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tv   A Hard Road From Home Photographers Activists  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern day to decide the daughter to a witness on al-jazeera. just hello again peter will be here in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera spain is reporting a rise in deaths linked to the coronavirus for the 1st time in 3 days 619 people have died in the past 24 hours pushing the total past $16300.00 as more than 166000 known cases. as a journalist in madrid she says the rise in deaths is a concern as the government prepares to loosen some social distancing measures. well the also express commented that we will see these figures increasing and going
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down before these satellite station face that we're going to face now what we've seen is that yesterday we were just at the lowest number on there since the outbreak of coronavirus and demi kings spain and now we have the registers in just 24 hours more than $600.00 new fatalities and more than $4000.00 new people infected to morrow the government is lifting the toughest measures of these slow down and non-essential workers will be going back to work tomorrow thousands some strong it's going back to work those that cannot work remotely from home will be going back to work and this is part worrying because many experts and many even people in same amongst the same government are worried that these measures are going to be very very busy to day do that they're going to get very early to a little this economy and reactivate established economy but the government has distributed guidelines to all the companies they have to deliver the protective
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equipment to the workers and they have to keep safety didn't the sense of to me that meter sally at least in the offices of russia has reported more than 2000 new cases of corona virus the largest daily increase yet more than 15700 infections have been reported across russia the government says $130.00 people have died easter sunday celebrations are very different this year because of the lockdown in italy the for additional mass by pope the pope pope francis was watched by millions online during the mass pope francis urged the faithful not to give up hope during the pandemic. africans living in southern china say they're being evicted from their homes and racially targeted because of the coronavirus city leaders say they treat foreigners and chinese people equally when it rests in a boot or with details on how nigeria and other countries are responding. well the reaction is not of anger and disbelieve the nigerian government in particular
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called the chinese ambassador to explain the situation we've seen video cycle eating on social media platforms here in nigeria and across west africa and other parts of africa as well about how nigerians than africans are being treated by the chinese or for just in one of the videos for example a consular official from the nigerian embassy had a very long and heated discussion an argument with a chinese official regarding the seizure of nigerian passports and how these nigerians i've been chased out of their homes threatened by a number of words bit up in the streets and some of them in fact who actually lying on the streets now the nigerian government said it's demanding explanation from the chinese authorities why this is happening and officials privately many of the ships in african countries are worried that there could be a backlash if remember there are hundreds of thousands of chinese if not millions
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living in africa china tried to make inroads into african markets developing infrastructure investing in a lot of areas so there is that fear among african governments for example of a backlash against chinese walking on the continent because of what's happening and going to you in other parts of china as well. iran has recorded more than 100 deaths in the past 24 hours the total is now more than 4400 and there's more than 71000 confirmed cases. the u.k. government responded to more condemnation that it hasn't done enough to provide protective equipment for medical workers unions of want doctors and nurses are putting their lives at risk the home secretary pretty patel is insisting there is a plan to secure more protective equipment up next al jazeera world more headlines in about 30 minutes i'll see that.
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i. guess. i. 'd from to time that i start understanding the ward surrounding me and questioning the life and asking the same question that everybody's i was who am i where am i coming from why i am here and what i'm going to achieve till now it has been
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always a spiral i have been true. you know years off that difficulties i have been to to praise in a torture exile but i never forgot that i'm going to reach a point beyond which is somehow a serving dish manatee. by fighting against injustice is what really my main goal is was and will be i hoped in the future but to reach it. every day in you're going to difficulties every day every moment you have difficulties surrounding. land there i can find it in a hole in my life day to day those problems and difficulties that sometimes like. you know prison or torture or take you away or being in a society cooperate but finally you come by figure in and you're treated the same
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way them same to the spiral is a case where you have to explain why. was the boy. some other trees reaching their wish to. know what to do others are michel shahani there are all of them are to me more alluring we are digital with constantly the largely in us and those of my. children you love. the hunted out of them you want over to religion the sick the bocce one is celebrated
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at design the part in a plea deal was among the bottom 3 there's mother more the part of all the father will know the part of that one child that other sort of protest wish gideon the making the. hole in the larry the more. jelly cheve children keep that the honey do was an inability. to just feel always was reaching ideas by people who can critique. or buy the outsiders that they come and to look to destroy and go back afghanistan has been in a war for 20 years. everything is destroyed there's no newspapers no magazine over i think the left are after the toilet been so what they need has
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a strong media press that's how democracy could come up no journalists no photographer could be able to cover afghanistan because how far you can go on a fruit in a country like afghanistan in the month is in a difficult situation if the people who are living in a conflict themselves you give them the strength they will have a different way of the showing it doesn't mean that. we don't have send for a news or are there people to go to see the places it shows that it is 2 different view and 2 different vision they became. from. passive weak team that. they became an active of their own destiny state take their own destinies on the they have a voice not so anyway it's giving wars to the people who doesn't have wars.
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that much for much of it that would put us in the. list made there you know sort of left the 2 of them with you out of the chip or that the most of it will most of us up with the police are going to produce who lose the 630. but that it was at that each other that that. chip police were crazy open and the prep to. he would be dead as he did. to go only to die just as much. not 100. 76.
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'd and i want to. put it that way we. never said. that with x. x. . x. you have to admire them that i'm going to be about 6 when i'm doing just that neither of them are watching it i want to be put in we get them. and we come through for the other group because big. you get a 3rd muslim of may go but a compliment of the good that. was the other way come drama. if you will there will
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be love and then as with. journalists. might make a. good offense. mark in the job. market but out of mission. national. these were not about me go folks i mean give you produce me teach me what they can produce me get a particular. move get smart other maybe buy was made was the. i do are the can we get a. gun now we're. going to publish them you. know the work of the regular media become regular.
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lives here long before super freak. group after fuel filters are groovy and if a storm moves through if you. don't sit all that short of the. whole formed. earth. that big superfluous soon or way you're going for. your 1st roll of the tough to see because your lawyer looks so forced them investment in the shit said all that. shit. she said years you see who are to. do it on classical photograph call lose on your gun if. your pleas for the offer you still do all that and if you aren't your family shit i hope. she got your act in what you say took place it was a facet of a community a water filter of on that thought that was really is something.
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you do for so now i just want. to. chew on other mundanity as each year said you must put he owes judge. they must have a. musing ministered to but that he. should show the deed i had now my card or. you know what i but i would say what a pity that you. that you are best. money book i read it was that of his mother. his mother.
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said i was just on. the bottom. so when. i looked at this question. he looks so really. who's this meant you think. yeah we'll be in college. tuesday. i do tomorrow. ok so. i try to cram cover. by by
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see you. supposed to do. the deal to me as a people. in this apartment they will cheer me for the children that i was in deal . or the hulk or the planet plans of keaggy the hulk of the planet was the push of the plan i was looking you were hokey dual boot and this is the seconds in which you can get your face to that their way this. day with global police who were to. catch a bus edible catch a bottle but consume in the cold. war they were not at all oh but when their goal is to know what region made it in a bitter standish it was that actually the pickle can put the brick on the market apple ever. did it must feel that a lot of the color going away to a noticeable. level was the recoverable michigan's that they were.
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privileged the bottom of the way. they were nor was an umbrella but that $100.00 just to put out a kitty. that initially said i will. sell. but i what we must kill of the jewelry collection. but this is definitely better but she did it as a question dear the day of the you don't know. me was missing. someone the most up. to the one. which was and what i crashed because it was up out of the park. but i do have a time what shows that. are they just not the time then the incident that it is.
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a mockery of a lot of us that do but it is so us under so much mis opposite of them but it was out of this up of they've told us ok me what. motivated me the part of 'd the bad cop to know what a janitor or that i would be the chaps the. most i've ever seen a kick or mike or us a. little bit of both of them it's true yeah yeah steve it's true i feel useful. but there should be and that is a bit of what i came for that's enough out of it with a muzzle. there walk and she did offend some on the hour or day though i seen sagna beach any 2nd as i'm in there what then do you miss him the name instead of what. that this is a mindset i want to come but i mean that in a stolen son you have that if it 'd was a beautiful shot of take that or chick would have thought it was just but if i meet one of my stuff was shot to keep him off his water much that would be the sort of a go at them are all. that out.
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there like i think have you ever seen a plant or a flower or didn't you having a slumber party that you are part of me and if you move it from one corner to other corner. the 1st few days you will see that the flower is not doing red and excited the same things for me when you are taken out suddenly from your home from your country from your neighborhood from your families and you come in a place which everything is strange for you the veteran sprains the food is strange the people talking on you in the culture strange so you are destroyed the same like flower so the 1st time the 1st years maybe depend of the person it's really difficult you have it. sometimes an emptiness and you you feel it totally
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abandoned you know you don't feel that you exist if you you know it's you go through very difficult psychological moments and times. in my case i need change exile not as it's something that we can me but. i used exile as a power of mine a power of history for me every very goal in our near is one country. there is another ward which even put before a distance it resilience and i believe that resilience is one of the major attitude of any human and i have seen in do most difficult situation most difficult places someone doesn't want to give up
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a tree the resilience is that you don't give up. 10 years of the war and bombardment in afghanistan the russian they have destroyed almost of the countries and the roads and buildings trees and everything is gone and now i'm in a small village. and nothing left it is small half of the school even was destroyed and i hear this children's coming out of the school and they have learned in the classrooms how to grow a seed something that we all do in the new school or sometimes. but they waited he did this boy was holding it for me. the most of all he's not just holding like this he really hold it some seem like the biggest treasure of his life when a photographer and. i want to just ask a question just keep in you know thinking i said so what are you going to do with
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your cat. then she looks to me like. i'm so idiot asking this question it's obvious he said i'm going to grow a tree artery. and he looks around and see that you see there is no tree left. and i'm going to miss you jeanne. when you realize that. not only destroyed the buildings by destroyed issue manatee destroyed the soul of the people then you wanted to every 6 to stop the war but how to do it you have to show the horror of to be so the people little by little they realized that this is not the way that humanity should be that's how being in a war zone i feel that i'm more a peace correspondent because i mean i'm fighting in a way for peace this is.
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there for. the photograph and. they've. made a. lot of the dead of. the did what the families had become was that. were they was it you know was he the man that they were not the set up was that. she was. that is a good day to see some of them must have a new mother didn't she could as you talk about but i've seen no bus in that he did out there we went to collect etc so he motioned it in that you can. have money if they don't know what a. kid is she yelled at that they just did hop on the. bench of a particular company much better than that among people who didn't walk in. with
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a. but . that's not. what of my as i do with coalition shows that short of my largish mark that the whole go on. but i'll bet it was a much. as you call it if the diminutive lady and thus person ever to achieve this with the humanity is it possible to. say that over. and
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camilla through to sustain this it amounts to flow more. useful and in cash flow little if you consume to push egypt has shown. me treated all she. did he. planted the ship luke was in us mrs fisher she coughed a modest sum too little something more than. she will need to consume to people. in your high. ground and he should know that you are not sharks or. the last 3 years he or she is your. first out of commission now. kalash optional oh yes our child homework yes i defer to a fee for m.h.
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in general today is the best way off to. connecting to the people of the universe a language that you can talk to everybody my main goal is good for some things that i believe in it just some things that i think it is necessary and important to shorten humanity to short because when you do this works you're not one person i am representing millions of people that they cannot be sheer and that's why i'm sure you're too sure what's happening here. and i just wish to know yes. you know how. you know that. sarah palin book but her current. sector of the government to. run 1st.
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boxes here to sell actually hoping to get work done and now is that you're going to have your 1st regular friend of nuclear. forces. you are going to. look at archaeology but what. you know i'm away from projects most. critical i saw someone looking. at that knowing what he set up from all the 50 pounds about having some muslim. brotherhood. that knows.
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when you're young you have a lot of. us you know most of us we have an incredible ideas about me to you both are few true both to what we want you to. go back and i look team i would say to you no. i didn't betray. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part but she would selectively goods and had many boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a poor socially disadvantaged young man so you have the system where people at every level would be good at being given money money to agree to star as
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a ship or money to get other people to agree to certain social al-jazeera examines the politics of population control throughout history humankind has prevailed in our darkest moments coming together to face the very thing that would extinguish our light. this is not one of those moments. at all. this is a moment for pretty much the opposite for hiding for laying low. is also. saving humankind by really really not getting near it. we're playing games staring at screens staring at any. all of the stuff of your host. every generation has its will where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after
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a higher purpose. this one is ours. heard. hello again pete i'll be here in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera as we go on air with this quick summary of news we're learning now that the british prime minister boris johnson has been discharged from st thomas' hospital in london we understand he's being taken to the official u.k. prime minister's country residence checkers to begin and as yet undecided length of time in recuperation following his hospitalization last week the 55 year old has been prime minister for a little under 9 months you'll remember he was in isolation inside number 11
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downing street for a full 2 weeks and he was hospitalized and spent some time inside the i.c.u. inside the hospital because he couldn't shake off those symptoms but he's back on the road to recovery we understand at checkers we don't know if or when he'll be returning to his full time job as prime minister inside number 10 we'll keep you across all the developments as soon as we get them spain's reporting a rise in deaths linked to the coronavirus of the 1st time in 3 days 619 people have died in the past 24 hours pushing the total pos 16002300 there's more than 166000 known cases has more now from madrid. he also expressed commented that we will see these speakers increasing in going down before these satellite stations face we're going to face now what we've seen is that yesterday we were just at the lowest number of their best since the outbreak
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of coronavirus and damage in spain and now we have the registers in just 24 hours more than 600 musicality and move that full 1000 new people infected russia has reported more than 2000 new cases of coronavirus says largest daily increase yet more than 15700 infections have been reported there the government says 130 people have died city leaders in southern china denying allegations of coronavirus racism insisting foreigners are not discriminated against africans living in guangzhou say they're being kicked out of their homes and they're facing harris meant the african union nigeria and ghana a calling on the government in beijing to address the concerns those are the headlines i'll have the news of for you in a little under 30 minutes between now and then it's back to al-jazeera world i will see you very soon about.
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the fact that a. second occasion to be a homeless guy and everything lackluster you. have friends there is how the rest. but there might be an i.v. this with the rest of that and don't wanna know more commonly i mean that there's a minister ok a coward. if our nearest sans had a needle but up their money but i still work out about their interests on gaffigan buy our dope but can record it to find out when you're. going to school today who better let it out over there so. elected. by collapsing in that bed it joke if you see the side lucky because then
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you see so but i mean this is elective is more just enough to stop and get us to stop a cab a lot out of me is more of what i see less in a form of one of the not least of all most needed in the movie question but to see it is to clean at least. if you did anything wrong or get off the union best are the best in portland they are the ultimate you know you by the way do you do anything or awful or meet or hopefully i remember you know the guy really well. this is what the one of this shows will be our 42 civilian difference i mean if you don't need to look for saddam are not a decision that are offered on bin been some looking in the. us are among the new doors of the masses to use your nice to get a divorce is the same scenario looking to b.s.
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about the one who says to you see for money most of the internet only questions to see if you know the slyness. of this through the hands and i got the. better aussie going to get to the plough i have friends here. buy them which of mice i see in the hall than. yourself better killers maybe a fight with yes no little bit media. even me is to get for my brit. diplomas important that people have said i'll give levy that. even though they don't be so how do you know lending them in. case a not with another better no no for like us on the basic opinion we sell it as the . in a matter of the end of that finale. and let me let me say this for them and all
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that you. are 10 day the rest of unless. we have it more to mask carol in new years well it's more to see a mask that can be as it were not there in the scene went out of it that were cos i don't be an oiler not. i don't think was in the african ways of where and ok you go back at what made up this would be as russia would be a home with the undead millis in it the whole in a happy gonna say no no money. and we're not getting 7 either yes or no get out another say give us better media no and the other hand is everywhere in a much simpler than i thought another. but it up a good deal so work to. be so yes good night of this olivera that all us will take
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it in your book borrow the little media interview with some celebrity what'll be notice most of you know they look good their course are all day and still a lot of those b. cells will be a store says peter ended up getting escape are you can imagine are all the on order all. those costs are simply trivial but i'm not horsey to you know sort of the cost of use of the most of it but it i love my dear divorce for the listener alice is. going better there will be a hand noise and get blasted back at a lot of matter s. and i react and what either of us back up on the developing actually under. there's a particular empathizing we have to swing. but i mean for me for the 2nd that our
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medicare. and mr moment go in will indicate you're developing a celeb or nothing and i get to know that only you are seen and then they're going to help their. fellow by c.v.t. $1000.00 bodies have. an ego must get a clue they're hiding this point that it gets anywhere that. they're richer than some buyable there are some part of what i mean. to bet that not bally all of them are passionate and this music at its door. i viewed it as as i read it a performer grew when he put the american they on illegal to the good or to the upper list to get them into the law and they would appeal to even the top guy is this could be any and everything begins a mess as she embraced him had another early. birthday then so i thought it was inevitable that unless to him or her up i guess he had to step on the no if you
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want to manage and get out of your model it with 2 men meeting near it to for them but i mean those took as much ground to give you the. latest in a forgotten egypt our psyche a little bump that will consider us he's one of them but i me it's a sort of political mistress in africa wanted a sport that it will need to promote good enough not to dusk when there is a bit of corn budget i submitted by dust the horse. the law for them i get to go get a lesser not only did our former model speak for my commute me to see a look at say our political stew but as the boys defend their but our finale want to defend it as sort of his mistress you're not going to see us institution escape but if you see ticket us not that someone can put a stop to harm or bonuses to your young female boss to get us into me add this killer my u.t.i. starlight in a suggestion you could possibly beat it loudly to not care is a bit like idea of equality. by year olds would get no ipod for sucky i said marvin
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doubles into the us man did was given a lack of incentive along god did it or not up to that i mean did you not pursue not get in there like i listened to what you get out of it or words are serious course i will not allow this you know best when i'm not in it are awful for city editor of a developed idea but i sort of use. your likeness of the receiver incest in movies here 1st go give us an alkali chemicals are like i in the let me 2nd you're not into the do anything but it's america and. you thing work and they get out america they walk on earth at last and that they were going to be. when take it that we have the menace the film's evil government and with their most. immediate answer. to. that was idea on a theoretical. that i see. if i don't know what is geneva i think that you. imply that and i mean
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empathetic. and bethel aka muffling there any drama. that meant the media. can maintain your. coming out of. the neanderthal though look at. the mess out of what i mess at or live in a mess yes i understand what. last month in. this context. this is not interested in like i'd guess in monterey. bay my you're. lucky. this isn't. fully cialis.
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restored to a new spin on the pitiless what if because the muscle. to this. monterey sofrito. dollars in the us. service is incest free. space deed. this year that that it will actually a stick us t. gotten. us in. your mended it like idea was probably given to moses and did it all you just by your skin you did. to need to sit in despair alice live in didn't like going to most of the. place you look at our best one of your lives in the last month it was ok must be a circle sure. must also policial easy to see that it didn't dr be an asset or
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decoupled but i defend their people i'm in a spot i b c b sorry we love the audience jackie smith deal. with. when his parents after last happened was. a very sad one to me they were actually. well ok now we need. your yankee. as a father kevin hassett us know him as he. went up with sidney and solomon when ever misled you. but i don't read any of your. jewelry and people here are part of the. day they move forward i will and this is your tele get on center. that we have posted up at had
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a nice quiet sunday and i miss my stomach was to begin a space my last question for until less. than they were bored look on the surface and call me on may say i am i want to see myself or to i do that you make out alle the going to do list and you then you are not in your best to take up what i do than 98 meters point 7 here. if you go for me so closely at one o 7 am and then look at health an important message. in then. i said passing. i mean they are saying in sydney that if they were not mia. would you if they didn't they once had one cindy knew that just them the embryo under me bill me as i e a look at that is like in the thickness we would need them. it's a sad. it's a dumb question. but ok i said send me out by the meaningless way
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and i sort of it was probably of problem was but a case of me is when i do that i call figure and wonder where the thoughts and the not so. i think it be though i certainly knew i was lucky that was sort of us what follow on was an age when you only. need us but we could get by i mean she added with a fit. they love me yes yes so when you have way i thought of that and more. and more i said. can i watch in a moment and what i learned about vessel for supper good have bad. thing.
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done only on the idea maybe there will be other eyes and maybe i'm a libra with that dad last. or very nice yeah it's him and the good to see the only one that i guess but again in about a 1000000 or as am i like that i mean when i send good unit a nucleus and my not giving a you get your job i say there will be no good and now you're giving aid if you get an african up with another uncle or element for selling at a modest and lucky on duty of a stable in the simplicity of my will that mean. does that mean it as a force. but it is that i mean what will bring it down into his sending. for a game on and so that was i wonder now must not attack assa there was no money in escrow it are under no no my top orissa jail moment to get it i let it get up our port isn't it sick. and then your step in disaster it ought to send one
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long enough. is enough. little just. use it. all. for service i was the son of a key. but look at their area if you make we just assume the book burmeister mallory didn't get lucky don't we joe it was a chilly minutes never wrestle for the departed we had one agency giving us all the records for your own base therefore don't know who to go. to the elders mistresses division of get most of it is always a legal settlements here among us descendant of god and it didn't really get around the number a movie or consider most of this is just what your city for vendetta idea which is
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but question is policial is. yourself yeah ok moving far so good at honda man but you are using this pain you see to see this look pretty i will be so as nobody a dotted i want us to market in our former. history. 11 double and the clarity to put it in my power seek it it was you know i wanted as a kid. he started early it don't rain here he pointed out i can tell him that will and it. there are one hell of a handwritten doctor and it does an amazing lot enmasse him but then there's a lab that had just let every level of the area that had a note on it that it. and if it ok the effect thought s. in negative others had one of. the 30 s. but i thought it was from look at. in the adelaide senate or at our house so that's
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how i. the house and i think we do that. our house and was good at the white house inside and out but a result that i said put it thus better meet them. in battle or in the family i was called in at their photograph will have it for you to see that you think each. justice is. an aside you know probably. not we all got this you don't need 8 years i wanted last year but i don't want it in a given year or the mafia you're going to get me to give me a mascot in buses mobile pessimist matter. this is the only tedious job to. the many and misses you surely that he misses it is that a poor me though is that. if they can even get
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a kick out of. that he than in basic you leave your best question head out when i get in that s.s. if you look at that what am i am on bet you have what i fear. is only that in that they lack of i think they feel that there is to be a masochist let's let it that. they really do a job of getting most of it out yet. and that's only a matter of forethought but up where they either look innocent element that is there for them but a quick every now hope elicit at myspace i swear that you have daniel no controlling it and no polluting which i graphics my lap out of you i thought it was a bit slow for it. can be a dramatic scene recently i didn't get it will say its i guess it can tell you and get you inside yank it just. actually got me that mail and they i knew it in
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a secure line i had improved look at their theory is well but i can't tell where they're limiting that they're less worried that you know you look at what i made up but only after you did. in my throat sation they're combining their breath in there and their 1000 euros their friends and with. the black american and i thought that was going to hinder getting. better return from india they're not going to see a horse better not crash and then. send. on voice after selectively and then we just better call more new food then come on by the end of my thing that goes out on by me as well that i got a. call. from the advice is no good look upon my sympathies more this decision on illness is no can do lightly as notice who must be stuck in want to be needy and democratically 90 and look is not want to be. there live for us this morning that we don't want to be on board who is who freely so it's just
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a few see didn't pass in superman a car ok to see of course that we knew what was a joke was it might not be so old and was not much of life is is rusty's move death in connecticut is cannot miley cyrus. the. love that you did i make a simple mostly out for me that i should not see our blood but what is to explore your skin in last embrace us who will be us but it can do it in the middle killer me out a list of artists in need of the ended up best equal list was about of course would appear so that i'm being young body and best up almost a lot of sport study that did it is to do less tonight is for the bills so what about me that are so young. but i mean important the convective got nearly enough by for then when to put. a lot that i would have done
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to those who are going to school. and sort of latin roots are not anything going to not that. it was actually looking at them ahead and can been missed but he meant that as you all did i think were latham and they're not the actual by 1000 millionaire. by style and they can even as you know care. and then i was in a fit and of course to go so i went to put up less money and never the less so when the impulse that elaborate any closer on a federal. is we need an ex-pat honda. it can be friends brilliant they sister they just am i look and no one can listen if you've got a seamless. is going to be issued but it's a good news come on the events yeah and they're not their school defenseless against of course the most will nail down how it wants to in times square out or get almost one of those that is messed up but a player but i didn't see him better on. a look at the russian or ask on b.b.c.
3:54 pm
. yes i did want to say just some good community i also changed the rules yes the stimulus up the smart ass this big this mess it just mileage will not it's not a joke in the summer not. just one bill is this when they're like oh you're stupid it's just our ace your list is this are. all just are you. can prove or if you do or not we have a deadlock a. committee and all that good i wonder i know nobody our didn't. get up when we see i do of course said you know a bit sticky in about what's our must it look at bottom last month there was one do we just this is not put in america the purpose taria specialist cannot end it was
3:55 pm
if not already thus you are not serious thought the c.b.c. look a super istiklal it did was he not us there was let you go i support also of course . but i did not exist among deals the klugman does not get in there christmas does look good didn't want to do that it would be doing to our higher before must not wonder who sued to do the deal.
3:56 pm
with the f.s.a. and what i will and therefore would have got your. say and say ok i go. and look on the ferry and as i was forgetting. get out and they're going to cut. the. internet never have new and even let me guess again any law. can go about it over them in internet make a just music so you know when you go to the happy hour they took in the i have. a meeting they came in and you could use when you saw a joke in austria. and extrajudicial killings and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into our house because.
3:57 pm
i heard people shouting so for mosque men only their eyes and hair was showing. al-jazeera world his red eye witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p.l.o. figure. in a secret israeli operation assassination in tunis on al-jazeera. hello there plenty of showers and thunderstorms across central areas of brazil but also over the next 2 days we have got some rain showers much further to the south
3:58 pm
pushing to all sounds jago interventionists funds on its way towards what is areas such as if you later on monday but at the same time and they have the rain will be developing false. it could have some pretty have to down poles and it'll mean for a wet day in a sense you. the rain is back in the forecast the next couple of days into panama and across into costa rica could become quite heavy at times particularly along these coastal areas and then further to the all 3 florida and the southeast u.s. that is where the very heavy rain will be developing as we go through monday so more of those severe storms likely across much of the south the snow the cold air coming down across the northern plains but it has been pretty good in playing out across the pacific northwest these scenes coming out of the green that park in seattle washington if i can is staying pretty good as we go through sunday much of the west is fine and dry but it's a different story elsewhere the upper midwest you go a mix of rain and snow heavy at times and then in the south and it's very very warm and as we go through sunday and monday some very torrential downpours that could be
3:59 pm
severe thunderstorms and that does always mean the threat of tornadoes is very slow to clear a very messy day in the northeast on monday. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know steady trying to be but in the particular because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise leave the looking at another side of this story not from our information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact it's reality and we have to reach
4:00 pm
a lot exposing the 6 try for manipulating rhetoric and but they cannot manipulate the listening post your insight going to the media on al-jazeera. world war. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up the u.k. prime minister boris johnson in the last hour has been discharged from the hospital where he was in intensive care for corona virus. the u.s. now has the highest number of fatalities in the world having overtaken it today.


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