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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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looking. at the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian gains to be achieved not. russia or knowledge you see. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm sorry you know coming up in the next 60 minutes the british prime minister boris johnson is taken to hospital 10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus. well we may have more still to endure better days will return and notes a free assurance from britain's queen elizabeth as the nation battles the pandemic
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. at high risk the u.s. farmers fearing their arrival of coronavirus and the impact it could have on america's food supply. leads you to my ear piece maybe good stuff actually. that is that me tommy the robot one of many high tech machines that are being used to protect medical staff in the battle against coronavirus. hello thanks for joining us we begin with some breaking news out of the united kingdom where the prime minister boris johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus for more on this let's bring in mary joining us from london via skype what were you hearing about the prime minister's condition mary and. right so we have learned this evening that prime minister boris johnson as you say has been admitted to hospital this is after
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having symptoms of the corona virus for the past 10 days which he tested positive for it's worth mentioning that it's not an emergency admission currently we just know that he is been admitted to hospital for tests and that's pretty much the extent of it a spokesperson from downing street has released a statement saying that he was admitted to hospital on the advice of his doctor and it's been described as a precautionary step that has been taken because of the persistent nature of his symptoms but interesting that he still remains very much in charge of the business of government is and is still in contact with ministers and officials and that is something that downing street is really emphasize of course boris johnson has been working remotely for the past 10 days he has been in isolation working from the flat above number 11 downing street and he has been having phone calls and conducting meetings remotely and conducting cabinet meetings and he's also been on
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social media delivering messages to the public about the importance of social distancing and really making the point that he is still very much in the driving seat and still very much in charge of the fight against the coronavirus but of course there will be a great deal of curiosity and speculation as to why he has been admitted to hospital now this is what we don't know at the moment why he has been admitted to hospital is it that he has symptoms so deteriorated is it a logistical thing because he would be able to access medical advice and. be able to access specialists that he wouldn't otherwise be able to is it just that the symptoms are persistent but right now he remains very much in charge of the government now it was on march 27th that we learned of boris johnson and the health secretary. matt hancock testing positive for the corona virus after experiencing
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mild symptoms of course matt hancock is now back at work he is one of the key faces in those daily government briefings we get updates about where the country is with the epidemic but boris johnson has remained in isolation it was interesting because when that news came through on march 27th that was really a flurry of questions about who these 2 had been in contact with in westminster whether other government ministers and other officials might have been affected and concerned that perhaps government officials had not been following their own advice on social distancing and then there were also questions about contingency measures about backup plans what happens if the prime minister is incapacitated and we know that in that scenario it would be the foreign minister dominic rar who would take charge but right now as far as we know it is the prime minister who is still very much in charge at this evening he has been admitted into hospital we don't know precisely why but it is the persistent nature of his coronavirus symptoms that has
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prompted this right to marry him as a thank you very much. now the virus has infected more than 1200000 people it's killed over 68000 around the world and take a look at this nearly 600 new deaths have been reported in new york that's the epicenter of america's outbreak more than 1100 people have been killed nationwide the country's top doctor says americans must brace for the hardest and saddest week of their lives but death rates are falling in the world's 2 worst hit nations italy has recorded 525 deaths in the last 24 hours that's its lowest toll in more than 2 weeks and spain has reported 674 new fates ality is the 1st time that number has dropped below 800 in a week france's daily test toll also fell however the u.k. is emerging as europe's next hotspot 4934 people have died and the government is
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pleading with some to observe social distancing rules and in a rare televised address queen elizabeth has praised health care workers but warned that there is still more to endure jonah hall has more from london 2 weeks into the u.k.'s lockdown and deserted city scenes a testament to a new way of life most people staying home for as long as science and the government decide they must also on lockdown in windsor castle her residence outside london the queen 93 years old reminded britons that this crisis too would part. we should take comfort that while we may have most down to until better days were 10 we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again. we will meet again but the government is worried about isolation fatigue and a minority of people embracing the warm spring weather to picnic and sunbathe in
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the parks on prominent and beaches the more people follow the rules then the faster we will all be through it so i say this to this small minority of people who are breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries you're risking your own life and the lives of others and you're making it harder for all banning all this the ability to go outside to exercise in public as the health secretary has said he might have to do would be intolerable to many particularly those who live in cramped apartments with no outside space only compounding the effect isolation has on physical and mental health but the argument goes that if people aren't going to change their behavior themselves well then they might have to be forced to in order to save lives best friends in meal and gabriel a keeping in touch at a safe distance through the fence is still our best friend and we're very good friends so i think that's one of the hardest things about it so weird and being
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a sponsor full. and we just come for a walk once a day but this is really really difficult as far as i know like this is what the government has recommended you get outside get as much sun and fresh air as you can obviously stay away from people so i think we're doing the social distancing quite well with the police exercising emergency powers to move people on it's expected that britain will get a pretty good idea whether lockdown efforts have helped reduce the peak when it comes in the next week or so but even then a way out of this crisis involving eventual widespread community testing and contact tracing to manage a 2nd wave is many weeks away yet jonah how al-jazeera lumbered well for more on the queen's address to the nation we can now speak to royal biographer and commentator christopher wilson he's joining us via skype from corporate in the u.k. thanks very much for your time with us on the news hour mr wilson so the queen and
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her speech said the u.k. will succeed in the fight she thanked people say thanks n.h.s. workers what's your response to what the queen had to say. well i think perhaps the most important thing is that the ceiling suddenly her speech which is being trailed pretty well became more significant more important. reminder that britain still has a head of state even when the prime minister has gone into hospital and i think there has been a certain amount of fatigue you were saying in your package just a moment ago certain amount of fatigue by people being locked away and to have somebody who's not a politician but somebody with a lifetime of service to the country actually saying stay calm we'll all meet again i think has probably reassured quite a lot of people certainly social media the seeming a giving the queen thumbs up
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a 93 or old woman talking to the country and also to the commonwealth which has a population 2400000000 yes so what would have been the thinking in your opinion are as far as you can tell of the queen giving that speech tonight of course it was a pre recorded message and it was delivered before the news broke of the prime minister going to hospital yes well you know if you take the speech apart it's actually very sophisticated construction calling on her long years of service to restoring can people and i think it had. a significant effect on the british population she's talked about the commonwealth and of course that's a string of $53.00 countries around the world. i'm not quite sure whether they would got the message the same way this was a very britain centric speech even though she talks about the commonwealth so those
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people outside these shores perhaps would not make the connection quite easily but certainly the fact that nigel. 3 or a woman can speak to such a worldwide audience is indeed an event of global significance if you pull it off and as you're saying i mean she was speaking to the commonwealth and seeing obviously that this corona virus pandemic is really a global crisis you don't think that any part of her speech would have resonated on a broader scale. oh i think it will because you know she was talking in very broad terms it wasn't specific about anything very much part from praising our n.h.s. but any nursing service around the world would take her words as being significant to them as well so i think that that work pretty well. i'm not quite sure whether she got the global reach on the way the speech was constructed but you know this you to was what was required really a calming voice a reassuring voice
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a matriarch speaking with long years of experience throwing back to the public the fact she'd been on the throne since 952 and you know stay calm stay with me and it will be alright yeah and of course the well wait to see whether the instructions from the head of states actually have an effect on some people that have been out and about in london and other cities in the u.k. but for the time being we thank you very much christopher wilson for joining us thank you. now new york state has reported more than a 1000 new infections in the last 24 hours and as we've been saying before the state remains the epicenter of america's outbreak making up more than 40 percent of the country's death toll let's get an update on new york and join heidegger castro she is joining us from maryland so the number is just seem to be worrying out of new york. that's right the spike in new york continues
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to rain with more than 4000 deaths confirmed over the course of this epidemic in the last 24 hours the state reports 594 deaths now while that number is certainly dire it actually offers a glimmer of hope for those or watching those numbers because it is for the 1st time that the number of deaths in one day has fallen since the day prior now new york's or governor andrew cuomo quickly warned that this was too early to assess to conclude that new york has reached the apex of the curve that it's going down work he says it's simply maybe a blip and that new yorkers must continue to heed their stay at home warnings now all but 9 states in the united states have issued those stay at home warnings and nationwide health experts have been on television screens us morning saying that
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the social distancing is having a positive effect but that the situation cannot be considered to be under control and then even more dire words coming from the u.s. surgeon general jerome adams who warned americans that the worst is still coming in the next 7 days. the next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire lives and we really need to understand that if we want to flatten that curb and get through that to the other side everyone needs to do their part 90 percent of americans are doing their part even in the states where where where they haven't had a shelter in place but if you can't give us 30 days governors give us give us a week give us what you can so that we don't overwhelm our health care systems over this next week and then let's reassess at that point so a lot of the focus as we're saying has been on new york really described as the epicenter heidi but what about projections for other states and where the next hot
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spots yeah not just projections they are emerging these new hot spots we're seeing ones in louisiana in michigan and in illinois just to name a few and that's led the governors of some of those states to criticize the federal government's response you know new york's governor presented an idea to the nation saying why not distribute these precious ventilators those machines that keep people alive during this crisis why not have them go from splay still places as different areas reach their peak at different times well the only way that would happen is but with a national directive from the president and the governor of illinois slammed president trump today saying that had the president taken this threat seriously in february and ramped up production of these ventilators back then then perhaps lives would have been saved in practice now what we're seeing is ventilators are in
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production in the united states but they will not be ready until late april which will be too late after the projected peak of these curves when people who may need lessly have made needlessly die who may have been saved otherwise. thank you very much as a pastor for the. well the number of people killed by the corona virus in canada has increased by 20 percent in one day bringing the death toll to 258 the number of confirmed cases stands at just over 14000 $400.00 canada has appealed to volunteers to support frontline health care workers and is offering full time jobs to reserve a. year the news hour on al-jazeera still ahead millions of people at risk of disease in nigeria's overcrowded displacement camps. fears for those living on the edge of american society and how they will survive the pandemic.
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but 1st ecuador's government has begun storing the bodies of victims of the corona virus in giant refrigerated containers hospital and morgue struggle to cope why a keel has emerged as a regional hotspot for infections forcing some families in the city to store bodies at home or thirty's are distributing thousands of cardboard coffins ecuador's president leonie moreto has said up to 3000 people could die in the region in the coming weeks let's get an update from joining us from bogota so it seems to be a really bleak picture coming out of ecuador. yes absolutely and things seems to be getting even worse another 100 in the new deaths have been confirmed on sunday and the government there is saying that actually the number of deaths are probably under reported and as you were saying in
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your introduction the city of guayaquil which is the largest in the country and the province of wires have been absolutely overwhelmed by the number of cases by the number of deaths the hospitals there have been absolutely overwhelmed with the pictures that we've seen of bodies left. piled up one on top of each other some families had are storing bodies at home ad there's leaving them outside the of their homes the government has set up a special hotline for people to call if they need bodies to be picked up that the situation is completely out of control there the vice president of ecuador also meet a public apology on saturday promising that more help is on their way and in the meantime this situation there is concerning the neighboring countries like colombia
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where we are seeing a lot of people trying to leave ak whether in coming in to colombia the government saying anti-riot police to the border piru did the same and actually even send armored vehicles to the border to stop the illegal crossing of ecuadorians into peru and how the coronavirus of i think countries that you're mentioning in the in the region understand or. yeah i think we should start with brazil which is the country that has seen the seeing the largest number of cases more than 11000 now and they're issued the areas that there is in a unique response part of the government because president today your balls from that are there is in the middle of a political infighting with the ministers of his own government with the military
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there we're getting. information that the military is pressuring the the president there to change course since so far he's been minimizing the impact of this health crisis in the country a majority of brazilians say that they disapprove of the president's decision so far about in a new poll there also saying that they don't want him to resign not so much probably because they support the way he is leading the government about because they don't want to see a political crisis in the middle of a health crisis so that's the situation as of now in brazil and also today there were small groups of supporters of the president is that took to the streets holding signs saying we want to go back to work we want to reopen the country and also groups of evangelical christians that were out in support of the president
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praying in front of the presidential palace here in colombia the latest news there was a decision of the government to open a humanitarian corridor for venezuelan migrants there are almost 2000000 that have moved here fleeing the economic crisis in their country they're here in colombia but now hundreds want to go back because with the current lockdown there and able to work they work informally on the streets and they are unable to eat if you if you go outside here in bogota you always find families of venezuelans asking you for water just anything you can give them because they just don't have any alternative as of now for their livelihood all right on asunder and patty thank you for that update iran has reported another 151 deaths but also a decrease in the total number of new infections for the 5th day in a row it comes as the country tries to get back to normality as a bus traveling explain trying to run. we've heard from health officials over the
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last few days and weeks that things can go back to normal too soon but the president when he made this announcement president hassan rouhani began by saying that all branches of government are on board with the plan that they have moving forward so making it clear that the government is according to him speaking in one voice despite the warnings of normalizing too quickly some health experts saying that that could bring on a 2nd wave year president hassan rouhani did say that in terms of the details of what is considered low risk and high risk those announcements will be made over state t.v. in the coming hours but we can surmise that what they consider low risk is anything that says i'm compelled to large of a crowd to form people can work from home they can open small businesses remember this country is a place where the majority of businesses are small to medium so really those environments will begin to see life coming back to life returning to some kind of normal he said that even though those shops and other organizations may begin to
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start their engines again they have to observe health protocols social distancing that still has to be the key element of how to go about doing this it's always been a balance between fighting a public health crisis and making sure the country's economy does not go bust he also acknowledged that iran and iranian people are still operating in unknown territory they don't know whether or not this will continue for a long period of time whether the country will become a kind of reservoir for the virus so he said things will be taken one step at a time but we have to remember that the country's main concern all along has been that the virus might do what sanctions could not which is bring the country's economy to a standstill and that's really what they're trying to fight against at this time it's been a tough year for american farmers they've dealt with massive floods a trade war with china and they're now classified as high risk for the coronavirus many of them fear shortages of both food and workers if the virus spreads into
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their rural. communities john 100 reports from america's midwest. here in america's bread basket the coronavirus has yet to descend in force on the nation's farms. but john keep your nose it's coming and the timing could hardly be worse some people are going to get sick the numbers are out there the history of this virus is we're not going to avoid it like most farmers keefe nurse who raises corn soybean and chickens is already socially isolated but the average u.s. farmer is 58 and a half years old putting them in the high risk group for the global pandemic that is yet to reach much of rural america a lot of younger farmers aren't worried about it all i'm of the mindset that i'm probably not going to avoid it i'm going to get it and i'd rather get it now well in the past year american farms have endured damaging floods a trade war with china and now a virus that threatens their workers and their ability to transport food to market
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if we shrink the labor pool this year that's going to be terrible all the emphasis is on the supply chain and my biggest fear is the transportation industry we constantly have a shortage of truck drivers so truck drivers need to avoid this virus. on chicago's mercantile exchange and throughout the midwestern farm belt agricultural income fell nearly 10 percent compared with last year and that was before the virus. then there's the worry about getting livestock to market meat packing plants are labor intensive that would be the biggest problem would be at least it would have processing plants let's say had to shut down even temporarily it's going to drive down price for a while because you're going to have a back in the supply chain. john key for says farmers can get through the short term but the longer the crisis last the more strained america's food supply will be if this becomes a long to law endemic it's going to be
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a lot of people relying on us farmers until then keefe naren farmers like him are doing their best to stay isolated and in good health john hendren l.g. 0 chicago. they live on the margins of society and there are fears for how undocumented workers in the u.s. will survive the pandemic along with their families they have little access to health care and often less chance to avoid the virus rob reynolds has more from los angeles one son to yawn is a day laborer most of the year in the i work day to day so i have to work this is it then with the if i don't work in the kind of a home with i would have enough to cover the basic necessities in a city that is both a cause. at the nonprofit outreach center where something yon goes to find work staff are preparing bags with soap tissues and information packets about covert 19 who are really concerned specifically for workers that are elderly we're really
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concerned about them we look at that we have a huge population of workers that are 60 and while it work many undocumented workers can't even practice basic virus prevention workers who don't have access to running water or can even wash their hands at the month senior osco romero clinic in los angeles dr don garcia treats low income families many of whom are undocumented they live in the shadows their exposure i could very well say on an epidemiological site could even be higher than the ordinary resident or person of the united states just because of their employment standards garcia says some undocumented people ovoid interacting with public health systems for fear of being caught like immigration authorities and deported doctors say if the situation remains in which undocumented people stay in the shadows away from the health care system during the pandemic it poses a grave risk to the population as
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a whole they're becoming a transmission vector to all those other individuals that they're exposed to unless government policy encourages undocumented people to come out of the shadows the danger of infection could increase for everyone. robert oulds al jazeera los angeles you're watching the news hour live from london still ahead central asian celebrities pitching in to help the fight against coronavirus but are accused of funneling dirty money. we will soon be making sure to pack our immunity passports that's just one idea to get the world's economy back on its feet details in a moment. hello this a very nice weather across central and western areas of europe some more weather in
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place of my sunshine the weather itself in terms of rain and snow that is across the southeast meanwhile across the north some pretty strong winds and some rain as well but for the time being it is being held at bay by this high pressure the same or so this warm weather just look at this this is the cherry blossom avenue in bone in germany and there's a couple of pictures of that it is glorious and has helped that come on touches across central western there was a genuine about 10 degrees above the average quite the difference a. mainland greece just have a look at this snow we're just come down very recently so looks more like winter than this time of the year and that system across the southeast as we go through monday it will continue to die away taking with it that rain also that snow pushing across into western areas of turkey still a bit cool in the wake of that system most guys across central and western europe but that high beginning to break down as we go through monday we have also sheilds coming through the temperatures will get dhamma because of that if you want spain and some heavy amounts of rain across areas of portugal that will work its way eastwards on a tuesday and then we're back to mostly dry conditions and in terms of temperatures
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here it's a good example just look at this over the next few days 21 celsius by wednesday it's 22 and that is 11 degrees above average. before any official investigation into the tragedy of flight m h 70 was complete the web site had a citizen journalist claims to have connected the dots the real identity of one of the man was revealed by the investigations team at telling cat has identified the 2nd subject as citizen journalism investigations trust is generated through transparent don't believe me here's the evidence. reading true for an approach truth coming soon on 00. perception is validation we believe what we see but in one life time we cannot see everything that we would lie if on experiences of others and the legacies that
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a previous generations. of that testimony we would you know very little. witness documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. other than the top stories something else or news hour ukase prime minister boris johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for corona virus the government has described it as a precautionary step after johnson showed persistent symptoms of the virus.
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meanwhile 594 more deaths have been reported in new york the epicenter of the outbreak in the u.s. country's top the dr says americans must brace for the hardest and saddest read off their lives. but death rates are following in the world's true worst hit nations in the has recorded 5 on. 25 more deaths its lowest poll in more than 2 weeks spain has reported 674 new fatal teens the 1st time that number has dropped below 800 in a week. nigeria has confirmed 4 deaths and more than 200 cases of the virus aid workers say close to 2000000 people in camps in the country's northeast are extremely vulnerable poor nutrition a locker proper sanitation and overcrowding are dangerous problems. reports from. a sprawling county for the displaced in my degree it's one of dozens dotting the landscape of the old east in nigeria. and some of the camps aid workers hand out so
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water in the race to improve personal hygiene as more coronavirus infections and deaths are reported people are complaining very well the level of complaints as you can see is here the security is at they gits rides around trying to in falls in fact i even cited somebody who wanted to get access to the campus and then to fasten actually declined to wash and of course he was denied access. but the residents here are on the norrish with some having to wait in lines to fetch drinking water over crowding is another major problem making social distancing on most impossible level to let the dark and there's no support or any donation that will encourage hygiene and healthy lifestyles but yet they are still making emphasis on coughing executes good personal hygiene so how do you expect the less privileged in the camp to cope with this situation. we are always praying that
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through we can do this is a test from almighty god so we ought to accept it with good faith. 10 years of war with boko haram the group fighting against nigeria's army has forced more than 2 and a half 1000000 people from their homes into camps like this. the united nations and i was to magnus a response may just need to get this right of corn of others among the most vulnerable in the northeast but organizations such as doctors without borders say the situation in the camps is dire it's made worse by the continuing broke autumn attacks not only in northeastern nigeria but in neighboring cameroon chad and the shared public. many fear a corona virus outbreak in these camps could be cut as trophic a fear that's becoming more real with health facilities crumbling across the country public increase al-jazeera south sudan has confirmed its 1st case of the coronavirus vice president react machar said a u.n. worker infected with the virus arrived from the netherlands in february the 29 year
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old woman is now being treated in isolation cell sudan has just 4 ventilators for a population off 11000000 people well hundreds of thousands of tourists have already been airlifted from all over the world by chartered airliners and military aircraft but a quarter of a 1000000 european citizens are still due to be flown home soon in a huge repatriation effort by their governments charlotte dallas has more. it could be a hospital reception but as bolivia's airport the country's airspace is closed part of measures to contain covered 19 it came back to life on saturday after the french embassy organized an exception to get european tourists home but i meant that. actually my return date had expired the airline hard rescheduled it for the end of this month but we know this is going to take longer because covert 19 is spreading i found out about the repatriation flights undecided to return. to story repeats in
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peru where french spanish and belgian citizens old buses bound for an if more space this weekend. the german government has repatriated nearly 200000 of its citizens including this group in south africa on friday all flights have been grounded there but an exception was made this week. actually think it's a good thing to turn the crank say people. because. that way we also know that half of them for africa. governments have been relying on commercial airlines but with fewer flights every day the block is resorting to a mix of charset and military planes e.u. institutions are also helping to cover costs when their passengers have more than one e.u. country they focused only on tourists not a use citizens living permanently abroad we had brought home more than 350000. 250000.
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257000 remaining and many operations on the way things become more difficult every day. in january daily commercial flights peaked at 118000 around the world now there are just $27000.00 over $100.00 airlines have completely or nearly completely stopped service it's pushed the burden increasingly on to governments like france which seem to playing for more than 100 nationals to the indian cities of coach in the mumbai then chartered an air france flight to pick up nearly 200 swiss belgians germans and british people in moscow. some time and probably true leave simply because i'm not 100 percent sure that the information about the epidemic here in russia is reliable unfortunately e.u. citizens are looking for security at home even if home is where the global outbreak is at its worst charlotte dallas al-jazeera the head of the roman catholic church
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pope francis a celebrated palm sunday mass in an empty st peter's basilica only a handful of nuns in the pontiff's aides were in attendance normally tens of thousands of people fill the square but italy's strict lockdown a still in place to prevent any further spread in a country that's been devastated by the virus and this is how palm sunday looked in jerusalem where the traditional mass was also canceled it was streamed online instead the roman catholic cathedral allowed only 10 people to attend in person more than 8000 people have contracted with 19 in israel. well tens of thousands of palestinian workers in israel are returning home before the jewish passover holiday but the government as warning of a disaster of those workers don't isolate themselves when they arrive made him has more from the occupied west bank. palestinian leaders say they've managed to
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control possible sources of corner virus infections except one tens of thousands of palestinian workers in israel. at 1st the palestinian government and israel as those who commute daily from the occupied west bank not to do that and remain in israel for a few weeks but scenes like these angered palestinians israeli buses leaving workers showing carona like symptoms by the side of palestinian roads that and the growing number of infections in israel led the palestinian government to ask workers to return home. jobber o'day a father of 6 came back to his village of that ahmad. he's in quarantine now with 8 other workers. are israeli employer was cain on having us work at 1st otherwise he would have replaced us and that would have harmed us financially lysa he asked us to leave and the workers storms. moved the workers have israeli permits and
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travel to israel and its illegal settlements through military checkpoints others sneak through by roads in the hills it's almost impossible for the palestinian authority to track all arrivals community based committees especially in the mood villages or helping with movement restrictions. so far the palestinian authority is trying to organize medical checkups for a turning workers those who test positive for the virus are taken into compulsory quarantine centers while others are asked to self i salute. and we've asked israel to test workers for infections or that they allow them to come back in separate groups so that we can give them the medical services they need. workers in israel for met only 20 percent of the palestinian workforce with more people now asked to stay home they're already weak economy will suffer further damage 15
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percent of national income which will no longer be generated by these workers over . from their jobs and if you put instead well but rather will have the effect of reducing overall in the economy. helping to further depress. even the ability of the national economy to rebound once some of these measures are but it's not clear whether israel would allow those workers back after the passing of the holy to the palestinian authority cannot fully control the movement until foreign for jewels i've been trying to appeal to the workers sense of civic duty but it's hard to tell if that can but we're going to need that but he melters you don't you're compiled with a bang. governments and central asia have urged business on wealthy citizens to donate to emergency funds to tackle the crisis but while the money is welcome there are still questions over exactly where it comes from as robert forced a walker reports. that a christian and
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a man who loves expensive things seeing's mellow a rapper in kyrgyzstan last month he claimed he'd spent $80000.00 helping communities in quarantine. accused on social media of publicists seeking his rant insulting the kick his public for their in gratitude landed him in jail. private donors of testing kits masks and food have had a better reception from the guinness but the powerful clan behind this health campaign are unlikely philanthropists the metro emo of so under investigation for money laundering up to a $1000000000.00 janet deal with a video widely shared on whatsapp says that when trouble came all those calling us corrupt went silent it's very much trademarks and you know. it's got actors like them aren't doing this on purpose in order to capitalize on
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this politically actually like a lot of people are appreciating it you know it may be saying that. there's going to be a different time when we get you know like are going by our. government and well right now our country let me mighty and we don't care who is giving that money and that manage. donations to support the government's fight against coronavirus have totaled over $700000.00 in kyrgyzstan but in neighboring oil rich kazakstan more than $30000000.00 has been raised. as the line up of a kenyan when 1st president nursultan nazarbayev appealed to the wealthy his daughter to know her and her husband's timor coolie by have responded with $10000000.00. that's small change given their vast wealth last year swiss media reported that the family purchased this chateau on lake geneva for more than $60000000.00 there is no separate that really is well over the
12:44 am
number of people a group that is there for payment is legal and legitimate there's a perception that it was grabbed at that that was stolen and so on you couple or that they can this money not legally. give them back and this is not enough. on the higher topping the list in the region is man of whose becky stands president says the billionaire has given $20000000.00 towards the construction of a new hospital in touch can't regardless of its origins private wealth in central asia is helping to fight the virus and for some that alone is reason to be thankful robin for a steelworker al-jazeera the former libyan prime minister has died from the virus he had been quarantined in a cairo hospital since being diagnosed late last month that the anti-government protests that ousted gaddafi in 2011 now going back to work and
12:45 am
getting the economy moving again may take a long time in many countries but there is one idea out there that's already being worked on it's being called an immunity passports practical to explains. the coronavirus has transformed the world where empty streets and shuttered businesses are the norm and billions are under lockdown but researchers around the world are developing tests and conducting clinical studies to explore if people who have been infected and cured are no longer at risk the aim is to eventually allow people to go back to normal life the idea behind this is that if people get him you and natural infection they would have a similar situation to someone having received a vaccination and we could use the protests as nice proper antibody tests
12:46 am
become available we could use antibody test to document that immunity exists. britain which is struggling to speed up testing has floated the idea of a so-called immunity passport a certificate for those who recovered and declared immune to the virus in the minute to a region of italy infected doctors and nurses are being tested to see if they have developed resistance to the virus so they can return to work and millions more italians will be tested for natural antibodies but it's unclear just how reliable and effective the tests if you where we don't know what kind of immunity people are going to have so that it will say yes you've got these antibodies but what we don't know is how protected those bodies are at a time when government lockdowns have brought so many people off their livelihoods they also concerns about criminals forging immunity documents this passport can be
12:47 am
the equivalent of yellow fever. that allow international travel to resume if countries recognize such a certificate. but there will be a problem that i see that it's are all counterfeit certifications because individual communities urgently want to return to economic activity there also difficult ethical questions about whether such significance will cause more prejudice and further restrict the most vulnerable in society you can ensure that people face lower risks and we reduce the death toll from this but you have to might more decisions about you know who will be allowed to work and who won't be who will be allowed to travel who won't be the idea attractive and hopefully perhaps but also from with uncertainties as the wild hunk astound for yet another
12:48 am
day of the global pandemic. on to 0. still ahead on the news hour how do you explain a pandemic to a 5 year old the challenge facing families while millions of children are kept home from school. greece the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story they bounce to control our religion our believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and a surge in the far right they say that if you don't like you can vote turkey why i'm 30 but i'm most of the people in power investigates western thrice contested space on al jazeera. and.
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al jazeera. and. hello again with schools closed and children at home many families and caregivers around the world are facing the challenge of how to talk to their children about the pandemic alexy o'brian got some tips from the experts. on the streets of gaza
12:50 am
for human sized virus mix around raising awareness about $119.00. an effort to make learning about the virus engaging and accessible was it's a challenge caregivers around the world are facing as they try to explain the banks so against an invisible enemy the pandemic is keeping around a 1000000000 children away from school it's really important to be honest and tell the truth and sometimes people say well how can i tell the truth my child or so young and that's ok we can tell the truth using age appropriate language watching our children's reaction being sensitive to the level of anxiety unicef has helped publish a story called my hero is you to help adults who may be struggling to find their own words to explain why the world has been turned upside down so the virus is
12:51 am
basic rock looked at under a microscope it looks like a war with the dangling. new zealand science educator dr michelle dickinson uses videos to tell kids this superheroes of viruses on a mission to destroy the virus by washing their hands and she says the activities help children feel like they can control something when everything normal it's been put on hold children are talking to other children online and things online and we don't talk about the series that you're in trying to shield your child from the well actually learning summation from and maybe aren't actually going to go up in these unprecedented times many homes are now also workplaces and schools and the hours spent cooped up inside and putting extra pressure on families it's really follow what we say but they even more of what we do and how we act so we want to be aware of her own emotions and manage those. i'm modeling not an anxious thing which
12:52 am
sometimes means a little bit. but it's so important to show what it is that we can and in a time. we may not be like this by demand entertaining kids stuck at home but the experts say we all have superpowers up our sleeves to find this pandemic stay home be kind and use soak because basing the coronavirus really is in our hands. brian al-jazeera. one of the biggest challenges posed by the corona virus as restrictions on contact between people but now artificial intelligence is being used to replace the human touch where the mohammad explains doctors and nurses in italy need all the help they can get including from tommy the robot moves in the man made goods. that robots like
12:53 am
tommy operate in the most infectious wards staff here hope he'll reduce the risks of catching the disease by avoiding direct contact with patients. it allows us to use less protective clothing like masks and overalls which at this time are in scarce supply the advantage is there for double. the northern region of lombardy accounts for most of italy's known coronavirus cases here the robots help relay vital information between patients and doctors remotely and that any time of the day it will share your time on the top of this robot helps us monitor some clinical parameters of the patient for example heart rate respiratory rate oxygen saturation blood pressure and also mechanical aspects of respiration. in galle in belgium hospitals are testing whether robots equipped with ultraviolet lights can disinfect wards to keep patients safe even in hard to reach areas the legal place the law and
12:54 am
stuff and this infection the machine's ultraviolet light quickly kills bacteria we want to make sure that we touch every surface which by the lights and this can be done by the robot as if to drive itself. to the streets. in india's southern state of tom and not do robots and lending a helping hand by delivering vital supplies they don't like to get people into also available for the. giving yeah food and medicine to the patients so somebody could be initiated tamely appreciate them but others are on security patrol intimacy is capital. this one dubbed robo cop is guarding empty streets ensuring no one breaks a lockdown imposed last month. spotting unmanned drones is slowly becoming a regular occurrence many are being deployed as part of coronavirus awareness campaigns. as well as making sure that everyone stays indoors and
12:55 am
maintains social distancing while the human touch remains essential in times of crisis robots are stepping in where people can't read or mohammad's al-jazeera. the pandemic is devastating just about every industry including the your thoughts festivals and film productions have been canceled or postponed but as they discovered some artists are finding new ways to connect with their audiences. inside his studio. experimenting with medium and color he's acclaimed for his brush and eye catching creations but normally they're in the form of sculpture with the spread of coronavirus postponing all of his future commissions he's trying something new i think at the moment i'm just being a bit crazy and experimental i just think you know i have made all this work is meant to be shipped out to make work in these different countries what else am i going to do some working on these massive paintings and i haven't done that before
12:56 am
with public gatherings banned artists are searching for new ways to reach audiences and most are turning to the internet and herschel is sullivans gallery upcoming exhibitions are still going ahead just without people physically there the exhibition will be online they'll be artists interviews online they'll be out a statement online so you really shifting the physical experience to a digital experience. musicians are also adapting strongly in orchestras have been streaming performances online but are now broadcasting previous concerts after social distancing measures titans. and bands that normally play to huge crowds holding digital music festivals live streaming from their living rooms one after the next audience members can't see each other but they can communicate through the k. board and during night to support the industry greatly as this keeps going.
12:57 am
we can find a way so we want it is fair to say the artists social media communities are popping up to help artists network in isolation but right now many online endeavors have little chance of bringing in any significant long term income a story is spotty predicts that haul $5000000000.00 in revenue could be lost in the next 3 months alarmed and despite office trying to adapt without more. governments of course many businesses say they may not be able to survive times of crisis are really extreme i would be really surprised if we don't see a wave of cultural outputs of artists engaging with these times of isolation dealing with technology if there's any silver lining the engine hopes these uncertain times will lead to more people appreciating out when they can again experience it up close nicola gage al-jazeera. thanks for watching the news hour on
12:58 am
al-jazeera we're back in just a moment with much more of the day's news about. 2011 al-jazeera gained rare access to the pyongyang film academy and some of north korea's brightest young stars. what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine. a compelling portrait of the privileged
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lives of the country's elites rewinds north korea cinema of tweens and al-jazeera. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years it's the reporting the commitment to on the reporter places the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power if a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people expect of us they want the questions oncet. that is what we've always something that's what we will continue to do. join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media india has more than 424 hour television news channel morning talkers and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the states misleads the public the state media reflects the. climate challenge their editorial show it takes
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a dark believe they have anything to apologize for their listening post on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the british prime minister boris johnson is taken to hospital 10 days after being tested positive for the corona virus. while we may have more still to indio better days will return but there's a note of free assurance from britain's queen elizabeth as the nation battles the pandemic. not you know just her a life in london i'm dreading obligated also ahead. it's going to be the hardest
1:01 am
moment for many.


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