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tv   A Hard Road From Home Photographers Activists  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. when you see big groups of people walking through europe they're all individuals with children the likes you have to hear them and to treat them with some dignity and respect 'd. i'm convinced of the top stories on al-jazeera the chinese city with the odd break began has opened its doors after nearly 3 months under lockdown some of its 11000000 residents are now able to leave they must use an app the tracks their health and movement betray you has more from beijing on how the app regulates who comes and goes in and out of own home. if you live in one or the y. duhoux a province you must unload a mobile app and you must input all your details or your national id number your address your contact details and what that does it uses china's big data
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surveillance system to really check your whereabouts in comparison to a nerd coded 19 persons location and depending on that proximity you give you a card with 3 different colors a red code if you're high risk a yellow code if you are medium risk and green if you're at low risk or you're healthy and in you can travel so let me give you an idea of what that looks like so that's the out there and that's the q why would that screen that's been generated there that makes makes it possible for you not only to travel within will hon but future also leave the city so all those people the 10s of thousands of people who have been leaving the city today they would have had to show that at that train stations at airports and indeed even if you go around the city for example you catch a taxi or you go into a restaurant you must present that code and at the restaurant or the taxi driver will then scan that and absorb all your details and what that does is makes sure that for example next to get your found to have covert 19 there they can track your
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whereabouts and authorities can identify exactly who you came into contact with and pull them aside perhaps for testing or quarantine period so definitely it's high tech used to fight this epidemic but people are raising concerns especially rights groups that the chinese government is using this epidemic to overreach and really extend their control u.s. president donald trump has accused the world health organization of being china centric and threaten to cut funding the w.h.o. responded by saying the acute phase of a pandemic is not the right time to suggest funding cuts jeremy haun dyke is a public health expert who drafted guidelines for the u.s. government on how to respond to a pandemic he says donald trump has ignored the advice. what it contained was a sort of checklist a set of triggers to identify when a disease was posing a risk and when the united states government should begin triggering preparedness and things like coronavirus novel coronavirus were specifically cited in there the
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risk of a respiratory virus with the fish and human to human transmission and a significant significant fatality rate was specifically cited in there as a concern and then it listed a number of things that the country should begin to do work on diagnostic testing check the p.p. supply and make sure p.p. supply is sufficient to begin planning for mass casualty events in our hospital system you know all of that was in there all of that based on that playbook should have been triggered by the january on the january 30th date when the public health emergency of international concern was declared but that was disregarded and that's why i think it really isn't it really isn't quite right to blame the w.h.o. for our own lack of preparedness had they followed the playbook they would have begun kicking things into gear on january 30th instead what they did was they instituted these travel bans but didn't really focus on domestic preparedness and you know for all the criticism of w h o's. dislike for those travel bans part of that comes from the fact that
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a travel ban sometimes an alibi allows you to escape doing other things so you know this administration talks up the travel ban but you know they were focused on that instead of focusing where they needed to be which was on domestic preparedness i'm not sure why the president has chosen to pick this fight right now he spent the last 2 months of largely praising w.h.o. and you know in general i think show has been further ahead of the curve in understanding the risk of this than his own administration so i don't think they're the one to be blamed for the sluggish u.s. response. more than 750 people have died in spain in the past 24 hours with new infections also on the rise the number of fatalities there has been increasing again in recent days britain's prime minister has spent a 2nd night in intensive care boss johnson is said to be in a stable condition. or news off the al-jazeera wild.
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'd from to time that i start understanding the ward surrounding me and questioning the life and asking the same question with everybody's house where my ram i come from why i'm here and what i'm going to add sheen till now it has been always
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a spiral i have been true. you know years off that difficulties i have been to to praise in torture exile but i never forgot that i'm going to reach a point beyond which is somehow a serving dish manatee. by fighting against injustice is what really my main goal is was and will be i hoped in the future but to reach it. every day in your going to difficulties every day every moment you have difficulties surrounding me man there i can find it in a hole in my life day to day those problems and difficulties that sometimes like. you know prison or torture or take you away or being in a society cooperate but finally become my figure and then you're treated the same
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way to i'm saying that this pilot is the best we have to explain why. am. i. was. some other trees reaching their wish to. know what to do others are michel shahani there are all of them are to be moral when we are digital with one stanley the largely innocent of them are. actually the children you love. the hunted out of them who are to you as you the sick the bocce one is celebrating at design the part
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in a plea deal was among the particularly those mother more the part of all the father will know the part of that one child that other sort of protest wish to be and they make the. hole in the larry the more. generally cheery. that the holiday was an inability. to history it always was routine idea by people who come quickly. or by the outsiders that they come and to look to destroyers go back. afghanistan has been in a war for 20 years. everything is destroyed there's no newspapers no magazine or a thing left after the taliban so what they need has
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a strong media press that's how democracy could come up no journalists no photographer could be able to cover afghanistan because how far you can go on a food in a country like afghanistan in the month in a difficult situation if the people who are living in a conflict themselves you give them this strength they will have a different way of the showing it doesn't mean that. we don't have send for a nurse or other people to go to see the places it shows that it is 2 different view and 2 different vision they became. from. passive weak team. that. they became and active of their own destiny stay cheeta own destinies in the they have a voice now so anyway it's giving voice to the people who doesn't have voices.
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than as with trees she's. not disturbed me masako mug me can. get a pendulum washed. which is what i would. have but out of mission. national mushkin we've got these well that about me go fuck sammy give you police me teach him equally foolish negative critical. tomorrow out of me being the boss make me the. i added up a committed. will belive me get a fudge. come get a.
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lives here long before super freak filibuster fuel filters are groovy and if a storm moves or if you. don't sit all that short of the. whole formed and she may have heard. that before superfluous soon or were you going for. your 1st roll of the participle of the law it looks a forced them investment in the shit said all that. shit. she said years you see who are to. do it on pluck a photograph call it on your get my foot off. your pleas for the offer to wander and its feet off your family without hopes and see you act on what you say to face it as a facet of experience a water filter of on that thought that was really is an episode of the things.
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you do or so that i just want. to. chew on or mundanity does each year such as you must judge. they must have been a sort of god. musing ministered to by the the how did the. true number i showed the deed i had no my card or. you know what i would say or whatever that you. that you are best. money book i read was that of his mother. his mother.
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said father just. in the bottom. so when. i looked at this question. he looks so real. who's this meant you think. yeah we'll be in college. tuesday. i do tomorrow. ok so. i talk to you graham. bye bye
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see you were. supposed to do. the deal to me as a people. in the lead in this apartment they would cheer but certainly couldn't you took that as a deal because the hulk of the planet clans that keaggy the hulk of the planner was . the one i was looking into was a key dual boot and this is the seconds in which you get your face to that could they way this is. they were global police who were due. to catch a bus edible catch a bottle but consume in the cold. war they were not at all oh but when their goal is to know what region made it in a bitter standish it was that actually the pickle can cause a brick on the market apple everywhere. didn't wish to let the lack of the color going away george noticeable. there was the recall of the bashir ones that are they
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were. privileged about the way. they were nor was an umbrella but that $100.00 just to put out a kitty. that initially said i will. sell. still but our emotional or the jury could actually collect but this is definitely better but she did it as a question dear the day of the road to the window will be that mouse their family when they see. someone the most up. to the one. which was and what i crashed because it was up at the park. they. do have a top award shows that. they just might get and then deal with in today's the editing for much of. a lot of us is that they do but that is so that's on the soaps
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most opposite of them but it was a mix up of all of us ok me what. nobody knew the photo in the back of to know what a janitor what that i would be the chaps the. most i've ever seen a cool mike or us a. little bit of both of them it's true yeah steve it's true i feel useful. but there should be and that is a bit of what i couldn't get enough out of it what a mother got to the father today what can she did offend some on the hour or the day though i seen sagna beach any 2nd is the mood there what then do you miss him the name instead of what. that this is a mindset i want to come but i mean that in a full inside of that if it 'd was a beautiful shot of take that it would have but it does it just but if i meet one of my suffer shattuck in my fears of water much that we're going to set up a go at them are all. that out.
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there like. have you ever seen a plant or a flower or due to having a slumber party that you are part meant if you move it from one corner to other corner. the 1st few days you will see that the flower is not doing red and excited the same things for me when you are taken out suddenly from your home from your country from your neighborhood from your families and you come in a place which everything is strange for you the veteran spain the food is strange the people talking around you in the culture strange so you are destroyed the same like flower so the 1st time the 1st years maybe depend of the person it's really difficult you have it. sometimes an emptiness and you you feel it totally
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abandoned you know you don't feel that you exist if you you know it's you go through very difficult psychological moments and times. in my case i need change exile not as it's something that weaken me but power and use exile as a power of mind over power over spree for me every very goal in our near is one country. there is another ward which i even put before a distance it resilience and i believe that resilience is one of the major attitude of any human and i have seen in do most difficult situation most difficult places someone doesn't want to give up attribute the resilience is that you don't
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give up. 10 years of the war and bombardment in afghanistan the russian they have destroyed almost of the countries and the rewards and building trees and everything is gone and now i'm in a small village. and nothing left it is small half of the school even was destroyed and i hear this children's coming out of the school and they have learned in the classrooms how to grow a seed something that we all do in the new school or sometimes. but they waited he did this boy was holding it for me. the most of the whole he's not just holding like this he really hold it some seem like biggest treasure of his life when a photographer and. i want to just ask a question just keep in you know thinking i said so what are you going to do with
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your cat. then she looks to me like. i'm so idiot asking this question it's obvious he said i'm going to grow a tree arch. and he looks around and see that you see there is no tree left. and i'm going to miss you gene. when you realize that. not only destroyed the buildings by destroyed issue manatee destroyed the soul of the people then you wanted to every 6 to stop the war but how to do it you have to show the horror of to be moved so the people little by little they realized that this is not the way that humanity should be that's how being in a war zone i feel that i'm more a peace correspondent because i mean i'm fighting in a way for peace this is.
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there for. the photograph and. they've. already. said of the dead of almost about. the did what the families had become was that. were they was it you know was he the man that they were not set up was that. she was. that is a good day to some of them i said oh no but it didn't you could as you talk about but i've seen no bus in that he did out there we want to collect tacitus so he. that you could. land him on it think about what a. kid as she you know would at that age is did a cop on the. bench of a. 'd particular company much better than that among people who live near walking.
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with a. but . that's not. what of my as i do with coalition shows that short of my largish mark that the whole go on. but i'll bet it was a much. is a call that if the diminutive boss lady and buster's it ever to achieve this was the humanity is it possible to. say that over. and.
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through to sustain this it amounts to flow more. limited use one of the songs little if you consume too pushing us you. need treated all she. did she. planted the blue notes within us mrs fusion she coughed a modest sum to a little something more than she. will need to consume the people. using your. granny should know that you are not sharks or. he could last 3 years he or she is your. first out of commission now. kalash optional oh yes our child really know how you know about us i defer to a fee for m.h.
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in general today is the best way off the. connecting to the people of the universe a language that you can talk to everybody my main goal is good for some things that i believe i need to call just some things that i think that is necessary and important to shore to humanity to shore to the people because when you do this works you're not one person i am representing millions of people that they cannot be sheer and that's why i'm sure to show what's happening here. and i just wish that i guess. you know how. you know that. sarah palin book but her own. search for the going to. run 1st.
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boxes here to sell actually hoping to get work on a marriage that you're going to save you can. friend a new green. card. you're going to. look at archaeology but not what. you know i'm away from projects most. critical i saw someone looking. at that set up from all 50 pounds about having some muslims. who are. so good that knows.
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when you're young you have a lot tougher. i.d.'s you know most of us we have an incredible ideas about god or a few true about the water he wanted to. go back and i knew the team and i would say dad you know. i didn't betray. the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story they bounce to control our nation our believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and the far right they say that if you don't like you can vote why i'm dirty but i'm all for people in power
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investigates western thrice contested space on al-jazeera a history of guerrilla warfare a place on the global stage. they are an organization created for stateless population. but before fighting for their land why did the p.l.o. fight for independence from their arab neighbors. chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution our knowledge is. hard work to al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get their voices heard on the international news channel one they would all be very proud of was when we covered the whole earthquake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of
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the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the time. or form. i'm comfortable and all the top stories on al-jazeera the chinese city where the coronavirus outbreak began has opened its doors after nearly 3 months of the lockdown some of its 11000000 residents on now able to leave but they must use an app that tracks their health and movement u.s. president donald trump has accused the world health organization of being china centric and threatened to cut funding the w.h.o. responded by saying the acute phase of a pandemic is not the right time to suggest funding cuts. they actually criticized
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and disagreed with my travel ban at the time i did it and they were wrong they've been wrong about a lot of things. and then a lot of information early on they didn't want to do very they seem to be very china centric. and we have to look into that so we're going to look into it we pay for it give a majority of the money that they get they called it wrong they call it wrong they really they missed a call they could have called it months earlier they would have known and they should have known and they probably did no. more than 750 people have died in spain in the past 24 hours with new infections also on the rise spain is one of the worst affected countries and the number of fatalities has been increasing again in recent days. a french military aircraft carrier has been instructed to return to port after sailors on board started showing symptoms of coronavirus nearly 40 people on the chance to go have now been placed under medical observation. medical staff in
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ecuador struggling to deal with the numbers of infections there 2 thirds of the nearly 4000 cases are in the city of kids the government says it's ramping up containment measures there if the o.p.'s prime minister has declared a state of emergency to help curb the spread of the virus experts a war even outbreak could be hard to contain in a country where the health care system is already under strain ethiopia has reported around 50 coronavirus cases so far at least 2 deaths india's 21 day lockdown is due to ends next week but a number of state these are calling for it to be extended prime minister narendra modi urged the population of 1300000000 to stay home late last month decision has left millions without work those are the headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world.
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for the better but ending wars and. segregation is to be able i was going to. leicester yes. they had a front there and there was what the rest. but there might be a that i view this with the best of that and don't wanna know more commonly i mean that there's a minister ok a coward or. if our nearest san said either but up where money but i still work out up on the end there is gaffer by our open book an equality so far the one here ok this quarter better let it out over there so. elected. by collapsing in that bed it joke if you see the sad lacking because then
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you see it is so but only a select because more just enough to stop and get us to step a cab a lot out of me is more of what i see less in a phobia of one is feeling that is a war most needed a community question but to see it is to clean at least us your. feet to everything we're good at the australian press are the best in portland they are the ultimate we don't by the way did anything or school or meet our whole body i remember now that i really want. this is what the one of this is just will be chaos that would be our ability to sort of fill in the air and i mean if you don't need to look for saddam are not a decision that are offered on bin been some looking in the. us are among the new doors of the masses to use your p.c. gave us a serious in there looking to b.s.
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about the one who says to use it for money most of the internet only questions to see if you know the flanks. of this through the hands and i got the. better aussie going to get to the plough i have friends here. buy them which i must to see in the hall than. yourself better killers maybe a fight with yes no not a bit of media. even me is to get for my brit. diplomas important that people have said i'll give levy that. even though we don't miss out oh going to lending them in. case oh not with them or better not no focus on the basic opinion we sell and that's the. in a matter of the end of that finale. and i like you this me says for them and all
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that you've got a 10 day the rest of unless. we have it more to mascara in the as well as more mask that can be as they were not there in the scene went out of it there were cos i don't be a well i'm not. and all that was in the african ways of where and all got your point that i got it i thought what matter this would be a russia would be a home with under me less minister when i have a can i say no no money. and not get it 7 either yes or no get out another say give us better media no and the other hand is everywhere in a much simpler than i thought another. but it up a good deal so work to. be so yes good night elise olivera that all us will take
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it in your live look borrowed a little media interview with some celebrity what will be notice most of you know they are not going to course are all capable de of a lot of those b. sells will be a store says peter ended up seeing it in escape are a good night i can borrow to and order all. those costs are simply trivial but i'm not horsey do you know what the cost of use of it was of course a lot but it i love my idea divorce for the listener alice is. going better than only a hand noise and get blasted back at a lot of matter and i react and would rather have your head back up on what they had happened actually on the. those who want to give us. the swing. but i mean for
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me for the 2nd that out of medicare me that i will be here and missed the moment and it will indicate you're developing a slip or nothing and i get to know that only you are seen and then there are going to help the. louder by c.v.t. $1000.00 bodies have. an ego must get a clue they're hiding this point that it gets anywhere that. they're richer than some buyable there are some part of what i mean. to bet that not bally all of them are passionate and this music that is. i view this as as i read it a performer grew when he put the american they on illegal before the new play to the good or to the populace integrate them into the law and they would appeal to even those taught by jesus could be any and everything be in say masses see embrace them have another. sort of birth and then if they send out a prayer that mr hemmer is any artist on the no if you want to minister and get out
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of your model it would to many the media is there for them but i mean those took his musket and accumulates. with us from african egypt. did a sport that will consider us he is one of them but i mean is it a political mistress in africa wanted our support that it will need to know or did not figure out not to ask when there is a bit of corn budget i submitted by dust the horse to. the law for them i get to go get a lesser not to make dinner for them i will speak for my commute me to see a look at say i posted but are supposed to fit in there but are finale want to defend it is sort of his mistress you're not put to some lessons. but if you see ticket it's not that someone cannot put a star on harlem or bonuses to your young female boss to get us into this killer my uni i studied law in suggesting you could be possibly viewed it. is a bit like i did it while good. no i poured it on course i here said marvin doubles
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into the us man did was given a lack of incentive along god did it or not up to that i mean did you not pursue make it in there like i listen to what you get out of it awards are serious course i will not allow this to not pass when i moved into our home or city editor of it did i lie to you but i sort of used. your likeness of the receiver incest in movies here 1st go give us an alkali chemicals are like i in the let me 2nd you're not into the do anything but he's done a. good thing work and they had america on earth at last and that they were going to be here. when take it that we have the menace the films he went after him with their most. immediate answer. to. that was id on earth he let you get. that out. because you said that i see. if we don't know what is geneva i think that you.
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imply that and i mean empathetic. and bethel aka muffling there any drama. that meant the media. can maintain your game. coming out of. the neanderthal though look at. the mess out of what i mess at or live in a mess yes i'm honest our. last month in. this context. of this is not interested in a guest in monterey. bay my you're. lucky see. this isn't. fully cialis. restore
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what the new spin on pitiless would be for because the mass i knew would consume a part of the. monterey sofrito. dollars in the us it would need a service not view incest free. space. or a dedicated p.c. again this year that that it will actually is stick us teagarden. does include it will ben-ali spine your men did it like i did was probably to give it to digital you just buy your scan you did. to need to sit in to spin oleson even didn't like going to most of them to start to see and look at obvious one of your limbs in the last month it was ok must be a circle sure. must also policial easy to see that it didn't dr be an asset or
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decoupled but i defend their people i'm in a spot i b c b's are real are the audience artists with a deal. with. honest parents f. unless you happen to have. a good idea say that. they were actually. well ok now when you are as. you are you happy. as a father convinced that the rest know him but see now for our eva when i was sidney and i meant things when i am a slave. but i don't carry any of your. jewelry and people here in court that. day they may be worried i will and this is your tele get on center. that we have
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posted a could have a nice quiet sunday and i miss my stomach was to begin a space my last question for until this. last and they were bored look on the circus and called me on may say i am i want to see myself portal i do that you make out ale to go no you next as you then do i not in your going to take up what i do than 90 a meeting point 7 he had it all for me so of course he had a one on saturday and when they look at health and important i see that. in then. i said casson. i mean they are saying in sydney that if they want that media. who just they don't and they once had one cindy need have them the embryo in the thumb drive under me m b o m e s i e i don't look at that a 2nd up as a place we will need them. it's a sad. it's a dumb question. but ok 7 in us send me out but ok you mean us why am
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i sort of when it says appropriate program must buy tickets i mean yes when i do that i call figure and wonder what their thoughts on the not so. i think it be though i certainly knew i was lucky that was sort of us follow on was an age when you only. need us but we could all get by i mean she out of where they fit in rome. they love me us soldiers only cause of when i thought of that and more . and more i said never again and has it that can i was in a moment and was i learned about vessel so the good have a bad. thing .
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done only on maybe there will be other ice i may be may leave it can be that damn last. or very nice yeah is that when the good it is either by the only way that i guess but again you know about it they merely look at him i like that i mean when i send good unit a nucleus and when in a manner of giving aid you get your job i say there will be no good and now you're giving aid if you get an african up with another uncle edmund for selling at a modest and lucky on video as they point to simply my will that mean. does that mean it i guess and of course you know but it had a mythical $1000000000.00 into his spending. for a game on and so that was i won the numbers no attack assa and no money and i schools that are under no no metropolis jail moment get issued a hell of a get up our up or isn't it sick. and then you step in to sashay it of course
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through thing one long enough. is enough a. little just risky this is. all. for service to watch the stomach eat. but look at their area just assume the book burn history mallory didn't get lucky though we joke it was a chilly minutes before the departed we had one agency hitting us all in the great war your own base of war don't know who to go. to the elders mistresses division of get ringback most of it is a long way so you can see the moms here amongst yourselves not at all and only get around the number a movie or consider most of this is just what your sick for vendetta idea which is
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that question is policial is. your so yeah ok. 'd so good at honda man but you are using this pain you see to see this look pretty i will be so as nobody a die hard to get out of us market in our former. distress. 11 double and the clarity to put it in my power see get it was. a get better. start on early it don't in here he pointed out in telling that will and did. that one hell of a handwritten doctor and it was an amazing lot and met him bought a band there's a lab there for just every level of the area that had a note on it that it. and if it. ok the effect thought us in are going to help us have one of. the tests but i thought the last one look at. sick will come in here like any where or how to get her idea. you know how much. i was an adequate
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daughter. of a house and was good at the house inside and out but a result i said put it 1st better meet them. in battle or in the family i was called in and therefore the f. will have it for you to see you suck each that you are. just this is. nope only did. not we all got this you don't need 8 years i wanted last year not a look at any given. mafia you could communicate in boston buses mobile pessimist matter. this is the only tedious job to. the many and misses you surely that he that misses it is not a poor neither is that corny. if they can even get
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a kick out of. honestly that he done in basic you leave your best question that out when i get in that s.s. if you look at that when emma emma can bet you have what i fear. is one in that in that there are good but i think. that there be a masochist of lesser letter that. would do a job getting most of it and yes. eventually i am with her for that but up where they are there look innocent element that is there for them but a click every now hope illicit at myspace i swear that you have daniel no controlling it and no polluting which are graphics my that but i thought it was a bit sorcery and can be a dramatic scene recently i didn't get it will say its i guess its been said and got inside yank it used to it got sick and that i may laugh and there i knew it.
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and i had improved look at the f. . it's a lot like a time where the american out there that's really that you know you look at what i made up but only after you did write back i sat in my truck station they're combining their breath in there and their 1000 euros their friends and with. the black american and i thought that was going to hinder get a. better writer director from india they're not going to see a horse better not crash and that. scene. on the bus after selective in and then we just see better call more new food then come on by the end of my thing that goes our hunger by me as well that i got a. call. from the advice is no good looking for my sympathy is more this is just another illness is no can do luckily this notice who must be stuck in want to be needy and democratically 90 stuff i need to look good not want to be. believe us is more in that we don't want to be on board who was who really
3:52 pm
so seriously i read a few sequels didn't pass in superman a couple get to see if you still knew what was a joke was it not normally start ok most normal life is is rusty's moved to death in connecticut it is cannot miley cyrus. the. love that you did i make a simple mostly out for me that i should mostly obligation was to explore your scale your last embrace us all will be us but it can do it in us it is the needle killarney out a list to our list isn't it of the ended up best equal list of most but of course would appear so that i'm being young body and best almost a lot of sport study that just did it is to snootiness unitas for appeals so i did not mean that i was young. but only an important the convective got nearly enough data then when to put a kit not that i am reluctant to those who are going to finish work and. as for
3:53 pm
other latin roots are not anything going to not that. it was actually looking at them ahead and going but missed but he meant that as he is all that i think would be nothing and they're not the actual by $1000000.00 never threatened by stalin and they can even as i don't care. and then summer's in a fit. of course to go they said i meant to put up less money benevolence so when the impulse in a library closer i cannot fathom. this is we need an extra one. it can be friends brilliant they sister they just am i look and no one can listen if you got to seems it is going to be issued but it's a can whisk up on the event and they're not there school defenseless against your cost to you most. want to in times square out or get almost one of those that is messed up but appointed by some as young. as
3:54 pm
a look at the russian ass can be nice. yeah i did want to say i guess i'm going to be nicer i answer change the dark yes the skin of the sun this mask this big this message hey just mileage will not it's not such a joke in the summer not. just one bill is. this video like a you're stupid it's just our base your list is to. all just are you do or. can prove or if you do or not we have a day like a. good movie and all that good i want it i know nobody our last day that it will not come out but get up when we see you of course said you know. it look at bottom last month there was one do we just this is not put into america the purpose taria
3:55 pm
it a specialist cannot end it was if not already thus you are serious talk b.c.b.s. the look is super istiklal it was he not us there was letting go us it was of course. we saw your. body decomposes but i did not exist among deals to kill a man does look good in their christmas does look good didn't want to do that it would be doing to our high before must not wonder who sued you do the deal. with the. sick with the
3:56 pm
fs here and what i will and there is always have got your. say and say ok i go. and look on the phone again as i will stop reading. what about if it could have gone all caught and s. on the list that ends and yet never have known to the navy vet that it gets back and any law. that i can go out and over them in internet make a just music so you know when you go out buy for the cabbie after they took over india has the autobahn if you want to go until they get. it and you're good yes when you saw a joke in australia the. the mean than the.
3:57 pm
however got the usual rash of showers across the amazon basin the heaviest of which across northern and western parts of brazil begin for this line of cloud right down to rio some chop showers coming through here as well and that's all going to make its way further northwards and he switches we go on through thursday but the wettest weather with the set of course that western side of the amazon basin will see some of that wet weather pushing into more than prove it to southern parts of colombia as well was it last you dry for want to say i wanted to showers around the river plate but 23 celsius not too bad pleasant autumn sunshine pleasant sunshine meanwhile across the caribbean pretty much wall to wall sunshine but as has been
3:58 pm
the case over the last few days you might just catch your show just around hispaniola particularly into the dominican republic and maybe also into were posted rico elsewhere it's pretty much sunshine all the way temperatures in kingston getting up to 31 degrees celsius but while we got some decent temperatures across the eastern side of the u.s. they say getting up to around 24 celsius 14 in new york and quite as good here but too bad showers long spells of rain all the way down into the deep south and they do stretch their way up towards the lakes so pushing further a switch and peppering up and staying very wet the southern parts of california. all i worked as stay with my. rest internment and mass indoctrination children are now in the process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance who are being
3:59 pm
complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring. investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the wild on al-jazeera. of struggles full of pleasure. honestly i just told one is that it's interesting that i'm there as a. reality that's why i'm still an intimate look at life in cuba from a clear while at least the media without long term a 3 legged dog maybe was a little larger than was one of my cue for. on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging they believe particularly because you have a lot of people that are devoted their own political issues we are with the people
4:00 pm
we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the. this is al-jazeera. alone can get al this is the news hour live from don coming up in the next 60 minutes long lines and traffic jams in china as thousands are allowed to leave the city for the 1st time in months. they called it wrong to call it. president donald trump's latest target is the world health organization as criticism ounce over his response to the coronavirus pandemic.


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