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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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still rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in. i was the global thing and. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship rewind on al jazeera. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm terry nava gates are coming up in the next 60 minutes global deaths from coronavirus top 100000 but many countries are starting to see some hope. the world health organization warns governments against lifting restrictions to worley. the global purse to drive up the oil price the g. $20.00 nations try to shore up an industry ravaged by the coronavirus. and mexico's
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other epidemic gender based violence and why the corona virus outbreak is making it worse. hello authorities around the world are warning people to stay at home and abide by tough restrictions to movement as the coronavirus pandemic reaches a significant point the official global death toll has now passed 800000 with more than 1600000 cases confirmed but experts believe the number of deaths attributed to the virus is deceptively low the u.k. has recorded europe's highest ever number of hospital fatalities in a single day with 980 deaths in spain the government says it's beginning to see results from its strict lockdown as its daily death rate comes down but it does remain europe's most affected country after italy with the early. 16000 dying from
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this disease so despite the success being seen in some countries the world health organization has warned governments against prematurely rolling back restrictions and that containing the pandemic it says that while the rate of infection has been slowing in some countries others are seeing an alarming surge in cases i know that some countries are already planning the transition out of stay at home restrictions w.h.o. wants to see distractions lifted as much as anyone i descend time lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence the way down can be as dangerous as the way up if not money properly or u.s. president donald trump is among those taking an optimistic view of the statistics is the only briefing on friday he said the number of infections is slowing down suggesting the country is getting closer to the peak we're seeing hospital
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admissions declining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we're near the peak and our comprehensive strategy is working overtime or guidelines to slow the spread or decreasing the rate of new cases very substantially and will result in fewer hospital admissions and we're seeing that it's. incredible i think with with no exceptions it's looking like it's low. let's talk to john hendren his running us via skype from secada hi john so the president sounding optimistic about opening up as the season ending lockdowns across the u.s. . hi there is right the president is constantly talking about how well the administration is doing its self serving compliment of these in these epic in today it was more than a 2 hours session in which there was this constant tension is or often is between
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the president talking about how well they're doing and how close they are to opening businesses back up into the united states and then you've got the scientific community which offers more sober approach and in this case the president seems to be pressing for opening businesses back up on may 1st he kept saying very very soon and of course the end of april had been a target date for the president at one point it was easter which is this weekend but he went on to say that the death toll could be 506065000 americans that is well below the 100000 that had been previously predicted in the as he pointed out the more than 2000000 americans who could die if nothing had been done. he's been reportedly grousing to aides in the white house that this virus is hurting his presidency and his reelection chances the washington post offered a report from
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a group called oxford economics that said it's definitely hurting his reelection change chances and that is favor ability has gone from 55 percent to 43 percent recently they predict a drop in the u.s. gross domestic product of about 4 percent and that unemployment now between 12 and 13 percent could stay around 10 percent through the fall this is all happening just as joe biden has emerged as the clear opponent to the president and trump has been running on the economy and it looks like the economy is not doing well. well under the virus it's on and there's also in the report that the u.s. government is predicting a spike in deaths this summer that's a stay at home orders are lifted what more do we know about that. that's right this is a report in the new york times that summarizes a view by the department of homeland security ended apartment of health and human services that outlines 3 possible there's one is that nothing happens too is that
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there is a steady state meaning things happen as they are and it is orders are lifted as planned around the 1st of may and the other one is steady state plus 30 days so you extend these stay at home orders in which people stay in their houses and businesses are closed and they predict that if you do nothing there will be something like 300000 deaths and 195000000 infections under a steady state that is schools stay closed 25 percent of people telework that would still result in 200000 deaths 160000000 people infected in a country of 380000000 and 740000 people in the i.c.u. but if you extend that. essentially the longer you extend it the better those numbers are but under the current scenario they're saying about 150 days 102150 days out from those initial orders that came in mid march keeping people at
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home and shutting down businesses that is when the peak in the death rate comes this shows the kind of trade off between the economy and the human toll that the president has been talking about confronted with that in the news conference he looked at a reporter in said staying home is also death a different kind of death that's an apparent reference to the economy the president is definitely fighting within his own it ministration to resign a rosy face and to try to get businesses back up and operating and the u.s. economy moving again john hendren thank you. well those positive signs are starting to increase in spain and italy but the italian prime minister says restrictions there will be extended dominic cain has more from bern that. it's a stark example of what the coronaviruses done to this continent the traditional good friday papal passion service in rome and pope francis forced to preside over
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a ceremony with almost no congregation because the pandemic continues to kill thousands of people every day we are particularly concerned by the large number of infections reported among health workers in some countries there are reports of up to 10 percent of workers being infected this is an alarming trend. when health workers are at risk we are all trees but just as corona targets populations so it attacks their economies which is why late on thursday e.u. finance ministers agreed a vast new credit package for those worst affected fast loans for governments and short term aid to companies which might otherwise go under they had up to around out of a trillion euros a step change in the economic order nice and we did in our union this emergency
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plan we'll see all our economic and social fabric as we dive into a recession. but it's not enough for several stricken european states italy has long argued for wealthier countries to guarantee the debt of the poorer ones which this deal does not a bitch about it but the main battle that italy must carry on the european tables concerns a fund that must be finals with a real economy sharing of the effort such as with europe bonds yes the famous euro bonds the font must have a power proportionate to the numbers and with sources that are required by a war economy. i because the impact of the lockdown across southern europe is clear in spain the beaches are empty with no prospect of this changing anytime soon on any normal good friday afternoon you could expect this area of central berlin to be packed with tourists and berliners alike all enjoying the sunshine and yet
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corona means they can't those who are here are doing the exercise they're allowed to do that many of the shops around here are shut down even the most iconic hotel in berlin and very low occupancy at the ad lot right now all because of corona which is why the staff inside have taken to baking easter themed cakes to provide to the homeless of the city but such gestures alone cannot bring anything. the temporary was spiked in a pandemic that shows no sign of stopping dominant king al-jazeera the lead. and as we saw earlier the death toll in the u.k. is growing rapidly but the government says there are signs a lock down restrictions are starting to work they warn it is vital people continue to adhere to the rules and stay at home jonah hill has more well here we are almost 3 weeks now into the u.k.'s particularly restrictive lockdown measures introduced
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by the prime minister boris johnson on march the 23rd just before he went ill it's the easter weekend of course lovely sunny spring weather and if ever lock down for tea we're going to set in well you might expect that it would happen now i'm in a london park this is a london park in which social distancing looks to be practiced pretty sensibly perhaps not the same picture in every park across the country as this sunny weekend progress is but the measure the message from the government is very simple keep doing this keep these measures up stay indoors as much as possible exercise only once a day no picnicking no sunbathing it's the time of year when people normally come together but however warm the weather however tempting your local beach or park we need everyone to stay at home because in hospitals across the country. and it just battling day and night to keep desperately
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sick people breathing and we've heard in the last 24 hours from sir patrick vallance the chief scientific adviser also from dr paul cos for medical director of public health in them both pointing to 2 very important metrics at the moment the rate of transmission rate of infection seems to be plateau ing it's not going up as it was and the rate of hospital admissions i.c.u. admissions seem to be coming down just 2 weeks ago those were doubling every 3 days are now doubling every 6 or more days and both of these metrics they say are evidence that the lockdown is working the death toll is still terrifyingly high they point out that these numbers are largely people who would have contracted the virus before the lockdown came into place and as long as these measures are kept in place as long as the lack lockdown is rigidly observed and it may well be extended next week they would expect to see those numbers begin to fall within the next couple of weeks or torn yemen has confirmed its 1st case of the corona virus
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prompting fear is that an outbreak could ravage the country's already decimated health system the case was confirmed in the region of hard i'm out on the 12 hour curfew has been implemented there to prevent the spread of the virus the united nations says an outbreak would be catastrophic as laura burton mally reports. streets deserted a 12 hour curfew imposed it's a moment many feared yemen's 1st reported case of call that 19 in the southeast in port city of us ahead yemeni medical officials in 100 would have tweeted that the person is in stable condition in hospital. health care workers know how dangerous the virus is in a country where half of all facilities have been destroyed by 5 years of war. the north in the city of say you doctor is a perry moods to isolate anyone who shows signs of the illness damaged it or not because it has a bad message to say when i am an isolation center was opened at say u.n.
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general hospital as a precaution against the virus and for any sudden cases the center has 4 rooms it also has 10 beds but the number can be increased to a care unit has an artificial breathing machine and other intensive care equipment . the world health organization says it's assessing who may have been exposed to the virus and the charity save the children says there are 700 intensive care unit beds including 65 children and 520 latest for a population of about 30000000 people confirmation of the virus came at the start of a 2 week he'll have to cease fire by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition it says the poison is to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. both sides of the keys one another of violating the cease fire. but a spokesman told our desire they consider the cease fire announcement a media and political stunt i want
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a comprehensive deal. we were very clear before the krona pandemic we wanted the world to stop completely and the siege to be fully lifted the siege makes yemen too weak to fight the pandemic we didn't say that the cease fire is rejected but we expressed doubts about the intentions of the saudis who have proved that they haven't committed themselves to date unilaterally announced truce. analysts believe the saudis and the emirate isn't looking for a face saving way out war they can't win. the pause in fighting in yemen started as the united nations security council held an emergency closed door meeting by video conference un secretary general and tony could terence says he wants to work towards a feast fi in all conflicts during the pandemic many fear in a country where millions face famine and lack access to clean water it's impossible to fully simple rules to prevent the spread of the infection you're about among the
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al jazeera welsh al-jazeera live from london still ahead this news hour by health experts are worried about an anti malarial drug some doctors say has been effective uncovered 19 patients. and the u.s. small business is turning to the internet to survive the coronavirus shutdowns. but 1st the world's top of oil producing nations have agreed on the need to stabilize the price of oil which has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and ministers of the world's $20.00 largest economies discussed the deal by video conference and agreed to establish a focus group to develop a core native response that followed thursday's agreement by the oil cartel opec and its allies to cut global production by 10 percent but the pact was stalled after mexico failed to agree to with sheriff cuts president donald trump has since
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said the u.s. will further reduce its output to help mexico just kogan is a professor of political science at brown university and author of petro aggression with oil calls ward he says it's unrealistic to believe the deal will stabilize the oil markets any time soon. oil markets have actually fallen on news of the deal as opposed to rising as opec plus had hoped that it would happen they were looking for a boost of up to $15.00 a barrel and in fact prices are going into reverse and that's striking because i think there's really 2 things that are happening because of what's happening here one is that while the deal does contain some substantive cuts most of what's being announced are so-called market cuts meaning that these are the kinds of things are going to happen deal or no deal these are decisions made by individual producers reacting to the change in market conditions that are you know ramping
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down because of lower oil prices so in some sense that this is more hype than real substance and the 2nd thing that matters for the prices is the fact that there is a can persistent overhang in supply so the expected shortfall in demand over the next 2 months is something like $25.00 to $30000000.00 barrels a day and this deal is $10.00 to $15000000.00 barrels a day so it only goes part of the way to addressing that massive demand shock or can continuing to see oversupply and that's going to drive prices likely downwards as inventories continue to build it is significant in the sense that saudi arabia and a few of the gulf monarchies are changing their strategy to certain degree but much
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of what's happening here as i said is market cut this is going to happen anyway especially in the united states. scientists in the u.s. have begun testing an anti malarial drug as a potential treatments for a corona virus patience president donald trump has tells of the benefits of hydroxy couric even despite warnings from health experts about its long list of side effects its efficacy in curing covert 1000 remains as yet unproven these also has more from new jersey. it's being touted as the miracle drug to cure people infected with grown a virus doctors who have tried it on coated patients are saying hydroxy clora keane has shown it potentially as a preventative drug blocking coronavirus and where it's already infected a patient it could suppress it doctors who supported use are also relying on some studies that show similar there are some small clinical studies that have come out the one in french france in particular very small not the kind of study that would
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ever be viewed as a nothing evidence to cause the drug to be labeled for kovan $1000.00 therapy but it did suggest there are puting benefit hydroxy clear okene has been around for over 70 years and is approved by the food and drug administration for f.d.a. to treat malaria lupus and rheumatoid arthritis through an emergency authorization the f.d.a. approved the use of hydroxy clerking on what's called an off label basis meaning that doctors can prescribe it to covert patients with the understanding that the f.d.a. will not even guarantee if it will work and also can't say if there will be negative side effects most doctors say it's far too early to know what the true results are many doctors are skeptical we still need a lot more study studies to be times actually see the it is actually so right now
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it's too early to tell that yes we have something that is working as you know you know actually eating very well do you support the use of doctors trying this on copd patients or do you think from your standpoint it should all wait until there's it's been fully vetted i don't want people to have their hopes up that this is the gold standard you know resound that the syllable is the well that's not the keys it's also unclear how the drug might react. people with other conditions in a perfect storm i'm fried droll my potassium is low lying magnesium is low i happen to be on another medicine that's cutey agitating and now i add hydroxy coracle into the mix. that could be an explosive combination but until a proven coronavirus vaccine is found doctors will search for what ever might work gabriel's on do. we how can you jersey some businesses in tokyo have been asked to
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close as japan scrambles to contain the corona virus outbreak city's governor has been at loggerheads with the government which has been reluctant to impose measures that will hurt the economy but experts say the measures aren't adequate and it could be too little too late i asked acorah reports in the japanese capital. rush hour in central tokyo there's little sign of social distancing with most japanese companies working normally. that may change in the coming days as the country tries to reduce person to person contact by 80 percent but the strategy of achieving that without a complete lockdown has left many experts skeptical in the face of escalating infections this is the tip of the iceberg the decision not to impose closing shop. and said some sort of. was
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a major just asking people to stay at home is very very weak state of emergency powers now allowed tokyo and other large prefectures to asked people to stay at home and tell businesses to close a city of $14000000.00 people tokyo accounts were 20 percent of japan's total economic activity causing businesses here that will hurt the whole country and prime minister shinzo are basic termonde to limit the damage abby has been locked in a dispute with the city's governor. about how many businesses must close beliefs more drastic action is needed and more quickly. i'm going to ask businesses to close down and appeal for their cooperation parts of tokyo are already clearly quieter the media cover family has been running this restaurant for 100 years. they continue to operate despite falling customer numbers if we got compensation we
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could close our shop for now but because we don't know what's going to happen we have to earn what we can not know what you can and can't do is the biggest problem the government has been criticized for doing too little too late in tackling the virus and their fears japan could be facing a much bigger hidden outbreak we're going to talk about economic policy physical financial all day long but unless we basically flatten the curve it's almost like trying to fix a drainage pipe while you still have your faucet open for many tokio there's a double uncertainty of how big a health risk they're facing and what that will do to the health of their businesses i asked out of sierra tokyo. voting has begun in south korea's parliamentary election with extra precautions being taken because of the coronavirus the election is on wednesday but officials are hoping people
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will take advantage of early voting to ease congestion at the polls all voters are required to wear masks you sanitizers and wear hasta gloves south korea has received international praise for its handling of the pandemic 211 people have died and more than 10000 cases have been confirmed and there is growing concern about how the pandemic could impact november's u.s. presidential election many democrats are calling for a standardized mail in ballot ing as an alternative dozens of states have already for spoke primaries and campaigns have moved online and on wednesday bernie sanders drops out of the race to become the democratic nominee for the election that leaves joe biden as the only challenger to donald trump to discuss that situation in greater detail i'm joined by sean zeller who's the deputy editor of the congressional quarterly magazine he's joining us via skype from washington thanks for your time i've taken a look at your websites and your one of your headlines is a democracy on the ropes the pandemics threats of the 2020 alexion talk us through
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what that threat isn't how it's all going to play out it's what we saw a vivid description demonstration of what that might be this week when wisconsin voters were asked to go to the polls and vote in their primary election at a time when everyone is very fearful of the spread of the virus and so looking ahead to november when what situation will be in will the virus still be spreading will still people still be fearful and if so will states have taken steps to allow people to a boat remotely by man. he had the power though to perspire own the election in november should it come to that rests with congress so worries. about trump himself trying to stop the election in november are are completely unfounded are they not i'm not completely unfounded and my understanding is that
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you're right that the plain language of the law indicates that the power to postpone or change the date of the election lies with congress but the president would have the power to declare some polling places closed if he felt there were a public health risk in those areas so people of course are very concerned about that i mean back to make a major difference in the election if people in those areas have had to vote in person didn't have the option of voting by mail and weren't able to go to a polling place close to their homes and you were just mentioning a moment ago the voting by mail and we know that it's going to that debate is kind of gaining momentum over in the u.s. yet the president seems to argue that that process will protect democrats should it were to happen that it poses an existential threat to the republican party what is he basing that on because we know as of today there are more than 50000000 americans who voted by mail in the 2016 election well i think president the
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president has is running a base campaign a campaign that is reliant on his most ardent supporters coming out in force on election day and voting poor him so it's not in his interest for a huge for there to be a huge electoral turnout it's in this his interest for his people to show up whatever way that happens what does this all mean you know the impact of coronavirus on we've already discussed the some of the primaries wisconsin went ahead but there are others that have been delayed so what does this mean for the conventions the democratic and republican conventions later this year. it seems very very unlikely that we'll see the sort of conventions that we've seen in the past with a rowdy crowd the partisans on the floor of the convention hall hooting and hollering and rooting on their candidate. the democrats already vice former vice president joe biden have said that it seems very likely that the convention would
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be a subdued virtual online affair and with the conventions now 56 months away it's hard to tell what's that what situation will be b.n. at that time so far as the virus is spread yeah we'll have to wait until right to sean's out and we thank you very much for c. to us washington. on to more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including south africa's lockdown appears to be in limiting the spread of coronavirus but many are worried what it will cost the country's embattled economy details coming up with. some very nice warm sunny weather across much of central europe all this high pressure still in control damages are above the average in most places but it's
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also doing is keeping all of this weather the cloud the shadow as well across the north and the northwest you see quite a band of cloud there training down into northern spain that's been bringing a few showers but not quite managing to reach or this particular northern sports in spain you can see quite a bit of cloud here say the mist is sort of coming off the water but there are a few more showers in the 4 cars as you go through saturday again across that same region and that cloud on the showers like you down as far south as madrid so keep in sandwiches a little bit lower a few showers pushing in on a fairly stiff breeze across northern sections of the u.k. and sunny bringing some rain showers into these coastal areas of noyon tool sweden and also northern sections of denmark it'll become a little bit stronger and havea as we go through sunday the winds also a bit colder coming down from the north and just wrapping around those coastal areas also some rain work its way across western areas some scattered showers across southern regions of the u.k. and also pushing into western areas of france and again down into spain and portugal but temperature wise it is still pretty warm to much is about 10 to 11 degrees above average in paris for the next couple of days dipping down on monday
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with some more scattered showers in your forecast and also staying cool on monday. crossing borders breaking boundaries recording injustice fighting inequality from africa and asia to europe and use exile. groups treat every very good for me is one country or a world for refugees who've come to your touched people's lives and made a difference. the hard road from home photographers and activists on al-jazeera there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against reality trying to see if it's a fake video may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major
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global play as we've been targeted by cyber attacks from russia they're all dangerous and through this conflict barely kept. troops in a post truth world and on 00. on the on the top stories on the al-jazeera news our global death toll the coronavirus pandemic has now passed 100000 with more than 1600000 confirmed cases but experts believe the number of deaths attributed to the virus is deceptively low . the world health organization has warned governments against permit surely rolling back restrictions aimed at containing the pandemic it says that while the
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rate of infection has been slowing in some countries others are seeing in alarming surge and cases. energy ministers in the world's top all producing nations have met via video conference as they move to stabilize prices hit by the corona virus and. and there are concerns about how the corona virus pandemic is affecting the mental health of frontline medical workers particularly those who are seeing many people die every day so it does offer fi society about this is the national director primary care and beds with provides health care for elderly people he's joining us from tampa that's in florida thanks for your time with us on the news hour so how are you coping. i'm actually pleasantly surprised to see the morale of health care professionals in general being better than nearly anyone would expect given the circumstances we meet every day in our centers across the country as well as the hospital that we partner with. do you worry about any long term effects on your
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colleagues or yourself mental health. you know i'm actually seeing a lot of actions people really rising up to this occasion specially people in health care many of us got into health care to rise up in situations like this and some of the actions i'm seeing of people doctors nurses their care teams what they're doing on a daily basis i mean really it's just nothing short of heroic give us a sense of that heroism i mean what has it been like for you and your colleagues dealing with the coronavirus in providing care for patients i'm seeing things in the health care world that i never saw before i'm seeing doctors and nurses working with food banks to have food delivered to our patients we deal with the geriatric patient population our average patients about 72 years old so to hear the stories about our care teams delivering food to the patients having groceries delivered to the patients even having toilet paper delivered to the patients it's really for me it's just you never would expect that to happen and how are some of those seniors
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that you've been helping out how have they been coping well we we started doing actually every single one of our patients receive at least one phone call on a weekly basis we call them love calls my father is one of the 10 med patients and he says this is the gold standard this should be the gold standard the way that the doctors in the clinics call the patients regularly it allows us to stay on top not only keep the relationship strong but also keep us ahead of the game if they start mentioning subtle clues like hey you know i woke up today and i just wasn't feeling so well that allows the doctors then to probe a little bit more and see if they need to be brought into the center for the evaluation you know that's a that's a really wonderful thing to hear from you do you think the impact of the coronavirus. do you think is going to have an impact on palliative care going forward and the way that it should be delivered in the future. i think what this is shown us at least for us we've gone from 90 percent in person visits to 90 percent
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virtual visits so we've realized the power of just communicating via telephone or via video conferencing so i think i think in all it's going to allow the doctor patient relationship to become much more intimate and it'll make a lot of those conversations like end of life conversations and palliative care much more much more humane much more personal and on that note on a personal those i understand that you have had a relative who passed away on monday so the trauma of that must be hard to bear in these circumstances. to devastating situation my cousin had both his mother and father over the weekend admitted with shortness of breath in new york and. my uncle passed away on monday. his flu test came back positive the cobra test was negative but his wife her test came back day before yesterday positive for kobe so i'm thinking that although his test was
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negative for kobe i believe that it was a false negative and in fact we're asking for prayers for their family as well as you know everyone else who's suffering. and just got into bated earlier today her eyes were terribly sorry to hear that but we thank you very much dr face aside for speaking to us in these circumstances from florida thank you very much thank you for having me south africa says this coronavirus lockdown has been successful and has extended it until the end of the month president cyril ramaphosa says the average daily increase of cases has dropped to around 4 percent but the measures are ready hitting the economy and experts fear millions of jobs could be lost i mean general are reports from johannesburg. the richest square mile in africa ground to a halt while the johannesburg stock exchange continues to operate not much else
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does south africa is 2 weeks into a lot down to contain the spread of the corona virus and while progress is being made in fighting the disease the economic impact is devastating for millions of south africans this is one of dozens of businesses in johannesburg that's had to close its doors open up to let me a says customer numbers were down by more than 90 percent even before the lockdown started he says recovery will take a long time. so the africa central bank says the lockdown has so far led to the economy contract in by 2.6 percent and it estimates that more than 300000 jobs will be lost and
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$1600.00 small businesses won't survive. but economists believe that estimate is far too low and the number of unemployed will be in the millions. while. it lasted only. worse. to. consider last. month's. presidents a little drum up or so says while the government's priority is to save lives it also has to save the economy from collapse the unemployment insurance fund a sitter site $2000000000.00 for jobless people tens of millions of dollars will be spent on small business debt relief and hundreds of millions more on helping small farmers the president says ending the lockdown too soon or broccoli would risk a massive an uncontrollable resurgence of co the 19 but as millions stay home to
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keep safe many worry about how they will pay their bowls if their businesses will survive and just how long south africa will take to resuscitate its already ailing economy the medium alone al jazeera johannesburg. there is concern in mexico that there could be many hidden victims of the pandemic women's rights advocates say the country has a bad track record with gender based violence and the outbreak is only making things worse john home and reports. mexico already had a big problem femicide at least 10 women are killed each day according to authorities. last month tens of thousands of women took to the streets and also held a national strike to protest things were supposed to change but then corona virus struck and after the optimism of just a month ago some believe that now things could instead be getting worse he stable
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prices that as everybody well has the book of increasing violence against. the citizens council from mexico city a joint government and civil society initiative says calls to the helpline about domestic abuse have gone up by 25 percent they've been hiring for the last 2 months to deal with the uptick. in these call center we give free help every day and we have a team of 80 psychologists and lawyers to support the victim if she wants to press charges the national network of women's shelters has also had a 60 percent increase in calls for help they say this is exacerbating an already chronic problem that. there's have been damage here apart from corbett 1000 demick that we've had for years and that hasn't been attended to yet the states neglected it and the women who have been murdered are mothers daughters friends mexican citizens that the state has failed so. the shelters say that just when they
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needed it the money they get from the government has been held up if you know the head of that government doesn't himself believe the cop at 19 has affected domestic abuse in the way and say. no one should say without evidence that now that people are in their houses there is more violence that's not happening. those calling for help say differently instead of a refuge in their homes they're finding themselves facing threats inside and out don't homan how does into mexico city. farmers in the philippines are struggling to get by because of the country's coronavirus lock down for the people farmers are among the poorest people in the nation and the security measures have left many unable to sell their produce to meal and dog and reports. our visit to this farming cooperative is welcomed but there are clear protocols the
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province of new have a see how it is considered one of the philippines biggest important food gran reads roma will have years as the price of grain has more than doubled after last year's drop in prices that's being welcomed. but he says the market is bala tiles and farmers are worried about the future. and we are scared for what might happen next because of this law and we're still waiting for the promised machine from the government that we were supposed to get from that if they earned then they increase it last year. the philippine government has imposed strict measures to clamp down on the spread of the $1000.00 pandemic putting the entire region of lives on under what it calls an enhanced community quarantine. it is home to more than 60000000 filipinos and the closure of businesses has led to
12:44 am
a sudden loss of work that is devastating families here. girland overly n.t. owns $82.00 had ter pepper and to meet a farm and is one of those affected. by it by years don't really count on a base year. we don't want to go to them when we do they even dictate the price at least 2 warehouses they say have closed down here and now farmers have to queue for space at trading posts like this one before the lock down this was just an empty parking lot now this has become a temporary drop off point for farmers who are desperate to sell their vegetables those who are able to sell say they're grateful to get anything and others say they end up taking their produce back to their farms or it's left to rot. some farm owners say they don't want to harvest anymore filipino farmers are among the poorest people in the philippines most are in debt and they say they're no longer
12:45 am
able to pay their creditors and the extension of the lockdown is upsetting many here who believe it will devastate them they say they need help and they need it now. jim duggan al jazeera live at you see how province northern philippines small business owners across the united states are trying to trying out new methods to help them survive the virus some are turning to the internet rather than waiting on congress to decide whether to free up $250000000000.00 to help keep them afloat roslyn jordan explains. even before the code at 19 pandemic triggered a state of emergency in virginia forcing non-essential businesses to close upward fee thing don the owners of honest soul yoga were moving their classes online making that initial choice right away start and end things right away starts for
12:46 am
meetings i think has helped our team. and yeah and in a helped us generate a lot of content share and continue to interact in class never fight to achieve self he says but to get the money back. a few doors down a martial arts studio has turned to videos to keep its students on track you. know you can master instructor result dog says not being hands on means relying on extra help our parents and our families have been very very resilient and creative in ways in which they train and in fact parents are even more inclined to practice the techniques with them so they do in a sense do get some sense of sparring and practice in their. lopez are concerned the rent utilities and paychecks are still do even though our seniors are essentially running dark right now that doesn't mean those payments go away. and
12:47 am
yet we're still responsible to be sure that we can you are very bad you have business for people to come back to the pandemic is also challenging arts organizations to rethink how they engage with visitors and the broader community right now the only way to experience the boca raton museum of art in florida is to visit its online exhibitions or take a virtual class. this is causing us to do is to rethink our entire practice and the presentation that we make to the public what is our goal what is the role of art in society we have to make it even more compelling than we ever have or the mantra has to be we had $78.00 it's not intense and all of us we have no idea how this is going to end when this is going to and so just keep supporting each other uplifting
12:48 am
each other in checking in with people your neighbors for well a deep breath and deep trust that people will support the businesses and organizations that enrich their lives now and after the pandemic is over chamber hope get out. al-jazeera washington. and some other news now in efforts to eradicate a boa and the democratic republic of congo have suffered a setback the world health organization had planned to declare the outbreak over on monday but had to call off the announcement officer a new case was discovered the person who was diagnosed died on thursday the epidemic has lasted almost 2 years and killed more than 2000 people chad's president says his country's troops will no longer take part in military operations outside national borders it follows the ending of an offensive against the armed group boko haram which left more than 50 soldiers dead has more from the
12:49 am
car and neighboring senegal. the announcement was made on national television the president. and then seeing that no charge in troops will be deployed outside of chad and this comes just after the president led on the ground in the offensive against booker in the lake chad area days ago he announced that he was frustrated with his counterpart the nigerian president. and the nigerians troup inability to tackle boko haram in the region china is the 2nd largest contributor troops in the un peacekeeping stabilizing force in mali where armed groups such as al-qaeda affiliates. and islam extend in the greater sahara are stepping up their operation and so the country in the sahara region is at a tipping point france is struggling it has launched several aerial operation
12:50 am
$83.00 in the last week to try to stem the violence but the announcement that china is pulling out its troops doesn't bode well for the good for the region and there is fear that there could be more violence as charging troops return home. tensions between poland and russia are rising in the lead up to events planned to mark the end of world war 2 or so those accusing moscow of trying to rewrite history as it remembers the thousands of polish officers murdered by soviet secret police 80 years ago stuff awesome reports of the cats and forest where the massacre took place. in this russian forest mass graves filled with bodies of polish officers were discovered in 1943 now a memorial site it shows the truth soviet leader joseph stalin always denied he blamed what is known as the cutting massacre on hitler's troops only after the collapse of the soviet union did russia acknowledge the estimated $22000.00
12:51 am
executions were carried out by stalin secret police. but leading up to the 80th anniversary of the massacre statements on russian state t.v. have again started to question this was an angry response from poland. and local activists have also demanded the removal of memorial plaques remembering the polish victims no one is allowed to tell untrue things about history and we will prove one by one moment in the mountains or other things but do you say to poland when they say you are rewriting history and changing the fact we. will disagree with it because we don't rewrite anything 80 years after the cutting massacre it still causes controversy between russia and poland russia is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its victory in world war 2 but the government is being accused of changing historical facts by promoting
12:52 am
a narrative that always has dark truth and critics say president putin is not only angering his neighbors but is also turning back the clock on recounts alleviation when the european parliament last year stated that the soviet union was asking me as nazi germany for starting the 2nd world war president put in responded with anger he blamed poland instead accusing the polish impasse or to nazi germany of being anti semitic. this is not a question to us this is the question to them why are they doing it what do they created for what does poland have when it advances a thesis that reportedly the us is or was equally guilty in storing the 2nd but this is absurd. we didn't ask who made to 27000000 deaths the soviet union lost more people during world war 2 than any other nation the defeat of the ninety's in 1945 is commemorated every year with a parade in moscow threat square but some say put ins obsession with the history of
12:53 am
world war 2 has everything to do with modern day politics mutual russia doesn't have anything else to offer a total failure in economy social policy stagnation and destruction of our national culture therefore the only thing possible is to use some myths about outstanding achievements from the past beginning of course about the price that was paid who started it how the leadership acted and they acted awfully the russian government has not officially changed its conclusion that stalin was responsible for the captain massacre but sources have told our jazeera they believe that without the support of top officials attempts to rewrite this dark chapter would not have been possible to stop fast and al-jazeera from the cotton forest 3 up on the al-jazeera news hour. reopens for an intimate good friday service.
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or. color than a good friday service has been held in paris is not true. nearly a year after it was devastated by fire only 7 people attended because the french capital remains under coronavirus lockdown that's also butler reports. the sound of a finding echoed around not too damn the musician dressed in protective clothing because a cathedral isn't really safe after the fire ravaged it
12:56 am
a year ago. the archbishop of paris led a good friday ceremony meeting at an ancient representation of a crown of thorns that had been rescued by firefighters with frogs in lockdown because of the coronavirus crisis only 7 people were allowed to attend also marcy particularly in the sun usual time we ask you god for all those who are victims of this terrible illness those who are grieving those who have dedicated themselves to hope love each other. the ceremony offered an opportunity for a rare glimpse inside not a dam since renovation work began last year the fire destroyed its roof spire and some of its intricate stained glass windows the site of the medieval and got explained to inflames shocked people around the world nearly $1000000000.00 in donations has so far been pledged to restore the cathedral but under the french government's coronavirus restrictions rebuilding work has been halted. the
12:57 am
construction site was closed and definitely at the beginning of the confinement like most of the construction sites in the country public authorities made this wise decision churches and other places of worship remain open during the lockdown but the french government has bound services and religious gatherings an exception was made for the ceremony not to dam the far not a dam was a moment of national crisis the brought people together one year on and another crisis is creating a sense of national solidarity. the catholics in france this easter is clearly unusual obliged to stay indoors because the coronavirus there are unable to attend church will travel to spend time with family and friends for many the ceremony not the dam will be a symbol of hope revival and a moment of contemplation in such difficult times.
12:58 am
of desire on drugs. thanks for watching the news hour back in just a moment with more news. and. as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the wilds. with updates about travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series of care bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brian new updates
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