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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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a week ago one of the gang stopped some vehicles on the road a decade it was. risking it all guinea on al jazeera. mass burials in new york the us state hits a recalled toll from coronavirus for a day. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from also coming up success in south korea the city at the heart of the country's outbreak reports no new cases indonesia cracks down imposing a raft of restrictions after a surge in infections. and here they come again farmers in east africa prepare to
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battle millions of locusts for the 2nd time in months. but death toll from corona virus across the u.s. has now passed 16 and a half 1000 in new york there are signs of improvement with a drop in hospital admissions but it's still the worst affected state had a record number of deaths for a 3rd straight day kristen salome reports part island is new york city's potter's field where those with no family or means to arrange a funeral are laid to rest they used to bury 25 people a week here in the age of the coronavirus it's about that number every day. counting the dead is now part of the daily routine for the gov 911 was supposed to
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be the darkest day in new york for a generation we lose 2753 lives on 911 we've lost over 7000 lives through this crisis. that is so shocking and painful and breathtaking. i can't i don't even have the words for. as the daily death toll continues to reach new heights and the state builds more temporary hospitals like this 350 bed the syllabi there are signs that the spread of the disease is slowing thanks to mandatory social distancing measures that have all but shut down the city of nearly 9000000 those measures will remain in effect for the forseeable future as the number of new hospital admissions has gone down for the past 3 days if we're not careful it we're not strong if we're not disciplined in fact this is a disease that can really us surge resurge you should be very worried about
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resurgence we all are. the last thing we can afford is to let down our guard and let this disease back in the door even more and then see the numbers spike up pressured to lift restrictions and let people return to work has been growing along with the unemployment rate the number of new yorkers who have filed for unemployment claims in the last 3 weeks has more than double but there's one industry where they can't get enough help funeral homes. the governor says new york state will be bringing in additional funeral directors to help people like a sous pujols who's been working long hours 7 days a week and still can't keep up right now money is not worth it it's not worth it it's not worth it i would give up my job any day for like a normal normal job and every much rather be quarantined in my house right now and the bodies are expected to continue to stack up a grim reminder of
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a silent killer kristen salumi al jazeera new york some positive signs of being seen in parts of the u.s. though it's tough infectious disease expert anthony felt she says feel people are requiring hospital treatment at the same time as we're seeing the increase in deaths we're seeing rather dramatic decrease in the need for hospitalizations like i think yesterday was something like 200 new hospitalizations and it's been as high as 1400 at any given time so that is going in the right direction i say that and i always remind myself when i say that that means that what we are doing is working and therefore we need to continue to do it. but the virus is adding millions more people to the queues of america's jobless another 6600000 claimed on employment benefits last week alone that takes the total to nearly 17000000 people in the past
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3 weeks there's concern the rate could rise to numbers not seen since the end of the great depression in some cities drive ins have been created to collect unemployment forms. for the 1st time in weeks no new cases have been reported in the south korean city of de go at the heart of the country's corona virus outbreak the number of new infections across the country continues to decline just 27 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours south korea has reported more than 10000 cases so far more than half of them were in daegu south korea is the 1st major country to hold a general election during the covert 1000 crisis president moon jane cast his ballot while suitably protected he's been praised for getting one of the world's worst outbreaks under control that's helped his democratic party of korea regain their support following an economic slowdown corruption scandals and tensions with
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north korea. speak to rob mcbride he joins us now from seoul so rob do the lack of new cases in daegu indicate the crisis is ending for south korea. it is certainly been a week of milestones for the 1st time since the peak of the crisis we saw the number of new daily infections drop for the 1st time below 50 and now we have it dropping below shirty for the 1st time and of course the most important set figure this week i think for many people here will be the fact that there have been 0 new cases in daegu itself daegu as you recall was the epicenter of this outbreak a mysterious cluster largely centered on the congregants of a particular church that quickly spread then to very vulnerable populations in nursing homes and hospitals and one point was then these cases were appearing all across south korea and there was
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a very real concern at the end of february that this thing was going to get completely out of control but i think it is a testimony to the work that's been done here in the organ all of the testing and the active tracing of cases that all of these weeks on still the vast majority of cases around 65 percent of all of the cases south korea has suffered have been down in daegu in the surrounding area which at long last does now seem finally to be under control and it's i think a testimony to the success that we didn't have similar sized outbreaks although there were clusters but nothing like the same kind of numbers that we have from there are occurring in other parts of the country and how is voter turnout shaping up in the middle of what's left of this coronavirus show i say. it is strange it is voting at a time of a pandemic at the officials who are organizing this poll of have to think long and hard about and carefully plan it to make sure that there is as little danger as
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possible to people going out to vote so at polling stations across the country various precautions are in place as well as obviously wearing masks people have to wear these disposable plastic gloves to hand lead ballot paper which then get disposed of at the end they have to keep at least one meter distance when lining up now this is 2 days of early voting for the national assembly the main voting is next wednesday and normally you would expect in early voting only a few percent of people to come out and vote but actually as of friday afternoon the voter turnout has been nearly 10 percent of the total electorate and people here are wondering just what is cause the big turnout possibly it is that people are very much engaged in the political process as a result of their shared experience over the past couple of months that likelihood issues the state of the economy is very much on people's minds there is a more money jane a possible explanation and that is looking ahead to next week in the main polling
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day people want to avoid the crowds of next wednesday and they think well maybe they have to get along and vote early to avoid those crowds people here still very uneasy about being around large numbers of other people all right thanks so much rob mcbride their indonesian government has announced tighter social distancing measures after a sudden surge in cases public transport has been reduced to half capacity and gatherings are banned the new rules are in place for 14 days the capital jakarta accounts for many of the more than 3000 infections jessica washington is live for us in jakarta so jessica to what extent is the other cities being locked down now. i mean this is day one of what's being called mass social distancing restrictions here in jakarta the word lockdown has not been used yet and the restrictions that
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you mentioned in terms of no gatherings of more than 5 people fines for people who do bridge those rules fines of around $7000.00 u.s. dollars and of course limiting public transport services those restrictions refer to what's happening in jakarta only we do know that other regions says other provinces are trying to enact a similar measures in their cities but they do need permission from the central government before they can do that that may of course be slowing down the responses of some cities here in indonesia. and how world of the authorities coping with the pandemic as a unfolds there. sammy you'd be hard pressed to find people who do think that indonesia has done a good job of handling this corona virus outbreak indonesia only confirmed its 1st cases off the coronavirus in march by that point the virus had already spread well
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beyond china and many people were incredibly suspicious as to why indonesia had not reported any cases time that should have been spent preparing the hospitals getting resources for doctors was instead wasted and money was poured into tourism campaigns at that time we've spoken to doctors working in hospitals treating coronavirus patients who say that they're using plastic raincoats as protection obviously that's not adequate another thing that is also inadequate is the testing rates now indonesia has the world's 2nd lowest rate of covered 900 testing 2nd only to bangladesh what that points to is possibly thousands of undetected cases across this archipelago and jakarta is the epicenter of the corona virus here in indonesia most of the confirmed cases are in the capital but travel has not been restricted between islands so the fear is that although jakarta is pretty well under equipped in terms of dealing with the virus that people will travel from the capital to
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provinces which have no health infrastructure and will certainly not be able to cope with covered $900.00 cases all right thanks so much just to washington. india's government says its tough strategy against the corona virus outbreak is succeeding more than 2 weeks after imposing the world's biggest log down it claims the number of cases could have been far worse reaching more than 3 quarters of a 1000000 by next week prime minister narendra modi is due to decide in the next 48 hours whether to extend the law down beyond tuesday at least 169 people have died from the virus and nearly 6000 infected. still ahead on al-jazeera a preliminary deal is reached a cut all production with the industry under pressure after a global drop in demand struggling to sell their produce the philippines long down is making life difficult for farmers.
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hello this weekend and possibly disappointingly so who is going to be nice and warm and sunny as the satellite pictures suggest over a good part or if you're not around scandinavia the british isles jackley spain and portugal there are frontal systems there's by an important call they are slow moving in disappointing say 50 degrees at best in madrid with cloud and light rain all over the place less so maybe in portugal and it's moving through scotland and sweden scandinavia generally leaving this warming trend over the plain of year for most places in particular i think in france and if you pick out paris it's about 10 degrees above average throughout the weekend it cools down a bit by monday is the rain starts to show itself but nevertheless really is quite
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high so shame it can't be enjoyed that much of north africa isn't even as warm as that particular this cold breeze coming down through libya egypt sudan and all the dancer chad in fact temperatures will show a market decrease up to and and me are going down by a few degrees is that when probably carrying dust and sand runs through as the showers where they are for the southwest unsurprising to be where they are lagos is a case in point some storms do show up. join the conversation to ask the bubble to the people to expand their brains maybe have a different view this is a dialogue with women in cambodia are in fact selling their hair we don't know how much they're getting paid for it it's hard to track it's hard to trace everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a law right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not
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necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progression not perfection on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines the number of coronavirus deaths in the united states has risen to 16500 new york had a record daily toll of almost 800 but there are some positive signs the number of new hospital admissions as strong as for a 2nd straight day. no new cases have been reported in south korea and the city of daegu the heart of the country's corona virus outbreak
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a number of new infections nationwide continues to decline to just 27 were confirmed in the past 24 hours. indonesia is tightening measures after a surge in infections anyone breaking the rules can be fined up to $70000.00 u.s. dollars be jailed for up to 6 years country has reported more than $280.00 deaths. a potential deal by opec members and its allies to reduce oil production will be discussed by g 20 energy ministers on friday all producing nations except mexico agreed to cut 10000000 barrels a day until early june to counter the slump in demand caused by corona virus was our big debate has this report. a price war would started in march did not last as long as previous disagreements but its impact has been widespread u.s. shale oil produces filed for bankruptcy as major energy projects have been delayed
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or suspended in the oil industry face significant job losses the oversupply coincided with a massive reduction in demand for oil because of the global slowdown caused by coronavirus in some markets oil was selling for less than $10.00 a barrel which spell trouble for oil drilling the economies when they agreed the market went up when they had their own differences the market went down and what is worse than not agreeing is course is competing for the same limited area of demand in the world as it stands right now. the crisis began after a deal to limit production fell apart and saudi arabia increased its supply to a record 12300000 barrels a day along with russia's 11300000 barrels the markets were flooded to an extent that storage even started to run out as there's agreement is to slash oil production at least until next year the decision will be reviewed in december iran venezuela and libya are exempt from the production cuts
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a few hours after the opec agreement the g 20 group of nations meet and decide in cuts from the u.s. canada norway and others some say the crisis created a perfect opportunity for big investors to buy stakes in european oil firms there's a cute saudis and russians of economic warfare against the u.s. us media reports 2 senators were working on legislation to remove u.s. troops and defense systems from saudi soil if there were no are put out the united states says its output fell because of the price for and decreasing demand but it hasn't committed to any cuts for many years i used to think opec was very unfair i hated opec you will know the truth i hated it because it was a fix but somewhere along the line that broke down and it went the opposite way and we have a tremendously powerful energy industry in this country now number one in the world and i don't want those jobs being lost but experts believe even after the record cuts but opec and other produces the gloom for oil economies may not be over. just
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he says to modest russian so far has been 20000000 barrels a day i think it's probably more towards the 3035000000 barrels a day if you look at india alone the 3rd largest consumer of oil having decreased its consumption by 70 percent i would say it is more so 10000000 barrels a day is what's so far been priced into the market and you saw the last cluster response so we probably need more to do the trick. what began as an attempt to grab a bigger share of the market is ending after 31 days with no real wins for anyone involved some of. their yemen has announced its 1st recorded case of corona virus the infection is in the port city of a shot in the eastern region of how the remote the port there is closed for a week so are markets and mosques as well as
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a curfew in some areas the infection was reported on the 1st day of a cease fire the saudi u.a.e. coalition announced a 2 week pause but who feel leaders want a comprehensive agreement it comes as the united nations security council held an emergency meeting to implement a cease fire in all conflicts during the pandemic here's our diplomatic editor james bays. this is a global pandemic but where is the global leadership many would say that one body that hasn't covered itself with glory is the un security council it's still not come up with a resolution about coded 19 and only now as it had its 1st meeting that's because of a great deal of division behind the scenes including a route between china and the us which wants in any resolution to call this the wu hand virus they have now finally how to meeting it was behind closed doors because of the divisions but one of the participants the belgian ambassador said this was
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a good 1st step it was frustrating when as i said we have been waiting for this meeting call for quite some time we've been waiting for a resolution for quite some time i think today was was when your progress it was an occasion to demonstrate unity in the council and i hope it is you know the beginning of. you know making progress also on a resolution joining the close meeting the security council were briefed by the secretary general antonio good terrorists we have obtained a copy of his remarks he talks about 8 different threats to international peace and security as a result of the pandemic they range from conflicts already in existence around the world to human rights abuses and even to the idea that non-state actors could get hold of a variant strain of the virus and weaponize it britain's prime minister is out of
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intensive care to exult the testing positive for corona virus bars johnson has been moved back to the hospitals general ward following 3 days of treatment a dicey view. hospital intensive care units in the u.k. of being overwhelmed with covert 19 patients it means vital surgeries are being put on hold but they involve a has more from london susie smith's being frugal rest cancer she had a mistake to me radiotherapy and chemotherapy because of coronavirus she's had further cosmetic surgery later this year put on hold and she can't get checkups at the moment she's busy homeschooling her 3 children right now but she's worried that you know i think that her mum my menu that would have happened before and are. now the break or the pope would not cover. that. one they made now let's go out wait. as the number of cases shot
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up many hospital suspended all non-urgent operations to free up beds and equipment like ventilators for coronavirus patients and increasingly their counseling routine cancer operations guidelines say chemotherapy and emergency cancer surgeries should be prioritized but many cancer patients including those undergoing chemotherapy have a compromised immune system due to their treatment and they're now having to choose between risking catching covered 19 in hospital or risking their cancer coming back the very treatments that can treat the cancer is also the very thing that can further increase a subset in the city so i think particularly for cancer patients they are having a very difficult time at the moment because really for many patients they're always having to choose between. that now or cancer in the future this center in southwest
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england provides free services to support counsel patience mental and emotional well being it's now had to close its doors offering things like counseling online and over the phone things are very disrupted in the mainstream system with cancellations postponements and. just minister to the mainstream service and the state comes across a look at the outset on a face to face basis at the moment with us having to should be to a national center so it's bound to be a percent around impact on consequence general health and wellbeing and on a circle g. and a mental health for thousands of people like suzy the own certainty about their future health is compounded by not knowing when the pandemic will be under control . but al-jazeera london. in the philippines security measures against the corona virus are making it difficult for farmers to supply and sell their produce the country has more than 4000 cases and over 200 deaths general allen duggan reports from no i ever see have province. our visit to this farming cooperative is
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welcomed but there are clear protocols the province of new have a see how it is considered one of the philippines biggest important food granary romel have here says the price of grain has more than doubled after last year's drop in prices that's being welcomed. but he says the market is bala tiles and farmers are worried about the future. and we are scared for what might happen next because of this law and we're still waiting for the promised machine from the government that they were supposed to get from that if they earned that the increase in last year the philippine government has imposed a strict measures to clamp down on the spread of the covert $1000.00 pandemic putting the entire region of lives on under what it calls an enhanced community quarantine. it is home to more than 60000000 filipinos and the closure of
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businesses has led to a sudden loss of work that is devastating families here. reland overly n.t. owns it to hack tarpaper and to me to farm and is one of those affected. by years don't really count the neighbors here say that we don't want to go to them when we do they even dictate the price at least 2 warehouses they say have closed down here and now farmers have to queue for space at trading posts like this one before the lock down this was just an empty parking lot now this has become a temporary drop off point for farmers who are desperate to sell their vegetables those who are able to sell say they are grateful to get anything and others say they end up taking their produce back to their farms or it's left to rot. some farm
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owners say they don't want to harvest anymore filipino farmers are among the poorest people in the philippines most are in debt and they say they're no longer able to pay their creditors and the extension of the lockdown is upsetting many here who believe it will devastate them they say they need help and they need it now. to my lot in duggan al-jazeera there but you see how province north philippines uganda's president has released a home workout video to encourage citizens to stay inside during the pandemic. only know us the most severely share the video on twitter to demonstrate how to exercise in a confined space and 75 year old says too many ugandans are putting themselves at risk by exercising outdoors uganda has imposed some of the harshest measures in africa to contain the virus. farmers in east africa hoping to avoid
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a 2nd plague of locusts this year huge areas of farmland were destroyed a couple of months ago catherine sawyer reports from kenya swarms of insects up to 20 times larger are expected. this farmers in eastern kenya county are running out of time the wind weighted by millions of desert locusts that used their farms to breed now the hope is are about to mature and if the farmers don't kill them all before they develop we think this 2nd generation of luckiest that over 80 devoid tens of thousands hacked years of vegetation across east africa will cause even more devastation. if the matter drop before we're done killing them they will overwhelm us the came here and. we cannot kill them because they were flying so we are trying to finish the hope but before they can fly swarms 1st landed in north in kenya at the beginning of the year and spread to other parts of the country eating all the vegetation along the way most of last season's crop in this
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area was destroyed by the law casts a long rains are starting and farmers are afraid if they don't clear the breeding grounds all the insects quickly then their family and is going to be destroyed again. mary karimi lost most of her have assists got one sack of grain down from the 5 sacks you usually have us. have children and i had to serve a sack of green grams was coffee's now i'm buying food and it's very expensive. the east african regional body guard is tracking the movement of the lock us using a supercomputer the relays climate conditions and wind patterns to predict where the lock a heading the swarms in kenya will be moving north in the region countries such as if e.o.p. or somalia south sudan and he will be he tied as a lock us head to where there are a b. and peninsula. some farmers are concerned that with the onset of coronavirus many
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governments will dive back resources meant to deal with the law costs honestly yes there is a concern because this means restricted movement and restricted movement. in areas where specialists who are supposed to carmel also in assisting the control little from other countries there's no restriction on who can come into or travel to certain countries because of the cough use lockdowns and the like back in the village their families are doing what they can to ensure this new swarms will not make it out alive to destroy crops anywhere else catherine sorry al jazeera east and kenya. this is our just syria and these are headlines now the death toll from corona virus across the u.s. is now past 16 and a half 1000 new york there are signs of improvement with a drop in hospital admissions but it's still the worst affected states and had
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a record number of deaths for a 3rd straight day. now in new cases have been reported in the south korean city of daegu the heart of the country's corona virus outbreak the number of new infections nationwide continues to decline just 27 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours or mcbride has the latest. it is certainly been a week of milestones for the 1st time since the peak of the crisis we saw the number of new day infections drop for the 1st time below 50 and now we have it dropping below 30 for the 1st time and of course the most important to figure this week i think for many people here will be the fact that there have been ciro new cases in daegu itself daegu as you recall was the epicenter of this outbreak a mysterious cluster largely centered on the congregants of a particular church that quickly spread then to very vulnerable population
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indonesia is tightening measures after a surgeon infections anyone breaking the rules can be fined up to $7000.00 u.s. dollars and jailed for up to 6 years india's government says its tough strategy against the corona virus outbreak is succeeding more than 2 weeks after imposing the world's biggest want down prime minister narendra modi is due to decide whether to extend the restrictions on tuesday yemen has announced its 1st recorded case of corona virus the infection is in the port city of a shot in the eastern region of hubbard a moat britain's prime minister is out of intensive care 2 weeks after testing positive for corona virus oras johnson has been moved back to the joe hospital's general ward following 3 days of treatment and i.c.u. . it's the story next stay with us here on our jersey around. as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you the latest
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developments from around the wilds. with updates about travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus primetime special coverage on al-jazeera. ok and your in the stream today a respectful representation why disability cliche is so destructive to the community take a look at a viral twist a thread that explores the impact that some common tropes have on people with disabilities and this is an important conversation we want to hear from you you can chat me and you cheap all tweet me at a.j. stray i my name is malcolm smith and i want to stick to bad media tropes that affect me one i just think people are jerk wants is bad behavior is justified because there really isn't this trip you got to see people.


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