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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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when entering. the world. japan imposes a raft of new restrictions and might close its borders to the u.s. china a most of europe after a surge in coronavirus cases. this year without 0 life and also coming out. the world bank warns of economic pain saying 11000000 people in asia will be unable to escape poverty as a result of the pandemic. more than
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a 1000 people in india are being tracked down after people who went to a religious event test positive. look down in senegal but with limited access to clean water there are fears about how far infection could spread. to pan's imposing a series of new social restrictions after a surge in cases of coronavirus it's also urging its citizens not to travel to $73.00 countries in regions that's a 3rd of the world it's expected to close its borders are people coming in from the u.s. from canada china south korea and most of europe japan and so far been spared from a major outbreak but the number of infections is approaching 2000 now 56 people have died. let's go to our correspondent in beijing katrina you and katrina
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apart from that incident with that cruise liner that was at yokohama port for some time we had thought that japan had escaped the worst of this and there is some suggestion that perhaps there was some government manipulation of information if you like whilst the whole issue of the staging the olympics was still on the agenda . that's right monti and so it did look like a very positive picture in japan given its proximity to china yet the center of the outbreak we had some very low numbers for a number of weeks and japan avoided putting its country into any strict lockdown italy did any severe social distancing measures for some time now as you mentioned cases in japan are approaching 2000 which still doesn't sound like very much compared to some other countries but what is concerning is how fast that number has jumped that's nearly doubled in recent weeks and because of this japan is now
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planning for some intense measures including some travel bans the japanese government is planning to introduce travel ban on 73 countries as you mentioned one 3rd of the world including the u.s. south korea most of europe so what we've heard is that when this band comes into place any person who has been in any of those $73.00 countries in the past 2 weeks will not be permitted to enter japan the japanese government is also urging its citizens not to travel to 50 countries in particular around the world developing economies now as you mentioned is there is a bit of a scandal in japan surrounding prime minister shinzo are there because the timing of these this spike in cases was just after the postponement of the olympics was announced last week leading many critics to say that the prime minister shinzo are they in his government was purposely downplaying the krona virus numbers initially
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in order to quell fears about horst in the olympics and that was also one of the reasons he delayed putting any stricter measures in place so at the moment there's a lot of backlash from the japanese government saying that these measures should have been put into place much sooner especially now that japan seems to be struggling to contain a particular fast growing clusters of coronavirus around the country katrina thank you for that katrina you in beijing well as if that wasn't enough the world bank is warning. the pandemic could force almost $11000000.00 people in the asia pacific region into poverty is expecting that growth in china and other developing asian economies will fall heavily this year one of those affected will be the philippines where 57000000 people on its largest island lose all have been encouraging for 2 weeks jamil arlindo the reports now from manila. just like millions of people across the country the friend's son the family have been asked
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to stay indoors and to practice social distancing but that is nearly impossible for this is the place they call home a 12 square meter house for 9 members of their family the house is in condo one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. the government calls this and has community quarantine and it has been implemented for over a week now across the entire region of luzon forcing commercial establishments like restaurants and cinemas to close and putting millions of filipinos out of work the failing china say they're fine with their living conditions it's the lack of ability to make a living they're worried about damon was maybe i have a baby and she needs milk and diapers we can't work how will we be able to eat i'm also worried of our family getting sick we can't afford to be hospitalized. metro
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manila which is the epicenter of the cove in 1000 infections in the country is one of the most densely populated cities in the world more than 5000000 people here are either living in the slums or are homeless according to government data. because the. work force. because. this organization. save only 3 minutes chief they live on the east side is searching for food donations to help feed residents there are government ration is he says but there are not enough around 7000 people living in the labyrinth of congested houses are now under his watch right now. because public market. meters away from what i'm going. so we're still out for sort but some don't have money
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so that's the thing that. everyone entering the village is sprayed with a disinfectant solution as a precaution it is a new way of life that is causing and sanity here yet the fear has never been too far from the surface hunger is a constant threat and it's likely to become a new reality for many of those who have the least jamaal in the going on just 0 manila. well india is attempting to track down people who attended a gathering of muslim religious leaders after 24 of them tested positive as many as 1500 people from across india as well as from other countries or at the meeting in the capital new delhi 700 now being sent into quarantine all 100 small are in hospital let's talk to our correspondent now elizabeth around him who's in new delhi elizabeth how was this meeting able to take place and the conditions
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imposed by the government which are among the strictest in the world. so not you know was about to take place because it actually began on march 13th before the lockdown and even before the curfew was in place so it was a 2 day congregation of islamic preachers as you say from india and around the world but after the congregation it ended a lot of people you know we think around 1500 at least decided to stay on at the mosques accommodation and by the time prime minister mori and now that there was a nationwide curfew we could go on sunday for 2 days before he announced the lockdown and he also announced that all buses and trains services had to stop and these people say that there was no way for them to get back to where they're from that stranding them there and we've since had as well as those numbers that you
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mention of 300 shaken to hospitals 700 of them quarantined 6 indonesians who attended the gathering have since died in the southern state of telangana which they traveled to after the gathering and we also had one cleric and serino there and even minutes to me a possibility that was last week and people related to him have tested positive for corona virus so there is a lot of concern around this mosque which is very much being seen as the. hotspot authorities in delhi have a now converting 860000 seat sports stadium the door of team facility is really expecting the number of cases to go up right elizabeth and what is the situation more generally around the country. so much in there over 1100 cases around the country now and something like 32 deaths the big story here though of the last week of the world's biggest lockdown has really been the big tragedy that the lockdown
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has. the lockdown has created for india's poor and millions of migrant workers in india there is something like 120000000 people in india who work in different states to where they're from and we've seen hundreds of thousands of walking hundreds of kilometers to have returned where they're from after losing their jobs no longer being able to pay rent and as i said earlier you know all bus and train services have been canceled and in the last few days we've heard local media human rights groups saying something like at least 22 people have died making these journeys because of starvation because of dehydration or being hit by trucks one who came on highways so that the situation would have the government to clamp down even harder on people crossing state borders and some state governments have had to set up quantity in facilities where people are traveling to make sure that
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their stay because there's a real concern that all these people moving from the cities to do all areas could be carrying the virus the virus with the right ok with pair on them live in new delhi thank you. the u.s. has more cases than any other country in the world more than 3000 people have died at least a 1000 of them i mean new york state alone that's the west affected region across the country almost a 165000 people are infected the dismissing the dangers posed by the virus in the early stages of the outbreak president trump is now saying that his administration is ramping up testing rob reynolds is a correspondent in los angeles and he reports that many individual states is still struggling to get enough testing kits despite what the president says there is no independent. tally of the number of tests that have been conducted across the
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states but the governors of a number of states are at odds with the president from out of from virginia to montana to illinois the governors are all saying that they need more tests as well as more quick minute. across the united states extraordinary efforts are underway to convert. existing spaces into hospital spaces in new york a hospital tent system went up in central park today in chicago the largest convention center in the united states be converted into a 3200 bed to syllabi for coronavirus patients and in here in california the governor gavin newsome says that the cut the state will leap 50000 additional ospital bets over the coming several weeks.
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still to come here at al-jazeera strike action in the u.s. some employees accuse companies of ignoring their safety during this pandemic. plus we look at why brazil's president is still down playing the danger posed by the corona virus pandemic to the public. hello they're still fighting all the chile across central and northern areas of europe tens of cattle satellite this is mainly that some rain but also some snow so you can see here the streets in wool so finally wet snow but enough to still make it feel like winter of course and again across into northern spain a lot of the mountains the snow has been coming down but again you can see it is fairly wet the certainly plenty of rain in the forecast as we continue through
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tuesday we will see a few more rain showers across areas of poland but really the bulk of the rains will be across the southwest through much of spain portugal and some of these areas where we see the dark blue we could see as much as $120.00 millimeters of rain accumulating over the next couple of days and remains very unsettled calls italy but also across the southeast of the balkans and that's where we could see the snow back in the full cost as we head into wednesday still very unsettled guenter those eastern coast. and that rain pushing across into the valley erik's meanwhile got a slice of clear skies across central europe at the time which is still a little bit low even for this time of year and then northern africa and all surprise me that system impacts in spain and portugal that will bring more rain showers across into morocco want to say like a across coastal areas of algeria on the staying around robots on wednesday with a high of 70.
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in 20100 again exclusive access to a young family in the gaza strip. fighting forecast for the sick child born with a medical condition curable by routine surgery but cooped in the red tape of a health care bureaucracy. rewind. on al-jazeera. to know all the hole in the world. does have a look at the main developments here at al-jazeera japan's extended its highest
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travel warnings are deserving its citizens not to visit places where coronavirus infections are escalating the country's reported almost 2000 cases and 56 deaths in the world bank is warning the pandemic could force up to 11000000 people into poverty across asia pacific is attracting grief in china and developing asian economies for heavily this year. the u.s. now has more confirmed cases than any other country in the world more than 3000 people have died president trump says health workers are testing more people than anywhere else. probably say in the u.s. and there's been a wave of strikes across the country as workers demand measures to protect their own health during this pandemic she have returns he explains out from washington. insta carter is the u.s. is leading grocery delivery for valued at $8000000000.00 it employs some $200000.00 people called trumpets who pick items from supermarket shelves for customers who
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order through a phone app and it says it will add $300000.00 more shoppers to meet demand during the pandemic as people self isolate in their homes the company is presenting itself as a key service to prevent the spread of covert 19 and the shoppers it employs as hash tag household heroes but that's not how the shoppers themselves feel their recommendation was so absurd it was for a customer to you know stick their hand out their door and for us to try and in their idea which is it would be funny if it weren't so dangerous as part of the gig a commie insta call it says it's just a software platform hiring independent contractors so workers exposed daily to infected surfaces and supermarkets have to buy their own hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes and insta caught doesn't provide employee benefits like sick pay but there's a false sense of security in ordering grocery delivery that mitigating risks and it's not exposing you because you're sheltered well the reality is that we are
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coming in contact with the virus and we are going to become actors a virus because we don't have proper personal protective equipment and we don't have any. of the pandemic spreads so to do wildcat strikes across the united states shipyard workers in maine poultry workers in georgia sanitation workers in pittsburgh all the moment protection if they're the ones who are going to keep society running what has or has a way it's a very important one because we have co-payments for any type of deal we risk our life every time we have a goddess work as an amazon warehouses and also going on strike around the country demanding protection this strike in staten island on monday the latest action your order is hand-picked by a pro. national human faced with a strike in secant says it will soon supply hand sanitizer as institute a system of bonuses for some it will pay workers up to $14.00 days of sick pay for
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those diagnoses with create a virus until early may but with many workers uninsured and tests in short supply it's difficult for in-state workers to qualify for work is also an extra $5.00 an order and hazard pay the upsurge in industrial action sparked by the pandemic is combining with a trend that was already underway in the u.s. last year we had the most strikes and we've had in more than a decade and now as we confront this and them it workers are afraid anymore to take big risks because no worker wants to die for a job that doesn't treat. workers are scared of losing their jobs they're a lot more scared of losing. the pandemic is highlighting the deep economic fault lines in u.s. society as it becomes clear that those often with the fewest labor protections and lowest wages are the ones whose labor is essential and that society as a whole is only as safe as they are she had returned see al-jazeera washington. well matter of latin america is shutting down in order to try to fight the virus
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but brazil's president is still downplaying the danger posed by the corona virus saying the economy must be the priority today is a bow ripples from what is are is. for many my money lives in a little just outside believe u.s. capital. like many other latin american countries the government has imposed a mandatory quarantine for all citizens but my money who works as a taxi driver is afraid about how she's going to feed her 8 year old son go home or to as a mother it is painful because you open your refrigerator and see it empty every day the food runs out as a mother i don't know what i'm going to feed my son what are you doing as a mom i stopped eating for example 3 weeks ago i bought some chickens because i was working with my taxi i keep the chicken from my son i don't eat my son is the one who eats i prefer that my son eats and not me. coronavirus is just
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starting to spread in latin america and governments are taking harsh measures to control it there's over $10000.00 cases in the region and those figures i likely to increase. in argentina president aware of the farm and this has just extended the ongoing quarantine until mid april thousands have been detained in argentina and the military's using helicopters to control compliance with a quarantine. security forces are controlling the entrance to the 50 on one side of their detaining and pontificating that people will not have the army to be on the an enormous challenge on the order of a government that that is it necessary measures to prevent the threat of a virus. but there is one country whose president remains in denial about the dangers of $1000.00 brazil's joe you've also nigel who insists governments should prioritize economy obviously the virus is there and we're going to have to face it
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we're going to have to face it like men not like children we're going to face the virus with the reality of life we're all going to die someday. on sunday 2 of his tweets were deleted by twitter because they violated the rules of use by potentially putting people at greater risk of transmitting the virus the polls were videos of the 2 that the president took in the federal district contrary to the guidelines of his own minister of health who recommended that people stay at home as a measure to fight the coronavirus. in brazil slums n.g.o.s are stepping up efforts to help the poor investments and social security in the country is being reduced from year to year in the last 4 years and believe it in this year in the middle of the of the current of the virus from them next we're having reduction zone also familiar so that's absolutely crazy government action is the only way millions of
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people in the region have to survive the months ahead because i will and when a society is. what we've been speaking to starve of ribeiro who's a journalist and founder of the brazilian reporter an online magazine he says president both an r. is trying to shift responsibility for the economic damage to local authorities. president also now though is doing the political calculation what he's doing is in brazil's political system the president can only do so much and state governors and mayors have a lot of power so his putting the burden of stopping the economy on local administrations. and if they work because every single governor in brazil has split at least some restrictions in place some both races where i am we are the largest the most populated state in brazil with the country's economic heart and the for weak no state has been in quarantine and we were i'm encouraging for at
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least 7 more days so if these measures work and the country can at least 6 some normality in the short term future he will say you see i told you it was nothing he has said time and again that it's just as therefore that we have seen worse spend them mix that the over 9 age to age one n one pandemic was worst and his calculation is if the country stops if unemployment explodes his approval ratings which are already low will go even further down. ever the 3rd day in a row spain has reported more than 800 deaths and in italy after 2 days of declines the number of deaths resit guenter 812 but there's still some hope that infection rates are slowing in both countries as poor brennan now reports. even with
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stringent restrictions empty streets and ever tighter regulations imposed daily declared coronavirus cases in europe have now exceeded 400000 continue to rise for the 3rd consecutive day spain reported more than 800 new deaths in the previous 24 hours and after 2 days of decline the number of new deaths in italy spiked upwards again to 812 but new infections are slowing to get down from the numbers not just stabilize requires a redoubling of public health efforts to push down but it won't go down by itself it will be pushed down and that's what we need congress to focus on france is shuttling patients around the country to reduce pressure on the hardest hit regions the infection rate is proving relentless and $418.00 deaths in the past 24 hours take france past $3000.00 fatalities in paris hospitals are full and doctors have to agonize over who gets
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a bed and who doesn't sit but. it's not fear but rather a stress to suddenly be forced to make choices that we don't want to make and to find ourselves in situations where we have to choose which patients we could get in the intensive care as recently as 2 weeks ago russia had just 10 official cases of covert 19 it's fast approaching 2000 now and rising in moscow the city mayor has shut parks closed shops and brands non-essential journeys addressing regional leaders by video link russia's president has urged other regions to follow moscow's example. all measures necessary in the. situation should be taken even if those not involved in the problem consider them a bit excessive for russia today but as they say god helps those who help themselves but while millions hudlin their homes around the world hundreds of thousands of stranded european tourists are still struggling to reach their us after 2 weeks in quarantine this group departed from peru on monday with assistance
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from diplomatic staff we have about 330 people. to the netherlands and there is about $100.00 europeans to fly from him for them to their home countries 19 is reminding us how vulnerable we are how connected we are and how dependent we are on each other in the eye of a storm like. scientific and public olds tools are essential but so are humility and kindness we sorely doubt e.t. humility and i assuming the best of each other we can and we will overcome this together extraordinary heroic efforts are being made voluntary efforts medical efforts and diplomatic efforts faced with
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a global pandemic responsibility is on all of us to be part of that effort to paul brennan al-jazeera. the united nations emergency relief coordinator says the coronavirus situation in syria is just the tip of the iceberg marc local made the comments at a virtual briefing to the un security council there are 10 no cases in syria but aid agencies are worried the virus could spread quickly or even go undetected here's our diplomatic editor james bay is in new york. because of course the seat of the u.n. security council is new york this was a virtual meeting a video conference of security council ambassadors it wasn't public but the briefings that were given to them by senior u.n. officials were made public they heard from 2 senior u.n. officials from the emergency relief coordinator marc local who said the situation
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in syria was very concerning even though the number of cases wasn't very large at this stage he believed it was the tip of the iceberg he reminded them that after a decade or nearly a decade or more in syria half of the hospitals and medical facilities in the in the country were not operational he also reminded them how vulnerable the population were one example he gave of that in the northwest of syria among displaced children he said 3 out of 10 now had stunted growth because of malnutrition the security council also heard from the u.n. special envoy pedersen now he had some good news he said the amount of violence had to creased recently he said it was an uneasy calm he said he wanted to see that carm converted into a permanent cease fire he also called for all prisoners and detainees to be released because of the worry that code 19 could spread through the prisoner
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population he ended his briefing with this quote for many syrians now in their 10th year of a conflict that still defies comprehension in the scale of suffering brutality and devastation it may seem hard even slightly abstract to focus on a global virus pandemic but he went on make no mistake coburg 19 is an enormous threat to syrians it demands a complete shift in mindset from all. by travis a look at the major developments in the corona virus pandemic japan has issued its highest travel warnings and is hurting its citizens not to go to places where coronavirus infections are rising it's also set to close its borders to people coming in from countries that are worst affected by the pandemic the countries reported almost 2000 cases and 56 deaths catrina you has more from
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beijing japan seem to be doing quite well over over the from the beginning of the outbreak had very close proximity to china yet it's only had about 2000 cases so far now that seems a very low compared to other countries but what is very worrying in japan is that that number has doubled in recent weeks so there was sort of a false sense of security japan sort of escaped having to impose any strict lockdown or quarantine measures and now because the numbers have jumped so quickly so fast they are introducing more of these stricter. and the world bank is warning the pandemic could force up to $11000000.00 people into poverty across the asia pacific region is expecting growth in china and the smaller economies to fall heavily this year analysts say the region is facing the prospect of global financial shock and recession india is attempting to track down people who attended
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a gathering of muslim religious leaders after 24 of them tested positive for coded 19 as many as 1500 people from across india as well as other countries or at the meeting in the capital new delhi the u.s. says more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country in the world more than 3000 people have died at least a 1000 in new york state alone president trump claims the u.s. is testing more people than anywhere else but many state governors are saying they haven't got enough testing kits. most of lesson america is shutting down to fight the spread of the virus but brazil's president is still downplaying the danger saying the economy must be the priority for them is all the latest developments i'll be back in about 30 minutes or so but that's off to the stream. we squawk your thoughts were when you saw that document story we listen after the war
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saying go build united states. with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. and you're in the stream today rhythm adversative as i'm will discuss the new documentary showcasing how music can help the incarcerated adjust to life in and out of jail share your thoughts tweet us at a.j. stream or leave a comment on our live chat and you too can be in the stream. a new documentary 16 bars chronicles the lives of 4 inmates at the richmond city jail in the u.s. state of virginia their stories and songs give the audience our raw look into america's.


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