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tv   A Hard Road From Home Photographers Activists  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. there is no channel that coverage world views like we do revisit me to take others are really invested in them and that's a problem as a journalist in the. pool . hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the british prime minister boris johnson is spending a 2nd night in intensive care is he battles kovac 19 new numbers meanwhile show another 786 people in the u.k. have died from the virus or a challenge has more now on johnson's condition. through tuesday the message from the u.k. government has been pretty much exactly the same about boris johnson's health that he is stable that he is being given the best possible care he's been given oxygen
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but that he hasn't been put on a ventilator it doesn't have pneumonia he's in good spirits and that if the situation changes then they'll give us an update. meanwhile france has the 4th highest court a virus death toll in the world now the government there has confirmed more than 10300 people have died well than 1400 deaths were announced on tuesday alone paul brennan takes a look at how france and other european countries are coping. the arrow points down but the sign just caution after 5 consecutive days of fewer and fewer new deaths spain's source sharp increase in coronavirus fatalities on tuesday. nonetheless the rise was attributed to weekend deaths only now being recorded that overall the trend remains downward spanish firefighters are playing a vital role in support of the medical professionals fire crew volunteers are decontaminating ambulances and other public authority vehicles which have been carrying coronavirus patients the most important of this thirst for the most
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important thing we can do is give our best to the situation there are many different groups working and the most important are the public health workers who are movie month and we must give all we have because we're going to win we are going to beat the s. in the french capital paris city authorities are now banned outdoor exercise between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm amid concern that too many people were just using it as an excuse to go outside police are stepping up in force meant. we have unmarked cars that are less noticeable but also marketplace vehicles because we're trying to mobilize as many officers as possible in the capital hirshman i think frankly it's starting to feel long i think it's starting to really weigh down on people mentally apart from that well we know we don't have any choice this is what must be done we ask ourselves why these measures weren't taken earlier the pandemic continues to challenge european democracy and poland's right wing government is
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pressing on with presidential elections next month despite a chorus of public and political opposition the plan still needs senate approval but there were bitter exchanges in the lower chamber yes we pulled it i'm ashamed that i'm sharing the floor with people like this people who are insensitive to those who are begging for help today mothers fathers entrepreneurs workers who are losing yet another day just for the sake of how done to power coronaviruses. generated new respect and affection for the medical staff on the frontline of the outbreak and on choose day world health day as designated by the w.h.o. its director general urged more recruitment to address staff shortages one of the lessons i hope the wood learned from quoted 19 is that we must invest in nurses and midwives without them the world would indeed be in a very dark place right now paul brennan al jazeera. the us president has
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criticised the world health organization for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic donald trump says the agent agency is china centric and issued bad advice at the outset of the pandemic meanwhile a leaked memo reveals new details about warnings the trumpet ministration received on how bad the outbreak in the u.s. could be reports out of the u.s. meanwhile say the acting navy secretary has offered to resign because of his harsh criticism of the former commander of a coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier thomas mowgli called captain of brett crow 0 quote named and stupid for sending out a letter describing the worsening situation on the vessel cozier was fired after that letter was leaked nearly $200.00 crew onboard have tested positive for the virus there's a top stories al jazeera world is coming up next. 'd
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from to time that i start understanding the ward surrounding me and questioning the life and asking the same question that everybody's asking well my ram i come from why i'm here and what i'm going to add sheen to now it has been always
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a spiral i have been true. you know years off that difficulties i have been to to praise in torture x. i bet i never forgot that i am going to reach a point b. which is somehow a serving dish manity. by fighting against injustice is what really my main goal is was and will be i hoped in the future but to reach it. every day in your going to difficulties every day every moment you have difficulties surrounding me man there i can find it in a hole in my life day to day those problems and difficulties that sometimes like. you know prison or torture or take you away or being in a society cooperate but finally become a figurehead then you're treated the same way them saying that the spiral is the
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best way off to explain why. was. the boy. some other teachers were each in their wish to. know what to do others that mitchell shahani their all of them are to me moral giving me a digital one stanley the largely innocent of them are signatures of the children unit of. the harnett all of them who were over 2 years of this is about to have one his son predicted as and the part in
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a plea deal was among the part i played as mother more or the father would want on the part of that one child that other sort of protest wish to be and they have to make the. hole in the larry the more. generally cheery. that the holiday was an inability. to history it always was reaching idea by people who can critique. or buy the outsiders that they come and to look to destroy and go back afghanistan has been in a war for 20 years. everything is destroyed there's no newspapers no magazine or a thing left after the taliban so what they need has
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a strong media press that's how democracy could come up no journalists no photographer could be able to cover afghanistan because how far you can go on a food in a country like afghanistan in the month in a difficult situation if the people who are living in a conflict themselves you give them this strength they will have a different way of the showing it doesn't mean that. we don't have send for a nurse or other people to go to see the places it shows that it is 2 different view and 2 different vision they became. from. passive weak team. that. they became and active of their own destiny stay cheeta own destinies in the they have a voice now so anyway it's giving voice to the people who doesn't have voices.
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that much for much of it that would put us in the. pickle would he do. that smith there you left the 2 of them with you out of the chip so what if the most of it will. be the police are going to lose the very aware. but out of. the book each. chip crazy open and the prep to. work he would that they would that he doesn't that could be the. only did that just as much. or not 100. 70 is the key.
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'd and i want to. put a limit. in diversity over. that one x.x. year it. x. you not have my them that i'm going to be about except when i'm doing just that notice them. i want people to put me to them. because i'm country for that other group that has been given. me good stuff but it's coming i met them they go there. they go there they come. to
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be rather than is with trish she's. not disturb me masako mug me can. get a pendulum washed. which is. what admission me from national mushkin we've got these well that about me go fuck sammy give you police me teach him equally. negative critical. tomorrow out of me being the boss make me the. i did up a commuter profile of me as a virtual. let me get a photo. lives
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here long before super freak for the group after a few little filters or groovy if a storm moves or if you. don't just sit for this show on the. phone and she made. that big superfluous soon or more you don't ever tell. us all the tough to see people on the floor it looks so forced them investment in the shit said all that. shit. she said years you see who are to. do it on pluck or photograph call lose on your gal my photo of. your piece for the offer you still do on that and if you want your family she had hopes and she did act on what you say took place it was a facet of experience a water filter of on that's all gone was it really is there some of the things.
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you do or so that i just want. to. chew on other mundanity. such as you must. there must have been a sort of god. musing minister at the bar that he. showed the deed now my card or. you know what i would say or whatever that you. that you are best. money book i read it was that of his mother. but the fate. of his mother.
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said i was just on. the part of. so when. i looked at this question. he looks so really. who's this meant. yeah we'll be in college. tuesday. i do tomorrow. ok see. i talk to you graham. bye bye
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see you were. supposed to do. the deal to me as a people. in the lead in this apartment they would cheer but certainly for the children that i was in deal. or the hulk or the clan a clans that keaggy the help of the plan a was the push of the clan i was lucky you get 2 of them and this is the seconds in which you can get your taster at could they were. there with global police who were . there what should i do catch a bus edible catch a bottle but consume in the cold. war they were not at all oh but when their goal is to know what region made it in a bitter standish it was that actually the pickle can cause a brick on the market apple everywhere. didn't wish to let the lack of the color going away to old career noticeable. there was the recall of the bullish ones that
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are they were. privileged about the way. they were no platinum random of that $100.00 just to put out a kitty. that mission. south. but our emotional what they do regulate your colleague but this is definitely better but she did it as a question dear the day of the you don't know will be that mouse there are many a moment when they see. someone with the most up with a particle of. shit upon. which the research and what i clash goes it was up at the park. they. do have a top award shows that. are they just like that and then the into the editing
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for much of. a lot of us at that too but the rest of us on this option was up a sort of them but it was a mix up of the 4 they've told us ok me what. motivated me the photo of me in the back up to know what a janitor what that i would be the chaps the. most i've ever seen a kick or mike or us a. little bit of both of them it's true yeah yeah steve it's true i feel you speak. out there should be and that is a bit of what i came for that's enough out of it what a mother got to the how to keep it there what can she did offend some on the hour or the day though i seen sagna beach any 2nd is the mood there what then do you miss him the name instead of what. that this is a mindset i want to come but i mean that he must pull in sanya that if it 'd was a bit upset i think that it would have but it does it just what it must suffer shattuck him up his own water much that one of the said i think all of them are all
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. that out. there like. have you ever seen a plant or a flower or didn't you have been a flower part of it you are part of me and if you move it from one corner to other corner. the 1st few days you will see that the flower is not doing red and excited the same things for me when you are taken out suddenly from your home from your country from your neighborhood from your families and you come in a place which everything is strange for you the veteran spain the food is strange the people talking around you in the culture strange so you artists with the same like flower so the 1st time the 1st years maybe it depends of the person and it's really difficult you have a. sometimes an emptiness and you know you you feel it totally abandoned
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you know you don't feel that you exist if you you know it's you go through a very difficult psychological moment sometimes. in my case i need change exile not as it's something that weaken me but power and use exile as a power. of mind over power of a spree for me every very goal in our near is one country. there is another war to which i even put before is it resilience and i believe that resilience is one of the major attitude of any human and i have seen in do most difficult situation most difficult places someone doesn't
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want to give up attribute the resilience is that you don't give up. 10 years of the war and bombardment in afghanistan the russian they have destroyed almost half of the countries and roads and buildings trees and everything is gone and now i'm in a small village. and nothing left it is small of after school even was destroyed and i hear this children's coming out of the school and they have learned in the classrooms how to grow a seed something that we all do in the new school or sometimes. but they waited he did this boy was holding it for me. the most of all he's not just holding like this he really hold it seems he like biggest treasure of his life when a photographer and. i want to just ask a question just keep in you know thinking i said so what are you going to do with
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your cat. then she looks to me like. i'm so idiot asking this question it's obvious he said i'm going to grow a tree arch. and he looks around and see that you see there is no tree left. and i'm going to miss you jeanne. when you realize that. not only destroyed the buildings by destroyed issue manatee destroyed the soul of the people then you wanted to every 6 to stop the war but how to do it you have to show the horror of to be moved so the people little by little they realized that this is not the way that humanity should be nuts how being in a war zone i feel that i'm more a peace correspondent because i mean i'm fighting in a way for peace this is.
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there for. 'd the photograph and as if they've. already. said of the dead of. the did what their families had become was that. were they was it you know was he the man that you were not the set up was that. he was. that is a good day to some of them i said oh no but it didn't you could as you talk about but i've seen no bus that he did out there we want to collect past that i say be. that you could. have money if they don't know what a. kid is she yelled at that they just did hop on the. bench of a busy particular company much better than that among people who didn't walk in.
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with a. but . that's not. what of my as i do with coalition shows that short of my largish mark that the whole go on. but i'll bet it was so much. as you call the gifted ability. and thus person ever to achieve this with the humanity is it possible to. say that over. and.
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through to sustain this it amounts to the more. limited use one of the songs little lead you consume to pushing us should all. be treated all she. did she. planted the ship luke was in us mrs fisher she coughed a modest sum to the middle something more than. she will need to consume the people . using your. brother and he should know that you are not sharks or. he could last 3 years he who shares your. first that commission how. kalash optional oh yes our child you know how you know about us differ tobar a fee for m.h.
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in general today is the best way off to. connecting to the people of the universe a language that you can talk to everybody my main goal is good for some things that i believe i need to call just some things that i think that is necessary and important to shore to humanity. because when you do this works you're not one person i am representing millions of people that diction not be shit and that's why i'm sure you're too sure what's happening here. and i just wish that i guess. you know how. you know. her but her grown. up a sector of the government to. run 1st. boxes
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here to sell actually hoping to get work done now is that you're going to save you from. friends of nuclear. forces. which i. hope. you are going to. look at archaeology but what. i'm away from projects most. critical i saw someone looking. at that set up smaller 50 pounds heavier to see muslim. you get that nose.
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when you're young you have a lot of. you know. we have a. board or. we want you to. you know. i've betrayed. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands requiring innovative solutions to me. as a global power develop into the basement company power is uniquely positioned to deliver against. we provide business growth promote socio economic benefits and
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provide innovative safe and in. energy solutions for future generation the british pound pioneering future energy from the ounces here in london. to spend in compensation. and i see joy in the midst of pain. and from uninterrupted all of our people and they're just one column that is why don't they . exactly fasten the. movie studio script on al-jazeera there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against other trying to see if it's a fake to be view may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been told to buy from russia through this conflict kept.
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troops in the post truth world and 0. the. hello i'm barbara star in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is spending a 2nd night in intensive care as he battles the coronavirus new numbers meanwhile show another 786 people in the u.k. have died from the virus for a challenge as more now on what we know about the prime minister's condition. through tuesday the message from the u.k. government has been pretty much exactly the same about boris johnson's health that he is stable that he is being given the best possible care he's been given all
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but that he hasn't been put on a ventilator he doesn't have pneumonia he's in good spirits and that if the situation changes then they'll give us an update france has the 4th highest test hole in the world from coronavirus infections the government has confirmed that more than 10300 people have now died police there are now enforcing a ban on exercise between 10 am and 7 pm spain has also reported an uptick in deaths after 4 days of lower figures meanwhile the us president has criticised the world health organization for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic donald trump says the agency is china centric and issued bad advice at the outset of the pandemic a leaked memo also reveals new details about warnings that the trump administration received on how bad the outbreak in the u.s. could be. reports out of the u.s.
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say the acting navy secretary has offered to resign because of his harsh criticism of the former commander of a coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier thomas mode lead called captain brett crow's ear quote naive or stupid for sending out a letter describing the worsening situation on the vessel cozier was fired after that next letter was leaked nearly $200.00 crew onboard have now tested positive for the virus. and china has reported no new deaths from cove at 19 for the 1st time since the outbreak began in the latest release of numbers only 32 new cases were confirmed or from people who returned from overseas china is now reporting some of the lowest figures worldwide the government has allowed some businesses and industries to resume operations this by not having full control of the outbreak etc the news of half an hour.
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for the better. second to gauge less to be. a lester young. friend there and there are sort of us. but there might be a that i mean this with the best of that and don't wanna know more commonly i mean that there's a minister ok a coward or. if our nearest sans had
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a needle but up where money put ice them on out up on the way in there is. by our open book an equality to find out when you're. going to school today better than over there so. elected. by collapsing in that bed it joke if you see the sad lacking because then you see it is so but only a select because more just enough to stop and get us used up a cab a lot out of me is more of what i see less in a phobia of one of the notice on the wall most needed in the movie question to see 10 minutes to clean at least. if you did everything for good at the australian best are the best in portland they
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are the result of you know you by the way you do to me they're awful or meet our whole body at. bit o. i this is worse than one of these genes will gain chaos that would be our ability to sort of fill in the end i mean if you don't need to look for saddam are not a decision that are offered on bin been some looking in the corner watching us are among the new doors of the masses to use your nice to get rid of us who seem similar looking to us about the one who says to you see for me most of the internet only questions to see if you know the slowness. of this through the hands and i got the belly there or she can she get to the plough i have friends here. buy them which i must but i see in the hall than. yourself better killers made it 5 and yet it has no effect media. even me is to get
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for my brit. diplomas important that people have said i'll give levy that. even though we don't be so how do you know that ending them in that case or not with another better no no for like us on the best it could be and we sell it as the . in a matter of the end of that finale. and i let you this me safe for them and all that you got a 10 day the rest of the next definition be a hit more to mascara in the as well as more just see a mask that can be. there or not there isn't the went out at the where cos i don't hear well i'm not. and don't think was in the f.a.q. very self-aware and will get your point that i got it i thought what matter this would be a loss of be a home with one day mean less in minutes there when it happened again i see and
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don't know much. and will not get it 7 either yes or not get out and not or say game was immediate no and the other hand is everywhere in a much simpler than i thought another. study but it up all good deals work to. be so yes the only good way to live this olivera that all of us here take it in your live look it borrow the little media interview with some celebrity what'll be notice most minute they look at their core star day instead of a lot of those b. cells will be a store says peter ended up quips you can get an escape or a good night you can borrow the other although none of those costs are simply trivial but i'm not horsey do you know what the cost of use of it was a lot by that i love my dear divorce for the listener alice is.
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going better there will be a hand noise and get blasted back at a lot of matter s. and i said react and rather have your head back up on what they have been actually under. there's a particular tempest i believe this weekend eve but i mean for me for the 2nd that out of medicare me that i will be here with that and mr moment and it will indicate you're developing a school up. there and i get to know your mom seen and then they're going to help them. and send a lot of. our bodies how do. i really need your must get a clue they're hiding this point that i guess anywhere that. they're richer than some buyable there are some part of what i mean. to bet that not badly all of them
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are pressure on this music that is taught. i viewed it as as i read it a performance grew when he put the american way on illegal border to the good or to the populace you know they get them into the law and they would appeal to even the top guy is this could be any and everything begins a mess as she embraced them have another early. birthday then they send out a prayer that they're not going to him or her up i guess any artist on the no if you want to manage and get out of your model it would too many media it to for them but i mean those took a musket and it could be that. way to snuff a comedic our psyche and what obama did a sport that he's one of them but i mean is this a political mistress in africa who wanted a sport that it will need to promote good enough not to dusk when there is a bit of corn budget i submitted by the dust the horse to. the law for the market to go get a loss or not i mean did our former model speak for my commute me to see
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a look at say are forced to but are supposed to fit in there but our finale get we want to defend it is sort of his mistress you're not going to see us institution escape but if you see ticket us not so much can put a stop to harm or bonuses to your young finance push to get us into this killer my duty i study law minister just to get the possibility of yet i will not carry is a bit like idea of equality. by year school kid no i poured it on for such a i said no it doesn't seem to those men did i was given a lack of incentive i'm going to do or not up to that i mean did you not pursue not get in there like i listen to what you get out of it awards are serious course i will not allow this you know best when i moved into our home or city editor of it did i lie to you but i sort of used. your likeness but at the receiver incest in movies here 1st go give us an alkali chemicals are like i in the let me 2nd you're not into the do of these but he's done
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a. good thing work and they had america they were going with a laugh and that they were going to be. when to take it that we have the menace the films he went after. him with their most yes and a hole in the list. into that was idea on a theoretical. that i seem. if i'm a hard decision in media i think that you. and beth and i mean us empathetic and in bethel alaska muffling there any doma a letter that meant the media. can maintain your game. coming out. the neanderthal though look at. him at all i mess at all of either a.b.c.'s of honest our.
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last month in. this context. this is not interested in a guest in monterey. bay my you're. lucky see. this isn't the. police cialis. restore what the new spin on pitiless would be for because the mouse i knew would consume a populist. entree sofrito. dollars in the us it would be the saudis. took to i'll kiss with free. race.
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again this year that it will kill ashley istic us t. gotten. us an incredible ben-ali spine your men did it. given to moses and did it all you just by us can you did. to need to sit in to spin alice live in didn't like going to most of them to start to see and look at our best and have your lives in the last month it was ok must be a circle sure. must also policial easy to see that it didn't dr be an asset or decoupled but i defend their people i'm in a spot i b c b sorry we lobby audience zacchaeus with a deal. on his parents after last. a united say they. want to know they were actually welcome now we need. you he had good.
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effort to convince us that us know him as he now for our eva when i was sidney and solomon when i am a slave. but i don't have any major jewelry and people here i'm part of the. day they me where i work and this is a tele get em sent to the right without that we have more screwed up at having a square on sunday and i miss my stomach or so in a space no less is quite as infantile as. life and they were bored look on the surface and call me on may say i am i want to see myself portal i do that you make out alle the go no your mr you then do i not in your just take up what i do than 90 a meeting point 7 here. it's me all for me so go see at one o 7 am and then ok then to newport and i see that. in the not at all and.
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i said passing. it on e bay or seen me that even when i'm here. just a then and there was had a one cindy knew that just them the embryo under me and bill me as i. look at that is like in a plastic case we would need them. is a sad. it's a dumb question. but i mean us. by the meanest way and i thought of it scrappy of problem was but a case of me is when i do recall figure and wonder where that the us and not us as it could be though i said many years of life with our sort of us our. understand why you. need us but we could all get by i mean she i would if it. is a face they love me us because of when i thought of that more and more i said to
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her get on his seat that can i was in a moment and was i mean that it was best for so that to get have but. thank you. not only on. the ice i mean you may leave with that dad last. yeah is that moment that you didn't see the only way that i guess but again you know about the mill even as am i like that i mean when i send good unit a nucleus and giving it to you get your job i say there will be no getting an idea giving aid if you get an african up with another uncle adam in law for selling it
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that will get unlucky. on the simply. does that mean it and we are forced. into his sending. game. i wonder now most. there were no money an escort at our under no no let up orissa jail moment the getting into hell of a get up our up order it if they get abby the bath and danielle step in to sashay it up the truth of life like he does it in a flicker if it's in the flick or liquid just a risky decision a he knows it will not or or. get are for sorry i was the son he is but look at the way oh you just assumed was on book burmeister mallory diggler look we joke it was original millions will never wrestle for the departed
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redmond. agents hitting us all right your own base therefore don't know who to go see it look i'm not too thrilled i think this is just as division of good most of it is the way so he just had 10 months descendant of the op and didn't really get around the number a movie or consider most of this is just one jaw set for vendetta be a which is the question is this. who you would yourself yeah ok. 'd so that honda man but you are you said mr pena. this will be so as nobody a die hard to get out of us market in your 4 months you get out there are. 11 double undeclared me to put it in my power secret it was you know i wanted us 80 percent. of us to start calling it the tree near the pond in iraq and telling that
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we learned it. that our home handwritten doctor hipped us an amazing lot and meseems bought a band there's a lab there for just every level of the area that had a note on it that if. anything. ok the effect thought us in are going to help us have one of. the tests but i thought it was from look at. welcome here like any where there has a better idea. i was in agony. you got. our house and was good at the house inside and out but as i said put it thus better meet them. in battle or in the family i was called in at their photograph will have it for you to see if you think each. justice is. nope only did they. not with
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this you don't need 8 years i wanted it last year i don't want it in a given area or the mafia you're going to get me to give me a mascot in buses mobile pessimist matter. this is the army to beat us job to the machine. when the end misses you surely that he misses it is that a poor me though is that. if they can even get a kick out of. honestly that he done in basic you leave your best question head out when i get in that s.s. if you look at that when i'm a i'm a can bet you have what i fear. is one in that in that they're not good but i think you're going. to. be a masochist of lesser letting that. do a job getting most of it and yet. that's only
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a matter of 4th up out of where they either look innocent element that is there for them but a quick every now hopefully elicit that messy basis for that then you'll know controlling it and no polluting which i've asked this might happen with a. bit sorcery. can be a dramatic scene recently i didn't get it will say it's i guess it's been said and got inside yank it used to it got sick and that i may laugh and there i knew it. when i read it and produced look at the f. . it's a lot like a time where the american out there that's really that you know you look at what i made up but only after you did. in the therapy session they're combining their breath in there and their 1000 euros their friends and we just see the black america and how that it's going to hinder getting. better at the rhetoric from india they're not going to see a horse better not crash and that. they disappointed on bush after selective in
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and then we just you know better call more new food then come on by the income i think that goes a hunger by me as well that i got a call. from the advice is not good looking for my sympathies more this is just another illness is no delightedly is no to sue moss he started he wanted the median democratic leader 96 and it is not hard to be. there live for us this morning that we don't want to be on board who is who free so seriously i read a biography sequel didn't pass in superman a car ok to see of course the miracle was a joke was it not more money start open most not modern life is rusty's movie destined that it is cannot miley cyrus. the. love that you did i make a simple mostly out of luck for me that i should mostly abla but i committed to explore your skill at your last embrace us all will be us but i can do it in the
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middle killarney out a list of artists in need of the ended up best equal listening listen but of course little bit of that on bit young body and best up almost a lot of sport study that just didn't it is just new genus unitas for appeals so let me get us young. but i me it important the competitive got nearly enough buy for then went to put a kit not that i would have done to those who are going to finish work then. as for other latin roots or not enough i'm going to tell you not that. it was actually looking at them ahead and then missed but he meant that as you all did i think were latham and they're not the actual by 1000000000 never read them by helen and they can even as i don't care. and i was in a fit. of course to go so i went to put up less money than evans so the examples in
11:54 pm
a library i cannot fathom. is when he is found one. can be friends brilliant they sister they just am i going no you cannot see me if you got me seems it is going to be issued but it's a can whisk up on the event and they're not there school defenseless against. the want to on times square or get almost one of those that is messed up but up on a bus and if you know better are you look at the russian or ask on b.b.c. . yes there was a half caste in the community i also changed the rules yes this tonight is something this must have this big must receive it just mileage will not it's not like a joke in the summer. just one bill is this if you look at this video america you're
11:55 pm
stupid it's just our ace your list is this are. all just are you do or. can prove or if you do or not we have a deadlock a. committee and all that good i wonder i. didn't like i might have put it up we see you of course said you. must it look at bottom last month there was one there we just this is not in the america the purposed area in a specialist cannot and it was if not already thus you are serious talk b.c.b.s. the look is super istiklal if he was he not us there was letting go us it would also cause. your. body to go see but i did not exist among deals to clean one does not get in there christmas does look good didn't want to do that it would be doing to our
11:56 pm
higher before must not wonder who sued you do the deal. with the s.s.a. and what i will and there is always have got your. say and say ok i go. and look on the ferry and as i was forgetting. they get a handle on the n.s.a. they don't. even let it get any law. can go out and over the me and in taking out make a just music so you know when you go to the happy hour they took india has the
11:57 pm
autobahn you know and the commenting on. the us when you saw a joke in the australian. in the. hollow we might well see want to see showers creeping back towards the southeast of australia over the next couple days now been having a sweaty starts to the year since 1911 which you believe much of australia is
11:58 pm
looking fine and dry your eyes got to be drawn over towards our weather system just making its way towards fiji this is trouble cycle and how old is pulling away from vanuatu pushing towards the south of fiji so we are going to see some flooding rains coming in here wetter weather grassy nothing it's way down towards tonga as we go into the latter part of the week but the showers they will still direct the way behind lisa's fast moving so the rain is not going to be there for any great length of time wet weather there across the possible straight event just around the cape york peninsula also some showers just creeping back towards new south wales of the sort of the great dividing range will see somewhat to whether it's too far away from sydney other side. probably getting up to around 17 celsius in christchurch 20 celsius the all clear basin places a tad and right for some but i think mostly dry the rain is pushing away right pulling away from japan as well at the moment lots of fine and dry weather warm sunshine coming in here as we go on for the next couple of days 20 celsius in tokyo
11:59 pm
cooling off a touch as we go on into thursday showers from all parts and somewhat to weather for northern china. april on al-jazeera and. countries are imposing drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you all the latest developments from around the world. and i'm telling stories from across asia and the pacific one i want in the spring new insights from the well tonight population returned as the democratic presidential race now rose how will the corona virus outbreak impact the u.s. election campaign the name gets to be investigated lack of funding category preventing journalists and backing ground in the global fight against fate means the u.s. will count its population and a once in a decade census with coronavirus concerns will it get the full picture april on al-jazeera in the age of the coronavirus information is more important than ever
12:00 am
wonder what he's doing best to gates the battle for truth in china and beyond on our jazeera. 0. 0. 0. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes in the u.s. president focuses on a new target blaming the extent of the pandemic on the world health organization boris johnson begins a 2nd evening in intensive care but his foreign secretary says the prime minister is a fighter.


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