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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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cupful and i mean large and open for the newest. al-jazeera world goes in search of the truth about the 2 new zealand independence fighter the last how should they take. on al-jazeera. but. coronavirus rocks the u.s. economy more than 10000000 people are now applying for unemployment benefits. and how my head's in this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. all's biggest one day rally the price surges on the hoops of a russian society packed. spain's somber milestone 10000 people killed by covert 19.
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and boris johnson out there clapping for carers britain's streets are filled with the falls right night for the national health service workers. for the economic devastation caused by the krona virus is becoming clearer with the u.s. announcing a major rise in the unemployment rates a record 6600000 americans a point for unemployment benefits for the 1st time in the past week that's 3000000 more than the week before some 10000000 people in total in the u.s. still benefits in march there was a similar story over in spain the locked down there has cause more than 800000 redundancies last month many of them seasonal workers such as those in the hard hit
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tourism industry and 3 and a half 1000000 spaniards don't have a job or toll and the number of british people applying for government benefits is 10 times higher than normal almost a 1000000 brits claimed universal credit in the last c. weeks and that's despite a stimulus package aimed at preventing layoffs well let's get more now on the situation in the u.s. we can turn to complete whole kits she joins us live now from washington and kimberly those are staggering figures from the u.s. and this comes after that initial package was was passed in the. yeah it's a pretty bleak picture and unfortunately we believe it's just a sort of a sliver of the bigger pie in terms of unemployment numbers and here's why you already reported there are now in the last 2 weeks more than 10000000 people that have claimed unemployment insurance but those are the people who could actually
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file they could actually go online or they could get into an office or make a telephone call to make that claim we're hearing that many people were unsuccessful in doing so because there were so many claims so what we're hearing is the actual number when it's finally all reported when everyone's able to make their claims it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 46000000 people that is tens of millions of americans who overnight saw their jobs disappear and we should point out may not see them return because we're already hearing for example in the restaurant industry that one of 4 of those jobs is never coming back we also know that in the travel sector that many people may be unlikely to plan a trip because they're nervous about coronavirus not being completely eradicated around the world and this means those in the hospitality industry or in the travel industry are also not going to see their jobs come back so already the white house congress talking about another rescue package just on the heels of passing that 2.2
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trillion package late last week that will be called recovery and it will create jobs specifically rebuilding america's infrastructure but that is still a long way off right now people are still filing those jobless claims there certainly are is terrible news for the trumpet ministration this time but there has been some movement in terms of the oil price represents something to boost to the president. yeah i mean he's taking claim for what looks like a hopeful sign it's not a done deal just yet but the u.s. president got people pretty excited in the oil markets with the suggestion that he had because of a conversation with russian leader vladimir putin and the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan that in fact they were able to put together some sort of truce or broker a deal that would mean the end to this price war that we've been seeing right now essentially the u.s. president tweeting that as a result of this call he expected this oversupply that exists right now in these
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markets that oil production would be cut by 10000000 to 15000000 barrels why is this good because already we've had the instability as a result of coronavirus on the economic side and we've also seen this in the oil markets we've had the issue of supply that has been affected also demand that has been affected that's our prices drive down already we're seeing positive signs it just of the suggestion of the resolution of this crisis the price of cruise has risen on the news we've also seen that in the stock market as well but again this is not finalized the u.s. president said he's meeting with oil producers or oil companies tomorrow and over the weekend we'll see if we can get a clearer picture of what exactly has been resolved but at least for now a hopeful sign ok kimberly holcomb prayers all the very latest there from the united states thank you so much for joining us from washington. now the u.k. has pledged to carry out its 100th functions crew numerous times parody by the end of april after several days of intense scrutiny over failures and testing the
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health secretary matt hancock said he was sensing a new 5 pillar strategy 569 been reported in the u.k. in the past 2 and a home or beliefs for months and britain's numbers are increasing exponentially with the death toll doubling every 3 days makeshift morgues are being built like this one on an ice rink in milton keynes to meet those group. meanwhile frontline health care workers continue to make hurried preparations where personal protection equipment is in short supply as it widely is they're fashioning solutions from hardware shops even resorting to seaside snorkels and schools science class goggles the government insists millions of items are in the delivery pipeline but in many places they aren't arriving quickly enough i am now setting the goal of $100000.00 tests per day by the end of this month that is the goal
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and i am determined that we will get that. testing is another crucial part of the u.k. government's response that for now is wanting this is a drive through testing center in an ikea car park in north west london it's one of 5 across the country finally allowing frontline health care staff to get a test for covert 19 if they're self isolating at home with symptoms and find out whether they've actually got the disease and if they haven't to allow them to get back to work quickly we spoke to one national health service worker who just been tested she didn't want to be identified by mckinsey man so i was moved to the crisis and imaginative and. out to people that would supply weight only $700.00 everybody's very ethical to slam into. a lot of i think lots of energy is going to get here already. they're going to come dancing with critics saying it's too little
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too late it's emerged that private research labs who have valuable testing equipment and expertise have so far had their offers to help rebuffed by the government well i think it's not a question of criticising or to criticising sequester policy the government must either have the goals that they do not need or do not want help from the sort of decentralized university laps around the country or their policies that would be useful and i'm not in a position to know how those polls it is going to the girl but my feeling is that's where they need to be clear either we're part of the solution or we're not and here comes the sun it's not all bad news the famous crossing at abbey road studios got a new lick of paint in the unusual absence of beatle fans taking selfies ready for life after coronavirus don't know how al-jazeera london. secor silver linings where we can find them but it has been another day of grim news regarding
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the coronavirus in countries across europe nick parker tells us more. or. window on a worsening crisis in this paris intensive care unit it's a race against time to save lives. but healthcare workers of the strain hospitals are overwhelmed. the french military's airlifted some patients to other regions and even in neighboring germany and switzerland spain hits another grim milestone on thursday as the number of deaths there past 10000 the country's cut 900000 jobs since impose strict measures to fight the virus. in hard hit northern italy a deep cleans on the way by specialist teams from russia moscow sent plane loads of aid to the country a kremlin p.r. exercise almost certainly but one that's raised questions about the e.u.'s ability
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to support member states meanwhile the moscow red square was off limits a surrounding street was sprayed clean president putin's ordered people to stay off work until the end of april to control the spread. responded to mounting pressure for help on thursday with a proposal to borrow more than $100000000000.00 to protect a huge jobs the commission chief said it was time for an economic marshall plan for europe many companies are now left with no income and if we do nothing they have to lay off their workers the employees. and this has as a consequence when the engine will restart when the world economy will restart they will not have the skilled workforce they need to take the office so we will lose markets and this will limit our recovery in the u.k. no longer an easy there's been a surge in the number of people relying on
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a burgeoning sea food banks 950000 people have applied for welfare support 10 times the average over a 2 week period this is british airways says it was suspending 80 percent of its workforce that's $32000.00 cabin and ground crew who now have most of their salaries paid by the government more than a quarter of all british firms have now star. this is a crisis within a crisis some of the biggest economies in europe are all men knees ill prepared for this on relenting virus the barca. a 600000 chinese people have been locked down after new infections were reported near china's hu jia province where the coronavirus pandemic 1st began but in one life is gradually returning to normal after work with ortiz lifted
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a team and locked and there they are expected to lift the travel ban on the city itself in april laura burton manley special port. thank you will han is back a street sign signals the end of self isolation in a city where the corona virus outbreak 1st emerged but body temperature texas strict and local authorities urged people to avoid gatherings is a city slowly coming back to life restaurants have opened but only for delivery not yet to set him a whore. or we were severely affected by the 2 month closer due to corona virus we are now trying to compensate for the losses but at the same time we take all preventative measures. people are once again using public transport about 80 percent of the city's workforce are returning but locals are still concerned. about i am still worried about the infection as the virus 1st spread from work on i
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dare not use public transportation because i've heard of infected cases but without symptoms it's been 2 months since people here were 1st told to self isolate now their merge from the home slowly and tentatively fears of a 2nd wave infection a very much on people's minds especially as many infected people still don't show symptoms of the disease nor about a manly al-jazeera. so to come here and i'll just era. dead. they will be presidents is condemned for a shoot to kill order on coronavirus curfews. and forced from their homes by the dead's dorrian city where there are just too many bodies to bury.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast we start in europe where we've got fine conditions across many areas with an air of high pressure sitting here or unsettled weather further towards the north driving more very unseasonal weather across parts of norway to northern parts of the u.k. so there's your forecast through friday temperatures still not great london temperley intent was still struggling at 9 degrees lot of cloud under this area of high pressure for the north looking quite cool and unsettled further south well looking better now has been looking dry and find highs of 16 we've got this area of low pressure giving some breaks of rain across parts of greece in particular but you notice we've got quite a conditions across our here in pledge of madrid they're looking at highs of 16 moving through into suffolk for many areas dry conditions but still very unsettled across greece into the gnc some quite stormy weather is likely here as we take a wider look at the weather conditions across africa still pretty unsettled for parts of algeria through into tunisia windy around the gulf assert scattered
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showers likely across parts of west africa movie across that more southern portions of the continent we've got heavy showers extending across angola down through into and through into south africa but it should stay largely dry for cape town. all i worked as stay with my stay of my wife rest internment and mass indoctrination your children are now in a process of reeducation who are chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance who are being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in jiang investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. the all
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the all the all. great minds are all the headlines here on al-jazeera the economic impacts of the coronavirus is becoming clearer record 6600000 americans died from employment benefits for the 1st time in the past week that's 3000000 more than the week before spain has reporters another new high in the number of daily deaths from the virus 150 people have died in the past 24 hours taking the country's top talk to more than 10000. and global war prices have surged in history u.s. president on the trump said he expected russia and saudi arabia to end their futures prices jumps up and 30 percent that's the biggest one day rally in history
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. that the president of the philippines has ordered soldiers and police to shoot anyone who violates the mandatory month long look tied were to go to turkey issued the warning after a protest by villagers complaining about the lack of food or i mean. if you want shooting sure if you want her saying i want his or takes my orders or for the police the military and the villages in case these trouble end is an occasion with a fight or your life is $0.03 shoot them so let this be a warning to follow government at this time because it's really critical that we have order. all jamail and organise in manila she says rights groups are warning the government against relying too heavily on law enforcement to contain the virus . this comes after a group of residents came out in one of the bigger cities here basically had like
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a lightning protest saying that they had not received any food or any sort of assistance from a local mayor here that has triggered the mass arrests more than 20 were arrested yesterday here in manila and a few hours later the president appeared in the recorded message basically threatening and giving clearance for police to shoot anybody that will value violate his clearance his lockdown. rules here across the region of luzon the rights groups are saying basically that the problem with the government is that it is approaching this pandemic mainly through law enforcement where according to police more than 17000 filipinos have already been arrested since the lockdown more than 2 weeks ago many are arrested for minor offenses such as violation of curfew manipulation of prices and hoarding but you know largely this has been accepted by the public basically what rights groups are saying is asking the government again to not approach this pandemic the same way that the president
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has also approached his so-called drug war for the last 3 years through brutal law enforcement. policy apart from looking at this as a societal health issue well let's get more now on the record oil price surge showing the minnows to discuss this in smaller share turkey knees and experts in global oil production kids happy with is here on all just syria and we've been hearing the president trump a spoken. loser saudi arabia and president vladimir putin and he's saying expect serbia really in russia in an oil war dramatically cut production or do you think this will. you know i think it would see it is history repeating itself we have had in 1986 vice president george bush who actually flew and went to saudi arabia and audience with the king at the time when he said in a press conference that those nothing to do with oil and in fact it was and was
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forcing open at the time to go with the world price at collapse to do something and 199-1900 president clinton said bill richardson energy secretary did the same thing going around and in the story has been happening so many times so when there is excess oil in the market something has to be done if we leave it the price will collapse investments would be a good used and so within the next $2.00 or 3 is that rich shortage of went because there would be no activity on bringing your oil on the stream at this time is much more serious because of the crisis due to corona epidemic of it and they make then the man for in the consumption of oil in these months in these weeks has fallen by estimates vary by about 10 to 25000000 barrels a day out of 100 so 2025 percent of or oil demand has fallen and when there's a decrease you know any man the simple an excess supply as we are now. then the
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price of oil and the price of oil will fall and will collapse with all the consequences so something has to be done and again going by historically it is the producers who have to manage and do it you know i think states had done it before historically it be the texas trade with commission and the alberta state government that had done it about a year or 2 ago over there with their oil companies heavy oil producers also managing and this time it is it is opec and nano pick countries is not only russia it includes also mexico by john and others together with so that area and there is of opec to manage and. do something to get the price higher to morey's the role is all for the industry and for the consumers as a whole sorry to cut you off that. if this happens here would you say blink 1st do you think this is just a master stroke by donald trump to it's
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a sweep in and fix this problem or to you think either russia or saudi arabia one of them had to backtrack because as you say the system is completely unsustainable . and yet including in the past history repeating there have been uses stand offs and face saving solution who would blink 1st but through diplomacy somehow our way a story has come up and they have met the 2 sides whether it was saudi arabia and so venezuela or in this case russia and saudi arabia and the rest all big and they have reason i mean you see the united states is both a producer of oil and a consumer so as a consumer he wants the price to be down president trump wants a price to be down for his reelection the price of gas being at the palms in the united states but also it has the united states has the major big oil production an oil industry they shape produces in texas north dakota and others that are hundreds
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of thousands and there are small producers many of them not one of them the majors or the majors having a major contribution and it is imbalance that the united states would wish always to have to have the price of war to sort out its industry cannot that's not collapse and disappear its oil production industry several times on the other hand also for the consumers to be happy and this balance is also what hope it once because they also want to have a reasonable price to keep the market there all the time to have consumers but if the price is too high and it would lose consumers naturally what prices are and where it is too hard down then the oil industry would suffer and so much consequences economically especially for ok countries for poor oil producing countries nigeria and others as well as of course the states in the united states ok eric draitser your thoughts thank you so much that's not a sure it's a keen joining us to discuss the global production events thank later those are 2.
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of the hospitals and morgues in ecuador are feeling the strain of the coronavirus many are filled to capacity and that means relatives of the deaths are waiting days for bodies to be collected and parents john home and let's move. i mean this family is stuck outside of their house because their dead relatives inside and has been for some time the limosine believe in and though we have been waiting for 5 days we're tired of calling 911 and the only thing they say is to wait every more. it's something that's happening across quite killed in ecuador many bodies have simply been left in the street the collapse of funeral services to cemeteries and a curfew has meant that many aren't able to bury their dead in the thirty's are struggling to help a little. every day we're getting hundreds of calls from people and guy aqil who have their dead loved ones in their houses their cars their neighborhoods others
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were turned back and told to take this others didn't even get ventilators or oxygen tanks. the country's been among the worst hit by the corona virus in latin america and why kill its largest city is at the epicenter it's around 30 degrees here it doesn't quite fit the theory that he can stop it on tuesday the man himself in isolation with the virus announce more emergency measures really you will be made did they the 1st of the 4 large refrigerated containers i arrived at the bus at the bodies of the people who lost their lives inside the hospitals or who also lost their lives in their homes she also promised extra beds for medical staff and emergency food kids. but many are far from happy with the national government. and this was the health minister till a week and a half ago she resigned saying it lacked the resources to deal with the pandemic. where to relatives around he's suffering living in poverty supposedly the government says that here they will help her and they've given up that you know
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that everything they say is a lie everything is just blah blah blah blah meanwhile people wait outside why kills overwhelmed hospitals not knowing if their loved ones will come out alive will be added to the long list of the dead john heilemann how does either. well as we saw earlier in the bulletin 6600000 americans have sought some employment benefits for the 1st time in this past week alone rosslyn jordan has been talking to some of the people if lost their job soon the 4 whites from the pandemic. alley nelson cared for her family with a good job. working as an optician in washington d.c. that is until her employer laid her off we stayed open zone's weak and so you know it just got to be too much and. we missed and you know we're going to have to shut down. and so further notice and so that's kind of where we're at right now. not.
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even so we're not getting nelson as part of the nearly 3300000 americans who filed for unemployment claims in late march government economists think the covert 19 pandemic could put as many as a 3rd of americans out of work those most at risk the $67000000.00 who work in the service sector the so-called gig economy and the entertainment industry. all that analysis had been living the dream in los angeles voice over work dancing acting but with social distancing well the norm it's almost impossible for ant analysis to teach or perform so it's pretty scary. somehow which is. depressing and. this is scary. so depression. right. what i'm
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saying coming through and i can explain it. michael hicks of ball state university in indiana says the pandemic will force some workers to find new careers so i think there's going to be a lot of reprogramming by individuals from those occupations that you were maybe your skill into or ice. or other fields and changing careers for nelson who's already in health care may not happen but she says people have a new understanding of what it means to survive this is a proof that people are living paycheck to paycheck you know. and people are prepared for it you know even. hoping the crisis does lead to a more systemic economic change in society rosalyn shorten al-jazeera washington twitter has removed more than 2500 accounts from an egypt based network known as el
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fucker sources said the group created fake accounts to broadcast messages critical of iran cutter and turkey they believe the group was taking direction from the egyptian government the prime suspects jailed for the kidnapping and murder of journalist daniel pearl is expected to be released a pakistani courts overturned the murder conviction of british born middlemarch saeed shaikh but managed maintained rather that he helps with the kidnapping 3 other men have been acquitted problems working for the wall street journal investigating a pakistani rebel group when he was killed in 2002. guineas when party has won a majority in last month's disputed election the vote took place on the same day as a constitutional referendum which critics say paved the way for president african day to stay in power for a further 20 years both poles were boycotted by the country's opposition leader. and finally to pay tribute to those on the front lines fighting the coronavirus
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people across europe have been clapping for their carers sleights britain did it for the 2nd time. and the next era selfie of falls from doorsteps and gardens across the u.k. all social supports for girls working to combat the coronavirus. the without jazeera here's a quick reminder of the top stories this evening the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus is becoming clearer with the u.s. and others in a major rise in the unemployment rate a record 6600000 americans applied for unemployment benefits for the 1st time in the past week that's 3000000 more than the week before 10000000 saw benefits in march spain has reported another new high in the number of daily deaths from corona
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virus 150 people died in the past 24 hours taken the country's top all to more than 10000 and while italy has registered 760 more deaths from coronavirus bringing their total to almost $14000.00. the u.k. has reported 569 new fatalities in the past day the british health minister who's just out of self isolation of self has held to the government's daily news conference this thursday the u.k. he says is aiming to test 100000 people every day by the end of april but matt hancock said not all the tests he had recommended were reliable. and there's a challenge to making sure that the public can have confidence in tests several of the tests that we're currently checking have failed in one case
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a test that i'm being urged to by missed 3 out of 4 positive cases of coronavirus that means in 3 quarters of cases that test would have given the false comfort of sending someone with coronavirus back on the wards approving tests that don't work is dangerous and i will not do it. 600000 people in china are in lockdown after new infections reported near who a province where the corona virus outbreak began the cases have further raised fears of a 2nd wave infections and global oil prices surged after president donald trump said he expected russia and saudi arabia to end their oil feuds prices jumped well and 30 percent the biggest one day rally in history that's yet to date stay with us and al-jazeera this stream is up next.
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i thought me ok and joy in the stream research shows that exposure to reading material early in a child's life has both an immediate effect on the capillary general knowledge and comprehension skills. studies have also shown that nonwhite children who see their own identities and experiences reflected have higher self-esteem better social emotional functioning and increased classroom engagement so then why is it that there's such a dearth of children's books that include diverse characters with diverse attributes this info off summarizes well things are in the us.


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