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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Ep 2  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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obviously open your eyes to an alternative view of the wild today on this and. i'm committed the top stories on al-jazeera joe biden has cemented his frontrunner status in the democratic race for the u.s. presidency the former vice president has won the big prize of the night's michigan as well as mississippi missouri and a hug and a day of primaries in 6 states i want to speak to you from philadelphia where we announced our campaign at the front and we did our final announcement to all those who have been knocked down all those have been counted out left behind this is your campaign just over a week ago many of the pundits declared that this candidacy was dead now we're very
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much in line. gabriel elizondo has more now from detroit michigan. black voters here in the state of michigan came out in overwhelming support for joe biden that was very clear he also based on exit polls seem to win a lot of the working class white voters in michigan as well which was critical you add all of that and that's what you saw with this pretty dominant win and by joe biden here in the state of michigan it's been a terrible night for bernie sanders this where we're at right now was supposed to be a bernie sanders sanders victory party it clearly turned into nothing like that a lot of dejected people here that were his supporters and volunteers this was supposed to be the night that bernie sanders revived his campaign and regained momentum neither happened of course speaking to some of his bernie sanders supporters here they weren't in much of
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a mood at this juncture to talk about supporting joe biden they still some of them say that they still want to continue on there waiting to hear from bernie sanders to see what's happening in the future what he's going to do bottom line though i think it's going to be hard at least initially for joe biden to win over a lot of bernie sanders supporters u.s. national guard troops are being deployed to a suburb of new york city to help combat coronavirus new rochelle now has the largest cluster of cases in the u.s. at least 29 people have died nationwide with more than 800 infections also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . newest shell is one of the many suburbs just outside new york city and many of the people who live there or work or go to school in cite new york city it also happens to be the epicenter at least here on the east coast of the united states of the corona virus outbreak at least 100 cases have been diagnosed as of tuesday
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it's very likely that number is going to go up on wednesday when the reporters next meet with the governor andrew cuomo mr rudd cuomo declared on tuesday that there would now be a 14 day period where basically people who live in a 3 columns 3 square kilometer area of new rochelle will not be able to go to mass of the gathering places for the public namely public schools houses of worship sporting stadiums and that the national guard would be brought in to make certain that people comply with that order over the 2 week period following there's going to be a massive scrub down as it were and disinfection of the public places all in an effort to try to stop what has become a very rapid spread of the coral a virus in that bedroom community of new york. security forces in venezuela have dispersed and anti-government mobs led by opposition they don't want hundreds of
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supporters gathered and caracas to take back congress which pro-government faction snatched in january. russian president vladimir putin is backing changes that could see him stand tough another 16 year is it could mean he'll turn 83 before his presidency ends its time expires in 2024 when the next election is june. australia's high court is hearing a final appeal from the disgraced cardinal george pell who wants to overturn his child sex abuse conviction the 78 year old former treasurer to the vatican was jailed for 6 years for sexually abusing 2 teenage choir boys in the 990 s. he's the most senior member of the catholic church to be found guilty of abusing children on use here and i'll just there are the father the son and the jihad to stay with us.
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you know feel funny stuff emotional all fine and i'm turning him why at any moment borg i name him one of. us. i'm not accord you let you know on the whole look well cool code and said. what do you want to get on the set he said evidence. if you breath and i love your
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misfit members who will leave him by me to. the how you mean. alone said you are the alone masi am i that though i be don't know what at the company in question that that you are in the beautiful i mean. a place don't. just with a newborn it's not it will. be. a surprise. but in the balsam a son. may continue that we. are . i know i'm colombo just about some addition now but you'll see again this really.
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going to be easily if i wished and. i'm going to keep you don't want to come into the. lineup she too got. some old the she on times it's just some good music. jiffy empathy to be not done that is you. the press c.o.r.p. gone. bust it up you don't see this today even for the. good. old t.v. not bottle beat up. don't go sit in sampled your songs if you cease to yourself. allow michael and the. boys could miss it do what you. wrote easily or could just you don't i don't i doubt it
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but say beat this song for years i love it. there would it not. be said you did die. oh but you know i sample songs on feel of the. road. this is the cake and eat it you know the decision is you a me and this with the. and all the be. cool b. . c. is on t. he should hooves. no. the liberals will rule this was the. loser who
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was the dude the good the one the. is will be. solicited he still. did. the study did he says this is a. market . note that. the market was up on. the high school. in the us what the other half say. they're.
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quite. healthy. enough to cut. costs. that. it's just. a shot at it. looks. delicious from the shop. tough enough looking to mesure. on top of him now i'm kim shell play xiang demo but seem to. have all come out. that i want equal would have to tell us about the past and that could put it was a lot of fun in the. unless you have a young officer. had done follow the news doesn't mean that he's got and if that he.
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said i want to. live. with you i'm going to pay for your silence. most of them no more than what i do. know about good means to them how long but. when i don't see them until and. he said to deal. on a dull mcnall what i mean and to do a little over the 4th on just don't be good to see you good to see if you disagree because you do your song well if. you're going to use the money then there should we have an issue and we'll follow up on. what that was so that.
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it's a bit of a thought to shut down. and we'll. let you do that and have. been. able to move on with some of what was going to be in the good little bit of. what i love most of all. the time to. shut up but i love. josie. holloa dot com did not deny. this moloch a lot of people in the i'm sure. it was him on a dispute the vehicle is on but he did so obviously if we had
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a founder of his own dishy days or a new kid on top of the news i don't need a bone on bone but it was a walk through that i mean. i mean these things are small things that you feel very . easy. as you know as you did the problem is that all of your physics is genetic but. we did instead you measure it did to still coming down. no matter what. i did i got from the last. thing. anybody i mean needed all the new stuff i meet bob could that it be admitted that he did in my india brought. a gun to each mall sunday monday and see what i mean he said to the writer you have you are have you have yourself.
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a real villain who doesn't feel like. talking about it was a little. long she's going to live and be. i'm going to listen well if they ever leave him going to the world we're going to muzzle which. nobody much of it. was. it's just it's just. the top isn't huge which was. yesterday we are all. we have to have needed to this automatic process to
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play in. the world and let it. go home all sensitive almost. untoward get for in that position yes i suppose it is still not nothing but. yes the national best. ali festive young what. is on the dial. itself on talk of the commuting could be a more. cultured if you visit less not only the truth is it a shot of his own split. a kitty
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kitty these more. whole milk is an awfully big a what is. it going to shandon off elf it. seems. like it could you get. i saw dietitians i'm going to try to push myself. whoa. so i thought those are going to slow me are those i mean a mccarthy there are not even this feet if you had lived when i had those you do know now that. i can only drive you be i must be mean if i want to go that they're going to. well. called their own and then well what we called their want to know from what i do want and that she had that season but i'm too lazy to have you know made the unit been ish i mean how to eat a lot of. the flesh was of which is saved but the point also
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snow some sun just exist also. there are there are. a set of you don't get all cement on a machine that can comb. over this it was more. of a hop and it up will push aside exist. in marja see people fairly judge and she plays people not only. mr wolf idea of ligi had bardsley street yet in the field in the museum open easily all do you know.
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said ms on. his own sit since i'm awful don't want. a minimal fee she sees it will be complained kentucky infamy to some don't think of it more how much socialism going to and lean as 3 year old. beloved general chic to my family. has shaken each other yes she said the 2 countries a little bit of what. was all said so to use or do you want to move to sit in the old walk all day who wouldn't. create a relationship. he might create i do you know. if you're going to be going to don't foresee any chord. the moment buck
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i mean a false well song she. sees you keep this should be easy have a dick that's. a sad. occasion interested party by cecil said he's seen it day and bucky did it to me. he virnet cause it is old it is still going to face it leave and go into a bud about the how that i just got it don't need they just got it and he did or said nothing. but he said. i think that's almost as if you don't be a must see. a let them go to democracy year siege on to young.
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and. only in the 1st song treat. its course which he had let you get the. person says all she needs to his. service is the same to so. savory may said good bye sic he demanded that they should if you don't like the book. tell me loo move on in. more of the company sure as though what i'm calling the these 2 are. inevitably. if you're out of your own dorm. easy to do you see can explode in here.
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and she should be here example long. a she if you d. . she. by sky b. to. you about it him you say to be sort of you. and. a on the got to do go song. to get it don't. sit down on the gate to meet the. president. come so no. must be young. and maybe really 50 or more they are really. serious more feed on a podium to deliver. the energy to live on phones. really make sure you have a fear of it so if you go to review
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a concert on one of which could defeat of to god she could. quantify. that you tube is that week on this ultimate you don't song. a.p.m. assured me just a moment you were. at them sad they can i lost you the can continue focusing on nothing so how do i. do this i come things and fear that i'm in that he had me. you won't know what but. somebody else almost all sounds this other bloke also say puppet because if he need to tell a book. state past about his human question video don't bomb us it decreases the stamp on the commission the men. will hear but you do then look at your own source on the radio as you go to go deep shit to me to my body go middleborough blame if you need to buy. the british duty if you don't have
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a good did. you miss you ma year shipley my family only parts you want to have you showed you. if you don't breed let make a dem a deal or. i've been to the biggest. loser along with you could have been a dumbass also and degrees. the good of it is you can bet you'll go on i. don't think. about long gone pay don't please so if you defaulted if we good as you thought were you sure do. goal is you can you bet semenya she on the other so did. i say the book is your color you poor luckless we showed you. do you know it was all the only media i mean this was expecting
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a. member to pull off by saying oh yes she it they all come and also i will contact . them all c.b.s. news it will make us a bit all of us to get if at all to finish the civil war since you know about you go for the local mall so you don't go where you don't go to baffle and so on in the city can come to you soon to have all. the news you know in busy time all the dust is. just measured gabble the flash. you claim is going to clean don't think also call elizabeth banks here do you have a problem i send. levy device and then yes she. does and there you go it will be pakistan it is and yes so many. deposits all dont this all of us from what you mean if you still are yes you
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no single call us well you know that dont it since you are the easy. you'll see in the call me go all take a member of the pretty. yes i mean. if you. don't. you could you get if you don't pause as you go more the. more it is you need as. dick. was just to keep the. thing must came. in that. movie don't get caught but. if you do.
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if you do have a good dog said you know goodies as you'll give me away you. just miss. some of the. things that you. don't want to. see. if you're not told you that if you knew someone say. something i used to sit down don't. make one. point then if you did.
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you see it you know more the whole idea of a. long. the seed count all that that get at me real doesn't deal. with it if. this was not it if it isn't. this i would use you to mississippi to reach a decision. not to. keep the song. so to sit equal to any and most. to lose in the. dobsons it. oh well i don't want to if you can eat anything they did i don't see vs like cause we had them on but it's on most see if you go to new seashell. but
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don't need them for much sean he's going to hook. but even though they could we. should do i said they could be did me with. bob i got that you should be. if he is also said that every survey we have done. not only shows you made money. but i don't need to see many tell you things that i need. on the. street or. the consequence of. not ventures and russian he served in the marine corps for 9295 that just doesn't go away. for a living out of the truck for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows
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a group of u.s. veterans much i used by wars. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter. being a refugee means starting again. but building a new life in a new country is no easy task what you're trying to get. you witnessed follows one of the last refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa. from their personal sacrifices to the families trying. to meet the syrians on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get to places that others cannot tell us just throwing tear gas by the police on purpose the fires are still unknown and. getting by. the way that you tell
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the story is what can make a difference. i'm compelled on how the top stories on al-jazeera joe biden has cemented his frontrunner status in the democratic race for the u.s. presidency the former vice president has won the big prize of the nice michigan as well as mississippi missouri and idaho on a day of primaries in 6 states. i want to speak to you from philadelphia where we announced our campaign at the front and we did our final announcement to all those who have been knocked down all those have been counting left behind this is your campaign. just over a week ago many of the pundits declared that this can she is dead. now or very much
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alive. u.s. national guard troops are being deployed to a suburb of new york city to help combat coronavirus new rochelle has the largest cluster of cases in the u.s. at least 29 people have died nationwide with more than 800 factions. leaders have peds to set up a $28000000000.00 investment fund to protect the blocks economy from the corona virus outbreak italy is at the forefront of the crisis and has its whole population of $60000000.00 on lockdown. security forces in venezuela have dispersed an anti-government mots led by opposition leader a leader. hundreds of supporters gathered in caracas to take back congress which pro-government factions snatched in january afghanistan's president ashraf ghani is signed a decree that paves the way for the release of some taliban prisoners $1500.00 will be freed within 15 days the taliban will hand over 1000 afghan government troops
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and return the un security council has passed a resolution supporting the deal. russian president vladimir putin is backing changes that could see him stay in power for another 6 same is it could mean he'll turn 83 before his presidency ends his term expires in 2024 when the next election is to. australia's high court is hearing a final appeal from describes cardinal george pell who wants to overturn his child sex abuse conviction the 78 year old former treasurer to the vatican was jailed for 6 years for sexually abusing 2 teenage choir boys in the 1990 s. . the news continues here on al-jazeera i will take you back now to the father the son and the jihad. to come. if we knew some of the need of false and very strong on the bend and fall this is
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the benefit of the martians that they began. on their part of course said the. 50 day 1000000 of us question that we shall eat on the conscious. good loving meeting about. how easy it down for you as a gun yet. mosher to know. on the other cheek on the back here. if you don't move can go fly one of the probably mansions filmy. on the banks. if was is easier was thought of. museum objects on the walls. and i think that it must get will sound.
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to me. nothing i have. been saying. the sun it's. evil. and insensitive. it's just. the thought of this since you got so freezing. through november. did you score more. number 43 who are all burn. you know what we know best damn it because then divide among. the.
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point don't need bush difficulties. a best time to see all the things you just saw again while i see that the tried to reach. the highest in the physical even you know that they funded the senate. back then poor left the best until we had to nearly all we. ask people this is a break and i will have the happy yeah. it is a defensive i said lucy phone. but we should. commute over all their brood she will do the aborted if she does she'll be a white barely budged. down of course as it may be on the levy passed on in the show to known to the lazy good of false it as
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a. liberal being. a summer was gone she cheated on television played ok what i want to tell you also although she had a companion for lead on assault she had 2 more is also a duel or who she. is miss unique about to lose will be jewish was used to fear midazolam over policy on glee. gave us all more yoni of the only one to meet sang songs to see to a year old panties on the news or it will be easy to spot it was a dismal. the fear for the. kids cause of would you. feel to polynomial for the. summer she's the result of what is going to call your office on the whole it is moving towards or to do over go here but to
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keep what you were given the arterial new foods the teacher let me see to live it more that of a huge star some of whose problem possible to be oh over with you you can choose what you're going to show. them all on the good ship good to be felt the more the big lead what did i show you how does that mean. sit there vs let in what is the idea that god can't keep going because coffee. can't gain him all his goldfish. yet he paused i don't think it's just that he. said walk on janaki d. heidi can't you be meek at song with do little good there. vehicles. see
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the difference in the shires. no threat to their. sheriff did it down. see when i've been pretty easy don't walk will do come on don't do quite young only for bob be good at that bend that you want to beat good on the big sports you'll. be out of wood hook you have you diesel i'm a good whore bought it on the result good idea only to yield the deal of the problem. says you know me he didn't want people out of germany in the flow. this is almost your own journeys that will be different from those. shelves. and the whole gulf of. all the whole. world to the most. a couple. of these you know moment the exam or tell us you give up the
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motion to publish don't come for it if it's up 11 and how do you edit almost all almost all looking at as a mystery woman without a whole lot of without any 1st at all was a gun which i didn't mean to film how did i i'm what a lot of logic we have to sort of. yes it doubled in value but it didn't believe me yet if you sell a bit of it and then want your own bit. both of you wanted a much of a good cover up doesn't she either for top the i would treat it will be a healthy or. not. if it does feel good compass yes. i see the strongest form for me at best from those who didn't approve it my muscles and them would never join easy for those young pretend she gave a good of a year everybody to i do she said to be but just what vashti does that mean.
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like he a little bit of you have a good one to me while i go and evolve. a deal easier to clean. if lucky to bare me divvy it up clunky and down to eat. more. she was of the album do need water do you want to meet new novel bob i'm going into the do fun i think on the road to a concrete overlook to the 11 have to do them or. your mom all share best all who gone are you doing minimal share best. see that facts show me that each say it is even more you. do so on is a don't argue superdome or new comodo must today to assess you need to force on a just to bitch or something of this that other men solutions do come or do you see
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them of the cuban up you did you. see how you can you see she knew what she did about t. one of the installers on the some of the net the. court order who had to put a goodish to do this you know dude call the boss would. be to. point you to more to depart shore. i think these are people listed. if you're going to. see it that. way and we. want almost i would say like effective more. really. doesn't do this to public who were using t.v. to do so.
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we are in. fear. of do to. make. the decision. my community you know is that. you know that that you. meant that there.
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is. do that. seemed like lethal you know to share best some or please one of the traffickers all the way then we just. want to be do. itto you for. seed. measure food keep us. see how bored. the. disease. will be you know i want to get into. it given a fair way to tell you no evil to minorities because if.
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you're on the inside of the sudden the. back of your shoulder would succumb sex ed in the. fear. yes and then more can. frame or make him want to magic. the. office to collect the. posts on the.
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new or. for us on the average there was. some iraqi run at around the restart that actually mama she could use a live view reading the cd on it i thought that this is a fallacy about it apparently the left just of the 2nd thought was that absolutism of the left was that if the reason that rights are not life. is unfair as a possible cause a need please on point you know in the pool cook us the dos at the fair can on the top of the piece on the list which secured the shell but some seem i do when you're telling me they need to go through the you know system adalius soon as you can get . all.
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the. know be upwardly mobile there heard a lot about. the money. in. his own ticket counter so he didn't. know which was the hosts this is so why in the slum may suck when demi. gnocchi all narcotics accustomed to holy shit. in peace i bet my damn lube. in could step in my damn thing through. shoppin they didn't beat out the field all. the time enjoy it they bombard the air that we can use you don't have we gone live is own them on da new dog they got value. ship the image out there for
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a moment toshiba but you nor. season god given you we would see you know. there could be this john was the. this is going to be. up to the love i lean on bob ward but how do you know bob. the middle of the hospital. room of one london says he did it of haunted among. different hans's. conditionals rouge wildernesses to come although or. some because it is of. dog. or useful to hardcore boards at all because going forward be nor do do. this will freeze.
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will freeze or deformed deval who is also some. of the more you're probably you're . all singing jihad commute all saying you know too much if. you knew that holy see. if it's more him at the top of the 2 or jets. up by default don't be is that the priest coming to strong. woman to stay off it is because very point. the muslim will keep it in will keep it in mind that my luggage a myth. i love clueless when my joke.
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goes it was jesus was very nice what's more i do this and said he did her best and souter is jerry where. no. one will get it don't be a multi-year form one term unto this me at court you think you are community. because you love images we do see jockeyed the vehicle we design new song is on point news on refer. this on then the right man committee did i'm sure on the design news on to sort of the it is on phone of course it is on. she built. in.
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the you. bed the law. stuff was on blood till today sun shines just. fair. play to ship and expose your own ears on that salty. jump approach to the sun's immense
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top then. if you look at the top the. division who do you get to post to you. going to feel just says he. is the 2nd button you're a kook spears it is a. moment you saw. as you build your brother what it was at all did. you have to be don't don't. move on when you see quantum aside. or a deal is exterior least give you don't use you don't know if you'll reach. he's going to put the in the bomb food of what you. know my dad contant up you know
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what unions it. would be silly anymore to a new treaty at all because they need a wand. we say you expose he expressed this will set off a was i'm all you and all but t.c.p. to show. you know almost to. be a. guy. in many. movies out there what. a boob job. he. shot. for.
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the. continent to watch this movie. and for that i said did you. have. a i've a clue called the i've done. a. good to see it go plan on how much i will show you gorgeous lots going on of am really are some of his 1000000 hardy i'm so lucky and you are sure that you all. live so that you do. you own up to that they wanted you to sort of go.
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they did also but you want to. e.q. needed to decode d.v.d. see if any will be given you did. just to book the home so the day but you won't use on the about. it don't be used to that. there will be the fee. for visas. where. it will. mean. that out of my life in the us and i'm on but i do not have the opportunity. to look.
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they've got it all but he said. very disappointed. on though if. it's. a week there we move. the beauty that's here. said it toshiro. that didn't it was all said. well i think i. called way. on the view or not the results of push it. out of the 6 view of my father did he sell it up. enough for you to feel the auto if you want to go home but you know to me it's going to fall off. good just walk. to other they've got to see it all as
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a daughter of what. i do know about you know. how that money. could buy some of your she have able to do that if you do something this. late dr john did i mean i mean yeah. hello there's been plenty of dust blowing around recently with the strong winds and particularly in egypt you got to get the impression from the speed of that cloud
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that the air is drifting around quite a lot but drifting would be a better word now for the most part in iran abia but that's not true further west in libya you just see on the edge of your chart there the northerly breeze the cloud in the sherry right now it's a developing area of low pressure spreading eastwards into egypt stick so hard all day to be honest to stay in a good part of north need chip with the wind the clouds and the rains are flooding seems quite likely it's all going to move nice general direction hasn't got there yet so 27 in die hard in quiet weather 30 in baghdad in what looked like increasingly cloudy skies and most of iran is looking quiet with still potential for rain or snow up in afghanistan in central africa tropical after the showers are getting big and drifting slowly north but the still potential of developmental systems around madagascar remarkably tropical soccer name rishis for example still in the season over land that the showers are pretty well scattered from lake victoria westwood's the congo and angola seem to be good focuses but more d.-r.
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congo than anywhere else this is exactly as it should be for this time of year. but. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging me but in particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. an app that sees for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. by jungle straightly an engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. but he's all cited that will quote the ability to recognize objects all the fire and say that people with better
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vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science group of gals episode full on al-jazeera. he came from a wealthy background in paris and became an artist against his family's wishes he went on to bring a fresh perspective to oriental list painting falling in love with some highland culture making julia his home and converting to islam. and just 0 world tells the story of the last 15 to 18 and his unique artistic work. the french oriented list on al-jazeera. are all jews or. where ever you.
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were. to. jhumpa new coronavirus cases in south korea after days of slowing infections. versions during your health minister and the day diaries tests positive for co that 19 as they are bred spreads. i'm given al this is all just there a lie from dollars so coming up. should come back to shoulder. joe biden pulls off a string of wins to take a dominant late over bernie sanders in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. a disgrace to straightly in kabul makes a final attempt to overturn.


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