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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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in the age of the coronavirus information is more important than ever wonder when used investigates the battle for truth in china and beyond on 00. the worst daily toll of any country the u.s. records more than 2100 coronavirus deaths the world health organization warns against easing restrictions. for their i'm a study a tailor and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up how a taste for wild animals is thought to have triggered the coronavirus pandemic but can the trade in exotic wildlife stops. a suburb of the philippine capital is nasty
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testing residents pass a national plan continues to be delayed. and hundreds gather for a government backed easter tradition in nicaragua despite the catholic church's call to suspend all festivities. of the global death toll has now passed 100001 month on from the coronavirus being declared a pandemic the current hot spot the united states has reported its highest single day toll 2108 deaths hasa 1000000 americans are now infected with the virus the hardest hit state york is conducting mass burials john hendren has this update from chicago. 500000 cases half a 1000000 and a 3rd of them alone in new york state that is $172.00 cases there now has only
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0.15 percent of the u.s. population that's 327000000 but really we don't have a comprehensive testing system here in the u.s. so that is probably just a fraction of the actual number but we do know that sort of our 18000 people have died as you mentioned that crossed the 2000 mark on a daily basis for the 1st time on friday the 1st case just to take you back happened in washington state on january 20th and that virus has moved quickly the administration estimated on friday that it would peak on easter sunday that is this coming sunday since march 26th the u.s. has had more cases than any other country on earth and by march 31st president made a grim estimate saying 100-002-2400 extension 00 americans would die before the coronavirus pandemic was over now that's less than the $2200000.00 that the administration estimates would have died had nothing been done no state wide shut
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downs no business closures that sort of thing but on friday the administration dial that back saying the number would likely now be less than 100000 possibly as low as 60000 but that pandemic has canceled every major event in the united states and as i mentioned it's been and month since the health organization declared the current a virus outbreak a pandemic and there's still no vaccine 1000 no and especially developed treatment and so it's spread with alarming speed around the wild and factoring well if one and a half 1000000 people victoria appoints. an unprecedented response to a virus unknown to the world just a few months ago now on nearly every continent country and street people's lives are being affected dramatically by covert 19 was it originated in china but by
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march it was clear the coronavirus was a global problem. italy altered a national lockdown 2 days later the world health organization made a red declaration deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the island mean the level of this action. we have that for a man to be an assessment that 19 can be contacted are used as a pandemic when the w.h.o. declared a pandemic all march the 11th there was a total of 118000 cases globally nearly 4300 people had died but 90 percent of those infected with hiv 19 were in just 4 countries china south korea italy and iran a month later much has changed the number of known infections is approaching 2000000 across more than 180 countries and around 100000 people have died the united states
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has more confirmed cases than any other country wealthy nations with sophisticated health care systems have struggled to contain the virus so what chances that the millions of people in poor countries with far fewer resources. most governments have decided to now at least drastic measures on necessary to save lives no matter the cost many have implemented unprecedented lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus so health care systems are overwhelmed the aim is to flatten the curve that means preventing a huge surge of new cases in a very short period of time china has done it you can see that malt here in purple and in italy and. spain the number of you confirmed cases has been trending downwards raising hopes the worst is over compare that to the united states and the u.k. where the number of new cases has been going up almost every day governments are warning of a potential 2nd wave of infections when the lock downs are lifted china was able to
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slow the spread of the virus after around $21.00 days of lockdown it appears it has taken italy a similar amount of time. is the world winning the fight against the corona virus and will we have to wait many more months for our lives to return to normal scientists say we're in uncharted territory victoria gate to be al-jazeera all the pandemic has cost the spotlight on asia as what markets and the risks they pose scientists believe the krajina virus originated in a market that was trading in wild animals and now warning viewers may find some of the images and jessica washington's report disturbing before his customers arrive ponto spends the morning preparing his most popular dish it's called a traditional best meat curry popular in some parts of indonesia he's followed this recipe for decades but the recent outbreak of covert 19 has got him worried so.
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i've been reading the news about this virus i wonder is it the same type of bat that we use i've never worried about disease until now maybe it has to do with how we prepare the meat. the trade of live wild animals for food medicine clothing and more has gone on for years but as the world grapples with the outbreak of coma 19 the risk it poses to public health is now under scrutiny it's believed the virus most likely emerged from this market in ruhani probably involving bats but also possibly other animals such as penguins. the market in rouhani is still closed and the beijing government has issued a temporary ban on similar live wildlife markets elsewhere in china but there are many similar markets around asia trading wild animals like this one in indonesia north the way sea province bats snakes and other wildlife as well as dogs and cats are all sold here alive in cages stacked on top of each other. when you have
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different animals in such close contact it is possible for cross species infections to happen other diseases can also be transferred between species and then infect a human ending the exotic wildlife trade completely is almost impossible many people's livelihoods depend on it and the trade goes on in many corners of the world animal rights activists say wildlife conservation isn't just about saving animals lives but humans too. people have exploited nature and wildlife we catch them from spaces where they should be free when you combine that with poor hygiene markets it is a risk a lot is still unknown about this virus and exactly how it began but what is clear is that this isn't just a global health crisis but an environmental one to jessica washington to syria jakarta now a suburb of the philippine capital is mass testing residence for private 19 as
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a national plan continues to be delayed a big focus will be on people from poor communities without access to good health care the government has been under fire for delaying plans to stop mass testing nationwide the philippines has now reports of more than $4000.00 cases and $220.00 deaths so far but our correspondent tamara allen dargon is in manner for a surgeon mela given the lack of a national plan is this essentially a local authority trying to take matters into their own hands. well essentially yes basically the city of islands well at the site of that they say they have to be much more aggressive in trying to find a solution so what they need to do is launch with the whole targeted localized mass testing as you see in the country at this point over the last few weeks those who aren't tested of coronavirus are those who are seen to have severe cases already which is why the racial or death compared to the cases are quite hairy hairy here
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now a lot of local government officials have been calling for mass testing but this is not possible because it's not just the ships that are in need it but also the available laboratories that can process these tests so today according to the city being hope to be able to start a model which means that they will be able to test those who are believed to be persons under investigations or those who are in contact with positive cases and persons undermining torrie frontline workers volunteers those working on the ground providing the basic necessities at this point they started to date and it's going to continue up until the end of april when lockdown supportively and or what they call enhanced community quarantine across the entire region. and i mean as you say that lockdown is still in place and president a tete a has been criticized in broad 75 as heavy handed approach as shoot to kill policy if people are violating that lock down how is his response being hated her. well you know there have been many discussions about social distancing but in many many
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areas across the capital in a lot one of the most one of the densest cities ease up social distancing the senior as a privilege if you go to shanty towns you will find the 2 old square meter house with about equal inside 2 families and a lot of communities are only for example i allowed to go out to the market between 6 am to 10 pm to buy their necessary. necessities for what they need back home to just food and medicine so sometimes you cannot really help but find areas that are crowded but across the entire region of those on since the quarantine more than 15000000 people have remained on lockdown there have there are those who spoke to do for example who say that the whole this and soon because somebody jordi of these people who are lucky don't work lost their homes are under what you call a no work no plea status which means if there is dana tome they don't earn anything to malawi and again there for us in the philippine capital manila thank you jamila
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well now turkey has put its most populated areas and today kaffiyeh to try to contain the spread of the virus there people rush to grocery and convenience stores after the announcement 31 cities are affected they include istanbul and ankara bakeries the hospitals pharmacies and workplaces making medical equipment are exempt that lockdown is due to end on sunday at midnight turkey has confirmed 98 more deaths from the virus on friday bringing their total number to more than 1000 . still ahead on al-jazeera india's lockdown we look at the hardships which of course at the best and west end people during this crisis.
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had some very nice warm sunny weather across much of central europe with this high pressure still in control damages are above the average in most places but what's also doing is keeping all of this weather the cloud the shadow as well across the north and the northwest you see quite a band of cloud there trailing down into northern spain that's been bringing a few showers that are not quite managing to reach or this particular northern sports in spain you can see quite a bit of the mist to sort of coming off the water but there are a few in the forecast as you go through saturday again across that same region and that cloud on the showers like you down as far south as madrid so keep us how much is a little bit lower a few showers pushing in on a fairly stiff breeze across northern sections of the u.k. and sunny bringing some rain showers into these coastal areas of noyon tool sweden and also northern sections of denmark it'll become a little bit stronger and havea as we go through sunday the winds also a bit colder coming down from the north and just wrapping around those coastal areas also some rain work its way across these western areas some scattered showers across southern regions of the u.k. and also pushing into western areas of france and again down into spain and
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portugal but temperature wise it is still pretty warm to much is about 10 to 11 degrees above average in paris for the next couple of days dipping down on monday with some more scattered showers in your forecast and also staying cool on monday. i easily test trades and trace frank assessments why is it so he's struggling to cope with the number of coronavirus pushed failure to take really aggressive action we put them behind her informed opinions it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there's one ventilator 3000000 people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines as india done enough to nip the spread of a lot of ours in the inside story on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm the star and a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has recorded more than 2100 deaths from the corona virus in the past 24 hours the highest single day toll anyway in the wild more than a half a 1000000 cases have been detected the largest number globally despite that president trump continues to express optimism. a suburb of the philippine capital is massed testing residents for that 19 as a national plan continues to be delayed the country has reported more than $4000.00 cases and $220.00 deaths so far. and turkey has put its most populated areas under a 2 day curfew to try to contain the spread of the virus that people rushed to
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grocery and convenience stores after the announcement 31 cities are affected including istanbul and ankara. both governments across the middle east and north africa have taken drastic measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus now despite the un's call for a global ceasefire the region still faces more on sas and amid ongoing conflicts and declining oil prices are reports this is up to the saudi authorities imposed if. islams holiest site is always packed with built rooms so while the year. but these are extraordinary times from morocco to saudi arabia governments have imposed restrictions curfews or closed borders to combat covert 19 jordan is under strict indefinite lockdown saudi arabia has the highest rate of infection in the region while algeria the
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highest death toll. in the absence of vaccines to prevent infection or florence's hope confinement of will limit the spread the number of laboratory confirmed cases might be far less than the actual numbers of cases due to a limited that's think about it is in in some countries taking all these winds into account it is doing poorly to expect because go to flatten. we must be ready for all the scenarios and members there should always be down for the water gets to know but despite the measures taken so far local stock markets are plunging and or oil prices are low as the pandemic shows no signs of anding soon the region is bracing for a long term economic damage some of the oil exporting country are ordered the are to fly joe situations such as iraq and the country on this. day are very and these
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kinds are very. exposed to social unrest and even some country in the g.c.c. will face challenges such are so that any old man barring with. declining just got revenue on a rising budget and balance of payment deficit but this is where covert 19 might leave a lasting impact it libya troops loyal to war more to hell if i have to have been targeting hospitals used by the tripoli based government to contain the spread of coronavirus in yemen and the saudi u.a.e. coalition announced a cease fire citing the pandemic you have the public health crisis with an economic crisis where people are losing their jobs they might have mass mortality with people dying on the street i think that will have quite a significant impact on how people view governing bodies but it's the syrian refugees and displaced who might be affected the most forced out of their homes
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stranded in the border or confined to crowded camps in neighboring countries they're wary about an outbreak getting out of control about our al-jazeera. well brazil has become the 1st country in latin america to record more than $1000.00 deaths from the current virus but its right wing president has remained defiant and is ignoring in vice about social distancing now during a national holiday on friday he visited a bakery where he got close with supporters as you can see as well as a hospital where at one point he wiped his nose and then shook hands with an elderly supporter also in our house compared the code 19 virus to a little cold and maintains the economy and jobs must prevail. people in nicaragua have gathered in large numbers to celebrate ahead of easter as the government does little to prevent the spread of coronavirus then there was
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a traditional performance on the streets of must attempt despite moves by the catholic church to suspend all festivities nicaragua's refusal to enforce widespread restrictions has been criticized by international health observers the government insists the country has only 4 confirmed cases of the virus even as its borders remain open president daniel take a has not been seen in public for weeks a strange new zealand is stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of europe why for 2 weeks have now flown home on a medical chart of flies more than half of the 217 people on board the ship tested positive for coated 19 the ship was heading to montauk to go but had to reroute to europe why when several south american countries closed their borders around $100.00 passengers and crew remain on board. south korea has announced it will put electronic wristbands on those who defy quarantine rules the health ministry says the move is necessary to monitor the increased number of citizens who are self
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isolating after returning from abroad well meanwhile patients and medical staff have been casting their votes ahead of next week's parliamentary election 8 polling stations have been set up outside treatment centers in hard hit areas all voters are required to sanitizes to wear masks and plastic gloves well india's government is due to announce that it's a 3 week coronavirus lockdown will be extended beyond april 15th so far there have been $239.00 deaths and more than $6000.00 confirmed cases elizabeth branom looks at the impact that the lockdown has had on the world's 2nd most populous country. what was described as the world's largest lockdown because the largest exodus since the creation of independent india and $947.00 on march 24th promised in that interim order announced a complete lockdown he said it was india's only option to limit the spread of the
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kabul in a virus this down and go down again it's to save india and every indian to save you to save your family. the lockdown immediately highlighted the inequality in the country as many people rush to grocery stores to stock up homeless shelters struggle to feed the millions of daily wage earners who lost their livelihoods off to business a shot. and hundreds of thousands of migrant workers started walking to their home states often hundreds of kilometers away from the border sound on it other than we are taking all the precaution the government told us to we wash our hands you sign and dice or rather my ass don't talk to people keep our distance but what about the government responsibility to us at least something you don't drink at home. the government said it would spend $22000000000.00 to help $800000000.00 of india's poor province to modi apologize to the nation for the hardships the markdown had caused hardships which brought out the best and worst in indian's community
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kitchens fed thousands of police officers distributed food but in many places police also beat and humiliated those they said violating the restrictions if you get in we came to buy groceries at about 5 or 6 o'clock but police chased us with batons in the state of wealth and pradesh police themselves became targets as they tried to enforce the law down. while municipal workers in the same state sprayed muslims with bleach. and medical workers for not just the corona virus but also the stigma that comes with it some were physically attacked others a victim from their homes. and up to a muslim gathering in delhi led to a rise in the number of cases hindu nationalists blame the religious minority for the spread of the coronavirus leading to attacks on muslims around the country and one death. facing so many challenges promised a modi address the country again 10 days into the lockdown asking indians to turn off their lights and light a candle in
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a show of solidarity there was no mention of the exponential rise in the number of cases as a result of increased testing we're starting with a very low availability of medical professionals. nurses. ospital beds ice ventilators and so forth and that's been a massive procurement exercise that's been underway. as the number of infections follows the government converted sports stadiums and trains into quarantine facilities and created containment zones experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the lockdown has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up from 6 to 23 percent it's also highlighted inequality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the recent mass movement of people will also accelerate the spread of the corona virus from india cities to its rule heart elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new delhi. on the homage on jim now takes
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a look at how the rest of south asia is dealing with a challenge south asia is home to one 5th of the world's population concerns have been growing about the toll the coronavirus could take in the region. pakistan has begun preparing medical facilities but in a country whose hospitals were both underfunded and overcrowded long before this crisis health workers have urged the government to do more there have been attempts to convince people about the benefits of social distancing with police posted outside mosques in major cities turning away worshippers. last week pakistan temporarily reopened its border with afghanistan which had been closed since mid march many afghans were finally able to return home. but in afghanistan where another vulnerable health system has been weakened by decades of war many are questioning whether the country can handle an outbreak of covert 19. in various
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cities afghan officials have taken measures to disinfect public spaces well this shows a we have very concern that the number of people with coronavirus is increasing every day and unfortunately our citizens are not paying much attention to this crisis we are working seriously to raise awareness and force people to stay in their homes in bangladesh citizens who work in cope with 1000 affected countries began returning home last month even as the government said the situation was under control medical workers insisted they don't have adequate personal protective equipment and warn the health system simply cannot cope with the outbreak. recently hospitals have been turning away patients with covert 900 centimeters we should also be thinking of bangladesh as being a very densely populated country which in itself in the slums and in the neighborhoods outside of dhaka will be very vulnerable for the very same reasons having said that it's clear that with the ranger there are very vulnerable aid
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agencies are particularly concerned about what could happen in cox's bazaar in the country south it's home to the world's largest refugee settlement where around 1000000 rohingya refugees live humanitarian agencies fear an outbreak in the camps could be catastrophic damage i'm doing just. moving to other news and it's the 1st anniversary of the ousting of saddam's longtime president. soldiers arrested him following months of nationwide protests demanding a cheaper cost of living and political change and that morgan reports on what's what happened that day and what's changed since. whenever while i would watch as retires from last year's pro-democracy sittin at sudan's army headquarters a wave of nostalgia hits her she says every day held a meaning but the one that overwhelms her is the memory of april 11th the day the president of 30 years on what in bashir was overthrown i was so shocked at the same
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time it was like. i was like more than happy how do you know if you know word to describe how i was feeling no one could believe that would have been because we were in the street and we were fighting. and bashir but we didn't believe it's going to be like from down that easy. protests against bashir and his government started in december 28th sparked by shortages in bread and fuel they quickly turned into demonstrations demanding he step down his security forces responded with tear gas and live ammunition in april define protesters touted as tatin and the army headquarters in the tomb and other cities across the country days later the military stepped him. since bashir was ousted there's been major changes in the political scene the former ruling party which he founded and led and till a few weeks before he was overthrown is now disbanded and the government committee is investigating the party's leading members but with the revolution which had freedom peace and justice as its top demands some feel that change is slow to damp
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still faces charges of basic necessities and a severe economic crisis it has still not achieved complete peace and stability bashir is now in prison after he was tried and found guilty of corruption for people like me from dar for where the world led to an arrest warrant being issued for bashir from the international criminal court the justice is slow in coming or resolution government. or the situation they do not want to arrest the corrupted in c b they do not want to. stop the criminal. or the people who killed our mission in the fore. politically the new government sworn in in august is facing challenges it's struggling to get sudan of the u.s. list of countries sponsoring terrorism which it says is affecting its economy the state of it has led to protests the forces of freedom and change which represented
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the revolution movement blamed the protests on bashir and his party. we in the f.f.c. know that members of the former ruling party are still working to come back to power but our revolution is still going on and we won't disregard any information we get because we don't want this revolution to fail we don't want to be like the government to $99.00 which was warned there will be a coup by ignored and were eventually overthrown those who protested against bashir say they will work hard to make sure the new government succeeds a year on from one change began the path of transition to a new sudan remains long and filled with challenges he will morgan al-jazeera hard to. follow that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. has recorded more than 2100 deaths from coronavirus in the past 24 hours the highest single day toll anywhere in the wild more than half a 1000000 cases have been detected the largest number globally despite that
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president continues to express optimism a suburb of the philippine capital is mass testing residents for private 19 as a national plan continues to be delayed the country has reported more than 4000 cases and 220 deaths so far to melinda going to has the latest from manila. this a few of our lives well at this site is that they say they have to be much more aggressive in trying to find a solution so would be good today it's launched with the call it targeted localized mass testing as you see in the. last few weeks those who are tested all through the virus are those who are seen to have cases already which is why the release will compared to the cases are white hart how are you here now a lot of local government officials are calling for mass testing but this is not possible because it's not just the ships that are needed but also the available laboratories that process the tests turkey has put its most populated areas under
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a 2 day curfew to try to control the spread of the virus people rush to grocery and convenience stores after the announcement 31 cities are affected including istanbul and ankara brazil has become the 1st country in latin america to record more than $1000.00 deaths from the coronavirus but a thriving president both an ira has remained defiant and is ignoring advice about social distancing during a national holiday on friday as you can see visited a bakery where he got close with supporters as well as a hospital. people in nicaragua have gathered to celebrate ahead of easter sunday as the government does little to prevent the spread of the coronavirus a traditional performance was carried out on the streets of muscle despite moves by the catholic church to suspend all festivities well those are the headlines next up with inside story stay with us. as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the wilds. with updates about
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travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. will record breaking cuts and production be enough to stop the oil price slump crude producers led by saudi arabia and russia agree to the biggest of a reduction in oil for say so who will be most affected. is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm bernard small factories shut grounded cars and trucks off the roads in many cities under lockdown demand for oil has.


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