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this is the silent heat. but does it make you feel less you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous in the mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. when we divided the virus exploits the cracks between us. the head of the world health organization says he regrets president tranced decision to suspend u.s. funding over its handling of the pandemic. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out as they are live from london also coming up on the program the top leaders call for member states to work together on easing their lockdowns warning that moving too fast could be devastating moscow to review
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its new digital travel permit system after long queues and crowds of one the metro stations and the big win for moon janes ruling party in south korea's election which saw on high turnout despite the current virus. hello thank you for joining us the head of the world health organization says he regrets the u.s. president's decision to suspend funding for the agency over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic pederasts add on. a says the w.h.o. is reviewing the impact of the funding withdrawal and will work to fill any financial gaps the u.s. is the agency's largest donor providing it with around 400000000 dollars last year but the trunk halted that funding on tuesday accusing the un health body of severely mismanaging the pandemic when we divided the
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virus exploits the cracks between us we are committed to serving the world as people and to accountability for the resources with which we're interested in due course doubloon chose but for most in tackling this plunder meek will be reviewed by w. just member states and the independent bodies start out employees to ensure transparency and accountability. but for now our focus my focus is on stopping this virus and save the lives well trump's decision sparked widespread alarm and condemnation house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi called it senseless and dangerous and said it would be challenged and the billionaire philanthropist and microsoft co-founder founder bill gates whose foundation is the agency's a 2nd biggest donor wrote this on twitter halting funding for the world health
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organization during a world health crisis is as dangerous as it sounds their work is slowing the spread of covert 19 and if that work is stopped no other organization can replace them the world needs. now more than ever cross to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett she joins us live now from washington kimberly correct me if i'm wrong the president doesn't actually have the power himself to suspend or stop with this payment it has to go through congress so in light of that why do you think he's made the statement and crucially why is it made it now in the middle of a pandemic crisis. well there's no question the politics are played here because the u.s. president who is running for reelection is looking for somebody to blame and so there is certainly already across the united states around the world some review of
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the world health organization what it knew what it knew it but the u.s. president has taken that a step further and now is firmly pointing the fingers against that body in order to try and perhaps cast some of the blame share some of the blame in terms of the response given the fact that the number of infections and deaths in the united states are now so high in fact when it comes to those numbers we now have 614000 americans that are infected with code it 19 and the number of deaths has spiked in just the last 24 hours now being recorded at 30000 now the u.s. president is defending his action of suspending funds saying that he will never hesitate to take would be necessary steps to protect the lives health and safety of the american people but at the same time there are many members of his own coronavirus task force that are defending the relationship between the united states and the world health organization specifically the head of the centers for
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disease control or c.d.c. here's what he had to say about the longstanding partnership between the united states the c.d.c. and the world health organization c.d.c. and jones had a long history of working together in multiple outbreaks throughout the world as we continue to do in this one and so we've had a very productive public health relationship we continue to have but. and kimberly i mean you mentioned some of the numbers a little earlier but give us more of an overview about what the virus situation in the u.s. is right now. well this is still a country that's very much in the midst of a crisis and that crisis is exacerbated in some areas and not as serious in others but it's still a country that is grappling to deal with this and has not yet gotten ahead of the so-called curve well we've had encouraging data in terms of some flattening of the
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curve as it's called the peak of cases this country is still very much in the midst of combating this disease and we see it manifesting all around the country whether it's here in washington d.c. where i am where the mayor has just extended the stay at home order for another month that means schools are closed only non-essential businesses are or rather only essential businesses are allowed to remain open but essentially this city is shut down this is the nation's capital and then you have further north in michigan you have demonstrations going on there people are unhappy with the stay at home orders they're feeling that they're somewhat arbitrary in new york city which has been the epicenter of this outbreak for some time the last couple of weeks the governor there and andrew cuomo is saying that people cannot leave the house now without facial coverings and then you have the economic impact because we're already looking ahead to try less than 24 hours from now when we know we're going to get those tough unemployment numbers coming out again and we know that it is not
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going to be good in fact we're hearing already that the numbers could be above 22000000 americans now that have lost their jobs overnight as a result of coronavirus so in the midst of all this crisis we know the u.s. president is working very hard to potentially try and reopen the economy but again it's not going to be the flick of a light switch as one of our top infectious disease specialist anthony found she has said in fact just the opposite this is going to happen slowly and more rapidly in certain parts of the country given the fact that this country is still battling cold it 19. with the latest in washington kimberly hi thank you and for the 1st time a u.s. president's name will be printed on federal relief checks millions of americans are receiving $1200.00 as part of a stimulus package to boost the economy during the pandemic many will get a bad rect at the polls and into their bank account but those receiving paper checks will see president donald j. trump printed on the left hand side u.s.
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treasury officials have denied reports that this review sion of the checks was delayed because trump wanted his name on the well in other developments 20 of the world's largest economies have agreed to put the debts of the poorest countries on hold the g. 20 nations agreed to freeze that payments for a year and urged private lenders to do the same told me you leaders are urging member states to work together on gradually easing lockdown measures the european commission has warned that moving too quickly could have devastating effects sweden appears to be paying the price for its softer approach to the virus its best soul has jumped sharply in the past few days to 1203170 deaths were reported on wednesday that's up from 114 the previous day and this cases rise in russia the launch of digital travel permits to help police to help police the lockdown has caused long queues and crowds at mosco metro stations here is paul brennan.
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with 19 europe its member countries divided along national markets creating a patchwork response strict lockdowns in some more relaxed and open in others the disunity prompted many to question the very relevance and future of the european union project so the question of when and how to consider lifting those restrictions is problematic italy's spain austria finland and denmark have this week begun the tentative path to normality but key you headquarters in brussels the commission president wants the european union to set the pace and she warned that in the union's borderless member area that piecemeal strategy will undermine even monday in tasks we will not want to have people moving from one member state to the next member state to use the shopping opportunity and therefore it is very important that the coordination between neighboring member states is an excellent
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one good neighbors speak with each other in spain the number of new deaths fell slightly again on weapons day and some sectors are reopening but the country still has one of the toughest lock downs in the e.u. and in the 1st parliamentary session since controls were 1st imposed there was a heated debate about exit strategy they're going to see them you know this by 37000000 spaniards have been confined for a month without any hope other than 2 more weeks of lockdown because you are incapable of carrying out a plan for must testing to normalize the situation of it. i mean they're going to start out of my stance and the confinement no to working because we began with the daily infection rate of 35 percent and today we are at 3 percent a little and that's also a consequence of increasing the number of tests so we're taking tough measures that are effective because they're protecting and saving lives and they're benefiting spaniards regardless of where they live or. russia's virus outbreak is still very much on an upward trajectory and restrictions got even tighter on wednesday
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creating 2. traffic gridlock around the capital moscow with very few exceptions anyone outdoors now needs a permit in the form of a machine readable q.r. code but with security officers having to check each one manually big crowds built up at the entrances to moscow's metro stations making a nonsense of the intended strategy of social distancing and limiting movement on social media the city's mayor said he had intervened to prevent such scenes being repeated all of which risks losing sight of the ongoing struggle of medical staff and their stricken patients with more than 85000 deaths and rising europe remains the world's worst hit region in terms of coronavirus fatalities. al-jazeera. well as we mentioned a little earlier the death toll has risen again sharply in sweden which has taken a much softer approach to tackling the virus a further 170 deaths were confirmed on wednesday that's up from 114 the previous
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day and much lower figures at the weekend where the 1200 people have now died from the virus in the country and nearly 12000 have tested positive sweden has come under increasing criticism for resisting the lock down measures adopted by other european countries or poor greece is in malvo and he explains how the government is responding to that criticism. today they've as you say reports of the greatest new number of deaths since this crisis began 170 however that they say that this is exaggerated because there was a lower number reported over the weekend in fact opposite to it being the greatest number of deaths they say the level is actually is actually going down but they are coming in from a great deal of criticism one of the one of their harshest critics has said today that the only way to undo the damage of what she's calling a
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a high risk social experiment is to immediately put stock home in lockdown what the health agency would say is that ok we are mainly recommending things but people are generally following them people are working from home in great numbers people are holding social distance people are not visiting elderly relatives however that's ok to an extent in a general sense but there are parts of society that can do this i was in the ring could be area of stockholm a couple of weeks ago that much like some of the hardest affected bars of new york is a place where people live very closely together often large families in the same apartment and i spoke to the somali community there who who some of the elders were the some of the initial people to die in the corona crisis. been pointed out by the health
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agency one of the worst affected parts of society as they told me they can work from home that taxi drivers their bus drivers there their nurses they have to go out to work on the frontline and they are being heavily affected now. a senior brazilian health official leading the country's fines against the corona virus outbreak has resigned senior members of brazil's health ministry have been at odds with the president also not over the virus also has played down the gravity of the outbreak and attacked local governors over lock down orders local media have also been speculating that health minister louise every given veta will be fired in a matter of days. alison the m.p. if he joins us live now from bogota it's not great is it to have a senior health official resign in the middle of a pandemic what do we think is behind it. veteran italy. and especially this official band on their live aid i was the man
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who had been leading the task against the coronavirus in brazil and the man who designed the practically all the measures that have been introduced by the brazilian government the bat and also a very trusted man of the minister held there he was seen every day sitting next to him in the daily briefings but he was also openly criticizing the president inside the minister for the fact as you were saying in your introduction that. matter has been meaning my single game packed the crisis playing down the risks that the coronavirus brings to brazil saying that he still thinks that the country should be reopened and we understand that. after is resignation there live 8 i sent an e-mail to a number of youths
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a saying that it's clear at this point that both are not 0 where indeed sack the minister of health at some point this week and that he wanted to start preparing himself and his team to leave together with the minister now the minister and boards and i have been at odds for week very publicly about the fact that the minister is insisting that stringent restrictions need to be put in place they have been put in place in a number of regions across brazil but not nationwide and we understand that both and i was seriously considering now to sack him at some point in the coming days and himself also has been speaking to a number of people in the as minister. saying though that he will remain in place
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and till somebody to take his place will be found by the president just because having this kind of crisis in the middle of a pandemic could be very dangerous in a country that it's already at the center of the spread in latin america with the more than 25000 cases in 1500 people that have died already and some of the meanwhile going to colombia were of course you speaking to us from the government there said it will send 4000 older and weaker inmates to home detention to tie it to try to contain the spread in prisons after 2 inmates died in the past days we've seen in other countries struck by 19 how prisons have often been the focal point as well of contagion what reaction has there been in colombia to this decision by the government. well as a decision that was expected it's coming not only after 2 inmates died in past days
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but it's also coming almost a month after some of the worst riots that cologne has ever seen inside prisons in particularly here in the capital bogota modelo male prison $23.00 inmates $83.00 people were wounded during those riots which showed just how bad the overcrowding in prisons are not only here in bogota but across the country so there were expectations for a decision to come from the government there were talks for up to $15000.00 inmates to be released or sent to home this day inch and finally the government decided that this will be for only 4000 of them for at least 6 months at least for now about this is definitely something that was expected inside the prisons where tensions remain high fearing a possible spread. the disease and the standard of p.t. live from bogota. still to come in this half hour trying to find the
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truth in occupied east jerusalem micron of virus infection numbers could be twice the published rate plus. the band's great bell rings out again a year after the french cathedral was devastated by a fire. how little fine and sunny weather across much of europe at the moment high pressure very much in charge here we have got areas of cloud on the right is of low pressure around a high so that's bringing some disturbed weather it's scandinavia into the baltic states into that western side of russia i will sustain some rather live the weather there just down towards grace and into turkey we had some snow actually across the
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great mountains recently it will clear up it'll brighten up over the next couple of days was i could say the same for spain and portugal this area of low pressure here that's going to continue bringing some wet weather in as we go on through thursday and indeed into friday further north that is generally fine and dry some warm sunshine around paris 23 celsius or 20 in london that's not so bad central parts 23 celsius there for vienna still saying those showers just around the western side of russia on thursday these will ease further east which is we go through friday and notice down to the southeast it brightens up more in the west sunshine coming through here we'll see some wet weather coming into all and pushing into england wales southern parts of in the wells and staying on settle there across a good part of spain and portugal some of that wet weather also affecting the far northwest of africa also some showers here with one of 2 showers not in libya.
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join the global conversation to ask the bubble to the people to expand their brains maybe have a difference here this is a dialogue women in cambodia are in fact selling their hair we don't know how much they're getting paid for it it's hard to track it's hard to trace everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a law right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progression not perfection on al-jazeera. reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera the head of the world health
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organization says he regrets donald trump's decision to suspend u.s. funding for the agency over its handling of the corona virus pandemic this is the death toll in the u.s. is reported past 30000. meanwhile the country has resisted lock down restrictions has risen again sharply with a further 176 leaders a warning that easing restrictions too quickly as has happened in other countries that have been devastated. and the senior brazilian health official leading the country's fight against the corona virus outbreak has resigned there's also speculation in the local media that the health minister could be fired this week. in occupied east jerusalem there is concern the corona virus is spreading through palestinian neighborhoods undetected the number of cases rose to 41 this week but health workers fear the real figure may be double that.
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at this hospital. improvise new board has been set up 16 beds readied to isolate patients who test positive for corona virus 5 patients have already been moved to other hospitals thought to have been infected by one man visiting his father in a geriatric ward. all spittal director says the israeli government has failed to help prepare you stew slim's health system to tackle the pandemic not enough protective equipment only 23 ventilators between 3 hospitals serving 350000 people this is too little i mean the. people our population in egypt please please please because you know if there. goes out of course there is nothing we can do that is surely good weekend to the israeli health ministry has said 1000 patients from east jerusalem could be treated in the west of the city and that a major outbreak isn't expected but in recent days cases here have started to spike
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despite attempts by local committees to enforce lockdown measures. the israeli occupation was not happy with this and they clashed with the groups i think israel must understand that we all humanity are in a war against corona and it is not the time for issues like who is sovereign here to slim has the highest crooner virus numbers of any city on the israeli health ministries list it's been reported that ultra-orthodox jewish neighborhoods account for about 3 quarters of them israeli officials say palestinians have largely abided by the lockdown restrictions they may also have been protected by a younger average age and fewer contacts with people who've been overseas but there's also been a large of some weeks between testing facilities being set up in jewish areas and in palestinian ones more and more testing centers like this one are opening up for residents of occupied east jerusalem but the concern is that the delay is still preventing health authorities from getting an accurate picture of just how widespread this disease is palestinian israeli politician ahmed tb has demanded
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greater testing capacity now he's calling on palestinians to use it putting aside any worries about social stigma we as if he does ship. duck that physician health ministry in order to convince people that. it is not to be tested it is right to go and to be tested for the sake of yourself and your community this week the israeli government committed to provide testing 415-0000 palestinians living in parts of east jerusalem cut off by the separation wall of record petition by palestinian israeli rights group more densely packed communities where the scale of the spread has been so far. are a force it or keep ideas jerusalem. this is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main rival benny gantz are less than 2 hours away from their deadline to form a coalition government the 2 were supposed to finalize an agreement on monday but
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asked the israeli president for an extension to complete the talks both have expressed a desire to secure a coalition as the coronavirus crisis in israel is worsening if they can't form one israel could face its forced election in 18 months. south korea's parliamentary election meanwhile has resulted in a big win for the governing democratic party and even a high voter turnout it's one of the 1st countries to hold an election during the pandemic and many see it as a referendum on the government's handling of the crisis from a bribe reports now from seoul. as soon as polls opened it became clear people were turning out in large numbers if they were worried after weeks of social distancing they didn't seem to show it. i think they're doing it quite safely i think they're taking measurements they're doing a quite right. they're koreans and people around the world are equally concerned
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but we shouldn't cancel we should hold elections regardless 2 days of early voting last week so record numbers of voters including coronavirus patients able to vote in specially segregated polling stations special arrangements are also being made for the thousands of south koreans currently in self quarantine to leave their homes and vote so long as they're not showing symptoms at the end of regular polling some stations are being kept open just for them. this outbreak has changed the way candidates campaign and what they're campaigning on. the issue of north korea has been significant in all elections until now tell young ho used to be the north korean deputy ambassador in london until his defection and has now won election in south korea's most affluent district gangnam everything is buried by a quote maintain our brick and north korean issue national security issues are no
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exceptions to this current situation the leader of a minority opposition party and charles to a medical doctor by training volunteered to help out in the daegu epicenter for 2 weeks and his party's popularity has improved version 3rd. i'm president of the n.j. in was lagging in the opinion polls with domestic scandals and poor economic performance until his handling of the outbreak which has been widely viewed as a success one of them led i got more interest. that in this election because of corona virus and looking at how politicians are responding to us. nuclear couldn't that it's when you can do it why don't you president moon has handled the outbreak well i'll vote accordingly. the majority of the electorate it seems agreed this ballot giving loons governing democratic party a convincing win and giving south koreans
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a further milestone in the long struggle back to normal life robert bridle just syria so a lockdown will be imposed in libya for 10 days from friday to slow the spread of the coronavirus restrictions will allow people to be outside on foot for 4 hours each morning to buy basic supplies in contrast areas under the control of the warlord honey for have tired of loosened restrictions there has reported 35 infections and one death. question investigators have released a matic new video of a deadly plane crash that happened almost a year ago the plane had to make an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport in may 2019 only 30 minutes after taking off flames quickly engulfed the airliner killing 41 of the 78 people on board the video has been published as part of a criminal investigation. the great barrel in paris is not higher than cathedral
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has rung out again a year after a devastating fire. or are it sounded on wednesday to mark the resilience of the building and of the french people battling the coronavirus a pandemic much of the 850 year old cathedral was destroyed in a fire last year including its roof and iconic bell tower s. . let's take another look at our top stories now on al-jazeera the head of the world health organization says that he regrets the u.s. president's decision to suspend funding for the agency over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic heteros are the norm says that the hill is reviewing the impact of the funding withdrawal and will work to fill any financial gaps the u.s. is the agency's largest donor but donald trump has accused the un health body of
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severely mismanaging a pandemic when we divided the virus exploits the cracks between us we are committed to serving the world his people and to accountability for the resources with which we are interested in due course w. chose but for most in tackling this plunder meek will be reviewed by w. just member states and the independent bodies start our employees to each will try to spot and see an accountability but for now our focus my focus is on stopping this virus and saving lives. that that toll has risen again sharply in sweden which has taken a much softer approach to tackling the virus a further 170 deaths were confirmed on wednesday that's up from 114 the previous
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day and much lower figures at the weekend or than 1200 people have now died from the virus in the country. a senior brazilian health official leading the country's fight against the corona virus outbreak has resigned senior members of brazil's health ministry have been at all those with president jalal so narrow over the virus also that it was attacked local governors over lock down orders local media speculating the health minister will be fired in a matter of days. the world health organization and the yemeni authorities are rushing to upgrade the country's hospitals before the coronavirus outbreak becomes too widespread yemen only has one the confirmed case so far but with little testing there are fears the real number could be much higher there's a top stories the stream is coming up next i'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching.
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