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tv   Peace And War The View From Russia  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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pack they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. oh and taylor not in the top stories on his ear the french president has extended the coronavirus lockdown in his country for another month in minority mccall said the country still needs to build its capacity to test every citizen with symptoms donna got this come on in the false hospitals a saturated everywhere in france in the french overseas territories the system is under strain there and the epidemic is not yet under control so we must continue our efforts and continue to respect the rules the more they are respected the more lives that we saved that is why the strictest lockdown must continue until monday
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may the 11th but elsewhere in europe restrictions are beginning to be eased as countries say they've turned the tide on the outbreak dominic kane reports monday at this mood red building site means a return to work after weeks in lockdown because in this and a few other sectors of the economy the toughest restrictions have been lifted some spanish politicians say now is not the time to relax the vigilance even to this small extent and in most other regards the existing lockdown will remain in place for much of the next 2 weeks in italy a small number of stationery shops book shops and children's clothing stores can reopen from choose day because here the number of new infections remains considerably lower than joining the worst days last month but as in spain the mortality rate remains high the point pope francis referred to in his easter monday address at the vatican. orgy. of recorded arctic on
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during this easter week i would like to remember with closeness and affection all the countries strongly affected by the coronavirus some with large numbers of infected and in a special way italy night to this day spain france the list is long. and may soon grow longer latest figures from russia show the infection and mortality rates are on a steep up with curve readers when mr. as we can see the situation is changing almost every day unfortunately it's not changing for the better the number of infected people increases and there are more to be cases as well the upcoming weeks will largely be decided that means that all are actually including prevention measures should be optimized. here in germany the abundance of intensive care and wide scale testing has helped to keep the mortality rate much lower than in much of
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the rest of europe which explains why some politicians now want to relax the restrictions here so as to reduce the economic damage as much as possible because some projections suggest that in this quarter alone the economy may shrink while most 10 percent if the lock downs are to he said we should get the 1st news of it on wednesday when angela merkel will discuss the problem with the prime ministers of the 16 german states dominic kane al-jazeera berlin the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will only end once a vaccine has been developed officials warn that jeanette's transmission is halted the disease could be reintroduced to countries which have contained it ahead of the body also says countries should only consider lifting up downs if they have the right public health measures in place. the way down is march slower than the way up the to means control measures must be lifted slowly and with kontrol
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it cannot happen all at once controlled measures can only be lifted if the right public of the measures are in place including significant capacity for contact tracing. rockets have been fired at residential areas in libya's capital tripoli by forces loyal to warlord holly for have to. attack comes after the internationally recognized government we took 3 cities in the rival administration in the past 24 hours of footage appears to show fighters on the streets a separate or which received along with so man and that. is the top stories stay with us and i was there peace and war the view from russia is next i have more news for you after that story. earth.
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was more than a shooting at supper them used to be with. still musial you put a muesli is composed mostly of she. was supposed to shim you kind of. this night but sheesh this was some kind of the mean voice and still to me no it's . to peace. this is the muslim solution he's going to seize consider this to you can't you. should just.
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boys you've told me to cause him to disown the islam again yet i see. you can i am much. poisonings cross to war us cyber and financial interference in us and european elections support of syrian president assad. this is the view from all sides russia which scandalized this international opinion but from visiting russia these are mia details all so much more frightening domestic and international scenarios. kills a girl and i want to explore what influential russians feel about this. international perception of russia and what the consequences of this could mean. russians
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especially in the capital moscow have adopted the european way of life they feel part of europe but for now russian government is in a deadlock with the west. as a journalist and writer specializing in our history in politics it has never felt more important to understand these tensions since russia's annexation of crimea we have headed towards a new cold war. russia has support a separatist fighters in the eastern ukraine. is accused of tampering with the us a lecture. and of poisoning a former secret agent in a british country town. within russia there is a white range of opinion on these events but the official position is the opposite of the west and here. deputy foreign minister sergei volkov deals with the russian west and relationship 1st hand. together says she's up us leave me
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good for this i see a loss up there with over the girls a girl they're going to someone who hasn't been any kind of michelin is dealing. with i see if yes i would be you might. not serving as chairman good in the pre-show my. good dog or the email and those. in to me room in the. media. mcguckin at night because there are noise not i was in the cool of the bus you must be a cliche idealist creepily. doesn't the suspect was one with. the americans you were near to not know which it was written but got to meet new people stated we issue we should be seeing applause rates those are some. who gave us to my view of national because we would come to a deal with. jungle we had he was muslim. no at the
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crania she would snap a strain yeah at the most privileged people no problem but it's just a shame that i she's going to probably. will be at 9000000 this year and usually pretty clear after the for tea party cheek you know with at the hoover he would in the top marginal so. in the diplomatic action like oh wait. he. removed the police for this sure you should get excuse again you silly me and there was no stress you good was in the middle didn't you put it could it. be you would have been the stooge chima would not have to tell you was me but then and then since she's rolling at the most you just could honestly york's most primitive past you. not only
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other new tensions but all the diplomatic victories between the 2 superpowers are coming undone. russia blames the usa for withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty while the usa accuses russia of doing the same with its intimidate range and you claim asylum the night am $7.00 to $8.00 russia has jeopardized the united states security interests and we can no longer be respected by the treaty while russia shamelessly violates it we can't be put at the just advantage of going by a treaty limiting what we can do what somebody else doesn't help but that training . must turn you over to this they're going to see english not their exposure to be with you more likely to be released just because i've been there seen yet i see a motion just like it was a. the gold the boys saying the ocean not ocean no more the.
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the same with the edge. but it. has a past. in the war of words and images the state own channel russia today is the kremlin's response to what is perceived as dominant western media. its editor in chief is margarita simonyan. yeah. the substance. of shares their basement when you my. us store there was meant to live the interest in the south where you got to train your admission is up to the. government a reason this is a look at america are. you one of those. was wasn't. more work held their way and i must receive up to them on the bill like
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these business. is besides to those english for me to. absolutely believe me to you don't complain you will give advice to i mean us they had a strapped around their little pink isn't it i mean you can hide it. me you were the shim equally bad to me when you being a mediocre immovably got over with a solution to me. that was the most and we didn't. get one vote. but if the bill istana i talk national experience on what the court as i say you must you should only report the piece of paper which. the roots of today's tensions can be found in russia's threesome history. presidents gorbachev and reagan start of the process of dismantling the iron curtain. me as office and as you say i don't
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see any threat for us from the west for the troops withdrew from is to europe peacefully they were dismantling their own bio it was the end of the cold war years of isolation and separation from the west were at and then the berlin wall fell to jubilation in the west. boris yeltsin russia's 1st elected leader transformed the country from the one party is for the system to multi-party democracy. so what went wrong. way the west treated russia would play a powerful role in the course the country would follow my good friend alexander bono expert of the carnegie moscow center has been considering these issues for a long time. so we ask you so you. or them glum by the medical man not the one in on the i just the national. income
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behind your watch that option more than you bitch. and going yeah because of dollars i trash you see. there's one nurse says. anything near seriousness simply things that doesn't your mom. dr sandy. says jungle started. just to prove bush north of there was that i mean what. at that even though. sources jim's much company grow you know. what my a time machine that i shipped over to an admission is going to smart that you're only a. little know when you're in the cross hall thing and that we're going to get right on the only we scott you would talk. more with national. and what africa speech from america speech and then the creation speech with the
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pledge buttons he looked like she did the copy. the road to capitalism was sudden and shocking for the vast majority of the russian population . not going to. believe me. today we're a fully fledged capitalist country but the tide is turning back to state control this is alpha bank one of the only top banks in moscow that is still privately owned. alexa so if the vice chairman of the board was the deputy prime minister in the yeltsin era i'd like to go is she just the. thought if i want that of i'm in the. medical. school board thought that the way it was absolutely if that is the. new mom.
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too. dunham's for machines who knew the torah. was a wall or a sheet that your shit was now there i'm always granted he was free there were always around to the number one news possible stranger macwrite you are a she is what they are not or to bloomberg news you can image you speak you forgot option some more new period did you just lean you told me to roll you see a priest who she knew it would be will do. the tree in brazil you would. buy his 2nd election boris yeltsin was struggling to maintain his popularity while communist party leader gennady zyuganov was getting ever more supporters it's widely believed that the elections were manipulated to save russia's democratic
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experiment from failing. russia's real patients of which are. group. or. your system god will be used to the horde or as we choose so. you call us cheapish we took their shoes when used to. chew washington heights you're not old there is always a bit remind you mukherjee of the blues just you know what goes into so what you do sloan you pretty ugly knowing him to watch. or. know we are now. your ship ocean from them and you won't hurt us and we should use it. at the end of yeltsin's 2nd term he appointed a successor who has become very popular in russia but who is no disillusioned with the west yet if. you are here.
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for graham. uncited bureau of your. bad idea by build up bars. where the bear but i see like you never know where your memory board. became simply by your need to call us to dumas cause all but it's new college because i want to be received as all. the news because all you need is yours you sure to chile it was for us you dropped the reform was going to be too. which would be a short rescue doc occlude should be but a story. but
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ima put in is no excuse for film of office he's still popular and he's edited to the west has only hardened. russian society though is divided in its attitudes to the west. of the we teach you scum. discourse rest see. the hmong but hoarded by those nearly money starts in some ways they actually mean some west in the me i deal in the near. east just to list it. is was more than it was a total business loan and with the message that your son doesn't even would be at the bar what was up about why would somebody. even with those i start to slowly cannot it isn't it because my checklist and the. you know you don't even think. of my hue from iraq or the dilemma as which is scary adults nearly words
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that are mildly dust oily strongly carlos' are not this does not a mildly of the royals the way or the go to their family star noir the total media made by at eco pollution she was there with interests of the russian aesop's ebook about yourselves and russian eally should connect beyrle mr dawson i would say in your simple it's just very good deal we see. a sheer substance a. sheley e a she of those that are way outside at it she was the mr it's a dumb backward to that idea that no new person to believe in nothing you believe because literally little do so any pretty much the gotta look at it it has had some as they are to. the ability to scoot option one as this that would push them would all of us question yes they're still in it but it's going to come back a dissertation against honestly scoundrels that we know by sheer dumb resonate across the horizon and probably a movement in us there's a diversion in order sure of news new political initiatives the mother's name would
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crush. my old university teachers the diplomats of tomorrow. these logos were here in my day. when i started and thought here it was a more liberal time. these students will have to cope with a new era of mistrust. the rector of the university is also chair of the board of channel one russia's most popular channel controlled by the state and i'm told they're going off is also a former ambassador. he should still get up or i see example this me almost like he's going to his ease a girl of some cars a convenience store up at the nearby humid place when you used to go to war with iraq we look at. michigan as the bush war with russia it was up at the
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windows up with the bush. so are you. going to go we're suddenly into slaves that idea. the 1st threat to russia sphere of influence was the move of some former soviet republics towards the west. disputed elections in georgia led to mass protests and the selection of a young western educated lawyer as president. i believe that nato would benefit. with georgia being a member of nato and i think georgia would benefit. a year later a pro western leader kim to barbara in the ukraine. bearing stone in latvia lithuania mania slovakia and slovenia.
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time and again they have demonstrated their desire and ability to defend freedom against its enemies. and now it is time to make him allies by treaty. nato absorb 7 members of the all full of it alliance georgia and the ukraine who are in the queue to join them. at a security conference in munich buddha clearly sets out his resistance to the direction things are taking. this will remain at the heart of his foreign policy until the present day today actually does when you know him or at napoleon and their mother did you do it can you believe what you have shown us in motion your slow in your even. my longest really buzzing pseudonymity isn't it an issue an option when you meet kenya's democracy but i want to immigrate to the disease not unless the bushes throughout. egypt of human evolution. would be.
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globally visible just. getting precious to look at the near of even your widening assume from your ruby ridge but those who wish to go or not. something was up in the. old man's obsession younger voters got lighter which. a crime. which. one could also with the shit you preach antigun that is god or store or company one post if she wasn't a. huge get. stuck ready. i thought it was speech was very aggressive but i'm president putin's comments were quite provocative give a follow up think of what they're actually disappoint. in 2013 european leaders
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met to discuss a future association agreement with the ukraine. like them americans they didn't consider that russia had any place at the negotiating table so should leave you by your style if you're going to score the potential loss of logic in your post. to go order. so soon to be used if he were to so use them which according to you this is cooper says those are sweeping a thorough across the globe should call them we're going to them scioto at the list of must surely be to see the i.c. system. she had with me at the post but. it only serves your goodness i should post his deceased be my own since it is soulless. is insidious all those good little politically spoke with those of us in the fucked up mo because in tucson for a bilateral agreement between you peon union and great. yes should be no
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trilateral for. the times of limited sovereignty over in europe. most life president again of course each had to return to power and refused to sign the european agreement. unfortunately we did not manage on these occasions to sign a necessary sion agreement the offer of signing the most ambitious agreement european union has ever offered to a nonmember state is still under. credence came out in large numbers to protest the failure of the criminal. court but at.
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the protest last to several months until in february rioters clashed with police resulting in dozens of fate teletubbies and thousands of injuries. present yet of course flair marks the end of strong russian influence in kiev. weeks later russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms. rived in crimea and installed themselves at the airport train stations and administration buildings. rendon was a hastily called by moscow the people voted to rejoin russia the russians had taken over crimea in the east in the ukraine referendums were also held much fighting erupted between separatists and ukrainian forces and. russia is accused of supporting the separatists militarily which he denies despite overwhelming evidence was.
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planted. the fighting in the eastern ukraine the don't pass is ongoing and there is a strong indication in countless testimonies that official russian forces were involved. the west has responded by introducing sanctions against russia for violating the sovereignty of the ukraine if the russian leadership stays on its current course together we will ensure that this isolation deepens. sanctions will expand and the toll on russia's economy as well as its standing in the world. will only increase. since these events in crimea and the ukraine the relationship between russia and the west seems to have been irreparably damaged.
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if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. there are people in the world who want all forms of verification to just go away so we need people fighting against us we are trying to see if it's a fake video may be in syria but in a different time they risk a great deal to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been told to 5 cyber attacks from russia they're all dangerous and through this conflict barely kept. troops in the post truth work and are now just 0. man mine is on trial from rape to genocide the government stands accused of committing atrocities against their own injured people . want to one has to investigate on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. i don't know entire in london the top stories or knowledge is here the french president has extended the coronavirus lockdown in his country for another month in one year in my course had the country still needs to build its capacity to test every citizen with symptoms only got this come on in the false hospitals a saturated everywhere in france in the french overseas territories the system is under strain on the epidemic is not yet under control so we must continue our efforts and continue to respect the rule the more they are respected the maldives will be saved but why the strictest lockdown must continue until monday may the
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11th. but controls are being lifted in other parts of europe after some success in controlling the virus some spanish factory and construction workers were allowed to return to work after the number of deaths began to fall number of deaths in italy topped 20000 on monday but the day to day increase was one of the lowest in weeks. the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will only end once a vaccine has been developed officials warn that unless transmission is halted the disease could be reintroduced to countries which have contained it the head of the body also says countries should only consider lifting lockdowns if they have the right public health measures in place the way down is march slower than the way up the to means control measures must be lifted slowly and we've gone through all it cannot happen all at once controlled measures can only be lifted if the right
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public and the measures are in place including significant capacity for contact through sea the governor of new york says the worst of the outbreak is over in his state which had been the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak andrew cuomo said the virus could be contained if control measures were kept in place but the top u.s. health official says the national peak is still to be hit this week areas of the libyan capital tripoli have been shelled after a fight back from the un recognized government fighters loyal to the government of national accord earlier we took 3 cities from the ward highly for hafta trips to the cities on the coast between tripoli and the tunisian border following airstrikes do stay with us peace and war the view from russia continues next hour news hour for you straight out of that trolley that if you can't. relations between russia and the west have never been as tense since they ended the cold war. the
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fighting in the eastern ukraine is ongoing and after 5 years there are 13000 deaths and 30000 wounded. as a result the west has imposed harsher and harsher sanctions on russia's businesses abuse assume some super merely. various television he was due to stall i mean sure we're just we're just we're coming here stalin got to get. the premier bunkers because he was responsible for q. but it was just that you. just lost on us we hear. bush at oscars last almost long as well so while. we were she's trying to find would we be a really good thing is missional. was because she when you've been
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a mild the czar leave this whole dispute with you to me penske leading a number of roads cut us quickly up when you might join in you've been you might at any point in my own store you know we up with the ring and i see you see your was which were as he's going i would have us a machine here so absolutely didn't you see all the bits of the horse that would lead to fall you just are going to particularly i want to talk about them stuart i'm sorry can i me just get through mr anytime someone did not splattered or cuckoo so he has eaten of one solution which in its own 3000000 celebrate an unusual school class because of a national the muslim holy god of shelters for me being why shouldn't she and that's up to the store and you know god's will to predict which in which country 3 iota goes in is me throw open the genius in that chair. to. i mean most of us used to an assertion of a little in that history but the woman. still has less to throw into the womb when
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used with measuring us to be consistent with the. 3 years before sanctions were imposed russians came out in force to protest against what they said were rigged elections and government corruption. the. opposition politician alexei navalny led the movement. of. the damage to our chest to what is opposed but is don't get us alexina bali was prevented from taking part in the presidential elections in 2008 but continues his work to getting the corruption of the president's closest associates and has a popular you tube channel with a large following in months young russians and the bottles of someone who own those as i'm sure. in the stance you bring him up above that i see all.
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of you have not seen you with which of the new you have a new or not so new top chastain i see school. that the little hardly. absolutely new that there's going to put you in we have a show of political corruption as most well not all the others going to see me in a year the years of what i see post i am the your views are severe should not push for new movies this week on the. new guy called sonia because it was. good it was just. a jaws in the. ocean but he may have got that cock do it of a young guy do what i seem to. i do that. is me. by lead to go for my me and. just style up willy
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fine yet not. in yeah would have left it out of the release of a couple to put your jewels up on the post and yet i bought it miracle it ended not quite a lucky one so a little survivor sure people she was with us it's beautiful vicki vine out of you for all this these some while you what i groom they're going to get as they do look but keep it in the political scene when you know where the person is listed up to what. which of them a great speaker came to back you met him prattle. the question is has none of us got totally doesn't got along got to lose not. soon yet near yes. is that misguided and it is short years later would know what machine year. there were question you superstar live dollars that are not of miley grassman you're. not a miley businessman there. are some grammys you know what. i
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snore which is clear voice to be new conservative what is room with. me bullshit it's illusions are quite silly. and so nobody gets to eat. the book pretty soon the gun use the previous to close up of the post of this is. russia still businessmen are close to the president several are on the us and european sanctions . charke a former presidential candidate in 2008 t.v. is part of the russian elite. the father until the soft charge was a leading liberal mayor of some but his group in the early years of russian democracy he was also put his boss. he died in 1918. c. . i see that i was up which i. don't wish to die i knew when you
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watched the me i was the one the from now you give france the key to achieve this from his point there in your home i just think that we've got to watch the last they did to bush it's a little package bomb on the hudson when the mighty will. get that i need not come for my god i'm sure not polluted you must but that's the back with your point. which you know sure still soaps. garc one is meal so they sit with. them in a low yes you used to go for her glove the enemy of the young blood was everywhere here to us to meow the newest the no one statement the severity it's there me see on the chaise which i haven't got that had to be a thing is that i seen one shell said some little some at the most in the by the by
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younger so this got on the most because there was a full. dust in the machine can you keep. us the was the only one was would still. live a sell out of touch with the reality. of the new toy story and. what they. talked . to me about the one. thing that doesn't want to hear. much about them and eisenstadt once the toys you meet it goes into the soul of islam again yet i see news instead of following you but i was trying to. become i mean just you would lay me to swap what i see you i need you know what i see. the more. you would me at the bottom with probably a minute but i think the more there's a good chance staal know about that new fluids it could sort of block the stone. and you want. me to the chest and i seize can be equal. i got.
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to the joint by yes. so. really it's. in 2010 protests have broken out across the middle east leading to the fall of governments in tunisia egypt and libya. the people of libya today are inspiring the people in tehran. in damascus and even in beijing and moscow they continue to inspire the world and let people know that even the worst dictators can be overthrown and replaced by freedom and democracy. what should the fate of libya's gadhafi buton drew conclusions regarding u.s. foreign policy we didn't. used to but it was the way it worked with nuclear nukes
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the. and here's a list the old junior grade you will still probably and you conveniently she was received with a white suit. on. restraints smellers all se. but i'm glad he did consciously people racially when you go into the period of always is a good thing to do them in america because training of muck about with the police study habits of trust in your team a good each school cool no need to look you've missed by the normal daily 35 mil of . achieve them. russia wanted to avoid regime change in syria and has backed her ally president assad since the beginning of the war she brought in her air and land troops into 1015 proving that she was back on the world stage ready for combat.
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but i see here are the. body we still don't. get is my notice that it was night but you more than. you would usually. but i will. leave this year. but i just don't know how is that matters it's got there it is what it. is delia that i share. with leslie's to please her usual person you will do more than will be his visit. for you this pretty mirror of known. position you've got about.
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using your chest. yeah. specially here are some. good support. which is just. pushed the stock up a good job so again a war for. prosecutors from the c.b.s. counterterrorism division have concluded to charge alexander pancho on president bashir off to a russian nationals with the following offenses conspiracy to murder that said guy
11:45 pm
square full attempted murder of sir guy squiggle you scum possession of not a joke contrary to the chemical weapons act and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to you yes cripple and nick bailey. resumed almost 3 aboard the pacific but across the world. there are. all the fish crew or. is there. any of us aboard. for a bit of work on this i mean you're going to go up to europe on this new moon you. believe that. it's not just in the west that this story isn't believed but also by some in russia. that we did lead most of this mission or you have nobody me i'm not
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just yet just throw out of the challenge you know is that our screen you're still my. stopwatch from the study just come sit in now and you stumble across the most which is a message in a human do it was and you might say you don't do it and what their own looks like it came to spits at bureaucrats. doesn't use the muscles tense and huge that got here i c's gets to live with the stigma newkirk you got it was sheer bliss that only in the 1st our gromit closed i see images that show them that was just i see apostleship. the void is only. mr like in this case so-called talking to los suns business in your sleep realty just people walk us through to mutual which a bit of logic leads of must badly want by they have to fight xenia the whole of the pharmacy leaving it. at the probably of which and most likely to the mortal dealers which i'm at the post that will be in it if they see what i've said.
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he's a fine classic gamer by 70 games i mean you might get your brain to me by 70. 5. but still the electronic band i speak have millions of views of the music on you tube because they have captured the mood in the country. i think that it's an obsession and that this is. an excuse to get right here with it as she just the worst of people probably we did that and you could go and. do you just need your shirt would you put one of the hole in his leader difficult to fit into and used to be. nice looking. at something. funny.
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and. i speak were harassed and arrested during their russia there was intimidation of the venue's where they were to plea but this is just us and you sure sure dickie's done just another but you got. to think you took one has no new national. story book win states you but what did to do the most good so slow so you know us trying to college well there's nothing in there any man could do worse than a spokeswoman. for infamous only view. when you're if the person which pushes for the worst of the concept cut out another thing out. of the bulletin serious enough social took a bush would use one of those here to push for the. i speak before him at a demonstration against new legislation which they feel will restrict internet freedoms absoluteness to national playing have done a really good nationalist as to your notion of what your notion of version notions
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heroes of payment is going to get the ball would look forward to the day it's got its most leisure person. out of touch with some national priests just for stories of those 3 me i'm. more than collini i'm some time there. wouldn't consider the western influence on russia's young people. strong and destructive and needs to be stopped. then what does it usually would you put a bit of yes i mean some of us. but the woman is and used to listen to what happened. with the day we. will be dead before. we get in this good to give sympathy nor was appreciated needed yes when you said less than i would you do you could go to much of the bush should have now returned to the did you know that pushed us to just put us natural gas that's very new to us
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now. to be sure the originally jewish. many additional costs of. evil empire as it appears in the us to court of national over ago if you would it. keep the source got a new. song going to mean yeah. voice and starting it's a little bit wrong chummy with the previous one. but. they're all 17 teligent agencies reported publicly that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity to erode public confidence in our democracy. we want to make america great again for ours and i we believe based on the scope
11:51 pm
insensitivity of these efforts that only russia's senior most officials could have authorized these activities. because now you look at this because we look at all these great ideas arthur and places where as you. daughter. well you know look it's pretty soon you'll be mostly no idea that the norm. always said that what doesn't kill it's one for well it's still your vision. and. i mean it is up a shade democrats have been reading what i see a new bill which to my question i'm getting at why should you when you still teach a diesel mechanic that said mr mantle cottage or something you could keep. going to the new loving it does not some of the envious that it is i. always knew. i could
11:52 pm
just do these 3 and 3 new was that i was new cool at the pitching on this but. now i see the high teach me that you have to keep in the spring to go out to vietnam go i started asking is according to new needs to go back. chest by for one stop liking or block so it seems russia has no grand plan and the west tends to exaggerate the russian threat after the annexation of crimea the intervention in the dorm master darling of image 17 the cyber attacks the concealing of chemical weapons in syria chemical weapons attacks in syria. hacking the bundestag interference in elections. there are not too many countries who have felt the destructive and malign behavior of the russians state russia has reasserted itself aggressively invading and occupying ukraine threatening
11:53 pm
europe and doing nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of isis so i have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed russian officials remain adamant in their denial of the west's accusations to his store. but i see a doctor. will shut up more than the emotional cost zealots so far you stand yeah i knew the. story of somebody on the mission. there's much in me but it is. the reason she saw no known results at national news service. shows the medium eve shows them we should just a missile lucian. absolutely need. either absolute no. business in their.
11:54 pm
offense of some lesions as they are the issue or billionaire with him i mean yeah but the brazil will provide you my wallet. i have codes little stock or my diploma but you know it's we have a. beach going to go. up at the waters now to pretty bush as well as to. you when you go. when you want the coop it's there when you subsume. really nice easy. listen listen listen to those that most of the singers up on the match in the live shots yeah you know. stupid if for. some wins you'll still not moved and i was glad they didn't slip because it's usually what they said thought i don't use what i said. they sent . me on that on the outside of the. deal with my
11:55 pm
cousin but the human you come with a chuckle at that i'm on the causeway by the way but also by the actually east like among the north you bet i'm a scout. easiest . to receive support from the looters literacy or the wisdom board for sure. of course to shore trolling because it is toward tradition years has. been a gentleman to clean the roots. you sleep with him talk to. you tell me what. you're doing talk a good. for some the generation that knew the soviet union but he would put in his restored russia's standing in the world for others he's taking the country
11:56 pm
backwards along the path to isolation. there's a new post that you did nothing till you study for those who are going calling but it's a political machine your theory is that when you pretty much just wouldn't use it when the news notified always visiting your good you knew sun tzu's sulu's district because you can lose just people for your little boost you. sure sure. would only do that when. snitch is the director see you new windows. despite his rhetoric russia isn't as biggest threat to the west as they think. but the resulting isolation could become a tragedy for russians themselves. and
11:57 pm
the pension asuncion across southern eastern areas of australia not quite as lines across into tells mania and so new zealand you son even under the gun the last couple of days some very very strong winds but the evenings have been good in sydney as you can see here there's a sydney opera house very nicely with that rather glorious sunset. some good sunshine 24 celsius is the high it's warming up as well and adelaide is ahead of the next system some very warm winds coming through the interior rather more
11:58 pm
unsettled through hobart mostly dry new zealand but the winds still fairly strong on terms of the cools it comes on quite nasty across into parts of the rules he wanted to show the coast and that cloud will make its way up towards the city meanwhile we've got more rain into tasmania on wednesday some fairly the system rain and again. on and on some fairly brisk winds but look at the temperature of adelaide this is what i mean it's been. warming up still by wednesday 30 celsius the average is 23 this time of year but it dips back down again as a front comes through brings a few shots and then it returns to dry with some nice sunshine good news as well when it comes to the weather conditions across into japan the big storm system continue to work away we will see less she wins in this way but temperatures will recover over the next couple of days 22 in tokyo still warm in beijing with a high of 24. when diplomacy fields and fear sweep then our borders are wide open wide open to
11:59 pm
drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division which will to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a 4 part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks with no treatment. virus volunteers will continue to provide the services take out to fight the disease with details coverage. any planning for india's millions of lives and quickest. and fearless generalism from around the world for many coming to this place if the only chance they have to leave at least once a day. frank assessments wise it's only struggling to
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cope with the number of coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action with them behind her and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up spain eases some coronavirus restrictions to follow suit w.h.o. cautions governments against leaving iraq down too soon.


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