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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the u.s. governess pleads for help as a number of coroner virus tests since 5000. for the back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha with continuing coverage of the corona virus pandemic a shift in pattern in europe as a number of deaths continues to rise in spain while it's in the mosques as slow down in case it's. in the next few days we will reach 1000000 comfort and. the world health organization raises concerns about the rapid spread of the pandemic which is closing in on a grim milestone and the search is on in india for people from any religious events
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lengths to the spread of the virus. the number of people who have died from the corona virus in the united states is now more than 5000 president donald trump is considering limiting domestic air and rail travel between hot spots but his resisting calls for a national shutdown as infections passed 200000 the highest in the world during wednesday's briefing tom said he may soon be able to give away ventilators to other countries even though many state governors are appealing for more equipment to tackle the virus mike hanna is in washington he says the u.s. will soon be in a position to help other nations fight the virus. a number of u.s. governors have been pleading with the federal government for more medical supplies in particular ventilators
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a state like new york says it needs as many ventilators as possible to stockpile for when the apex of the epidemic hits which current projections show by the end of the month yet the president continues to insist that there are enough ventilators being supplied to the various states in fact he says that many are being produced now so many that at some stage in the future the u.s. could export the ventilators to countries in need we're soon going to have more ventilators or we need we're building thousands of ventilators or at nanotech should period of time to build and. and again nobody could have known a thing like this could happen we're building thousands we will fairly soon be at a point where we have far more than we can use even after we stockpile for some future catastrophe which we hope doesn't happen we're going to be distributing them the extras around the world we'll go to italy we'll go to france we'll go to spain which is and you know very hard hit in recent weeks president trump has made
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several bob democracy about china and the fact that the pandemic originated then now some reports emerge that indicate china has been underreporting the number of infected this would happen impact on the way the rest of the globe including the united states prepared for the onslaught of the virus yet surprisingly at the daily news briefing president trump brushed off such reports saying that the economic relationship with china was deeply important united states as was his relationship with the chinese president their numbers seem to be a little bit on the lights and i'm being nice when i say that relative to what we witnessed and what was reported but we discussed that with him not so much the numbers as what they did and how they're doing this spending they will be spending when things even out this is obviously a little bit of
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a hurdle what's happened over the last month but they'll be spending $250000000000.00 buying our product $50000000000.00 to the farmers alone $200000000000.00 other things they never do that before once again it appears president trump concentrating on economic matters rather than the thought that china's underreporting of the infected would have had a massive impact on the way in which the globe has dealt with the pandemic. to china now in a province next to the epicenter of the outbreak has gone into iraq don and after several new cases were reported chinese authorities fear they could be a 2nd wave of infections following an uptick in imported coronavirus cases let's speak to david the palin who's following the situation from hong kong for a studio what more are you hearing about what's going on in jia county why is there shut down there when most of china is returning to normal life
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that's right that's right jack county is and one on province as you said which is next to who bay which was the epicenter of the virus at the start of the outbreak now the main area in lockdown is a county it's got around 600000 residents people are not allowed to leave their rooms even for work unless they have clearance they're not allowed to leave the borders of that county unless they have authorization people are being told to stay indoors now officials have said this is because they're detected several new cases particularly one man who was tested positive showed symptoms he went to hospital infected apparently infected 2 doctors they both tested positive but they were asymptomatic which means that they do not show any symptoms so now this is causing concern that the number of infections there could be wider than what is being detected although officials are very quick to maintain that numbers are still minimum they are not significant and these are preventative measures but it's
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raising a lot of questions as to why as you said when the rest of china is opening up why are they taking such drastic measures to try and isolate hundreds of thousands of people and so. that as a back to fully yeah there are concerns dva that you know china may have opened up too soon given that we're seeing a rise in the number of imported cases no to me. that's right you know there have been concerns of a 2nd wave there's been lots of talk about it but there are also many concerns within china about getting the economy back on its feet and opening up again and you know china has just recently lifted lockdowns in many areas and started getting the economy economic wheels rolling again who be a province which has opened up recently has also started going back to business although i need to point out where the virus was 1st detected at the end of last year while it still is still has his border shut down and people still cannot see
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beyond one city until the next 2 week but people are concerned that the numbers that we're seeing may not necessarily be as accurate as is being reported so china recently to allay fears decided that it was going to start reporting in what they call a symptomatic cases cases that test positive but have no symptoms and so as of monday they have started giving out those numbers saying it's only about a $1380.00 symptomatic cases in the country but experts here in hong kong and other scientists say those numbers could be in the 10s of thousands of there's still a lot of concern and questions about how accurate those numbers are how widespread it is and perhaps if china's avarice of a 2nd wave thank you for that update diego pollen live for us in hong kong now prime minister boris johnson has called it a sad sad day for britain after more than $500.00 deaths were reported in 24 hours is the u.k.'s biggest day on day increase the government says it hopes to
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prioritise testing for frontline staff within weeks so far more than 2000 health care workers have been infected by the coronavirus. can i just make it absolutely and the prime minister has been very clear about this is as is well is that increasing testing capacity is absolutely the government's top priority we're now at 10000 tests a day we're rolling out additional networks of labs and testing sites and in terms of p.h.e. of the last 2 weeks 390000000 products have been distributed and of course we will continue to do more and work to make sure that ph he's available as you know there is a hotline which is available 24 hour hotline for n.h.s. staff as well. well across europe health services are under strain from the pandemic with hospitals in france as capital now 4 on wednesday italy had its lowest number of deaths in 6 days but it's extended it's down until at least mid april paul brennan has. it's been more than 3 weeks since italy became the 1st
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country and side china to introduce strict stay at home restrictions is growing signs of infection rates and deaths are starting to plateau the government announced that parents could take the children out for short walks but the government has also ordered the extension of restrictions to stay in place until april the 13th and probably for longer and the health minister has warned against complacency and will be unwelcome form they deeply missed we must not confuse the 1st positive signals that we are seeing in these hours of an all clear signal data and that is to call projections made by expert showed that we are under the right path and that the drastic decisions we have adopted so far are starting to bear fruit that. quarantine has brought financial hardship and in some cases desperation and that's given rise to numerous gestures of kindness like these food bank donations in naples many residents in the city's old quarter are hanging pastor and other items from solidarity baskets for the benefit of the jobless and poor people without enough to eat those who can give those who cannot take says the sign she
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drove us is the most is somebody you're all in the same boat and we will stall row in the same direction as the organizer angelo pick only from his balcony with that sentiment in mind the european union has weighed in with a new initiative to support short time working and avoid layoffs and redundancies in the e.u.'s hardest hit economies millions of people cannot go to work but they still have to buy groceries and pay the bills companies are paying salaries to their employees even if right now they're not making money europe is now coming to their support with a new initiative. it is called sure. medical priority those finding enough beds and equipment to treat the ever growing numbers falling ill latest figures from france saw a new record of 509 new fatalities and the authorities are transferring patients between
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regions to spread the pressure more evenly paris's hospitals are now full and 38 critically ill coronavirus patients were transferred by high speed train to the city of ren on wednesday in spain where yet another record of 864 new deaths were recorded in the previous 24 hours the temporary hospital creates what this madrid conference center has been restocked with fresh supplies every bed can save a life in this crisis every minute matters paul brennan al jazeera. the world health organization is warning of a rapid escalation resulting in a 1000000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the days ahead. over the past 5 weeks we have witnessed a near exponential growth in the number of new cases reaching almost every country turkey story an area the number of those has more than doubled in the past week in the next few days we will reach
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1000000 confirmed cases and 50000 does now in india authorities are scrambling to trace people who attended a muslim gathering in the capital 2 weeks ago at least 2500 people from india and other countries where there are about 130 infections have been linked to the event and 7 people have died from new delhi elizabeth ranum reports. municipal workers sanitize this mosque in new delhi which has become the epicenter of covering a virus cases in the indian capital. that's up to health authorities have relocated 2300 people who was staying in the mosques accommodation more than 500 had been taken to hospital but sometimes more than 1800 and quarantine of self isolation it's thought at least $2500.00 muslims from around and and over the seas took part
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in the gathering organized by the group of. the sauber some of the police will investigate the phone numbers of all the people who are present in the area in that meeting they will also trace where they went on whom they met they will also tries to location of the people whom they have met i'm asking all these people who attended the meeting to surrender themselves to the medical facilities or local authorities wherever they are. the meeting of islamic preachers was held in early march but many stayed behind at the mosques accommodation after it had finished 6 a donation attendees who travelled to the southern state of telangana after the meeting tested positive for corona virus and have since died a cleric from 3 and i've heard an indian administered meat who also attended the conference has also died from the virus delhi's chief minister has ordered police to file a case of negligence against the mosques administration. in the current situation it was completely wrong to have held such
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a big gathering we are being told that many who participated in it is gathering to have no trouble doing other parts of the country to scary to even think about how many people have come in contact with the disease because of this. there are at least $130.00 cases linked to the gathering in 7 states and union territories a 7 kilometer cordon has been created around a village in the state of tamil nadu after $21.00 infections which all have links to the gathering in new delhi the mosques administration says people stranded after promised in the day had them already announced a national curfew on march 22nd and suspended all bus and train services with just a few hours' notice but delhi state government says people stayed there despite the ban on gatherings of more than $200.00 people which came into force on march 13th health officials have a big task of tracking down not just everyone who attended the gathering but everyone they had contact with and as the group had leakage
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a mile faces criticism for staying at the mosque despite the restrictions so too does the police station which didn't notice all the port a meeting of thousands of people in a compound next door elizabeth for on al jazeera new day still ahead on al-jazeera. up so many calls you would imagine you are starving their country may be bankrupt or about saw something people in lebanon from lending a helping hand to those affected by the current virus outbreak and the wimbledon tennis championships are called off for the 1st time since world war 2. hello there the severe weather conditions across the south of united states easing as we go towards the end of the week however the has been some recorded damage from
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possible tornadoes this is one area not about my hair is across mobile bay this is obviously a water spout that is formed and then in alabama this is okaloosa county again another the water spot was spotted so at least on that over water there is no damage a much better day on thursday much care across much of the southeast but the still gale warnings along these coastal areas the big storm is working its way through the northeast of the u.s. pushing up into eastern canada but how much is recovering in the wake of that system but where is very cold is across the central plains and the north again we've got some winter weather advisories in place here so this line of rain you can see is also bring some snow but also a shrink's a much cooler air and you notice once again the rain developing in texas now that will be the same scenario on friday so we could in fact with this much warmer air in places very moist as see some more severe storms developing but look at this line of blue all the way up into central canada where we will see symbols snow to much as a sailor lot colder look at that minus 5 in winnipeg meanwhile out across the west
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again a much calmer picture on friday and not above high the of 22. join me steve clemons on the bottom line for your weekly take on u.s. politics and society i'm changing but the institutions frequently don't the system itself is set up to benefit those who understand that you have people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line on al-jazeera there is no channel that coverage world hears like we do visit me to stay al-jazeera really invests and that's a privilege as a journalist. you're
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watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the death toll in the u.s. from the corona virus outbreak is now more than 5000 many state governors are complaining they do not have enough equipment to deal with the spread of the outbreak. a chinese county near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak has gone into lockdown after several new cases were reported authorities fear they could be a 2nd wave of infections following an uptick in imported cases and health care systems across europe are under strain from the pandemic with hospitals in fantasy capital now for 2 planes carrying supplies to restock spain's hospitals have arrived while italy has extended its lockdown until mid april. now france has reported a record 509 coronavirus tests in the last 24 hours as grim new records continue to be set residents are growing more and more desperate for tests and any potential
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treatment medical experts say now know the need is urgent but they're warning that safety hasta come 1st at ash about the reports some in the southwest of france. in the southern french city of mass say hundreds of people queue outside a hospital specializing in infectious diseases off to doctors offered to test anyone worried that they have coronavirus all it just to sit through the test is very quick swab in the nose and it's all we can take to within 48 hours if we declare positive and if they don't contact you. we have fever burning sensations in our chest coughing and headaches french health authorities of only authorised testing critically ill patients spot the head of this hospital says widespread testing can help stop the spread of the corona virus professor didio role is also leading the charge and from as for the use of chloroquine to treat. patients he
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says the decades old drug commonly used against malaria can be effective in reducing symptoms when combined with an antibiotic we have reserved which are significant to show that iraq's interim in its clearing is a virus from a respiratory system probably making said people are no more containers. no more sick and dying as you try soon even. increase efficiency the professor's claims that curry queen can treat the corona virus have been widely publicized in france and as a result some pharmacists say that they've been inundated with requests for the drug but france's drug safety agency says that people should not self medicate the agency says at least 2 dozen patients reported undesirable side effects often taking chloroquine. there are risks that apply to everyone so you have to be very wary of taking this product without a prescription and without strict medical supervision sort but the french
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government's position on the drug had been unclear until last week when the french health minister said only doctors in hospital should decide on whether to use it local say the high council of public health recommends that this treatment should not be used unless there is a decision to use it by doctors under strict medical supervision for seriously ill hospitalized patients the high council excludes any prescription for the general public or phenomena severe forms at this stage exclude these 800 patients in france are taking part in new european trials of experimental drugs to treat coronavirus including chloroquine as coronavirus cases rise in france finding a treatment is clearly o.j. and but medical experts warn that safety must not be compromised natasha butler al-jazeera france. now early testing is thought to be one of the reasons why germany's fatality rates remains low around one percent african firm cases in the
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country have resulted in deaths compare that to italy where the rate is more than 11 percent german scientists are said to started developing a test for the virus late last year as soon as it took hold in china and while nations are extending lockdowns to stop the spread of the corona virus sweden's response has divided opinion some schools remain open and large gatherings where still allowed as recently as last week a scandinavian country has more than 4000 infections and 180 deaths all restrict hoarse from stockholm. just. weeks after the 1st coronavirus case was confirmed in sweden life appears very much as normal in the cities and towns. people are still allowed to gather in groups of up to 50 while isolation is a question of free will the so-called swedish model getting support at least on the streets. but i think there'd have the right positions like having your schools open and so on as long as you wash your hands and keep
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a distance it's feels like if you're not in the risks then you should be out it's difficult to see so far so good primary schools remain open after the health agency said it doesn't believe children are strong transmitters of covert 19 testing of which has been minimal with measures to increase it only announced on tuesday beginning with hospital staff a letter criticizing the hands off approach was signed by 2000 people in sweden's medical community but plenty supported as well. in most countries politicians take the decisions and they want to enforce strict looked on and show strength in sweden the leading politicians including the prime minister told that we should trust the experts. the opposite strategy to have a complete lockdown is not sustainable and the worst thing is that the epidemic you might hear back again in the lesson learned from history is that we should do
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everything we can to avoid the 2nd and the 3rd way here in the ring could be area of stockholm many believe they are in the firing line of the 1st wave after a number of somali elders were among the 1st to die from coronavirus. swedish somali community leaders are worried about places like ring could be where social and economic problems make people especially vulnerable to the virus and its knock on effects the somali youth organization has been spreading awareness of the pandemic in older people's mother tongues but fear it may be far from enough the throats. people live very close together many have underlying health problems and that means many can die they don't have anywhere they can escape to if the virus spreads for was books. for those with the means some houses on stock homes archipelago providing extreme isolation with some swedes deciding to stay for
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months while the crisis passes the world is fighting a virus that can infect anybody anywhere sweden is hoping its own strategy in this battle proves to be the right paul reese al-jazeera stock i'm. a nearly $3000.00 sailors aboard a u.s. aircraft carrier will be taken off the ship by friday as navy official struggled to quarantine crew members about $100.00 sailors onboard the theodore roosevelt have tested positive for corona virus its captain told the pentagon that the virus has spreading uncontrollably the vessel is now docked in a u.s. territory. iran has shut its sponsors and deployed police to try and stop people gathering to celebrate the last day of its new year festival the country's kovi 1000 death toll has passed 3000 all into city travel has been banned until at least april 8th but the government has so far avoided a full scale lockdown more than 47500 infections have been confirmed in iran.
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in lebannon the cabinet has approved financial aid for knowing and those lost their jobs during it but the coronavirus outbreak there is deepening what was already the country's worst economic crisis in decades is in a harder has more from. it's a desperate time for a growing number of lebanese those willing and able to help are stepping in by providing food to the poor a nationwide stay at home order to contain the coronavirus is putting further hardship on an already struggling population we have so many calls would imagine people starving there were no we were starving only food people asking for medication people asking for milk for their children and diapers i wish that we can get that done for them but we are so limited with raising money is hard in a country where according to the world bank 45 percent of the population live below the poverty line the pandemic could not have come at a worse time for this nation of 6000000. is bankrupt opponents of those in power
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blame them for decades of mismanagement. but the 1st really be it because. of the government of the politicians they are unable to help the poor but we feel we need to play a role even if the limited capabilities. the government is promising to do all it can but prime minister has santiago has acknowledged the state is struggling to deal with the fallout from the pandemic in the ministry we are hoping. 15000 households are giving them food vouchers but as you know we have huge challenges in lebanon we have many many economic problems financial problems many warn businesses may permanently close tens of thousands have already lost their jobs in recent months the government says it prioritized people's health over the economy when it ordered the lock down and wants to prevent another crisis officials
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are trying to slow down the. section rate so as not to overwhelm underfunded hospitals. so for corona virus cases have not been increasing at an alarming rate but keeping people at home is not easy especially in poor regions like tripoli this is lebanon 2nd largest city but more than half of its nearly 800000 people have been living in poverty for years as if we are opening 0 shops because we survive on daily wages but people are only buying their basic needs we ask the rich to stand by the pool as the crisis continues leads are growing while more people sink into poverty so to beirut iraq's cabinet has met via video link for the 1st time as it battles the coronavirus and a political crisis the meeting was chaired by deputy prime minister to meir god on who's leading a caretaker government iraq's been without a prime minister since to abdel mahdi resigned in november. now one of the world's
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biggest sporting tournament says another casualty of coronavirus the wimbledon tennis championships have been cancelled for the 1st time since world war 2 the grand slam tournament was set for 2 weeks in june and july now like the olympics and the european football championship sports fans will have to wait until next year the wellings has more. this is a long tennis tournament there's a very. very ill wind out of crime such a tournament it's not like the french open least have the hope having which should yield the tender taking that's all there is hope there. with the us open for wimbledon it's not just the tournament the entire gospel sales being cancelled there is the prospect of any tennis for some considerable time and there is no organized set up and there's a likelihood from the u.k. government that this will continue for many months we must act responsibly now they
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only know how to generate huge profits from newton so it's not a needy organization this is something that hasn't happened cancellation. since the 2nd world war. or any of her again i'm fairly ratable with the headlines on al-jazeera the death toll in the us from the coronavirus is now more than 5000 present donald trump is considering limiting domestic and rail travel between hotspots many state governors and of painting they do not have enough equipment to deal with the spread of the outbreak were building thousands we were fairly soon be in a point where we have far more than we can years even after we start file for some future catastrophe which we hope doesn't happen we're going to be distributed them the actress around the world will go to italy will go to france will go to spain
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which is and you know very hard if. a chinese county near the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak is under lockdown after several new cases were reported authorities fear they could be a 2nd wave of infections following an uptick in imported cases the u.k. has experience its deadliest day of the coronavirus pandemic with 563 people dying the government says it hopes to prioritize testing for frontline staff within weeks more than 2000 health care workers have been infected can i just make it clear in the prime minister has been very clear about this is this well is it increasing testing capacity is absolutely the government's top priority we know it 10000 tests a day we really know edition networks of labs and testing sites and in terms of ph d. the last 2 weeks 390000000 products have been distributed and of course we will continue
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to do me and work to make sure that ph is available as you know there is a hotline which is available 24 hour hotline for n.h.s. staff as well for health care systems across europe are under strain from the pandemic with hospitals in france capital now full to planes carrying supplies to restock spain's hospitals have arrived while italy has extended this lockdown until mid april and authorities in india are scrambling to trace people who attended a village just gathering in new delhi at least 2500 muslims from india and overseas where there about 113 sections have been lengths to the gathering where the 7 people dead. you have to say with the headlines on al-jazeera the bottom line is next. one of the most highly regarded journalists in the philippines is facing charges of some anybody. what impact will the trial have on journalism in the digital age of the philippines the trial of journalist maria ressa on al-jazeera.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a couple of questions why do almost half of americans not vote and what does this say about the legitimacy of america's leaders and political system let's get to the bottom line. america prides itself as one of the world's great democracies in a vibrant democracy everyone has a say in how they're governed so how can we explain why more than 100000000 americans simply don't vote more than 40 percent of the eligible population and why does america rank almost dead last when it comes to turnout rates in developed countries what does this disengagement mean for the policies in legislation in this country and what does it mean for the future of america's democracy fortunately we're joined by people who have been.


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