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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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how does that bring you the need and current things that matter to you. al-jazeera. 10 days after testing positive for covert 90 britain's prime minister is being treated in hospital. i want to reassure you that if we remain united in resolute then we will never come it. queen elizabeth makes a rare televised address to the public as the u.k. fights the pandemic. and sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from so coming up we see light at the end of the
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tunnel things more conflicting information from the u.s. president as the leading medical official in charge warns the worst is yet to come . and how donations of mass to medical supplies could be changing the way some countries view china. bouquets prime minister barak's johnson has been taken to hospital as he battles a corona virus infection a spokesman says he's been admitted as a precaution because he still has symptoms 10 days after testing positive he will remain in hospital for further testing johnson has been running the government while in isolation earlier queen elizabeth made a rare televised address to the nation she urged people to remain united and resolute to overcome the outbreak then the u.s.
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president donald trump sounded a note of optimism saying there's light at the end of the tunnel but this came from . right after a top health official warned americans to prepare for what he called the hardest and saddest week of their lives more than 1000 people have died and at least 1200 on saturday alone and in japan prime minister shinzo is preparing to declare a state of emergency as infections surge across major cities from london joan hull begins our coverage 2 weeks into the u.k.'s lockdown and deserted city scenes a testament to a new way of life most people staying home for as long as science and the government decide they must also on lockdown in windsor castle her residence outside london the queen 93 years old reminded britons that this crisis too would pass we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure better days
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return we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again but the government is worried about isolation for tea and a minority of people embracing the warm spring weather to picnic and sunbathe in the parks on prominent and beaches the more people follow the rules then the faster we will all be through it so i say this to this small minority of people who are breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries you're risking your own life and the lives of others. and you're making it harder for. banning all this the ability to go outside to exercise in public as the health secretary has said he might have to do would be intolerable to many particularly those who live in cramped apartments with no outside space only compounding the effect isolation has on physical and
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mental health but the argument goes that if people aren't going to change their behavior themselves well then they might have to be forced to in order to save lives best friends in meal and gabriel a keeping in touch at a safe distance through the fence is still our best friend and we are very good friends so i think that's one of the hardest things about it so weird that i didn't really respond to full. and it would just come for a walk once a day but this is really difficult as far as i know like this is what the government has recommended you you know outside and you get as much sun and it's fresh air as you can obviously stay away from people so i think we're doing the social distancing quite well with the police exercising emergency powers to move people on it's expected that britain will get a pretty good idea where the lockdown efforts have helped reduce the peak when it comes in the next week or so but even then a way out of this crisis involving eventual widespread community testing and
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contact tracing to manage a 2nd wave is many weeks away yet jonah hole al-jazeera lumbered lawrence joins us now live from london lawrence let's start off by talking about the prime minister bar's johnson's been trying to both run the country and get better how does this news impact that. i mean clearly you can't really do both of those are the same time can you and you know it is unarguable i think that certainly policy of the reason why is now has to go to hospital 10 days after the contract saying it is because he hasn't been in bed resting which is what all the doctors say that you have to do even now that the government but later this morning says that from his hospital bed johnson wants to be leading the effort in this still very much in charge of the government except you know it can also be true that he can do that while he's having
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a series of tests in the hospital to check it oxygen in his lungs and his white blood cell counts and his liver and kidney functions you know that i mean on some level they've got except that he needs to rest and that the foreign secretary is now in charge in his absence can run the country for a bit and they just carry on telling people to stay home and make sure the hospitals are overloaded it would be much worse obviously if you got really ill and have to go into intensive care i've been much worse for the country i i think than . should just letting go of the reins for a short time and getting better and in addition to that we also got the concerns of the possible some kind of extension or tightening of the lockdown how is all of that playing out in terms of people's concerns and concern to the economy. we have a mommy there's 2 different things going on at once the current lockdown at the
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u.k. scene which was set to 3 weeks we're now on the start of week 3 of that but it clearly is going to have to be extended because they've been talking about the peak of the virus cases now being on easter sunday next sunday coming in so clearly a lot of them going to have to carry on for probably 3 or 4 more weeks in its current form there is the other question that you saw mentioned in our report that the general about people breaking the government's rules the police have been trying very gently to say to people please do not lie around in the park all day take some exercise but you got to go home they haven't been doing in all the spines like other countries or for its arrest people very much the source of that in trying to get public to police themselves but there are some cover ministers who are pretty pretty angry about this they have been talking about banning exercise i think it can happen because you've got to let people get a sight that just fucking is very difficult to get some people so by the rules all right lawrence lay there from london. ireland's prime minister is returning to work
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as a part time dr lee ever i've heard who trained this position before entering politics has rejoined the medical register and will perform covert 19 assessments once a week thousands of retired medical professionals have answered an appeal from the health service to go back to work on. there's a glimmer of hope now in europe the death and infection rates in some hotspots appears to be slowing the number of people who died in italy was at its lowest in more than 2 weeks on sunday new cases there were also on a downward trend and daily deaths in spain of dropped for 3 consecutive days in france 41 severely ill patients have been transferred from paris to the northwestern region of brittany trying to ease pressure on the capital's hospitals and more than 500 have now been moved to other areas nearly 8000 people have died from the virus and france. president donald trump has struck an
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optimistic tone as his daily coronavirus briefing saying an end to the outbreak is in sight but with the number of deaths in the u.s. approaching 10000 health experts are warning the worst is yet to come i do joe castro reports. conflicting messages from the president of the united states we see light at the end of the tunnel things are happening these are happening and the country's top health officials the next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire life the u.s. surgeon general warns many more people will die in the coming days the expected surge adding urgency to the cries of state governors asking the federal government for deliveries of life saving equipment so we governors republicans and democrats
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have been urging the president to do what he should which is if he wants to be a wartime president be a wartime president show some leadership mobilize industrial base united states that's what we need. trump says ventilators from the federal stockpile are in route to several states and claims the u.s. has conducted more coronavirus tests than any other country per capita though testing in the u.s. is still far behind south korea and germany trump says the u.s. has stockpiled 29000000 doses of the anti-malarial drug that is being used experimentally to treat kovac 19 the president says he has so much personal confidence in the treatment that it was his idea to have patients waiting for the right to sue if the drug ends up doing them harm that's hydroxy clerical and.
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it's written meissen. and again you have to go through your medical people get the approval. but. i've seen things that i sort of like so what do i know i'm not a doctor so when reporters later tried asking the doctor anthony felt she the government's top infectious disease expert trump stopped him from answering the weigh in on this issue of how drugs work when would you think about this is what is the point isn't it rationed you know i may view it as a doctor 15. meanwhile doctors and nurses across the country continue to plead for donations of more masks and gallons bracing for the apex of cases still to come heidi joe castro al-jazeera maryland the u.s. navy captain who was removed from command of a coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier has now tested positive captain brett cross here started showing symptoms before complaining about the spread of the illness
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among his 5000 strong crew nearly 200 on board the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt have tested positive and captain cross here sent a letter asking to remove crew members from the ship he was reassigned for the navy described as demonstrating poor judgment in canada the number of people who've died of covert 19 is increased by 20 percent in a single day that brings the death toll to $258.00 the government has appealed for volunteers to support frontline health care workers it's offering full time work to all military reservists more than 14400 cases have been confirmed there. in other news the yemeni president abdurrahman sort of the as ordered the release of all prisoners in the southern city of ties with the exception of those who are jailed on major criminal charges this comes after the forces shelled the women's
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section of the prison in the southern city on sunday local sources say 5 female prisoners were killed several others injured thais is yemen's furred biggest city the major center of the conflict. well still ahead on al-jazeera we'll explore the idea of so-called immunity passports for people who've recovered even though questions do remain about resistance. how we got fired and try whether across a good policy of here satellites a spring sun shining sea. clear skies here high pressure very much in charge we still got that stormy weather just around that eastern side of the mediterranean gray still seeing some very very heavy rain some storms rattling away here and some
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very very strong winds pretty windy too on the other side of here because this weather systems just making their way in from the atlantic we're going to see some clouds and rain rolling through here particularly cross the spine imports go wakeling weather system as it runs into that area of high pressure just pushing across france southeastern parts of england down across the low countries and that will continue to just ease its way a little further research as we go through the remainder of monday temperatures when i problems here were getting up to the high teens in london and paris were getting into the low twenty's there for lent and also falls here it all the cool side though for athens 13 celsius with that cloud and right at least the snow has gone 30 in celsius again as we go on through chews day fun in try for many as you can see that state still some bits and pieces of rain across that western side of the mediterranean into a good part of spain dust storms there with the strong winds for the northeast of africa clearing away.
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the u.n. fact finders accuse the bernese military of genocide this is that political or if you think that. do you believe the nobody is a fascist or poor kids don't have all gone they. wouldn't go through recognized the both sides have legitimate grievances against the other climate justice is the foundation of climate action and that is why the palookas must face. to face with up. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back time to recap our headlines now britain's prime minister barak's johnson has been admitted to hospital for 10 days after testing positive for covert 19 his office says it was a precautionary measure because he still has elizabeth is the queen elizabeth has made a rare televised address to the nation a 93 year old british monarch urged people to remain united and resolute officials have warned the u.k. could be heading into its most difficult weeks. president on trumpet sound and those of optimism though saying there's light at the end of the tunnel that's despite a warning from his nation's top surgeon americans should prepare for their hardest and saddest week. libya has so far avoided the worst of the coronavirus with just 17 confirmed cases with a war raging the health service could be in danger of complete collapse if the virus spreads more out than one had reports from tripoli. in the fight against
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covidien 19 the one and only medical factory in libya based in the city of misrata is now dedicated to producing protective gear that includes medical gallons face masks shoe covers and other similar products. staff who are just trying to meet the government's needs say they have increased production of facemasks from 7000 per day 240000. we are currently providing for general hospitals and a few private clinics as they are the ones who will be dealing with koran on the front lines we have doubled our staff and have increased production we have a serious problem with bringing in the raw materials but we are doing everything we can. in the capital tripoli medical workers denounce
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it a shortage of medical and personal protective equipment as the virus weaves the globe several new cases have been ridges tilted in libya the health system here is already we and with the country at war there is concern hospitals won't be able to cope with the added pressure coronavirus could bring. i urge both parties and all others that i didn't we in the in directly involved in this conflict between mediately hold. to a lower forty's to effectively address the coffee 1000 so let's ensure and the end of the excess to humanitarian aid and realize the cease fire they have been discussing and that your species of united nations was nearly 1700000 people already in need of health assistance in libya and higher numbers of migrants and internally displaced people organisations like the international rescue committee
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are warning that and i would break of covert 19 could have a devastating impact. they had a long good military campaign on tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar it goes on. according to the united nations more than 280 civilians and about 2000 fighters have been killed the war has displaced about 150000 people while the war continues to claim lives the staff at this medical factory are working ground the clock to make more protective equipment for the doctors and nurses they're putting in extra hours for no additional pay they say they don't want more money they just want to help save lives more. tripoli now the democrats the government of the democratic republic of congo is shut down the capital's main
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commercial hub for 14 days can shatter is the epicenter of the nationwide outbreak more on that catherine soy joins us live from nairobi now and catherine know the government been going back and forth and the idea of a lockdown was as they finally decided. absolutely there was a lot of deliberations in the last few weeks 800 people so far have died of caught it 19 in the democratic republic of congo as i infected and as you mentioned most of the gone by in this area this commercial and administrators sent out this is the epicenter so the government has decided to shut down that area this is where government offices are deceased where diplomatic offices are markets businesses this is the house of everything and the question was if they close down this place how will people most of the people who leave outside of going. to work there so
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that was a bit of a problem but then it was decided by the government that these area has to be shut down if this does is it is going to be contained so what health will health workers are doing now is that they're going door to door testing people they're disinfecting public at all the public areas in going to area and also they are concerned i mentioned about the people who usually come to work in gone between shasta has about 12000000 people most of them live outside of combat but come to work there most of the people are casual way who on i've day wage so there is a bit of a concern about how this is going how people are going to react to this special shutdown life is going on as is normal in other packs as well but people who leave their who walk in gomel wondering how are we going to get our daily bread so that is a big concern right now by the government saying that they have to do this if they are to stay in this contain this situation sami all right thanks so much catherine
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sort of a. pakistan has opened its border with afghanistan for 4 days to allow stranded citizens to return home the move follows a request from kabul many afghans have been trapped since the border was closed suddenly last month more than 150000 have returned since the outbreak began the charity save the children is warning bangladesh will be unable to cope with an outbreak and needs international assistance the group says there are no ventilators in cox's bazar district which is home to 3000000 people a 3rd of them bringing the refugees the country has fewer than 2000 ventilators for a population of 165000000 bangladesh is reported 88 infections and 9 deaths from the disease but the charity is warning of a humanitarian disaster if the number of cases continues to rise dr shamim jihan is
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deputy country director for save the children in bangladesh he explains why the situation is so serious there are. 3000000 population in the. we learned 1000000 illegals is contained in the ground. but the others probably just because we don't is one of the you know the hospital where even if it is providing support to establish this in ventilators we are pretty so there has been of the started it will be. completed by. these week or so. the problem is that they will be in the. situation is a very concentrated is a very. very good system over the years so if this bill is going over there will be the. many virus hit countries depend on medical
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gear produced by factories in mainland china the world's biggest source of ventilators testing kits and protective gear beijing has encouraged manufacturers to increase production but critics say china is using so-called mask the plough mysie to gain political support katrina you reports from beijing. lifesaving ventilators assembled and packed in the hundreds this factory in her bay province is just one of many across china producing medical supplies desperately needed in the fight against the current a virus pandemic whoa. these machines are being prepared for customers in italy and the u.k. trying to go through with it usually there's not much demand for regulators world wide but nobody expected this virus outbreak it's put a lot of pressure on today to make us as covered $1000.00 takes hold around the world chinese manufacturers are an orbiter arrive producing masks respirators and
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testing kits to sell to governments and businesses supplies made in china have also been included in emergency aid packages sent by beijing to more than 80 countries in need but critics accuse the chinese government of engaging in so-called diplomacy providing supplies in exchange for political support others say beijing is trying to divert attention away from its mishandling of the outbreak in january not acting fast enough to prevent its spread. but it's very late look at you people you didn't make them in ukraine actually going to come to you. so it's it's clear it's you know it's but it's funny like that. because what we're seeing is missing from we've so it's coming out of china car and electronics companies have now retooled or expanded to meet international demand for medical care and the
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chinese government is incur. production regulators are struggling to enforce standards officials in spain turkey and benevolent have rejected masks in testing kits they say are poor quality or don't work and they will do. in this very particular case they have been returned to the provider and a different test with grantees is going to be supplied authorities have cracked down on those producing uncertified or counterfeit kurds in beijing is downplaying concerns saying these criticisms are blurred and counterproductive to the international effort to contain the outbreak. found that you china is willing to maintain close communication with the relevant parties but we hope that this issue would not be interpreted politically and her baby factory staff are working long hours to fill orders manages each ventilator is carefully inspected to full being sent overseas a guarantee they hope will allow international customers to breathe easier katrina
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al-jazeera beijing in australia a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 current virus infections have been connected to the ruby princess it docked in sydney last month more than 1000 crew members remain on board there are reports up to 200 are sick as governments try to keep ahead of the outbreak they're also planning how to get people back to work one idea of something being called an immunity passport priyanka explains how that would work. the coronavirus has transformed the world where empty streets and shuttered businesses are the norm and billions are under lockdown but researchers around the world are developing tests and conducting clinical studies to explore if people who have been infected and cured are no
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longer at risk the aim is to eventually allow people to go back to normal life the idea behind this is that if people get him you in the natural infection they would have a similar situation to someone having received a vaccination and we could use the protests as nice proper antibody tests become available we could use antibody test to document that immunity exists. britain which is struggling to speed up testing has floated the idea of a so-called immunity passport a certificate for those who recovered and declared immune to the virus in the minute a region of italy infected doctors and nurses are being tested to see if they have developed resistance to the virus so they can return to work and millions more italians will be tested for natural antibodies but it's unclear just how reliable
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and effective the test me if you where we don't know what kind of immunity people are going to have so that will say yes you've got these antibodies but what we are know is how protective those antibodies are at a time when government lockdowns have brought so many people off their livelihoods they also concerns about criminals forging immunity documents this passport can be the equivalent of yellow fever. that allow international travel to resume if countries recognize such a certificate. but there will be a problem that i see that it's wrong counterfeit certifications because individuals communities urgently want to return to economic activity there also difficult ethical questions about where the sat so difficult will cause more
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prejudice and further restrict the most vulnerable in society you can ensure that people face lower risks and we reduce the death toll from this but you have to make more decisions about you know who will be allowed to work and who won't be who will be allowed to travel who won't be the idea attractive and hopefully perhaps but also from with uncertainties asked the wild hunk astound for yet another day of the global pandemic priyanka could go on to see her. and let's take you through some of the headlines we're following here now for instance prime minister bars johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for cope with 19th his office says it was a precautionary measure because he still has symptoms. for now from lawrence lee in
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london the government's trying to maintain a source of pretense really. still in charge the minister who's doing the media around right the moment. this morning that johnson is going to be. there and he will leave the government even at the same time downing street saying that johnson will be no longer necessary and so clearly both of those things really . queen elizabeth has made a rare televised address to the nation the 93 year old british monarch urged people to remain united and resolute officials are warning the u.k. could be heading into its most difficult weeks u.s. president dog tramper sounded a note of optimism saying there's light at the end of the tunnel that's despite a warning from his nation's top surgeon that americans should prepare for their hardest and saddest week for japan's prime minister shinzo are beyers begun
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steps towards declaring a state of emergency as infections surge in major cities more than 100 people have died there have been more than 4500 confirmed cases. the government of the democratic republic of congo is shut down the capital's main commercial hub for 14 days in shas is the epicenter of the nationwide outbreak 161 people have tested positive. a criminal investigation has been launched in australia into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 coronavirus infections have been connected to the ruby princess it docked in sydney last month more than $1000.00 crew members remain on board up to $200.00 might be sick it's up front now stay with us. as the wealth battles the coronavirus pandemic will bring you the latest developments from around the wells. with updates about
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travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. around a virus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. the arab. am. i'm at the house and welcome to a very special edition of upfront special because for the 1st time in this age of the coronavirus i'm recording it from my home on today's show we'll discuss how brazil is handling or mishandling the crisis under its controversial president an hour i'll speak to one of his most high profile critics in the brazilian congress but 1st it's official because it to be believed at least 6 people die every hour in iran from code that 19 the.


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