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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 5:00am-5:33am +03

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planning for india's millions of lucas. and fearless journalism from around the world for many coming to this place is the only chance they have to leave at least once a day. britain's prime minister boris johnson is admitted to hospital 10 days after being diagnosed with cove at 19. i want to reassure you that if we remain. coming and rallying her people queen elizabeth makes a rare address to the nation as the u.k. fights to control the pandemic. hello i'm a very emphatic and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we see light
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at the end of the tunnel u.s. president donald trump strikes an optimistic tone but a leading medical official warns americans the hardest moment of their lives is coming. and mortuaries in ecuador run out of space now bodies are being stored in giant refrigerated containers. britain's prime minister boris johnson has been taken to hospital as he continues to battle a corona virus infection a spokesman said that he'd been admitted as a precaution because he still has symptoms 10 days after testing positive earlier britain's queen elizabeth made a rare address to her nation the 93 year old monarch urged people to remain united and resolute to overcome the virus america's top surgeon has told americans to prepare for the hardest and saddest week of their lives more than 1000 people have died so far over 1200 on saturday alone the highest in
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a single day the next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire lives and we really need to understand that if we want to flatten that curve and get through that to the other side everyone needs to do their part 90 percent of americans are doing their part even in the states where where where they haven't had a shelter in place but if you can't give us 30 days governors give us give us the week give us what you can so that we don't overwhelm our health care system over this next week and then let's reassess at that point. but in europe's hardest hit countries there is some response it italy has seen the lowest number of single day deaths in more than 2 weeks and 525 fatalities are down in spain to the infection rate that appears to be slowing. more now on prime minister boris johnson's condition from out a serious problem the mozzie in london the reason for his admission to hospital is
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the fact that he had these symptoms that were persistent over a period of time so they've lasted for about 10 days and it's not that his symptoms of necessarily deteriorated it's just that the symptoms the crowd of are symptoms a cough a fever if it does go on for a period of time then typically a patient would be admitted to hospital for the test for a blood test for a scan if something persists then that might be enough of a threshold for a hospital admission but i mean despite those reassurances that it is a precautionary measure it is going to generate a lot of concern and there will be warnings about why the prime minister is not recovering from this infection some 10 days into it and then also concerned about the timing of all of this because this hospital admission is happening just when the country is on the cusp of what is likely to be its most difficult very
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difficult few weeks as the struggle against the coronavirus intensifies and in him in many ways what the prime minister is going through reflects exactly what we're seeing across the country with an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and an increase in the number of hospital admissions but the timing is going to cause some concern about whether it could affect the government's response to the epidemic in some way particularly with some very important decisions coming up in the next few weeks about these lockdown measures about testing strategy and of course the economy but the now downing street is very clear that the prime minister is still leading the government he is still in charge. one hour on britain's queen elizabeth's rare address to her nation that anti 3 year old monarch urged people to remain united and resolute to overcome the virus out of whole reports 2 weeks into the u.k.'s lockdown and deserted city scenes are testament to a new way of life most people staying home for as long as science and the government decide they must also on lockdown in windsor castle her residence
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outside london the queen 93 years old reminded britain's that this crisis too would pass we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure better days are ahead we'll be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again but the government is worried about isolation for tea and a minority of people embracing the warm spring weather to picnic and sunbathe in the parks on prominent and beaches the more people follow the rules then the faster we will all be through it so i say this to this small minority of people who are breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries you're risking your own life and the lives of others and you're making it harder for all banning all this the ability to
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go outside to exercise in public as the health secretary has said he might have to do would be intolerable to many particularly those who live in cramped apartments with no outside space only compounding the effect isolation has on physical and mental health but the argument goes that if people aren't going to change their behavior themselves well then they might have to be forced to in order to save lives. best friends in meal and gabriel a keeping in touch at a safe distance through the fence is still our best friend. a very good friend so i think that's one of the hardest things about where they. fall and we just come for a walk once a day but this is really difficult as far as i know like this is what the government has recommended you know outside and you get as much sun and fresh air as you can obviously stay away from people so i think we're doing the social distancing quite well with the police exercising emergency powers to move people on
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it's expected that britain will get a pretty good idea where the lockdown efforts have helped reduce the peak when it comes in the next week or so but even then a way out of this crisis involving eventual widespread community testing and contact tracing to manage a 2nd wave is many weeks away yet jonah hole al-jazeera london and the us president trump has expressed optimism that cases in virus hosp hotspots have been leveling off to spice as we just heard the u.s. surgeon general warning americans that they were facing the hardest and saddest week of their lives trump has also said that testing has been ramped up across the country. i can report today that the united states has now tested and given results gotten results of 1670000 people that's far more than any other country has been able to do. and you remember we inherited a broken system so a lot of this has been developed by tuesday 1200 brand new rapid point of care
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testing kits has been produced by abbott laboratories great company and they'll be distributed to all of our public health labs it's a 15 minute test even less president trump continues to promote the use of medication that is not proven to treats the coronavirus and could endanger people's health bots the u.s. president says that americans have nothing to lose we have. purchased and we have stockpiled 29000000 pills of the hydroxy chloroquine 29000000. a lot of drugstores have them by prescription and also and they're not expensive also we're sending them to various labs our military was sending him to the hospitals we're sending them all over i just think it's something you know the expression i've used it for certain
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reasons what do you have to lose what do you have to live hydroxy chloroquine is an anti malarial drug that's also used to treat lupus and authorize a spot it has potentially severe side effects especially for the hawse no major study has found that it's effective against cove it by $900.00 the chief immunologists on trump's pandemic taskforce has warned against taking it. many of the things that you hear out there are or what i had called anecdotal reports they may be true but they're anecdotal so the only thing that i was saying is that if you really want to definitively know if something works that you've got to do the kind of trial that you get the good information not to say a rush to buy the drug will create shortages for patients who currently need it while the world health organization has spoken of the dangers of false hope using untested medicines without the right evidence could raise false hope
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and even do more harm than good president trump has asked india to release shipments of the drug that the u.s. has already ordered but india has banned all exports dr john l. bio me is executive director of the right of institutes the george washington school of medicine and health sciences she joins us now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us what makes the president think that this drug this anti-malarial drug could be effective against the virus good question there has been some very minor evidence that actually has been not borne out in the i.c.u. settings and that this is helping it has not seemed to reduce the death rate but you know unfortunately the president does not rely on. she dismisses science and he just has a this day in for evidence he also talked about erythromycin an antibiotic
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but how on earth could an antibiotic work against a virus. well it's as if through my eyes so and and so sometimes the ways that medications war are not necessarily related to their primary mechanism of action so they may have some anti-inflammatory effects that are not necessarily anti-bacterial i can tell you that unfortunately as a result of sort of this problem there is now a national shortage of intravenous visits for my son which don't forget is use for other reasons other treatments including the manja we don't know yet and i'm hoping that the combination might work but i really caution sort of viewers about looking for a panacea because i'm of an age where i remember under the aids epidemic that certain
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drugs were touted and people actually die i remember a medication that was being used for meningitis that actually went through the appropriate. channels and was approved and then when it started being hughes widely it actually caused deaths and was eventually pulled off the market so and as you know the secretary general of the i mentioned i think that giving people false hope is irresponsible and finally i would add that the president is not talking about the things that we know work we do know that social distancing that washing hands covering in your face when you're outside wearing masks work and so why talk and speculate about something that's unproven and dismiss proven preventative treatments that was going to be my next question to the president insists that he's not promoting these drugs are his remarks therefore putting people in danger.
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well you know where he used to sort of the double talk from the president so that he always leaves some self an out so it is something as a not being true that he can kind of say why i didn't say there or something is true then he can get the credit but yes and another aspect of giving people the idea of a false sense of hope that there may be a treatment and i've seen this with aids and the aids epidemic is that people then start to not take the preventative practices seriously and so there are many unintended consequences and of course that's why you have the scientists the public health officials the clinicians the health care system that's really supposed to weigh in and talk about unintended consequences and what are the unintended consequences with the hydro hydroxy when drug itself is that it initially started
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as an anti malarial it's not really being used that much because there was resistance so it is just so in my mind arrogant if not outright criminal to make these statements where we're talking about people's lives it's been really good talking to you many thanks indeed for being with us my pleasure. a weather update next here on out 0 up then tell you why this cruise ship is now talking about australian criminal investigation will be live in sydney. a helping hand over power play how donations of mosques and medical supplies could be changing the way some countries you try it out. and there's been some good weather across northern sections of china some warm air
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in place some good sunshine where we haven't seen quite as good weather is across much of japan some wintry blast in the on some fairly brisk winds now through monday we could see a few more maybe just some snowfall as the high elevations but really it's a case of rain and some strong gusty winds and really quite unsettled throughout much of a guide to the temperatures a bit lower just 8 celsius in meanwhile southern china still very heavy amounts of rain particularly long these coastal areas so again feeling are all the cooler in hong kong just honored with that rain and not a great to change on choose if anything the rain could be a little bit heavy of a saving fairly quickly and will eventually throughout the day move offshore some showers across into taiwan and a much better they generally across much of japan anastase fine and dry across the korean peninsula then down into indonesia some very heavy rains of the last few days particularly into areas in central western java also across into somalia similar story really as we go through monday and tuesday i will see want to 2 showers possible across areas the thailand on tools last and also and then india
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it's about the heat really could take you through the central areas we will see a few showers along southern regions of carol as you go through monday and the become heavier on tuesday. all i want to stay with most outstanding why why arrest internment and mass indoctrination all with your children are now in the process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring an australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera.
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again this is al jazeera not so much of the main news this hour britain's prime minister boris johnson is but a pedestal hospital 10 days after being diagnosed with covert 19 his office says it's a precautionary measure because johnson has persistent symptoms. earlier britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd made a rare television address to the nation of 93 year old. people to remain united and present. at u.s. president total trump has expressed some optimism the case is uncertain hot spots open close leveling off and south to new york state forced a slight drop in the number of virus linked deaths the u.s. surgeon general has want americans should have for the hardest and saddest week of their lives. in australia a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were
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allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 infections have been connected to the ruby princess which docked in sydney last month more than $1000.00 crewmembers remain on board the reports that up to $200.00 of them a sick the government is only letting the critically ill enter australia let's go live now to sydney of zeros nicholas gage is this article where is the ship now what's the situation on board. well there are still many unanswered questions about the raid the princess cruise ship but what we nor is that on board if there are about 1040 clearly members of the old door is around 200 a currently see it can while the maritime union is urging crew members to be allowed to enter to receive the medical help that they need the government is saying that that will not happen so this cruise ship has been sailing up and down the east coast for nearly 3 weeks now. the situation on monday morning was that
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each. was allowed to dock south of sydney at port kembla and that so medical professionals are able to easily access those on board who need help at this stage new south wales police says that only the critically ill will be able to enter a strike but social distancing measures are being taken on board at this stage crew members will remain on there for at least 10 days while the boys the ship is docked at port kembla and after that they will be repatriated to the 50 different countries that they're from but as as this health crosses plays out we also have a huge criminal investigation authorities here looking at whether the operators intentionally downplay the number of cases on board and we'll just have to say what happens from here but at this stage the company says that it will deal with the
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authorities and hopefully we'll just have to say what happens how does there is no clear gauge reporting live there from sydney nicolette many thanks indeed united nations secretary general antonio says there's been a horrifying rise in domestic violence across the world during the pandemic is warning leaders against the dangers of enforced lock downs for thousands of women around the world are you at all governments to make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of the national response plans for coffee one team that means increasing investment in online services and civil society organizations making sure as additional systems continue to prosecute abusers setting up emergency warning systems in fantasies and girl cities declaring shelters as essential services and creating safe ways for women to seek support we don't alert being that abusers. there are warnings that bangladesh will be unable to cope with an outbreak of the
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virus charity group save the children is searching the international community to provide medical supplies to the country the group says there are no ventilators in the coxes bazaar district which is home to 3000000 people a 3rd of those rohingya refugees in the entire country there are fewer than 2000 ventilators for a population of 165000000 most of those are in cities meaning that it will be difficult for people in rural areas to gain access 9 people have died in bangladesh so far the charity predicts a humanitarian disaster if the number of cases rises above 88 currently confirmed dr shah is deputy county country director for save the children in bangladesh he joins us now via skype from the capital dhaka good to have you with us dr what's the government that doing to step up its efforts to combat the pandemic considering the big risk of community spread due to such high density of people.
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thank you very much for giving me the chance of hears. as you know that bangladesh government has taken it but it is there on the. maid of march so we are having the law don't. ordain a baby beginning this is a list standardizing another. the issues have been of the 10 and so there is then maybe there's interpersonal communication so that's number one and number 2 because in all the good that i think that it is. other than the other 14. i think that it has been started because bangladesh. 66000. people are in the home quarantines of the administration is taking care of that so that they are in the maintaining the. ongoing care and in the. book
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the big issue is that you know the facilities they've been diligent that we were talking about we dream that 135000 visitors are currently have 2000 so what is the situation in congress because what happens if if there is an outbreak of a virus that. there are you even you know there didn't. seem alien pollution and got the. one thing we learned is 11000000 is not legal is. contained in the gown. books another shot the difficult but only the one of the you know the hospital where even if it is providing support to establish this invented litters opportunity so there has been of the start it will be known the. completed by. these we got so bogged the problem with the
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duty in the. situation is a very constant that it is a very cramped area. belief system would be yours so if this bill is going the would be. ok doctor really good story many thanks indeed dr show me john from save the children and the time it is government says that it's ramping up production of mosques and will donate 15000000 of them to health workers around the world but many virus head countries are still reliant on medical care produced by mainland chinese factories which of the world's biggest source of ventilators testing kits and protective gear beijing is encouraged by the factories to increase production but critics say it's being used as part of china's soft power campaign training he reports from beijing. lifesaving ventilators a simple and packed in the hundreds this factory in her bay province is just one of
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many across china producing medical supplies desperately needed in the fight against the current a virus pandemic hope these machines are being prepared for customers in italy and the u.k. trying to go through with it usually there's not much demand for ventilators ward wide but nobody expected this virus outbreak it's put a lot of pressure on ventilator makers as cover $1000.00 takes hold around the world chinese manufacturers are in or if a drive producing masks respirators and testing kits to sell to governments and businesses supplies made in china have also been included in emergency aid packages sent by beijing to more than 80 countries in need but critics accuse the chinese government of indulging in so-called diplomacy providing supplies in exchange for political support others say beijing is trying to divert attention away from its mishandling of the outbreak in january not acting fast enough to prevent its spread
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. but it's very late look at your people you didn't make them in the rain actually is going to come to you. so it's it's it's clear it's you know it's but it's funny like that. because what we're seeing is missing limbs we've stuff is coming out of china car and electronics companies have now retooled or expanded to meet international demand for medical care and while the chinese government is encouraging production regulators are struggling to enforce standards officials in spain turkey and the netherlands have rejected masks in testing kits they say are poor quality or don't work and they will do. in this very particular case they have been returned to the provider and a different cast with grantees is going to be supplied authorities have cracked. those producing uncertified or counterfeit goods in beijing is downplaying concerns
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saying these criticisms are blurred and counterproductive to the international effort to contain the outbreak. on the u. china is willing to maintain close communication with the relevant parties but we hope that this issue would not be interpreted politically and her baby factory staff a working long hours to fill orders manages each ventilator is carefully inspected to full being sent overseas a guarantee they hope will allow international custom is to create the coalition easy at katrina al-jazeera aging in canada the number of people who have died after being diagnosed with covered 19 is increased by 20 percent in a day bringing the death toll to $258.00 canada has appeared to pills to volunteers to support frontline health care workers and is offering full time jobs to reservists or of confirmed cases the stands at just over 14400 the number of infections in latin america has jumped sharply in the last few days more
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than 25000 cases have been registered in the region brazil being the worst so far with of $11000.00 meanwhile ecuador's government has begun storing the bodies of victims of the corona virus in giant refrigerated containers as hospitals and morgues struggled cope assad or appears he is monitoring developments for us and says the government has had to send additional refrigerators to some areas. the city of guayaquil remains the worst off air in all of latin america sort of worst case scenario for the entire region the hospitals the health care services in the more exterior have been completely overwhelmed by the number of cases that could be 19 and the number of deaths the government is trying to do something about it it started sending these special refrigerated containers to store the bodies that were piling up in the main hospital there or that people were storing in their houses or
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even on the streets also saying we're starting to send 2000 cardboard coffins and a special hotline phone has been set up for people to call if they need help or if they need the bodies to be picked up the vice president of ecuador is publicly asked for an apology for the way they've been dealing with the crisis especially at the beginning when they really haven't been able to enforce a quarantine in the city of guayaquil but the number of that keep going up another 180 confirmed cases on sunday in the government saying that the that number is probably below the real number of the victims of this virus and this u 2 asian in ecuador is also becoming very worrisome for the neighbors of ecuador both colombia and peru have sent the military to the border to try and stop people crossing illegally leaving ecuador even if the borders are closed the street
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musicians in mexico city are singing the blues to cheer up people bracing with the corona virus outbreak. the answer is traditionally gather plans or get a baldie looking to be hired but canceled events and social distancing measures mean fewer opportunities leaving many who get paid by the song on able to support their family. yes. it is good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to here in doha the headlines and i was here a britain's prime minister boris johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after being diagnosed with the corona virus his office says it's a precautionary measure because johnson has persistent symptoms earlier britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd made a rare television address to the nation but 103 year old monarch urged people to
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remain united and resolute. u.s. president donald trump has expressed some optimism that cases in certain hotspots opin quote leveling off and softer new york state reported a slight drop in the number of virus linked deaths that the u.s. surgeon general has warned americans they should prepare for the hardest and saddest week of their lives the next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire lives and we really need to understand that if we want to flatten that curb and get through that through the other side everyone needs to do their part 90 percent of americans are doing their part even in the states where where where they haven't had a shelter in place but if you can't give us 30 days governors give us give us the week give us what you can so that we don't overwhelm our health care system over this next week and then let 3 assess at that point in a study a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were
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allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 infections have been connected to the ruby princess which docked in sydney last month more than a 1000 crewmembers remain on board with reports of up to 200 of them sick. in canada the number of people who have died after being diagnosed with cove at 19 has increased by 20 percent of the day bringing the death toll to 258 canada has appealed to volunteers to support frontline health care workers and is offering full time job to reservists the number of confirmed cases that stands at just over 14400 ecuador's government has begun the story of the bodies of victims of the coronavirus in giant refrigerated container this is hospitals of war struggle to cope of those are the headlines these continues here on ars as they are off to talk to us as era next. as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the outs. with updates about
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travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. kuranda virus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. the. u.n. headquarters in new york this is a building i work in most days and i have to tell you it is very early now normally there's about 10000 people come into this compound every single week day now at the moment there's only about 300 people accessing this building every day they all the skeleton stoff most of them working trying to get the video conference and systems working to allow them.


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