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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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witness discovers the in world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher your. death by a 1000 cuts on al-jazeera. the. they called it wrong call the. president drums the latest target is the world health organization as criticism ounce of his response to the coronavirus pandemic . hello again i'm mr and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up long lines and traffic jams in china as would thousands are allowed to leave the city for the 1st time in months. all night talks but no deal finance ministers disagree on what
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conditions should be attached to an economic rescue package. and what's being called one of the most dangerous elections ever the u.s. state of wisconsin holds its primary after conservative courts refuse to stop proceedings. now u.s. president donald trump has accused the world health organization of but showing its response to the coronavirus pandemic he also called the agency china centric and then threatened to cut funding this all comes as the u.s. recorded nearly 2000 new deaths from the virus just in the past 24 hours more than 4000 people have died now in new york city alone britain's prime minister has spent a 2nd night in intensive care boris johnson was given supplementary oxygen and the junior health minister says he remains stable and in good spirits. well the chinese city where this outbreak began has now opened its doors again its 11000000
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residents are now able to leave but they still need an app that tracks their health and movement and in new zealand the number of new cases has now fallen for 2 days in a row and recovery is also now exceeds new infections the country remains under a strict lockdown that set to continue for another 2 weeks jeremy cotton dyke is the public health expert who drafted guidelines for the u.s. government on how it should respond to a pandemic and he says donald trump and his team have ignored the advice. what it contained was a sort of checklist a set of triggers to identify when a disease was posing a risk and when the united states government should begin triggering preparedness and things like coronavirus novel coronavirus were specifically cited in there the risk of a respiratory virus with a fission human to human transmission and a significant significant fatality rate was specifically cited in there as a concern and then it listed a number of things that the country should begin to do work on diagnostic testing
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check the p.p. supply and make sure p.p. supply is sufficient begin planning for mass casualty events in our hospital system you know all of that was in there all of that based on that playbook should have been triggered by the january on the january 30 date when the public health emergency of international concern was declared but that was disregarded and that's why i think it really isn't it really isn't quite right to blame the w.h.o. for our own lack of preparedness had they followed the playbook they would have begun kicking things into gear on january 30 and instead what they did was they instituted these travel bans but didn't really focus on domestic preparedness and you know for all the criticism of w h o's. dislike for those travel bans part of that comes from the fact that a travel ban sometimes an alibi allows you to escape doing other things so you know this administration talks up the travel ban but you know they were focused on that instead of focusing where they needed to be which was on domestic preparedness i'm not sure why the president has chosen to pick this fight right now he spent the
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last 2 months largely praising w.h.o. and you know in general i think show has been further ahead of the curve in understanding the risk of this than his own administration so i don't think they're the one to be blamed for the sluggish u.s. response. nearly 3 months after it was sealed off from the wilds has now opened its doors again tens of thousands of people have been allowed to leave the city at what was once the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak but it remains under close watch with tight health restrictions in place to try to avoid a 2nd wave of infections sarah clarke reports. packed and ready for departure tens of thousands of people from the city of woo han are on the move after 76 days holed up in their home was when i wasn't here when i planned to go home during the chinese new year but because of the epidemic i didn't get to do so my family asks me every day when i come home the lockdown has been gradually lifted over the last
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10 days with inbound travel allowed but no departures on wednesday all major highways were reopened so too was the city's airport at least 55000 people trying to kits to travel to other parts of china. i haven't been out since january 21st this is the 1st time i've left the house now i'm going back home to meet my parents checkpoints remain but for health scans those passengers carrying a green coat on a government health are considered low risk and can travel. we will have a follow up this infection of passengers at the entrance and exit on the railway station with the temperature screening and the health code checking we are very strict 11000000 people live in the city known as a key industrial hub of china in december hospitals in we're had reported the 1st cases of the coronavirus with an increasing number of patients complaining of flu like symptoms in january the city was put in lockdown after it became clear that
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the flu like virus was highly contagious and potentially deadly residents were trapped so too will workers on the eve of the chinese new year holiday break including player who he works and lives in beijing but my out of france colleagues were actually. cancelled. last minute but i didn't because i. chose. to work. you know you really lucked out where everyone will hand accounts for more than 3 quarters of coronavirus deaths in china or thora teaser warning of a 2nd wave of potential infections as lock downs a lifted across the country and people return to work today so. we appeal to the residents of our city not to leave for non-essential travel and continue to leave
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home as little as possible the recovery of we heard has been watched worldwide while the city attempts to return to normal the trauma could last for decades sarah clarke al-jazeera. katrina you now joins us live from beijing katrina we were just hearing there from sara about this green coat on an app that you need in order to leave so can you tell us a little more about how that all were. that's right well this is absolutely. like a possible if you will from kuwait province and in one city you need it not only to leave the city but also just to move around the city itself so give you an idea of what it looks like it here it will generate for you a green queue walk curried if you are healthy and how it works is you import all your days or your national id number your address your contact details and using your address and your whereabouts it will compare your proximity to
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a known coded 1000 case and using that it will give you either a green yellow or red code if you have a red coat you won't be able to leave your house you will be considered high risk if you are given yellow you might have a restricted movement and if you are given green you will be among the 11000000 people able to leave 160 a so you have to show that any border checkpoint at any train station or airport certainly before you buy a ticket but also just you need to show that traveling around the city itself you need to show that when you enter a restaurant when you went to or a train carriage or taxi for example a taxi driver will have a machine or the people working at the research will have a machine that will scan that code and they will absorb all legal details and how that works is if there is a known code that 19 that's discovered later on they'll be able to track that person's activities exactly where they went and who was in proximity to them and so there will to contact those people at the testing or for quarantine if needed and
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that's definitely needed and rouhani and in quite a few big problems but that's also being used around china and that really speaks to china's big dollars surveillance and how that's being used to fight this epidemic in beijing if i go into a restaurant or a shopping center will have to scan a kurd and using my own foreign data it will be able to tell the security guard if i've been outside of beijing in the most recent 2 weeks and if i have been 1st of all i won't be allowed into those premises but also questions will be raised as to why i am not personally in quarantine myself katrina you're there for us in beijing thank you very much katrina. on meeting on to europe and you finance ministers has failed to reach a consensus on how to tackle the economic fallout of this pandemic despite all night talks that are unclean now joins us live from london lawrence kelly so no agreement on fiscal health in europe but it seems really very little agreement on anything at all. yes yes i'm afraid that that is
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exactly the case on the financial level this this round really is not deepening between this really on the one side. but by spain the 2 countries hit hardest obviously by that and then in europe on the other side the german dutch and the finns about what extensive financial help should be given to the countries which are suffering the most italy in spain says it needs really really big measures but that such a particular job is a pushback against it talks about it to a 1st date and no progress on that as well on the brewers health care level the big problems too there's no sort of agreement that the european commission can broker at the moment as to what people call an exit strategy when countries come out of lockdown and gradually as long as their health care system can cope try to resume some sort of normality that they can get in individual countries with greece is that i don't know why the levelers well that's clearly
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a big difference in the response from individual countries sweden the lockdown germany austria part of that you have to wear a face mask for a bloc of 27 countries which which talks about european unity and behaving in the same way it doesn't really work and the best illustration of that was a very senior health care of the european union the presidents of the european research council which is a science funding agency resigned yesterday saying he had lost faith in the system and was extremely disappointed by the european response to the pandemic so for a block of countries it says it moves as one of most approved of the world it can act and think in the same way. and aren't you a sitting in london there for us we're hearing that boris johnson remains in hospital do we know any more about how he's doing well i mean not worse so far as we understand it. that the government minister who was posted speaking to the media this morning obviously the 1st question is what promises condition is stable he's conscious he's had oxygen but crucially he hasn't
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yet to be put on to a mechanical pencil like which is when people get into real serious problems because they have to be they. now downing street which has been fiercely criticized by many political journalists not being straight with people about the province's position has been pushing back very hard actually saying look we didn't know we've been trying to beat opens a can with all you people about this and we're surprise everybody else and how much worse his condition got and how quickly it deteriorated but the moment it's it's better rather than the worst news obviously he's not out of the woods yet but it doesn't appear to be worsening and we'll continue watching that very closely for you lawrence lee there for us and london thank you are now a french military aircraft carrier has now been instructed to return to port after staff on board started showing coronavirus symptoms about 40 people on the shall go or have now been placed under medical observation
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a screening team with test facility has has been sent to the ship in order to try to prevent the spread of the virus on board well our correspondent tasha butler joins us now from as we can with the latest on the dash i mean this is from fas flagship aircraft carrier what more do we know about exactly what's happening on board now. yes france's black ship aircraft carrying the shuttle to go currently in the atlantic ocean a very worrying situation indeed for the french military the defense ministry today has confirmed that there are about 40 soldiers on board that are showing coronavirus symptoms not those soldiers we understand who will be now isolated kept apart from that colleagues because of course there would be great concern that in such a contained restricted area as an aircraft carrier that the current virus could spread very quickly among the other crew we know that
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a special testing team is on its way to the ship to carry out a test and bring more medical equipment on board the shuttle to go though it is of course very well equipped they do have intensive care units there are about 20 medical staff doctors and nurses but you have to imagine that if the current virus was to spread throughout the crew that they simply would not be able to cope and don't need to remove any crew that do test positive for the coronavirus now the french defense minister has said in the past few days that there have been around 600 coronavirus cases in the french military that happen to be any deaths as far as we know yet so they are monitoring the situation on the shoulder go very close indeed this aircraft carrier ship that was supposed to be a docking back in the french open ports a 2 level on april the 23rd has now been recalled and it is heading back to port now so it will arrive back in front soon and of course natascha the current stay at home or to across the country apparently end in
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a week i believe on april 15th so what are the chances that they actually end on that day. that's right here in france we are going into our 4th week of locked out it is very strict a knock down people are only allowed out for an hour a day with a special permit the very urgent needs for example oh food as minton's that calls we also had some of the latest figures here in france and in the last 24 hours probably has now surpassed the $10000.00 death toll so very critical figures very worrying figures indeed for the french government that is why most people in france expect the french government to extend this lockdown even further beyond to april to 55 how long no one knows it's really something that seems to develop and change state but the french president tomorrow michael is due to speak to the nation on french television on thursday evening french time and perhaps that would be
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something that he will touch upon natascha about for there for us and under len and fronts thank you natasha. still ahead on al-jazeera in nicaragua the government is actively encouraging people to go out. conspicuous by his absence. and just when the. right. to the rescue. rises. the seasonal rains the really heavy across the good parts of indonesia or at the moment is the usual scattering of showers for much of southeast asia but the biggest downpours are going to be around sumatra pushing over towards job very for the next couple of days and a little further east as well of
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a few showers making their way into the philippines more sunshine than showers showers too into southern parts of india china pushing across the gulf of thailand so you could see some wet weather coming in here so to say some rather wet weather grassy pushing its way back into where cambodia never really seeing the showers too far away from vietnam as well over the next day or so i was saying showers increasing to across northern parts of australia and out towards the southeast high pressure gradually coming back in here say things should start to quieten down at least for a time for the far southeast of australia eventually will see some what the weather coming in here weather system that we have making its way towards face he is of course tropical side clone still a very powerful storm this one it brought widespread flooding and disruption said lots of damaging winds as it made its way across of ottawa to fiji will see the worst of that wet and windy weather over the next 24 to 48 hours before it makes its way further south was there you go with the shot was from the south wales.
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struggles for love. pleasure. and i bore so. on the side of this old one sided internet stuff that i'm there also as a missile to the island as one says to an intimate look at life in cuba from a clear are at least the media with our longtime mithraic told me it was the only one watching us who would have enough money cuba. on al-jazeera.
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hello again. a reminder of our top stories this hour president on trump has accused the world health organization of being china centric and threaten to cut funding the u.s. has recorded nearly 2000 new deaths in the past 24 hours the highest daily toll so far. the chinese city where this outbreak began has now opened its doors after nearly 3 months under lockdown it's 11000000 residents are out able to leave but they still need an app that tracks their health. and even finance ministers have failed to agree on a rescue package to bolster their economy during this pandemic member states remain divided on what conditions should be attached to a potential half a trillion dollar stimulus about. now saudi arabia has reported roughly 2800 cases of the virus but the government is warning that number could soon jump into the hundreds of thousands how to lopez reports. doctors in saudi
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arabia are bracing for the worst the health ministry expects a rise of up to 200000 coronavirus infections within weeks a sudden turn for the largest country in the gulf region. studies predict the number of ads fictions will range from a minimum of 200-0028 maximum of 200000 there is no doubt that with their full commitment to instructions and procedures we could reduce the number of cases to the minimum. additional teams have been called in but it's likely no match for such a heavy influx of patients ringback this. gets to the bottom of the calls have increased by 56 percent and ambulance services are up by 54 percent we've hired more people to cope with the workload. in the shopping mall and saudis causing real. drones fall shoppers and take their body temperature one of many drastic measures to try and contain the virus. saree said lead to the holy cities
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of mecca and medina which bring in millions of people are still closed off and earlier this week 24 hour lockdowns were imposed in 5 cities including the capital riyadh but i have to let. the fact son got the curfew wasn't a surprise we were told to prepare for this and it happened gradually so it wasn't much of a shock. the economic fallout could be twofold virus lead shutdowns in the kingdom are now paired with crashing oil prices across the globe in this but the world was hurt. the situation is really strange you hope our leaders will find a solution. king solomon has warned a more difficult fight lies ahead amid uncertain times. llopis of the young al-jazeera. now the u.s. state of wisconsin has held its presidential primary and an election for a regional supreme court sees voters had to go to polling booths with democratic
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efforts to try to make it an all male ballot for to by conservative majority courts john hendren reports. with a choice between risking their health and casting their votes tens of thousands of wisconsinites arrived at the polls rather wait newsline hand in hand come together as an american to come exercises great god given freedom where they came with masks gloves and an abiding faith in democracy. and a rising fear of the leaders who put them at risk by compelling them to carry out an election amid a deadly global pandemic it was an election marked by a uncertainty and chaos it is a complete mess here in the city of milwaukee with 1000 registered voters there are only only places there are usually 180 voters did 2 metres apart in lines that stretched for blocks elections had been postponed no doubt no
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question the on again off again election began after a 24 hour whirlwind of judicial action on monday that began with a democratic governor tony even his calling the election off i cannot in good conscious a lot any types of gathering that would further of the spread of this to seize and to put more lives at risk wisconsin's conservative state supreme court called it back on again saying even as it overstepped his authority then the conservative u.s. supreme court weighed in overturning a lower court ruling that would have extended mail in voting until april 13th the mail ballots are corrupt in my opinion and they collect them and they get people to go in and sign them and then they feel they're forgeries in many cases it's a horrible thing now all votes must be postmarked by tuesday or not counted at all . the chaotic election in the middle of a global pandemic could leave hundreds of thousands of votes on telly about 1300000
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people asked for a mail in ballot but by early tuesday fewer than 900000 had actually gotten one in many said. they simply didn't arrive in time 100 cities and towns couldn't persuade enough poll workers to open a single voting site so the governor called in the army national guard to do their work voters vented their fury even as they braved the virus to go to the polls in vote john hendren l.g. 0 chicago and now medical stuff in ecuador struggling to deal with the number of infections their 2 sons of the nearly 4000 cases are in the city of gaia kill the government says it's ramping up containment measures that. well nicaragua has no quarantine restrictions and the government is actually promoting mass gatherings but one person has been missing from the public eye as john holmes reports. there's one question everyone's asking in it could i work with the
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country's president. this was the last time daniel take it was seen in a video conference almost a month ago. while he disappeared as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world his wife and vice president has been telling everyone else to go as normal as he can you got out well here in a nicaragua all of our authorities report normality in all actions and activities but a salute they certainly do going into easter buddhist beaches and bars have been open beauty pageants have been held. and the government itself is actually organized massive events but this marching titled love in the times of covered 19. even the football league continues and is apparently seeing a surge in international popularity because almost every other countries close those down you know. we got a request from a broadcast company a street in who naturally showed interest in libel league games not. officially
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nicaragua has fewer than 10 cases but government through transparency in reporting figures has been questioned how has been concerned about the response to call that 19 as in. we have concerns for the lack of social distancing convening of mass gatherings we have concerns about the. testing. contact tracing about the reporting of cases i asked former health minister and now government critic tell us why the government is keeping everything open. the movie domino this is all dominated by the not ready of the earth they come to your family dictatorship which sells the story that this is a perfect country a happy one where people don't get sick and anyone who says that someone could be sick or that with covert 19 the official propaganda is that this is terrorism
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a strategy to bring the government down. the fact that nicaragua's economy has really been decimated by 2 years of them wrist. but now that everything is open for easter the question remains why isn't president or take a joining in the phone john home and how does it. now a 90 year old new yorker who beat coronavirus is offering advice on how to survive the disease. and a fortune author that means lucky and italian began feeling ill on march 13th and was taken to hospital 3 days later she was discharged 2 weeks after that having recovered. hospital they said i was a miracle maybe i was but i work let me tell you something i am childish but you know what it's it's positive thinking keep on fighting.
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and pray. don't stay in bed all the time even if see a chair you have them over a little and i want to say to them if i did it you. now this crisis has brought the wild together in a shared experience but we can also share in a red joy even on the lockdown on tuesday a super rare nepad it's expected to be the biggest and brightest this year and will likely be visible until fasting shot about us reports. under lockdown in normally bustling new delhi birds sing out in deserted streets. there is no one agrees is tourist hot spots. the. only prayer echoes across riyadh people are staying harm but if we look up nearly 8000000000 of us can share in something else a super is above us rising on tuesday evening it is expected to be the brightest
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and biggest of the year in china restrictions of east and a reduction in pollution means my just looking up what are the fate in could be and it's really hard to see a moon this big in beijing it's been my 1st time saying one source anger for families and that the epidemic situation in china is getting better and better this represents something good especially when the super moon shows up. a super moon is a former net is closer to earth than usual to us it will look about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than normal even happens roughly every 14 months some astronomers expects the moon to come closer to earth than at any time since 1940 yet use whether you're over down in your hole in central england or you're over down in your home in suburban washington d.c. or in you know southeast asia you'll be able to see ultimately the same moon as
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something that we can share globally and you know right now at this point time being something that connects us all i think is really important. and at 360000 kilometers away the man in the moon. it's keeping a good distance charlotte dallas. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines u.s. president onil trump has accused the world health organization of being china centric and has threatened to cut funding the u.s. recorded nearly 2000 new deaths from the virus just in the past 24 hours the highest daily toll there so far on nearly 3 months after it was sealed off from the wealth would have has opened its doors again highways and train lines have been open to traffic and it's 11000000 residents are now able to leave without specific authorization but they still do need an app that tracks their health and movement
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government figures show the vast majority of china's coronavirus related deaths were in hoop a province where we're headed 50 is located katrina you has more on that app that's being used to determine just who can leave who harm it will generate for you a green queue walk already if you are healthy and how it works is you even put all your days or your national id number your address your contact details and using your address and your whereabouts it will compare your proximity to a known coded 19 case and using that it will give you either green yellow or red code if you have a red coat you won't be able to leave your house you will be considered high risk if you give in yellow you might have restricted movement and if you are giving a green you will be among the 11000000 people able to leave. finance ministers have failed to agree on a rescue package to both to europe's economy amid the pandemic member states are divided on what conditions should be attached to
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a potential hoffa trillion dollar stimulus plan france has become the 4th country to register more than 10000 private 1000 linked deaths it's been in lockdown since mid march and the government is expected to extend those restrictions. britain's prime minister has spent a 2nd night in intensive care boris johnson has been given supplementary oxygen but he said to be in good spirits he was admitted to hospital on sunday off to showing persistent symptoms of private 19 and voting has ended in the wisconsin presidential primary which went ahead despite the pandemic the stage is the 1st in the u.s. to hold a major vote and stay at home orders were implemented the primary only went to head off to a last minute ruling in the supremes court results aren't expected until next week well those are the headlines and next up it's my cuba to stay with us here on al-jazeera. how much is the groan of virus on the stock market i don't think the
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rights to the warning terms we need to be sent to secure the democratic nomination i believe we can be down from follow the developments in the u.s. election from very on al-jazeera. media image dollars from its make us a little to our don nickles to all of you may go our stores tomorrow. may not be a rattlesnake that can.


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