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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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by cuba. on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wild center led to hamley take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. where. numbers have been incredible intestines with 3000 dead in the u.s. donald trump claims america is now testing more people than any other country but state governors paint a different picture citing a critical shortage of testing kits. this is al jazeera live from doha with continued extensive coverage of the coroner virus and demick infection rates are trending downwards in italy and spain but the
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world health organization just both nations to stay vigilant it's. going down isn't just about a lock down and let go. to get down from the numbers not just stabilize. the redoubling of public health at 1st also ahead mexico declares a health emergency and asks people to observe fallen terry confinement and the brace for a vaccine scientists across the world work flat out to find a way to protect a soul from night. we begin in the u.s. now the global at the center of corona virus cases more than 3000 people have died over a 1000 in new york alone new york state that is the worst affected region across the country more than 160000 die infected after dismissing the dangers posed by
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cove in 19 in the early stages of the outbreak u.s. president donald trump now says his administration is ramping up testing. today we reached the historic milestone or a war against the. euro virus over 1000000 americans have now been tested more than any other country by far not even close. and test it accurately off i'm on the e.u.'s said developments let's speak to rob reynolds who is in los angeles for is via skype rob so the number of dead in the u.s. has just crossed 20000 and that's after president trump said that more than a 1000000 people have been tested in the u.s. have. well it's difficult to say fall a whether the numbers given up by white house task force are accurate or not there is no independent. tally of the number of tests that have been conducted across the
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states but the governors of a number of states are at odds with the president from from virginia to montana to illinois the governors are all 'd saying that they need more tests as well as more quick minute. across the united states extraordinary efforts are underway to convert. existing spaces into hospital spaces in new york a hospital and system went up in central park today in chicago the largest convention center in the state be converted into a 3200 bed to sillily for corona virus patients and in here in california the governor gavin newsome says that the cut the state will be $50000.00 additional ospital bets over the coming several weeks rob just
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days ago the president seemed to be focus on preserving the american economy but just listening to his news conference a few hours ago his tone seems to have changed what's been the response to that. well at least his rhetoric has changed it's really difficult to tell what exactly is going on in the president's mind he has also said several times just today in his press conference that he is concerned about reopening the u.s. economy in whatever form that might take in the shortest time possible and he talked with russian president vladimir putin about reopening the u.s. economy excuse me the world economy earlier today and how the 2 companies 2 countries would cooperate on that but we got some pretty bad news projections of at least
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from the u.s. central bank the federal reserve board today saying that if some models prove true of the extent of the pandemic here in the united states $47000000.00 americans could lose their jobs and the unemployment rate could rise to 32 percent that would be catastrophic here's what the president said about what he thinks will happen once the rotavirus pandemic ed's here and across the world we have the greatest economy in the world with the greatest economy and the history of our country and i had to go from doing a great job for 3 years to shutting it down but you know i'm going to build it up and we're going to build it up rapidly and i think in the end will be stronger for we learned a lot. now elsewhere for the 3rd consecutive day spain has reported more than 800 deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of declines the number of deaths
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rose again to 812 but there is some hope that infection rates are slowing in both countries paul brennan reports. even with stringent restrictions empty streets and ever tighter regulations imposed daily declared corona virus cases in europe have now exceeded 400000 continue to rise for the 3rd consecutive day spain reported more than 800 new deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of new deaths in italy spiked upwards again and 812 but new infections are slowing to get down from the numbers not just stabilize requires a redoubling of public health efforts to push down but it won't go down by itself it will be pushed down and that's what we need congress to focus on france is shuttling patients around the country to reduce pressure on the hardest hit regions the infection rate is proving relentless and $418.00 deaths in the past 24 hours
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take france past $3000.00 fatalities in paris hospitals are full and doctors have to agonize over who gets a bed and who doesn't sit but. it's not fear but rather a stress to suddenly be forced to make choices that we don't want to make and to find ourselves in situations where we have to choose which patients we could get in the intensive care as recently as 2 weeks ago russia had just 10 official cases of covert 19 it's fast approaching 2000 now and rising in moscow the city mayor has shut parks closed shops and brands non-essential journeys addressing regional leaders by video link russia's president has urged other regions to follow moscow's example of. all measures necessary in this situation should. taken even if those not involved in the problem consider them a bit excessive for russia today but as they say god helps those who help themselves but while millions hudlin their homes around the world hundreds of
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thousands of stranded european tourists are still struggling to reach their us after 2 weeks in quarantine this group departed from peru on monday with assistance from diplomatic staff we have about 330. neverland's and there is about $100.00 european lie from him for them. 19 is reminding us how vulnerable we are how connected we are and how dependent we are on each other in the eye of a storm like. scientific public schools are essential but so are the military and kindness we sorely dirty humility and assuming the best of each other we can
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and we will overcome this together extraordinary heroic efforts are being made voluntary efforts medical efforts and diplomatic efforts faced with a global pandemic responsibility is on all of us to be part of that effort to paul brennan al-jazeera. in mexico public health emergency has been declared in a series of new measures have been impose aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus people over the age of 60 as well as those with preexisting health conditions have been told to stay at home mexico has more than a 1000 confirmed cases with 2828 deaths so far they speak to manual rapido in mexico city for us for the latest from there so tell us about these new measures money that the authorities have announced. mexican health authorities announced it late on monday evening this these new measures announced a public health emergency as you mentioned finally restricting movement for for
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a period of 30 days but we should mention that while the government is calling for people to stay in their homes they're calling they stopped short of calling this a quarantine this is a fall in terry self isolation that the government is calling for for a period of 30 days this was mexico's deputy health minister who spoke during that press conference saying that now is the time to to flatten the curve the curve on contagion again mexican health officials stopping just short of calling this a quarantine so we're not seeing the same types of measures that are being imposed in other countries in the regions countries in central america and south america that have imposed curfews and mandatory quarantines restricting the freedom of mobility that's not been the case as of yet here in mexico and that's one of the criticisms as of late of the mexican president for taking what many see as being a relaxed approach when it comes to containment efforts but it does appear that the mexican government is finally starting to change their tune the announcement of
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this national emergency this national health emergency is being seen by many as a positive 1st step in positive 1st step in terms of containment measures and one of the reasons that many speculate that the government has not taken stricter measures as of late is because many leaders here have their eye on the economy have their eye on the mexican peso which has in terms of world currencies is among those who have devalued the most in recent days folly money before we let it go just quickly what will the government be able to impose these new strict have measures that will people you know heat and the these new restrictions. that's the thing even though the government at least here in terms of the local level that mexico city has called on people to stay in their homes restaurants are still open people are still going out to shops doing exercise so that's that's the big concern is whether or not people will heed the warning now the government has said that under the declaration of a national health emergency they do reserve the powers that would allow them to
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enforce this type of a self-imposed quarantine voluntary quarantine but for the moment the government of mexico says that they do not plan to do that this once again to stress is a voluntary self isolation that the government is calling for thank you very much for that update manual wrap and an eye for is sarah in mexico city and still ahead on al-jazeera. as a sign of hope in uncertain times new york has welcomed the arrival of a floating hospital last drop downs and leaving the world's poorest take any vulnerable we visited one family on the philippine island of the song. hello and welcome to us look at the weather across the americas now in north
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america we've got this big area of low pressure which has been moving up towards the north and east cause some significant problems the shots come from indiana you see this or flooding which is occurred in places we've had large hail storms as well in many areas so that whole system is now beginning to clear on through into eastern parts of canada but there is a link back all the way towards the south and it's here we'd like to see the next indifferent development taking place over on the forecast you see the system moving from texas further towards georgia and then the carolinas and virginia still dry further north washington looking at high as of 12 degrees we've got so. areas of low pressure out across parts the west and the pacific northwest since rain in many areas with us no higher elevations fun to drive los angeles harz of $24.00 so move the forecast on through into wednesday some snow working its way into central parts of canada and that area of low pressure moves clear the eastern seaboard so bright a conditions jeremy expected but quite chilly highs of just 6 in chicago into
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central american here who is fairly quiet during the course of choose day but by wednesday will find a frontal system moving down so we can expect rather cloudy skies and showers for the bahamas and also for northern parts of cuba. perception is validation believe what he sees but in one life time we cannot see everything but we will lie and he experiences of. the legacies of previous generations. of that testimony we've got you know very. good witness documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera present donald trump says the u.s. is now testing more people for corona virus and any other country but testing but capita is no other than some other countries and many say governments say they're still struggling to access enough testing kits to fight the outbreak more than 3000 people have died in the u.s. due to illness says links to the virus for the 3rd consecutive days spain reported more than 800 deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of deaths in its lea rose again to 812 and there is some hope that infection rates as slowing in both countries and mexico has declared a public health emergency and impose a series of new measures aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus those include
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canceling events and advising people over 60 to stay at home. now we want to bring you up to date on the work that's being done to find a vaccine focal the 19 it's a task that normally takes years but as for some london their plans for human trials within months. scientists are at war with covert 19 dozens of laboratories are now battlegrounds of the race for a vaccine here at oxford university volunteers blood samples are prepared for testing ahead of the 1st human trials of a vaccine the blood will be checked for. every t. cell response to the virus t. cells could recognize and destroy infected cells. and here in germany the warm small company part funded by microsoft billionaire bill gates says it too will soon have a vaccine ready for human trials it may look like slow work but things are moving
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at breakneck speed it can take decades. as to develop a vaccine this lab wants one who much sooner people are saying well that could be a year to 18 months makes of course it's a much much shorter normal development for actions that can be 10 to 15 even 20 years this is the enemy corona means crowd in latin named because of the spikes on the virus his outer coat this crown is also its weakness the vaccines under development to contain the genetic sequence of this surface spike which primes the amine system to attack the virus if it later infects the body but what about those most at risk of contracting the virus symptoms can range from a runny nose to a sore throat to a fever but it can escalate quickly among people with respiratory problems or underlying health issues it's a full blown pneumonia one team of british scientists believes are best line of
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defense lies deep in our lungs. they've developed this inhaler to help restore levels of a substance called interferon be terror in people's lungs vital for removing viruses from the body unhealthy lungs lack interferon peter levels also naturally deplete with age which is why elderly people are more risk of contracting the virus patients with lung disease diabetes preexisting heart and condit raskin that they get the information once a diary 2 weeks to increase the viral immunity and to prevent the virus from replicating and eliminating the virus more effective. the virus has led to an acceleration in engineering this of rapid covert 19 tests has been developed by the german company bosch. blood samples are inserted into the cultures for
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analysis it takes 2 and a half hours for a result and it's 95 percent accurate but it could be many bombs before the equipment is readily available meanwhile a number of firms including the british brucie make a decent airplane make the formula one team mclaren are now racing to develop breathing aids to beat. those single company all the poetry can do this alone it requires international effort and resources the world's best brains have been mobilized of greatest hope lies in science needs barkha al-jazeera london now hong kong want to be reopening its border with mainland china despite the number of infections they're falling chief executive kerry lamb says the measures will say in place for now she also says the government would launch a 2nd round of funds in its anti epidemic package the territory has confirmed 682 cases 4 people have died as get an update on the situation in hong kong and speak
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to life from there tell us about what's been happening in hong kong and why carry doesn't want to open the border with mainland china just yet. well folly carolan hong kong's chief executive has held her press conference since the weekly press conference but she has to express her number one her concern about the doubling of cases in the last couple of weeks of the crime of arson fiction in hong kong and this is as a result of all those residents who have been returning to the city as countries globally close their borders as you mentioned 682 cases so far but it's the number of imported infections which is expressed concern about and this is in light of the hospital authority here stating that they believe that the cases now the situation now is severe when it comes to the lack of isolation wards and to how those people who are expressing concerns about their symptoms are now asking the government to consider other areas like stadiums in time sylvie's sporting facilities to be used
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as isolation wards to put those people who have the mild symptoms and those people don't require the oxygen facilities to be used to be put in these particular locations as you mentioned she was also asked about why hong kong hasn't opened its will reopen its borders to the mainland in light of the falling number of cases in china the latest figures from there was 48 on tuesday and that's a downward trend has been in that country for some time now but she has ruled that one out she said that the borders for mine closed until may now with regards to the current situation of businesses coping here she said or confirmed there will be a 2nd round of stimulus funds are being handed out to businesses struggling to cope but she's going to meet developers on tuesday to ask them to lower the rent to allow people to cope with the current situation which is also said on tuesday afternoon we do expect the retail and sales figures to be released and she's warned the hong kong residents to be prepared for these figures to be the worst on record and elsewhere in the region more restrictions in japan sahra.
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well japan has now put out a statement urging citizens not to travel to $73.00 countries that's about a 3rd of the countries globally is also issued a level trade travel warnings to its citizens not to travel to a number of countries including the united states canada china south korea and the united kingdom and that's also adding to 20 additional countries that are already on that list and they mostly from europe the prime minister and the deputy prime minister have also confirmed they will not be meeting in the same gathering simply to avoid any form of infection between the 2 of them and the government however has ruled out declaring a state of emergency in japan so far thank you very much for that sara clock lie forests in hong kong and staying in asia the biggest island in the philippines home to some 57000000 people has been quarantined for 2 weeks now but many people have little or no access to food shelter and healthcare jimmy linda again reports from
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manila. you know just like millions of people across the country the finish line the family have been asked to stay indoors and to practice social distancing but that is nearly impossible for this is the place they call home a 12 square meter house for 9 members of their family the house is in poland or one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. the government calls this and hence the community quarantine and it has been implemented for over a week now across the entire region of luzon forcing commercial establishments like restaurants and cinemas to close and putting millions of filipinos out of work the fairly shallow sea they're fine with their living conditions it's the lack of ability to make a living they're worried about. the i have a baby and she needs milk and diapers we can't work how will we be able to eat i'm
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also worried of our family getting sick we can't afford to be hard. but the licensed. metro manila which is the epicenter of the cove in 1000 infections in the country is one of the most densely populated cities in the world more than 5000000 people here are either living in the slums or are homeless according to government data. because if made the good work force see. the poor. because. this organization. save big state and anything but a cheap daily valley's thai is searching for food donations to help feed residents there are government ration is he says but there are not enough around 7000 people living in the labyrinth of congested houses are now under his watch right now they
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can buy because public market based around 100 meters away from what i'm going. so . so well. so let's think. everyone entering the village is sprayed with a disinfectant solution as a precaution it is a new way of life that is causing and sad to hear yet the fear has never been too far from the surface hunger is a constant threat and it's likely to become a new reality for many of the ones who have the least. and i'm just here manila. and the u.s. navy hospital ship has arrived to bring some relief to new york city's trucking healthcare system but as gabriel is under reports one ship want to be enough. to gigantic u.s. navy ship comfort enters new york about to dock at the terminal normally reserved
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for cruise ships a $275.00 metre long floating hospital with more than $700.00 hospital beds 12 operating rooms and 1200 doctors nurses and staff new york hospitals will start sending sick patients not infected with corona virus to the ship this week to free up hospital beds for those who do have the virus. some new yorkers came out of their apartments where most have been holed up for more than 2 weeks to marvel at the ship. a memorial to the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks looks over the hudson river the last time the comfort was in new york harbor was 3 days after 911 to help those injured let me be clear that this is such a crucial part of. the plan we are putting in place but i want to understand the sheer magnitude of the plan we need to triple. our hospital bed capacity in new
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york city by may. but the comfort alone won't be enough to fill the surge of the sick new york is also having to look elsewhere this is central park in new york city and on any normal day you would probably see people out there on the grass enjoying themselves but this is not a normal day and these are no normal times right now what's being built behind me is an emergency 10 ta spittal and when it's completed it will have about 70 beds for people that are sick and in need of help when did you ever think you would see this being built in central park. new york has over 9000 sick people in hospitals with coronavirus tens of thousands of more hospital beds will be needed time is of the essence the worst isn't supposed to hit for another 2 weeks gabriel's on to. new york now the number of deaths due to the pandemic can start to
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feel overwhelming at times about spain for instance where more than $800.00 people died on 3 consecutive days but arguably it's infection rate that gives us more insight into where the countries are winning the battle against corona virus using grass from oxford university is our world in data amazon to maria takes a look now at the trends behind the numbers. these graphs show us days or for any single country from the point where they reached 100 cases so that's why on this 1st slide using a lot more days of the china because they've been reporting cases for longer simple now interpret in any of these graphs the things to remember these trajectories this line here shows a rate of infections doubling every 2 days and this line here shows that right doubling every 3 days so just remember those angles as i go through the rest of these slides so yes of course in the early days china was doubling its right every 2 days it was the epicenter of the outbreak but over time that is changing that
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point then moves to every 3 days and now at this point we're only getting a comparative handful of new cases every day and as china says most of those are coming from outside the country contrast that with there is a strong trajectory there of every 2 days doubling that rate of infection every 2 days and while we still continue to see really bad numbers out of bed death rate and infection rate it is bending this is when we talk about the curve it is changing it's gone to the point where it's gone past doubling every 3 days and now heading for 4 days doubling every 4 days so the picture is improving in italy and even in spain where again that very high trajectory to start with of doubling the rate of infection every 2 days it is. ever so slightly starting to bend there are fewer and fictions despite those $800.00 plus deaths every day but contrast all of that with the united states and the trajectory here is straight up it's basically
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between 2 and 3 let's say 2 and a half days for doubling the rate of infection and the big concern for the united states which has the highest number of infections in the world is that that infection rate is not slowing down. and you can also find all the latest on the coronavirus fund demick on our website al-jazeera dot com. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera present donald trump says the u.s. is now testing more people focused on a virus than any other country but testing but kept or is lower than some other countries and many say governess say they are still struggling to access enough testing kits to fight the outbreak more than 3000 people have died in the u.s. to 2 illnesses links to the virus. today we reached the historic bonds to honor
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a war against the. coronavirus over 1000000 americans have now been tested more than any other country by far not even close and tested accurately mexico has declared a public health emergency and impose a series of new measures aimed at slowing the spread of corona virus people over the age of 60 as well as those whose preexisting conditions have been told to stay home authorities also canceling all nonessential activities until the end of april mexico has more than a 1000 confirmed cases with $28.00 deaths so far for the 3rd consecutive day spain reported more than $800.00 deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of deaths in italy rose again to 812 but there is some hope that infection rates are slowing in both countries hong kong's leader says it won't be reopening in sport or with mainland china despite the number of infections they're falling chief executive carry mammal so says the government will launch
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a 2nd round of funds in its untie epidemic package the territory s. confirmed 682 cases 4 people have died. uganda has ordered an immediate 14 day nationwide lockdown in an effort to slow the spread of corona virus. last week the president bans public transport close the country's borders and people to stay at home shopping malls and businesses selling non-food items were also ordered to shut it down das confirmed 33 cases so far new york's health system is getting a lifeline via the sea a u.s. navy medical ship has arrived to help relieve hospitals which are quickly filling up the 1000 bed ship will treat people with non virus related ailments estates of new york is the worst affected in the country with more than 66000 cases those are the headlines on al jazeera witnesses up next to stay with us. you and me steve clemons on the bottom line take on us politics and society i'm changing the
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institutions frequently don't the system itself to benefit those who understand people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line. is . i would describe myself as an ordinary guy living in ordinary life this week. i'm a single schoolteacher.


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