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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progression not perfection on al-jazeera. the arab . the worst daily toll of any country the u.s. recourse more than 2100 coronavirus deaths the world health organization warns against easing restrictions the way down can be as dangerous as the with. money world would be. cool. if you're watching now just here on live from doha with me for the back he will also coming up ignoring all the corner virus rules brazil's president takes to the
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streets mingling with people and disregarding social distancing costs is it time for change in the food songs of asia a month on from the pandemic decoration we visit the markets lanes for the virus and in other news a blow to the fight against on groups in africa saya region child announces sponsors stop military operations outside supporters. i am. the air thank you for joining us one month on from the coronavirus being declared a pandemic the world health organization is warning countries not to become complacent the global death toll has passed 100000 the head of the w.h.o. says lifting restrictions could lead to a deadly resurgence more than 1600000 people have been infected since the outbreak was detected in china late last year the current hot spot the u.s. has. ported its highest single day toll 2108 deaths half
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a 1000000 americans i checked it with the virus the hardest hit state new york is conducting mass burials but there's a glimmer of hope across europe as italy germany spain and france have seen the rate of infections slow down the president trump continues to express optimism saying he believes the death toll will be lower than what experts are predicting we're seeing hospital admissions declining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we're near the peak and our comprehensive strategy is working overtime or guidelines to slow the spread or decreasing the rate of new cases very substantially and will result in fewer hospital admissions and we're seeing that it's. incredible i think with with no exceptions it's looking like
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it's slow. as there is john hendren has this update from chicago. 500000 cases half a 1000000 and a 3rd of them alone in new york state that is $172.00 cases there now has only 0.15 percent of the u.s. population that's 327000000 but really we don't have a comprehensive testing system here in the u.s. so that is probably just a fraction of the actual number but we do know that's over 18000 people have died as you mentioned that crossed the 2000 mark on a daily basis for the 1st time on friday the 1st case just to take you back happened in washington state on january 20th and that viruses moved quickly the administration estimated on friday that it would be peak on easter sunday that is that this coming sunday since march 26th the u.s. has had more cases than any other country on earth and by march 31st president
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trump made a grim estimate saying 100-002-2400 extension 00 americans would die before the coronavirus pandemic was over now that's less than the $2200000.00 that the administration estimates would have died had nothing been done no statewide shutdowns no business closures that sort of thing but on friday the administration dial that back saying the number would likely now be less than 100000 possibly as low as 60000 but that plan demick has canceled every major event in the united states china is where it all began the virus was detected in the city of wine in december after more than $3000.00 deaths and a month after it was a credible pandemic tiny is now easing restrictions but ask a train a europe or some beijing neighboring countries are still battling the contagion. celebrations outside one hospital the city where the virus 1st emerged at the
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beginning of march china appeared to have passed the worst of its corona virus outbreak president xi jinping visited the epicenter and who by province touting a downward trend in infections in hong kong public servants began to return to work and in south korea leaders expressed cautious optimism as clusters of infections linked to a church in daegu city came under control and in taiwan and singapore infections remained lower birth governments were praised for controlling numbers without confining people to their homes experts say admitting patients to hospital early helped many asian countries curb fatalities as well as. trees. and as cover 1000 cases rose in the middle east and the west much of asia closed its borders imported cases became the main threat japan however was an exception
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a spike in cases that saw the tokyo olympics perspired until 2021 in china and many parts of asia life is slowly returning to the country such as the philippines and indonesia experts say the worst is still to come and as much of the world remains locked down tens of millions who by province have finally emerged from there as their message to the outside during dark times the ruled will once again be bright katrina you al-jazeera beijing. while the pandemic has put the spotlight on asia's wet markets and the risks say polls scientists believe the corona virus originated in a market in on a one in the u.s. may find some of the images in jessica washington's report disturbing. before his customers arrive ponto spends the morning preparing his most popular dish it's
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called a traditional best meat curry popular in some parts of indonesia he's followed this recipe for decades but the recent outbreak of covert 19 has got him worried so the beginning of a i've been reading the news about this virus i wonder is it the same type of bat that we use i've never worried about disease until now maybe it has to do with how we prepare the meat. the trade of live wild animals for food medicine clothing and more has gone on for years but as the world grapples with the outbreak of code 19 the risk it poses to public health is now under scrutiny it's believed the virus most likely emerged from this market in ruhani probably involving dance but also possibly other animals such as penguins the market in rouhani is still closed and the beijing government has issued a temporary ban on similar live wildlife markets elsewhere in china but there are
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many similar markets around asia trading wild animals like this one in indonesia north soon away sea province bats snakes and other wildlife as well as dogs and cats are all sold here and live in cages stacked on top of each other. when you have different animals in such close contact it is possible for cross species infections to happen other diseases can also be transferred between species and then infect a human. ending the exotic wildlife trade completely is almost impossible many people's livelihoods depend on it and the trade goes on in many corners of the world animal rights activists say wildlife conservation isn't just about saving animals lives but humans too. people have exploited nature and wildlife they catch them from spaces where they should be free when you combine that with poor hygiene of markets it is a risk
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a lot is still unknown about this virus and exactly how it began but what is clear is that this isn't just a global health crisis but an environmental one too just to washington to syria jakarta now to the philippines where a suburb of the capital is about to stop mass testing residents will cope with 19 as a national ban continues to be delays a big focus will be on people from poor communities without access to good health care the government has drawn criticism for delaying prances stop mass nationwide testing that speak to me that in the gun in manila for so jimmy that tell us about the testing in valens will a c.d.n. why is mass festing not happening nationwide. while what the city of illinois well hopes to do is to be able to expedite the process of what they call targeted localized mass testing that is. testing those who are believed to be persons under morning tory press is under investigation as you know across the country
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a majority for the of those the steps that are most likely lives of your thesis which is why the ratio of deaths are high compared to that is so and this is what a lot of local governments local town near look at government officials have been asking for the life and more of rather mass testing they have seen this is a solution they've partnered with the south korean company and finally private hospital basically to set up a laboratory in order to conduct mass testing lookalikes masting thing within their community and this is what other local government units or so also be able to do in the coming weeks or hopefully a month to come the me issue here is not just the number of mats that are available but also the laboratories that can handle these cases according to the philippine government the number of pieces by. as soon as it's become much more available and the soonest laboratories our facilities are set up across the country at this point
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they're all the. hole in function at the moment only to meet a few days ago president. said he would order police and the army to shoot anyone who wasn't respecting the restrictions have been put in place and i wonder you know whether this being an s a holiday weekend are people obeying and respecting the restorations and measures. that's very good question boldly because of what we've seen so far when we drove around a few days ago we've seen that local governments have been doing the best they can get out implementing what the describes as enhanced community quarantine but the very problem in the capital and no one of the densest cities in the world and ridiculous is that social distancing as described in other countries is seen largely as a privilege here you will find in shanty communities you will find 2 families you know 12 square meter house with 8 people and that's very difficult to control they
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live in small communities perhaps trees and one another issue here is that in some towns the implemented a market or a shopping hours for example from 6 am to jenny and that's really flooding the markets here but what we're seeing basically is the government trying to really implement it locked out that is largely difficult as you know the. community quite eager to lockdown has been extended until the end of april that needs more than 6050000000 filipinos in the entire region of lives on are forced to stay in their homes a large majority of them do not have enough money because they're under a no work no at least that the sole resources both private and government are stretched at the moment only dzhemilev thank you very much for that germain and again as our correspondent in the philippines and still ahead on al-jazeera g. 20 nations try to shore up an industry ravaged by the coronavirus bust
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it was. a year out a devastating fire paris is not her damn cathedral reopens for an intimate good friday success. hello the heat is on across all central and southern areas of the arabian peninsula but quite a bit of blowing sand and this system working its way southwards and you'll notice all this cow tickles that is where most of the rain is really working its way again into the west and southern areas of iran to much of the below entire on just 15 degrees celsius and also saturday through the eastern end of the majority anywhere from israel up tools that southern coast of turkey could see want to shout and again is keeping this time which is a little bit lower and then she's sunday well the winds really pick up a pace across much of the pretty strong coming up towards castle we could have some
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blowing sand and dust the temperatures not quite as high as it has been but even so warmer than the average for this time of year 36 degrees celsius meanwhile to the all some scattered showers but very light you scattered across those western areas of iran and if you will pushing on into afghanistan and then down into southern africa 1st of all madagascar we're seeing quite a few shows where the symphony persistent rain across eastern sections over the last few days more of the ass on saturday some very heavy rains particularly along these coastal areas of tanzania that will stay in the 4 calls as we go through sunday and then the rains becoming very heavy through central and northern areas of the d.l.c. meanwhile skies a caving in to south africa so not about to with a high of 20. struggling full of pleasure.
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you know that i wouldn't call. a reality it's just an intimate look at life in cuba to be clear a lot of media me down there you don't know what a little like the ones you were my cuba. on. in the end the evening at the. top stories on al-jazeera the united states has the most corona virus infections in the world with more than 500000 cases and in the past 24 hours is recorded 2108 deaths its highest single day total the world health organization says
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government shouldn't rollback restrictions aimed at containing the corner virus pandemic 2 or lead it says the rate of infection has been slowing in some countries but out there is a seen and alarming said and a suburb of the philippines capital is about to start mass testing residents spoke of it 19 as a national and continues to be delayed a big focus will be on people from or of communities without access to good health care. now brazil has become the latest country to record more than a 1000 deaths from the coronavirus it's the hardest hit nation in latin america but despite this president. remains defiant and is ignoring the advice about social distancing during a national holiday on friday he visited a bakery where he got close with supporters in the past as compared to over 1000 to a small flu and maintains the economy and jobs must prevail there is a ball has more from one side. this friday he was seen again leaving the
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presidential palace and going to a hospital in about a bad round he went inside a bakery started mingling with people hugging them taking pictures among other things he was not wearing a mask and he was not decimated respecting space or social isolation so the world health organization as i recall mandates as we know what joey wilson i do has been saying he says that the economy should be a play a very very important role in the sight against coronavirus that it should not be abandoned he has opposed lockdowns in major cities in brazil so we know that he staged this has been a way put him in a very strong drastic confrontations with the governors of sao paulo for example of rio they join nato that have imposed lock downs in their city he called them criminal lockdowns because he did not defend not believe that vic's are positive that they have a big impact on people's lives on people's jobs among other things we also know that there's been this big confrontation not only with the world health
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organization but also with his health minister who also recommends lockdowns he has threatened to fire him in the past but we know sources in brazil tell us that a very high members of within the military have stopped him from doing so. the world's top while producing nations have agreed on the need to stumble eyes the price of oil which has been hits by the coronavirus spend demick energy ministers of the world's 20 largest economies discuss a deal by video conference it follows services agreement by the oil cartel opec and its allies to cut global production by 10 percent of the pact was told after mexico failed to agree to its share of const president has since said the us will further reduce its output to help mexico jeff colgan is a professor of political science at brown university and author of petro aggression when oil causes war he says it's unrealistic to believe the opec deal was markets overnight. oil markets have actually fallen on news of the deal as opposed to
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rising as opec plus had hoped that it would happen they were looking for a boost of up to $15.00 a barrel and in fact prices are going into reverse and that's striking because i think there's really 2 things that are happening because of what's happening here one is that while the deal does contain some substantive cuts most of what's being announced are so-called market cuts meaning that these are the kinds of things are going to happen deal or no deal these are decisions made by individual producers reacting to the change in market conditions that are you know ramping down because of lower oil prices so in some sense that this is more hype than real substance and the 2nd thing that matters for the prices is the fact that there is
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a can persistent overhang in supply so the expected shortfall in demand over the next 2 months is something like $25.00 to $30000000.00 barrels a day and this deal is $10.00 to $15000000.00 barrels a day so it only goes part of the way to addressing that massive demand shock work and continuing to see oversupply and that's going to drive prices likely downwards as inventory continue to build it is significant in the sense that saudi arabia and a few of the gulf monarchies are changing their strategy to certain degree but much of what's happening here as i said is market cut this is going to happen anyway especially in the united states. india's government is due to announce its 3 week are on a virus lockdown will be extended beyond april 15th so far they've been 239 deaths and more than 6000 confirmed called 1000 cases lesser random looks at the impact of
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the lockdown has had on the world's 2nd most populous country. what was described as the world's largest lockdown because the largest exodus since the creation of independent india and $947.00 on march 24th promised in that interim order announced a complete lockdown he said it was india's only option to limit the spread of a couple of virus this down and go down again it's to save india and every indian to save you to save your family. the lockdown immediately highlighted the inequality in the country as many people rush to grocery stores to stock up on the shelters struggled to feed the millions of daily wage earners who lost their livelihoods after a business is shot. and hundreds of thousands of migrant workers started walking to their home states often hundreds of kilometers away before the sound on whatever we are taking all the precaution the government told us to we wash our hands you sign
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and dice or rather my ass don't talk to people keep a distance but what about a government responsibility to us at least we have something to eat and drink at home. the government said it would spend $22000000000.00 to help $800000000.00 of india's poor province to modi apologize to the nation for the hardships the lockdown had caused hardships which brought out the best and worst in indians community kitchens fed thousands of police officers distributed food but in many places police also beat and humiliated those they said violating the restrictions so if you get in we came to buy groceries at about 5 or 6 o'clock but police chased us with batons in the state of the pradesh police themselves became targets as they tried to enforce the law down. while municipal workers in the same state sprayed muslims would bleed. and medical workers for not just the coronavirus but also the stigma that comes with it some were physically attacked others
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a victim from their homes. and up to a muslim gathering in delhi led to a rise in the number of cases hindu nationalists blamed the religious minority for the spread of the coronavirus leading to attacks on muslims around the country and one death. facing so many challenges promised a motive to dress the country again 10 days into the lockdown asking indians to turn off their lights and light a candle in a show of solidarity there was no mention of the exponential rise in the number of cases as a result of increased testing we're starting with the very low availability of medical professionals of. nurses. ospital beds ventilators and so forth and there's been a massive exercise that's been underway. as the number of infections follows the government converted sports stadiums and trains and to quarantine facilities and created containment zones experts believe india is still at an early stage of
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infection but the lockdown has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up from 6 to 23 percent it's also highlighted inequality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the recent mass movement of people will also accelerate the spread of the corona virus from india cities to its rule heart elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi other news now in charge spreads it and says his country's troops or no longer take part in military operations outside national borders the army end of a major offensive against global coram which left more than 50 chante and soldiers dead nicholas hark has more from seneca. the announcement was made on national television the president. and then seeing that no charging troops will be deployed outside of chad and this comes just after the president led on the ground in the
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offensive against books in the lake chad area days ago he announced that he was frustrated with his counterpart the nigerian president. and the nigerians troop inability to tackle boko haram in the region china is the 2nd largest contributor in troops in the un peacekeeping stabilizing force in mali where armed groups such as al-qaeda affiliates. and the slum extend in the greater sahara are stepping up their operation and so the country in the sahara region is at a tipping point france is struggling it has launched several aerial operation $83.00 in the last week to try to stem the violence but the announcement that chad is pulling out its troops doesn't bode well for the for the region and there is fear that there could be more violence as charging troops return home. william
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nauruans is a professor at the american university school of international service he explains what's behind the decision and how it will affect. the morale of the chatting troops quite low there's a number of domestic issues including a prison riot related to cope at 19 and certainly the streets restricts the him there were about 6000 troops troops around the late 700 had to be diverted from mali back to late chad and then there was this large defeat about 2 weeks ago where chad had its largest troop loss in one day ever about 100 troops and that and that's why this operation went forward but it's a city ship redeployment back towards chad's sovereign territory to try to guess moving more of a defense mode in and often smote against counterterrorist troops and the attention to a number of domestic issues certainly there will be a. serious negotiations between all of the 7 or 8 countries involved in
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countering the 3 terrorist organizations in the area to figure out who will do what because the terrorists don't care about borders and they crisscross across them easily the french are bombing in the area there's americans there at the so there's a lot of up afterwards that will be ongoing wherever chad puts their troops but certainly the coordination will have to improve and also if i may add this sort of pulls the legs out from under the infrastructure of all these international of multinational operations that are going on so there's a big question going forward about who will be doing what if the chat chatting army which was the 2nd largest player in all of these 3 zones of conflict calls all of its troops out. a good friday service has been held in paris as notre dame cathedral nearly a year after it was devastated by a fire with the french capital under lockdown only
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a handful of people attended the ceremony at reports. the sound of a violin echoed around not to damage the musician dressed in protective clothing because the cathedral isn't safe after the fire ravaged it a year ago. the archbishop of paris led a good friday ceremony kneeling at an ancient representation of a crown of thorns that had been rescued by firefighters with frogs in lockdown because of the coronavirus crisis only 7 people were allowed to attend. in the sun usual time we ask you god for all those who are victims of this terrible illness those who are grieving those who have dedicated themselves to hope love each other. the ceremony offered an opportunity for red glimpse inside not taught them since renovation work began last year the fire destroyed its roof spire and some of its intricate stained glass windows the site of the medieval and gothic
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splendor in flames shocked people around the world nearly $1000000000.00 in donations has so far been pledged to restore the cathedral but under the french government's coronavirus restrictions rebuilding work has been halted. the construction site was closed and definitely at the beginning of the confinement like most of the construction sites in the country public authorities made this wise decision churches and other places of worship remain open during the lockdown but the french government is bound services and religious gatherings an exception was made for the ceremony not to dam the far not a dam was a moment of national crisis the brought people together one year on i don't know if the crisis is creating a sense of national see. the catholics in fall of this easter is clearly unusual obliged to stay indoors because the coronavirus there are unable to attend
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church will travel to spend time with family and friends for many the ceremony not the dam will be a symbol of hope revival and a moment of contemplation in such difficult times. talks about jazeera fronts. now again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera the united states has the most corona virus infections in the world with more than 500000 cases and in the past 24 hours its recorded 2108 deaths its highest single day toll despite that president john continues to express optimism we're seeing hospital admissions declining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we are near the peak and our comprehensive strategy is working overtime are
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guidelines to slow the spread or decreasing the rate of new cases very substantially and will result in fewer hospital admissions and we're seeing that it's. incredible i think with with no exceptions it's looking like it's low. well the world world health organization says governments shouldn't draw . containing the girl in a virus pandemic too early it says rates of infection has been slowing in some countries but is seeing an alarming surge a suburb of the philippines capital is about to stop mass testing residents vocal that 19 as a national plan continues to be delayed a big focus will be on people from poorer communities without access to good health care the government has been criticized for delaying plans to stop mass nationwide stressing brazil the hardest hit nation in latin america has become the native
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country to record more than a 1000 deaths from 19 and yet present variables tomorrow is pushing back against social isolation measures on friday he visited a bakery way got close to supporters of the world's top oil producing nations have agreed on the need to stop the lies of price of oil which has been hit by the corn a virus friend demick it follows thursday's agreement by opec and its allies to cut global production by 10 percent. and in other news chad's president says his country's troops will no longer be taking part in military operations outside its borders it comes after the army ended a major offensive against the on global koran which draft more than 50 chardy and soldiers dead the decision is a blow to the regional fight against on groups in. europe say with headlines on al jazeera coming up next it's the program my cuba thank you for. survival. poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to
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protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences. discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it. make. a media.


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