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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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was. the rule. they called it wrong to call. president trump threatened to cut funding to the world health organization asked 2000 new coronavirus tests are recorded in the u.s. in just 24 hours. they are watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back also ahead a rise in covert 1000 related deaths in france spain and the u.k. but there is cause for optimism the number of new infections is falling. basswood
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heart opens its doors again weeks of lockdown are now over in the chinese city which 1st reported the outbreak and dire warning by sandy arabia's health benefits are hundreds of thousands could soon get infected by covert 90. the u.s. president has criticised the world health organization for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic donald trump has accused the agency of being china centric and has threatened to cut funding trump's attack on the hill comes as the u.s. recorded nearly 2000 cold with 1000 links deaths in just the last 24 hours this according to the john hopkins university chaka more than 4000 people have now died in new york city alone. that is the largest single day increase. and we talk about numbers but that 731 people who we lost behind every one of those
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numbers is an individual is a family is a mother's a father's a sister's a brother so a lot of pain. again today for many new yorkers and there are no thoughts and prayers france has become the 4th country to register more than 10000 deaths a government is expected to extend a lockdown that's been in place since mid march to try to stop the spread of the virus and britain's prime minister remains in intensive care for a 2nd night boris johnson has been given supplementary oxygen but is not on a ventilator is said to be in good spirits on all of that in just a moment but 1st sess get an update from mike hanna in washington d.c. after a series of critical tweets during the day president trump launched a verbal attack on the w.h.o. in the daily coronavirus briefing the president seemed particularly on good by the
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w h o's recommendation and early february that international travel should continue this just days off to he had imposed a ban on flights from china he also appeared to echo allegations that the organization relied too heavily on information from china during the initial phase of the outbreak. they called it wrong they call it wrong they really they missed a call they could have called it months earlier they would have known and they should have known and they probably didn't and so we'll be looking into that very carefully and we're going to put a hold on money spent to the w h o l put a very powerful hold on it and we're going to see it's a great thing if it works but when they call every shot wrong that's not good. the ban on flights from china was one of the recommendations the president's economic advisor made in a memorandum sent to the national security council at the end of february peter
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numbers are also warned that as many as 600000 americans could lose their lives navarro sent a 2nd memorandum a month later and this time he included the president on the distribution list he said that between 2 and 3000000 americans could die he also specified the medical supplies the government would need to opting to prepare this included a 1000000000 face masks 11000 ventilators and 25000 respirators memorandum was largely ignored. president trump denies he ever sold the documents yes sir mr dooley is to the pharmacy present in just this prison out this today so if you learned about the family today which is maybe a day going to feeling among your staff or your very own self should have told you something that really were there was a recommendation was
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a feeling that he had i think he told certain people in this but it didn't matter i didn't see it the president told reporters the contents of the documents would not have changed the way he's acted and then left the briefing after saying he would greet them later. mike hanna al-jazeera washington chammy kunene deck is a public count thanks fred who would guidelines under the obama administration's law the u.s. government should respond to a pandemic he says the tramp why house has disregarded that advice what it contained was a sort of checklist a set of triggers to identify when the disease was posing a risk and when the united states government should begin triggering preparedness and things like coronavirus novel coronavirus were specifically cited in there the risk of a respiratory virus with the fish and human to human transmission and a significant significant fatality rate was specifically cited in there as a concern and then it listed
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a number of things that the country should begin to do work on diagnostic testing check the p.p. supply and make sure p.p. supply is sufficient begin planning for mass casualty events in our hospital system you know all of that was in there all of that based on that playbook should have been triggered by the january on the january 30 date when the public health emergency of international concern was declared but that was disregarded and that's why i think it really isn't it really isn't quite right to blame the w.h.o. for our own lack of preparedness had they followed the playbook they would have begun kicking things into gear on january 30th instead what they did was they instituted these travel bans but didn't really focus on domestic preparedness and you know for all the criticism of w h o's. dislike for those travel bans part of that comes from the fact that a travel ban sometimes an alibi allows you to escape doing other things so you know this administration talks up the travel ban but you know they were focused on that instead of focusing where they needed to be which was on domestic preparedness i'm
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not sure why the president has chosen to pick this fight right now he spent the last 2 months largely praising w.h.o. and you know in general i think w.h.o. has been further ahead of the curve in understanding the risk of this than his own administration so i don't think they're the one to be blamed for the sluggish u.s. response. as we reported france has become the 4th country to register more than 10000 coronavirus slinks death but there's been a decline in intensive care missions paul brennan takes a look at how france and other european countries are coping. the arrow points down but the sign just caution after 5 consecutive days of fewer and fewer new deaths spain's source sharp increase in coronavirus fatalities on tuesday. nonetheless the rise was attributed to weekend it's only now being recorded and that overall the trend remains downward spanish firefighters are playing a vital role in support of the medical professionals fire crew volunteers are decontaminating ambulances and other public authority vehicles which have been
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carrying coronavirus patients the most important of this thirst for the most important thing we can do is give our best to the situation there are many different groups working and the most important are the public health workers who are movie month and we must give all we have because we're going to win but we are going to be. in the french capital paris city authorities are now banned outdoor exercise between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm amid concern that too many people were just using it as an excuse to go outside police are stepping up in force meant. as total french fatalities from the virus past 10000 on tuesday president macro was listening to the concerns of medical center staff one detail how a lack of protective gallons is the main problem here the problem you're the most well thought out plan didn't predict that china would be hits a little countries would have the peak at the same time on the protective materials we thought were of no value 6 months or one year ago the most idiotic thing to do
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and all of a sudden we're in trouble the pandemic continues to challenge european democracy and poland's right wing government is pressing on with presidential elections next month despite a chorus of public and political opposition the plan still needs senate approval. but there were bitter exchanges in the lower chamber yes we pulled it i'm ashamed that i'm sharing the palm floor with people like this people who are insensitive to those who are begging for help today mothers fathers entrepreneurs workers who are losing yet another day just for the sake of how down to power coronavirus has generated new respect and affection for the medical staff on the frontline of the outbreak and on tuesday world health day as designated by the w.h.o. its director general urged more recruitment to address staff shortages one of the lessons i hope the world learned from 19 is that we must invest in
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nurses and midwives without them the world would indeed be in a very dark place right now paul brennan al-jazeera. the u.k.'s prime minister boys johnson is spending a 2nd night in intensive care as the battle to cope with 19 foreign secretary dominic robb who stepped in to lead the government says johnson is stable and reports. this is where the most powerful man in britain is on the close observation downing street say the prime minister who is 55 is stable and a good spirits he is conscious and does not have pneumonia he's been given oxygen but house and been put on a ventilator as well nearby if needed. the foreign secretary dominic will stand in for jobs when necessary leading the government's daily coronavirus cabinet meeting and briefing in downing street he's an experienced politician but he's had little time to prepare it comes as
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a shock to all of us he's not just the prime minister for all of us in cabinet he's not just our boss he's also a colleague and he's also a friend. so all of our thoughts and prayers are with the prime minister at this time with kerry and with his whole family and i'm confident he'll pull through because if there's one thing i know about this prime minister he's a fighter and he'll be back at the helm leading us through this crisis in short order. this was johnson a week after being diagnosed applauding health workers for their efforts he's shown persistent symptoms for 2 weeks. soon after arriving at a hospital he tweeted i went into hospital for some routine tests as i'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms i mean good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe but his
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symptoms worsened on monday evening there was clearly much more cause for concern messages of support have been flooding in for the prime minister across britain's political spectrum including the newly elected leader of the labor party we will support the government where we can do that but we will challenge that when it's necessary but the purpose of the challenge is to make sure that all mistakes that could be put right or things need to happen more quickly that can happen more quickly world leaders have sent messages of support on twitter with the italian and french presidents hoping for a speedy recovery speaking from the white house donald trump described johnson as a good friend i found this to be a fantastic person just like a fantastic warm strong smart guy he loves his country you see that i mean he fought like like hell for his country and intensive care is big stuff this is
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a challenging time for johnson's family is beyond say kerry simmons is recovering from the virus herself she's pregnant with their 1st child they haven't been able to see each other for several weeks. johnson's personal battle with the virus has shaken the government and the country just as scientists say britain is entering one of the most deadly weeks of the pandemic. al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera. a coronavirus testing center torn apart in ivory coast why people nearby turned on a facility meant to help them in nicaragua the government is actively encouraging people to go out and gather but one very important person is constituents conspicuously absent.
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how the weather set fair across the recompence line is heating up as well further north we have got a fair amount of cloud sliding out of iraq pushing into iran just around southern parts of the caspian still seeing some rather sharp showers there for iran then that weather weather sliding over to wards menace down towards his back as stan eventually pushing over towards afghanistan billet further south temperatures getting up to 36 celsius here in doha so the heat very much on the dry weather extends across the whole of africa somalia stays dry the be a few showers into uganda maybe seeing monitors showers into southern parts of kenya somewhat or whether they're just not in his way into the good parts of tanzania the seasonal rains of course which stretch rural across the heart of africa see some very heavy showers just around the gulf of guinea southern parts of
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nigeria democratic republic of congo also seeing some rather wet weather as we go through the next couple of days and we have some rather wet weather just clipping the far south of south africa recently that's in the process of pulling away it brightens up nice day lots of fine and dry weather wise so weather will make its way into central parts of mozambique we could also see some heavy downpours for a time russia pushing its eastern past zimbabwe. crossing borders breaking boundaries recording injustice frenching inequality from africa and asia to. the use exile as if i were in line of a street every very grown up for me is one country al-jazeera world meets for refugees who've come to us touched people's lives and made a difference. a hard road from home put telegraphers and activists on al-jazeera.
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org. board. well you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. president has criticised the world health organization for its response to the corner virus pandemic donald trump accused the agency of being too china centric and of giving bad advice his comments come as the u.s. recorded 2000 virus linked deaths in a single day trans has become the 4th country to register more than 10900 links death the country has been in lockdown since mid march the government is expected to extend the restrictions and britain's prime minister is spending
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a 2nd night in intensive care boris johnson is said to be in stable condition and in good spirits he was admitted to the i.c.u. on monday evening with persistent copied 19 symptoms. and 83 months after it was sealed off from the world war han has opened its doors again people can now enter the city and highways and train lines have been opened to traffic it's 11000000 residents are now able to leave without specific authorization but they still need an app that tracks their health and movement government figures show around 80 percent of china's coronavirus related deaths were in who bit province where will han is located that speak to katrina you in beijing for us so katrina what does this reopening of water in the epicenter of this corner virus outbreak look like how many people are trying to leave the city today. at least tens of thousands tens of thousands of people are currently having to bus
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stations train stations and airports to leave will hon you know more than 50000 people who train tickets out of the city and about 6000 people are expected to board some flights now the 1st recorded case of covert now. 19 of the corona virus was found in rwanda about 4 months ago and as soon as there was a lockdown at the end of january in the city the transit hubs were among the 1st places to close and not only the 11000000 residents of the city found themselves stuck but also workers and families who had travelled to hunt for the chinese new year there were they find themselves stuck in this city for more than 2 months now and now most of these people are able to leave we're also seeing images of the of roads and highways clogged traffic in will hunting for the 1st time in months people taking advantage of the ability to now finally drive out of the city also as long as they can present a clean bill of health through
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a phone app which shows that they are covered $903.00 but of course not everybody is is able to travel around freely there are still some residential compounds in hunters and they do have active cases of the virus and because of that these residential compounds do remain sealed off but for the most part people are able to move around for a few days now the subway has been opened restaurants and malls are open so people can live out and start to explore the city again but it is far from normal life they have to have a mobile phone they have to scan wherever they go to let the government know where they are and they also have to wear masks and have their temperature checked quite regularly or so far from normal life as you say how's the situation across the rest of china katrina. well across china the government says that the peak of the outbreak is over but i want to show you some headline which i think it's quite telling and it's from the global times the english paper here not sure you can read it but it says nation anxiously
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embraces city after 76 day stand still and i think the would the operative word there is anxiously embraces i think here in china the government is quite keen for the economy to get restarted again for people to go back to work but people os still very concerned especially about a possible 2nd wave of infections there are still about a 1000 people at least currently being treated for coded 19 and in the last 24 hours 62 new cases were announced and 2 deaths due majority of these new cases 59 are imported cases mostly chinese nationals entering china again at the moment there are still very strict travel bans for example lawyers foreign nationals can enter china and even those traveling around the country domestically when they introduce a new city they're very strict testing and quarantine periods of people are forced to undergo thank you very much for that katrina you're reporting there live from beijing voting has ended in the wisconsin presidential primary which went ahead
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despite the coronavirus pandemic the state has a 1st in the us to hold a major votes in stay at home orders were implemented the vote only went ahead after a last minute ruling in the supreme court's results aren't expected until next week john hendren describes a chaotic day where a democratic presidential primary and a supreme court seat were being decided in the state election system stretched to breaking point. in places like milwaukee the biggest city in wisconsin where mostly democrats seem to be voting. there were enough people to go to the polling places there were 180 polling places but they could only open 5 of them in a city where about 300000 people were were voting some by mail some not so people stood out in the rain and they complained that they had to do this but they stood out there in. numbers so ultimately we find out in about
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a week what happens that's because we're going to wait for those mail in vote which have to be postage stamps today on tuesday. but in the end probably not so much drama about who wins in the democratic primary it's between bernie sanders joe biden joe biden was about 20 points ahead in most polls but republicans really pressed to have this go forward because they've got a lot of local lections that they were hoping to win and for them this is a general election and not in america the outbreak of the virus itself a wyoming governments in ecuador medical staff are struggling to deal with a number of infections more than 3702 thirds of those cases have been reported in the city of by a kill the government says it's ramping up containment measures say and temporary morgues have been set up to deal with the number of dead it's the military stepping in in colombia to help with the containment of the virus.
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army helicopters a monitoring and blasting messages over main cities advising people to comply with national koren teen mashes just one person per family can leave home to buy groceries and carry out financial transactions. now the central american nation of nick advice has been minimizing the impact of the coronavirus outbreak it's got no current team restrictions and the government is actually promoting mass gatherings yet one person has been missing from the public eye as john heilemann reports. there's one question everyone's asking in nick and i work with the country's president but this was the last time daniel take it was seen in a video conference almost a month ago. while he disappeared as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world his wife and vice president has been telling everyone else to go is normal he enjoys tyrannic i don't know what here in a nicaragua all of our authorities report normality in all actions and activities
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but i salute you for they certainly do going into easter boodles beaches and bars have been open beauty pageants have been held. and the government itself is actually organized massive events but this march untitled love in the times of covered 19. even the football league continues and is apparently seeing a surge in international popularity because almost every other countries close those down you know. we got a request from a broadcast company a street in who naturally showed interest in libel league games not. officially nicaragua has fewer than 10 cases but government to transparency in reporting figures has been questioned how has been concerned about the response to call that 19 as sin. we have concerns for the lack of social distancing the convening of mass gatherings we have
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concerns about the. testing. contact tracing about the reporting of cases i asked former health minister and now government critic daughter maria tell us why the government is keeping everything open. all the more. this is all dominated by the not ready of the earth day damn what are your family dictatorship which sells a story that this is a perfect country a happy one where people don't get sick and anyone who says that someone could be sick or that with covert 19 the official propaganda is that this is terrorism a strategy to bring the government down. the fact that nicaragua's economy has already been decimated by 2 years of arm rest it's only now that everything is open for easter the question remains why isn't president or take a joining in the phone john heilemann how does it or. saudi arabia has reported out
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roughly 2800 calls a 1000 cases but the government warns a number of could jump into the hundreds of thousands so on. reports. doctors in saudi arabia are bracing for the worst the health ministry expects a rise of up to 200000 corona virus infections within weeks a sudden turn for the largest country in the gulf region. studies protect the number of an fictions will range from a minimum of 100028 maximum of 200000 there is no doubt that with their full commitment to instructions and procedures we can reduce the number of cases to the minimum. additional teams have been called in but it's likely no match for such a heavy influx of patients ringback this is where you have a little bit salty water with the calls have increased by 56 percent and i'm building services are up by 54 percent we've hired more people to cope with the
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workload. in the shopping mall and saudis causing region drones follow shoppers and take their body temperature one of many drastic measures to try and contain the virus. cerise a lead to the holy cities of mecca and medina which bring in millions of people are still closed off and earlier this week 24 hour lock downs were imposed in 5 cities including the capital riyadh but i have to let. the fact son got the curfew wasn't a surprise we were told to prepare for this and it happened gradually so it wasn't much of a shock. the economic fallout could be twofold virus lead shutdowns in the kingdom are now paired with crashing oil prices across the globe and this is what the hell . this situation is really strange you hope our leaders will find a solution. king solomon has warned a more difficult fight lies ahead amid uncertain times. llopis of the young
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al-jazeera. to ivory coast now it crowds have destroyed a coronavirus testing center in the city of abidjan off hearing the spread of the illness. this is what is left of a coronavirus testing center in the suburbs of you google mobile phone footage captures people destroying the makeshift center built to check them for the virus scared and angry they stripped bare rights continued through the next morning with police firing tear gas to disperse a growing and anxious crowd many say they want the center to be built outside of their neighborhood this woman shouts we are humans we don't want the current of ours here right where we live we don't want it today or tomorrow she says with more than 300 confirmed cases in ivory coast to the virus is spreading rapidly the government has imposed a lockdown on the economic capital abidjan and the nationwide curfew measures that come too late says local authorities who fear many more people are infected without
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knowing it was and some of you will have a fever this evening or even earlier and others will cough or have a sore throat others will feel strange i mean don't worry we all districts of all will have these centers in place to facilitate and provide information is not just for testing it's to provide information this crisis is revealing the level of distrust people have for their government and health services ivorian football star did talk about took to social media after 2 french doctors one of whom heads the. suggested testing of covert 1000 vaccine on africans the institute bester has more than 11 centers of research in africa including in ivory coast which are used to detect viruses many people living in new google say they don't want to be guinea pigs in experiments involving a virus they believe comes from europe so why but i don't think this place is appropriate because it's an illness and we know how it spreads so if we need to
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seize up a hospital of this kind they should post it outside the city. the government is seeking to reassure people saying that no testing will be carried out on patients. but with cases multiplying the fear of the virus along with the virus itself seems to be growing uncontrollably nicholas hawk al jazeera. television i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president has criticised a wild health organization for its response to the kora virus pandemic donald trump ecclesia agency of being to china centric and of giving bad advice his comments come as the u.s. recorded 2000 vising step in the last 24 hours according to the john hopkins shock they actually criticized and disagreed with my travel ban at the time i did it and
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they were wrong they've been wrong about a lot of things and there's a lot of information early on they didn't want to do very they seem to be very china centric. and we have to look into that so we're going to look into it we pay for it give a majority of the money that they get they called it wrong they call it wrong they really they missed a call they could have called it months earlier they would have known and they should have known and they probably didn't. france has become the 4th country to register more than $10900.00 linked death the country has been in lockdown since mid to march in the government is expected to extend those restrictions the u.k.'s prime minister is spending a 2nd night in intensive care boris johnson is said to be in a stable condition he was admitted to hospital on sunday with persistent 19 symptoms nearly 3 months after it was sealed off from the world who hahn has opened its doors again people can now enter the city and highways and train lines have
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been open to traffic it's 11000000 residents are now able to leave without specific authorization but they still need an app that tracks the health and movement in the us voting has ended in the wisconsin presidential primary which went ahead despite the coronavirus been demick the stage is a 1st in the us hold a major vote since stay at home orders were implemented the vote only went ahead after a last minute ruling in the supreme court. protesters in ivory coast his commercial capital have torn down a coronavirus testing facility that was under construction angry residents in a district of abidjan said they were afraid it would spread the virus through their districts police fired tear gas to break up the demonstration all the latest on the corner virus pandemic on our website at al-jazeera dot com i have more news for you coming up right after the story do stay with us. talk to al jazeera we want your force were when you saw that document for the 1st story we listen to
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after the war saying you'll europeans go build united states of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. i for me ok and join the stream today will social media manipulate the 2020 us election we'll talk to a cambridge analytical whistleblower about how big tech could be undermining the democratic process you too can be part of the conversation really easy to send us your questions and comments via our life you change chat. ringback my memory is correct not have i low i am my. first in uganda and you know in this. in 2018 it was revealed that the now.


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