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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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film rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in libya i was the top of the class and know. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. the u.s. overtakes italy to become the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world. from doha every 100 miles santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera the u.k. is warned the peak is yet to come of topped 900 for a 2nd day in the government's been criticised for how it's handling the pandemic. but also business as usual in latin america at least where some people say they have no choice but to defy the lockdown this and in other news. that's the 30th
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anniversary of the apollo 13 mission one that became a story of survival against all odds. it is the most unwanted of records the united states now has more coronavirus deaths than any other country its tally for the 1st time on saturday it means 20000 americans have not died from coverage 19 the epicenter still new york but all 50 states are in a state of emergency for the 1st time allowing them the use of federal funds elsewhere we're looking at india where the prime minister is expected to announce an extension to the lock down 1300000000 people with staying home until the end of april and in europe well this is interesting news the hardest hit countries there are now easing some restrictions for monday. spain will allow nonessential
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employees to return to work it's reported a falling death rate there and italy is allowing some stores to reopen will start with the united states the new york in fact where the state governor andrew cuomo says there has been a drop at least in the intensive care admissions for the 1st time you can see that the numbers somewhat. stabilizing but it is stabilizing at and horrific rate. 783 people 777799. these are just incredible numbers depicting incredible loss and pain and your grandmother in new york now here's john hendren in chicago explaining what the latest death toll means for the u.s. . every day we seem to hit a new grim milestone on friday it was that the united states had crossed 500000 recorded cases of the coronavirus on saturday is that the u.s.
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has now registered 20000 deaths more than any other country including italy one 3rd of those cases was from new york state alone new york new jersey and michigan being the hardest hit of all states so far and u.s. health officials say they believe that the infection are going to peak on easter sunday this coming sunday that was originally a date when president trump is 81 of the u.s. to come out of this shelter in place orders and want to business to be back and moving again that is no longer happening that date seems to moved to may 1st and there are a lot of public health officials who are skeptical even about that date but there are places here in the united states where pastors are keeping churches open most states 43 states have locked down orders 7 of them do not but of the states that have lockdown orders something like 515 of them allow an exemption for church
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services so there is some fear that here on easter sunday there will be places where massive amounts of people will be gathering. to the u.k. where health officials say the outbreak has yet to reach its peak as the death toll now as 10000 the government's repeated its warning to the public to stick to lock down the stretch and survey the easter weekend when they warm weather is full cost these don't figure is highlight the gravity of this national emergency. the devastating impact talk this virus and the unprecedented but necessary action that we are taking to tackle it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives but my message to anyone still refusing to do the right thing is clear if you don't pay your part our selfless piece her out there risking their own lives to save others will be unafraid to act more on the situation the u.k. now with maryam namazie in london the numbers are still very high and they're
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expected to increase further in the coming days and weeks actually this is in line with expectations as the emergency starts to reach its peak you can see the daily death toll reaching the 1000 level just there abouts here in the u.k. and in fact the last few days the u.k. already surpassed and spain recording the highest number of daily deaths now interestingly you also hearing from the director of n.h.s. england stephen power and he was saying that there has also been a flattening in the number of confirmed cases and also in the number of hospitalizations and that is really important so and that's not just in london but also in other parts of the country but he did say that it will take some time for us to see the effect of that in the death toll think those because of this time lag with the virus it takes time for an infected person to start to show symptoms and
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then those again time before they deteriorate to the point of needing to go to hospital and sadly they might die and so because of that time live you are likely to see a continued increase in the death toll in the coming days and probably this week. in the philippines mass testing has been carried out in parts of the capital for the 1st time but the scheme is yet to be rolled out nationally the country's been under strict quarantine but of course a state could challenge that in manila jim allen duggan says the country has had to rethink out to celebrate the christian holiday churches of largely remain closed that's something that's really unimaginable for the philippines easter celebrations are usually one of the biggest operate christians here but you know starting last week alms sunday there have been smaller celebrations smaller parades by priests in different parts of the country but the you know the faithful catholics are not
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allowed to keep quiet and in largely the are just allowed to serve in the hierarchy of the catholic church year as basically instructed the catholics to stay at home and watch online masses but there have been exceptions it remains to be seen what will happen to date but most likely what we'll be seeing basically are mostly online masses and a few other concessions it's more than 13000000 people in brazil are signed up for emergency financial relief is locked down restrictions affect the economy governs trying to streamline the payment process as you see thousands of people lined up at tax offices this week because of bureaucratic hold ups informal workers are entitled to claim 101000 dollars a month but health authorities have now appealed to the public to stay at home after a large gatherings are reported in several big cities prisoners of rioted jail in southern bolivia inmates say the conditions inside the right for the spread of
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coronavirus prison is gathered on the roof calling for face masks and proper health care riot police used tear gas center try to stop the protests many believe in prisons are overcrowded and so the government is not some people on lower level charges will be released to reduce the risk of an outbreak. well a pandemic isn't expected to peak in latin america for another 3 weeks actually but many in the region are already worried public health service is a severely lacking some countries are already in recession and the region's major cities have dense populations where many have no choice but to ignore the lock down measures and just go to work and out in america at an editor at the c n human reports from santiago. bodies composing on the streets or inside houses in ecuador is tropical city of. cemeteries and funeral parlors can't cope with the demand and the government can only offer cardboard coffins to the latest victims. it's already a catastrophe long before infections from cold 19 reach their peak they're hit and
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hit him with america where they wait for them to die before helping them and when their dad they hand them over to the family this is terrible. since march 1st the pandemic has been spreading rapidly throughout latin america and brazil the country with the most deaths so far drug lords are imposing klein teens in slums that's because the president is still refusing to take strong measures at the expense of the economy in mexico the government and the people appear dangerously nonchalant about social distancing and testing even as coronavirus cases continue rising. by contrast in argentina chile peru colombia paraguayan and most of central america borders are closed and the army is on the streets to enforce partial or total quarantines to try to slow the curve of contagion improve for example men are allowed to leave the house to shop on alternate days and women on the other days to
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keep more people off the streets but where's the notable amount i think it's a good idea to be able to control the masses a little bit because of the type of contagion that we're facing. but it's not enough we don't have. these places as they develop. number one in terms of the health systems and they and the access to medical systems. i mean i would say only 34 percent of the poorest or have access to ship protection there restore anything. latin america faces another tremendous handicap a very high population density in its major cities coupled with widespread poverty that fans the spread of disease. but the region faces an even bigger problem maintaining a problem warranting for much longer and many of these cities will likely be and possible to enforce and for a very simple reason 58 percent of latin americans like means work in the informal
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sector and faced with the choice of staying at home to starve or defying a far tease they would rather come out here and take their chances with the buyers . in many countries hospitals are already running out of surgical masks and ventilators at least 14000000 people are already out of work and with the peak of the pan dimia still some 3 weeks away latin america may well be facing unprecedented death and devastation. to see a new man al-jazeera santiago's. a coronavirus coverage continues in a moments why health experts are concerned africa may end up being the hardest hit by the pandemic. and mobile phone alerts an electronic response will look at how technology is tracing the spread of the virus but also what it might mean for your privacy.
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how low it has been particularly hot in a dusty sunday when you can have the empty quarter in the u.a.e. in qatar and this part of saudi arabia as well the temperatures have been as high as 14 in dubai they may well be on sunday but this is a southerly breeze is normally opposing it and i think we'll eventually find things cooling down in fact the cloud it's visible in the satellite picture is the cold front which is showing showers in iran might show an occasional thunderstorm elsewhere but there's not really very much impetus for that to happen of course temperatures to the north of that particularly in the levant are much lower but the sun is out now and it isn't improving situation in what's been the case the last couple of days and it carries on improving on monday whereas the chances and storms are in qatar bahrain this eastern part of saudi is quite significant from monday down to 26 degrees that looks quite a wet day for the surface and the showers i showed themselves now more regularly in
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tanzania in kenya in ethiopia and of course all points west with that this breeze is quite notes for west just to add up and run up the coast of somalia then we start think of when the monsoon rains were right for the time being let's just think of tanzania as the wept lace and of course kenya remember orange tops and dark blue those are the big thunderstorms and they are big. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. good what's the picture from the inside. as think russia's foreign policy is too soft continuous russian goals have been achieved not peace and more diffuse full russia on al-jazeera.
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already. here with al-jazeera continuing coverage of the corona virus pandemic where more than 20000 americans are now died after contract the virus the u.s. has surpassed italy's death toll and the world with the highest number of fatalities and in the u.k. health officials say the corona virus outbreak there hasn't yet reached its peak despite the death toll nearing 10011 year old was among the fatalities announced on saturday the government still urging people to stick to the lockdown restrictions. want to focus on italy now which means the european country hardest hit by the
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global pandemic but the pressure on hospitals and intensive care ward is easing the nationwide lockdown has been extended until the beginning of may his brother sara now with a look at italy's worst crisis since the 2nd world war. the coronavirus didn't start initially but the country quickly became the european face of the struggle against kovac 9. the disease started to spread in small towns in northern italy in february and by the time quarantine was imposed it was too late in the long body one of the best health systems in the world was quickly overwhelmed and the army had to be called in to help with the bodies exhausted doctors were fighting a new disease which claimed not just lives but social contact as americans. we are the doctors and the nurses. and
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us because we really knew who was with her to come home to who was very demanding but this is will be. you know who and their belief is that no. i'm not saying there were. as the death rates soared italy imposed a strict lockdown to curb contagion and life changed beyond recognition the world looked on aghast this italy became the 1st european country to close schools non-essential shops and to tell people to stay home. some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world emptied overnight and images of the pope praying alone in st peter's square would have been unimaginable just a few minutes only was. singing from balconies
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may boost morale but it does little to ease the enormous economic damage that such a strict and lengthy lockdown has inflicted speaking to al-jazeera prime minister giuseppe conte called for solidarity. to think that the european union must show a swift and unified response to the replications of this pandemic we have to provide answers about politics finance and economic policy because it's in our interest and the interest of other countries the stuff in our early concern and so it also spain and all countries the face economic and social problems e.u. finance ministers have agreed a rescue package for member states damaged by the coronavirus but it may still not be enough for a country that had financial problems even before the pandemic we still where there are the wave of the all recession and now these eating especially you know the small and medium size italian companies a day dahlia manufacture sectaries steel number 2 in europe
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a number 6 in the world so pretty robust but it's made up over a network of small companies and they are going down fast there is cause for optimism infection rates suggest italy may have reached the peak of the crisis but italian still faces several more weeks of law was. the 700 children who came together from italy and europe in a fertile choir will never forget this period of their lives their singing about hope in the face of adversity in the hope that soon italy and the world will win the battle against the coral never. was. was sarah. africa now which is felt the effects of corona virus
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a lot later than other continents but many health experts are concerned it will end up being hit the hardest reports from kenya's capital. eating grilled meat in his part of daily life in kenya's capital nairobi. telling it he's big business. battle ground to a halt when the government ordered restaurants closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. grills on this strip of closed the workers have been laid off. or is not where we must adhere to the measures but. even tick away we have neuer to turn to for help. to me traders here are among millions across africa who already lost their livelihood because of restrictions on movement and trade. shoppers in kenya supermarkets have to
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keep distance and sanitize their hands and shops like this or that the main of the middle class which in most african countries he's tiny crowded market like this the more normal simply isn't space for people to keep distance here it would be impossible to enforce it the people that trade in places like this and people that buy their food here they don't come here in the daytime they go hungry in the evening and it's the same story for millions of people in cities across the continent that. the government of the democratic republic of congo has locked down the central commercial district of its capital kinshasa. but to most of the rest of the city of about 12000000 people are still out and about trying to trade. and means of livelihood so that becomes a significant cost to the containment measures the governor said it's shooting all square and in the absence of social protection you're going to see people tell me
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what. south africa's army has been accused of rights abuses in trying to stop any our people when it in force to lock down the country is recorded more cases of the virus than anywhere else on the continent possibly because it carried out many more tests it's lockdown seems to have succeeded in slowing the rate of infections in much of the rest of the continent hospitals and health ministries have recorded relatively low but sharply rising numbers so far. with many living in cramped conditions like the slum in nairobi health experts think the worst is yet to come if these interventions i don't testing i don't. practice. but also taking care of the social needs of the population i'm not going to be talked out clearly. just a steep price and which will bring in a lot of debts. as long as markets are busy like this one in nairobi it will help the virus spread the markets mean hunger and social unrest african governments
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faced difficult decisions in the weeks ahead millions of people will face the consequences. malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. pacific island nations have been struggling to prepare for more coronavirus cases while dealing with the effects of a powerful storm cycle and harold tore through a number of violence destroying homes and leaving tens of thousands without power thousands were then forced into evacuation centers at a time of course when governments are trying to keep people apart many of the countries already have fragile healthcare systems in the midst of the storm fiji's prime minister tried to reassure residents that the evacuation centers wouldn't put them at risk of catching covert 90. all regions would stay indoors unless that acted. well thought of the. workers and centers are safe. workers and samples are cemeteries and one that you enjoy. doing locked up
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less capacity. goes under quarantine you look for before the letters do not mix with others. well look at a bit of tech now 2 big companies say they're going to team up to develop some technology that will alert people when they're close to someone who is infected with corona virus the idea is to help governments roll out apps to run on people smart phones more from alexia brown. for many of us technology is a major part of staying in touch during lock down from online workouts to church services. and birthday parties. it's helping bring our communities together but technology also has the potential to alert people when they've been close to anyone and fictive with the virus. google is teaming up with apple to develop apps to do just that it's
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a rare collaboration between the american companies whose operating systems power 9009 percent of the world smartphones but some fear the technology could also lead to more unwanted scrutiny of our private lives and personal data google's business model is to track google's a surveillance capitalist google makes its billions by tracking every move you make on and off the web apple and google say pretty say transparency and consent at most importance in a safe it and they will openly publish information about their work for others to analyze governments worldwide are working out how technology can help us to identify sick people and stop the spread of the virus some countries including poland israel and singapore already use people's handsets to monitor their quarantine or send coronavirus alerts. south korea is joining hong kong and using electronic wristbands with some uses asked to send a photo of their home to prove their unself isolation that's aimed at getting the
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lockdowns and border restrictions lifted as soon as possible it's very new new technology it's very interesting but a lot of people worry about it in terms of the person's freedom we're going to take a look at that a very strong look at it we'll let you know pretty soon a crime in china where the outbreak began last year most codes dictate where the people can leave the house and where they can go digital rights activists say such apps need to be designed so they can't be misused so today to opt in we're not china we never make you you know make you use this but what happens tomorrow when it's on every i was device and every adult divides and we start using to walk down and we say to people you want to go back to work you can but here's the cab yacht you have to turn it on you have to opt into it you know but you get your choice you don't have to go to work but if you want to go to work you got a. scientist said mit technology alone won't be enough to eradicate the virus
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instead it will need people's commitment in real life brian al-jazeera because of other world news at least 2 people have been killed and 4 others are still missing after a dam collapsed in northern india it released a wave of toxic sludge several homes were engulfed in farmland was swamped the dam contain the ash from a coal fired power station in the a pradesh. a volcano in indonesia which is erupted at least 6 times since friday ascent plumes of ash into the skies there wind blew the ash from crocodile to neighboring villages no reports of damage though i can $28.00 tain an eruption caused an underwater landslide and a tsunami that killed more than $400.00 people. finally it has been 50 years since what nasa describes as a quote successful failure that was the apollo 13 mission never actually made it to the moon and the explosion on board left 3 astronauts fighting for survival but the
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lessons learned all those years ago have now inspired a new generation of astronauts mike hanna has this report. a barely audible occurring was an iconic phrase that became part of popular culture . you think employees used and we have a problem. the lord's was routine this was to be the 3rd moon landing and the mission commander james lovell was on his 4th trip into space. and i was just temperament 35 hours of this pleasure. occurring ok now it's everybody keep an explosion in an oxygen tank destroyed the outer panels of the command module and shorted many of the intricate electronics keeping the craft in orbit the idea of
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a moon landing was abandoned the success of the mission was not to be measured by survival the astronauts used the lunar model as a lifeboat well dozens of scientists back at mission control worked out how to repair the systems keep the astronauts alive and get them back to earth and a way to make this. video into the home. using nothing but that. kindle and. belittle to get. the world was transfixed by the drama taking place in space. will come back 3. for a few days old division was forgotten as millions around the globe will the astronauts a safe return home. and 50 years later a new generation of astronauts inspired by lessons learned from the apollo 13
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mission members of massa's autumn is program which is designed to put a man and woman on the moon by 2024 followed by a mission to mars we learn more from our failures than we ever do from our successes. up in space astronauts on the international space station continue their work remembering the apollo 13 mission in a video conference and paying tribute to the scientists on a striving to keep them safe in the face of a pandemic has changed the way that mission control operations worked they're actually doing hand over between shifts between 2 different rooms to minimize the contact but yet here they are persevering and through their ingenuity in their professionalism we're going to return a star earth safely just like their predecessors did 50 years ago i think apollo 13 was a very good example. of always expecting. the
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unexpected. when i saw the persian streaming out in the blossoms by this time that it lest we solved in the pacific ocean we would be successful. a 50 year old message that resonates in a world sheltering from pandemic mike hanna al-jazeera washington. past the hour on al-jazeera these are the headlines more than 20000 americans have not died after contracting corona virus the u.s. has surpassed 8 in these death toll it now leads the world with the highest number of fatalities new york is the epicenter of the virus there with more than 8600 deaths the state government says the situation there is stabilizing has been a drop in the number of people admitted to intensive care for the 1st time since
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the outbreak began you can see that the numbers are more it. stabilizing but it is stabilizing and horrific rate. 783 people 777799. these are just incredible numbers depicting incredible loss and pay u.k. health officials say the corona virus outbreak there hasn't reached its peak yet despite the death toll nearing 10011 year old was among the fatalities announced on saturday the government is urging people to stick to the lockdown restrictions. more than 30000000 people in brazil have signed up for emergency financial relief as lock down restrictions affect the economy the government's trying to streamline the payment process after thousands lined up at tax offices this week because of bureaucratic hold ups informal workers are entitled to claim $118.00
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a month. prison as of right or to jail in southern believe inmates say the conditions inside are right for the spread of coronavirus prisoners gathered on the roof calling for face masks and proper health care riot police then use tear gas to try to stop the protest many bolivian prisons are overcrowded and so the government's announced some people on lower level charges will be released to reduce the risk of an outbreak and pacific island nations have been struggling to prepare for more coronavirus cases while dealing with the effects of a powerful storm cycle and herald tore through a number of islands destroying homes and leaving tens of thousands of people without power were forced into evacuation centers as well at a time when governments are of course trying to keep people apart and you're up to date with the headlines this hour on al-jazeera people in power is next. talked to al jazeera we asked what will force work when you saw that document for the 1st
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story we listen to after the war saying you'll you'll be in soko field united states army will but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on how does era. greece has a proud reputation as the birthplace of democracy of government by the people for the people but to the ethnic to fish minority of trace in the country's northeast who say they've suffered decades of discrimination from the state that's not have it seen today we've been to investigate.


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