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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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context these are the things in storytelling around the biggest issues. have to do you should do it again. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.n. renews its call for a global ceasefire to help combat the coronavirus pandemic the need these urgent the coffee 1000 storm is now coming to all the sea there's of course. an emergency getting bigger by the day and what's become the epicenter of the virus the united states. the mayor of turkey's biggest city calls for
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a full lockdown and warns time is running out to contain the virus. almost right for plucking a straight in farmers fear their fruits will rot they can't get enough workers. into the sport as the premier league clubs announce they will not consult with their players about taking a 20 percent 30 percent a bigger part in pay cuts to help in the fight against the global health crisis. so that the united nations says 70 countries that's more than a 3rd of the world have endorsed its call for a global cease fire as corona virus spreads at an alarming rates around the globe warring parties in libya in syria in yemen and 8 other conflict zones say they're willing to lay down their arms the u.n. chief warns a lot more needs to be done. there is
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a huge distance between declarations and deeds between translating words into peace on the ground and in the lives of people there are enormous difficulties to implementation a scornfully to fester for years distrust these deep with many spoilers and many suspicions we know that any additional gains are fragile and easily reversible and in many of the most critical situations we have seen no letup in fighting and some conflicts ever even intensified we need the robust diplomatic efforts to meet these challenges to silence the guns we must raise the voices for peace let's face right away to our diplomatic editor james bays who's at the un then james the u.n. as the secretary reiterating the urgent need for warring parties across the world to play down their arms. yeah you made this call 10 days
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ago the u.n. says that felt it was absolutely vital because they are concerned that the places that have been the places have been worst affected so far from code 19 are places with reasonably robust medical systems and the places that haven't been affected yet tend to be in the developing world and particularly conflict zones they are worried about the impact of this for example in central african republic where there are for 5000000 people 3 ventilators and for that reason the u.n. has pushed this call and actually the u.n. i think has been quite positively surprised by this call from a global ceasefire it's resonated we've had others who have echoed the call most notably the pope but also the campaign organization has now got. some 1000000 people who've signed their petition and we've seen some of the warring parties and some of these conflicts backing the idea but as you heard the secretary
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general there say you can make gains but they are easily reversible it's not just the fact that they are worried about these places they see a window of opportunity because some of these are very long festering conflicts and perhaps something could come good out of this very difficult situation for the world and that's why i think the secretary has come out a 2nd time to make this call 10 days after the 1st time the secretary general is likely to echo this in the coming days because the u.n. security council has been pretty paralyzed in the opening days of this virus and the response of the virus is finding ways to work again and we're going to see the secretary this security council meeting in semi public session from next week it looks like the secretary general we want to those who will be addressing the section of the security council sometime next week. i don't thanks very much indeed james bays there at the u.n. in another part of the city in new. cuomo is giving his thing it could have been
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1000 briefing at let's let them try to weigh although they had a lot of different opinions while they were doing the constitution the one thing they agreed with was the pluribus unum out of many one. and it was good advice then it's even better advice today. the curve continues to go up the number of tests has reached a new high we did over 21000 tests. thank you to our great health department we have over 10000 new cases 102000 total tested positive 14000 hospitalized 3700 i.c.u. patients 8800 patients discharge that's good news the number of deaths highest single increase in the number of deaths since we started
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23022900 deaths. you see the totality for new york state 102000 new jersey california remember when this started new york had. airports that were designated entry zones this is an international destination international hub we have people coming from across the world. sooner and had a higher rate than anyone else. total hospitalization 1400 it's also a new high. daily i.c.u. admissions is down a little bit but you had more deaths you have more people coming into hospitals
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than any other night also more people going out which is obviously the evan the flow that's coming in and out of the hospital system. the hot spots we now track on a nightly basis how many people go into what facility so we can track the increase. in what's happening you see an increase in new york city as we know certain communities in frankly more new york city than other communities but you also see an increase on long island. which is something we're concerned about long island does not have as a lab or a health care system as new york city we don't have the same amount of resources on long island and we see an increase in the number of cases on long island and that has this very concerned supplies p. p. e. r. in short supply as they are of course the country we need companies to make the
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materials it is it is unbelievable to me that in new york state in the united states of america we can't make these materials and that we are all shopping china to try to get these materials and we're all competing against each other these are not complex materials and we will work with new york manufacturers will finance the transition necessary to make these materials i mean we talk about them as if they're very complicated this is an end 95 maps this is it. it was $0.70 before the start it's now as high as $7.00 but this is all that in and $95.00 mask is. it's fabric it's material the f.d.a. has the specifications and then it's 2 pieces of the last the court it can't be
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that we can't make these this is a gown we call them down because this is a gallon. that. there's nothing sophisticated about the manufacturer of this garment. not that the growth of the gone is not the sophisticated about the material it can't be bad companies in this country and in this state can't transition to make those supplies quickly again i understand if there's a financial burden we will address that and we will work with you so please contact us. javits is going to be converted to a covert facility the original plan was to use javits javits is a state convention center it was retrofitted by the army corps of engineers to hold 2500 people the original plan was that it would not take covert patients covert
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positive patients it would take non covert patients and it would be an overflow for hospitals as it turns out we don't have non cope with people to any great extent in the hospitals. hospitals have now turned into affectively i.c.u. hospitals for covert patients so we wanted to convert javits from non covert to cove it. the it's federally run. frankly the federal agencies were not eager to do that fema was not eager to do that i called the president i spoke to him about it yesterday morning that afternoon yesterday afternoon the president called me back said he spoke to the task force they would grant the request to transition the coal javits center to
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probate only that is and it's 2500 beds so that is a very big deal and i thank the president for doing it he did it despite the fact that the federal agencies were not eager to do it and he did it quickly. so i thank him for that it's a big deal for us we're still challenging the challenge of ventilators we don't have enough period the system is the situation is very simple now people come in the room most all covert people ironically the number of non cove aid cases has dropped because so many things are shut down that you don't have the same number of boat immobile accidents of people getting hit by cars you don't have the same crime rates so you don't have the same number of trauma cases coming into a hospital. they are covert cases and. many of them
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go right to the i.c.u. in the i.c.u. you need a ventilator and if you don't have a ventilator the process stops and we don't have enough and the layers we're doing everything possible splitting a ventilators using bipap machines by this new protocol using the anesthesia ventilators where talking to the federal government to be as helpful as they can from the federal stockpile but in truth i don't believe the federal stockpile has enough to help all of the states because you can't buy the material at this point we're still trying to buy from china we're working with ali baba which has been very very helpful to us i spoke to jack ma and mike evans who is the president and they have been personally gracious and very very helpful in
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trying to get us to source material from china but we're going to have to redeploy . ventilators from across the system in other words there are hospitals that have ventilators there are hospitals that have p.p. equipment there are private sector companies that have p. p. e. equipment that they are not using that we're going to need to redeploy to the places in the hospitals where we need them i had a conversation with the hospital administrator yesterday. i understand they don't want to give up their ventilators. ventilators are expensive pieces of equipment. i understand that even if they're not using them they are reluctant to see them go out the door the theory is if they. if the government gets them don't never get them back i understand that but i don't have an option
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and i'm not going to get into a situation where we know we're we are running out of ventilators and we could have people dying because there were no ventilators but there are hospitals in other parts of the state that have been to later is that they're not using. i'm just not going to allow us to go there i think it would be wholly irresponsible so that is andrew cuomo governor of new york state speaking from albany in new york state chiefly talking about the lack of materials in the state to everybody shopping against one another he said we don't have enough until 8 is reiterating this problem that they have that the was also talking about the patients almost all of the patients i see in hospitals occurring to patients in interesting fact so many things have shut down
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he said we're not seeing the same amount of car accidents or crime so therefore the trauma cases as many almost all cases are corona cases let's bring in chris and sue me who's standing by has been listening in and all the while kristen the numbers still making grim reading absolutely the number escaped continued to rise yesterday for the 1st time the number of deaths in a day topped 1000 and of course new york remains the epicenter. sorry about that we've got technical issues a lot of our correspondents are speaking from the homes in isolation from the homes of those who got a problem with kristen's connection that we will try to get back to kristen a bit later. now the u.s. as a whole is scrambling to control the outbreak nearly 1200 people died in the united states on thursday the worst in a single day anywhere on the globe wartime powers are being used in the u.s.
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to get the needed equipment to hospitals president donald trump has invoked the defense production act ordering private companies to make mosques ventilators and other medical equipment. joins us now from washington d.c. and kimberly 1200 fatalities in 24 hours troubling numbers. yeah these are troubling numbers and there's still a lot of confusion as americans are listening to these numbers in terms of how to proceed if they do have to go outside their home while there isn't a national stay at home order in effect about 2 thirds or more of americans have been ordered to stay in their homes in the united states but they're still allowed to go out for essential slike whether they need food or medicine and that brings the question whether they should be wearing a mask as we've seen for example in israel now citizens have been told that they need to do so this is a question that continues to pop up at the white house briefings at the white house
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now saying that there should be clear guidance in the coming days but in the midst of all of this one of the top public health officials as saying that he believes there should be a national stay at home order something that so far the white house has been reluctant to do but the number of cases of infections in the united states now hitting close 224-6000 that number continuing to climb and in the midst of all of this is americans are struggling to figure out how to live their daily lives there's also the economic uncertainty that is continuing as well not just in the united states but globally and particularly in the oil markets and the economic advisor to the president larry kudlow has been speaking in the last hour or so about that oil spat between russia and saudi arabia once again giving insurer assurances that he believes the president has brokered some sort of a truce to end this oil spot and the essentially the president told them stop colluding as and just essentially deal with this over supply of oil that he wants
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to see a level playing field why is this important because the president's going to be talking about this with oil executives that later on this afternoon at the white house prior to his crime virus briefing that takes place at $21.00 g.m.t. right around the world of course cases are going up everywhere iran is one of the countries really struggling to cope. really struggling to cope and of course the united states's 2800 since it withdrew from that nuclear agreement to limit iran's nuclear program has put in place tough economic sanctions that we know hit the people much more than they hit the government even though the goal is to bring the government to the table and try and negotiate a new nuclear deal so in the midst of all of this the question has come up at the white house briefing in fact i brought it up myself would the president consider lifting or easing sanctions 1000 iran deals with this chronic virus crisis within
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its own borders and here's what the president had to say. he said. to the people of iran you haven't seen you continue to stand with the people of iran given the fact they're so hard hit the car to follow their very hard hit of their hair in a lot of ways that hard hit their head in with their economy with their military and with obviously the virus their very hard when you consider easing sanctions to allow medical supplies to get in they haven't even asked us to do that we know that sanctions hit the people not them down here a lot they haven't even asked us to do that if they want to remain would love to meet and would love to settle the whole thing out but i doubt they'll break them realistically how does a person in tehran pick up the phone and call i think they love america i think iranians love america i think they'd love to be free i think they'd love to have just some of the things that we have you know i remember and many years ago friends
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of mine were always in iran there were doing real estate deals in iran they were building beautiful buildings all over iran apartment houses it was they were very successful and then one day there came to an end if you don't want the people to read they remember that it was a long time ago but not so long ago and they remember it and i'll tell you they love america they love what we stand for. and we're not looking for shit we're not looking for government to take over government change you know this country's been through that many times that doesn't work for people who do encourage other countries to who are may have started to follow what i write i found what i didn't you know i put it out very 'd publicly with respect to iran and said if they need help with respect to the virus we'd love to sit with the greatest medical professionals in the world would let their studies are you encouraging perhaps to have to lend their support because there are many countries that he only encourages his kids and. they've been a very hostile country they made a deal that president obama should have never made it was a short term deal giving
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a $150000000000.00 giving them $1800000000.00 in kid. green soldiers who try to use them for all responsibility know this illusionist you. have a moral responsibility to help them if they ask if they if they needed help i would certainly consider different anything she says they need help well that's up to the united nations i'm talking about us and what happens is if they want to help because they have a very big case of virus a very very big case it one of the worst on earth if you believe what you're reading and i happen to believe what i see and what i know and if they wanted help we give them help. now we should point out that the number of infections inside iran tops 50000 with more than 3300 deaths once again you heard there the president says he will not ease sanctions we should point out though that the united states
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has offered a rod medical personnel and help but that was refused by iran's supreme leader or a committee thanks very much indeed that's a picture in washington d.c. i can be how. well we've had a month since joining the was in that we can reconnect now to kristen tsunami who's in new york and chris and we were talking about the briefing given by the governor of new york state that's andrew cuomo talking about the lack of facilities and indeed the rising numbers. absolutely new york continues to be the epicenter here in the united states new york city in particular now with more than 50000 confirmed cases and more than 1500 pay talent as the governor and the mayor of the city are both continuing to sound the alarm regarding the need for protective gear for doctors and nurses hospital beds and ventilators crucially the mayor puts a deadline next week for 2500 more ventilators and he's very concerned about
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reaching that in the government are continuing to talk right now and spend talking about his frustrations and bidding against other states to try to get what ventilators are out there he's talking about a plan to move existing ventilators from hospitals that aren't as busy to ones that are overwhelmed in order to. serve the needs there to get the capacity that they need this is all very challenging it's something that hasn't been done he said because hospitals are reluctant to give up their equipment. but this is the state of affairs for new york right now as the cases continue to grow and hospitals here in new york city in particular are overwhelmed i spoke to a doctor yesterday who said she'd never seen it so busy in the hospital that she had worked out and those numbers are only expected to grow up go up another issue right now is with the hospitals getting overwhelmed these temporary hospitals that
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have been put on line there's been concern that they are not yet being used properly whether it's the u.s. comfort the navy ship that was sent to new york or also the field hospitals that are being set up and so forth javits center a big convention center here in new york was set up. both the ship and the javits center together have about 3500 hospital beds. but they were designed as non coded hospital beds to handle overflow from the hospital so the hospitals could focus on the koven patients and may can handle non-coding patients what we just heard from the governor there really aren't many non-code in patients because people are staying home they're not on the streets they're not in their cars there's not as many accidents and not as much trauma for emergency rooms to deal with so basically what you have here in new york is some hospitals very old were
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overwhelmed and then you have these other facilities that have been set up but have very few patients in them the u.s. comfort naval ship which right this week only has 20 patients right now so what the governor is talking about doing is addressing that he said that he spoke to president trump yesterday and that the convention center which was supposed to be set up as non-coding patients would be transitioning to take more covert patients he was very thankful for the federal government for assisting in making that happen he said it was not the way it was intended to work but given the need these are the adjustments that have to be me but again ventilators equipment that it's still very much a work in progress we've got the mayor talking about a trap system for doctors from elsewhere around the country in order to bring them to new york to serve the needs of this frontline community right now as it's only expected to get worse yet the extraordinary times chris and sumi in new york thanks
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. to the united kingdom which has recorded almost 700 deaths in the past 24 hours that's up 25 percent this comes as the british government says it will test 100000 people 100000 people a day by the end of the month and a new 4000 bed emergency hospital has been opened in london and what's normally a convention center was converted in just 9 days it's get an update now from jonah hill who joins us from london and joined you all there and i believe a makeshift morgue and i imagine others being set up to prepare for what could be to come. to prepare for the coming peak that's right nick and the expected death toll behind me is as you said temporary morgue that's been set up alongside a premature room here in northwest london you can probably just make out as a car comes out there the 2 white buildings behind the green fence refrigerated
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structures to hold. bodies as and when required and is one of a number of sites in london part of a sort of localized london resilience and elsewhere in the country other places also experiencing spikes in faction and death rates at the moment birmingham is one up in the west midlands and enormous more has been built there by the government at birmingham airport with a capacity for 12000 bodies as and when required of course everyone will hope that these facilities aren't required to give you an idea of the size of the epidemic some new research has come in today which is quite interesting from scientists and researchers at imperial college london who took london's current infection numbers roughly 10000 they then projected onto those numbers the extraordinary gap in testing that's existed here since the beginning which the government is now trying to close also the large numbers expected of people suffering very mild symptoms who
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perhaps never present to the hospital and hadn't become part of the statistics and on top of that those expected to be asymptomatic carriers of the corona virus and they concluded putting all of those numbers together that in fact the infection rate in london could be up to 60 times higher than the advertised rates one in 15 people in london may have or have had coronavirus up to a maximum of some 600000 people currently extrapolate that across the country and you get the idea that this virus could be vastly more widespread across the u.k. and other countries perhaps than is currently thought it doesn't track through necessarily to death tolls of course in fact as long as the death tolls don't go up that my. i mean that the virus is in fact far less deadly than previously thought right and speaking of death tolls u.k. recorded almost 700 deaths in the past 24 hours how do these latest numbers of the number of cases tie into this anticipated trajectory and the fatalities likely to
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keep on rising for some time. right well the fatalities are absolutely likely to keep on rising for some time we're talking about the peak coming according to health secretary matt hancock possibly sooner than expected but within the next couple of weeks this is the 3rd or 4th day in a row we've seen an increase in the death toll by around about a quarter 25 percent or so still going exponentially upwards in total doubling every 3 days and that could go on for a number of weeks we hope to see i think here a flattening of the curve within a week or so after these lockdown measures begin to take effect that's what are we hoping for at least a slowdown of flattening of the curve but there's not is no getting away from the fact the numbers will keep going up for several weeks to come are generally there for the moment thanks very much of the whole in london.
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you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour and the u.n. says 70 countries have endorsed its call for a global cease fire amid the coronavirus pandemic warring parties in libya in syria and yemen and 8 other conflicts say they're willing to lay down their weapons. new york governor andrew cuomo says the state has suffered its highest daily death toll from corona virus taking the total to almost $3000.00. the united kingdom has recorded almost 700 deaths in the past 24 hours that's up nearly 25 percent it comes as the british government says it will test 100000 people a day by the end of the month and a new 4 tunnels and bed emergency hospital has been opened in london. now the mayor of turkey's largest city istanbul is urging the government to impose a full lockdown and says time is running out to hope the spread of the virus but
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its president reza type of wine is resisting demands for shutdown instead he wants businesses to remain open to protect the troubled economy istanbul has 60 percent of turkey's confirmed cases well some health experts warn that turkey could become another pandemic hotspot it has the 10th largest number of confirmed cases in the world with more than 18000 infections on thursday 79 patients died taking the total to 356 there. more than 15 and a half 1000000 people live in istanbul the city's mayor says 2000000 of them are still going about their lives as normal let's take this on we can speak to another typical fus the deputy chair of the republican people's party or c.h.p. and that's the main opposition party in turkey and he joins us on skype from istanbul right now mr civic off welcome to the program 1st of all just tell us more about how bad the situation is in istanbul and why the mayor is calling for a full. well i think that is an
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increase of the emanation and the infected every 2 days and it is the league and every day at around 7 pm local time the minister makes that statement and there is probably going to unveil the number of infected today and also he's going to give you better numbers count as you have mentioned he have close to 20000 infected all over the country and that his time will seems to be the epicenter is close to 1000 and may is probably 10000 today and the stumble may of course is lucky us in for a lockdown the reason for that is it's growing very serious exponential rate why is it a bad one that's not a that and if that decision is probably. isn't it because he doesn't want to slow
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down the economy but the economy's already down that is recession and he simply does not want to stop the whole economies stumble is the center of turkish business at that economy and that's also one of the reasons why he does that but to keep people in tow on me via heating recommendations from the governor's office that people should stay home and that's the only thing that beginning it has no enforcement of a lockdown unless this city enforcement happen i'm afraid the numbers that way continue. rising and we'll probably is in a couple of weeks of peak and a stumble it's probably going to be one of the most effective cities all over the world and its entirety right there are already as you've alluded to quite stringent restrictions in place the and but 2000000 residents are still going about their business and presumably mingling freely. that is correct that is correct
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in the part that i live in which is essentially in his temple i see people walking around and they are going to their shopping and most of the shops are still open i understand that of course because it is necessary for the daily needs of the people i have ever if this goes 'd on like that of course we are all expecting. the number of infected and in the deaths as far as the hospitals are concerned that are already more than 1000 people in the intensive care units it seems that is all for the moment is coping with the intensive care unit facilities and the hospital facilities but it is also all announced that about 65 percent of that's it care units are already full and if the exponential rate of contamination continues like that i'm afraid that this will also become a problem is so the government has introduced
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a 15000000000 dollar rescue package or do you think that's sufficient no definitely not this is this is not enough for the turkish population and quite into the standards of the economies pop up for months of beta every day unemployment rate is going and it is increasing it's not only the people who are at any particular welcome to a sense it is also the people who are working on a daily basis on the streets played sample those of the state said those who are now in jobless and that mean that affected the most severely unfortunately and the numbers which as you mentioned that have them by the government is to go into the numbers that we hear from all gathered and geez. that's the deputy chair of the republican people's party who knows that because we do appreciate your time thanks to all thank you. to spain which is recorded more than 900
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new deaths for the 2nd day in a row health authorities say 932 people died in the past 24 hours a slightly less than the number on thursday it brings spain's total to almost $11000.00. has the latest now from madrid and 900 new fatalities seems pain in the last 24 hours 2nd day in the last so you 4 hours the 2nd deadliest day since the coronavirus outbreak bringing the death toll up 211000 people infections have increased by 7400 new cases leaving it all gel or 117 positives of. 19 same surpasses eataly in the number of people infected that yesterday reduced to 1000 to 15 positives health ministry officials say we are following the radical path as we've seen a slowing number of people being hospitalized with a corner virus but spain may have reached their peak and now we may be entering
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a slow down face in summary gives us pain the i.c.u. i.q.'s are running are reaching there at the capacity of the limit of the capacity of some of them are 85 percent and transfer ministry has enabled medicalize trains in case they need to transport patients from one region to the other just like the past few weeks ago as much as her let's move on to germany where the chancellor angela merkel has ended her self quarantine after testing negative for the virus even from isolation she's been held up as an example of how world leaders should manage the pandemic health officials say early widespread testing has helped to keep the death toll relatively low came explains how germany has managed to keep the death toll as low as it has. the key here is combining widescale targeted testing with an ample provision of intensive care unit bed
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space to treat the people who test positive and develop a severe reaction and go into a critical condition as it was when the outbreak stasi germany the estimates were that germany had around 28000 intensive care unit bands available since the outbreak began and really took hold across europe germany has been able to expand or commence those i.c.u. spaces so there are now 40000 that's a 43 percent increase in bed spaces specifically in intensive care beds spaces and they've also been able to increase the number of bed spaces for those who don't tap coronavirus which means therefore that the hospitals are able to isolate the patients in most most urgent need so those people don't then as it were exposed of those to the risk of contracting the virus which is what happened in hospitals in the countries that you mentioned earlier and that's why the germans believe that
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they've been able as it were to keep not necessary to keep an id on the problem because clearly that is not the case when infections are spreading and more people are dying but they've been able to keep the mortality rate very low. from germany to poland where members of parliament a jew to vote on whether to hold next month's presidential election by postal ballot only the ruling lord justice policy says not going out of it will reduce the risk of catching a virus the opposition says voting by post is undemocratic because coronavirus restrictions will prevent them from campaigning. china's government is warning people in the city of 100 to stay indoors amid concerns over a resurgence of infections it follows the imposition of a lockdown 160-0000 residents in neighboring province china is slowly easing restrictions but countries around the region are doing the opposite fearful of new clusters of the disease emerging jessica washington now has this report. this theater in new hahn has been empty for months after weeks of being locked down in
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their homes the stage is set for residents to cautiously try to go back to their normal lives these volunteers hope to return the theater to what it was before the outbreak began in december. there are many volunteers helping the city fight the virus by teammates and i feel happy to do this because we're helping our hometown efforts to contain the virus in will hire an easing although the government advice is still to minimize activities outside the home the subway system is back in action and from next week residents can leave the city and local authorities say domestic flights will start again to everywhere except the capital beijing there's some skepticism about china's numbers and the suppose a dramatic drop in cases but as the city slowly edges closer to some kind of normalcy others around asia are doing the opposite authorities in thailand hope
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a curfew will help curb the spread of the virus in addition to the curfew late night public transport services will also be suspended in the capital bangkok. i would like to announce a nationwide curfew between 10 pm and 4 am starting from friday medical personnel bank workers those involved in necessary supplies and fuel and shift workers are exempt. time authorities have asked citizens abroad to delay their return to reduce the threat of importing the disease in singapore schools universities and all workplaces except essential services will close from next week the city state bolstered its efforts after new confirmed cases of local transmission 1st stay at home as much as possible 2nd avoid socializing with others beyond your own household gatherings should be confined to your household in australia the government says it's on top of the situation the any numbers i have
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total faith in the israeli numbers frankly because we have the highest testing right in the world the health minister says astray millions have risen to the challenge following social distancing measures that have completely transformed their lives just to washington al-jazeera now take giant google is rolling out a threat says can show which countries are complying with stay at home warns of a coded 90 minutes reports are a summary of data got it from smart phones anybody has agreed to store the location history with google can have a data used in the study and so far the information collected from 131 countries shows movement in consecrated such as grocery stores parks and workplaces for example in the united states the mobility reports show movement to retail and recreational areas has decreased by 47 percent since that home orders were issued well google says the data will not include information that can personally identify
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a person and will only be used to help public health officials here now from michael vili's electra in digital rights and regulation at the faculty of norton university college london and he says the data collected does not necessarily paint an accurate picture and has some shortcomings. and it can also be used to perhaps raise and lower lock downs in particular regions and that's what a lot of firms and governments are also looking to do with telecoms data but we have to be careful as well because not everyone has smart phones many people don't turn location services on and those who do may be of a different demographic to those who don't so this data is not necessarily a a great picture of the truth in all parts of the world or all parts of the country is the same with contact tracing apps if you design them incorrectly you can penalize individuals and even stigmatize individuals. and as i said it's able to be used by surveillance by law enforcement and for things that are completely not covert related like finding whistleblowers or own or rebel groups or people who
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threaten different government regimes in ways that we might not want to see them persecuted and we have to be very careful when we design systems like this because they can quickly become a surveillance infrastructure for a very different topic indeed well the pandemic has shown how many countries depend on seeing an old farm workers australia insulating foreign labor is extend temporary visas while encouraging its own citizens to help fill gaps in the workforce but for some farmers time is running out gates reports now from sydney. harvest is 2 weeks away on prep guthrie's postmen farm it's the busiest time of year with only a small window to pick the sweet fruit before it's trucked to markets but with the spread of coronavirus disrupting the multi-billion dollar industry he still doesn't know who will hire here to get the fruit off these trees and into the packing shed we still haven't worked out our labor supply it's changing actually every day
6:45 pm
brett's one of thousands of farmers now figuring out what the strategy is travel restrictions maine for their business and income when it comes to fruit and vegetables most farms employ seasonal foreign workers here on a short term visa the majority are backpackers but with foreigners now banned from entering a stray leah and movements restricted inside the country the question is who will replace them when the visas of those already here expire we were lost so heavily on our days of work is now seasonal work. to be involved to get. the industry is looking at whether a strongly ins laid off in other sectors due to the crosses like hospitality could stepien farmers say the logistics of that happening are complex they want the government to ensure the thousands of foreigners already here can outstay their visas to ensure food supply continues we need to keep them here in australia
6:46 pm
because this is not going to last forever and when it's over we need to make sure that our farmers can continue to pick their crops at a time when people are being told to stay indoors the other issue is making sure the movement of thousands of workers doesn't lead to a cluster of coronavirus infections this is a relatively small property of a 5 wakes to 100 tonnes of persimmons will be picked by about 16 paypal but in the coming months tens of thousands of workers will be needed right across the strayer and farmers need certainty about where they'll come from so. we. know. as much as to whether. this isn't because. life is a plot before corona virus spreads guthrie battled the threat of bushfire and drought like others he's hoping government intervention will help bear fruit for the industry until the process is always nicola gage al-jazeera sydney well this
6:47 pm
is a problem around the world tens of thousands of low paid workers that kenyan flower farms have already lost their jobs because of a lack of demand many of them a sole income earners and now don't know how they'll feed their families michael webb is this. the coronavirus hasn't yet reached grace r.t.m. is community near the town of nice russia in kenya as far as she knows but its economic impact has she earned about $100.00 a month you know job at a nearby flower farm until she was fired last week even if that not get me what is going to do so. what is going to affect is hank yeah because if i stay here for one week with my children read out food i don't want to get him going today. kenya is africa's leading producer of flowers most to export it to europe. these white roses are being harvested because they're ready
6:48 pm
they'll be thrown away not many european lovers are buying each other a bunch of these at the moment many european countries on lockdown people can't even go on dates here in kenya that means people are losing jobs this whole production line is normally full of people sorting flowers for export the industry says more than 30000 casual workers have already been sent home and tens of thousands more workers stand to lose their jobs in the weeks ahead. industry representatives spoke to journalists from a safe distance none of the prominent workers have been laid off as we speak. for another 3 or 4 weeks the next day. as a seasonal work of grace says she was among the 1st to go is now wondering how she will feed her children thousands in our community who are in the same position.
6:49 pm
there aren't many jobs here at the best of times health experts say the virus could spread rapidly in these kinds of crowded settlements maybe it already is. but the lock down and the economic decline could be even more crippling. the farmers say they'll keep growing flowers as long as they can they want to be ready to resume exports if and when the market recovers. in the meantime the flowers are laid to waste. tens of thousands of livelihoods with them malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya. some of the news now and donald trump is she meets us oil executives later on friday whose businesses have taken a hammering in recent weeks while prices have slumped because of a dispute between saudi arabia and russia and the global economic shutdown caused by current of our sickles however prices initially raised by as much as 50 percent on thursday when the us president said that riyadh and moscow were close to
6:50 pm
a deal to cut production. the american singer songwriter bill withers has died you know. this these 3 time grammy award winner everett's major hits including lovely day as well as lean on me and 8 new sunshine their own rolling stones a list of the 500 greatest songs of all time the 81 year old stopped making music in the mid 1980 s. he died from complications in los angeles and is survived by his wife and 2 children. so i had here on al-jazeera. the n.f.l. team that story what it can to help the fight against corona virus.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
or. time is born of people standing right nic thank you so much english premier league clubs will consult their players about taking a 30 percent pay cut that comes after the u.k. health minister asked football stars to play their part in the fight against coronavirus 4 teams taught them newcastle norrish in bournemouth of being criticized for continuing to pay players in full or last thing for u.k. taxpayer money to fund on playing staff wages the e.p.l. will donate $25000000.00 to britain's national health service and give more than $150000000.00 to $2.00 teams in lower leagues to help with their cash flow problems it was also confirmed the season will not resume at the beginning of may but only
6:53 pm
when it's safe to do so european football leagues could restart in july and august the sport's governing body u.a.e. has since elated so it's 55 members saying they're working on a plan to extend the current season beyond the official june 30th finish with football games canceled across the continent they have been requests from italy in the netherlands to call off the season and on thursday belgium did just that as it awarded club bruges the title but you a for see it in its later at stopping competitions should be the last resort. the shutdown of football across much of the world has left the $50000000000.00 online betting industry with a big gets a full it's led to a focus on any matches gamblers can find but has also meant attention and even death threats for a lower league amateur team in sweden. in sweden. fortunes are not usually won and lost by betting on amateur teams in sweden but with so many
6:54 pm
professional leagues shut down around the world me at practice matches in the region of scorn or have attracted the insatiable appetite severely online gambling industry no liverpool to bet on is all real madrid instead punters focused on scarborough where now this is a 5th division team they usually have about 70 people watching their games but there's such a lack of football globally at the moment they've been getting worldwide attention people betting on their practice much is which would have been nice up to a point but point came when the team lost their training match and gamblers around the world lost money you can really believe it. well. i mean most people don't even know it's been done here is that there are basically people writing to a club after our training games. threatening our players there were threats it all began in friendly enough fashion. i have got messages
6:55 pm
on facebook from random people the best example is from a guy from hungary and he asked me about 5 hours before the game hello i'm a fan from hungary. what is the expected result for today's match from the beginning i didn't knew they could bet on this game we were basically the only team in the game that you could bet on. the last time we played so obviously a lot of people. and. if there is money. that's loss of money soon revealed a dark side of online gambling so you've got one of the messages there. which says at it again you feel for the corrupt rats it's a disgrace you are all up to play football just so he can play them please fix matches let's hope you all get coronavirus rats i feel sorry for this
6:56 pm
person no one will be losing any more money on scarborough what with even practice games now cancelled in the swedish lower divisions but if sporting action pops up elsewhere whatever the level it will attract attention and maybe hate with online gamblers unlikely to simply hang up their phones while they wait for the sporting world to get back to normal pull reese al-jazeera spade suite or. the tokyo lympics athletes' village could be used as a temporary hospital for coronavirus patients it's still being constructed but it's one option being discussed by local governments officials the village consists of 24 buildings and was set to host 11000 the libyans but it will now set for 16 months after the games were put back by a year and anthony joshua's world title boxing fight with live has been postponed it was should all for june 20th toughens football stadium in london a new date has yet to be confirmed former marathon world record holder wilson
6:57 pm
kipsang has been arrested in kenya for breaching a coronavirus curfew son who ironically enough is also a policeman was among 20 people detained for locking themselves in a bar and drinking alcohol earlier this year he was suspended from track and field doping offenses. the new england patriots n.f.l. team have used a team plane to fly more than a 1000000 masks from china to massachusetts one of the hardest hit states in the united states team owner robert kraft paid 2000000 dollars half the cost to buy the mask. and horse racing's grand national is the latest sporting event to go virtual saturday's race in liverpool was cancelled but thanks to c.g.i. technology and algorithms computerized version of the race will be played out on british t.v. to get fence something to watch that's what we'll leave it for now most sports on the way later on make sure we all need something to watch as the peter thanks very much in the later that is if this news up i will be back in
6:58 pm
a couple minutes with another full. april on al jazeera. countries are imposing drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you all the latest developments from around the world both and i'm telling stories from across asia pacific one i want east brings new insights from the well tonight populated region has the democratic presidential race now rose how will the corona virus outbreak impact the u.s.
6:59 pm
election campaign the name gets to be investigated well after running cat group of independent journalists and a key role in the global fight against fate means the u.s. will count its population and a once in a decade census with coronavirus concerns will it get the full picture. on counting the cost of all nations seek emergency funding from the world bank and i.m.f. to battle the coronavirus pandemic argentina puts people before that crisis and from the helicopter money to universal basic income what governments must do to keep the economy alive counting the costs on al-jazeera. to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders the ramparts against migrant told. to others viktor orban is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values people in power investigates the leader
7:00 pm
taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a 0. the un read news at school for global ceasefire to help combat the coronavirus and. the need these surgeons the coffee 1000 storm is now coming to the see if there's a. i mean this is a live from doha also coming in. new york is in crisis help in new york. another appeal from the governor america's worst hit state has new.


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