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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakness tell the world on al-jazeera. the numbers have been incredible on testing as the number of corona virus related deaths in the u.s. tops 3000 donald trump claims that america is now testing more people than any other country. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera life and also coming out corona virus infection rates are trending downwards in italy and spain but the world health organization urges both nations to stay vigilant. going down just
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a little luck and let go. to get down from the numbers not just stabilize requires a redoubling of public health at 1st a president in denial rose comments rejecting social distancing of deleted by twitter because of fears they put brazilians at risk. and the race for a vaccine scientists across the world work flat out to find a way to protect us all from covert 19. we begin in the u.s. now the global epicenter of the corona virus pandemic more than 3000 people have died over a 1000 in new york state alone the worst affected region across the country more than 100 $60000.00 are infected after dismissing the dangers posed by covert 19 in the early stages of the outbreak u.s.
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president donald trump now says his administration is ramping up testing in the last few hours he's claimed that the u.s. is testing more people than any other country. today we reached a historic milestone in our war against the. coronavirus over 1000000 americans have now been tested more than any other country by far not even close. and tested accurately for more on the developments in the us ourselves rob reynolds joins us now live via skype from los angeles so the number of dead rob has just crossed 3000 just alice the president and said that the u.s. has tested all of a 1000000 people how credible of those claims yes and adrian the number of confirmed infections the corona virus as passed 160000 in this country we do not have any independent tally of the number of tests that have
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been conducted we only have the white house task forces word on it and president trumps word on it that we know that president trump has passed in the past made some statements that you know he's not proved to be consistent with reality but governors around the country from montana to illinois. are all saying they need more tests so if these tests are out there they are certainly not getting everyone eat just days ago the president's focus was on preserving the economy has he changed tack. he has a rhetorical he said that he's now interested primarily in saving lives that the economy can of in 2nd place but the president also as spoken repeatedly and did so again today about his desire to open up the economy it
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appears there is a projected date of april 12th the easter holiday is now off the table because the social distancing guidelines have been extended through the end of april but. there was some extremely worrying news from the u.s. central bank the federal reserve which issued a report saying that under certain circumstances under. some very poor scenarios the unemployment rate in the united states could rise to 32 percent with $47000000.00 people left out of a job but the president said that once the pandemic is over the u.s. economy will come roaring back better than ever because what he said earlier today . we had the greatest economy in the world with the greatest economy in the history
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of our country and i had to go from doing a great job for 3 years to shutting it down but you know what we're going to build it up and we're going to build it up rapidly and i think in the end will be stronger for it we learned a lot the governor of florida says that he doesn't want a cruise ship with coronavirus patients on board to dock that 4 people have died and dozens of sick on board these on dom cruise liner which is heading towards florida after passing through the panama canal and just showing no symptoms were removed and taken to zaandam sister ship the water down. there's been a wave of strikes across the u.s. as workers demand measures to protect their health during the pandemic al-jazeera shihab rattansi reports. insta carter is the u.s. is leading grocery delivery for valued at $8000000000.00 it employs some $200000.00 people called trumpets who pick items from supermarket shelves for customers who order through a phone app and it says it will add $300000.00 more shoppers to meet demand during
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the pandemic as people self isolate in their homes the company is presenting itself as a key service to prevent the spread of covert 19 and the shoppers it employs as hash tag household heroes but that's not how the shoppers themselves feel their recommendation was so absurd it was for a customer to you know stick their hand out their door and for us to try and get in their idea which is it would be funny if it weren't so dangerous as part of the giga komi insta call it says it's just a software platform hiring independent contractors so workers exposed daily to infected surfaces and supermarkets have to buy their own hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes and insta cut doesn't provide employee benefits like sick pain there's a false sense of security in ordering grocery delivery that it's mitigating risks and it's not exposing you because you're sheltered well the reality is that we are coming in contact with iris and we are going to become actors of this virus because
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we don't have proper personal protective equipment and we don't have any. of the pandemic spread so to do wildcat strikes across the united states shipyard workers in maine poultry workers in georgia sanitation workers in pittsburgh all the moment protection if they're the ones who are going to keep society running what has or has a way it's a very important one because we have co-payments for any type of deal we risk our life every time we have a congress that work is an amazon warehouse is of also going to strike around the country demanding protection this strike in staten island on monday the latest action dora's handpicked by a perp. national human faced with a strike in secant says it will soon supply hand sanitizer and institute a system of bonuses for some it will pay workers up to $14.00 days of sick pay for those diagnoses with greater virus until early may but with many workers uninsured
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and tests in short supply it's difficult for in-state workers to qualify or workers also want an extra $5.00 an order in hazard pay the upsurge in industrial action sparked by the pandemic is combining with a trend that was already underway in the u.s. last year we had the most strikes and we've had in more than a decade and now as we confront this and workers are afraid anymore take big risks because no worker wants to die for a job that doesn't treat. workers are scared of losing their jobs they're a lot more scared of losing lives the pandemic is highlighting the deep economic fault lines in u.s. society as it becomes clear that those often with the fewest labor protections and lowest wages are the ones whose labor is essential and that society as a whole is only as safe as they are she returned see al-jazeera washington here's a look at the global picture of the pandemic according to the johns hopkins university and demick tracker there are more than 784000 known infections around
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the world and 37000 deaths as you can see in green though on the right hand side that over 164000 people have recovered. now for the 3rd consecutive day spain has reported more than 800 deaths over the previous 24 hours and in italy after 2 days of declines the number of deaths has risen again to 812 but there are some hope that infection rates are slowing in both countries paul brennan reports. even with stringent restrictions empty streets and ever tighter regulations imposed daily declared corona virus cases in europe have now exceeded 400000 continue to rise for the 3rd consecutive day spain reported more than 800 new deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of new deaths in italy spiked upwards again and 812 but new infections are
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slowing to get down from the numbers not just stabilize requires a redoubling of public health efforts to push down it won't by itself it will be pushed down and that's what we need congress to focus on france is shuttling patients around the country to reduce pressure on the hardest hit regions the infection rate is proving relentless and 418 deaths in the past 24 hours take france past 3000 fatalities in paris hospitals are full and doctors have to agonize over who gets a bed and who doesn't. is not fear but rather a stress to stanley pay for us to make choices that we don't want to make and to find ourselves in situations where we have to choose which patients we could get in the intensive care as recently as 2 weeks ago russia had just 10 official cases of covert 19 it's fast approaching 2000 now and rising in moscow the city mayor has
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shut parks closed shops and brands non-essential journeys addressing regional leaders by video link russia's president has urged other regions to follow moscow's example of. all measures necessary in the situ a. should be taken even if those not involved in the problem consider them a bit excessive for russia today but as they say god helps those who help themselves but while millions hudlin their homes around the world hundreds of thousands of stranded european tourists are still struggling to reach their us after 2 weeks in quarantine this group departed from peru on monday with assistance from diplomatic staff we have about 300 that people think they. are the netherlands and there is about $100.00 european lie from him for them to their home countries 19 is reminding us how vulnerable we are how connected we are
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and how dependent we are on each other in the eye of a storm like. scientific and public ills tools are essential but so are humility and kindness we sorely doubt iti humility and i assuming the best of each other we can. and we will overcome this together. extraordinary heroic efforts are being made voluntary efforts medical efforts and diplomatic efforts faced with a global pandemic responsibility is on all of us to be part of that effort to paul brennan al-jazeera. the biggest island in the philippines home to some 57000000 people has been under quarantine for 2 weeks but social distancing is hard and for many on the island of luzon no work means no pay on top of that many people have
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little or no access to food shelter or healthcare joellen dogon reports now from manila. just like millions of people across the country the film the sun the family have been asked to stay indoors and to practice social distancing but that is nearly impossible for this is the place they call home a 12 square meter house for 9 members of their family the house is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. the government calls this and has community quarantine and it has been implemented for over a week now across the entire region of luzon forcing commercial establishments like restaurants and cinemas to close and putting millions of filipinos out of work the fan in china say they're fine with their living conditions it's the lack of ability
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to make a living they're worried about taking the i have a baby and she needs milk and diapers we can't work how will we be able to eat i'm also worried of our family getting sick we can't afford to be hospitalized. metro manila which is the epicenter of the cove in 1000 infections in the country is one of the most densely populated cities in the world more than 5000000 people here are either living in the slums or are homeless according to government data. because if the. workforce. because. this organization. save everything when the chief daily valley is searching for food donations to help feed residents there our government ration is he says but there are not enough around
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7000 people living in the labyrinth of congested houses are now under his watch right now. because public market. meters away from what i'm going. so we still sort but don't have money so that's busy the thing that. everyone entering the village is sprayed with disinfectant solution as a precaution it is a new way of life that is causing anxiety here yet the fear has never been too far from the surface hunger is a constant threat and it's likely to become a new reality for many of the ones who have released. just 0 manila get a weather update next on al-jazeera ben. a sign of hope in uncertain times new yorkers welcomed the arrival of
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a floating hospital. welcome back the minute by a weather front seems to be active quite early at the moment and so we have one weather system after notice pushing out from parts of southern china and through towards japan so that's the forecast for choose day one area of rain for she sent just the south of japan but one of the chance of some sharp tiffin certainly cloudy skies at times find conditions across the korean peninsula it should be dry for beijing their highs of $21.00 but further south more pulse of rain coming up from southern china so expect quite a bit of rain here at times for a team with northern parts of taiwan and then through into when staying soon going to see some really heavy rain developing across western parts of honshu and eventually that work its way into tokyo so wet and so they expected there should
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stay fine for the most part for south korea so look at few showers for hong kong heise here of $25.00 degrees into southeastern parts of asia plenty of showers around for slow way see parts of borneo looking white and still western java pick him out for. a few showers. at times but it doesn't a too bad through the midnight with a kuala lumpur and singapore enjoying reasonable conditions fine for bangkok with highs of 35 scattered showers across india but generally weather conditions like to be dry and fine for my poor with highs of 37. to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders manning the ramparts against migrant told. to others viktor orban is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values people in power investigates the leader
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taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a jazeera. or . hello again this is al jazeera let's take a moment to remind you of the main news the president of trump says the u.s. is now testing more people for corona virus than any other country but testing put capita is lower than some of the countries and many state governors say they're still struggling to access enough testing kits to fight the outbreak more than 3000 people have died in the u.s. due to illnesses links to the virus florida's governor says he doesn't want
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a cruise ship carrying coronavirus patients to dock in his state 4 people have died and dozens of sick on board. which is heading towards the u.s. after passing through the panama canal. and for the 3rd consecutive day spay and reported more than $800.00 deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of klein the number of deaths and italy rose again to $812.00 there is some hope that infection rates are slowing in both countries. a u.s. navy hospital ship has arrived to bring some relief to new york city's struggling health care system more than 900 people have died there and it's the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak and as i was 0 as gabriel is on the reports now one ship won't be enough. to gigantic u.s. navy ship comfort enters new york about to dock at the terminal normally reserved for cruise ships a $275.00 metre long floating hospital with more than $700.00 hospital beds 12
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operating rooms and 1200 doctors nurses and staff. new york hospitals will start sending sick patients not infected with corona virus to the ship this week to free up hospital beds for those who do have the virus. some new yorkers came out of their apartments where most have been holed up for more than 2 weeks to marvel at the ship. a memorial to the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks looks over the hudson river the last time the comfort was in new york harbor was 3 days after 911 to help those injured let me be clear that this is such a crucial part of. the plan we are putting in place but i want to understand the sheer magnitude of the plan we need to triple our hospital bed capacity in new york city by may. but the comfort alone won't be enough to fill the surge of the sick new york is also having to look elsewhere this is central park in new york
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city and on any normal day you would probably see people out there on the grass enjoying themselves but this is not a normal day and these are no normal times right now it's being built behind me is an emergency 10 ta spittal and when it's completed it will have about 70 beds for people who are sick and in need of help when did you ever think you would see this being built in central park. new york has over 9000 sick people in hospitals with coronavirus tens of thousands of more hospital beds will be needed time is of the essence the worst isn't supposed to hit for another 2 weeks gabriel's on doe. new york. the u.s. has extended a waiver that allows companies to continue work on iran's civilian nuclear facilities without placing sanctions or waivers of one of the only components of
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the 2050 nuclear deal still being ordered by the us washington withdrew from the agreement and 2018 last week the un human rights chief called on sanctions imposed on countries like iran to be urgently reevaluated amid the global pandemic. most of latin america is shutting down to fight the spread of the virus there are worries limited access to health care means that it would devastate the poorest communities but brazil's president is still downplaying the danger posed by the pandemic saying the economy must be the priority al-jazeera star isabeau reports. for many my money lives in a little just outside of u.s. capital a path like many other latin american countries the government has imposed a mandatory quarantine for all citizens but my money who works as a taxi driver is afraid about how she's going to feed her 8 year old son come home over it as a mother it is painful because you open your refrigerator and see it empty every
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day the food runs out as a mother i don't know what i'm going to feed my son what are you doing as a mom i stop eating for example 3 weeks ago i bought some chickens because i was working with my taxi i keep the chicken from my son i don't eat my son is the one who eats i prefer the my son eats and not me. i am coronavirus is just starting to spread in latin america and governments are taking harsh measures to control it there's over 10000 cases in the region and those figures i likely to increase. in argentina president aware of the farm and this has just extended the on going quarantine until mid april thousands have been detained in argentina and the military's using helicopters to control compliance with a quarantine. security forces are controlling the entrance to the sick we all went outside their detaining and clung to me but also not happy for me to be on the an
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enormous challenge on the eve of a government that that is it necessary measures to prevent the threat of a virus. but there is one country whose president remains in denial about the dangers of 19 brazil's jail you've also nigel who insists governments should prioritize economy obviously the virus is there and we're going to have to face it we're going to have to face it like men not like children we're going to face the virus with the reality of life we're all going to die some day on sunday 2 of his tweets were deleted by twitter because they violated the rules of use by potentially putting people at greater risk of transmitting the virus 'd the polls were videos of the 2 that the president took in the federal district contrary to the guidelines of his own minister of health who recommended that people stay at home as a measure to fight the coronavirus which was found in brazil slums n.g.o.s are
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stepping up efforts to help the poor investment and social security in the country is being reduced from year to year in the last 4 years and i believe it in this year in the middle of the of the current of the virus from them next we're having reduction zone also from it so that's absolutely crazy government action is the only way millions of people in the region have to survive the months ahead because i will. uganda has ordered an immediate 14 day nationwide lockdown an effort to slow the spread of the virus last week the president banned public transport closed the country's borders and urged people to stay at home uganda has confirmed 33 cases so far. organizers of the experts 20 do you buy have back to proposal to postpone the event for a year here's the coronavirus pandemic in aspen came after a meeting between officials from the united arab emirates and participating
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countries the event which runs for 6 months to begin in october now we want to bring you up to date on the work that's being done to find a vaccine for covert 19 it's a toss that normally takes years but is it a serious they've barker reports now from london there are plans for human trials within months. scientists are at war with covert 19 dozens of laboratories are now battlegrounds in the race for a vaccine here at oxford university volunteers blood samples are prepared for testing ahead of the 1st human trials of a vaccine the blood will be checked for antibodies in any t.v. cell responds to the virus t. cells can recognize and destroy infected cells. and here in germany warm small company part funded by microsoft billionaire bill gates says it too will soon have a vaccine ready for human trials it may look like slow work but things are moving
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at breakneck speed it can take decades to develop a vaccine this lab wants one much sooner people are saying well that. makes it much much. this is the enemy corona means crowd in latin named because of the spikes on the virus his outer coat this crown is also its weakness the vaccines under development to contain the genetic sequence of this surface spike which primes the amine system to attack the virus if it later infects the body but what about those most at risk of contracting the virus symptoms can range from a runny nose to a sore throat to a fever but it can escalate quickly among people with respiratory problems or underlying health issues it's a full blown pneumonia one team of british scientists believes are best line of
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defense lies deep in our lungs. they've developed this inhaler to help restore levels of a substance called interferon be terror in people's lungs vital for removing viruses from the body unhealthy lungs lack interferon peter levels also naturally deplete with age which is why elderly people are more at risk of contracting the virus patients with lung disease diabetes preexisting raskin that they can get information once a day for 2 weeks to increase the viral immunity and to prevent the virus from replicating an elimination of virus more effective. the virus has led to an acceleration in engineering this rapid covert 19 test has been developed by the german company. blood samples are inserted into the cartridge for analysis it takes
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2 and a half hours for of it's old and it's 95 percent accurate but it could be many bombs before the equipment is readily available meanwhile a number of firms including the british baccy make a dyson airplane make a at the formula one team mclaren and now racing to develop breathing aids to be. no single company all the poetry can do this alone it requires international effort and resources the world's best brains have been mobilized great his hope lies in science needs barca al-jazeera london the turkey olympics have been given a new starting date the opening ceremony will now take place on july 23rd 2021 the games were pushed back a year due to the coronavirus pandemic of instant gandalf painting it's been stolen from of museums in the netherlands that's closed because of the outbreak thieves broke open the glass doors of the singha loughran museum near amsterdam it's
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believed that the work called pasta it's gotten at newman in spring is worth upwards of 7000000 dollars a tourist sites around the world are closed to stop the spread of the virus but some are being repurposed in the thousands of years they've been standing this ones of 1st the pyramids at giza one of the most famous attractions of the world of the message couldn't be clearer. it's good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera president donald trump says the u.s. is testing more people for corona virus than any other country but testing put capita is lower than some other countries and many state governments say this still struggling to access enough testing kits to fight the outbreak more than 3000 people have now died in the u.s. due to illnesses linked to the virus. today we reached a historic milestone or
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a war against the. current a virus over 1000000 americans have now been tested more than any other country by far not even close and tested accurately florida's governor says that he doesn't want of cruise ship carrying coronavirus patients to dock in his state 4 people have died and dozens of sick aboard the zone which is heading towards the u.s. off the passing through the panama canal plus and just showing those symptoms were removed and taken to zaandam sister ship the lot of them new york's health system is getting a lifeline via the sea a u.s. navy medical ship has arrived to help relieve hospitals which are quickly filling up a 1000 bed ship will treat people with normal virus related ailments the ship is the worst affected in the u.s. with more than the city rather is the worst effects in the us with more than $66000.00 cases for the 3rd consecutive day spain reported more than 800 deaths in
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the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of deaths in italy rose again to 812 but there is some hope that infection rates a slowing in both countries. uganda has ordered an immediate 14 day nationwide lockdown in an effort to slow the spread of the iris last week the president banned public transport closed the country's borders are the people to stay at home uganda has confirmed 33 cases so far it's ok to lympics have been given a new starting dates the opening ceremony will now happen on july 23rd 2021 japan of the international olympic committee agreed to delay the games last week due to the pandemic following pressure from athletes and sporting bodies around the world those are the headlines next up here on al-jazeera it's rewind. the u.s. census it only happens once every 10 years but as the coronavirus pandemic grips
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the world will americans be required to take part in the count during a national emergency and will donald trump's and immigration rhetoric deter some from participating follow the u.s. census on al-jazeera. follow one to maria and welcome to rewind behind me the city of. we've been coming here to the museum of islamic art to revisit some of the best documentaries we've made large extent our life chances that determined by where we have worn today's rewind 1st date back in 20.


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