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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. 10 days after testing positive britain's prime minister is admitted to hospital as the battles coronavirus. i want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute then we will ever come it. queen elizabeth makes a rare address to the british public the u.k. and then. i'm sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we see light at the end of
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the tunnel more conflicting information from the u.s. president is the leading medical official in charge warns the worst is yet to come . staying connected in chile we look at some of the ways people are socializing in keeping in shape under lockdown. the u.k.'s prime minister barak's johnson has been taken to hospital as he battles coronavirus a spokesman says he's been admitted as a precaution because he still has symptoms 10 days after testing positive now they're saying he'll remain in hospital for further testing johnson has been running the government while in isolation earlier queen elizabeth made a rare address. to the nation she urged people to remain united and resolute to
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overcome the outbreak when the u.s. president donald trump or sounded a note of optimism saying there's lies at the end of the tunnel but this came right after a top health official warned americans to prepare for the hardest and saddest week of their lives more than 9000 people have died so far over 1200 on saturday alone and in japan prime minister shinzo are based preparing to declare a state of emergency as infections surge in major cities from london jonah how begins our coverage 2 weeks into the u.k.'s locked down and deserted city scenes are testament to a new way of life most people staying home for as long as science and the government decide they must also on lockdown in windsor castle her residence outside london the queen 93 years old reminded britain's that this crisis too would
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pass we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure better days will return we'll be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again but the government is worried about isolation for tea and a minority of people embracing the warm spring weather to picnic and sunbathe in the parks on promenades and beaches the more people follow the rules then the faster we will all be through it so i say this to this small minority of people who are breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries you're risking your own life and the lives of others. and you're making it harder for. banning all this the ability to go outside to exercise in public as the health secretary has said he might have to do would be intolerable to many particularly those who live in cramped apartments with no outside space only compounding the effect isolation has on
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physical and mental health but the argument goes that if people aren't going to change their behavior themselves well then they might have to be forced to in order to save lives best friends in meal and gabriel a keeping in touch at a safe distance through the fence is still our best friend and we're very good friends so i think that's one of the hardest things about it so weird that i didn't really respond to full. and we've just come for a walk once a day but this is really difficult as far as i know like this is what the government has recommended you you know outside and you get as much sun and fresh air is you can obviously stay away from people so i think we're doing the social distancing quite well with the police exercising emergency powers to move people on it's expected that britain will get a pretty good idea where the lockdown efforts have helped reduce the peak when it comes in the next week or so but even then
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a way out of this crisis involving eventual widespread community testing and contact tracing to manage a 2nd wave is many weeks away yet joan a whole al-jazeera number lawrence lane joins us now from london lawrence let's talk about boris johnson showery so far he's been trying to be well still prime minister and a patient is getting better how does this latest announcement impact both him and how the country is run. well in terms of how the country is run you see the problem in the u.k. is that there's no actual position of deputy prime minister as there is other places and so they have to designate someone to be in charge and sensitive foreign secretary dominic run off and he'll be in charge of the. government committee meeting at a quarter past 9 our time this morning and it will carry on but still the government's trying to maintain
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a source of pretense really that johnson still in charge the minister who's doing the media rounds right at the moment scuse me this morning says that johnson's going to be kept updated while in the hospital and he's still continuing to lead the government even at the same time downing street saying that johnson will have to be in the hospital as long as is necessary and so clearly both of those things can't really be true at the same time and part of the problem for johnson 10 days eating is that he didn't rest he continued to try to work while he had the virus which starts a phase really the worst thing that you could do because he should have been in bed and the worry i think they've got now is going to not saying that it's the merchant yet mission is that if his breathing is still really bad and he's still got a temperature they've got to stop the continuum only because he gets into intensive care that it's about $5050.00 whether you can survive or not so so there's though they've got to stop him from trying to be prime minister at least for the time
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that's going to be an interesting one also i know that the u.k. health secretary said it's not imminent but how much concern is there among people among the markets about a further lock down or tight a lock down. well there's some obvious 2 different things about that we're now into the 3rd and supposedly final week of the existing. now clearly it's going to have to carry on because the peak isn't going to arrive here until probably this weekend coming at the earliest and if any any other countries anything to go by then it's going to carry on earth couple more weeks of that so the reality is a lot to much finish up to 3 weeks is obviously going to carry on anyway for several more weeks there's a separate question there about whether the lockdown has to be extended because as you saw in that report there are still people who are refusing to do what the government says you should which is to go to texas and then go back home again and that's obviously that's not sunbathing in the park all day isn't the same i don't
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think they get about exercise i think you'll be disastrous but they've got to get people to stop by. all right good stuff there from lawrence lee thanks for that. and there's a glimmer of hope in europe the death and infection rates in some hotspots appears to be slowing the number of people who died in italy was at its lowest in more than 2 weeks on sunday new cases there are also on a downward trend daily deaths in spain have dropped for 3 consecutive days in france 41 severely ill coronavirus patients have been transferred from paris to the northwestern region of brittany trying to ease pressure on the cap for hospitals more than 500 patients have been moved to other areas nearly 8000 people have died from the disease in the country ireland's prime minister is returning to work as a part time doctor there wiranto trained as a physician before entering politics has rejoined the medical register and will
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perform coronavirus assessments once a week thousands of retired medical professionals have answered an appeal from the health service to go back. u.s. president dog trump has struck an optimistic tone as his daily current virus briefing saying and then to the outbreak is in sight with the number of deaths approaching 10000 to health experts a warning as yet to come hard to jocasta explains. conflicting messages from the president of the united states we see light at the end of the tunnel things are happening these are happening and the country's top health officials the next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire life the u.s. surgeon general warns many more people will die in the coming days the expected
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surge adding urgency to the cries of state governors asking the federal government for deliveries of life saving equipment so we governors republicans and democrats have been urging the president to do what he should which is if he wants to be a wartime president be a wartime president show some leadership mobilize industrial base united states that's what he did trump says ventilators from the federal stockpile are in route to several states and claims the u.s. has conducted more coronavirus tests than any other country per capita though testing in the u.s. is still far behind south korea and germany trump says the u.s. has stockpiled $29000000.00 doses of the anti-malarial drug that is being used experimentally to treat kovac 19 the president says he has so much personal confidence in the treatment that it was his idea to have patients waiting for the right to sue if the drug ends up doing them harm that's why drugs the clerical and
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. it's written meissen. and again you have to go through the medical people get the approval. but. i've seen things that are short of like so what do i know i'm not a doctor when reporters later tried asking the dr anthony felt the government's top infectious disease expert trump stopped him from answering the weigh in on this issue of how drugs work when what you think about this is what it is an expression you know maybe it is down to 15. meanwhile doctors and nurses across the country continue to plead for donations of more masks and gallants bracing for the apex of cases still to come heidi joe castro al-jazeera maryland and in canada the number of people who've died after being diagnosed with coded 19 has increased by
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20 percent in a single day well that brings the death toll to $258.00 the government is appealing for volunteers to support frontline health care workers offering full time work to all military reservists more than 14400 cases have been confirmed nationwide in other news yemeni president the problem on sort of habeas ordered the release of all prisoners in ties with the exception of those who are jailed on minor criminal major rather criminal charges this comes after who threw forces shelled the women section of the central prison in ties on sunday local sources say 5 female prisoners were killed and several others injured during the shelling the southwestern city is the country's 3rd biggest and i may just center of the conflict. still ahead on al-jazeera helping hand all power play out of the nations of mosques and medical supplies could be changing the way some
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countries view china. plus as education moves online for millions of students many others are being left behind we report from east africa on the growing digital divide. and there's some very nice weather across central and western areas of europe some weather in place of my sunshine the weather itself in terms of rain and snow that is across the southeast meanwhile across the north some pretty strong winds and some rain as well but for the time being it is being held at bay by this high pressure sober so this warm weather just look at this this is the cherry blossom avenue in bone in germany and there's a couple of pictures of that it is glorious and has helped that come on touches across central western there was a john even about 10 degrees above the average quite the difference a cross into as a mainland greece just have
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a look at this snow were just come down very recently so looks more like winter at than this time of the year and that system across the southeast as we go through monday it will continue to die away taking with it that rain also that snow pushing across into western areas of turkey still a bit cool in the wake of that system most guys across central and western europe but that high beginning to break down as we go through monday we have also sheilds coming through the temperatures will get damaged as of that if you want like you call spain and some heavy amounts of rain across areas of portugal that will work its way eastwards on a tuesday and then we're back to mostly dry conditions and in terms of temperatures here it's a good example just look at this over the next few days 21 celsius by wednesday at 22 and that is 11 degrees above average. that corruption has reached our love child like never before in our country.
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rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will honor the people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera. come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines britain's prime minister boss johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for cope with 19 downing street said it was a precautionary measure since symptoms were persisting johnson has continued to run
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the government while in isolation britain's queen elizabeth has made a rare television address to the nation 93 year old model urged people to remain united and resolute. in the us president donald trump has sounded a note of optimism over the pandemic saying there's light at the end of the tunnel that's despite a warning from the nation's top surgeon that americans should prepare for the hardest and saddest week. in australia a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 current virus infections have been connected to the ruby princess which docked in sydney last month more than $1000.00 crewmembers remain on board the royal reports up to $200.00 are sick the government is only letting the critically ill enter australia the cole a gauge is in sydney with more on the investigation. stradley and homicide detectives
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are looking at whether the operators of these ship deliberately misled or thora cheese in a stroller and downplayed the number of people who would seek on this cruise ship it was last month 2000 $700.00 passengers disembarked some flew to other areas of the country and since then nearly one 3rd of coronavirus deaths in a stroller have been linked to the ruby princess cruise ship as well as hundreds of other cases of corona virus and if you look at the full picture in australia this is very significant as of monday morning 37 people have died in australia of corona virus and just over 5600 positive cases have been recorded across the country there are still strict social isolation and distancing measures in place across the country many businesses are closed there's still a ban on any public gatherings of more than 2 people but at the same time the
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government is remaining positive saying that we are starting to flatten that curve and that the rate of infection is in fact that slowing in australia but authorities are also warning that all of these strict measures will remain in place for months to come to make sure that we don't see any increase in that right of infection you know. many virus hit countries depend on medical gear produced by factories in mainland china the world's biggest source of ventilates and testing kits and protective gear beijing has encouraged manufacturers to increase production but critics say china is using so-called mosque the plough masoud to going political support katrina you reports from beijing. lifesaving ventilators a simple and packed in the hundreds this factory in her bay province is just one of many across china producing medical supplies desperately needed in the fight
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against the current a virus pandemic hope these machines are being prepared for customers in italy and the u.k. trying to go through with it usually there's not much demand for regulators what wide but nobody expected this virus outbreak it's put a lot of pressure on ventilator make us as covered $1000.00 takes hold around the world chinese manufacturers are in orbit drive producing masks respirators and testing kits to sell to governments and businesses supplies made in china have also been included in imagine seeing aid packages sent by beijing to more than 80 countries in need but critics accuse the chinese government of indulging in so-called diplomacy providing supplies in exchange for political support others say beijing is trying to divert attention away from its mishandling of the outbreak in january not acting fast enough to prevent its spread. like look at you people you didn't make them in ukraine actually is going to come to you. so
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it's clear it's you know it's but it's like that. because what we're seeing is missing we've stuff is coming out of china car and electronics companies have now retooled or expanded to meet international demand for medical care and while the chinese government is encouraging production regulators are struggling to enforce standards officials in spain turkey and the netherlands have rejected masks in testing kits they say are poor quality or don't work and they will do. in this very particular case they have been returned to the provider and a different cast with grantees is going to be supplied authorities have cracked. those producing uncertified or counterfeit goods in beijing is downplaying concerns saying these criticisms are for blood and counterproductive to the international effort to contain the outbreak. found that you china is willing to maintain close
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communication with the relevant parties but we hope that this issue would not be interpreted politically and her baby factory staff are working long hours to fill orders manages each ventilator is carefully inspected before being sent overseas a guarantee they hope will allow international customers to breathe the coalition easier katrina al-jazeera aging the pandemic has for schools around the world to close to close rather with students continuing their education online but many of them in some parts of africa are on this ng out because the resources aren't available catherine sawyer or. maybe we will skip this but this is the new normal in many schools in kenya we are little quick checking before the lesson starts and julia. settling into the idea that he might be remotely teaching his students for months my machine has honed some of the
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challenges we are experiencing. is dealing with a few technology glitches and the fact that not all children might give 100 percent in vattel classes even take us through this light but he says a coronavirus has shifted the future of learning majority of them are now organising some groups that they're doing their own discussion they're doing discussions on new and engaging teachers in ways that actually are unimaginable about 150 kilometers is stopped nairobi in which this parent homeschools his daughter. he uses a television learning program started by a government institution but it's not easy you know the program is coming. up with the laughter because sometimes kids want to. sometimes they. want to go. tens of thousands of students across the country are now adapting to
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virtual studies on t.v. radio or online but many have no electricity internet or devices to keep up state school students are suffering the most in 2013 the government promised free laptops to primary schools saying it would gradually expand the program to secondary schools but our project has been slow to implement coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of life education has been badly affected by the disease and it's closed indefinitely many children are likely to lag behind in their studies. re told by the reason he entered secondary school but now she's back home and her days full of housework and chores she lives with her mother and siblings and today the only mill they have is from mentored partridge in school should have had 3 hot meals senior and senior i don't have a working radio or t.v.
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i don't even have a computer to listen to those learning programs i'm afraid when i go back to school i'll be behind the children who have to devise is the only time the gets to revise is just before sunset and only for a little while because once darkness sets in she's limit head with no electricity and money to buy solar land tents she uses flashlights has story echoed by many others across the country katherine sawyer al-jazeera east and kenya. the u.s. navy captain who was removed from command of a coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier has now tested positive captain brett cross started showing symptoms of the virus before complaining about the spread of the illness among his 5000 strong crew nearly 200 on board the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt tested positive captain cross sent a letter asking to remove crew members from the ship he was reassigned for the navy
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navy described as demonstrating poor judgment mexico's president continues to remain optimistic about the coronavirus crisis in his country in an address to the nation and the rest money world of hers opera dollars said normality will return soon he says reviving the economy remains a priority our correspondent john holeman is in mexico city he says most people there think their president is still not taking the outbreak is seriously as he should. this is a sort of state of the nation address that he gives every 3 months now to sort of tell the country where it's at and a lot of it was dedicated to programs social programs employment programs that are already in place without a law about what new he's going to be doing to deal with coronavirus basically in terms of the medical actions he said that the country's health services are already in a good state because of an early injection of money and is going to get the armed forces
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also to help out or years getting them to help out but something that we already knew a couple of weeks back that was announced he also said that he was optimistic and that there would be 2000000 new jobs for mexico in the next 9 months i think a lot of people just reading through a lot of economists and analysts responses here in twitter there's a lot of feeling here that he's underestimated the gravity of this crisis even though a mexico for its size doesn't have a lot it's got over 203000 cases of coronavirus that we know about so far testing has been pretty limited but even without that the economic impact in this country they're saying is going to be huge and he's under estimating that remember that it is a country that neighbors with the united states that 80 percent of its exports go to the united states that those economies are inextricably linked together who understand the. street musicians in mexico city are singing to cheer
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up people during the throne a virus outbreak. now the act is traditionally gather the plaza got a ballot the looking for work but canceled events and social distancing measures mean fewer opportunities leaving many to go to get paid by the song unable to support their families. until days one of latin america's worst affected countries with more than 4000 reported cases like many countries long down measures have dramatically changed day to day living so many people are getting creative to restore a little normality al-jazeera as latin america at its embassy in yemen explains. signal. is ready to roll from austin want so tonight i'm having a party and i'm going to cook a barbecue here's the meat. the clothes are already lit and snacks and drinks are ready to and here are the guests all connected via internet.
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for couples sharing a saturday night and a good lass each from their own home to whatever meanwhile 25 year old look less heritable is just starting to party without leaving his bed all he needs is this application so no. i don't need to spend money on transportation that is 100 percent safe and i can travel instantly between one party and another with the possibilities of socializing a much faster but i don't know what i'll do fight in the heart of this option i ask myself what if this quarantine happened 20 years ago. with schools and offices closed and confinement now i must chileans are discovering countless ways to stay active and not just physically. a year ago see one michel launched an online platform that offers psychological consultations
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with professional therapist with total privacy but in the last 2 weeks since cold in 1000 changed everyone's lives the number of patients has soared this young man specifically allowed us to film him. i'm feeling a lot of anxiety because i don't know what's going to happen with my job. confronting these uncertain times can generate anguish stress fear sadness and anger we've seen a leap in consultations from couples who are struggling because of their confinement to people who are alone and feeling panic. another cause for insecurity is the lack of personal protection products until it's been weeks since anyone can find a facemask to buy so people are making their own and this is how the kitchen towels you fold them like this and then with a string or ribbon even an elastic you staple them at the ends and when you
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open it up you'll have your own homemade facemask like that gentle pull of the young and speaking of creativity the center of cinema is offering children something to look forward to. read them a different story every day at 5 o'clock. ballets dance master cyril demand about hasn't stopped giving dancers classes now on instagram the class is now also open to anyone who wants to join just another example of how this crisis is increasingly inspiring people to share their creativity in captivity. you see in human al-jazeera some day i will. take you through some of the headlines here now britain's prime minister barak's johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for covert 19
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downing street said it's a precaution as these symptoms are persisting on now from lawrence ling in london. the government's main aim a source of really. the minister who's doing the media around what. he said this morning. johnson is going to be. all he's really got even at the same time downing street saying that johnson will be no longer very clearly both of those things really. britain's queen elizabeth has made a rare television address to the nation the 93 year old monarch urged people to remain united and resolute the queen's message came as officials warmth the u.k. could be heading into the most difficult weeks of the outbreak in the us president donald trump or sounded a note of optimism over the pandemic saying there is light at the end of the tunnel
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that's despite a warning from the nation's top surgeon that americans should prepare for the hardest and saddest week the us has reported more than 9600 deaths so far death and in faction rates in some hotspots in europe appear to be slowing the number of people who died in italy was at its lowest in more than 2 weeks on sunday new cases were also declining daily deaths in spain have dropped for 3 consecutive days a criminal investigation has been launched in australia into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 infections have been connected to the ruby princess. it's inside story now. on counting the cost for nations seek emergency funding from the world bank and
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i.m.f. to battle the coronavirus pandemic puts people before that crisis and from a helicopter money to universal basic income what governments must do to keep the economy alive counting the cost on al-jazeera. life after coronavirus some countries are considering issuing immunity passports for those who've recovered from the elders the aim is to allow them to go back to a normal life but would that work and is it certain their immunity would last this is inside story. hello and welcome back to the program. we are all a climate sizing to a new world of the coronavirus pandemic people staying at home businesses.


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