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tv   Born In Gaza  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2020 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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leave 14 days to 30 days from today india is tracking down thousands of people attended a gathering of muslim leaders dozens of participants have since tested positive for corona virus and at least 10 have time france germany and the united kingdom have sent a $200.00 trade mechanism designed to avoid united states sanctions it is the 1st transaction under a new system set up the exchange of humanitarian supplies and food off of the u.s. withdrew from the 2015 new trade deal nigeria has imposed a 2 week lockdown on 3 major states had a home to almost 30000000 people nigeria's president has ordered a cessation of all movement and lagos state government has launched a program to deliver food 220-0000 households joining that time you have stated headlines got more news here on it on al-jazeera off to rewind phone calls.
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hello one canal santa maria and welcome to rewind behind me the city of. we've been coming here to the museum of islamic not to revisit some of the best documentaries we've made. well logic stand on life chances that determined by where we have for the days we won 1st ed back in 2013 years after israel began its blockade of the
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gaza strip the palestinians living in the tight confines of an enclave starved of adequate medical resources a simple thing like the birth of a new child can become a matter of life and death when i can't get access to the treatment by baby or mother needs i was there is k.c. kaufman told the story of one such family in his very personal film born in gaza. this is a society at the mercy of a political. family and. this is the story of one young family in a situation that is beyond their control. the
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expectation of a new baby when it's a feeling of excitement and apprehension that all parents experience but for assad. the pregnancy of this 2nd child means much more. i 1st met amal in a side i must loom one year ago at a children's hospital in gaza city. you will get a lot of them. in the story of their 1st child is one that i will never forget. and you know. this is their 1st child. when he was 19 months old he was born with 2 holes in
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his heart in his parents' lives were dedicated to his care. and then they shot the thought. that busy. oh how did this whole. saga show. this condition could have been fixed by routine surgery but israel's siege on the
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gaza strip has crippled the medical system here. these doctors don't have the training or equipment to perform the necessary operation. on them with them. but gaza is blocked off from the outside world in few does never made it back to israel for his heart operation. his parents say their request to cross the border was turned down 6 times because his case was never considered an emergency. but then foetuses condition started to quickly deteriorate. his doctors here couldn't help him anymore the only solution was to send him to an advanced hospital
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in israel in now it was urgent i mean if you can take him to this little bit up. in his really hospital except to the doctors request in a sub started to receive time to get his son out of gaza. i'll get the you're going to fix and get what it is. i. don't mind the. the full. circle sort of stuff until we're sort of in the focus of the bush
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source it seems to me that. you should know that that's the way the. i love my job and look we want to show sort of us the you know what is. going to. that's what the notion that it was on the wall above the age of the souls of the home by the. i'm all about the new thought so i was in the bottom and then i did beverly get the get about them about the height. of the clock down to one. of. the more you're going to have the full of us.
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i mean in my head. i. think. it's a love. letter. but this you know i got it out with the other one they've all the i mean all of diablo g. for so long as that's the dollars that's about all of. that you. will do. well on those of the 100 michelmore so that the head of the house. almost started to prepare for the trip to israel she was ready to travel alone with her son only one person is allowed to accompany a child patient. it's another rule of the system. has 7 hopefully and i mean i
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don't how much can one lot of her she just has a bit away now from the collapse as young will damage and how many on resemble we have common have a son made it out on the search for bin much yes. and i can i'm the nothing handle the woman was this fine for the most thoughtful if i go without will side and somewhat of the darkness and i. feel. that. as i'm always going back to the hospital to meet her son for the trip to the border. she received an urgent call and was told there was a complication. free no. 0.
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00070. 000. 00 little. hollow tucked in the. most fun little boy and i was really sure oh yeah well you. gotta. let me. off the. hour. now i. mean i just. knew. how much of what i want to talk of that didn't.
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fit tribe to the hospital in israel would have only taken an hour. but after nearly 3 hours of obstacles and delays foetuses journey never began. the tragedy of his parents having been captured on camera was soon on the evening news. oily by the mold wire copy if you haven't met him in medina tell us up. to that a little fear us what looked at how some colorful kid was out at the 2nd. i'm going
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the. nothing to. say nothing of the end of the world and i think the woman. who put the opening upon the lead plaintiff win is one of us from the years it done and will be as a done in other words on in the we're going to follow something up and. we will miss the memo you can't be on one of the rebel upon and we work with numbers from nowhere so i don't mind considering the basket. a lot and it's are at the level of our people sharing you and me and in them i feel when i look line there is a person and because i am. all for that
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a little for that without who i will in the law. enters her final stage of pregnancy i decide to go to israel. i want to meet the doctor who would have operated on the year before. this border keeps the palestinians inside gaza. and it's what stood between feet and his chance at life. only a few 100 meters separate gaza in israel but they are worlds apart the haves and the have nots.
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in israel there is a vibrancy and sense of potential that you can only find in a society that determines its own future. and. it only takes me an hour to drive from gaza to the wolfson medical center on the outskirts of tel aviv. this is where feed i was supposed to have his surgery one year ago. and this is the cardiologist who was waiting for him. doctor to mere operates on children from all over the world in today i found 4 young patients from gaza i will help children get through this is the we have about the systems that have to operate it's the 1st mechanism to prevent. bad things to happen.
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so that's why i accept it and i'm not so much against it. instead of throwing bombs we saved lives so it's different ways of inflicting some power if you're through when you kill you are powerful if you save lives you're. powerful in the same the same miller but maybe it's something that gives you a brink's you you take your strings from whatever you can do. i don't play with politics i have my own political view but this is private really into this type of activity physicians i swear to people to help the people who are sick. but not everybody in israel's medical field stays out of politics run your room in his colleagues help palestinian peace means get access to the treatment they need since israel controls
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the only gate to full palestinians who 6 ok on available it has a responsibility to lead them out his mission flame rise recorded 14 cases of death related and denied access and all these cases are recorded after the application was submitted to do is read your forty's. but the israeli army main concern is security in colonel moshe levy comes up with a different fact to defend the policy of closure towards the gaza strip for 5. quest that we received. every day we approved so i think that the this is 80 percent from the requirements for. we approved it you can see it in the numbers of people who are deniers nearly
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25 percent of the patient to exit for apply for exit permit deny rejection all delays our challenge is how to create a balance between the security needs and between the civilian needs this is the main issue this is the main challenge over the israeli policy in this. granting the health right venture only in the long term make my society a better place to live in and for that i thing i do my best to posting it's not only because. this is because they are human beings and they must enjoy it but also because it is an israeli i feel responsibility for them. it's. a question. it's 5 in the morning in gaza city in the muslim family is that the public hospital. i'm all has just gone into labor and she's heading
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with her mother in law to the maternity ward for women only. assad has been waiting for 8 and a half hours. enough time for the memory of his 1st child's illness to creep back into his mind. but this time there are no complications. to. the chance to shoot. some of them down the least yet if it was made to bring them to eat. food.
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happyness has returned to this household. the new baby boy is in perfect health. and as a way to honor their 1st son i'm all in a side to side to also name their 2nd son feed. us it was. the past 3 years of almost family life were filled with anxiety and sadness but now with a sense of relief she looks forward to a happy future. v.a. quite absurd are up with those who forgot who might argue with them in their lives that have been muscle isha. is to have a low mom to be on the music to which she look at him there mainly in
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a minimum look at absolutely is how far you saw him and they in arc that are laying around or module when the have that are not off no families would be in norm and i'm going to. have a lot of fit of that than yanni. life goes on in gaza. but there are thousands of people who have been denied medical treatment and left without adequate care.
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the blockade of the gaza strip is still firmly in place. in the until the political situation changes. these patients will be waiting in struggling. for one of the most basic rights. you would hope the situation would have improved for those facing serious medical issues in gaza that is a question for robin toll but at medical aid foot palestinians an organization working to ensure equitable access to health care in gaza roman thank you for joining us as we look to update this film and find out what's happened since then are you aware of any efforts 5 israelis to make it a bit easier have there been any developments now the situation actually worse than
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it was that so i think we can say that it's clearly been a slide right down to the point that i think 7 years ago we might have been talking about roughly 20 percent of its being either tonight or delight now i mean last year the average right was that of tonight or tonight actually reaching a point in december where the majority. so i think it was about 60 percent of the denied or delayed and every denial is obviously a denial of access to cabot also delays i mean people usually find out whether they've been successful or not the evening before they do to travel so if you don't hear or you don't get a response that effectively means you miss your appointment and you can't get a cab ok so what do you take me through the process then of. getting through those checkpoints who needs to be accompanying a child how it all works there's a process of applying for the permit which requires a lot of documentation it all has to be submitted at least 10 days before you were due to travel you might either as the patient even as children or as the
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company are going with the child because to a security interview which might determine whether they're going to get a permit to get out and then it's a waiting game and in the majority of cases when a child is going for treatment they'll need someone to go with them to take care of them and provide support inside hospital but largely the restrictions that are placed mean that anybody who is between $855.00 is unlikely to be able to get a permit that means that children's usually that parent within that age range in fact only about 6 percent of gaza's population over the age of 55 this is because grandparents but they're finding it increasingly difficult to get to get these permits to accompany children i've actually got one of your in for graphics here to show our viewers on line here we're talking about exiting gaza who can get a permit and that graph right at the bottom showing that decline in approval rates i mean it's one thing that it has declined why has it declined quite so much in
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that last year i mean down from 80 percent to 50 by the looks of this graph we're talking about a situation of 50 years of occupation and 10 years of this book 8 enclosure and over that period of time we've seen that it's more and more difficult for patients to be able to get to care israel is still the occupying power in gaza and it has a legal responsibility and obligation under the 4th geneva convention to ensure that the population that that it occupies have adequate access to medical care but ultimately it's important we grapple with the big issues medical care and access to medical care and this restriction to movement part and parcel of a wider problem and that wider problem is a decade of blockade and i mean we can see the impact on that job not just in terms of the immediate ability of people to get out to kat. but also there are ability to access carry inside gaza i mean roughly at any given time 25 percent of medicines are 0 stuck inside gaza these are essential medicines chemotherapy medicines you know i medications because the economy situation inside gaza now is so serious this
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perpetual crisis that the ministry of health concomitant from on the shelves told that from medical aid for palestinians we thank you very much for joining us and we want. the face of the snakes in this thus far. as we know no one. would issue not some of them a muslim i can say my sudden. shift
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value was not going to be the. in 2011 al jazeera gained rare access to the pyongyang film academy and some of north korea's brightest young stars. what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine. a compelling portrait of the privileged life of the country's elites rewinds north korea cinema of tweens and al-jazeera.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the u.s. goes ahead of china in the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. mcleod's is out there life and the latest coronavirus developments from around the world including. italy observes a minute's silence to one of the thousands who died in. another grim day for spain as it records 849 fates.


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