-americans who voted in droves in support of joe biden is establishment is just so disingenuous these people are suffering these people are middle class or lower class citizens they are not those
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stylish men it's just to label them as corporate you know corporate trash like they have been on social media and by bernie seem to supporters it's a 60000000 hurtful or not representative of the real situation every voter matters african-american voters matter a latino voters matter so this should not be a conversation and i hope that your candidate does not support putting up voters against each other to say that african-american voters are more important than latino voters or not how no one is ever saying that african-american by absolutely the establishment of the establishment is not the voters the establishment is the billionaire donors it's the pacs it's the party and say that those are the those are the establishment it's incorrect to say that bernie is not supported by super pac money when he is supported by dark money groups whose disclosures won't be disclosed until after super tuesday and we have no idea who his backers are there's no transparency and where the medical records by the way we have a 7 year old man who just had a heart attack and there's no transparency he promises transparency promised
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disclosure we're not getting letters from. 1st of all bernie sanders has provided him what he believes are his full full full medical conditions at this moment i will not answer for him on that particular situation but you should be very careful indeed representing your candidate in calling groups like the center for popular democracy democracy for america the dream defenders are young people young black people that group in florida you're calling dark money groups people led organizations that have been doing progressive work on behalf of all of us some of them for the last 3 decades let me ask you this you mentioned bernie sanders health here's a candidate who had a heart attack during the race he will be the oldest president ever elected if he wins that's clearly a concern to some democratic voters if you look at the polls but another concern is with you on the job i did and who for a lot of people seems to be in cognitive decline in front of our eyes as here's a candidate who makes gaffes on a kind of daily weekly basis including on super tuesday who can't remember basic
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things it's not as if you know you could argue bernie sanders has health issues but a lot of people say both of them do in their own ways joe biden has struggled with the starter all his life and you know your oldest of you know that you know you don't remember that he doesn't remember the people at the start of next year but you say it's not just the start he does have a stutter but for example joe biden 3 times in february said that he got arrested in south africa trying to see nelson mandela we don't have to watch but that wasn't a stuff that was a lie what we can call up bernie on his many lies we could hear that we could but i must put that to lyndon and i think you know i we would be disingenuous to say that politicians don't. shape the narrative everyone does it it's you know and i think that just does that mean you're ok with donald trump also absolutely not but donald trump is not shaping the narrative he's even cared if there is a much difference i'd rather have a good man who is america's you know best interests at heart than donald trump would you do what you do about the socialism label because
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a lot of voters say in polls including democratic voters that they're worried about the socialism label that's why a lot of the party elite don't want to get behind bernie sanders because they genuinely think it will destroy him in the general election that the republicans will go off to him over castro over venezuela of the soviet union what's your response to that joke. because your show is like worldwide i'm actually embarrassed because in other parts of the world someone like senator bernie sanders would be seen as a social democrat would actually be seen like center left. you know bernie sanders not a socialist i'm a socialist he's not a social he's a democratic socialism a liberal socialism very briefly i'm from communist china and i'm saying they call themselves you know socialism with chinese character a 6 that's the official chinese motto they killed my great grandfather so socialism for me strikes fear into my heart it's a family trauma here i do not take that term lightly and what are we going to do about the many instances in which senator sanders praises communist russia he goes to russia and comes back and says oh really and we've seen people who say joe biden
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praised hosni mubarak said he's not a dictator in the middle of the arab spring. americans do not have deeply rooted sense of disdain for hosni mubarak versus social issues as a political ploy but in terms of the morals of it we're out of time we do need to ask you both this question linda you said in an interview last month because you because of the experience you've had online in particular with somebody supporters you say you said that he would become the democratic nominee you said you would not vote absolutely not so that means you would be sitting on voting trump saying i'm going to vote blue all the way down except for president so you're ok with a 2nd trying to i'm absolutely not ok with it i'm almost probably equally terrified and traumatized by the prospect of a standard presidency right now so it's but to the point where you would be ok with the trumps i could to i'm not ok with it but by definition. to make sure that biden is a nominee that i must be like that which i will also ask linda if it is bernie sanders the nominee you will not vote for him but i mean like when i come to ok linda
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burney or bust some people on the left is it bernie sanders or no one else for you so this is the translation of what i got from what linda just said is that she doesn't care that donald trump will be able to appoint supreme court justices over his next 4 years and literally take us back maybe not sure 100 years so that's what you're saying because you're saying that what is your all the linda linda what is your view you burn your bust as the saying goes i've never been bernie or bust i'm not going to lie to you i might have been i might have drew the line of michael bloomberg but i know what's more important is not about my little feelings it's not about being selfish and self-righteous it's about protecting our communities and protecting generations to come and i hope i would hope not al that at all would be would be part of that movement but i guess he's not just to be great you would vote for joe biden if he's the candidate come november. it would it would be very hard for anybody but i let you know right away but i would do it but i would do the right thing because that is the right thing to do the last word you have a candidate who is a spouse in medicare for all he doesn't know he went to norah o'donnell the other
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day and nora's like how how much is it going to be he's like i don't know you don't know no one since no one knows how much health care is going to be it's completely it's it's he's being a con man he cannot provide concrete proposals a specific number not a justifiable reason why you would not vote for a democratic candidate to be donald trump what he's selling i have a pipe dream not a justifiable guy but he's not even the lesser of 2 evils in your view he's not ok on the contentious note we'll have to leave it there linda sarsour linda lee thank you both for joining me on outfront. it's been described as malaysia's political game of thrones 94 year old prime minister mahathir mohamad sudden resignation only to be reinstated by the king was widely seen as yet another spot with his designated successor and what you brought him but before long united again in an attempt to form a new government only to find themselves both on the outside looking in
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a someone else when you dean your scene was sworn in as malaysia's prime minister so where did it all go wrong for malaysia's political colossus volunteer and what does it mean for the country joining me now from kuala lumpur to discuss this is a member of parliament who served as a minister of youth and sport in my heart is most recent government thank you for joining me up front it's been a wild 2 weeks in malaysian politics just a week ago your political mentor martin mohamad seemed poised to stay on as prime minister beyond the time anyone had really imagined when he came into power and 28 now he's gone he's been sidelined he's crying foul he says he's been betrayed how did it all come to this. this because of the formation of an illegitimate government the fact that. we doubt dr mudd is knowledge that he decided to work together with the well known global capital kretz to form a backdoor government and to take down the democratically elected packet and how to
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put a government i think is a truly effective for malaysia maki there are obviously a lot of concerns about the legitimacy of this new government you called it a back door government lacking in legitimacy was elected by the people the guardian newspaper in the u.k. for example called the king's decision to name or you deem prime minister a royal crew is that a description you would agree with i think it unfair to blame the malaysian king the reality is their leaders who currently kleeman government came in in the wrong question where they presented the wrong numbers to the malaysian king for an example my party president claim that i thought him that i thought defected to the declaration including to not to muddy and up to 3 mcchrystal heidi so when he presented the numbers to the malaysian king he claimed that he get 36 members of parliament supporting him his party but in reality that is not the case but the malaysian king did decide and you claiming that dean doesn't have the support of
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majority of a members of parliament but the king decided he did appoint him prime minister did not see this coming to miscalculate how did this great tactician who's been around so long get out played by dean is he out of touch is he just too old. i think it is just wrong to claim that dr murray was the architect of this movie this exactly what you want it to do and if it does move in the end it's to protect to talk to my people how much from continuous a text from heat on partners like that or 3 and why in d.p. but in reality dr might reject this form of government because he wants to work with the leaders which he was which warned the last election not to suddenly open the doors of government say to the global capital chris to come in and you suddenly have to eventually work with the leaders who he work for the last solution of the people who came in is the problem there yes he's kept his promise not to ally with
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call global climate across the party tainted by corruption and lost power in 2018 he may have kept that pledge not to work with them but he also failed to keep another pledge which was he was going to hand over power and what your brain that was the promise he was made that was what and why bring him believe and he didn't do it having stuck to that promise maybe you wouldn't be in the situation you are today is so divided and all over the place. he has and the fact is that in the last discussion the pocket and how to find presidential council including that they're trying to break him and to not to might he was there i'm a part of the presidential council there was an agreement to give room for dr mahdi to govern and then when to right time comes to hand over power to go to. an agreement was. hold of you say that the right time came he would have handed over when was the right time because once he became prime minister in 28 he said one or 2 years then it became quote 2 or 3 years then not beyond 3 years then not until
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after the apec summit he kept just kicking the can down the road didn't he he's been very consistent you know he hasn't really the very consistent set or this is where he is even if. that's not consistent yes that is not consistent he said one of syria's then he said 2 or 3 years that by definition is not consistent every division is the democratically together among all party he indeed presidential council pocket and hard by and agreement which we had last friday i mean last 2 fridays is for dr mahdi to govern and to leave the apec and head it over to the un war and we agreed as a contentious unfortunately did consensus was not listened to and in the end that the other party out there who are unwilling and unhappy an ethical tick when. you say malaysian democracy has been subverted because a coalition government was formed in a back room without an election but wasn't martir about to do the same thing last week in itself he was going to form a new coalition that would have maybe sidelined him and that would have been
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a coalition that was picked by the people absolutely not if. really was power created he could have simply just remained as the prime minister and for there to be a change in coalition with him still heeding the prime minister ship that was what this new coalition wanted him to take that down he's moral can. he said for doing what you will but he's not ready to give her regular government all the power because of the pm but he's not retiring and you say he's not power crazy how would you describe a 94 year old who is still in office and has been prime minister since before you were born because point in time he was given the opportunity to leap new and democratically elected coalition he was given a chance he rejected it he didn't want to be a part of the so-called grand architect what happened after that doubt he continued aligned himself with a democratically elected partner and move to challenge the unholy alliance which
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just came in just bigger picture i want to ask you about what this all means for malaysia moving forward as a multi-ethnic multi religious country why brame's party has long spoken about taking a non racial approach when he allied with here there was hope that this would be a different malaysia going forward especially for minorities some would say is actually going backwards under this new prime minister and this new government are we going to see a new new set of policies favoring my leg or muslim supremacy in malaysia we will have to wait it's not just the boat response policy if you also see that the luck of the racial composition or unity in the new government which i going to come into question about coming back to my question about discrimination in december 28th scene when your government was discussing signing a un convention to eliminate racial discrimination tens of thousands of malaysians took to the streets in your country to oppose that move because they didn't want
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any disruption of their preferential treatment that they get as many days when tens of thousands of people take to the streets saying they support discrimination that's a problem for your country isn't it. that's why we need to address it gradually but surely under dr mudd it was the most diverse cabinet in malaysian history we had a lot more women representation in depth deep. i mean it was that the 31 at the tail of the key cabinet portfolios were run by women we had a lot more than malaysian back in 2010 and yet he's a senior member of your party this is not somebody in your opposing party this is a member of your party and was on your side until the other day you can just disown him now. he is like a father to me one of the reasons why i joined politics was because of him he was one of the persons who spoke up against google to create what sect but he spotty for speaking out against a group i join his party as one of the cool founded my mother was correct and she
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was a teacher and she was attracted by the government then i lost my job many at a researcher and as a lecturer my whole family was correct then so much money was awarded to me if i decided to join a global kleptocrats that what truly disappoints me it would be my very own he did my father decided to open the door of malaysian government and democracy to the same group look at the critic to me my family who checked him and threatened his family and now aligning himself and i get that point about race and discrimination you're saying he's like a father figure to you and i'm saying to you when you were considering him as your father figure he was making some pretty provocative remarks about being malays would you criticize him for saying that do you consider yourself to be malays 1st. i'm always a malaysian 1st but i think it's not wrong for me to be proud of my research and it is important for me to ensure that especially dogs who are under privilege coming from poor family background deserve to be helped and if it that which unfortunately can be a majority really that's why when i supported him and the foundation of this party
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to ensure their poor milly's i will take the taken care of but most importantly one of the biggest founding pillis is to challenge global cryptography to ensure that may lead leaders in malaysia and norton to be leaders of integrity dogs who can be proud to be as leaders of all malaysians and can never be tainted with corruption and mismanagement and abuse of power that was the reason why i joined his party knows exactly the reason why i supported in my father so it's article have to leave it there thank you for joining me on outfront. thank you very much money. that's our show our from will be back next. she was black gay i'm from rio de janeiro's her vallas. she was also an elected
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outspoken council woman until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left behind the murder of mario franco on al-jazeera. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. fighting both isis and us on. the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad part 2 on al-jazeera. warner at all or.
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