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tv   Assassination In Tunis  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2020 4:00am-4:58am +03

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many people here this is the silent heat. but does it make you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous a mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. i'm can that alan doha the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump says the u.s. has turned a corner and the number of new coronavirus infections is beginning to small he says he will unveil plans to reopen the economy on thursday that's despite a record number of americans more than 2300 killed by the virus in the past 24 hours putting your to know will be opening up states some states much sooner than others and we think some of the states could actually open up before the deadline of may 1st and i think that will be a very exciting time indeed governors are looking for they're chomping at the bit
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to get going again not all states are the same they're very different some are having very little problem some of done such a good job they have very little problem and they're ready to go new york is still the front line of the pandemic in the u.s. but the highest number of reported infections and deaths and even though new infections seem to have slowed in recent days hospitals there are stretched to breaking point talk to particularly is an internal medicine's hospitalist in new york city he says the virus is far more contagious than many believe. i came across information maybe a month ago or so that really had a lot of the very accurate information about this virus recognizing this as a pandemic long before the even the w.h.o. had and you know knowing that the casualty numbers were under reported and i think a big part was that the asymptomatic carriers were very contagious the sources knew
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this much before the i guess the the w.h.o. or c.d.c. i think with the information the source being very accurate one thing that really stuck out to me was that and i try to tell my colleagues and how contagious it was that you needed ebola level quitman like hazmat suits respirators that purify the air meaning that you know the contention is the droplets or airborne and clearly we're seeing some airborne component because this is how contagious disease was and it was spreading and unfortunately been affecting hospital health care workers and such we need to fill these are all the cobe it only right because the level of equipment and protection for our health care workers needs to let level i think you've seen videos out of china and italy they're wearing like spacesuit level stuff and in order to do that like you need to have a dedicated floor facilities dedicated like basically hermetic style quarantine space that you need negative pressure ventilation you need
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a sliding doors like they see in star trek right it seals it because this thing it's so contagious and gets out that you can breathe it in you can take it in your eyes you know all these sorts of things and i think opening economies too soon the other update they had given me was that you know we need to continue this 1st several more months at least 3 months even 8 months because if people goes to soon if you go back this is going to come in waves and it's getting more virulent more mutations it's affecting newborns inspecting younger people you're not going to have an economy that no one will want to go out. the head of the world health organization says he regrets the decision by president donald trump to halt funding to the body of the w.h.o. says its main focus is fighting the virus had accused the body of mishandling the pandemic response nearly 700 sailors of francis charles de gaulle naval group have tested positive for covert 19 many of them are on the group's aircraft carrier when
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it returns to important to doing on monday france has reported a huge jump in the number of deaths nationwide with 1400 face tell us he's reported on wednesday german chancellor angela merkel has extended its nationwide social distancing measures until may the 3rd while some small shops and businesses will be allowed to reopen from next week she says germany has achieved what she called a fragile partial success against the outbreak large public gatherings remain banned until the end of august in colombia 4000 prisoners will be put on house arrest to try and stop corona virus from spreading and its crowded jails to people with covert 19 died shortly after being released from prison the temporary measure will prioritize pregnant women and inmates with health issues or of the age of 60 you're up to date more news here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera walt stay with us.
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political assassination with the truth buried for 25 years. who ordered the killing of the p.l.o. whose 2nd income on the and were they acting alone.
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the story begins in 1955 when a small group of palestinians attacked a target in the gaza strip close to the border with israel that we'll have then i will if you're gonna. write them in the area that would be yet i had. my gun for that you know he also. behind the attack was wholly allowed was here as our boogy heard he would go on to become a major figure in the palestinian resistance to israeli occupation respected by his friends but feared by his enemies he was one of the 700000 palestinians forced from their homes in 1948 in what they call our neck of the catastrophe the founding of israel and that money on it is in love with her family saw on the map so we put all those. little woman by the interim. can be
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a man in law said. medina. meola. while title to save for thought at the. oh but then i got a home computer to sort of telecommute home and home it was a whole less i had to. follow up fall is about is my level of. so lovey i come out of you for. how mellow. elmo prove. what had been no. live in the home a lot. or. was the cool cool. oh what
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a bon sort of them cookies are somewhat to my ears rose for their fathers on this one is a merely waltz. a little love that they can love him most have until june the amby was you know who is left for iraq and that's after the hair loss of the ducks radicalized the models in the. suburbs around. i haven't had this will have a. minimum of the him or the law. but. after a college education in egypt she had moved to kuwait where he worked as a teacher. there he met us out of the start of a relationship that would shape the rest of his life. together they founded the fatah palestinian resistance movement in 1959 the sad lama that about that moment
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was. an. essential for something or. when fattah joined the palestine liberation organization in 1987. had became one of its leading figures and for the next 2 decades effectively the deputy to p.l.o. chairman yasser arafat. he set up training camps in algeria for the paramilitary wing of fatah. the would later undertake armed operations against israeli forces and institutions. were. over palatable. shoving the devil out of them.
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from women with a breath and with a ribbon with a woman with an. only not every best for. the really good. coming out of it i mean. very loving your son and for a long time as well. during the 1970 s. abu jihad was behind several operations against israeli targets. to many palestinians he was a hero a leader of the palestinian resistance movement but israel he became an increasing threat.
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in june 1982 israel invaded lebanon in a confrontation the lead to the p.l.o. being expelled from the country in september and its leadership leaving the capital beirut. b. day it had a bit new to many other dhaka. and. a . while yasser arafat and other leading figures regrouped in tunisia abu jihad and his. i was moved to the jordanian capital amman. and the 1st palestinian intifada or uprising broke out. can have
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a haven't. had that at. sablon and. so there are no kind of like them and work than that and the father lety utterance. having a living then i will be an idea. of where elected sheriff stanek. virtue of the future will be for the nation its personal show the national
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discourse. i'm sure she will question to put a little snow on the road really. george wallace one will rush from georgia she was shocked when she will love it if mother question which of them all the nuances. would you know a lot. of international law sure there's enough of them for. several months into the 1st intifada fattah fighters attacked a bus close to the israeli nuclear research facility near the city of dimona. 4 israelis and 3 palestinians were killed. similarly do we need to reward good luck with us if we consider them. all of them
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we do out of war zones who are sort of a jerk when i was your. daughter was more. you know what. they all do with. us about what i know. the. feel about a bad. about. a 30. min. throw out to next bad math to. pull you in i think what i mean.
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i mean obviously you're an alum. yes i am in. fact do that. a young. meanwhile in cyprus a car bomb killed 3 close associates of our boogy heard. palestinians accused israeli intelligence mossad of the murders of a couple of new york. parker and in this. country. and in iraq a plot against abu jihad was uncovered. the surface above was won.
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something. gun with a clean behind the mask but the mascot of the more than a. couple of the elements yeah. that are. prevalent about the country are many. of them but back. in the lead but of the one about. the end of the 2nd week. in early april 988 g. had traveled from baghdad to. there he received a call from a close friend a moroccan living in france called mohammed al douri. he said he had an important
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security message for the fattest leadership. i live in they were had they were holler. oh is he going to sell them the bus with a lot of hama. to the lot of us voters as well that or a little luck and good luck for him for but i had to look well. let me elaborate a bit when i'm hammer that was. really bold in the here how i look here so you know well look at that. one from this number because. you know how the political. sort of you look have you heard it called love.
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here. are the 2 how did you decide on the fullest harmony you're showing me and those of us that you're not but that's a big. as for example one but the 1st one of the you got a world you're not in that you're not in the moment you're back you do another story so pretty. realistic. none are just right here. on the command. problem i mean. i've really missed most of your. op and got a. good time it will not want to spin it that cottle. fought for france and nor what the heck i mean. but that's about about now did you have. to do it.
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on did you then not look up. on the different up that sat on the. lemon is it to look at how to. handle do have come and. see them other than. what a listener that i like well. has said the post. got a feel when i have to call him just. want to walk to the club happy but like. that then i'm in him most of the look i'm suffering. and the believe the several to the one about looks that's what i love. and love them complement him in the summer but i will not do. for security reasons i believe he had rarely stayed in cheesier
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for more than a few days at a time. but on this visit he was delayed so the days turned into weeks. and the kind of pump up in the astronaut the care of joe was not what the law could cargo jets not more than enough included on or kind of group of public you know that doctors do who kind of that's what you have so i wouldn't want it's more small print to put on so than just her but those who are victim of gun you're ok with that about the m 4 about this some. have put that up on the federal i pad it was one. that out of some of that fear. one of the jet open i always end up with and then 7 then 7 of other no dead jets and 7 with the jet.
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but that little brat. pack cold beverage. take a step. back. that's the pump that's what i'm going from plants across. the hall what i'm. paolo doubled the fuss about the origin of all of them not the low double of the mechanics the idea that us above all have the most had the full force of the ana. and i footballer let's see it's feet back up and i know about it and i believe it's better than. a boat of a van for the band but but at this well ahead of the let me. org. and the list was lovely. but.
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let me. tell you cannot. and there will be an upside. play in britain but the one who are among. the must look a lot of the certain times. i love the fest not. the bizarre. bizarre. wasn't a what was going to leave on the floor. i would love to have this up as a bluff on the process as i let you do so little to. another cut at the. end of the 1st sod with nothing. new. or. was coming.
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up on about i'll abandon him out of high standing. on a ship. or. if we would recess for the. use of the food. it was just had to give us just in the deep it was. always authentic. i love her just a. little help. from my resentment. behind us. does that. out of order for to know what to do if. but we laugh at the subject and in one of those we have about every kind under
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something the most. severe or now you. know my mother would look. up. some other wolf when i but if. i'm her. has it in the habit the land on the far. side time of. day. so ima take it before i'm through. but only home i live i live. with also work so i have been to one and more for. her.
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let's see in my lab is what the cost of a young. man coming along. and i was home. but the last. few. didn't see coming. through trying to make. a lot of pick up on. left. to frighten them. and them. so that the have. let the bad through are provided by a store bought by the boss. as a name. with such and. such command
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while. out of the. second a culebra. i will have is a by the incomplete that about. when somebody meant house i will hoard there's a set up i love the suburbs that feel awful when the thought misses for. when most us 1st. fuck him can also be. a session of if he. was here. immediately questions sprang up. who ordered the killing.
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carried it out. and had they received help. played important role. face. seen as a burden countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst this resistance even from her own patients a fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern day the decide the daughter terri witnessed on al-jazeera. alaska's far north
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a pristine environments that's become a battleground with the trumpet ministration king to let oil companies start drilling some in its remote communities are tempted by the promised wealth we live here we make them not their own but others bitterly opposed we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of the arctic circle to investigate the people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears
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far wider than anyone thought. i'm convinced toha the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump says the u.s. is the corner in the number of new coronavirus infections is beginning to slow he says he will unveil plans to reopen the economy on thursday that's despise a record number of americans more than 2300 killed by the virus in the past 24 hours but are you ready know will be opening up state some states much sooner than others and we think some of the states could actually open up before the deadline of may 1st and i think that will be
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a very exciting time indeed governors are looking for their chomping at the bit to get going again not all states are the same very different some are having very little problem some of done such a good job they have or little problem and they're ready to go new york is still on the front line of the pandemic in the u.s. with the highest number of reported infections and deaths and even though new infections seem to have slowed in recent days hospitals there are stretched to breaking point the head of the world health organization says he regrets a decision by president donald trump to halt funding to the body but the w.h.o. says its main focus is fighting the virus trump accuse the body of mishandling the pandemic response billy $700.00 save is assigned to the french aircraft carrier shells the goals naval group tested positive for covert 19 many of them were on the carrier when it returned to a port and to no monday france has reported
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a huge jump in the number of deaths with 1400 fatalities reported on wednesday german chancellor angela merkel has extended nationwide social distancing measures until may 3rd while some small shops and businesses will be allowed to reopen starting next week she says germany has achieved a fragile partial success against the outbreak. in colombia 4000 prisoners will be put on house arrest to try and stop corona virus from spreading and its crowded jails to people with coded 19 died shortly after being released from prison. a british war veteran has raised more than $11000000.00 for the u.k.'s national health service captain tom moore was hoping to collect around a $1000.00 by walking $100.00 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday at the end of the month was the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera whirls.
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it was ian better known as abu jihad was one of the founders of the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. and the right turned man of its chairman yasser arafat. he was shot dead by israeli agents in tunisia in april 1988. for nearly 25 years israel refused to acknowledge its role in the operation but in 2012 it's admitted carrying out the assassination. a rare admission of responsibility for an extrajudicial killing the you're his family friends and supporters were destroyed. a lot.
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and that it was still. not. clear about who done it is i who would want. to do something was also. me in. how many mossad does in the middle of one of the. problems if you don't. the truth eventually came out in an israeli newspaper interview by the soldier who said he killed abu jihad. the publication in israel of the
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details of the killing of a major palestinian figure offered a rare glimpse into israeli covert operations. what had been an open secret was now in the public domain so look after the pursuit of the. sharia. we should be servants. do are sure to look forward. to. watching. with ownership of the location. of the who. shot it or we don't know we're going to be so easily. to soothe or. just as money searches. when we see bush. going to war with. russia. very. very shallow
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there were leslie service 31. days. for the 1st time the exact details of the operation were out in the open. the israeli hit squad had apparently traveled to chin easier by sea run tomorrow he would live. again the surly to us to see what is. the will to use. and share servant girl if you want. to see what you talked a lot to do. she was at a little. girl who who who who i am and she. has all of a little hope of holding a mirror. up in the city. who was a dream. we are called who are. coming to the women rushing
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who are still the cause. she were visions of rushing with the level who will rush to. the ship with you that are they are my. own. yeah i'm. sorry to hold. that up with i'm sure it's just. moved. she was out with the whole. issue. most of. the shop. was itching to show.
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some again. having arrived outside the house and killed the security guard the squads next priority was to establish that abu jihad was inside. the israelis had put together an elaborate plan designed to confirm the palestinians presence without alerting him. this was a high risk operation. an armed disaster nation team was operating on foreign soil
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with a mission to kill a high profile arab figure and escape undetected the stakes could not have been higher. commented of. the mohammed. suddenness with the article 5 i. was certain. that one of the last. last sabbath. and that this was. a little. theater was all
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but. the israeli arrest of the palestinian lawyer. was a ploy to ensure that i would you heard would be on the phone. which mossad on the commando force i don't read evoked. i would jihad had fallen into the trap. outside the house the commandos were given the confirmation they needed to move in . the extrajudicial killing raise several questions. did israeli intelligence and the military act alone. or did they get local assistance from influential figures
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inside. man that came out on my side what then and what the outcome has been bitterness from there. i was here. when i was almost sold by one player the could have. been. the one that. we had to house was in city. a residential area where diplomats and politicians left. with orbital of moments of. rhythm and folkman the computer. i mean i'm. going to suffer. from.
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their mind that if you hurt me or not ok i may not have to. look at the written stuff. a lot are. going to not. so for a 2nd. i mean in this bill is a photo. it's a photo that you. or to not an. animated character and even the. this is the man a lot of us have. and rather with. the life problem that not that i'm going to bear how in the last one for months and it has and i have few months been telling us what. lesson $100.00 s. and i thought that a minister had on a school or has it in the month of m. the year the belmont alum the. had done what i. say there was
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a. bit of theater every minute and possible thought there would. be an image in method of assembly. the israeli operation had taken months of planning with the hit squad training in a replica of abu jihads villa built in haifa. the mockup was so similar that the distance from the beach to the house was exactly the same. the. same info to who a lot of posters of all do or do it. is. so the
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young must fight a very me sent me with many with many i don't know the savior car i may be at the end of the year. i may be a. moustache and he sent a very young me a letter from a time sheet. it was it became we shouldn't let people know as you may have a computer malaria. any work or an open madame of you could live in that they have to live here for years it was very. i have the shorty. fear i do if he had the thought i'll go and have a few very good your mustache lieberman jimmy and then what i was reading a few years it was he'd be any older you know. have you ever noticed a fair remember that was he was
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a baby to me. and mother and evanescence it was. and it got 100 or 100 years but that one had. a country say r.-a i mean i don't see a philosophy of the start. of a month or. kind of the last worms. saladin ago or. less and what frank. this. thought of. the lesser how does. that leave us elective.
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there were other questions too over the deployment of security guards and an interruption to the power supply. i had little. real to usually. usually another who. had plenty of it those who can i do miss will say the kind of the horizon. i mean millions of. us and one of the toughest and how do you mean and i mean that's kind of i don't mean doesn't do you mean thing. at sunset on the day of the raid there was a power failure. oh look another search has said to pull. that up. because. well
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so what of them involving. a french family living next door raise the alone. decorated foreign so you know i've been left with because the should know feel i'm dealing with a lot here and. not. from a student if i don't see him. what to tell if. the telephone close. enough to your question to focus on. how do you know in the fullness to me and i'm doing this not have you know one but have been hiding. and out of.
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the country on the. bubble but on that. let. them can feel my bit of our so you know i have. yes you. are your own up. i want to have that i. cannot sort of. you know have those mom know how they use you know how they block. and upon whom but that has been popular for the plebeian how they use it. but at the 4 month or. will that lucky. little girl if the helen had the cell
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phone. bill and i have never gotten my. sick and i'm back in the me a little mia and the countries you have i love them enough. and me vomit and me and the month you boarded and me and them see. i had the you know that even more than me cut them to the metal just yet at that i mean it was you know. the men left difficult moldwarp you know what in danger for somebody to see. what comes. with julia she would be she in a woman dn i would just be in a with 50 and. if you lost me one yet if one is in you then and. she had to be more sad than just yeah i love most the way i had in a lot of
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a lot of the normal affinity of the show that was you had. it could be a millionaire but could the minimal of them of the person he shot in the stock listen of a. letter that had to now put them together with that have it to be a name and meaning bill and i you know. there were other issues in the over that i saw in the obama and i'm a pseudonym dean in a put it to myself. when i come in so i go to see any. woman with or do you know an opportunist we're moving more towards doing trips to. the doctor. that you cannot see in new york and on the pleasure of the. obama i would tend to see the market want to see if you have a moment lamp but i was a little kathy you see why i love it why i am so mad.
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well. loved about it i took it out of the water. and know how to say and i and i probably not i'll call on it as it was i don't know i said machine. gun fear. once you're going to run for the honorable and we didn't talk of course you. just started you know really. lost me under i don't. know. this is this must have struck you. so i want to. go to one that had the same messiah. that.
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said that by this. i have. a machete with this we have become a. very he. said. when i let him. get here on the. he had to leave and you live we.
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are going to be able to feel. uncompromising politics clearly cost him his life. but it's never really been clear why the israeli government chose to wait 25 years before admitting responsibility for his killing. perhaps the passage of time was enough. to send a message to the p.l.o. in 2012 about the scale of its military reach. on tunisia's involvement there's no shortage of allegations but precious little hard evidence. the extrajudicial killing of how little was ear heard was controversial. and even with the revelations in the israeli newspaper interview still remains shrouded in mystery.
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al-jazeera was goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discovers how football can empower a refugee community itself belief and identity. i'd like to prove to the world cup comes up public i will be able to prove myself to my townsmen friends and myself. to play the psychic child afghan united on al-jazeera.
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hello welcome to another look at the international forecast in place to say we got some quiet weather now pushing into the deep south of the u.s. still a few showers longer spells of rain just around the panhandle there in the process of pulling out of the way spring sunshine for many we have still got some cool air to the eastern side of the rockies just one celsius there in denver with some rain some pieces of slate just pushing a little further east was a little easier to wards the central plains as we go on through the next couple of days the u.k. process guys do come back in behind not too bad over towards the the western side of the u.s. but the temperatures down to race in valleys i table 90 degrees want to 2 showers there to southern parts of california want to say showers towards southern parts of mexico come across the caribbean slushy fog in dried blue skies for the most part will see a few showers developing around the grates around tilly's over the next day his
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banjara pushing into cuba and maybe into jamaica you catch a shero to here want to see showers to the nicaragua costa rica and also into panama my say they all share over towards the wind words i think the leaders will be settled and sunny but plenty of sunshine in between all sunshine and showers but some of the top temperature of 27. a history of guerrilla warfare a place on the global stage. they were an organization created for a stateless population. but before fighting for their land why did the pillow fight for independence from their arab neighbors. chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a resolution on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures
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across the world so no matter when you call home we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. or to hurt.


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