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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the news and current affairs that matter to. just. china announces the highest number of new covert 19 cases in weeks most of which it says are from infected travelers. hello i'm sam he's a dan this is out there live from coming up opec and other major oil producers make record cuts to output and the price was demand crashes due to corona virus. we don't want to die in the line of duty we just want to be protected say that we can
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do our job u.k. health care workers accuse the government of letting them down is the number of dead surpasses 10000. and we'll hear from some of those in russia who say the cuts in closures left health care system unable to cope. china has reported its highest number of new coronavirus cases know most 6 weeks authorities say 108 people were infected over the past day mostly travelers returning from abroad while that is a low number is adding to concerns of a possible 2nd wave of cases on the economic front all prices have risen after a major producers agreed to their biggest ever cut in output the world is oversupply because of a price war. between saudi arabia and russia and demand crashing because of corona
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virus but in the u.k. the death toll is supposed to 10000 and this prime minister bars johnson recovers after being released from hospital nurses and doctors say his government is failing to provide enough protective gear let's begin with china sara clark joins us live from hong kong so is this the unwelcome proof of a 2nd wave sarah. well certainly a rise in numbers as you mentioned the highest we've seen in 6 weeks 18108 new cases i should say reported from china's national health commission that's up from 99 the previous day but i should give you some background about where these particular cases have come from we've got most of these cases are reported in the north east of china in a province that borders russia and these are chinese citizens who are coming back in to china after being living or living abroad but certainly in russia but they're they describe as important cases but they are chinese nationals and they put in
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place a number of tough measures in this particular province known as the heilongjiang province this is a home to about 70000 people but they've got staying home orders are people being told to stay indoors they've actually sealed off the border to russia and that particular province by road but planes have still been able to be allowed back in or gatherings have been banned but train services have stopped and all health checks are now being put in place from those people coming back into china from russia but as we discussed before the numbers have been on a downward trend over some time and the numbers have been low when you compare them to other countries elsewhere the big questions about the calculations and the accuracy of some of these figures that have been coming out of china that we had the world health organization its prior praise china's handling of this outbreak and says it's hired china's speed of detecting the crime of virus outbreak but we've got a number of other countries that question the transparency from china about the infectiousness of the disease as well as the numbers in the figures and the total
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tally we have currently we've got the death toll from china since the coronavirus outbreak began back in january we got any 3343 which is certainly a low number when you compare it to other countries in the lights of the u.s. and europe and we've also got news of the auto industry in nearby south korea the latest to catch corona fever tell us what's happening. we're seeing more ongoing impacts on the economic front across asia but in particular on monday we have the likes of south korea a key which is one of the key come out of factories in that country it's now told its union and certainly its employees it employs about 53000 people it's told that they might have to consider suspending 3 of their carbon effect when plants not closing but simply considering suspending them for now and that's a response to the crown a virus outbreak and its impact on the exports from south korea to the likes of
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asia for us the us and europe and the unions to get to accept that but certainly the the share is a kid shares they fill when the markets opened on monday but south korea's exports not to the rest the world we've got the 1st month they've done that's been released from one of the major export nations and it shows that south korea's exports are tumbling we've got the exports for the 1st 10 days have fallen by 18.6 percent compared to the same period last year we also have the latest figures coming out of south korea $25.00 new cases of the creative arts in fiction and 3 d.s. and that's the 2nd time we've seen a fall below 30 since the calculations began from so much sarah clarke from hong kong. the world's largest oil producers have agreed to cut the biggest output cut in history prices rose on the news but gains were limited because of doubts the move will be enough to stabilize energy markets ravaged by coronavirus shala ballasts reports. on pickett called his abandoned in vienna in
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stede the group and its allies meet virtually remotely agreeing to cut global oil production by the largest amount in history 10000000 barrels a day that's about a 10 percent reduction. oil producing nations agreed to the cut last week mexico wouldn't sign refusing to drop its output so our lawyer president trump weighed in the united states in discussions with mexico saudi arabia russia. dealing with opec nations. we are trying to get mexico as the expression goes over the barrel trump then offered to reduce us production further to make up for mexico conscious that loyal prices could be terminal for america's shell industry. he tweeted sunday the big oil deal with opec plus is done this will save hundreds of thousands of energy jobs in the united states
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there are $10000000.00 jobs associated with this shell industry in the united states and that's so huge constituency for president trump president trump doesn't need any more job losses in the last 3 weeks alone we've seen 17000000 jobs lost because of the. global demand for oil has evaporated by around 30 percent to zuko that 19 planes are grounded streets deserted and just as the virus forced entire nations into hibernation saudi arabia exacerbated the imbalance ramping up its oil output in a bid to northcott's picture rival russia out of the market the glass seemed to us benchmark west texas intermediate promising from $63.00 a barrel in january to $20.00 a barrel in late march and more than 2 decades lower we see this as really a monumental achievement i mean if you told us we're going to half ago that saudi
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arabia russia you know it states we're going to come together to forge and agreements to cut 10000000 barrels a day and that actually was more for the market i think most people would believe that. but pulling prices back to profitability may still they need months off even with the biggest oil cut in history there's still an oversupply or the numbers are i popping the decrease it's perhaps not enough and when the outlines of the deal was announced on thursday after an initial spike prices actually fell produces banking that of countries stick to the deal or oil will be back as a wanted commodity in 2021 shallow ballasts 0. a 100 is vice president of crude for obvious media price reporting agency for the energy industry joins us live from tokyo good to have you with us or so 1st of all do you think this climb in prices is going to last will it continue
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if we consider that oil that oil inventories are going to keep pricing because the opec cuts are smaller than you know just a 3rd of the actual drop in demand that we've seen as a result of the pandemic actually we should expect prices to resume their drop quite swiftly into the 2nd quarter tensional e sending the price of dog down to $10.00 per barrel or even lower which is the price at which the u.s. production and the shale producers texas and new mexico are actually forced to cut down output because it's no longer profitable to keep pumping out those prices because it's below their operating costs right there's a lot in your answer to unpack let me start with will this at the very least then put a floor under the the price crash and given what you said is that $10.00
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a barrel now what we're looking at instead of the previous forecasts which they well they could even go into a minus. it's likely that the brant price braintree presenting the benchmark for crisis in europe and somehow the middle east that's well connected to dubai price is that that will not fall last march but the price of dog duty i asked the benchmark for u.s. production we checked thanks to the economics of the shale patch in the us will have to grow up significantly to trigger those production costs because otherwise oil is going to keep flowing and we in the absence of any significant recovery in demand storage may be full by the end of may so before then we have to see that deep contraction in prices to make about the book total number that a lot of us you can put
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a number on it for me what what is the floor right now that we're looking at well a potentially $10.00 per barrel for w.t.r. all right will this deal hole together a lot of people were dragged to it kind of kicking and screaming one of coronavirus shares ocean to life for months 6 months as you know some of the ready worst case scenarios predict just a month ago in the previous opec meeting russia walked away because it didn't want to cut $200.00 or 300000 barrels per day now russia has committed to 10 times as march 2 and a half 1000000 barrels per day there is a lot of skepticism that the russian government might unify all the individual independent private producers to cap their production to achieve those $2500000.00 barrels per day so there's a lot of there are lots of questions about whether that oil will actually be taken
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out of the market and whether compliance will even reach the 50 percent that was reached in the nischelle stages or the previous opec cut or i thank you very much a 100 or about a host of. thank you so u.k. prime minister barak johnson says he owes his life to the doctors and nurses who treated him in intensive care for corona virus but health workers say their lives are being put at risk because johnson's government is failing to provide them with enough protective gear and the hayward reports. britain's prime minister boris johnson left hospital to continue his recovery at his country residence he was discharged after a week 3 nights of which he spent in intensive care i have today left hospital after a week in which the n.h.s. has saved my life no question it's hard to find words to express my day he paid tribute to those who looked after him. i've seen the personal courage not
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just of the doctors the nurses but of everyone the cleaners the cooks the health care workers of every description physios radiograph was pharmacists who kept coming to work kept putting themselves in harm's way kept risking this deadly virus the number of people who died in hospitals after being infected with the coronavirus in the u.k. has now surpassed more than 10000 the u.k. government says record amounts of personal protection equipment is in the system but staff treating the sick say there are still vulnerable i'm sorry if ministers feel that they have supplied adequate p.p. to n.h.s. staff but that's simply not the case of what we are experiencing on the ground and it just don't want to be seen as heroes we're not martyrs and we don't want to die in the line of duty we just want to be protected so that we can do our job across europe people are grappling with this crisis the number of deaths in spain rose
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again after a few days of dropping slightly no wonder then that there's no letup in efforts to try to stop the spread of the virus and corona virus is stalking frances care homes killing some of its residents care workers here face a grim task trying to reassure the living while dealing with the deaths. at the paris funeral homes and private funeral homes are completely overwhelmed so it means that some corpses stay 34 days in the bed. on the bedroom floor. this weekend should have been one of coming together to many families and friends tomorrow easter instead many of europe's capitals are empty the landmarks deserted the churches closed the pope delivered his easter mass in a much scaled down service at the vatican $100000.00 people usually gather in st peter's square to listen to the remains the epicenter of europe's coronavirus
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outbreak other places though feeling the full force of this human disaster and he would al jazeera still ahead in the news. we continue to plead for more testing still has not come any anywhere near the numbers that we need. a cry for help from the mayor of new york the epicenter of the spiraling u.s. outbreak. we take you to latin america where one country used the holiday to expand coronavirus testing. hello the long easter weekend isn't quite over and the sun is still out but it's about to be a change of weather type this it doesn't look is an active cold front it will drop temperatures by quite a lot let's take berlin example for example on sunday 23 by monday 10 tuesday 10
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and look at the light time to sit down to freezing it does warp again but we have to wait until thursday for that but of course it won't just be broadly in every where really in central europe will see this drop in terms of anything up to 10 maybe 15 degrees with a belt of rain on the front itself and quite a strong wind least for a time coming through the low countries into germany and at the same time spain and portugal and for time southern france will see the blue stuff which in this case of course is significant right it remains miserable for iraq but it's about time we get to choose a bit more in the way of sunshine the rain by this time is still in cold enough air to give some snow i think in the balkans on the higher ground and the wind has died down in northern germany so we are action that is basically over iberia where it still shows on shore breeze and cody starts the day in a good part of morocco particular high ground with temps is held in the teens and this is still also quite a breeze dancer egypt through zoo time and towards chat where the engine is still
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40 degrees. perception is validation only want to be seen but in one light we cannot see everything but we rely on experiences of. the legacies of previous generations. i think testimony we've got you know very little . with. documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our top stories now china has recorded more than 100 new infections its highest in 6 weeks most came from people arriving from overseas but no new cases have been reported in a province where the outbreak was 1st detected on the economic front all prices have risen after major producers agreed to their biggest ever output current world is oversupply because of a price war between saudi arabia and russia as well as demand crashing from corona virus. in the u.k. the number of reported deaths caused by the virus is past 10000 prime minister boris johnson has been released from hospital after spending 3 nights in intensive care thanked doctors and hospital workers for saving his life. now to the us where is the sundays been less of a celebration and more of a time to reflect on most 560000 have been infected more than
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22000 have died in the epicenter new york the mayor is demanding more help from washington john hendren reports from chicago. across the u.s. it was largely silent easter as millions of american christians celebrated their risen savior in a nation that has fallen on hard times the empty tomb the risen christ. i bring all this up because we hear plenty about emptiness these days. thanks to the dreaded pandemic. in the nation that on friday recorded more coronavirus cases than any other and on saturday tallied more deaths no state has suffered more than new york home to one in 3 u.s. coronavirus deaths new york city's mayor has blunt words for washington do more we
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pleaded for weeks and weeks for the federal government provide testing upfront in the kind of quantity that could have helped us contain this crisis and change the whole course of that we never got that help we continue to plead for more testing but on a day when virus cases and deaths reached yet another grim milestone the governor of new york state saw signs of hope a lot of pain a lot of suffering. but also when things are at their worst sometimes people are at their best and sometimes just when you need it people can really show you how great they can be. in illinois the governor sees hope of a plateau when the virus is stratospheric rise i've spoken before about a stabilizing or a bending of the curve and today is one more piece of evidence that it may indeed be happening the percent of those tested that came up positive is almost exactly
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the same as it has been for the last 2 weeks and the death toll today is lower than it has been in 6 days. easter sunday was the day president originally set for american businesses to go back to work but that date is common to congo when other major cities are still on lockdown as soon as that can happen now would be may 1st and a lot of experts have their doubts about that we're looking at may 1st obviously we want that to happen as soon as possible i can't predict at this point because as i said things are happening very rapidly according to the head of the u.s. institute of allergy and infectious diseases fewer americans might have died had the government moved earlier. on a day when many american celebrated together that separately people are hungry during these times reports 1st for the presence of god to see people told to go it
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was a religious holiday fraught with perhaps more meaning than it's had in years john hendren and you 0 chicago. italy is ordered about $150.00 migrants on to a quarantine ship they were 1st rescued by a german charity vessel. but they've been refused access to italy's holds over fears of corona virus infections and migrants mainly from africa and the middle east along to go health checks but no decision has been made about their final destination italy has banned all charity about until at least july the 31st now turkey's president got to talk about it the wind has rejected his interior minister's resignation. you tried to quit after enforcing a 48 hour curfew a short notice the lockdown sparked panic buying in major cities and has since been lifted thousands of people flooded shops many without wearing mandatory face masks nearly 2000 people have died from the virus in turkey nearly 57000 cases have been
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confirmed. russia is facing a shortage of beds and doctors after years of medical layoffs and hospital demolitions many fear the decision to save money could have a serious impact on covert patients the boston reports. this is one of 3 major infectious diseases hospitals in moscow a city of nearly 13000000 people 2 of its buildings were recently demolished when the covert 19 pandemic had already started last year moscow's mayor announced that a new hospital will be built here but it's unclear when. genco has for years protested against health care cuts. i think what's happened here is a crime and maybe prosecutors should look into it i want to officially demand that prosecutors should get involved and find out why it needs to pandemic they demolish one of the major centers in moscow to could packer late some statistics show that
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nearly half of all hospitals have been closed nationwide here in this video opposition figure ilyushin estimates 60 hospitals were closed in moscow alone the government calls it optimize ation of health care merging hospitals are turning them into poorly clinics in an effort to be more cost effective but experts say in reality there's often meant closing them down this hospital was close in 2015 and an estimated 400 medical workers lost their jobs or even if they didn't close a hospital we could have received 570 patients that's how many beds we had officially i'm an infection ist this profession has its own specifics we know how to follow an anti epidemiological regime there were no cases of into hospital infection and our hospital. medical workers around russia have been complaining about the lack of protective equipment and the heavy workload they are facing
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working with grown up patients yes lisa truss the same happens us what we see. in the south of europe we can fail to cope even in moscow i don't know how the situation will develop it's impossible to predict but this teaches that you can't sort loosely reform the health care system you should think what the consequences might be what risks appear as a result of it. mosco authorities have not responded to our requests for comment a new infectious diseases hospital is rapidly being built outside the capital and extra bets have been added to existing hospitals but medical experts say ditto spittles lead to specialist 19 patients need they fear these measures might not be enough when russia reaches its peak of the epidemic step fasten al-jazeera checking some of the other world news now the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan is welcomed the release of prisoners by the afghan government and taliban called it an important step in the peace process about 100
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taliban prisoners were released and on sunday the afghan taliban released 20 government prisoners so part of an agreement with the u.s. the handover happened in the province libya's internationally recognized government has ordered airstrikes targeting waldgrave for half the forces the strikes struck the cities of sodom and west of the capital tripoli after us forces have been trying to capture the capital and overthrow the government there for the past year . easter sunday celebrations have been disrupted by powerful tornadoes that carved a path of destruction through several southern u.s. states at least 6 people were killed and about 13 twisters swept through mississippi the governor has declared a state of emergency storms also destroyed hundreds of buildings and caused power blackouts in parts of louisiana texas and alabama. as we've heard this the sunday
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celebrations around the world were muted because of the pandemic latin america at the loose in new and reports on how hard hit nations across the region mark the important religious event. in haiti the government has ordered a total lockdown but in the capital of the western hemisphere's poorest country some catholics ventured outside to the shuttered gates of this catholic church to hear the easter sunday service not everyone had internet to listen to the mass online so it probably wasn't for coronavirus the church would be full of people there wouldn't be room for all of us today is the day of jesus' resurrection a great victory over death and it is fundamental to christianity others could not be consoled them for women were still up in the morning we are seeing the end of the world so why can't we put our hands together and pray we can't great each other it's the end of the world the end of times. throughout latin america home to more
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than 40 percent of the world's roman catholics millions renounced tradition in the name of public health where they could catholics watched religious services online most of them risky. we have to find a way to be close to the people and thanks to the willingness and inspiration of title we could do this to our social media. while churches remained empty mexico's health officials use the public holiday to finally begin wider testing for cold 19 the death toll is growing rapidly and just as in brazil mexico's president had under played the severity of the pandemic many are praying that not only will they and their loved ones survive this new virus but also its economic impact in a region that was already in trouble before the pan in a report issued on easter sunday by the world bank the forecast for this year is grim. in argentina brazil and mexico for sees a negative g.d.p.
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of 5 to 6 percent and even higher for some caribbean islands. all this is an estimate the peak of the pandemic is still weeks away which is why the news whale has extended its nationwide lockdown until april 30th in argentina and through until april 26th. by contrast here in chile the government has decided to reopen communities in the capital on monday that will quarantined for only 2 weeks despite a stern warning by the deadly h o know to relax isolation measures to suit the sea and human al-jazeera santiago now is performing for huge crowds around the world but on the sunday and the rebel cherry sang to an empty cathedral millions watched online as the tally and 10 all performed his music for hope concert in the famous dumas in milan.
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haw. it's. law. and let's take a look at some of the stories we're following here on al-jazeera china has recorded more than 100 new infections the highest in 6 weeks most came from people arriving from overseas but no new cases have been reported by a province where the outbreak was 1st detected sarah clarke has more from hong kong . most of these cases are reported in the north east of china in a province that borders russia and these are chinese citizens who are coming back
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in to china after being living or living abroad but certainly in russia but they're being described as important cases but they are chinese nationals and they put in place a number of tough measures in this particular province known as the heilongjiang province this is a home to about 70000 people but they've got to stay at home orders are people being told to stay indoors they've actually sealed off the border to russia so on the economic front of oil prices have risen after major producers agreed to their biggest ever output cart the world is oversupply because of a price war between saudi arabia and russia the man has been crashing to from coronavirus in the u.k. the number of reported deaths caused by the virus is a past 10000 i missed the bars johnson has been released from hospital after spending 3 nights in intensive care thank doctors and health care workers for saving his life. italy has ordered about 150 migrants on to a quarantine ship they were 1st rescued by
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a german charity vessel the system but they've been refused access to italy's ports over fears of coronavirus infections migrants mainly from africa and the middle east turkey's president of egypt over as well as rejected his interior minister's resignation tried to quit after enforcing a 48 hour curfew at short notice the long down sparked panic buying in major cities have since been lifted thousands of people flooded shops many without wearing mandatory face masks libya's internationally recognized government has ordered airstrikes targeting warlord holly for half those forces the strikes struck the cities of some brother and saddam and west of the capital tripoli after those forces have been trying to recapture the capital. those are your headlines we're back at the top of the hour we'll leave you now with inside story so stay with us the u.s. is always of interest to people all around the world this is been going on for
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a number of dollars with tear gas being used. in the recent international perspective to try to clean clothes in the audience how this could impact their lives this is an important part of the world and how does it is very good news to the world. as corona virus spreads worldwide some medical equipment is in short supply even in developed countries and in some airports shipments are reported to have been hijacked so how is that hampering the fight against the pandemic this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey they cost less than a dollar masks or so scarce are being snatched up during the kobe $1000.00 pandemic .


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