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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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complicit in the human rights abuses that are trying. to get into china systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. context this is the. storytelling around the biggest issues. had to do usually do with it. americans are recommended to wear masks to stop the spread of coronavirus but the u.s. president says he won't heed that advice. i'm sam is a this is al-jazeera live from dollhouse so coming up. remembering . china pays tribute to thousands of coronavirus victims. as more
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countries face rising infections demands personal protective equipment outstrip supply. indonesia's president warns people not to travel the head of the muslim holy month. of ramadan. more than 1100000 people around the world now have coronavirus the u.s. is urging people to take greater precautions to help contain the pandemic face masks are now being recommended a reversal of previous official advice the u.s. government is also promising to pay for tests and treatment for tens of millions of americans without medical coverage more than $250000.00 americans have been infected ahead of the international monetary fund is described the pandemic as
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humanity's darkest hour. crystalise the judge of us says it's pushed the world into recession she's calling on advanced economies to help developing ones and in china millions stood in silence to honor more than 3000 people have died of corona virus china says its contain the spread some restrictions have been tightened again to prevent a 2nd wave of infections from katrina you has more from beijing this is really to remember the lives of those who have lost their life to kovan 1000 here in china more than 3000 people according to official figures and it's also to honor the lives of 14 health workers doctors and nurses who have been designated as national masses who are who lost their lives while they were tracing coronavirus patients mostly into bay province and that list includes dr lee when lee young who was famously one of the 1st whistleblower doctors to call attention to the outbreak late last year when it was 1st beginning now this is the 1st time that china has
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held such a such a day for a public health disaster this is previously only happened because of natural disasters such as earthquakes. as we mentioned earlier health officials in the u.s. announced new guidelines on the use of face masks to halt the spread of the virus but president trump says he has no intention of following them around a quarter of a 1000000 people in the u.s. are confirmed to be infected she habitats he has more. all week and have been reports of a debate within the u.s. government on whether to recommend the use of knowledge medical cloth masks whenever people go outside and on friday the decision was announced the c.d.c. is advise in the years of non-medical cloth face covering as religious voluntary public health measures almost immediately donald trump undermining the advice. but this is voluntary i don't think i'm going to be doing it. authorities hope the
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public weren't mistake this advice there for permission to wear specialist masks which should be reserved for those treating the infected and we do they feel the longer feel they need to stay in isolation the president also issued an order preventing the export of personal protective equipment such as and $95.00 masks to ensure the u.s. a supply of over troubles is suggested that such exports may be up to his discretion in italy if spain who has big problems this have these are countries with tremendous problems friends' if they ordered if they have long term orders and they're in there and they want to get certain things i've let them go out in certain instances because i think it's only fair there are fears that if the u.s. prevents exports of people need to latin american calendar front line workers will not have the protection that they need to deal with the pandemic and that other countries may limit their exports of essential equipment to the u.s. perhaps the most startling announcement was that tens of millions of people in the
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u.s. without any medical coverage will haue their bills directly paid by the government today i can so proudly announce at hospitals and health care providers treating. in an insured corona virus patients will be reimbursed by the federal government despite raising hopes that he was brokering some sort of deal between saudi arabia and russia to reduce output and stabilize oil prices doldrums seem to be leaving the issue up to market forces they'll figure it out for free market will figure to earlier trumpet hosted several c.e.o.'s from u.s. energy companies but who are putin said he would be willing to reduce oil output if it was in coordination with a reduction in u.s. output but from problem statement on friday it seems he got no such agreement several times the al-jazeera washington. the number of deaths across europe has exceeded 40000 italy and spain account for more than half of that paul brennan
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reports on how they and other e.u. countries are coping with the crisis. maria espen are can only speak to her mother through a distant window 85 year old concepcion lives in a barcelona nursing home where half of the elderly residents have been isolated with suspected coronavirus but if concepcion tests positive and is isolated herself maria may never see her again. these are the people who have gone through a lot they have got through war post will actually have them die like this it's very sad very sad they don't deserve it on friday the european union executive admitted it's struggling to procure large numbers of ventilators quickly and member states are scrambling to manufacture their own with spain seeing new fatalities exceed 900 for the 2nd consecutive day the spanish prime minister visited a ventilator factory. going to start visitor. with this visit i don't just want to
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pay tribute to the work of this company and all its workers but also to the company's workers and professionals who have been working these weeks against the clock to save lives. as europe grapples with a virus that is yet to hit its infectious peak here governments are struggling to expand medical facilities while at the same time reducing the chance that their citizens will actually need them germany's disease control chief says social distancing is having a measurable impact but there is still a shortfall in equipment. and great for the respirators and intensive care capacities have been increased but in my opinion i still can't be sure that it will be enough personally i think it well but i'll be glad if i am wrong. so prevention and avoidance remain the priority and the world health organization is urging vigilance if countries right to lift restrictions too quickly the virus could research and the economy impact could be even more of c.v.s.
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and prolonged police have been questioning passengers at montparnasse station one of paris's main rail terminals at the start of the traditional easter holiday inspired many to head for their country homes passengers traveling without justification and paperwork face a 145 dollar fine and with warm spring weather forecast across europe this weekend there is great concern among the peoples discipline and patience will slip i think so but also not over the last and with this good weather some of you will want to barbecue of course you can but do it with the people you live with on the same roof do not invite your friends neighbors or relatives remember that picnics in the parks even with the family are not allowed. despite weeks of social restrictions and stay at home orders the virus pandemic in europe is not yet at its peak and people are being warned that the longer they can abide by the lockdown orders the shorter they will have to be in force paul brennan. germany's chancellor
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is warning people to stay at home over easter saying it's too early to lift restrictions angela merkel made the comments after leaving self quarantine she tested negative for the virus the country's strict measures and testing are being credited for the low mortality rate of just over one percent indonesia's president is urging millions of citizens not to travel back to their home towns ahead of the muslim holy month of ramadan beginning later this month but with people out of work because of the virus and they are desperate to get out of the capital despite the risk jessica washington has this report from jakarta. this is the time of year when workers in jakarta begin to return to their hometowns for ramadan fasting and to celebrate with their families it's usually something people look forward to but the corona virus outbreak has stripped the joy from this annual tradition usually the holiday travel doesn't start until right before but this year some are making the
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journey early. my family asked me to come home because there are many coronavirus cases in jakarta. i have no income many companies are closed so i decided to just go home most of the confirmed covert 19 cases in indonesia are here in the capital with so many travelers crowding into transport hubs it's only a matter of time before the virus spreads to other communities more than 14000 people left the city this week on buses to other parts of java last year 20000000 indonesians travelled through the country to see their families before 8 the government says that cannot happen this year. for the safety of everyone i asked to take strong actions to prevent the movement to their hometowns for those who have left already and those planning to make the journey this isn't just about
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maintaining an annual tradition many workers have lost their jobs because of the outbreak and without any income they say they can't afford to live in the capital among this group of travellers are people who've had their lives disrupted by the pandemic maids who can't enter the apartment buildings they once worked in and food vendors on empty streets as customers stay home when the. economy is. because of the state of who. these people are really at risk economy clee and they decided to earlier so it's not only about the. or about the. their daily there to come back in their home towns these travelers will soon see their families but reunions are overshadowed by the risk they may have brought the virus with them just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. well still ahead on al-jazeera releasing
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a pandemic health workers in pakistan call for more protective gear. 3 years of separatists fighting in cameroon has lasted skulls we hear from a victim of gang grade. i know they're fairly widespread rains continuing throughout much of indonesia in the usual heavy rains across borneo but as we go through saturday sunday on into monday this is where we like his he's very heavy amounts of rain particular affecting western areas of sumatra and down into job you can see here monday we've got these very heavy rains the yellow areas we could be seeing as much as 250 millimeters of rain in sumatra maybe 120 in java said this could well lead to some localized flooding and then we're watching on tropical cyclone herald this is that heading through the i want to island chain bring some very heavy amounts of rain
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meanwhile the cloud in the rain carrying away from sydney so some good clear skies for this race on saturday in sydney they spectators of course but still the race that went ahead now throughout sunday will see some fairly strong winds along the victoria also across tasmania strong winds as well across these western areas of the new zealand but we've got a blue ridge of high pressure and that is actually keeping the system with the rain a bay but it does mean some very very strong winds it's a clearing picture on monday quite a cloudy picture across much of southern australia still watching of course maybe $250.00 millimeters of rain accumulating with that a meanwhile out across the west which is on the rise and puffed up to $34.00 monday . on counting the cost for nations seek emergency funding from the world bank and i.m.f. to battle the coronavirus pandemic argentina puts people before that crisis and
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from helicopter money to universal basic income what governments must do to keep the economy alive counting the cost on al-jazeera understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the board matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines the u.s. centers for disease control is recommending americans wear masks in public to protect against the coronavirus president donald trump says it's voluntary and he won't follow that advice. millions across china stood in silence to honor more than
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3000 people who've died from the outbreak where china says it's contained the spread some restrictions have been tightened to prevent a 2nd wave of infections the number of deaths from corona virus across europe has exceeded 40000 italy and spain account for more than half the european union has admitted it struggling to provide enough ventilators. new york state now has more than 100000 cases not far behind italy in spain dr matthew barry is a physician at mount sinai queens hospital in new york city he showed a behind the scenes look at the tough task facing health care workers that every day i'm getting ready to put on my personal protective equipment for the day. just this right here is my 95 mask that i will be wearing for the whole day through my
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shift. it's a little hard to bruise. but experience on the hole there. to protect us from here and articles. and then this is a 2nd mask of just surgical mask that goes over 95 to protect it from any splashes or droplets or secretions that may come my way. and lastly are these it's one form of eye protection to correct your eyes from splashes this is what i'll be wearing generally throughout the day if i need to go into a high risk procedure like integrating a patient meaning putting the patient on a ventilator we have a full face masks that cover the entire area and all your equipment and after you're done with the procedure that comes off and we work that down this infected for the next use. this is over the field over there for really these holes are very
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lengthy and there you can see there's patients every day this makes it very hard to work and we're trying our best to treat everyone that we can all these patients here even though we're over florida we're trying our best to still provide them care which we are doing patients function things that they. just finished my shift. it was actually supposed to finish at 5 but there were a lot of things to do and patience to take care of so it's 7 o'clock now i'm finishing it just took off my p.p. . you know if you can see the marks from wearing a p.p. all day and my nose is a little red from the mask. but that's what we're doing to protect ourselves it's been a tough day it has been really full and everyone's trying their best to get room the treatment that they need. and you know i'm. tired.
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i'm going to go home. try to sleep and then we'll be back to morrow. i want to say that i mean this the things that i see in the e.r. scary. you know a little scare myself. but it's good to see all these people coming in from all over from other services in the hospital from other areas in the nation stepping in to help out people in turkey must now wear masks in public that's one of several new measures that the president unveiled on friday to contain the coronavirus anyone under the age of 20 will also be subject to a partial curfew stumbles matt is now being calling for a full lockdown of the city it has the highest infection rate in that country. countries and cities are competing for supplies of personal protective equipment
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for health care workers and what's being called a bidding war the pandemic has led to a worldwide shortage of masks gloves and downs sort of higher reports that there's not enough protective gear to go around countries are scrambling to get hold of supplies especially face masks and a soon as possible but some governments are being accused of using unscrupulous tactics and paying inflated prices to get their share. and then is accusing the u.s. of carrying out a modern piracy at bangkok's airport and diverting a shipment of mass destined to germany for itself then these are marked that must marked off to the whole world is buying them right now it's worth gold at the moment it's sometimes very very difficult to plan things in advance and that sometimes deliveries that were thought to be secured suddenly don't arrive as planned the heads of 3 regions and some of the worst hit coronavirus areas in france have accused the united states of affectively hijacking millions of master
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shanghai airport they were made in china and destined for france then it's alleged the us paid 3 to 4 times the going rate to obtain the us denies the allegations but it's need is great. as the more than a 1000000 people diagnosed with the virus globally the u.s. has the highest number of infections and like many other countries is struggling to find enough protective equipment donald trump is under pressure new york an epicenter of the virus will run short of ventilates in a few days. despite u.s. strange relations russia and china president donald trump says they'll take whatever he can get it. was a very nice offer from president putin i spoke to him the other night as a job and they had access to medical equipment things and i'll take it i'll take it i think it's very nice we've got them from china we also help other countries a lot of mosques and ventilates is meant to us states are in
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a price bidding war against each other to replenish dwindling supplies the federal emergency management agency or fema says a black market has emerged with some equipment made in u.s. factories being sold abroad brokers traum in their bidding and bidding on always different people driving the price up and guess what you know where it's going the domestic sources here are being export across the border town a jury is investigating reports that one of its orders was diverted to the us i've heard reports on this issue and of course there concerning we need to make sure that the equipment that is destined for canada gets to and stays in canada and i've asked ministers to follow up on these particular reports we are working not just here at home but overseas as well to ensure that the equipment that canada has ordered makes its way to canada. to start slow some governments have been accused of using a number of toxics including stockpiling medical supplies blocking exports of
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protective equipment and seizing shipments transiting through their territories to other countries fighting covert 19 is a race against time and with a global shortage of facts reproduce protective some are resorting to making their own men instead of waiting. al-jazeera. health care workers in pakistan are calling for the government to do more to help them fight the virus many cities are on the lockdown and the prime minister is urging people to practice social distancing but critics say that's not enough charles stratford reports. these policemen in the city of peshawar are lucky to have protective clothing. is quite astounding health workers demand government help police and security forces are having to focus less on fighting crime and more and stopping the spread of covert 19 and why we need. to give the.
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laws in the field you also are not as. deep in this is it because she's for didn't want to see if you see if you're deployed. to. the streets of bashar or in the northwest of pakistan or virtually empty please use a little table has to urge people to stay at home the government spending on health care for pakistan's 225000000 people has been less than one percent of g.d.p. in recent decades hospitals are often significantly ill equipped and overcrowded the best of times. is coded 19 spreads desperate attempts are being made to prepare health facilities to cope with the rising number of infected people. met health professionals at the frontline force against covert 19 but unfortunately we are going to fight this battle without any protective gear it's of the utmost importance for us at arms and ammunition for military when they were going to
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a battlefield and it would be considered a suicide if we fight without proper kits dr osama realises it was the 1st doctor in pakistan to be killed by the virus he'd been treating cope with 19 victims many who had arrived from neighboring iran has been one of the worst hit countries is. not known how many health workers have been infected across pakistan many with simpson story foreign to yourself weisel waiting for me to say it but. the government is least concerned about the safety of nurses their well being or even duty they pay a wide role in health care and sadly this $1.00 knows from $1009.00 patients on normal days and if the situation gets out of control how they going to cope so they must hire more nurses to tackle this crisis china has sent medical equipment across the border the help is vital but nowhere near.
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this hospital police gave a girl of only to show respect to stall and to try and boost the role. of the medics here and it's hospitals across pakistan to which they will be several to save lives charles trafford i just. the u.n. secretary general is repeating his appeal for a global sees 5 during the coronavirus pandemic some armed groups have on said that cole including separatists in cameroon was nicholas hawke reports a temporary truce isn't enough for the 1000000 people forced from their homes during the country's 3 year conflict between workout was asleep when soldiers broke into a room and gang raped her she became pregnant with triplets and cares for her children alone shun from her community because of what happened she fled the english speaking region to do it cameroon's economic capital she earns whatever she
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can sweeping floors or begging for money on the streets like you don't life is tough it's very difficult i drop my kids to school and then i search for work i'll do anything to support them you. know. the campaign group human rights watch says the soldiers who raped her belong to the rapid intervention battalion the elite force trained and managed by former israeli navy commandos are confronting around 20 armed separatist groups in the english speaking regions they're fighting to break away from the rest of french speaking cameroon and its own country called embers onya. after human rights watch documented killings in rapes of villagers in english speaking regions by rapid intervention by talents the united states military said it reduced funding and training u.s. commandos continue to support and train them they're going to have a good response to do you assume it was tracked it is information it is an. area
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where you have a lot of nurse with whom you can it is a good good point. almost a 1000000 people have fled the 3 year of separatists fighting all are living in makeshift tents or with the local population the government in the capital your own day is limiting access to international humanitarian organizations to the english speaking regions. if you have 60000 people. requiring assistance and considering you have 10 times more war displaced was in cameroon the situation calls for an urgent action from the international community movie that has received support from neighbors not from the government should need to answer children's questions who is my father or younger when ass and why can't we all go back home because hawke al-jazeera for virus poses a new threat to homeless people in the us capital many sleep on the streets now with restaurants and public toilets closed many are left with nowhere to go has
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their story. a street band playing hello from the other side an ironic song for local residents venturing out of the confines of their apartments to shop or stroll around in most cases observing a social distance from their neighbors but there are those in the city who do not have the option who do not have apartments in which to shelter from the virus in accordance with the d.c. mandate tree lockdown order the virus has created new challenges to those who have no homes. those like linda who stopped sleeping in shelters even before the outbreak of this pandemic i used to be in a shelter and you are so well for me and when i was doing the winter where your regular flu spread to regular run of the day you know called. a lady would sneeze or cough that things wouldn't would happen to her linda
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says she's been homeless for longer than she cares to remember but it has never been as hard as this what i used to do is i would panhandle have a day then run a couple errands we do. and then i would go to my local starbucks sit there reading the books and then give it to the staff because i can't run a wrong of a bunch of books it's too heavy to carry just getting out of this for a few hours a day feel a little no more go to the register pay for yourself that i miss a lot shot to long with the doors of public bathrooms and restaurants the metro and the libraries the last lingering sense of dignity now we have nowhere to go literally. going into day lies specially as a woman sorry to say pulling down your pants where anybody could just walk up on
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you is pretty degrading. dad. dad. there's nowhere to go this is really the 1st time in my life i can truly say where to go and linda walks away to find an early way in which to spend the night unlike those more fortunate there is no other side to turn to when the music stops. here or washington. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. centers for disease control is recommending americans wear masks in public to protect against the spread of coronavirus the president says it's voluntary and he's chosen not to follow that advice the international monetary fund says the
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coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economy to a standstill and warning the situation is worse than the 2008 financial crisis the i.m.f. says it has a trillion dollar war chest available to help fundable economies. how millions across china stood in silence to honor more than 3000 people who died from the outbreak. from beijing to war and hundreds of other towns and cities sirens sounded in tribute to the dead china says it's curb the spread of the virus some restrictions have been tightened again to prevent another wave of infections katrina you has more from beijing. this is to really to remember the lives of those who have lost their life to covert 9000 here in china more than 3000 people according to official figures and it's also to honor the lives of 14 health workers doctors and nurses
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who have been designated as national who are who lost their lives while they were tracing coronavirus patients mostly into bay province and that list includes dr lee when lee young who was famously one of the 1st whistleblower doctors to call attention to the outbreak late last year when it was 1st beginning. the number of people who have died from corona virus across europe has now exceeded 40000 italy and spain account for more than half of those the european union has admitted it's struggling to provide enough ventilators germany's chancellor is warning people to stay at home over easter saying it's too early to list restrictions. made the comments after leaving south quarantine she tested negative for the virus. headlines it's counting the cost now stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world. with updates about travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus primetime special coverage on al-jazeera. hello i'm sorry this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week health services in rich nations are struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic so what about poor nations will the world bank's multibillion dollar fund be enough to help developing countries.


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